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The Organization of American States (OAS) and UB are
partners in the delivery of a 72-hour course, conducted over 9
days, on "The Integration of Belize into the Multilateral and
Regional Trading System." The course began September 15 -
17, with other sessions occurring September 29 -October 1 and
October 13 -15, all at UB-Nova Graduate Room at the Faculty
of Management and Social Sciences in Belize City. The course
is familiarizing participants with the main trade issues at the
multilateral and regional levels, with special emphasis on the
needs of smaller economies. The approximately 25 participants
include top management personnel from such establishments
as the Belize Chamber of Commerce, the Radisson, UB,
shipping companies, government ministries and the private
sector. Topics: trade in services, multilateral and bilateral rules
for investment, trade facilitation and standards, market access
for goods, and small and vulnerable economies. Participants
will receive a certificate. The cost of the course, $100, covers
tuition, materials and lunch. OAS often runs similar courses
worldwide, and UB thanks the OAS representative in Belize,
Mrs. Kim Osborne, UB President Dr. Santos Mahung, and
UB's Dean of Enterprise Development Ms. Sylvia Cattouse for
enabling the offering of this course. The training will build
capacity in both government and private sector in Belize to
deal with trade matters.

(ADove) Victor Kecinos,
Collector of Belize's Customs
and Excise Dept., presenting on
Sept. 29. He addressed internal
legal instruments related to
rules of origin.
In charge of the training is
Mrs. Maryse Robert,
Chief at the OAS Trade
Section. Belize's Minister
of Foreign Affairs and
Foreign Trade, Hon. Sedi
Elrington, was the guest
speaker at the opening
ceremony on September
15 atUB.

(L) UB's Bz City FMASS Chair, Dr. Vincent Palacio, was a participant. (Center) Industry colleagues
(Far right, standing) OAS's Kim Osborne and Maryse Robert

I I I' I I) '.llill UlI UD L LDUadIu UI
ITru1SccS Mrs Imani Fairweather
Sl,:,irri :>i! President Dr. Santos Mahung
I ndj Dcdhr:.irlh Sewell of Bz Natural Energy
IISIi 1,:. the forum's convener,
S.-.'.:l.:I--;d.:.r Bert Tucker (R) of the
1I in-iiiir- .:.1 Foreign Affairs and Foreign
. |, Tridcl TI e theme was "Engaging
Bi: ji BC can Diaspora in Belizean Renewal
and Renaissance." (See story on page 5)

SOol tilateral Trade Course

0 OAS-UB Multilateral Trade Course

un's a AoaR races aecona in
Independence Day Parade

l.' in 11.'c BC 10"0 I \ i iwdic dciwiciicc Dfl |\i!cid TIic Bc Ilii.:.i'.ii
lu i _"i.'.lli. _l Co. ,il : l i!! !!!!" li.'d, ,ci ':' 1 llk.-, lic L 'i n:,li

l'',:i'"' i lI' :.ii :. I I ,!, i iiii ,I :. l:l,. l, c 'I:. l lu, 1 i.-i- !, C':. T i:. l.: i ,iiI' :. lB
\,li :os.c" 'tilici l.' '. \\c (i ,- i.c- A T I l;.i l o 1% oth.i 'r r Il- ic ii'd
B h/c l'i.cecd .-I !C.olli' _.cld iii lie Bc,._ Edlc:.-tcl'':...l Fi .:.i-l"
Not to be outdone, UB's Belize City student government
also organized the usual Belize City UB posse truck and regalia for
that parade; unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the Belize
City parade was cancelled. However, the UB crowd, already all
I'Cl''i.' up, still attended the small ceremony and rally at the
P lKim.'ijl Park. The national theme was: Diverse Origins, Common
.lpirIat.iio:s; Together we Celebrate as Belizeans.

iiB Office of Budget and Financial Management reminds all
students who have outstanding balances that they are required to
pay their remaining balances in full at any Scotiabank Branch
countrywide or Scotiabank online if they have a Scotia account
ON or BEFORE October 31st, 2009. Failure to do
so may result in the students not being able to
sit their final exams. Thank you.

