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7 Contents
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+ St. Services, Sports,
Xmas Joy!
+ UB Choir
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+ FEA, FST and
Toledo Beautify UB
+ FMSS Students
Marketing Expo
+ Research to follow
up UB's Crimes
Page 4
UB Sports Page:
Semester Two
Page 5
+ Fac/Staff News:
returns;Fire Affects
FEA lecturer
+ FEA's Bzn Lit Fair
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+ Architecture
+ African Lit Display
+ CMCN and RLC
+ Women Writers
Page 7
+ FST's Mosquito
Prevention Show
+ Hunting C.
Page 8
+ Calendar of Events


J311 .2"

- Education E A ation

% oloultO 9. 1') I

FEA Opens 2009 with WikiEducator Workshop

The Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA) held two days of
training on an innovative learning tool on January 8 and 9 at IC 1
Jaguar Building in Belmopan. In attendance were FEA facult- I
from the Belize City, Belmopan and Punta Gorda campuses.
The Open Educational Resources (OER) WikiEducator work-lih.:.
was organized by Shawn Rhaburn, FEA lecturer and by M -
Maud Hyde, the Ministry of Education's (MOE) Open&Distan!cc
Learning officer with attachment to UB. WikiEducator is an .:.nliI c
community project for working collaboratively towards a free
Version of the education curriculum. WikiEducator aims to build
a thriving and sustainable global community dedicated to the design, development and delivery of free
content of learning in realization of a free version of the education curriculum by 2015. FEA's Shawn
Rhaburn is Belize's WikiEducator facilitator. With many institutions turning to Open Distance
ILeacring a; a way of expanding their outreach, it is critical
to c\ a lula i innovative modern technologies that support
CUn11ent lducIators to develop on line content that can be
:i ccc;ssibk and used by their learners. FEA faculty were
i !!!l':'liccd l,:, basic Wiki concepts, such as how to register an
cc':t!l ,:! ouni \VikiEducator, how to enter information on the
'\\I, il-Ec.Ilca:! User page, text editing within Wiki, uploading
IJc -in liles, and creating navigational components. The
iiB ok ,:ip was sponsored by the Commonwealth of
LCI.- ':Coagrats to Shawn Rhaburn of FEA and Maud
(L) MOE's Maud Hyde (R) FEA's Shawn Rhaburn Hyde for this initiative in developing online materials on the
For more photos: http://www.wikieducator.org/Learning Wikieducator Ipll:iii 'i'i
4Content/Workshops/Face-to-Face schedule/L4C35/Photos

Orientation January 2009
Only a few programs were accepting NEW students
for Semester Two. Orientation 2009 thus had the
following attendance: Full time students: 25 students;
Part-time students: 10; Toledo: 8 students. The
majority were for the Primary Education program.
Four new Nursing students were also admitted.

Two 0

University of Belize
FEBRUARY 4 College Fair, St. John's College
FEBRUARY 5 Opening, 9:30 a.m. Jaguar Aud., UB Bmp. _a ..
Presentation: Context of Belize Education System; Panel Sessic
Opportunities/Challenges in Planning & Delivering Teacher Education in Belize
FEBRUARY 6 COBEC Committee Meetings and Cultural Evening
FEBRUARY 7 Trip to UB's Institute of Marine Studies, Calabash Caye (optional)




Office of Student Affairs Joined with Sports Crew to Bring Xmas

Joy to Flood Victims in Crooked Tree
On Dec 22. 200N. UBs
(eflce our Student .a ll' s,
andl the Blaclk .auLuais
Iasl,kettalr team didgt
cOllull ulllt\ sel\ I'e II1
Crooked Tree, the\ had
presents folr cluhidhen % ho
kerie affected b\ the ( )ct
floods, played games and
shared Christmas dinner
See our Sports Page, pg. 4,
Santa "Coach Siroki" says the b-ball team enjoyed themselves, for more on this delightful
plus learned a lot about giving back to the community. initiative !
Student Dean Dr. Jean Perriott gets a big Thank You hug from Santa Siroki!

