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I I FIl'nrr .l kI.I


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21)09 W

Minister of Education Meets with the UB Community
President Discusses
New UB Vision
with Academic
.! Council #7(08-09)

I R .ll )l. InII11 1lll.d llo.lll \hNl-1llel P'.lllll, I'.lllll .111d( I111d' I Ibl.ilr ln I. I %III I\\ -0,lto
H P',li I l -llll-. III 11. 211 110 1 1 ,.I lllll hlll I I itl 1 ..llllll\1ll .111 ,i ll 'l III I .l ll'lll'l '
H ,:.i1 P j- lr c!k F .-l;'.".t I ll'._ _.t't'',:! Ell ;lll,:.|1 i1. l ',' lt. ih 11B _[lt dc.lt, !. u'Jl 1t
,-id ,.i jl C:.I I I- l 2a l'',:,iii h i -_ i 1t1c' iiB -- in iii B h "t,:.l:..in Tcti '
meeting, which was a part of the Minister's nationwide tour of schools,
provided the opportunity for the Minister to interact directly with the UB
community and for him to share the direction his ministry sees for tertiary
education. The Minister reaffirmed his commitment to the development
of UB as the institution geared to develop the human resources to meet
national development needs; he further pointed out the balance between
meeting UB's needs and the needs of the secondary, primary (Cont'donp. 5)

President Mahung met with
the Provost's Academic
Council to discuss the shared
vision guiding UB's
development; he reviewed
the process and analytical
framework that led

SleelUing ihe challene o Ile\ elop _iB's senr ice
c.Ipa.cil \\ ii qulal II. iele\ .ance .1nd
sIIs.lii.Nl i\ IliB's Bo.Bld .ii l Aildmllni srilii.ii n
met on FiiJaguar Aud.it sion 2 3y on pe 6)in
at the Jaguar Auditorium. (See story on page 6)

-. UB's Wellness Fairs were held on April 1 (Bz City),
March 18 (Belmopan: opened by Board member Dr.
Allen) and featured free services on Immunization,
HIV Testing, Blood Pressure Check, Blood Sugar
Check, Public Health Education, Nutrition Education
and Karen Rosito's Tips, Financial Wellness with
Scotiabank and a $20 Opening account promotion.
Reduced prices were offered for stress buster
massages, feet reflexology, designer nails, Karen
Rosito's Fitness and Health food, music and books.
UB's Recreation and Sports Dept was on hand, as
were UB's Counseling booths. The afternoon of the
Belize City Wellness Fair also saw a session on
"Anger Management" at the Engineering Dept. For
more on UB's Counseling Services, please see story
on page 2.

\ 011111le 91 1\ZWe 4


Mr. and Ms. UB Pa geantIon April 17atth Jgua Adior iiumUB-elmpan
I 6 i:3 Ipm.The IIIAssoiat1111 ofi i StulIIdIeUn GIelrlnetil Il*IIIIIte a!I

s i1Le ,s .

UB's Social Work Student
Assn. Marks World Social
Work Day with Community
Project for Elderly Lady

---' a

(L-R) UB s Social Work lecturer Starla Acosta with
students Cynthia Williams, Roxanne Jones and
SWSA's president Kendra Griffith: they pose at
renovated home of 88 year-old lady Ms. Icenie
McKoy. The SWSA worked with HelpAge Bz in
identifying Ms. McKoy, and on World Social Work
Day, March 17, gave her a food hamper, cleaned her
yard, fixed the fence and painted her house. SWSA
was formed in Sept. 2008, and it networks, advocates
for vulnerable populations and promotes UB's Social
Work program.

Counseling at UB Offers Sessions to
Reduce Stress and Balance Life

Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis
Apr. 8, 14, 20" "Habits that are Getting the Better of
You." Learn strategies in self-management that can
help control damaging health habits; improve potential
for success in your endeavors. On Apr. 27, 28 & May
4, the Counseling presentation is "Relationships, Work,
and School-Which Comes First? It depends!" See exact
schedules on Page 8. For more on Counseling Services at
UB, contact: counselingbztol@ub.edu.bz (Dr. Corinth
Morter-Lewis) & counselingbmp ub.edu.bz (Mr. Leon
Leslie) Mr.Leslie joined UB this semester. His sessions for
Bmp, Apr 2-27: "Depression & Suicide," "Anxiety" &
"Career Decisions" are also listed on page 8.