On September 17th 2009, UB celebrated its annual Patriotic
Day at the Belmopan Campus and on the 18th at the Belize
City campus. Addressing the audience in Belmopan were Sir
Colville Young, Governor General of Belize who was also the
first president of the now amalgamated University College of
Belize, one of the forerunners to UB, UB President Dr. Santos
Mahung, and Belmopan City Councilor Victor Perdomo who
deputized for His Lordship the Mayor Simeon Lopez. During
the event, UB honored its chosen Belizean patriot for the 2009
Independence celebrations. She is Dr. Corinth Morter-Leiws,
also a former UB president, and a well-known Belizean poet
whose "Tribute to the Belizean Flag" poem is presented
annually in schools. Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis also contributed
the 25th anniversary Independence Poem in 2006; she is
currently a Counselor for UB's Belize City and Punta Gorda
campuses. FEA's lecturer Elma Arzu gave her a sterling
introduction! Excellent original topical poetry was also
delivered by both Taren and by Jacklyn Burns; the latter is an
FEA student who teaches at Bmp Comprehensive and who has
published in local newspapers. In attendance was Queen of the
Bay 2009-2010, Reena Usher, who is also a UB student!

Bmp's Patriotic Dress Competition
1st place: Taren Belisle, $100 from
Bmp SG
2nd place: Ophelia Chiac, $75 from
Student Affairs
3rd place: Clarissa Gongora, $50
from Bmp SG

Bz City's Results
Poetry Prize: Student rapper
Sherone, prize from SG
Best Patriotic Dress + Best
dressed car: Ernest Ramclam,
Celebrity Rest.gift cert., trophy
& $100 from Bz City SG

Taren Belisle won 1st place in Bmp's
Patriotic Day Dress Contest

Dr. Santos Mahung

The UB Patriotic Day in Belize City was also a smashing
success! It was held at the FMASS campus. In addition to the
usual flag raising and patriotic dress contest, a best dressed
vehicle contest was also held. Lecturer Bernard Watler did a
wonderful job of directing the ceremonies and UB's chosen
patriot 2009, Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis, participated. Guest
speaker was President of the Ntl. Kriol Council Myrna
Manzanares. Kudos to Stephen Sho, SG Bmp president,
Jamaal King, SG Bz City president, all the SG members, and
Sharon Palacio, Coordinator of Student Services, for these
wonderfully patriotic events! Thanks also to the Bmp and Bz
City Physical Plant and Public Safety staff who ably assisted
with the flag raising and other logistics.
UB's Graduation Gown Design
Nationwide Competition: Look out
for details soon!

iJ. ll
1--c''_ t a d ''LI C ,:,C iiiI l0 ii 0 C iiLI' ii iCd, I':.' I '.J'iI:. d I:, t :.'.' 'l' _,:.I'''_ ilCi iCiii C' d '. iC:.rkl| ij ----d--- -0i '. ii,:.| ii t,:0

0c '.t 0 C o1 u r ,c h' 1I _. c C I i II C ti h t C lid i tic i _c I I 1 : lu _+ thi iu_-,I i IfTr '.Fc l i C r t _..i vi c 6 i h -k.1 cv t .it.'ll l. Cid C ah_.ll' 1 i
5 !" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h C- c5dr.~tct r,."t~_,nr!'c _,ic Ja!o ;+ _,:ft :.:i'! t[Wtn-!r 0_,k ,. unt- d Cntt

Richard Genus

In February, the UB
Bulletin featured
student Rodney
Borland whose
unfortunate 2002
accident incapacitated
him, confining him to
a wheelchair. UB-
Toledo installed ramps
to make the campus
more accessible. In
this issue, we feature
two more students.

