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\ 41ulil 4) 1""U" 7

(L) IB's Assistiant Pio\ost, Dr. (C'lliiii
Thompson, promoted the 2009-2010 UB
Theme, "We Care" at both UB's 9th
Anniversary (see story on page 5) and at the
Belmopan Semester Kickoff on September 2.
Dr. Thompson outlined the different facets of
"We Care." The theme was introduced at
orientation sessions for new students from
July 27 to August 3. The logo, represented
left, uses cupped hands to symbolize UB's
embracing of the world, Belize, and the UB
Community. Also a part of the "We Care"
campaign will be the October launch of a
nationwide UB Graduation Gown Design
Contest. Look out for details!

LiB liutlrnti in Iai \ca'll
September parade; UB s
student government float
that will be entered in this
year's Bmp 21st parade
will be featured in the
...our students
...our faculty and staff
...each other
...Bze's development
...the region & world
...our UB campus
...our personal growth
...our profession
...our multiculturalism

Ahmc: Stut'I i t, ~a ti ieloll'l Nliddlc p 'ie: Stuticti Hila Clel 'tI I 1C.I, nci ciub

~r"'I11 ccil~ ccr' 2 i ''dilai r Stic ill11 S-c 'ccd :S id
Fki~ic 'I ;~c i C 11iu ''ilc I'L l i Ih !1-:1& I 60 iliC B., (- W icI. niclc i

L ~ 13

zL 1

sene"ler 211114aa

ILI Sc-plihn Sln>.
Bciiii.ipan SGA
Prvc idcnt 1 ..!!.. ..I

lli 11I' .1.,!,
I' ,11 ,I I ,.!., ,!h

Counselor Leon
Leslie (back right)

Deadline for Payments

IUB's Ollice of Buidket .1nd Fim.nci.il Nl.ianii.enleil
n1111;for all 1lildenlit \\ lio 1.1i\e otllS.lndIlil Lb.11.nces
l11.1 llhe\ .le lequlL iled to p.1i lhiell len.1111111
lb.1ance in liill .11 a.n\ Scol.iabank Branch
counlllll \ ide 01 Scol.1b. ank online il thle\ lihaIe a
Scobia abccl to N os BEFORE Ociinobe 31. 2""1T
Fa.liire ilo do No 1a.\ IeNii in the Nltideni N nol
being able to sit their final exam. Thank you.

Other members of the Belmopan SGA are: Lynelle Martinez, Administrative Officer; Andy Hua, Financial Controller; Wendell
Lemoth, Secretary of Advocacy; Angel Young, Secretary of Programming; Lucio Shal, Secretary of Legislation; Tyrone Castillo,
Secretary of Sports; Charles Francisco, Senator of FST; Rigoberto Rivera, Senator of FEA; Charlene Ferguson, Senator, FNAHSW.
The FMASS Belmopan senator has not yet been determined.

S" L FL ASH NEWS: As we go to press,
Nthe Office of Student Affairs announces that the
student governments have now chosen their
--' governing executives to the Association of Student
Governments (ASG). They are:

Chair: Stephen Sho, President of Bmp SGA
Vice-Chair: Jamaal King, President Bz City SGA
Secretary: Stacy Ramclam, VP Toledo SGA
Finan. Controller: Jasmine Anderson, VP Bmp SGA

Above: Stacy Ramelam of
UB-Toledo's SGA. They were
scheduled to be sworn in on
Sept. 7, but bridge closures
due to rains delayed this as
this Bulletin went to press.

(L) Jamaal King, Belize City SGA President The other names of the Belize City SGA have been submitted as follows: Marceli Guerra,
David Yin, Jordan Ramclam, Sean Pollard, Aaron Lopez, Sean Tang, Andrew Usher, Lorissa Cal, Norris Gordon and Perry Bodden.
The UB-Toledo SGA members are: New president, Dorita Roberts, former Secretary of Advocacy (that post is now vacant); Stacy
Ramclam, VP; Administrative Officer, Tracy Jacobs; Financial Controller, Irene Hernandez; Secretary of Programming, Daria Mes;
Secretary of Sports, Osvaldo Pau; Secretary of Legislation, America Cal; Senator for FST, Elmer Figueroa; Senator for FMASS, Danny

Foreman; Senator for FEA-vacant.

