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UB Responds to Students' Budgetary Concerns

i-'! F ci i` B H' B ''[', d Il.' I. 1 ,i'CI'l l ii iii !' !! ii.
',, t 'nhi' rl ,-k'it:,! l ,-. uC 0LC f i cdi J I ,CI J l I C l
11d 1 -1,' .' Ci. I!' tCll' -ip :. l CtI H f d!:! L t -lude I:,

owln lobbying, UB emphasizes that freedom ofB .
J lull _' -.H d .-id _ll.'ll !.-i.,l:! 0 n 1 1B i.n.-iikncd ,:,11 .-

expression is both a University and a
h'.i-I_ l lchldc.d ,:,l u t..L t,, vl t. C t 60i l -T'1B t,:,

Ci| !t. .!_l .-i nd .:1 c. unu ._ I,:,! dllc.ctl _[lldc.ft _lu !) I,
lliludmlld; scholdishqips. Ill ICJI;dd 10 itudCltLS
own lobbying, UB emphasizes that freedom of
expression is both a University and a
Constitutional right, as long as proper procedure
is followed. See full press release on www.ub.edu.bz

in. I _'7TT

UB's Board of Trustees: GOB's subvention is one
source of income, albeit its largest. UB's revenue base
includes grant proposals, institutional partnerships and
other alliances in keeping with UB's development goals.
See listing on www. ub edu. bz/Office of President.

i 1B b.:...k'i."C I Lini iiC Dai i(I .Jdii 3 .111 'I .d Caig I-Cd II I r .i
UB gift items, while Central Farm students explained the HONEY! HONEY at UB! Central Farm
Sustainable Agriculture Program to potential recruits. The student assists with sales of the popular,
Ministry of Agriculture hosted this very successful Central delicious and profitable UB honey from
Farm Open Day, Feb. 13. UB's Production Unit! (Continued on p. 6)
COBEC Focuses on Teacher Training Needs in Belize
(L) Hon. Patrick
Faber, Minister of
Education, was
keynote speaker at
UB's hosting of the
COBEC '09 Belize
A (Continued on p.3)

\Malch 2004

.!rE~I~mmM uiJFF~d Y~flTEIir~gir~iiiimjg I rI Il]I:IYI! ITII TI~l~ fl F7l
Remember~~~~ totn noCnescoe o md vr ensa
at~~~ 8:0 p*m on*uT o h n or dMf ,clua n

Foreground: winning model
(L-R): Judges: Phillip Waight
Chair, Central Building Auth;
Kevin Thurton, architect


!I!'c!'i ii:.!i _, B :.lh D c i.-' S r Ji1 B
.- !c h fiic c !' Iluiii'l d ., I:,i'i 1.i i I c h *Ir pCi, 0i d i ii_,, l I lh

Hlluliic H -.Jh,0'l Ihll''ll(' (-i.H.r!.l CT':,lI'I l .1!'1 '. .il 01I 1\ ll' ""

Added i m ode1 l The dCM -'_'r I_ !!!!,,',ll!' !',c 11.tr!il,:,r! .1 c
Jlid buld, dcslincld Lu C1insluC slbllll, Jid Lu C1nSLIC CjeC Of
installation; it is collapsible in six parts, with attractive
vinyl and UB's gold and purple colors, with an est. weight (C) Lecturer Sheldon Mahung with
of 165 lbs. A cost estimate for construction was included two of the winning students, Minette
as well as the cost for purchase of inside display furniture. Guerra and Hakim Hasan

Social Work Students Association (SWSA)
Monday, March 2: An SWSA lecture from 7 9 pm at Belize City's FMASS campus, Room
139 (AV Room) on the topic "The Belizean Woman's Contribution to Belize's
Development." The guest speaker is Ms. Cynthia Ellis, a Belizean mother, humanitarian and
activist; she holds an M.A. in Rural Development from Antioch University and B.Sc. in
Social Sciences from the University of the West Indies. She has worked extensively with
women's organizations. All Social Work students are invited to come out to the lecture.
Saturday, March 14: Women's Department Bike Rally: SWSA's executive is cordially
inviting all Social Work students, all UB students, faculty and staff to participate in the
Women's Dept.'s annual bike rally. It begins at 6:00 a.m. Western Avenue and ends at the
YWCA (Belize City). SWSA supports this rally, which promotes physical health & spiritual
unity. This year's focus: riding for the Belize Christian efforts.