Rodney Borland who
was featured in the
February UB Bulletin

Tlih Mrntorii
MlIcr Ricliid (jciiu_, He I_ 2 I Ia.r ':Id
-lli d ', I u .-l I1 :l| r'.'lll :d O il .ij l.'i r i'- '11 IS
R iChiirId C:ii' I:, iC:d I I i i lic F iulI ':,
Education and Arts UB-Toledo Campus
with a full scholarship from GOB, pursuing
a degree in primary education. Richard was
born with chronic glaucoma and saw many
challenging days, yet his thirst for
knowledge was his greatest desire. In
primary school he lost his sight completely.
Since then Richard has listened, retained
and done exams orally. He passed his PSE,
& graduated from T.C.C. with 6/6 CXC
passes. What Braille machine? Yes! That is
exactly how Richard feels. He uses the
Braille machine to read and write but
nobody else understands it, so he cannot
use it in school. Richard finds it difficult to
sit in class while lectures write formulas on
the board and he cannot see them. Richard
says being blind is bad enough, but being
uneducated is worse, hence the reason he is
not giving up on his studies. His message
to us: "Once you set your mind on what
you want, you must do your best and with
that you can overcome all obstacles despite
the situation."

Teresita Moh &
Dr. Perriott

Richard and
Teresita would
like to
encourage all
students to
keep focused
and not to give
up on their
dreams and
hopes no
matter what.

Kudos to Richard Genus, Teresita Moh and Rodney Borland for
their persistence and self determined will! There were times
when Rodney, Teresita and Richard felt like giving up but they
know that by their sacrifice, they are helping to pave the road for
students with similar or other limitations. UB is so proud of you!
Big kudos also to UB Toledo IT lecturer Ken Kapinski as he
sets out to find practical ways to more conveniently incorporate
teaching and learning for Richard and students like him.

TIi Social \\ iirkr
t.! l CC c.lr-,,id Tcrcit- I I ,:ih Sic
I., ',,," I .',i iiid iii l ii'iiiai i ci h,:,i',:'!
h f ll o':,l.fl,:,r'l.'ll .id did 1. C1!
academically. Her fears only grew
when it was time to start high school
in Belize City, because she felt she
was being taken out of her comfort
zone. Teresita has an associate's
degree in tourism and is currently
enrolled in the Social Work program
at UB's Belmopan campus. The
Office of Student Affairs is a big
help to her and especially the crew at
UB's Bookstore. They assist Teresita
with registration, getting around
campus and with any other
assistance they can offer. UB's
Student Services has outfitted her
with a special, voice activated
computer. Her textbooks, sponsored
by UB, are translated to Braille
courtesy of the BCVI.

Teresita also will soon be getting her
very own student volunteer escort.
In her free time she works at Hodies
Place in Cayo as cook and
sometimes works washing dishes.
She loves to sing and is a part of the
UB choir. Teresita says that being
visually impaired is NOT a particular
challenge as students are facing
challenges everyday: discrimination,
financial restraints and academic
challenges are common to all

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing *a 'y, -

Upcoming October Intramural and Extramural Events Leading to
ATLIB Tournaments
ATLIB Volle\ ball Re Rioi.l Saii ()cL I \eine is lo be .ii unce. lhsi \\.as \\e.allieI I)posIneld lhor Sepielebel 21
.\TLIB \ olle\ ball Naioinals hlosied b\ CJ C is no\\ sclledulled Ii ()Oci 1
InI 1aiinuril Baiskelbaill- Piiunil Golida. (Oclobei 1(. 21" i. Beli/e. (Ocobei 2 E\I.1im i.al BIs.iketlbill- ()clobel 2-

UB's Basketballers in Cancun

Coach Kevin Siroki, UB's Basketball Coach, was chosen to be the country's coach
for the Belize National Team that took part in the COCABA Championship
Tournament held in Cancun from August 10 -14, 2009. Several UB Black Jaguars
basketball players were selected for the national team; however, only Stephen
"Muerte" Williams made the final cut as a reserve player. The games were hotly
contested, with Belize leading against Nicaragua from the outset, but then
dropping to a second place tournament finish in an exciting final that had the
entire country of Belize glued to their TV or radio for the LIVE broadcasts. Kudos (L-R) FIBA instructor Nelson Isley and
UB's basketball coach Kevin Siroki in
to Coach Siroki and Coach Darren Bovell who assisted and of course to our Black UB basketball coach Kevin rok
Cancun, Mexico
Jaguars! While in Mexico, Coach Siroki met with FIBA representatives

On September 24, the UB Black Jaguars football team, in preparation for the
CSUCA games next March, played its first game outside of Belize! It was
against the University of Quintana Roo (UQROO), and UB won the game 5-0.
In less than perfect weather conditions, the Black Jaguars roared to an early
start in the 11th minute with Marcilio slipping a shot past the UQROO Keeper.
Two minutes later a beautifully executed cross found its way into the net again,
this time off the boot of Ellington. The flood gates then opened as several other
players got into the action, giving the host a difficult time containing UB's
attack. Precision passing from the flanks by Borland and Yatz and equally
beautiful finishing from the 18yrds box led to three (3) additional goals in the
23rd, 77th and 83rd minutes by Lewis, Padilla and Castillo before the referee
blew the final whistle. It was an enormous team effort both in attack and
defense and a big shout out to the UB players for that.