Above in UB shirt: UB Marine Science student Hilario Ical
is UBET's Logistics Manager. He can be reached at 661-
8634. The club's Incident Commander and Lead Instructor
is Walter Santos: 678-9674. Marcus Cucul is the Team
Leader and Assistant Instructor: 670-3116.

UB Emergency Team (UBET)

UBET is a NEW student club under the aegis of
the Office of Student Affairs. It is linked to the f
Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team e
(BDARRT), which is all connected to the
National Emergency Management Organization 19as
(NEMO) and the Ministry of National Security. ',,C-
This club was launched at the Sept. 2, 2("'"1 it
Semester Kickoff in Belmopan. In addition to
having an information and sign up booth, the 1
club members conducted a rescue demonstration *
The services they offer during disasters or .as
needed include rescue from swift or flool
waters, confined space rescues, cave rescue
missions, search and rescue and, body recoverN
Kudos to this new and energetic student club tha.1
is assisting the country's national rescue efforts!

a -


R e m e m ber to chec yo rli rar for the la t Ba c

UB Library, Central Campus, Holds Reading Prog.
In p)lipa13atioln fior n.t \[ . theI. LB LibiaiN3 (.itial (anipuILs.
C.IIbakll.d on a pilot Rc.adllin Piro-ram this sLi, nIII .T Tie iB I
L ibn iA R.adIiilin Pioi an d s c\\3d COlilCctI. onl thI. basis_ of tC.Cillli'
chilu. bLt" Lr\\ii [tlC. p._s of to ul \l _is of a .. plo!. tic n
a\\3L.1 ._I t[L\[ \ it COliL) l s lll a1O 31pd thilL. iinIIOIrt1Ic.L of d Itc. 1djij III

which was complimented with a floor mat, pillows and
educational posters. At the end of the two-week program, each Elena Baeza, Library Clerk who w
child was provided with a small token and a certificate of the Summer Reading Program, wi
completion. Using the experience from this pilot project, the UB
Library looks forward to conducting a bigger and more successful
Reading Program in 2010. Any assistance from our current
faculty and staff, specifically the FEA, is welcomed. Collectively
we succeed! Editor's Note: We thank UB librarian Joel Rancharan
for this story.

4th Quarter (May-Jul) (Over)/Under
Plan Bud et Actual Budget

$ 59,135

Electricity 187,518 192,151 (4,633) Over budget




1,790 752 1,038

28,861 23,497 5,364

231,831 174,465 57,366

as with UB for
th participant

Under budget

Under budget

Under budget

HR To Hold More "Sharpening Skills" Training

Information technology is a "key" skill for the 21st Century. In a technology driven environment, faculty and staff
must have indepth knowledge and skill of the various computer applications in order to improve efficiency and
effectiveness as it relates to given jobs and responsibilities. In this regard, the HR Office, in collaboration with
Morgan's Computer Services, will be organizing a series of V2 Friday afternoon training sessions on Microsoft
Office Suite applications. The first session is scheduled for Friday 25th September, 2009 in Belmopan in the
Jaguar Building and this session will focus on Microsoft Word. Participants for this first session will include the
secretarial support staff. This is all a part of HR's ongoing "sharpening skills" workshops. In August, HR also
facilitated, through the Office of the President, a Project Management Workshop for budget managers (department
heads) in the use of Microsoft Project software. It was conducted by UB's Dr. Vincent Palacio and Mr. John
Mencias, a project management consultant.