U B H o t S uccessful Sch olarshipS Fair Series I

Belize City's FMASS campus hosted the fair
on Wednesday, Feb. 18. Booths: The BDF,
Social Security, UB Admissions/OPI/Student
Services, Scotiabank & Mexcian Embassy.

Kudos to Coordinator
Sharon Palacio and the
Student Affairs team for
organizing the 3rd annual
scholarship fairs, which
coincide with the
Recruitment period Feb. to
March 27. Current and
potential students and
others got the opportunity
to learn about financial aid,
grants, scholarships and
loans, notably, Scotiabank's
tertiary study loan
packages. (SeeScotiabank, p.6)

Above: Belmopan's Scholarship Fair:
Wed. Feb. 25. Ministry of Education joined
the usual booths. Below: Sharon Palacio,
Coordinator, presents UB mug to a student
at the Punta Gorda Fair, Wed. Feb. 11.

(L) Di Jolhn KIcuippain>l u u ol L 11iui\ (i1, ol N Foiin c\plis uiud\ ablodolploulIl.S lo Slild.nlS i SJi S G\ III
during the Belize 09 COBEC Fair. Dr. John also emphasized in local media interviews that COBEC's US institutions
do not compete with its Belizean partners, but focus opportunities in areas Belize does not offer.
(C: L-R) J. Alexander Bennett, author of the 2008 release The History of Education in Belize, joined Chris Aird
(center), Chief Education Officer, on the panel moderated by John Nunez (right) lecturer FEA, PG campus. In the
rightmost picture, faculty students and COBEC delegates view Cubola, Angelus Press and Image Factory displays.

DIr. TIl ra H iarrlintiln !ci, ci.l n..1.1 ,,1. 1

tli lhll 'lvi:.lulli., L;.lilldamLul. i llc ( c4,
(L) Belize's COBEC Co-Chair Dr. Eve Aird (L) UB's President Dr. Santos Mahung congratulates Dr. Cal.
(R) US's COBEC Co-Chair Mr. Michael (C) UB's Provost, Dr. Angel Cal, receives
Brennan COBEC's 2009 Award from Dr. Betty Flinchum

(continued from page 1)
COBEC, a consortium of educational organizations in Belize and the United States,
was established in the late 1980s to strengthen and expand mutual capabilities in higher
education. Since that time, COBEC has met annually in July on a US campus and in
February on a Belize campus. Today, membership includes all the tertiary-level
institutions in Belize and nineteen institutions in nine US states from Florida to
Hawaii. Hundreds of Belizeans have received tertiary level degrees through COBEC
institutions. The conference opened on Feb. 4th with discussions on accreditation held
at UB, followed by a tertiary level fair at St. John's College Gym, splendidly hosted by
the SJCJC Student Government. In his keynote address on Feb. 5, Minister of
Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, vigorously pursued the theme of Opportunities and
challenges facing teacher Education in Belize. Provost of UB, the conference's host,
reports that a direct result of the Minister's lobbying and COBEC's commitment to
developing teacher education will begin this summer. (MOE's 2007-08 "Education
Statistics-At-A-Glance" reports that 42.8% of primary teachers have formal training,
while 30.6% of secondary school teachers are formally trained). This summer, a group
of Belizean teachers are scheduled to begin a certificate program through COBEC.
Discussions have also begun about a possible principalship program. Committee work
sessions followed through to Feb. 6th, culminating in a cultural extravaganza,
delightfully hosted by UB's Regional Language Center, directed by FEA's Elma Arzu.

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

BLACK JAGUARS Female Football: 1st Place ATLIB
The feiiile 1e le.1 \\on .11 Independlence 11 .1 pi en .11i sooL u leiadim to 10.1
scoie lof 3- on Feb 21 in tlie .\TLIB 2iii'I Footb.ill Tournaienii The mia.1le
,lnile \\.s postponed to Feb 2" i Beliolp.i. .nid UiB' Black .lItlelsi
mare le football lem1111 eiiered IC ltoioui 2-iml. a1,',iisl S.icred He.iirl .uinmo1
College VICTORY( VIRY' 'YT' \VICTORY' 1_, tlie leailn'_s iiiain1eri 1Liii
Santsier predicted Senior C'o.1icl is Mr P.lul Mor-.n iii