UB's football team manager, Mr. Ian Sangster, sends out a special note of
thanks to the Lord for a safe and incident-free trip and to Coach Paul Morgan,
whose tireless efforts with the team over the past 18 months led to victories
over semi pro teams such as Verdes and Texmar Trendsetters. UB will be
facing the return match against UQROO in Belize October 12th. The UB
community is welcome to come support. Go team go!

UB's goalie Franklin Polonio

UB's Black Jaguars Football Male Team

Please note that weather conditions may occasion changes in schedule of outdoor games. You can
always check UB's Recreation & Sports Director Kirk Smith at 822-3680, ext. 441 for any changes.

m hys ical P M i the Right rn 'It npsi for nEW r i mu :I.

O)ne moment please' Ha\e \ou stoNp ped to take a loolk aro und LiB s
Belmolpan campus lIel\ The landscape Is mianilficent and \\ell kept. the
roundrd is hitter free. the sidle\\alks are comenient antd the sig.ns are no
S Idoub mosl useflill Bul. had itl no been foir the hard \\orkin-. mdICliduals
from LiB',s Phl sical Plant. none olf his would d be pIossible So. the ne\l Illme
\ou see th 0.em out cun-, the l ard. plan1ng trees or paintng- signs. do be
coiurtieous and bil them the iime ol' the lda and ackno\\ ledI-e llem \\ ilh a1
smile'l it NMichael Sanchel. Nit Lilrc Lisher. Ni i Francis Burns. Nir
Edilberto larline/. and the enire Ph\sical Plan \\orkfloice are here It
l.'i.1111111 l l.'. Ik.li,,p.iil ,',iltId Sel\ e 1fac1ll\ S1aff. StIdenl andI ihe LiB co1mini nil\ ()n another nole. the
I.p.i, hidp mI upil't i p i I t.p iinii,, _ii i I. Plsl'l hI\Sical Pliani safflT Iemlin s ou\ t iihal posteis antI other harl copies 0f
Sa11nnoncelment.S should be poIsIe on assigned bullet in boards a1ro und
c amlpisN \W\hen papers are stick upI all o\er the place. the beaulifiil callmpIis
tlook Is dimnimished and the paint olien peels off \alls \hen the paper is
remi o\ed Thank lo \of lr c'nri building1 to a1 beaufumil and scenic UB Note.
00oo. thal se eral more such assi-.ned boardls are in the process of being'
completed and installed Ihis month

UB: BA In Spanish Education
The olfTeiinn of a Bachelor i Deg ee in Spanish
Eduicanlon has been in ile\ elopment at ULB. \\ il
idue consuillalions dlone to lie this in \\ lh
national needs The g.ioal is I \\o-folld 1 pi\ Oide
Beli/e \ lih trained Spanish leacheris.
pairicull,\ i\en tihai Spanilsh i nIo\ a
manldatlo\ schIool SublecI e\en al ihe prm1ar
le\el. and 10 bLuld closIer lieS \\ilh Bel/'e N
Spanish slpeakingl neiILghbors through enabllni
language' e ra ning o' Ifll\ b iling ua l
priole'ssionals The ne\\ prIo'ram. scheluled lo
begin in Semester T 1\\o. la.ieI.ts in-se ice
teachers. especially\ hose of Spanish. classes
\\Ill be held onl\ on Sal tiurldai\. for 15 \\eelks
each lerm. \\ Ilh 3 courses each Sal Ilda\ in 2 1 2
1hour blocks Foi moiic info coniacL Span.ixils Lin
C(loomdinalto Ml Jlihon Floi s, ait 'l1ores a uIb eCdu b/