UB's Student Affairs Holds Secondari
Schools Poetir Sympositun

Student Dean Dr. Jean Perriott (R)
looks on as a high school student pours _
out her heart at the 2nd annual UB
Poetry Symposium for Secondary:
Schools held at the Jaguar Auditorium
at 1:30 pm, Mar. 19. FEA's lecturers
Ubaldmiar Guerra and Amado Chan
and UB's Public Information Officer
Silvana Woods were judges.12
students from Pallotti, Bmp Compre
and Our Lady of Guadalupe HS were
recognized. Published poet Jacklyn
Burs, who is also a UB FEA student,
shared her poem "Kriol Uman";it had
many listening closely with cold seed.

UBAA: UB Alumni Association Update
UBAA was formed at the amalgamation of UB in 2000; all
graduates of the pre-amalgamated institutions are eligible for
membership, along with all UB graduates. Membership is $60/yrly;
a category also exists for "Friend of UBAA" membership. The
UBAA is currently doing a recruitment and fundraiser drive. As part
of its mandate, it engages in activities to assist current UB students
and this year is providing a book scholarship and a tuition/fees
scholarship. Socially, it currently holds regular Bingo evenings at
the Bmp campus.

Feliciana Torres is the Director of UB's Early Childhood
Stimulation Center, established 3 years ago and located behind the
FEA faculty at the Belmopan campus. On March 19 at the Jaguar
Auditorium, the Center took part in the week's festivities of Pre-
school Week, and the little darlings presented delightful
performances and recitations to a packed audience at the Jaguar
Auditorium. Currently, the Center caters to 31 children, ages 3 to 5.

Breaking the Barriers of Stereotyping: UB's CMCN classes at three
campuses now engaged in online postings with Grossmont College

Above: FEA's Lecturer Ethnelda
Paulino was one of UB's pioneers in
establishing the online segment of
FEA's CMCN 209 course.
(L-R): Professor Lisa Stefani met with Ewart Robateau (External
Relations Office, on study leave now) back in 2005 about linking with
UB's Communication Skills classes in an online Global Communication
Exchange. For several semesters, the CMCN 209 (Communication
Skills) classes of FEA lecturers Silvana Woods and Ethnelda Paulino
ran the connection as part of course work. Rita Enriquez came on
board at UB and also continued the connection. Now, in this Jan-May
2009 semester, UB-Toledo's Gillian Miller's classes have also joined
the online postings; Gillian delivers the CMCN course at that
campus. For more on this exciting communicative program, visit

FNAHSW: Nursing

Department Holds

Preceptors' Workshop

's Department of Nursing faculty along w
partners in recent Preceptors' Workshop

B Lcues Cotibt
Exetse to AI Exam

In ad itio to he ouss

Etned Puin (LIloi h
Assistant Ch iefEaie o h
ATLIB ~ EngishPaeetEas

The Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work
(FNAHSW), through its Department of Nursing in collaboration
with Viterbo University's Department of Nursing and the Nurses
and Midwives Council of Belize, held a one-day workshop for
preceptors at the Radisson in Belize City on February 6. The
purpose of the workshop was to provide the participants with the
knowledge and skills necessary for effective preceptoring, that is,
providing practical training to students in the medical field. The
participants included all faculty members from UB's Department
of Nursing and nurses from hospital and community settings
countrywide who have been instrumental in providing supervision
to the nursing students from UB & Viterbo University.
Presenters included Stephanie Genz EdD, RN and Sheryl
Jacobson MS,RN; Isidora Paquiul-Espadas MSN (Admin.) BSN
(Ed.), RNM; Cynthia Guild BSN (Ed.), RNM and Leolin Swift-
Castillo BSN (Ed), RN, PNP. UB's Matthew Martinez MEd., RN
moderated. Participants were awarded eight continuing education
units by the Nurses and Midwives Council of Belize.
Viterbo University has been bringing students to Belize
since 2002 for Community Health experiences; it covered a major
part of the cost with funding sought from COBEC. UB's Dept. of
Nursing is grateful to all involved as another stride has been made
to improve the educational experiences of UB's nursing students.



UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

61 UB's Relathon 2009: Females Win the 31st Annual Race

The 31st annual running of the UB Relathon was held on Sunday, March 29th. The females made a statement by beating the
guys by 17 mins and 3 secs. The last time the females won was in 2006, so it was redemption for them this year. Statistics show
that the males continue to have a decisive edge in terms of number of victories, 17 wins to the females 12 wins. This year's
event saw participation of 32 females and 39 males, of which 25 ran. The females completed the race in 7 hrs 8 mins 23 secs;
the males completed it in 7 hrs 25 mins 26 secs. Best time for a mile for the males was Benedicto Yatz 4 mins 20 secs Best
time for a mile for the females was Ruth Bladen 6 mins 20 secs. As is the practice, the males began in San Ignacio and the
females began in Belmopan. A hearty thank you to the support teams for the male and female runners:
Female support team: Mrs. Eda Arzu, Ms. Sharett Yearwood, Hugh "Pinnas" Staine, Darren Bovell, ASG President Mr. Alex
Anderson, Louis "Pawpa Haulze who is one of Belize's better runners and who did the pacing for the females along with Mr.
Brandon Rowland. Male support team: Claude "Too Taal" Jones, Deshawn Symns, Josephine Allen, Alda Ramos, Stacey
Ramclam, Moses Sulph, and Ulric Usher. Big thanks to all UB personnel who assisted. Special thanks to Mr. Jerome Williams,
Counselor Phillip Willoughby, all Student Governments, Mr. Kareem Gough of Bowen & Bowen, the Central Bank of Belize,
Police Traffic Dept, Brother's Habet, Habet & Habet, Sol Belize Ltd., Godfrey Ramsey of Channel 5 for footage and to all
other media for coverage. Relathon '09 was a success; UB's Recreation & Sports Director Kirk "Shabba" Smith thanks all!
Black Jaguars B-Ball in Cancun
UB's Black Jaguars basketball team travelled to Cancun,
Mexico March 7-8 to play two Mexican professional teams.
UB lost the first game (57-63) to Caguameros of Isla
Mujeres. Coach Siroki reports that they had a lot of
turnovers in that game, with Caguameros scoring 11 three-
shots. However, the second game was one of UB's best, and
Te 3UB beat Seleccion de la Rebotera of Cancun (86-50). UB's
dgy by. 1 Th., aca-anlld 13 Lei e Saps, so t i

!-' F V. I, l:,,ilt a I" iii

-vent 111 pteon ae L-R Leni2 celes Smlen Knh

UB's Jacylee Pou

ATLIB Football Champs '09: UB's
Male and Female teams placed FIRST!

Martinez & Susie Banman

FST's Dr. Urbina at Chemistry Conference

Lil'n sB's Dr. Joaqu in F. L, rbina aetenided the PITTCON 2,",',
A,1K, ic~i IC hellri coilference held III ChI,,_-o fiorm Nlircli

areas of chemistry. Dr. UrbMna s representations as financially
supported by the joint efforts of PITTCON and the American
Chemical Society. Joaquin F. Urbina, Ph, D. is an Assistant
Professor of Chemistry in UB's Faculty of Science and
Technology (FST), Belmopan campus.

Minister of Education Visits UB (Continuedfrom page 1)
and pre-school needs. The Minister also referred to recent publicity generated by one segment of the Student
Government lobbying for more direct GoB financial support to UB. He stated that it is because tertiary education
is important that more money needs to go into the feeder institutions to ensure that UB, in fact, has a qualified
pool of potential entrants. Currently, approximately 700 of UB's 3200+ students receive assistance form GoB,
which equates to about $3.8 million dollars. One suggestion for increasing UB's revenue base came from the floor
from a student who commented on GoB's longstanding arrangement whereby it automatically pays the second
year of all Associate Degrees once GPA standard is met. The student suggested this could be revisited and made
available on a needs basis countrywide. Another point raised concerned UB's rapid student growth and what UB
was doing to accommodate this. The Minister, along with UB's Chair Mrs. Imani Fairweather Morrison, shared
an overview of the restructuring plans UB's Board and management were currently undertaking. Other areas
discussed concerned Study Leave provisions for student teachers, the status of UB's sharing ITVET's facilities at
its Engineering Campus, the rate of tax deductions for adjunct UB faculty and increment freeze. More recently,
two meetings with Board-Administration-Faculty/Staff interactions occurred: one with UB's Board/faculty/
staff to deal specifically with faculty/staff issues, held on Mar.27, reported herein, and one with the Engineering
Department, held on April 2; a report on this meeting will be in the May UB Bulletin.

President Discusses New Vision (Continuedfrompagel)
UB into its new vision as a client-focused organization, encompassing the range of UB's services, from campus
environment to academic policies, governance, internal and external relations. Over the past year, the offices of the President
and Provost organized focus group sessions with all stakeholders (students, faculty/staff, GoB ministries, the private sector
and NGOs). These culminated with a Board retreat to consider proposals and ideas emanating from the focus group sessions.
As a result of the retreat, a vision document was prepared and will shortly be circulated to all internal and external
stakeholders. This vision document will now guide the development of three-year plans towards operationalizing the new
vision that covers nine strategic areas, guided by three cardinal principles of quality, relevance and sustainability. 3000 6000:
The new vision focuses on developing UB's capacity to raise enrolment from the current 3000+ students to 6000+ students.