La Ruta Maya Canoe Race:
UiB's Ro.dIl\\.1\ Coiistru'i ion Bl.ick J.I 1i.ii,
L.idI C.inioe le.iii comilpele. iI .ilie.idh place,
3rid in Feb 15'; Booim-B/ Cil\ i.1ice
IiB', EI\ oii iinenil.l C lub ,_I .I-!,: tlc!Jdl;l .
l v h l h.1c Ci.l c! !Jri ,,_ ,frl' v -

March 29: Annual UB Relathon
The bets are on! Will the UB females beat the
UB males this year? The males run from San
Ignacio to Bz City (70 miles), while the
females begin from Belmopan (50 miles).
Register NOW: each team member runs one
mile. Register at the UB Gymnasium in
Belmopan or email smith @ub.edu.bz or call
822-3680, ext. 212 Come out and support.
Transportation from Belize City leaves at 6:00
a.m. sharp!

UNmVwr4-t1 geLszS


UB's Black Jaguars male basketball team
\i _j Itic su-b-champion in the Belmopan
BI skliIlI,,l Association's tournament; they led
ll ic _cric into the finals, then lost the playoff in
SIillilh fought game! Kudos to Coach Kevin
Siroki Iiiad team! The b-ball team plays against
2 lC\Ic., n professional teams in Cancun March
70l, and tih.

Sports & Recreation Director: Kirk "Shabba" Smith: 822-3680, ext. 401 I

Faculty and Staff News

Human Resources Dept. Holds Housekeeping Workshop

HR hIeld a1 Housekeepuii- and Hospitalll, \Vrksholp oni
Ja.ImuarI 27 and FebruariN ) in Beliie C(I\ for \ielhe LIB
emniploces \\"ho help to kee p ip LiBs in1e .11 the Beh/ie
C i\i capLuS S;les HunLian Resources ()lfficei Stelen
Burn 5,1\s Lie 1\I ep 1 O 10do Cond lloll nS o;f Set ice
\ Voiks1hop \\iih 11 ese emnplo' ees i.1 \\ell ,i 1lo)
\\oikhllop r a11 111 1I n llll rialll e eml loll.lo ee Shlha1 peni i
Skills 1and \\Vellness \Vorkshop Suinmllr sessions are
beiui planned 116 the Belmopan N lalintenalnce eiplo' ees,

1 I l \ ..lt I I ii..in CCCl C.' ciS 'lICtll Il !':!i"
ii iI.-iih iaid _iB l :b'r.iii Cr SIt 'ln Blurn

The E iromin'ni;al Clu( ) iLiUB B:i':'ii '.,' ii
f',LII1dICd I11 tic; .A.U.ini S0C IC;Ir' L O';' 2c .i Sinc tilct Ql
1icnil:',cr_ i.iil! CLi:',1,:', d Of lttidciIt Of tVic FjCiL' l .',
Scioncc & Ic TclihIo .-- C' kcpt tliC: Ci 'i, .ii' c In
I i clilh r 2' t c:" ondhuct'e I,.icli I cln-uI'
C.m"lpi| l_ -t1 I I dJl:- l I -, :.c and 'i F,: I 2' r a 1 t1 ,:C
SI-;unli PlI.iaSan. l I \\'.iCr jl 1 id i tC ih,: B i'opa.i .irc:.
l :,-PrVi:-shl:i l .iI: '*I .ilri .- il.i i an', h d .in cC 'ti l L I' .
:.1 11im ,il I ln i:,' 1i 1 ,, -',-"3l r 1 ,is Pulh ,: r iddl.iti,,,Is

lilCo( illine de ilitI',
Rlpri.i! I FI ',ics .-'. CI1i SS I i I |11' 11Iti du inl. L .i RutiJ
a .i- l.'i i -" In C:.llaI. .rI.at 'v t li Pr h C:.it.i- d .- .r
il ;!_C'! .Jniio TrusLt IP.(- T i This c1icst r 1l'1 chl \ l iL
ilI' lI n i' cd in .i1 ii En r o C I' l: .ih '. .iricn
,II ,' g i' n ii1 ', l' Iii j. 11; i peoi'ple -i 1 )-.'i_" :h il'l Ir E.i1i h1
Hour i \\ \Id \\ lld I:C FuiLd Cll.lli' t bhe lid.l Ol
l I ic '2" 1 '11 I i F:1O r m ". 1or'IC
1;l!', i';i i'. iLI t. s l V '. tIlili' uiIr -1 ',r.

