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University of Belize
Rolls Out Belmopan Campus Development Plan

Health science

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' Multi-purpose Building
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university %

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The University of Belize, committed to the unwavering philosophy of contributing and responding to national development needs of
the country through higher education, has embarked on bold and unique initiatives that are aligned with its Strategic Development
Vision to equip and empower Belizeans with leadership in academic excellence, research and cutting-edge technology through the
transformation and expansion of its facilities in
the creation of career opportunities in a rapidly UB the Place You Want to Be
changing technological environment We take The flagship institution of tertiary education
this opportunity to share our UB vision!
Faculty Snapshot
Qualified and Experienced

17 2 2


* Master's

* Bachelor's


* Certificate&


33 students fiom lie Banana Bell coiniluntiies participated i .i a ro-da\ orientation for tlie Ceriificate in Pri IIIna
Education (CPEDI project at thie Independence Hi-lih School. . firtniin place since thie ini.Io0iti of students are priiinri
school teaicllers i tins. area

Educatioiinal a.cti\ ities of lie tliuee-\ eair project \\ which is begin ' canied out b\ the Facult of Education andl Artis iFEA
of the UnLiersir of Belize (LiB) is destined to iimpro e tlie qualihi of prim.ini education in trle coinlunlties n111 lie
banana.1 belt in the southern rieuion of the country --Lecturers of the faculty \\ ill focus prini.ril. on teacher training for
priinla;i le el teachers. childhood ediucition an training 11111111 support and conihin1uniti trinn11111111, for parents anld edLkcation
leaders, said Dean of FE.A Dr \\ilina \\ riih'lit "Specific areas \\ill include inlatleinaltics. science and read.in,, "

Students at the orientation were briefed of the online hybrid modality,
how to access their grades online utilizing their new UB account, user
name, password and other important online procedures; courses offered
through a blended modality (online/face to face), details on how to inter-
act in online forums with peers, and provided with a DVD guide with
step-by-step procedures if they need further assistance.

The Certificate in Primary Education is a national initiative that began in
2008, which UB has extended to the Banana Belt region. It is a part of
Banana Belt Primary Education Support Program which is largely funded
by the European Union to the tune of Bz$1.2 million. UB team at the
event included the project coordinator along with admissions and ICT
officials. Teacher training for primary level teachers.

The Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) of the University of Belize (UB) in collaboration with
tourism stakeholders of the industry have completed the program review process for the university's Bachelor of
Degree in Tourism Management programme.

The review, says FMSS Dean, Dr. Vincent Palacio, "was designed to ensure that the Bachelor Degree program meet
international quality standards and institutional accreditation." The review was carried out by conducting internal
and external review with auditors from Belize, Costa, and Panama. Findings and recommendations emanated from
the review process will be incorporated into a Quality Enhancement Plan that will guide the quality improvement

Tourism stakeholders in Belize included the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), the Belize Hotel Associa-
tion (BHA), the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Alumni, students and the Organization of American States

"UB is extremely excited that graduates from the program in the upcoming academic year will be equipped with the
relevant skills for the tourism industry," added Dean Palacio. "the collaboration between the UB, the private sector
of the tourism industry and international organization demonstrates a sound working relationship committed to na-
tional development of Belize." To date over 100 students who have earned UB's Bachelor Degree in Tourism Man-
agement are employed in all areas of Belize tourism sector.

The tum eisuii, of Beiie C(eiuiil Faini iLIBCF i campusll S CLUiteiil\ elpein-
lieiiiiiw\i li' e"_ueiable lirodiwct on under a o'o ered Sllilcltiie made %\ih -
Bell pepperids ke tomatoes, beans, cassava, cucuroo btse aned a host ed of other
crops pacult o ivathe issue c e p a affected by viruses dotransmitted b the white
fly (Bemisia spp.). B and here are som ee us60ed Br tcop pruodieLiraon s ule h toik
Conliiued on Iommisi;oiiiii- the laboiaior\ The main ciop plaiited \%as
s\\eeL)el)pees 1lso k, no'ii as Bell llelleis ic' L rio " ulh some iiiieiciOl-
pItm ' ili red lialinero peppers The Ileilliei of lie shed. iLlih a reduced
xenli.iaIlieelih. \\ as pliited " Uih icabbaie i Photo h ,rand ci laiiio
Bell peppers like tomatoes, beans, cassava, cucurbits, and a host of other
crops cultivated in the open are affected by viruses transmitted by the white
fly (Bemisia spp.). There are some 60 Begomoviruses transmitted by this
genera. The viral infection vastly reduces growth and ultimately yield and i
chemical control of the vector is expensive, poses serious risks to human
health if the effective chemicals are not properly used and is extremely
toxic to bees. The covered structure reduces the use of insecticides and
allows for enhanced and efficient use of water and fertilizers through the
process of fertigation. The crop, a total of 850 plants, was transplanted in
three months. Production has increased to an average of over 600 pounds
per week with the peak production of 840 pounds in a single week. Care
and maintenance of crops has been carried out by Miguel Rodri-
guez a recent graduate, Associates degree in Agriculture at UBCF Data collection from sweet pepper under covered structure
and Mr. Joseph Hinds, a veteran in the field. Data collection from sweet pepper under covered struck

* The IlimIi ersity of Belize (UB) along with eight Caribbean universities met with
the l liei-Anierican Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) Secretariat of
N lulliudniensional Security of the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the
Car ibbean Community (CARICOM) in Kingston, Jamaica to discuss the drug
pIhelnomenonl on March 2-4, 2011.