UB Choir Was a Delight!
The UB Choir performed its very first concert at the
Jaguar Auditorium on 6th December 2008. A full Hi
house was in attendance to witness the 20 member
choir perform Christmas Carols and original compositions
of Sir Colville Young. Guest artists included the Belize
Choral Society which concluded their presentation with the
Hallelujah Chorus and the San Ignacio Music School with
recorder renditions of well known Christmas Carols. The
accompanist for the entire program, Catherine DeRenzis,
was outstanding. UB Choir, only two semesters old, is
directed by Dr. Leopold Perriott and managed by Dr. Jean
Perriott. Rehearsals resume on Wednesday, January 21
for presentations in February and June. Students interested

in becoming Choir members can contact:
nyoung@ub.edu.bz or call 822-3680, ext 211.
Human Resources Department:
What a Great Party!
The verdict is in: the over 200 faculty and staff who
attended the December 19, 2008 Holiday Social at the
Princess Hotel overwhelmingly have declared that the
Party, organized by UB's Human Resources Director
Yura Monsanto and staff, was THE BEST EVER!!!!!
The food was delicious, the drinks were flowing, and the live
band music of Kenny Gladden and the New Creations had
many employees rubbing alcohol over aching joints the next
day! Thanks HR!

(Far right) Dr. Leopold Perriott is the Director of the UB Choir
RLC's Annual Variety Show
The Regional Language Center (RLC) delighted all in
attendance when its students showcased newly acquired
language skills on December 5, 2008 at the Belmopan
Campus at its annual variety show. In addition to offering
programs in English and Spanish to full time and part time
students, the RLC has a Linguistics Services Unit, offering
such services as translation; RLC also designs customized
language programs, such as English for Religious Purposes,
or for Business Purposes, or other specific purposes.

The Faculty of Education and Arts, in conjunction with the Belmopan Student Government, held another
successful Christmas party for children from the Belmopan area. Kudos to Faculty and Student Representative Leonardo Pott
for being a driving force behind this event, and to the student government officers and students. Kudos also to FEA's Chair
Nestor Chan and his class, Eng. Dept. Coordinator Elma Arzu and lecturer Priscilla Brown Lopez who were also
instrumental organizers, as were other FEA staff and students. Big thanks to FEA secretary Jenny Tatum. On December 13,
2008, at the UB Gym, over one hundred children and their parents received Christmas toys, traditional Christmas dinner and
other delicacies. The recipients were the less fortunate children, chosen from surrounding Belmopan schools.

FEA and FST in Belmopan and Toledo beautify campuses

i;iilz;aileo of FE.A and Secietlri %\" "
MrIIs. Joseplhinie Allen of FST.
Behnopin Tihe hli'e taken the ..i
lead In ca llhl)l[g beallt f cat[On ion
The Toledo cdlnpl)uis IS al so

decolIlt Iillt ,nd n in ,linilln. -
beautiful UB campuses!
FMSS Students Hold Marketing Expo
Channel 5 TV showcased UB Marketing students in their November 26, 2008 news story on the expo the students held at the
Faculty of Management and Social Sciences. UB students in the business and tourism programs showcased their ability to apply
their marketing knowledge in the real world. Ida Arzu, Marketing Lecturer, UB, and Sean Tang, student, were interviewed
by Ch. 5's Kendra Griffith. Ida Arzu said that students "have basically developed concepts and analyzed the purpose of
marketing and its essential place or role that it will play in the real world." Students had the expo to display what they had
learned. Ida Arzu further said that "Marketing is important because if you look around in the world of business and all that is
happening, if people don't have knowledge of what you have to showcase or what you are about, then there won't be any
opportunity for growth. So you have to sell yourself, you have to be able to market yourself and be recognized and stand out and
showcase all that you are about and grasp that market that is out there and so today they have that opportunity to display what
they have learnt." Student Sean Tang showcased the marketing of wines. He said "We produced our own wines and it was all
local foods and we go through standard procedures. It wasn't as much as the other wines that other companies have...we had our
own packaging and got our own bottles...we have Blackberry wine, cashew, and serosi." Approximately sixty students took part
in the project.

