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-ducati.n Em
A Nation .m^^


UB Hosts Erasmus Nlundus

UB launched its Environmental
Research Institute (ERI) on
January 28. The ERI is currently
housed at UB's Early Childhood
compound on the Belmopan
campus. Dr. Sylvia Earle, world
-renowned oceanographer and
explorer, gave the feature
presentation at the launch.
Con't on pg. 6

UB's Historic January Graduation 2010

One ceremony was held at the UB Recreation and
Sports Center for all four campuses on January 16.

The University of Belize (UB) was the
host organization for officials of the
European Commission and
representatives of 14 member
universities from Europe and from
Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP)
countries. One highlight of the series
of meetings and events, held Feb. 3-5,
was a press conference called to
provide an update on EU-funded
projects in Belize as well as to update
on the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
Lot 10 program. The program is
financed by the European Union
through its International Institute for
Geo-Information Science and Earth
Observation. The EU divides its
scholarship program in groups, and
Belize joined the ACP group in 2008
at the meeting held in the Netherlands.
UB secured 9 scholarships for its
faculty, staff and students. 6 were for
Master's degrees at universities in
France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and
Sweden for up to 2 years, and 3 were
for 1-month staff exchanges.
(See page 5 for follow up survey to the
meeting and for a feature on UB's Erasmus
scholar, Tracy Sangster, who has returned
with her Master's degree.)
January 16, 2010 was a historic moment
for UB. It held its first midyear
graduation, and those participating were
graduates from July and December 2009.
The guest speaker was UB's Assistant
Provost, Dr. Cynthia Thompson who
spoke on the "UB-We Care" theme. She
urged the 295 graduates to embrace life's
challenges as opportunities to grow. The
VP of the UB Alumni Association, Mrs.
Elma Arzu, also launched UB's Haiti
appeal fund at the graduation.
Academic Awards of Excellence
Esther Wiltshire -Certificate Prog.
Thalia de la Fuente -Associate Prog.
Kevin Hall and Clifford King -tied for
top award in a Bachelor Degree program

I I.

Academic Administration & SG

L-R: Doriitl Rol 'i .i, 1. Ih I. 1 i-id...'i- Si i h S 1 Sl i ,iiii.

Dr. Cynthia Thompson, Asst. Provost, Sharon Palacio, Student
Services Coordinator; Jamaal King, Bz City SG president
On February 19, UB's Association of Student Governments
had their second meeting for Semester 2 with Assistant
Provost Dr. Cynthia Thompson; this followed their first
meeting on January 22. All four student governments form
the Association of Student Governments, headed by
president Stephen Sho were present.
The January meeting, which lasted four hours, concluded
with positive recommendations and proposals including an
established regular routine of meetings with the ASG, the
commencement of intercommunication among SGs and
between the ASG and the Student Affairs Office. Proposed
work plans from the different campuses were presented and
suggestions and recommendations were made. Also
discussed at the meeting were the SG Constitution and
Election process, the Student Advisory Council's (SAC)
roles and responsibilities and issues SG members face that
limit their performances. Dr. Cynthia Thompson assured the
SG members of her continued support and commitment to
work closely with them. Also present at the January meeting
were Student Services Coordinator Sharon Palacio, PG's
counselor Anthony Brown and Belmopan Counselor Mr.
Leon Leslie. The February meeting continued the discussion
on individual campus needs, and these will be forwarded to
the Student Affairs subcommittee of the UB Board. It also
looked at ascribing budgets to the work plans presented.

Haiti: UB We Ca
UB launched its Haiti Relief Fun
historic January 16, 2010 graduatic
fund officially closed on February 1
$c n90Do n 11

Gina Hernandez, UB
secretary attached to the
Development Office,
coordinated secretarial assistance
at all campuses in serving as
collection points.

