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+ SuetAfir

+ AC Reiew tdn


Recruitment '09 Begins in ORANGE WALK and TOLEDO
Andrea Middleton, Coordinator of Admissions, has the
wonderful opportunity to again travel countrywide and
share the excitement of UB, inviting high school students
and junior college graduates to join the country's national
university. Yes! The annual recruitment period is here.
During the months of February and March, Andrea and
her crew attend career days, school fairs and fourth forms,
showcasing UB. Andrea may be accompanied, at various
times, by two to three lecturers, students, faculty, staff,
the sports crew and the publicity officer. Big kudos to
Debbie Yates, Engineering secretary featured to the right
and to Sharette Yearwood, Tourism/Business lecturer
featured to the left, who both did a stellar job of sharing
UB information on January 28 (we began earlier this
year at the invitation of two schools) at Orange Walk
Technical. The presentation was especially targeted in
the following areas to the expressed interest of the
I utipcoming graduates: architecture, engineering,
bulldding tourism, the paralegal program, agriculture,
Iprim1Ir education, and med lab and pharmacy programs.
i cI ic cre accompanied by Silvana Woods, Public
Inf :,r1I i;: Officer. That same day, Andrea Middleton
!Ind hicr c!rcw were recruiting at Toledo Community
t college Deadline for applications into UB's programs is
1. L!rch I'- 2009 for entrance August 2009; for entrance in
January 2010, the deadline is the last Friday in October. Want to know the schedule for recruitment or do
you know someone who is interested in joining UB? Contact: admissions(&cub.edu.bz

Dr. Angel Cal, UB Provost, promoted COBEC's conference
on PLUS TV's "Conversaciones con Amado" on Jan. 28.
COBEC's Tracy Harrington joins other COBEC members on
LOVE TV/FM, Feb. 3. Visit www.cobec.org

COBEC's Feb. Conference:
Academic Focus
Opportunities and Challenges in
Primary Education
UB's Business Focus
Meeting Accreditation 2011
Full coverage of the February 4-7 COBEC
Conference, which UB is hosting, will be
provided in the March 2009 UB Bulletin.



Academic Council Prioritizes
Review of Student Evaluation
TIl thi mi II tii. of thi. Acat.kiil C (omiicil I AC I
OCCIIl.dI Oli Jo nn111i 21 fiOli 1111 iI -2 ini
L ad.liiL tlk. 3. ln d3I \\%%J5 ,; J .1i.;. it. till otf In
n11n l\sis of tik. I..sults of Stldk. nt E\alua toii n l fOi i5s
TlhL A C \\ll ic is I cliain.d b\ Pio\ost D i A ni\ l ( al.'I i. ,, \\ I. It,,i I 1i 0.1. 11. i t i i a-..11,., 11111.1 i-I 1 -1 I \
III II), 1l IIl,,lllp -,,ll \1 %, I,,hllltt II lltlll Nll lll ll, \ ll IIl,,llllp-,, ll ittlll tll l
S' l L il. t i in i l I. L ti l l t. o n I .' k ..\ I1n% t ilL I. sl lt s o fl t tl il t it ,t I ll l hl .I I tnn p in i l .'l tl ll In i p p. l' lIl I p i i I"
.c' a Liato1t fol m,; to 1n S t Ll don.ll Ca i c l t i a1nd n OIII
pait of th.ile process of facuIlt .\ Ic aluatloll Tile. piili il isli IS.g.S o ecor
of the survey analysis is that, while students expressed t '
dissatisfaction with several UB services, the major it riat.d me
faculty teaching as good or excellent. It was also biouliit to
light that students and faculty need to know how li B uscs tllhe
results. Using this UB Bulletin as one medium of inforlliatllon.
the AC advises that the results of student evaluationls arl.
used to improve faculty's own delivery and UB's d lIl \ c -
of services to them and to look at how faculty are p.c follrm ll
aggregately and comparatively; additionally, the results t ar
used as a measure in performance evaluation and d lcislolso
on increments.
Dean Perriott and the crew at Student Affairs extend a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Glen
Reneau, National High School Director, for his donation of nine competition-type
chess sets to the Office of Student Affairs. Shortly, he will also be donating a chess
demonstration board. Mr. Reneau was the judge at UB's Chess Competition held
last Sports Day. Chess players or those who want to learn chess can sign up at the
Office of Student Affairs. Chess will also be featured at the May 7, 2009 UB
Campus Day, so do sign up today if you would like to be a part of the mental
stimulation of chess.I