Several groups of UB students begin research this semester to gather concrete data as a follow up to the Crimes
Symposium that UB held in conjunction with the Ministry of National Security on December 5th. The symposium, which had the
participation of stakeholder groups and students from across the country, fielded speakers who addressed the theme: Exposing
the Root Causes of Crime and Exploring Promising Approaches for a Safer Belize. The proceedings of the UB forum have been
collated and will be presented to the Ministry shortly to further guide its crime response; the findings are also being used to
shape the content of the survey instrument being drafted. The follow-up research is under the direction of Nicole Haylock, who
holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Mississippi Valley State University. Ms. Haylock, a UB lecturer of Research
Methods, is also spearheading two courses in Criminal Justice that are slated to begin this year: "Criminological Theory" and
"Drugs, Gangs and Violence."
Initial collated results coming from the symposium suggest the following points to
addressing crime: the absence of strong family structures, parenting and father figures;
absence of spirituality in people's lives; discrepancies between treatment of types of
inadequate resources for personnel working in the justice system; low salaries for police
officers; inadequate sentencing alternatives; inadequate investment in sports;
mechanisms to prevent corruption and act on it; disconnect between penal rehabilitation
street rehabilitation systems; and inadequate resources to ensure education for all.

UB's presenters were Pastor Howell Longsworth; Chair of CYDP Evan Hyde Jr.;
Professor of Criminal Justice, Dr. J.P. Foster; Director of Youth for the Future, Dianne
Finnegan; two inmates from Kolbe; UB student and member, Mothers Organized
Against Violence for Peace, Karen Adolphus; Senator Godwin Hulse; businessman,
(L) CEO Brig. Gen. Lloyd Gillett (Ret) community volunteer and politician Paul Morgan; John Woods, Chair of Kolbe
(R) Chair of Kolbe, John Woods Foundation, UB lecturer Nicole Haylock; and CEO in the Ministry of National Security,
Brigadier General Lloyd Gillett.

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

Black Jaguars Football Gear
Up: ATLIB Games in February!
The LiB football cie\\ is onlk\ about ei'.,iht months old
You inia\ recall reports in pie\ ious Bulletins abolt their
practicee ,iaines conducted undel Senior Coachl Paul
MNoi'aiin and MN.llln~ lain S.anlstel No\\. tie teien \\ill
enter the annually tournament of ATLIB (Association of
Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize). The Regional
playoff occurs on February 7, and will be hosted by
Ecumenical Junior College; the National finale is on
February 21, and UB is scheduled to host. Mr. Joaquin
Magana, who lectures in the Natural Resources
Management Program, is the current president of the
ATLIB Sports Association.

Black Jaguars Softball Gear Up for
ATLIB Games in March!
The Regional games for ATLIB softball are scheduled for March
21, and Galen University will be the host. The national
tournament then occurs on April 4, and the host is currently
being decided.

Campus versus Campus Games
Feb. 28 FOOTBALL-UB Toledo Hosts
Mar. 21 SOFTBALL-UB Bz City Hosts
Apr. 18 BASKETBALL-UB Bmp Hosts
Apr. 25 VOLLEYBALL-UB Bmp Hosts
The order of competition is as follows:
Belmopan vs. Bz City
PG vs. Bmp
Bz City vs PG
All games begin at 10:00 a.m.

UNIv8ifri' OF ASLze

UB female team to JI
enter Ruta Maya *M
canoe race in March!
Their sponsor is
confirmed; it is
Belize Roadway
The male UB Black
Jaguars team is the
defending champ in ..
Intramural category!

The coaches and student athletes of the UB
Black Jaguars sports crew always do several
community outreaches each year. Most
recently, they cooperated with the Office of
Student affairs to bring Xmas joy to Crooked
Tree children and families who were affected
by the October floods. And who represented
Santa? Coach Siroki did! In the above photo,
Dean Perriott and Nicole Young of the Office of
Student Affairs pose with UB athletes and

Mission Statement: UB's Office of Recreation and Sports functions to improve personal growth
by promoting good health practices. This will be accomplished with the use of state-of-the-art
equipment alongside coordinated services, provided by a fulltime staff. UB's sports program
focuses on maintaining a physically active lifestyle through both individual and group activities.

Faculty and Staff News

Welcome Back, Dezorie!