ALO.UO DLBE UU lllar. G Ullla Hernandez,
UB staff member, assisted with the overall
collection and tallying, with the kind
assistance of the UB Accounts Office. The
donation was handed over to the Belmopan
Branch of the Belize Red Cross on
February 19 by UB's Student Affairs
Coordinator Ms. Sharon Palacio. It was
received by Ms. Glennis Johnson, head of
the Belize Red Cross Belmopan Branch.

UB's Admissions Coordinator, Andrea Middleton,
fields questions at the COBEC 2010 Fair
COBEC, the Consortium for Belizean Educational
Cooperation, was founded in the late 1980s. It
includes all ATLIB tertiary-level institutions in
Belize and 19 U.S. higher education institutions
engaged in projects or activities in Belize. COBEC
has had a significant and continuing impact on the
structure and quality of higher education in Belize
and on the internationalization of U.S. member
institutions. Last year, UB hosted the annual
February meeting of COBEC in Belize, at which
UB's Dr. Angel Cal was honored with COBEC's
2009 award for service and pioneering efforts. This
year, on February 3, COBEC's Undergraduate and
Graduate Fair was held from 4:00 7:30 pm at the
St. John's College (SJC) Gymnasium in Belize City
This was an opportunity for COBEC institutions to
meet face-to-face with Belizean students intending
to pursue undergraduate or graduate level studies.

d at its
n. The
1, with

L-R: UB's Business & Ethics lecturer Sarita Garcia
who mobilized Ethics students in doing collections,
Chairperson of the Belmopan Branch of the Belize Red
Cross Glennis Johnson, UB's Student Coordinator
Sharon Palacio, and UB's English and Literature
lecturer Elma Arzu, who is also the VP of the UB
Alumni Association and who opened the fund at the
Jan. 16, 2010 historic graduation.

Engineering Department Meets
with Board Members and UB
Administration Officials

Thek Eni' ncciini Dcpa niicnti ol thi Facuili of Scicnce and
Tcclmologyn hkld a Spccial mcciini ii on Fcbmlan 12 to
ghlih. the ilK ssionl and \ us1n of th de>paltillntc and to
loo lk at ic \\"a\ l'oi aid Spcc>i, l aIici%. L li. mcci .l.iith
included Nis Moniisonii-Fani cailia i Clhaiip:ci.on olf il
LiB Boaid of Tiusiccs aloun \\ith boaid iiminte:i. kia
Jacqtllinei \eillonIpohib-Sanch:/ and NI Dcn eIk Sailchi\:.ll
kAso parlicipaling in ilK miccEing \\%N Di. Tluppi
Thiagarajan, Dean of the Faculty of Science and
Technology, Interim Provost Dr. Angel Cal and Dr.
Cynthia Thompson, Assistant Provost.

Members of the department made presentations on a
host of topics, including but not limited to: a)
Engineering programs and curricula, b) Engineering
Department challenges, c) Engineering Department as
a cost center, and d) Engineering position paper.

Pie nitaLtoni s ui. lollo\\:d b\ a i\:l' ioiip dli i lon
and the customary Engineering Department social. The
department intends to use the outputs of this session as a
catalyst towards a progressive move forward. This
department, like all other UB departments, continues to
provide relevant education to meet the developmental
needs of students and country. It may be recalled that the
UB Bulletin reported in its May-June 2009 issue of a
similar meeting with the Board and administration

Exchange Professor at NRM

Professor Chad Schneckenburger is serving as a volunteer visiting faculty with
lthe Natuiial Rcsoliicc M]laiia .iiuii Pioi.iam ai UB Hic is itcachii classes in
Eni\ ionnimKital (Co ns:l\atlion and Dc:.\:lopmcinii Hospitallil and Touiismin and
Thlicsi Pioposal Dc:.\:lopmlin:ti His licniii i iS micin.l d to bi in. a1 iintl iinlatlionlal
pci>,:s 'ctli to ilic NRMNP at LIB \\unl:c at ilic sanic ini allo% ini LiB lictci :ci
Nli Pio S.itliii tlic oppoltunii' to compllcic ili ic:th iiic inciios ll o Il Ph D Ni
C(1iad lbopcS lo collnii ll ic IOSilciIIK olf l tio thatIlis l occ c.\Slicd .l\\ cc..n
LiB anid Coloiado Slaic LinlllciSIi% Piol Sciiincckcl:iibu i.n holds aB Sc in
Political Scicincc fioni A.|ppalachlnian Saini Linli in Noilit (Caiolilna iand .a l1 Sc
in Huimain Dimciisioi of Naniial Rc:souiiccs flioi Coloiado Stiaic l ii ci.sil