History Department's Field Visits
The students of the Belizean History (HIST201) and Social Studies for Teachers (SOST304) classes of the University of
Belize-Belmopan went on a two-day excursion on March 27 and 28 to the northern districts of Orange Walk and Corozal
followed by an overnight visit across the Belize-Mexico border to Chetumal (Maya Culture Museum). The objective of
this two-day trip was to present the students with an actual exposure to visit and experience the sites and artefacts that
define our history. On the first day, they visited the archaeological-historical site of Lamanai in Orange Walk followed by
a visit to the remains of a fort built during the British-Indian conflicts in the late 19th century (1800s) in Corozal; they then
overnighted in Chetumal. The second day was a morning visit of the Maya Culture Museum in Chetumal, Quintana Roo,
Mexico and then they returned to Belmopan that evening. Kudos to Chair Cesar Ross and the History lecturers & students!

Tune into KRENI Radio. Friday, 1:00 I.m. for UB Info Stint!

Research Writing
Seminars were held for tenured track, tenured and
permanent faculty in March. The first was a "Grant
Proposal Writing Seminar" on March 11, conducted by Dr.
Nicole Webster, Assoc. Prof at Pennsylvania State Univ.
The other was on March 13 on "Sponsoring for Research,"
conducted by Christine Barker of Freie Universitat of
Berlin, Germany. Sessions for both seminars were held in
the morning at the Belmopan Campus and in the afternoon
at the FMASS Conference Room in Bz City; Registrar Dr.
Roy Young organized the sessions.

UB's Board/Administration
Meet with Facultv/Staff

Bookstore Orga n izes Pearson's
Book Display
LiB's Bookstoil MNanllani.l. Mr. Dnaid Joines.
con\ cm \ s IlII,; S appiccia l ;lll on lO llc Dcails
and fais l\ ssed on to theo parents. cd iin ll',
hanks to Book Diears on for onatin Eall th io
I'\s1 3iB b\ Iai Ilic bc ;ti dcakls oni books ip1cc
InId SippOr ii)io l' i o 1' 1 sO I 11 ;NS III ills ligh thi [
lic clc'O llla;';S ICC''llll''IICS o10 cliooS l IIS01'SOI
textbooks to LIs;c III lKcii COLii;cs TIi s;.,I\ I111 lo
UB is passed on to the students. Additionally,
thanks to Pearson for donating all the books
(over 400) from the display to the University
of Belize; what the faculty members do not
recommend to be used in their courses goes to
the UB Library. This is a donation of some
BZ$20,000. The UB Bookstore and the UB
Library are very grateful.

You are invited to
UB's 3rd annual
Come, come, come and CdtHp.s,
enjoy a day full of behind he@

environmental displays by
local organizations/schools.
Date: April 22,'09
Time: 10:00 am-3:30pm
There will be food and
drinks on sale and also
environmental games.

1-bvTrc ctid


Live Music BBQ
Food Sale!
Ext. 447

Continued from page 1) Almost 200 UB faculty, staff and administration were at the meeting; although the
substantive discussion centered around getting input on lifting the 2005-06 increment freeze, Chairperson
Imani Fairweather Morrison provided all with an update of the Board's focus and activities. The Board is
organized around four committees: Student Affairs, Academics, Administration and Development and
Resource Mobilization. Multi-year planning is occurring towards accreditation. The Board shared its recent
decision to vest more authority and responsibility in deans with a view to reducing operational bottlenecks
even while strengthening accountability. UB's financial position was also discussed. The Board also shared
some of its initial discussions underway towards increasing UB's revenue base.

UB's IT Department Hosts Mirronet Speaker on Internet Security

Professor James Skon, Ph.D (Ohio State University)
Through the auspices of Mirrornet, a new technology
provider in Belize, Professor James Skon presented at the
FEA Bz City campus on March 26 from 3-4:30 p.m. on
"Internet Security for the 21st Century." He spoke to a
packed audience of mostly IT students and faculty and
some industry stakeholders about how vulnerable most
users of the Internet and Email are in terms of security,
and on available options for improving security, such as:
avoiding recent phishing scams; Public Key Encryption,
a completely mathematically-based state-of-the-art =
encryption tool; readily available software for many of
our security needs, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy); and VPN
(a private connection over an open network). Professor
Skon noted that 80% of all network security issues are
caused by bad passwords. He then provided quick and
easy tips to improve one's password security. UB's IT
Chair Dr. Tamas Lengyel welcomed Professor Skon, IT faculty members with Professor Skon after the presentation:
while IT lecturer Bev Faber thanked him for his (L-R) David Gareia, Ruel Cima, Antonio Crespo, Professor
wl Skon, Chair Dr. Tamas Lengyel, Beverly Faber.
stimulating presentation. Prof Skon is Chair of the Dept. Skon, Ca Dr. Tams el B a
Prof Skon also had informal discussions with Dr. Lengyel at
of Computer Science at Mt. Vernon Nazarene College; he
CoUB's Belmopan campus and presented some computer items
also had his own contract software company for 12yrs to the IT Department. In the photo above, Karen Chaleki of
and has presented on such topics as he Use and Control Mirronet is to the right. Possible speakers in IT through
of Dial-Up systems" in the 1980s to "Parallelization of the Mirron e o dit ss
Twofish Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithm" in the late Mirrornet were also discussed.