Dc/oric is back ionic' Hcr S %l\irlr "as ra S licccs\1
God blcss Shc sends a bl-- thank \ou to thc LiB
facuilt\ and staff \\ho \crc able to conililbutc it l icr
brain Stirgri nccds Dc/oiric Contricras ha.s \oikcd in
the Rccords (O ficc and is curlIrcntl attached to th
Office of Ouahlt .As urancc Oin December I 211liX
she ira\cled ito Guiatemala to lhac an a erco \ clnus
mha F.t ornl i A \ll 'L II rc lmo\l fromi th.t e ,lnt shdc of

COOrdint na in'_. thie ia \cl dol'ation dri c that nicant so
imIucli to Dclorie. not just because of the needed
loncl\. but bccaus .e it sho ecd hot\\ tmuch \\ carc for
De/oric C'onl rra% uiet anto effiient hantlinu herI Thc lacult. and staItf donate ions. itoc thcr \ ith
off. B lllatItor% under her portfolio IllIak Us all hlcr Iinl ranch and I loan selc took out. helped to:l make
hlapp. \ to cit her %mile hbriuh ten Slilt' IB hallea.! P the sfurfic r possible

Fire Affects FEA Faculty Member
Ju.t before mid December 2ll 8. a faculty member n rece\Ied t de atstation nes' Nestor (bhan. ( hair of
the Faculi of Education and Arts. \\as pulled out of a meeting to be inormed that a fire \\Fas
currently ra ,ini at the house hle rents in Belmopan TA -as taonk blex. ensulptin's tihe house in tlaimes\
His \, ife and son \xere luck\ to escape. although his on. in ftct. \\as t .injui red LiB in imediatel
offered Nestor and his faml t lemptloral hotuising. and the Dean and faculty\ of FE.A came to''ether in
a bi, \\a\ to iinmmediatel\ assist him No\\. in Seimester T\xo. the Pro\ ost s O-ffice and the .-ffice of
Human Resource.s \\III spearhead another contribution to Nestor plight because xxe care

Belizean Literature: LITR 409's Multicultural Fair
LUB lecturer Ainado Ch('an,. host of the )popular TX- sho\x \\ which LIB supports. ( ',,/'ur\,IxL./ ,'n Lilln
Aimalh,. held a Niuliicultural Failr as part of the closing' actri t ities of their Belizean Lit class The fiir.
held on the Belmopan cail)pus under the BIG TENT. featured NMestizo. (Garifuna. East Indian. Knriol.
Qu'echi Nla\ a. Nopan Nla\ a. Yucatec Nla\a. Mennonite and Taix anese culture .miado C(han sa\s
the faih helps to emphasize that literature affects culture and \ ice-\ersa So. e\en as literature reflects
0on culture. It helps to change it
as \xell Featured in the photos
are txo of the Belizean
Literature students at their

(L) Anelita Garcia
(R ) Hilberlto Arz

Loing aheaillo Oclober 2W0119: 1UB is on the Orianizin,' Committee of the XIII C'oigress of Ille
Mlesoiiierican Societr for Biologi and Consernaition. The Congress occurs October 2'-30. 200

Architecture Students To Engage in Design Contest
liB s S im.stLi T\\o .Aiclhit .ct i.i si.llnts in lk. Facult of SciKncL andk T hclmioloo! \\ II cLKac' Id 11 a spLcial class )Io|lcct
to d.csill a bootll tfoi usI b\ t. ( o)fict c of Public Inlolt mlla1on all .A.Id missions at its Ip blic anld stakllhol.kl Ic.iu.Iu itnt
ipublichlN ani .lucd aii onal c,.\ c. ts bout '11 sLcond l \ ,.I c Alclictlui. stud. il.ns \ II bK takiii, pa t in tins class coimptllioii
tliougli 5 gc oups anai -.Ni.l b _IB'S .Aiclutic.tucic. Ic.ctuii.i Nl Shlido.l.Noi luniih ONE -ioup \\ Il \\ IN til. TOP PRIZE of
$300 cash! Four CONSOLATION PRIZES valued at $50. each! The project and rules will be explained during the first week
of classes, January 19, 2009.Designs are due Monday, February 16, 2009. Judging occurs Wed. Feb. 18, 2009. The rules
include that the booth design should include display furniture for placement of UB brochures, catalog, Bulletin and other
informative samples and handouts and that the booth's design must clearly feature 6 stations: one for each of UB's 4
faculties, one for UB Sports, and one for UB Admissions/General Info that should include a three-panel backdrop that
should be of flexible, durable, collapsible material/design. All items must be space savers of lightweight, durable portable
materials and the UB colors of purple and gold must be used in the design; as well, the design MUST be computer-aided and
estimated costs of constructing or buying items in the design must be included.
Africa Comes Alive! Mrs. Elma Arzu's African Lit Class Exhibit