UB's Ritamae Hyde & Coordinator Cesar Ross
UB's History and Anthropology program presented a stimulating three-day celebration/
exhibition of the Pan-Africanist Movement and its People from Feb. 24 26 at the Jaguar
Auditorium, Belmopan campus. This time was selected to tie in with the celebration of
Black History Month; as well, 2010 marks the bicentennial of Latin American
Independence, and the region has a large pan African population. The purpose is to look
at the movement, its exemplary figures and their contributions towards the liberation of
Africa and the empowerment of all people in the Diaspora.
The exhibition was three-dimensional, incorporating music, literature and film (movie/
documentary). It opened with keynote speakers and presenters who highlighted the
significance of the Pan-Africanist movement, as well as set the stage for other
celebratory events outlined in the program. Keynote speaker was Ambassador Adalbert
Tucker. Also addressing were UB's Dr. Joseph Iyo and Dean Wilma Wright. Coordinator
of the History and Anthropology Program, Cesar Ross thanked lecturers Ritamae Hyde,
Dr. Iyo and Joseph Sampson who were instrumental in the planning. Thanks also to
Belize Natural Energy, SMART, BEL, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and UB's
History students who supported. The celebration also featured a Kriol drum presentation
by Emmeth Young, a Garifuna drum presentation by Dale Aranda, readings and film
screenings and world renowned Belizean artist Penn Cayetano.

Ambassador Adalbert Tucker

Dr. Joseph Iyo

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

I lvrnrt i PL

UB Excels in ATLIB Regional & National Football
i B 1 BIlc .K .l1 Ul il l':il ,ill : ',. !! i. 1i L 1 1 !!!. id ;!e!ile i::0 !% I',i 1i i.
t Ce i '' :,': ,.' l ti: i !,i.'i en il ,:,J -.1T L B ilnie .hC-0_ c,:,e! i, :, ii_ ir
1-, Stiiitii. 'fr EI ck i Bcin .iuiil o i ,:i c !h.l L -, t :e .i' i B'_. H u I'e .i ice
.tld 1.ilc i:.1iC cJ.i|!:ticd hi!i !''.-.e ii. LIi iiiih: iil -.TL IB F ,:,:I:I..
T ic If ilcm.i v :ii ilici i ;ei.l- _Ii,,l,, l .i i a ,:!e :,!' 3" -2 T!a i_ -
year, both also won at the nationals on Feb. 20 and Coach Paul Morini
has the following report:
All !.gi u,,,l arrangements went well; games were playedfor 30 ,,i
each half UB Black Jaguars Boys had its first game against St. Joh, i
College, the 2nd place finisher in the Northern Zone. This game
ended 5 nil in favor of UB. Danilo opened the scoreboard 8 minute
into the first half In the course of the game Normon Ellington also '. < ,,
twice and Duane Sampson scored twice. Game 2 for UB was against
Corozal Adventist College. In that game, Sampson struck twice, Danilo
struck once and Zebedee struck once giving UB a 4 nil win. UB Black Jaguars Boys are the ATLIB CHAMPIONS for
2010. Members of the team received individual medals and team Captain Shane Armstron received the Crystal trophy on
behalf of the team.