UB's Ambassadorial Lecture Series on
Belize-Guatemala Dispute Begin
His E\xc.lkiic\ Aiibaissadoi Dam d Gibsoii Is iclcntl ithe lK siiil
Shal \\ ill be.1 a c i i ofl' Icc iii o s 10o I iB HIOi S. lItid n l on lhl
Bcli/c-Giatmic.iala dsl.pLuta Am-nba'Issadol (Gibsonl slpokc on Scpl
3'11 ai itel .iJ ii1 i N iloiioiin scI l ica.i lll on llic A.n lo-
(JGati:ma1la Ti:.al of 1 5's anmd is impol tancc o 1th dIlspt:i
Schlicdililcdl nI\lt in hl Icciii uc sci.ic:s an: Amba.-ssado.il JIn li ph\
on illic inici i.ii on. alli/. on cffomil and Bc li/, I dlcpc i m ic
thOn AmnbalIssadoi E.lianon Conliim.nal \\ho \\ill addkli.s thlie
nici nillnonal (Col ofl' Jluiic 1( i 11 in ice Ilalinon 1o ilic ditpimtc TKh
datl.c aiC. bc.n1'I flnal/ctl

i 'I; I 1i 1 I ii. II I- IL c t'i Kip%% ilii '. -

(Conid from Page 1) UB at Belizean Diaspora Renewal Meeting
The f0 I'rum \\aN, heIl at I he Black Oichid Reort i in Blui ell Boom o'ln September IX under the k mnd pai rionagle of
NMI DouIlasN Thompison. the Resort 0s 1 entrepreneur manaF'er His E\cellenc\ .Ambassadoi Bet Tiuckie
presenled the 2i "il'l-2112 \ uson ofl Bel ean Renewal La RUia H iimana The Diaspoi a pio 'gram iesl on
1'\ e pillars. A rene\\el messae-'e Io welcome frI11' homeland to diaspora. enhanced dilp)lo malic. c onslilar andl
iilnfrnaionl setn iceNS. pro isioNI ol enhlanced panrner-e lhip \ilh iI aspoira skills anil knIo\ leidge. the faciliaion oi f
access to Belb/ean ie\ elopmenl oppottlunil mes. anId tihe e\ ollilin of a I steamlineed cootLlinalion amonr, ietSoiLrce
inmli111lOn1 1 is par uculail\ lto\\ardsllnhis laller pillar that LiB' s inpull can beVI be real/ed L B 3 C(harlperson
priesentel on "The inm\ eisil\ of Beli/e and ho\\ Belieans abroal can help the country\ of Beli/e and LiB "
PreSeniaiionS' \\ ee also iecei\el o'n coo peranoln in health. CulltiLre danltl enrilate preSei\ anon. iMin eSimnenl
opporiunilleS anld I i)mpo\ emenl of Se' iceNs


Jaguar Auditorium F

I'l TIII ni dal\ ScpIcinbci Iillt. I B's Facull) of Science and
Technology. collaboialcd \\illi Bcli/<', Ficiicl Honoiari Conisl
EniIKiLo Va\ qlic / lo tii\cill H i,,,I a UIB'i Ja-..ltiai .A-\IdlIOlIiII
Home is a documentary that seeks to show the diversity of life on
earth and the balance of the planet. The event started at 4 p.m.
and concluded at 7:30 p.m., and it was held under the
distinguished patronage of Her Excellency Blandine Kreiss,
French Ambassador to Belize, and the United Nations
Development Fund (UNDP). Immediately following the movie
was a panel discussion. Panelists included Earl Green (UNDP),
Ann Gordon (GOB UNFCCC Focal Point), Nydia Bood (WWF),
and meteorologist Mr. Ramon Frutos. Also present at the day's
event was President Dr. Santos Mahung who addressed the
audience during the opening ceremonies. Over 150 students were
in attendance. Home is a 2009 documentary by Yann Arthurs-
Bertrand. The film is almost entirely composed of aerial shots of
various places on Earth. It was released in June, opening in 181
countries; it shows the diversity of life on Earth and humanity's
impact on the ecological balance of the planet. Kudos to UB's
Cecy Castillo of the FST, Chair Juliane Pasos, Betty Cheng and
all those who assisted.