SAl lhe meeting entitled "CICAD-CARICOM Regional Meeting with Carib-
bean Init ersities on the Drug Phenomenon," universities presented findings
on the eis\lence/extent to which the drug phenomenon is addressed in the curric-
ula and aci\ ities of Caribbean universities; discussed CICAD's partnership ex-
perience in Latin America and the Caribbean; and developed an inte-
UB delegation: Mr. King, Ms. Udz, Dr. Perriott, grated proposal to mainstream drug issues across faculties in each
Dr. Mckay and Mr. Olivera with Professor Edward participating university.
Greene, Advisor to the Caribbean Public Health Agency
(CARPHA). UB delegation presented an integrated proposal that would involve
the UB community namely faculty, staff and students into the Drug
Demand Reduction (DDR) plan for the first 12-months' phase incorporating drug phenomenon in UB's curricula. The
proposed plan will provide the UB community with knowledge and relevant materials for DDR activities such as edu-
cation/advocacy, outreach and research activities within the university and the wider society following the first phase.

The Regional Meeting with Caribbean Universities on the Drug Phenomenon was funded by the governments of the
United States of America, Canada, and the European Community. The UB delegation included Dean, Faculty of Nurs-
ing, Allied Health and Social Work Dr Abigail McKay. Associate Professor, Faculty of Management and Social Sci-
ences Dr. Jean Perriott, Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Arts Ms. Silvanna Udz, Lecturer, FNAHSW Mr. Fermin
Olivera, and Mr. Selwyn King, Office of the President.

1 11m R'ical ion iand Sports Dcpaincini liha~ bccni on (iK oo LtiS monli TIh monli
sitaritld ol \\' ili ik RUlia !Ni\ ;a
Ca;no. Racc LIB Black i. liai-. 1 . c1 C. 111 .con II l Iini tAlu.;llls C aL o01 I I1 i
l1i i;acc \\W aic pioiud of' El i Suit lhcilad Ti-.cam C aptaii i. Bc inctliclo
\al/. anti Edl iai.l o Bar.in into; Tli\. tii .d thi i bcst a;nd in thi cnid it pa-i.l

In Bc.i/, Ct i Ei Einginiccrig Dcpartm); n ii. a football Intiiuiiiiia;l Coimpillilion .
\\;~a li ItI. anid 11. Klc chlianica;l Engin ..ccri t, in im c rii.c.t d clham.ipions ial'fc a
pi'n llt school on Thuiisdtl\ NMlarch 24. 2| 11

The 33rd UB Relathon was held on Sunday, March 27 and the
females won for the 3rd year in a row over the males. The race
started Sunday at 9:12 am and concluded at 4:16. The Fe-
males did the run in seven hours and four minutes beating the
males by two minutes who did it in seven hours and six minutes.
The Best Female time (per mile) was from Tichele Solis six min-
utes and 21 seconds, and for the males it was from Benedicto
Yatz with four minutes and 58 seconds. There were 46 female
runners and 27 male runners


-_ .,

Thlie long anticipated date came tloudi \\l hen \ ice-Piesident of tlie
Student Go\eiiiinent Belmopan Cai lpis. MN Beniain in .Acosta and A.d-
\ocac\ Secietai Ns Ale\andiia Clea\ei deli\ eiedl tfoml picnic tables for
students at Central Farmnn Caipull On hand to iecei\ e the tables \\as s tu-
dent repiesentaitl\e for that canipus IMs Indira \illuiiis The tables are
situated near the basketball court. \\ heie stlidents would d be able to enjo.
i! S;9ortiiL ac.ti\ iies as %\ell as stud\ iIn more comfortable en\ iiounient

Kudos to Student Go\ eminent Belinopan Canipus

Picnic tables for Central Farm Campus Students.

22 students accompanied by 2 lecturers from the University of Quintana
Roo (UQROO) Cozumel campus were on a three-day visit to UB Bel-
mopan campus last month. During their visit, they were hosted by
members of the Student Government Belmopan who enlightened them
on the history of UB. Activities for the visiting students also included
attending an English class where they were delighted to share their ex-
perience of being involved in a class where English is the main menu;
treated to the taste of Belizean food as well as a visit to Hopkins
whereby they experienced a taste of culture in the south.

The Human Resources Department in
itS continued commitment of Human
Resource Development organized a
Self Defense Course for Public Safety
Officers of UB. The course was for a
month The University PSO Officers
each received a Certificate in Self De-
fense Mr. I. Kayaba was the trainer of
(L-R) Mr. John Salam, Mr. Kayaba, and the PSOs. Mr. Kayaba is the trainer
Mr. Jerome Ellis of Cayo Shotokan Karate HR Personnel (extreme left & right) along with proud PSOs.