The teams' manager, Ian Sangster, now Financial/Administrative Manager at UB's newly launched Environmental
Research Institute, shares the following message: We successfully defended the trophy for 2010! I thank Paul Morgan for
bringing the team to this juncture in UB's young history. Under his guidance, the young men have proven to be true scoring
machines with some clinical passing techniques that have created problems for the best of opponents to date.
i.i. ,II i, itu iiti, the fact that this April will be our first showing on the Central American stage in the CSUCA competition,
this element of surprise will be our greatest advantage on which we intend to capitalize. On behalf of the players, Coach
Paul Morgan, and myself a heartfelt ;i,,, ,- i to UB's management & students for their unwavering support of the
UB in La Ruta Black Jaguars
Maya River Basketball at

Challenge Cano BDBA's Grand
Challenge Cano Season Opener!
Race: March 5, 6,7 c Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) has
...and the UB Environmental Team! season opener on March 5 and UB will be there! Come on

March 21:

Annual UB


7:00 a.m.: Guys
begin in San Ignacio
in front of the Police
Station and girls
begin at Market
Square, Belmopan!
Ends at Engineering
Dept, Freetown Rd,
Bz City


to the Belize City Center on Friday March 5 and cheer on UB's
Black Jaguars! UB plays at 8:00 p.m.! It is the 2010
"DIGICELL's Ballin-4-Life" Basketball Tournament! Former
NCAA and NBA superstar, Mr. Basketball himself, Mr. Nigel
Miguel will be the Guest Speaker. UB will be up against
Brothers Habet
Berger Boys. In
the picture to the
right, the UB
Black Jaguar '
male team p,:o_
for a group shli:'
Both the male I-,
female UB te:imi-
won 1st place ;i i
the 2009 ATLIB basketball tournament held in November

It happens almost everywhere!

@ work, school and even at home!

LiB lheld a Se\i.al Haiassmi.in Fomin on Janual '" ait ili B/ (C I FEA canmpius
fioin 5 31i ii in jIB _Ltuidcni_ e iplo.,._ and dii ic incal piiublic a1 ci dcd and ii
\\as _Latinc ioomi onil The piccici,_ \\cic Ns Tucia C(olhlsn and Nks NliclIicllc
I- ,IIn. Dc\ clopincil Olt 'ficc i. i n lhlic \\ oii.n'inS Dcpai.linclnt N ks Floicincc Goldkon.
Pioiain ()fllicc ai lhi Woincn Issues Nci \\o lk i\\INi Di C(ala Pat/ MD ( 1.1 I
Nlidical Olficci ai lic KHNIH. Ms Nauilia Rih\ ('Copoial in Ihc Cuiinial
Inl\esigallon Bianchl olf llh Beli/c Police Dcpalliniien and Nks C(\lniia Pills
()Olbidslnanl and ollinc\ ai La\\ The loInII \\as an iniiinai\ of IB s Coiinselininc
Services and its Toledo and Belize City Counseloi, Di. Connth MoneI-Lewis, with
input from the UB Belize City Student Government, UB personnel, and the
participants. UB's current Sexual Harassment Policy was discussed, as well as the
interconnections between the various government ministries and relevant
professional services. The audience was presented with guidelines on the scope of
what constitutes sexual harassment. UB's Belmopan Central Campus held its
Sexual Harassment presentation on February 24th in the Jaguar Auditorium at 2:00 L- R:
p.m. The presenter was Melissa Jenkins of the Women's Department in San Ignacio, Michell
nitwasormz v ,UB's Belmopan counselor Mr. Leon Leslie. Women
SWater Recreation Onnortunitv Snectrum (WROS)

Florence Goldson of WIN,
e Irving and Tricia Collins of
I's Department

On February 9, the UB Science Department hosted a talk called "Water
Rccication Opportunity Spectrum" at the George Price Center on the
llcinc A Tool for Making Better Decisions to Provide High Quality and
Di\cise Water-Based Recreation/Tourism Opportunities. The presenter
was Dr. Glenn Haas, professor at the College of Natural Resources,
Colorado State University. He has worked in Belize for 20 years and was
one of the lead consultants in the design of the Protected Areas
Conservation Trust and national policies for protected area management.