L- R: Dr. Mahung, Her Excellency Blandine Kreiss, and
Honorary Consul Mr. Ernesto Vasquez

Students, faculty and visitors at viewing of
"Home" at UB's Jaguar Auditorium

Preview: FNAHSW's Annual
Reproductive and Health Fair

It has now become a tradition! Following last year's
excellent Reproductive and Health Fair, the Faculty of
Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work is holding
another this year on Wednesday, October 21 at the UB
Belmopan campus on the lawn next to the Admin
Building. It is from 9 -2. Come out and get information
from booths about cancer and about Sexually
Transmitted Infections (STIs); get tests done for breast
cancer screening, blood pressure and blood glucose
levels (sugar). The fourth year Bachelor Nursing
Students are spearheading this function. Contact person
is student nurse Kay Tillett (665-8402). The theme is
"Be Wise and live healthy lives. Invest and take the test
before disease is manifest." All are encouraged to
attend between classes and get health check ups.

Training-Bz City
EBSCOhost is a web-
searchable collection of
online databases to which UB
subscribes. Annually, the UB
Library arranges to have
training done. Although the
sessions have not well
attended this semester thus
far, a handful of UB staff and
students took up the
opportunity at the Bz City
FMASS campus on Sept. 29.
EBSCO offers more than
8,100 publications, with full
text for nearly 4,700 of those
titles. PDF files to 1975 or
further are available for well
over 100 journals.

L-K: mec BlocK, CarnDDean Kegion
Sales Mgr for EBSCO in discussion
with UB's IT lecturer Beverly Faber

L-R: UB librarians Merlene Henkis
and Michelle Argalies at EBSCO
session, Bz City

French Ambassador
Unveils "Home"
Documentary at UB's

(L-R) Sharon Pitts Robateau, Nigel Encalada &
Francis Humphreys present at the Jaguar Aud.

FEA Decorates for the
September Celebrations

Red, blue, white...balloons, ribbons,
banners, flags, flags, and more flags...
By now you should catch the drift!
That's right! "Diverse Origins,
Common Aspirations; Together We
Celebrate As Belizeans." That was the
theme for this year's September
celebrations and the educators at UB's
Faculty of Education and Arts got into
the spirit of the September
Celebrations; faculty and staff
collaboratively decided to live by
example and decorated cubicles

UB s Histon anl d Ai.tluopolo'\1 pio-iain iii111 paitiki.shlp \\itli LtI National
Inst itutc of( u ltiic anud Histo i hosc,.Ld a pa I.l discussion o ton .K Battk. of
St C(Koli',c sC ( cLi itItl,.d RL.-L. aiIIIIII-I thI. H iston BI.llNdI t.i Lc., iac\
Th li isctIss ion took place on S.lpti.inlb i Xtli andi \\,as I ,;-ac.L.d \\ itli tli.
presence of almost 200 history students. The event started with a
chronology of the Battle presented by UB's own history student, Janelle
Carcamo. Francis Humphreys, Belize's first published historian and
principal of Ecumenical College was the chief speaker at the day's event.
Humphreys was slightly delayed due to weather traffic congestion at the
Kendal Bridge but, despite the slight delay, an enthusiastic and energetic
Humphreys amazed the crowd with his passionate speech on the impact of
the Battle of St. George's Caye. Sharon Pitts Robateau also made a stirring
presentation. Nigel Encalada was the discussant & facilitator of the Q&A
segment and Giovanni Pinelo delivered closing remarks. Other worthy
mentions at the day's event included Mr. Morris from the Institute of
Archeology, Diane Haylock, President of NICH, and UB's History and
Anthropology lecturers including the History Department's Coordinator
Mr. Cesar Ross. Congrats to the department on an event well planned.