This month was Childhood Stimulation Month, and the last week was FEA Week. Both were packed with activities.
Due to space limitation this month FEA week of activities will be featured in April Bulletin.

A\; pail of [he leclmnical 'coolperiailOn .1nd kinoi le&_-e ;Iiiiii_. lihe Paun
\ineiricuHa Heaili (-)i i oiIt Healiln (r )_',nJini/iin 1 P.\HO
\\Hzation, PAH BeO/WHO promteds part o ne drships and network-buildiii e ng wiith
nationamel c ount e arts. UBe of Belie withB a tPAHO/WHhe PH HOpersonne of
In he opening remarks, Ms. Ruby Dominguez, on Bee Represen-

The objective of the training session was to sensitize administrative staff
from UB on technical cooperation procedures for projects carried out by
both entities collaboratively. As an effective collaboration-based organ by PAHO/WHO Belize. Areas covered werei-
zation, PAHOnagementHO promotes partnerships and network-building with
national counterparts. UB staff along with PAHOtiveWHO personnel.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Ruby Dominguez, on behalf of Dr. Gustavo Vargas, Acting PAHO/WHO Belize Represen-
tative, highlighted the importance of these training to enhance capacity of national counterparts which supports im-
proved coordination and facilitates the cooperation procedures.
Participants received an overview of the administrative collaboration done by PAHO/WHO Belize. Areas covered were,
financial management, courses and seminars, filing and procedures for carrying out technical cooperation with national
counterparts. Participants were given a tour of the office and were able to interact with administrative personnel from
PAHO/ WaHO Belize.

The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) of the Univer-
sity of Belize (UB and the Belize Chapter of the Meso-
american Society for Biology and Conservation (MSBC)
held their 5th Annual Natural Resources Management (NRM) sti
Symposium at UB on March 25th.,l to p

The theme of the Symposium was, "Natural Resources
Management in the Context of Climate Change: A Focus
on Belize." It featured special session on climate change as
well as research on marine ecosystem health and natural re-
source management strategies.

The annual event brings together scientists, natural resources
managers, students and other interested persons to share in
the latest scientific and management findings in Belize :'
within the environmental and natural resources management
arena. Scientists and NRM students at Symposium.

UB scientists and researchers and UB Natural Resource Management (NRM) students will be joined by local and interna-
tional counterparts conducting research in Belize to present their latest findings in the field of natural resources manage-

In 2010, UB along with MSBC hosted the fourth Annual Natural Resources Management Research Symposium entitled:
Exchanging research knowledge to promote sound decision-making for natural resource management in Belize."

On \\ ednesda'. Marici 23iid. 2011 di rin', student houi tlie Second ULB Talent Linder the Tent \\as hosted iundei the
white e tent M.an\ sdklents ,came out for an lihoi full of enrtentainment. and some paticipartedl b\ siii'nin a song. o01 e-
ciring, a poem This time the 'uest banl \\ais Ja..' Camp Enitentainment. \\lho i leliLhted the students so mui'li that the\
e\ en cliorised aloi,, (I nce a'a1in Clotikl soitmls \\ihs tlieie to keel) the tempo alin\e ( a

Lstmilll e\ei tiiid \\'edineslda\ of [lie monrhtli exceptt foi Apil ,ilie to Eastei \ vacation)
tILIri-L strident hIkt) ' Talent iindlei the ent \\ ill be liheld mon' hlidet.ei r ItullII! .S7pl'r

The University of Belize (UB) on 25 March signed a Memorandum of Un-
derstanding (MOU) with the Youth Business Trust of Belize (YBTB) at the

The objective of the MOU is to promote entrepreneurship and business de-
velopment among our emerging entrepreneurs across the landscape of Be-
lize Signatories to the MOU were Acting President and President sk is and a-
rLN. Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis and Chairman of YBTB Mr. Shaun Finnety.

Tihe signing of the MOU, says Dr. Morter-Lewis "is a testament of UB's
conrin ' ued commitment in pursuit of significantly contributing to the na-
tiona I development of Belize through entrepreneurship, business develop-
UB President and YBTB Chairman signing MOU. ment, and creative initiatives for Belizeans."

The MOU is designed to prepare and equip emerging entrepreneurs with relevant business and management skills and a
deeper understanding of business enterprises in order to lead sustainable businesses. Priority areas that will govern the
MOU and cement the synergy between UB and YBTB will include but not limited to the following such as: good prac-
tice; consulting, understanding entrepreneur needs, and engaging mentors and entrepreneurs; decision-making as it relates
to entrepreneurship & business development; membership involvement through business mentoring; joint delivery of rele-
vant marketing and advertising campaigns; and relevant activities to address barriers and socio-cultural issues, increase
participation, improve quality and standards, joint bidding for resources, responding to government & public policy/ pri-
orities on enterprise issues, and joint delivery of Training and Educational programs etc.

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