Tiffany Simpliss, baccalaureate student, discusses feminism as a
theme in literature
CMCN 209 and RLC Collaborate

)On D.ciimbcr 1, 2008, 23 students
i ll L riieIIa Paulino's CMCN 209
I ( oilu lmlication Skills) class at the
Bc Llmiopa i ca mpus conducted inter-
miltci\ ic.%i s as part of their course
Itqu l nicil.ilts The collaboration
\as t(Il i itiative of FEA's Mrs. Paulino,
Two RLC students who veteran Communication Skills lecturer
were interviewed and Ms. Rosemarie Madera, veteran
educator and English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) lecturer at
UB's Regional Language Center (RLC). The interviewees where
RLC English language students, who also then had the
opportunity to practice newly emerged English language skills.

(L) student Ann Lyn Apolonio (R) Hershabeth Ramclam
dramatize a portion of "The Lion and the Jewel," a dramatic
piece by Wole Solinka

On December 1, 2008, Mrs. Elma Arzu's African
Lit class (LITR 400) held a display and show
called "Africa Comes Alive." Mrs. Arzu notes that
she always tries to incorporate an activity that, as
the exhibit's name implies, transforms the words
on page to reflections of the societies and
lifestyles forming the environment that gave rise
to the literature.
LIT 420: Women Writers
Amado Chan and his Women in Literature (LITR
420) class hosted 12 Belizean writers at the Jaguar
Auditorium on November 12, 2008. The theme of
the forum was "Blessed Be Thy Body-Woman."
Presenters included two UB poets and prose
writers, Ethie Paulino and Silvana Woods. The well
organized writers' forum was supported by the
Office of Student Affairs, which donated plaques.