Upcoming at the Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan:
Wed. April 22, 2-3:30 p.m.
Copyright and Intellectual Property
Partners: Jamcopy (the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency), AccessC (the Canadian Copyright Licensing
Agency), Belipo (Belize Intellectual Property Office), the Belize Book Industry Association and UB.
On April 23 a presentation on "Networking" will occur at the Jaguar Building in Belmopan at 3:00 p.m.
Wed: April 29 (Session I: 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.) session 2: (2:30 -4:30 p.m.)
Quality Assurance: I: For the Productive Sector II: For Academia
Facilitator: Professor Carlos Ruiz Gonzales of the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direcci6n de Empresa (Mexico).
He holds a Ph.D in Administration, with specialty in Business Policy from the School of Higher Business Studies (France).

-i Calendar of Events April 2009

1 -\'iiI ,.-- 2 iK Ii --..... ii 3 i ii ,i 4 -...lii ,
i I ] l .l IIIIu ..I !" I- ,i .I l .il. ~1.. ll1..i 11
.11..l 1.1._1 i !. li, i., i i l, .. 1. N ,.II|.,. I.I. I.
1 I I ..1ell l l l .h L I I I | .ll l l .S l T hie., l
S i1.1 2.1 l.iii l.1 1 11i -i

I'l i'. ,I 1 ." Ii '

5 6 -Easter 7 Easter break 8 Easter break 9 -Easter break 10 Easter 11 Easter breal
break begins continues for continues for begins for staff break
for faculty and faculty and faculty and and admin at
students students students noon
12 13 Easter 14- Classes 15 -Wellness 16Preregistratio 17 Mr. & Mrs. 18-B-ball,
break resume Fair, Central n for Summer UB Pageant, 2nd UB campus
-Preregistration farm 9-12 continues 7:00pm games: Bmp
for Summer '09 -Faculty Hour -"Anxiety" 2- -Preregistration hosts
-Spanish Place- -Preregistration 3pm, SM-D3 ends for
ments begin for Summer Summer '09
-Career Decisions continues
9-10 a.m., SM-U3 "Temper
Control" at
FMASS Bz 2pm

19 20-Preregist. 21 22 -Third 23-Preregis. 24 Final Day 25 Volleyball,
begins for Annual UB Continues Preregistration 3rd UB campus
Semester I: Earth Day Fair, -Final day -Last day to games: Bmp
2009-2010 10-3:30,UB Bmp Spanish apply for hosts
-"Habits" -Copyright & Placement tests Dec.'09
session at UB- Int. Prop. -Networking graduation
Toledo, Rm 2, Presentation, presentation
1-2pm Jaguar, 2-3:30pm Jaguar 3pm
26 27 -Career 28 "Anxiety" 9- 29 Strategies 30 -Last day
Decisions" 9- 10am, SM-U3 to Improve QA Withdrawal w/
10 am, SM-D2 -"Relationships, Productive Sector w/ WP/WF
-Relationships Work & School" Dr. Rui Gonzales,
Work & Engineering 10am-12noon,
Jaguar Aud., Bmp l.,,,Miif lr llt' lhil llh.l -
School: Bz Dept, 2-3pm, -Quality Assuranced., Bmp i, M ,.e* ii i
City FMASS, Rom. 103 in Academia, 2:30-
3-4pmRm S18 4:30pm II., I B a\E1 S .ii,.I o B
-SG Hour, 2- Calendal r of E\ ents l-
3:15pm www.ub.edu.bz

Looking Towards May, 2009

* May 6: UB's Cancer Run
* May 7: Campus Day-Sports
* May 15: Student Research Symposium
* May 18-25: Final Exam Period
* May 30: All invited to annual Cancer

Third International Conference on Responsible
Tourism in Destinations: May 18-23, 2009
Venue: UB's Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan. Co-Chairs: Belize
Ministry of Tourism and Professor Harold Goodwin of the ICRT at
Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Contact: kgeban@ub.edu.bz

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