In latk. No\ .linbi.r i i-. LiB's Offlice of Stud[l. t .A'ffalia and [Ihl SCGA l Id a % outli foiirum ll iVL.conilitI o of Y\outhII
\\. TlkI TIheI forum fI.LIattid a p[i.cscltallt Ii b\ ll h i stc r of Youtli and Si)poit. Hon !Nlaic.l C ardona. Diailin.
FiiFinlc.an. Director of Youttli f ti [heil FutiLt.. and Stlplihal Daim.lcs of tih National Coiiiiiitt..c for Famil.s and
(C lildivNC F I TIl, [IkNill \\a "Youtti- Stnowi and F T.. t[I Foinldation of our Nation Enipo\\'.i d Thlirou-hi
Stronw Paticipatioll "

(L) President Dr. Santos Mahung (C) Provost Dr. Angel
Cal (R) UB Student Government Association President
Alex Anderson at UB's Youth Forum

(L) Moses Sulph, President of UB's Bz City Student Government
(R) Dianne Finnegan, Director of Youth for the Future

Prn* g atgUBT We ta nk you foPA R I only In designated

UB-Toledo Campus Installs Ramps

1 ee.--old Rodned Boikind \\.i acceptedd to i.B in Allilst kI211IN 1;
an IT stLudent al UB-Toledo in the Faculti\ ol'Science .ind Technolo h:
Ho\\e ei. due to Ils incapacil\ to \\,ilk. he \\.s not .1ble to .111Liend
classes inil lis sel meslIei \\ hen UIB lhd I.1 nips iinsl.illed Ilha le.id o .11
his classes, to the library, to the computer lab, and to the
Administration building. UB congratulates Mr. Stanley Nicholas, UB
-Toledo's Campus Administrator, UB's Physical Plant Office and I i *
Toledo SG for helping to make Rodney one of the newest members
of the UB family. Readers may recall the unfortunate 2002 incident A i

Above: Rodney Borland at the UB-Toledo campus. He says that
everyday in life brings a new challenge and while adapting to
change is difficult, it is possible. He is living proof. Thanks to Ms.
Yesenia Munoz at UB-Toledo for passing on the photos and story.

.. 7

Welcome to UB, Rodney!
Rodney says the accident
changed his outlook on life.
His motto: Ai, ir:,
possible is worth
challenging; quilri is
never an option!

FST's Venomous Snakes Talk/E

in.ll IIIc1.1p.1cli.L a I 11111
Rodne\ \\.is in Sid ,
.11 the time. lielpinh out
mn his family's store,
when the store was
robbed and he was
shot. His right lung
was injured and his
spine ruptured. UB
salutes his bravery and
perseverance in the
face of adversity. UB
also salutes Special
Olympics athlete J.
Ramirez who has now
also joined UB, for an
AA degree in Primary
Education. WELCOME.
Kudos also to Richard
Genus, a visually-
impaired student at the
UB-Toledo campus.
UB's Office of Student
Affairs held a Memorial
Service at the RLC
building for the late
Tryson Ramos who passed
away. Tryson was an IT
student, AA degree, in the
Faculty of Science and

The Faculty of Science and Technology, through the Natural Resource Management Program, held a talk on
Venomous Snakes on January 28 at UB's Jaguar Auditorium Guest presenter was well-known Tony Garel, Belize's
snake guru., with over 20 years experience; he worked for many years at the Belize Zoo. Over 150 students attended
and they were treated to a display of three of Belize's venomous snakes under the watchful guidance of Mr. Garel.

Uwverri,- oF sCI85
UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

Dean Perriott accepts cheque from Belize Rotadhay construction n
Nh TIn Bniininn. Prolectl Nlian1'eri at Belize Ro;iadlh;l Coniisiiclion
presented a chequIe o coler lillI sponsorslIp of'UiB s Lads .la, uL,
canoe leaiii in \ears La Rula Nala Chlllenie lo Dr .lean Peilol.
Dean ol'Student .A\l:iis. on .laLnuai 13li in Dean PerollS LB ol'lffice
'With this full sponsorslup our Lady Jaguars are poised to make a
comeback to the La Ruta Maya Challenge after not participating for a
couple years," said Dr Perriott. The race is held each year to coincide
with Baron Bliss Day (March 9). The La Ruta Maya Challenge is the
longest and most grueling canoe race in this
hemisphere and it takes four days to arrive in
Belize City. The race leaves San Ignacio on
March 6 and is scheduled to end at the Civic
Center in Belize City March 9 The challengers paddle along the Macal and Belize Rivers.
The La Ruta Maya Challenge was founded by Cayo Tropical Fruits Ltd. The exciting race
is divided into eight categories and is for the amateur and professional paddlers alike. The first Ruta Maya
Challenge made its debut in 1998. In the meantime, UB also congratulates the UB Black Jaguars male canoe team,
the intramural defending champs!