At the end of 2009, Tracy Sangster completed her Master's degree program through a
scholarship from the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship fund. Tracy was a featured speaker at the
February 4, 2010 press conference at the Radisson Hotel in Belize City (See story on page
1). Her degree is in English Studies from Freie Universitat in Berlin, Germany. Tracy's
words resonated with the audience, both those on site and the thousands who heard her in
news clips of every major television and radio station in the country. She said, in part, the
following: E\ ci) experience that you have outside of yourself is enriching and this is what
Erasmus Mundus has done for me. It has enriched my international experience and I have
been able to come back to Belize and share that with my students..." Incidentally, kudos to
Tracy who is already proving just how serious she is about sharing this with her students;
she has already started a tutoring program for UB Black Jaguars team members! More on
this in our next issue!

At the press conference, which had the participation of 14 member universities from
African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and from Europe, Tracy also said that UB is
"on a drive to update our university staff and faculty because we want to be on the cutting
edge in the Caribbean. We certainly want to run with the horses. We want to be able to say
that all people are qualified and we have been exposed to the international arena, interacting
with Europe, North America and other major continents like Africa." In the classroom,
Tracy instills and motivates her students in exciting approaches to learning. The dean,
faculty members and staff of the Faculty of Education and Arts, and the entire UB family,
welcome back Tracy to the classroom and the community! Her master's thesis was entitled
"Caribbean Kriol Identity in Language, Literature, and Culture."

UB's Tracy Sangster
enthralls the press and|
thousands listening to her
riveting message as she
shares the benefits of her
Erasmus Mundus experience.

(L-R): Prof West Pavlov, Tracy
Sangster and Prof Shulting-all
smiles at end of her thesis defense

()iilill i.iil11'.in ( 111111.1 I'll. i )i.
'.II .l l. InI lll -Ml ( pi \l.11'i. ll ki -

SDY ORAD P Ma'r IIs c i Ma

(L-R) Ewart Robateau, Dr. Doug Hermond, Dr.
Pamela Freeman (front) Dr. Lucian Yates III, Dr.
Angel Cal, Sylvia Cattouse, Stanley Nicholas

Prairie View and UB
I.Icim cr ': li :!! : Educ.i Prin c '\ .-, & .!
_ill. i 1'T l' I l -'in I\ i'. 'L F lc i'.'iI't 1 L' i i iiLciiiri Po,:,' ,: i,_ D r

\ i ll-,i I B ill. cduc.'ll,:,! ,~LA hc! I., i:'l . 1 ',:,!'! P i'jl!'n." n _iiii' !:,0LW
will also be coming specifically regarding agriculture, business,
research and Open/Distance Learning (ODL). This relationship is
borne from a sister city relationship between PG Town and Prairie
View city, and present at the meetings was UB-Toledo's Campus
Administrator, Stanley Nicholas.

UB Lecturers and Recruitment 2010 i

Another annual event is underway-it's
UB's recruitment drive! Headed by
Admissions Coordinator Andrea NIacaroni & Spiagheli Bridge
Middleton, a team has been going on
scheduled visits to high schools
countrywide; it began in February at
Orange Walk Technical High School
and concludes in March. This year, the
Admissions office has over 40 schools
on its itinerary for visits. Deadline for
application to enter UB for the August
2010 semester is March 26. Application A m, e: E i'ieerini lecturer LI.. tI Carill |
forms and information are available at Al.,e Rihit: A.dmiitii Ci (..rdiiiiar
UB's website or admissions(@ub.edu.bz Andrea Middleton
Right: Group 3 with winning entry.
Lecturers from UB's 4 faculties rotate in accompanying the recruitment team. Given tll
technical focus of the OW Technical High visit, Engineering lecturer Lloyd Car il.:
accompanied the team there, and his presentation included video clips of exciting student
projects, like one for architecture students last semester. The students had to design a
bridge using macaroni, spaghetti, silicone and glue. Straw and string were optional; the
winning sample had to withstand certain loads of weight ranging from 5 to 15 kilograms
or more, depending on the design. Kudos! Mr. Carillo says he wants to enter UB next time
in the competition at his alma mater, Instituto Politecnico de Chetumal.