NRMP 301: Non-Chemical Mosquito Control Show
IiB's Natuial Resource NM larelllellt P ro.r ill conducted ll e\citi an1Id Iele allt jctl\ it\ to culiinllate the
semester The NRM IP 3111 class teamed lup \ Iitl PACT, tlie Proiecied Areas C'oiseriai ion TrusI nd \\ Iitl
residents roll the lMoun01 Pleasatl coninllunit ll\ Belinopula tro present J \l Jet shoi \\ done b\ prim)irn1 school
children under the l uidine oll icef the IUB students ()n December 12. 2'.18. from 1 .11--4 311p 1 i at the Jaguarj
AIuditoniiuii Belimolpal the packed audience \ as both iiiformedl aii entertainel Tihe shio\ lihh_,lhlted halt the
st ldeints hlid lea-rned il their class u,.'tu\ it\. \\l lcli \\as the ii l eiiieiintJtion ofta noni-clieiic:ail mosquito control
pIoJec t iI tihe
Mount Pleasant communities, a group of communities that
surround UB's Belmopan campus. The project was divided into
two parts.
Part One: Research. This was done by PACT scholars.
They did a socioeconomic survey in the communities of S1\ apai.
Maya Mopan and San Martin to investigate the level of a\ areness
of non-chemical mosquito control and mosquito borne diseases
They also mapped mosquito hotspots within the common it es
Part Two: Awareness. UB's NRMP301 students prepared
and delivered lessons on the topic to primary school child rein
The UB students worked with individual classes on variety sha;io
items based on the lessons. Topics covered in the lessons \ ere
based on The Mosquito Book by one of the lecturers who m
helped to develop this program, Dr. Ed Boles. Big kudos to the Segment of the packed house at UB's Jaguar
lecturer who organized this latest activity, Joaquin Miagana Auditorium for NRMP 301's Variety Show on Non-
and to his NRMP 301 students, and to all those in the Faculty of Chemical Mosquito Control
Science and Technology who assisted. For more photos, check
Hunting Caye Clean Up:
FST's NRMP 403 and 445!
UB's Faculty of Science and Technology's baccalaureate
students in Environmental Impact Assessment (NRMP 445)
and Environmental Economics (NRMP 403) closed out
Semester One doing field work at Hunting Caye, one of the
cayes in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve where UB has a
center donated by Earth Watch. Over the November 21 to 23,
2008 weekend, they made presentations on the Fourth
Assessment Report by the IPCC on Climate Change; they also
viewed "No Boundaries" a documentary based on a real life
-. .; -I I s LhLtion experienced by Jamaican Fishermen as compared
S -. L: our Belizean Fishermen; it showed how Jamaica's resources
--' --~ v ci r" depleted because of unsustainable practices. The second
Nk. c- id !y, entitled "Voices of the Chichinautzin," filmed by the
United Nations University, the university from El Estado de Morelos, and the City of Cuernavaca, Mexico, showed 1h,:i this
protected area is facing challenges of illegal logging, development and deforestation, and h1o:v thi communities are struggling to
protect it. Another major activity had to do with a clean up of Hunting Caye; following a tour of the island, the group decided to
Clean up the fore reef section of the island. While on their tour, the students observed a lot of garbage that were labeled made in
Honduras or Guatemala. They were able to collect 70 garbage bags of trash, about 700 pounds, of which the main composition
was plastics. The objective of this clean up was to sensitize our Belizean society on how much pollution is taking place in the
Caribbean Sea. Kudos to Emilio MIontero, UB Biology lecturer and to the students in the NRMP program!

Lni'mrrih i4 Byur

IJ Calendar of Events
January 2009


1 :

4 5 6 7 iiciiim.:.! 8 9 10
F i u t I .I !':,l .i E kV .i ,:,!"

J d t id A u. ;l d ,_I I \\ 'i .iE .;l i.; l.t:,
Bmp, 8:30 ulcdu NL\\ wkshp
3:30 students
wkshp begins

11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Orientation -Grade Registration Registration -Registration: Registration: Scarlet
for all Reports for Semester continues with FMSS FST, RLC, Macaw
PART available Two begins FMSS (morning) Transient, Count: check
TIME -FST's Mr. with FEA FNAHSW NEW students NRM
students, Tessfu at -Spanish (afternoon) -NRM's
FMSS, 8:30 Alternative Placements -UB plays BNE Macaw Bird
-noon Energy kshp, e in b-ball, 8p.m. Count begin
Rm:A,B,C Radisson hallene at UB Gym
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
NRM's -Classes -9a.m.- 2:00pm NOVA NOVA
Scarlet begin for Academic doctoral doctoral
Macaw Count Semester Council meets sessions, sessions, 8:30
Two -Tune in to 5:30 p.m. a.m. to
-Add period PlusTV every to9:00p.m., 5:00p.m.
begins Wed, 8:00 p.m. FMSS's
for UB news on NOVA room
con Amado"
-Choir rehearsals

25 26 27 28 29 30 31
NOVA Last week SGA Hour: -Last day to
doctoral of Drop/ 2:00 -3:30 p.m. ADD a class
sessions, Add period (Last Wed. of -Last day to
8:30 a.m. to every month is withdraw
12:30 noon SGA hour) 100% tuition

February 2009 Highlights
Feb. 4-7: UB hosts COBEC Conference; Feb 7: ATLIB football regionals
Feb. 6: Last day to WITHDRAW from a class with 50% tuition refund
Feb. 16: Last day to WITHDRAW from a class with 25% tuition refund
Feb. 27: Last day to apply for Summer 2009 degree completion

Lookingfor the latest updates
the UB NEWS and
UB Calendar of Events on

University of
Belize is a
and multi-
committed to
excellence in
research and
service for
As a catalyst
of change it
and training
programs that
national needs
based on
principles of
merit and

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