Slutlurn Si-' icrt. I'alr 'i( COBEC'" Fch. -llh
F lilr: L -R : ), l....i t -.i, .l..I sii .i.i \il i.i
l I 1 1 lI I .I ..I 111i ) I h11 \ 1 11.

Dr (ci ,d:k Fl[:'-C' oi' d h:,i i ,:fr iii IJ C
|:i i Cii' i '1 IIII d cl' ;I I n11 C oinii
c!!ici c I i 2" r2 1, 1P hlie :,
Ca ilC a. iii I[ 1jB l':.r j. caii : Cr' ii :.1
'.. c: PrI.ic ,li:.rt ,:! Bu' nlit _''C DC: :.li':! l.n:.t
.n.d .-.d lat!ini ti tin i i.-. i 1 ;i d .l llu l

'.a _, '.' -liCi d I -iC II l",I1._ lI I: .i! : '.- C,-
J! :A C, 1 Ji c'. l d!! t l: I ',: i D r F r
v l .- ill l' C!, Ill' '_, . lll, t b ,1 1t 1'
r..] i'tl_ .-,,'td _.!? v' ,.-il |! r'!, :,icle t_ t,:, IB

(Iii ipho .11 l i0 lil:
ta'ii'r T Bc' cr! Br:.'.
II tlllti I


Remember to tune into KRENI Radio every Friday at

1:00 p.m. for the regular 3-minute UB Info Stint!


Sc'i kc' Cc'iiTci on F6b 2_i. it IS Ioca d oIl ilk
UB Belmopan campus next to the existing
Scotiabank ATM. Sarah Hobbs, Director of
Retail Banking, spoke about the bank's
Student Loan Program, Education Savings
Plan, and the new service center where faculty,
staff, students and the surrounding community
can get advice and answers to financial
questions and concerns.

Photo: L-R: Ribbon cutting: Scotiabank's Armin Cansino,
Bmp's Branch Mgr; UB's President Santos Mahung; UB's ASG
President Alex Anderson; Mr. Pat Andrews, Scotiabank's VP &
Managing Director
More vignettes of UB at Central
Farm's Open Day (Continuedfromp. 1)

The Ministry of Agriculture and
Fisheries held the annual Open
Day under the theme
"Agriculture: Contributing to
Belize's economic development
imone Waight (in UB's pink shirt), OPI's new through the generation, adaption
reduction Assistant, fielded questions from and transfer of improved crop,
students along with Rasheeda Sampson of the livestock and agroprocessing
office of Admissions.
technologies." It may also be
recalled that on September 30,
last year, UB launched its new,
energized Sustainable !
Agriculture program. At the
Feb. 13, 2009 Open Day, the
Chief Agriculture Officer
Eugene Waight delivered the
keynote address; also speaking
were the Ministry's Director of
Research and Development,
Neville McAndrew, and its
National Agriculture Extension
JB's Chair of Agriculture, Carol August, catches up Coordinator Ricardo Thompson.
t the Open Day with former students who are now Participating organizations were UB,
BAHA, CARDI, Pesticides Control UIB' Chair -1' x.griilinicri,
fading the agriculture program at Tumul K'in Board, Taiwan Technical Mission, and Carol August is as much in
enter of Learning in Blue Creek, Toledo. In blue the Ministry's Crop, Mechanical, the fields as she is in the office
Dr. Roxanna Alvarez, the Farm Manager. Livestock and Agroprocessing sections. and classroom.


Tony Browder Presents Black History Month Lecture at UB

I 'l!,kiti'i dt i c' jilt

I 1 C S C 11 [ ,-1! [! !, C. 11

"Citizenship in the
Americas" on Feb. 25 at
the Jaguar Auditorium.
Browder used as his
UnieMy starting point US
President Obama's Above foreground: FEA lecturer Ubaldimar
recent National African Guerra was thoroughly stimulated by Tony
American History Month Browder's message, as was UB's Chief of
Proclamation. He then Security, Michael Gutierrez, below left.
took the audience on a
graphic, soul-searching
journey spanning ancient
Egypt to modern times.

Tony Browder is the founder of the Institute for Karmic Guidance,
an educational organization devoted to the rediscovery and
application of African history, culture and wisdom. Browder has
authored classics on African history and theology, including Nile
Valley Contribution to Civilization, and Egypt on the Potomac.