Dr. Elma Kay, I
Director & Sciei
Along with Dr.
Ricketts, ERI's
science, direct
on ERI's object
staffing and fur

ERI's Herbarium
Curation Course

mnmental Research Institute (cont'dfrompg. )
S Keynote speaker at the ERI launch was Hon. Gapi Vega,
I [minister of Natural Resources, who commented on the
unportance of scientific data to drive developmental decisions.
Also speaking were OAK Foundation's Bz director Imani
F airweather-Morrison (OAK has provided $3 million to ERI),
iRI's Admin British High Commissioner His Excellency Pat Ai--, j:rth! who
nce eraes al) spoke on the UK and their Darwin initiatives and Dr. Howard Dr. David Harris conduced the
marine Quigley who shared remarks from Panthera's president Dr. Alan herbarium curation course.
or, shared info Rabinowitz. ERI's main mission is to build scientific capacity for CONGRA
ives, plans, the management of Belize's natural resources. Look out for more t T
ding on the ERI in subsequent issues of the UB Bulletin! the ERI team

FNAHSW's Dean Hoare Publishes in Journal of Medicine

Hi JB ; o:,! r!iu!: _+l. -i r i_,r _!! 1-n l_-.:,jr>1 l_- .n ,:!' t~il FIin Cui ,:,! I iur_+,in .-Jhl _i-llit :nod SI ,cd H c \,\ :,r!
H__ ', i, -':.m' d I- _i ,ii:,i l jt ri't c I'tiC IC I Icd i,:I Jiti',:,' ',' il 1. iI, l',h_[ ccd 11R th' ni iu H ',

i .-. \\,:.',:, i D hI_ n Il D & HI i i.; ,i:,,!n R D i'2 T'N PIi\,: it Ci :. :I i. IicuC l t '0, 'k !, !t l I t!
cO:i.':. '. t, _+ij _dii ,c I , n,,/, ,.i 1 / IiIi dL' a -0/i 1: !X 131! -' .i ) 43-52 l !l K-R .-. iyl .-.I :ll| iS Dr
_i-_:.. '" i D l_- r c [ i w':' _, itf i' t!': ,:,tl;, in;! .-._._.t S rc i :t. r L .'-,.",,ct t '_ D cpl ,:.t _i- i li jnd
H-,:_,|tlilk, H llticc' i Public HC-.-itLI .-ind ill k1 I ic lni;'. D i. cci,:,i' ',! liC D _,, i ,i Pubic H_ a-i_,.llli 111
til, StLCm ofI -i,:C', Ul i S .A .1.l :+' li.ir P DI!c' 2' !3 Dr H-i.:,j c v. ii I rcc imi j i t,: i',:,Ic:,j:
>r Publih c Hciilti Ii ,:. S''till F!,I:.ida -'i.:, :i, ii iI I t .t'iiric til ,,iC''" t* c l-C 8-i/ 4 1111

The Office of Public
Information will have a
booth at the Scholarship
Fair at the central campus
to display the entries of
the graduation gown
design competition entries
and winning designs.
Graduation Gown
Design Winners
Presentation of Prizes
and Trophies at 10:30
a.m. at the
Scholarship Fair!

Financial Aid, Scholarship/Career Fair in March at UB

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 is the date for UB's annual scholarship fair, and it will be
at all four campuses: Belmopan, Bz City (at the Engineering Dept. campus site on
Freetown Rd), Central Farm and Toledo. The time is from 9:00 a.m. 4:pm. This year,
the event is being billed as a "Financial Aid, Scholarship/Career Fair." Come and listen
to presentations and view interactive displays from Social Security, Ministry of
Education, Scotia Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies: Cuban, Mexican,
Venezuelan and Taiwanese, Belize Defence Force, and of course UB's Student
Services...international partners and more! Coordinator of students Sharon Palacio
organizes this annual event along with her very able UB staff and colleagues...and, of
course, external partners.