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

UB Black Ja,'uars Football l bean ,,:i)-2,111I \\ ith a \\IN'
On its lh'st oiititn.. tlns, s.emes.ter on .A ,_i'tt 23. tlhe teaj ni l,,, e ,\eil a 3-1 \ Ictori, ,:\ er tle
Dan-n-i a T ienklettei. fortball teani L B diloninrteil pla. fl thle ftrs.t 15 minute of 'the
,,anie. takin, lte Ieail in e the fhst Lilt'f The UiB football teaIllm contm inieS in it, pieIidlrlts
tbr the CSI iCA 2,,a1ines 20I 11

UB Black Jaguars Basketball Wins Punta Gorda Invitational!
Congratulations to the UB Black Jaguars Basketball Team! UB played in the Punta Gorda
Invitational on August 29 and won UB 102 over PG -49. The UB coach was Darren Bovell. Top
scorer for UB was Stephen Williams with 19 points, followed by Travis Lennan with 14 points,
then Jorett Jones with 13 points and Winston Pratt and Jaslyn Castillo, both with 12 points each,
and the rest of the team members to accumulate the 102 score! GO TEAM GO!.

UNLvCP~J~rZY ov~ez



Assistant Coach Darren Bovell
was busy signing up students for
sporting events at Semester
Kickoff in Bmp.

Schedule of Events
Punta Gorda, Fri. Sept. 4 at UB-Toledo and Belize City,
Fri. Sept 11, 2009 at Fac. of Education and Arts

Start date Sept. 12, 2009 (ATLIB selection male and female)

ATLIB Volleyball Regional, Sat. Sept. 26, hosted by UB-Bmp, at 8:00 a.m.l
ATLIB Volleyball Nationals, Sat. Oct. 10, hosted by Corozal Junior College at 8:00 a.m.

Punta Gorda, Friday, Oct. 16 at UB-Toledo
and Belize City Friday, October 23, 2009 at Fac. of Education and Arts

Sat. October 24, ATLIB selection at UB-Bmp at 9:00 a.m. male and female

ATLIB Basketball Regional Sat. Nov. 7, 2009 hosted by Sacred Heart Junior College, 8:00 a.m.
ATLIB Basketball National, Sat. Nov. 21, hosted by San Pedro Junior College, 8:00 a.m.


GENERAL RECREATION AND SPORTS ACTIVITIES: UB Belmopan, Bz City, Central farm and UB-Toledo:
For more information check with Director Kirk Shabba Smith at 822-3680, ext. 439 or Coach Bovell at ext 441: The different clubs
will be fine-tuning the following since the semesterjust began a nd 8 Ball Tournament, Cricket Tournament, Track and Field
Registration, Table tennis, darts and domino, Chess Tournament.
UB RELATHON: Registration starts December 7, 2009. Relathon is on Sunday, March 21, 2010.
CANOEING: Registration: held Sept. 1, 2009 (Check Mr. Bovell if still interested in joining).
Practice dates: start October 28, 2009. for the 2010 March La RUTA MAYA!


(L) Dr. Elma Kay and (R) Dr. Leandra Cho-Ricketts. These
faculty members in the FST took UB's research efforts to a
new level. They developed and got Board approval for a UB
Environmental Research Institute (ERI) to focus on research
and monitoring that supports natural resource mgmt in Belize,
and of course UB's own programs and training needs. The
team then approached donors in the field. Funding, to the tune
of $3 mil Bz, was obtained from the Oak Foundation to be
disbursed over a five-year period for the development of the
ERI and its programs. Thus, this academic year, Drs. Kay and
Cho-Ricketts are the Science directors of UB-ERI. The ERI
will be officially launched later this term; in the interim, initial
logistics and planning are occurring.
a-1 II .r r u

Above: Ritamae Hyde, Bzn poet and
lecturer, joins the Fac. of Education & Arts
f _.t_. _

Dr. Amy Roches Sillien instructs UB-
Agriculture students: in this session, a sheep
was dissected; it had an ulcerated stomach.
Dr. Roches Sillien is a vet.

Middle pic: The UB cake is always a hit at anniversary
events! Right pic: (L) Yura Monsanto, Director of
Human Resources and (R) Sarita Lewis, RLC lecturer.