UB Intramural Campus Games 2009
FOOTBALL Sat. February 28 Host: UB-Toledo
SOFTBALL Sat. March 21 Host: UB-Belize City
BASKETBALL Sat. April 18 Host: UB-Belmopan
VOLLEYBALL Sat. April 25 Host: Belmopan

All games start at 10:00 a.m. The order for all games will be:
Belmopan vs. Bz City
Toledo vs Belmopan
Bz City vs Toledo

UB Campus Day-All campuses
Thursday, May 7 -
Championship of Campus Competition
High and Long Jump
Dominoes ...Chess
60m ... 100m ...400m
Egg Toss ...Water Balloon Toss
3 Legged Race... Sack Race... Eating Contest... Tug-o-War ...Obstacle Race

** * - - -- A A 1 1111 t-1

Dr. Geraldo Flowers in Namibia
Dr Gerldo Floersi. IUB's \Vice Presldeit anid Diiector
of BlSllliess De elopmein ,lid A\dIll listilll ioii. \\ s i11
Windhlioek. Nainibria fron Jln 17 -25 allttendii tihe ni ual I
E Nlnlllus hIutllldos Lotl 1i Board nieeli_. Realdeirs ii
recall lial iii otlir Au 1,usl 211'I I BS f II, im. %\e ielpoited oil
UB's joining this scholarship prograin of the Euiopeni
Union from which UB received five scholarships for facul It
development and for graduates, as well as for staff
exchanges. Dr. Flowers was seeking opportunities for UB Dr. Geraldo Flowers in Namibia
for the 2010 allotment.
TAC Nursing Volunteers Leave
Several UB personnel gladly
attended NIDO's Send-Off
ceremony for members of the
Nigerian Technical Aid Volunteer
Corps (TAC) who completed
their two years of service in
Belize. UB is fortunate to have
several of these professionals
working with us, and we fondly ...
say a hearty thank you to two who
are leaving:Iyerefama Theresa -
Membere and Steven Mamudu.
Ms. Member was a Nursing -
lecturer and Mr. Mamudu was the ,
UB nurse assigned to the u
Wellness Center. The guest -
speaker was His Excellency (L) lyrefama Theresa Membere (C) UB's Human Resources
Ambassador Peter L. Oyedele, Director Yura Monsanto (R) Steven Mamudu at NIDO's farewell
Nigerian High Commissioner to for Nigerian TAC volunteers. HR wishes them all the very best!
Jamaica with concurrent Thanks to Corine Gallego in Accounts, Bmp, for the photo!
accreditation to Belize.
Staff Leave Policies Being Revisited at AC
Another priority at UB's Jan. 21 Academic Council (AC) meeting
(see page 2 also) was an update on the changes being suggested
regarding staff leave policies. The current Faculty Handbook, as
well as the Staff and Promotions Handbook, are being revised. Yu ra
Monsanto, Director of Human Resources, presented drafts of the
staff leave policies that are under revision. All deans & department
heads were sent the drafts electronically to share as relevant A illi
their colleagues and to then feedback to Ms. Monsanto before the Stephanne Castillo-Hamilton,
changes are presented to the UB Board. Specific areas under review Administrative Assistant to the
concern creating a firm policy to govern study leave and how to Provost, has been with UB 16
apply for it, leave of absence without pay, sabbatical leave, years; she was formerly with Univ.
College of Belize. Mrs. Hamilton is
fellowship leave and professional leave. How to deal with faculty the recorder at all Academic
and staff who take leave without approval is also under review. Council meetings.

UB Architecture Students: Booth Design Contest concludes on
February 16/Judging: Feb. 18. Kudos to Acting Chair of the
Engineering Dept. Steve Wright & to pit lecturer Sheldon Mahung!

Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health
and Social Work on the move!

In addition to thc nullsllg students FREE
health checkups, FNAHSW coordinated a blood
drive with the Central Medical Laboratory.
The Wellness Center also offered massages
for just a dollar! FNAHSW will next be hosting
a forum on Nutrition Education during the
Rc.iul-ii \\CdiC.sd;ia \ sul ilt hou oil Fi b 11 ;it th
Jai-L'tiai Atidiloilt in I Bi linopn.ai All arc i tn lcd

Above L-R: Faye Issacs, Kimberly
Broaster and Susie Banman: three of the
Nursing students who helped to make
the Health Fair happen.
(L) Chair Isidora Espadas: she was very
proud of the 4th year baccalaureate
nursing students at the Dec. 3, 2008.
Reproductive Health Fair at UB's
Belmopan campus. The fair featured
a variety of FREE medical check ups.