BDARRT UPDATE: Call for Members

Hilario Ical of the UB-BDARRT Club calls on interested
UB students to join the BDARRT club or just take part in
training sessions from time to time. The name is the
Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team (BDARRT)
and at the start of last semester, the UB BULLETIN
featured the launch of this club, which works with
guidance from the country's national teams. Most
recently, UB-BDARRT conducted a three (3) day training
in preparation for the La Ruta Maya River Challenge in
March. The training took place from February 19-21 at the
Banana Bank Lodge. This training is done yearly as a
refresher course for BDARRT members and as an
introduction to water safety for other interested persons.
This training is free of cost; however, individuals are
expected to provide their own gear and food. A
comprehensive list of equipment required is also the
responsibility of the participants, and this list ranges from
sleeping bags or hammocks to helmets, flashlights and so
on. The club also rents equipment to those who do not
own. Contact: Hilario Ical at 661-8634.

Take the ERASMUS Survey!
The representatives of the EU at the meeting of
Consortium of Universities in the Erasmus Mundus
Lot 10 that met in Belize provided information
about a new opportunity for student and faculty
mobility between and within ACP (Africa,
Caribbean, and Pacific) countries. The concept
paper is currently being developed. The
representatives that visited are asking students,
academic staff and management staff to complete a
survey to find out if there is interest in exchange
programs between and within ACP countries. This
scheme is not about scholarships to enable
institutions in the ACP countries to receive students
or teachers from universities in Europe, the United
States or Australia. It is about scholarships that
make it possible for students and academics to be
mobile within Africa, the Caribbean or the Pacific
or even between these areas. Please go online,
check out the survey site and submit your views;
also encourage faculty and students to do the same.
Please follow the link below for the survey

hIp \\ \\ .monitoringandevaluation.blogspot. com/

http://wwwi' 1 IImonitoringandevaluation~~ I I~ II II blo gspotL'I(I com/II

Dr. ,MInlcl Hoare

Ulrnnmn I Beliz

_ : .. .E

February 2010 F nt
February 2010

1 -i : 2 3-1i iA '; I',,,,,Ii -iii ,.hI1 5 6-
1111 11.1. 1 I.I i,, i iIi iL 1., 1 1 I Ii h .I. L '

h II I I,211II1 L.,, I.' I L

7- 8-\\ithdl\dld 9 -Vdac i 10- 11- 12- 13- i-lLL.
w/25% tuition Spectrum Regional
refund begins presents Football
14- 15 Last day to 16- 17 Student 18 19- 20 ATLIB:
withdraw w/25% Services' Ash National
tuition refund Wednesday Service Football
21 22 23 24 Pan-Africanists 25 -Pan 26-Final day 27 -
Celebration, Africanists Pan-
Jaguar, 9 am continues Africanists
-Bmp's Sexual -Last day to
Harassment forum, apply Sum.
Jaguar, 2pm 2010 degree

March 2010


1-Early Childhood 2 3 4 5 UB in La 6- UB in La
Ctr in parade: Child Ruta Maya Ruta Maya
Stimulation month, 9 -Black Jaguars
a.m., Ind. Pk, Bmp b-ball, Bz City
Ctr, 8 p.m.
7- UBin 8 UB in La Ruta 9 10- 11- 12- 13-
La Ruta Maya
Maya m _
14- 15-- WP/WF period 16 17 Scholarship/ 18 19- 20 -
begins Career Fair at all
Gown winners
21 -UB 22- 23- 24 25 26-SG Dance 27 -ATLIB:
Relathon -Student -Deadline for Regional
Government Hour 2010 Softball
applications Tournament
28 29- Easter Break 30- 31 w a t.ub.edu.bz
begins www.ub.edu.bz

Looking Towards May 29, 2010: UBAA--ALUMNI AGM

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