UB held its 9th Anniversary Faculty and Staff
Awards on August 13 at UB's Jaguar Auditorium.
This year, it was held as the culminating event of an
all-day faculty orientation session. As has become
the norm since 2005, employees completing 5 years
of service received a UB service pin. Music, snacks
and much camaraderie marked the event!

Awards for Outstanding Employees in
four categories, with a cash value of
$500 each, which were scheduled to be
launched at the 9th anniversary, were
postponed to await the completion of
performance evaluations of employees.
(L) Ivan Magdaleno, Bz City Public
Safety Officer, receives his 5-year pin
from President Mahung

Welcome to Faculty and
Staff Joining UB '09-' 10!
Dr. Alberto August, Asst. Professor, FEA-Bmp
Mrs. Carmencita Romero, Lecturer, FEA-Bmp
Mrs. June Young-Lecturer, FEA-Bmp
Ms. Ritamae Hyde, Lecturer, FEA-Bmp
Mr. Santos Chicas, Lecturer, FST-Bmp (Science)
Ms. Cecy Castillo, Lecturer, FST- Bmp (Science)
Mr. Steven Lewis, Lecturer, FST-Bmp (Math)
Mr. Manuel Medina, Lecturer, FST-Bmp (IT)
Ms. Tiffany Vasquez, Associate Lecturer, FST-Bmp
Dr. Amy Roches Sillien, Lecturer, FST Central Farm (Vet)
Mr. Alex Vega, Lecturer, FNAHSW-Bz
Ms. Pamela Killen, Lecturer, FNAHSW-Bz
Mr. Nwachukwo Innocent, Lecturer, FNAHSW-Bmp
Mrs. Melanie Simmons, Lecturer, FMASS-Bz
Mr. Glen Enriquez, Lecturer, FMASS-PG
Ms. Blanche Boles, Associate Lecturer, RLC-Bmp (Sem. I)
Ms/ Jessica Hyde Lab Technician
Dr. Gordon Holder, Campus Administrator, Central Farm

Back from
Study Leave

Faculty of Science
and Technology:

* Enrique Caliz
* Leonard Mortis:
Chair- Engineering Dept.
* Jeffrey Jones
*Douglas Morrison
*Andres Chimilio
*Adrian Leslie
*Maynor Hernandez

UB Taking Academic Honesty Very Seriously

ACADEMIC HONESTY Cheating: Exai ples

POLICY Obt(ainin I atss santllce dinlll, a quiz. test.
Of e\ill \\% itliot auitlhiollZZaion
o Students are resp' nsible tfor reading? the Academic linnullorized use of books. notes.
HoI:nest Pol:,ic\ and tfor abidiin, b them. caliculatois. cell. conmputels 0o other

o The UB Catal'o conta.iinin
the Academic HoInesty Polic\
Can Ie t:found at
h11 tth -" a I 1,lll :1 )

suclI de\i ices dLit'j a quiz. test o01 e\ani
* Obtaining ti \\ itliout altliho rization, a co l)
of or iiinfoiiraioii aboun anl exaii
betfle the scheduled exercise
* liamilliorized collaboratioii on eaiins

.... >""t Plagiarism: Eaiimples:
Isiii inalerial or illoroiiilionI horn

o At UB we take the Academic the \\eb. books or other sources ,itlio
Ho:neslty Policy very seriously. s: \e hale further ackno" le(ldelneIlt
defined the intractio:ns and pro:\ided some Isi,_ quotes without proper citlaion
examples. Lisn,_, chllrts. Lph. facls ficts IIues or
A other mt'o %nilhioli cilinlg lie sources
Chair of the IT Dept., Dr. Tamas Lengyel, led the
preparation of presentations to hundreds of new students
during Orientation Week. The Office of the Assistant
Provost and Student Affairs also spearheaded the printing
and laminating of a handy bookmark on the ins and outs
of academic honesty.
hundreds of UB students were issued
Academic Honesty Bookmarks