Upcoming Lecture: March 26
Dr. James Skon will be speaking on the topic of
"Internet Security for the 21st Century" on
Thursday, March 26, from 3-5 p.m., in Rooms 127-
129 at UB's Belize City Faculty of Education and
Arts campus. Dr. Skon's visit is part of the
Professor James Skon, Ph.D., outreach of Mirromet, a new Internet service
Computer and Information Science, Ohio
Computer and Information Science, Ohio provider on the Belize market. All are invited; note
That seating is limited to 125, so interested groups
may want to book space with opi@ub.edu.bz

UB-Toledo's Mayoral
UB-Toledo held a Mayoral
debate on February 13 for the
Punta Gorda mayoral race. It was
an initiative of UB Toledo's
Composing Process lecturer,
Gillian Miller, seated far right.

UB Calendar of Events
March 2009


8 -UB in
Ruta Maya
Day 3

-UB b-ball
plays in

2 \'. .. ,
. II I., ll. I l
j hl '.'tII lCII

l"' 'lni i M .',^

9 -UB in Ruta
Maya Challenge


-Baron Bliss
Day Holiday


-Depression and
Suicide talk, 12
-1pm, SM-U3
Sacred Heart,
Cayo, 10am;
Eden SDA, 1pm

15 16 -WP/WF 17 -FNAHSW
period begins in World Social
-Effects of Work Day
Substance -Recruitment:
Abuse talk, 3- Bmp Compre
4pm, SM-D2 (tentative)
Our lady of
Guad/ 2:30pm

22-NOVA 23

29 Annual
UB Relathon



4 -51 -....I,,I 5 ..I 6 -i Ii, k1,.1, 7 ii, II ,,, il.,
I IlII I 'i I c I i, l.11-, 11.1 .I I I_,.illl i,.c l 1i i .i 2
I,, .',Ii ,iI...iI.i ,,iI -] h II ,hll l .llCI ll, 1
III .I .ii l ._l i .11 .!' (. i
Ic.,lliB III eIIIl
I..,I II. I.l l,_., ,

'\1 I i.1i ,', ',,1

-UB's Bmp+Bz -UB
campuses as plays in Cancun
ATLIB centers
-UB's Info Stint
on KREM, 1pm

11 -Impact of 12- 13 -Sec. schools 14 -SWSA in
Intl' Students, Recruitment: poetry sympos., Women's Dept
2pm, Jag./tentative W.Christian, 9am Jaguar, 1:30 pm Bike rally, 6am,
-Recruitment: (tentative); B,p -Recruitment, Mt. Bz City
Mopan, 11 lam; St. Baptist, 12:15; Carmel, 10:15am
Ignacius, 1:30pm; Bm,p Baptist- -UB's Info Stint
SHCJC, 7pm ACE, 6pm on KREM, 1pm
-UB segment in dvom'
PlusTV's 8pm A /

18 -Wellness fair, 19 -Musical 20 -SWSA's 21 -ATLIB
Bmp, begins 10am Concert, 6:30 official launch/ Softball
-Depression and p.m. (tentative: student Social regionals
Suicide talk, 2- check with Work social
3pm, SM-D4 nyoung@ub.edu. -NOVA doctoral
-UB segment in bz session 5:30-9pm, NOVA doctoral
PlusTV's 8pm FMASS session,
"Conversaciones" -UB's Info Stint 8:30am-5pm,
on KREM, 1pm FMASS

25 -ASG Hour 26 -Mirrornet's 27 -Professional 28 -Earth Hour
-UB segment in Internet Security Economic observed by
PlusTV's 8pm Dr. Paul Skon, Women's Forum NRMP 8:30 p.m.
"Conversaciones" FEA, Bz City, (Bz City, TIME?) to 9:30 p.m.
Rm. 127, 3pm -UB's Info Stint -NOVA doctoral
on KREM, 1pm

30-UB on ATLIB 31-UB Day2
marking standards ATLIB marking
setting: Day 1 standards setting:
Abuse talk, 4-
5pm, SM-D3-
Central Am.
Report,6:00 pm,

Looking Towards April, 2009
April 1: Wellness Fair, Bz City; Apr. 2: Cultural Festival, Bmp
Apr. 3: UB-Open Day
Apr. 4: UB in ATLIB Softball Ntls
Anr 6-13: Easter Break for faculty/students (Anr. 9-13- staff

Looking for the latest updates on UB ? ALWAYS CHECK the
UB NEWS and UB Calendar of Events on

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