Students at "Battle" panel presentation

I .Bo 9Irian bIS 6of V I3 6lss ts

L-R: UB's Assistant Provost Dr. Cynthia Thompson; Venezuelan Charge d' Affairs, Mr. Yanez Deleuze; First Secretary
Gabriel Sanchez; UB's lecturer poses a question; history students listen attentively in audience
~r s Sm

After 1999, the
Venezuelan Constitution
intrndlced the term
: ,, l. 11 .1 l i I ,1,. i c h -!
III. '.h ,I 1. 1 11 1,ii l1 11
lIIIl l', I I I l -t. _hi .i l ih

L'I. I IL'.lhc'l ~ lll,,l d1;I .1l

*Ilic '- CcLLClUdI Ckllg,C d 44fdllaS of uliC Bolludlldtl Rcpublic lof 7'CCICLLId, 1AlCXdldCl GU. "dlitC. DCICuLC,
addressed faculty & students on Sept. 23 at UB's Jaguar Auditorium on glimpses of Venezuela's past,
particularly the post Simon Bolivar era, one marked by the power of the Chieftains in Venezuela. Mr. Yanez
Deleuze outlined the concept of the "Chieftain," beginning with the 1830-1846 period of subjugation and
control, followed by the 1859-1870 Federal War that tried to change the concept of liberalism as the way to
build a republic. Next was the Blue Revolution and rise of Venezuela's Guzman Blanco who created a national
army, an important difference to the concept of the Chieftains which was one that had avoided formal
institutions. The period of rule with Joaquin Crespo followed; thereafter nationalist rule became more
UB's Joseph Sampson,formalized; today, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela's leader, nationalist President Hugo Chavez, is equally
History Lecturer promoting a socialist philosophy. For a copy of Mr. Yanez Deleuze's presentation, contact opi@ub.edu.bz

Llmmirv A Mu


Calendar of Events

October 2009

1 iIl Ii ., 2 i .,.I 1. 3 -
4. '1 ",,11" .I ., d11 .11 .' ".Il .. 1
il N .',i I ,.

4- 5. V. 1' iV. 1 6 7- \',, .l, .lul.i 8- 9- 10- .. li i,
period begins Health Day Regional
(FNAHSW) Volleyball
-Launch of UB Playoffs (venue
Graduation Gown tba)
11- 12- Pan 13- Final phase 14-Belize 15- World 16-Intramural 17- ATLIB
American of OAS-UB Cultural Day Food Day basketball at Volleyball
Holiday Trade (FEA) Bmp Bmp UB-Toledo Nationals at
-UB's Black Integration -UB in World (FNAHSW) UBET in CJC
Jaguars football Training Standards Day Reponsders
hosts UQROO Training
18- UBET in 19- UB 20- 21- Sexual 22- ICRT 23-Intramural 24-Extramural
Reponsders partners in the ICRT Harassment Conference basketball at ATLIB
Training ends third World conference Workshop continues FEA (Belize Basketball at
Conference on continues at UB -FNAHSW hosts City) UB-Bmp
Responsible Reproductive -ICRT Conf
Tourism (ICRT) Health Fair, 9-2, concludes at
-ICRT Conf
continues at UB
25- 26- XIII 27 -XIII MSBC 28 SG Hour 29 -XIII 30 XIII 31-Deadline for
MesoAmerican Congress -XIII MSBC MSBC MSBC payment of
Biological Congress Congress Congress ends outstanding
Congress continues continues -Non oiHt-e student balances
(MSBC) begins payment'- (Scotia online
deadline deadline today)

Looking Towards November 2009
Look out for a full report on the OCTOBER Conferences
at UB in the November UB Bulletin:
Oct. 19 -23: UB partners in the third World Conference
on Responsible Tourism (ICRT). Topics: Tourism and Local
Economic Development; Impact of Tourism on the Marine and Coastal
Zone; Impacts of Cruise Tourism; Second homes, condominiums and their
Impact on Local Communities; Climate Change and Tourism; and
Tourism Planning for Global Pandemics and Natural Disaster

Oct. 26-30: UB co-hosts the XIII Congress of the
Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation
Report on Faculty & Staff reaction to increment freeze in
44-I^ .4- I ID D ,,ll| .4-;

Lookingfor the latest updates on UB ?
UB Calendar of Events on

November 16-27
Pre-registration begins for the
January 2010 semester.

The UB
The University
of Belize is a
and multi-
committed to
research and
service for
As a catalyst of
affordable and
and training
programs that
national needs
based on
principles of
merit and


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