Kudos to Dr. Aaron P. Lewis, Faculty of Science and Technology! He is UB's representative on
the Board of the Statistical Institute of Belize. In this capacity, he recently attended a high level
forum on "Statistics: The Urgency of Statistics and the Global Crisis-Enabling Development in
the Caribbean Community. The forum was held in Port-of-Spain Trinidad on July 30, 2009. It had
the participation of Hon. Erwin Contreras, Minister of Economic Development, Commerce,
Industry and Consumer Protection. Organizers were CARICOM and the Standing Committee of
Caribbean Statisticians who partnered with PARIS21 (Partnership in Statistics for Development in
the 21st Century) and the European Union, with.the latter two providing funding.

SKudos to Starla Bradley Acosta, lecturer in the Social Work program! As a result of her trip to
Jamaica representing UB in May of this year, she was nominated and elected as the new secretary
of the ACSWE Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators. This election was held at the
regional Social Work conference in Guyana this past July. The president is Dr. Jennifer Holder-
Dolly, a lecturer at UWI Cave Hill and St. Augustine Campuses. It is expected that
communicating will be conducted via teleconferencing from the UWI open campus here in Belize.
Starla says she is "honored and excited to have been elected to this position" and she proposes to
do her best in this capacity.



>Facuky of Education and Arts
>Facuky of Mngmt. And Socie I Science
>Facuky of Nursing, Allied He@ th and
Social Work
> Faculty of Science and Technology

UB's IT Dept. Hosts Introduction to ArcGIS Server Course

'space. Invol. 2 in thd organizing were Ken Gorton (EuiI, 2t
.ii'i'' i I uI- L ,':,',-i .IC "i I I' C ... Ci 't-iI'C ,c, II' c i a1 ',-,"]' ,I',i'ii i
iJn ',,'l i "tnl ,l S L !t )J'I T i n '" ,,' d l '!'! .1 inlL 111 I 1.0n

2 "Cour i trutor), Ms. L R.ta Palacio ocal Distribut Lriii
. "I 'ni'icr ai F11 E 'i ,, ii.' !'i Ulr LaI S Lcr'i'" R :' ,': 'C' t iC Ii lilticLin i FSR i
dl,. u, i v c., li ,c 1 _iC d v i '' : .nxIi al ,l !' LI'L ti'C L' _' L ic '0 lllc
n el, C'.. hair p'dic Dr Le I .iT De d :partmnt at Univrsity of Bliz
I| 'i'-h r I l I:'dI, RI c eli:, i l: .ied i,_ S S ''I I CI'':.-. i I '' ._iC li l .c

uagdlrflLCd, Vvill UB p1uoVid'idlg LtL COulipulCI LadtLOliS dild "vCulCu
space. Involved in the organizing were Ken Gorton (ESRI, the
Course Instructor), Ms. Loretta Palacio (Local Distributor,
ESRI) and Marion Cayetano (Galen University). Dr. Tamas
Lengyel, Chair of the IT Department at University of Belize
came on board at the point of discussing delivery of the course.
Ms. Dianne Wade Moore of UNDP also joined the planning,
specifically with supporting the printing of course materials,
along with the Government of Belize.
Public sector participants came from the Ministry of Natural
Resources and Environment, National Emergency Management
Organization, Ministry of National Security and Statistical
Institute of Belize. From the private sector the invitees
included Belize Water Services Limited, Belize Electricity
Limited, Belize Telemedia Limited, Speed Net Limited, Bowen
and Bowen, Citrus Products of Belize Limited and
GeoSolutions. From the academic sector, both University of
Belize and Galen University sent participants.
The standard course materials for Introduction to
ArcGIS Server were two manuals with more than 200 pages
each. One manual consisted of course lecture notes while the
other consisted of structured exercises to aid learning. Materials
were financed by the Sustainable Land Management Program
managed by UNDP.

(R) Chair of UB's Information
Technology Department, Dr. Tamas
Lengyel, was instrumental in
organizing the computer stations and
UB participants. Assisting with the
equipment were UB's technicians
Darren Brown and Steve Castillo.