(R) Student Coordinator Sharon Palacio looks on as other UB employees join students in benefiting from information
available at the Dec. 3, 2008 Reproductive Health Fair. Kudos to the 4th Year Baccalaureate nursing students, Office of
Student Affairs, and the organizations who partnered with UB's FNAHSW to make this health fair a great success.

emiff^ e a I S
Research Methods FMSS students conduct the follow up survey to UB'siT;I~

Registration 2009 Introduces |


XenieDiiect is thie nie\\ coinputei ized ieiStltioli s\ teln to \ hIch
I iB ias sLubsci ibed pI until list seIiiecstei LiB \\%as usll tlhe
S MN A R T s\stein XeneDc.iect is j sLtudeInt iecoid pilouinm tlut
las tile capacity tio i\e us a lot moic infomatliion than S M A R T
was able to give. XeneDirect was implemented during Semester
Two's registration period, Jan. 13-16. Faculty who serve as
student advisors, as well as Registration and Accounts personnel,
were trained in using XeneDirect during the months of
November-January. UB's registrar, Dr. Roy Young, notes that
the new system is already proving useful. "We have used it quite
effectively to iron out the clashes of classes; thus this semester we
experienced the least clashes. Kudos to the Accounts and
Registration UB employees and to all faculty advisors and students
for their cooperation!

... FEB. 6:
SLast day to withdraw
from a class with
t B50% tuition refund

FEB. 16:
c Last day to withdraw
e from a class with
25% tuition refund

FEB. 27
Last day to apply for
Summer 2009
degree completion
(L) Dr. Roy Young, UB's Registrar was
hands on during the early days of
registration with the new XeneDirect
system. Standing is Mike Link, technician
at UB's Information and Communication
Technology Department.
Correction: In our January UB Bulletin, we
gave kudos to an FMSS lecturer and her class
for their Marketing Expo. Her name should be

The Agriculture Department and
Central Farm Campus, in the
Faculty of Science and
Technology, invite all to the
OPEN DAY on Friday, Feb. 13.

Univeih d Behie


Calendar of Events

February 2009


1 .i i 3 4 5 ,i ,,.i 6 7

'.il ll .'ll 'l .'l .' ." i ..

I' l t .' l l '. i ! i l . i i i *l .u i i 1 1 i .

SIl. 4 I,, -1 -HR Holds 2uid !'u! .I ill., iii
-Withdrawal pm Housekeeping station at
with 50% wkshp, Bz City Calabash
refund begins -UB Bmp SG Caye
dance at Alwin's, (optional)
8 p.m.+
-Jaguars b-ball
playoffs (BBA)

8 9 10 11-Scholarship 12 13 14
-Withdrawal -UB Admissions Fair UB Toledo, -Central Farm
with 25% Office recruits: 10am to 6pm and Agric
tuition refund Corozal Junior. -Student Hour Program's
begins College; Czl forum: 2 to 3pm, Open Day
-Admissions Comm. Coll.; FNAHSW at
recruits at Adventist High; Jaguar Aud:
Muffles Jr. Cornerstone Nutrition Educ.
Coll. -UB recruits:
Escuela S.HS

15 16-Last day 17 UB recruits: 18 19 20 21
to withdraw BZ Rural HS; -Scholarship Fair -Last Day for -Admissions -ATLIB
with 25% Kings (Bze)- UB students to sign recruits: San Football
tuition refund Coll;Ladyville recruits: Canaan; up for Mr+Ms. Pedro HS; San Nationals
-UB recruits: Tech Gwen L.Pallotti; UB Pageant Pedro Jr. Coll.;
Sadie Wesley Jr. Coll UB Admissions St. peter's
Vernon; E.P. 2 to 3:15pm at recruits: St. Academy
Yorke HS Jaguar Aud:. John's; ACC (tentative)
Service Worksp

22 23 24-UB Gym: 25 -Ash Wed. 26 Last day to 27 28
-FEA's new Regionals of Service Apply for
online Study Math Olympiad -SGA Hour Summer degree
Skills course -Adm recruits: 2 to 3:15pm at completion
begins Nazarene;Excel- Jaguar Aud.
sior; SJC HS

March 2009 Highlights
Mar 6-9: UB Black Jaguars paddlers in La Ruta Maya River Challenge
Mar. 18: Wellness Fair, Belmopan
Mar. 21: UB in ATLIB Softball Regionals
Sun. Mar.29 : Annual UB Relathon

Lookingfor the latest updates
the UB NEWS and
UB Calendar of Events on


University of
Belize is a
and multi-
committed to
excellence in
research and
service for
As a catalyst
of change it
and training
programs that
national needs
based on
principles of
merit and

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