The 26 participants in the course were introduced to GIS
resources, such as maps, globes, address locators, geodatabases
and sharing tools.

Spanish Unit's FREE Classes for Faculty and Staff

Kudos to UB's Spanish Unit for offering Spanish 101 (Level 1) and Spanish 102 (Level 2) for faculty and
staff during this semester at NO charge at the Belmopan campus. The schedule is as follows:
Spanish 101: T/Th 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. at RLC, Rm 228 (Start date: Sept. 1)
Spanish 102: M/W 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. at RLC, Rm 228 (Start date: Aug. 31)
Those interested in signing up for these FREE courses were asked to contact Mr. Jhon Flores, Coordinator of
the Spanish Unit, at jflores@ub.edu.bz or at 822-3680, ext. 105. Space: 25 persons per course. UB also
especially thanks Mr. Xavier Llovet, Spanish volunteer, for offering to conduct the Level One during his
lunch time and Mr. Jhon Flores for conducting the Level Two, also during his lunch time.

Tuesday, September 8: UB's History Department and NICH, the National Institute of Culture and History, is
holding a panel discussion on the Battle of St. George's Caye and Its Impact. It is from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in the
Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan campus. Kudos to the History Dept and NICH for this timely lecture!
Wednesday, Sept. 23, The History Department will be hosting a lecture/presentation from the Venezuelan Charg6 d
Affairs and Minister Consul to Belize. It will be on Latin American History and will be held in the Jaguar Auditorium at
9:00 a.m.

LUnaeiiI ll l ofi


Calendar of Events

September 2009

1 2 LmL ,il 3 ,i 4 -i ,I .1 5-
;!, i ! i d h,.h , '1 h
l.% I .1 II I ih. l L. I I iIIl .L' I L h 1

It ,l"' .'!!!!! .'!! l I ,i lll.'!!!!!!. '!! l '',,Ik I',. l i'>,
&'vcdl it 'cal hi
6 7 -Withdrawal 8 Panel on the 9 -Community 10- 11 12 Extra-
with 25% tuition Battle of St. Service Holiday: Intramural Mural
refund begin George's Caye/ Workshop, Bmp, Battle of St. Volleyball, Volleyball at
Toledo Student Impact, 10a.m. Jaguar Aud., 2-3 George's Bz+ Bmp UB-Bmp, 9:00
Govt. Swear In to 12:00 p.m., p.m. Caye/National a.m.
Jaguar Aud. Day
(History Dept +
13- 14 -Last day to 15 OAS-UB 16- Patriotic 17 Patriotic 18- 19 -
withdraw with Sep.15-17 Day, Bmp Day, Bz City
25% tuition Trade campus campus
refund Integration
-Deadline for UB Training begins
Research Grants
20 21 -UB in 22 23 Lecture at 24 25 Last day 26 ATLIB
Independence Jaguar Aud., to apply for Regional
Day Holiday Venezuelan June 2010 Volleyball at
parade Ambassador, on degree UB-Bmp
Latin American completion
27 28 Small Wkshp, 29 -OAS-UB 30 -Student I ik,,,in, I,,r ilh Imei t'ij,'aiu mi f lB :'
FEA, Bz City, Sep. 29-Oct. 1 Government ,i I li I, B NE\ S ..i.l
E102, 9-10 a.m. Trade Hour 2-3 pm liB Calcndai of E\ cnts ..~
and for Bz City Integration
FNAHSW, 10:30- Training begins www.ub.edu.bz
11:30 a.m. E136

Looking Towards October 2009
Oct. 16: World Food Day and UB
Agriculture activity

Oct. 19-23: UB partners in Third World
Conference on Responsible Tourism We Car

Oct. 26-30: UB co hosts XIII Congress
of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology
and Conservation

The UB
The University
of Belize is a
and multi-
in stitution
committed to
excellence in
research and
service for
As a catalyst of
affordable and
and training
programs that
national needs
based on
principles of
merit and

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