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I Il
I 11 I


Page iI "I
UNO Visits

Counc~i Mets-

UB Launches New Website on Nov. 10th

www.ub.edu.bz lhcI iicii-hiiC',n, I Ii'l/ch.,..o c', b
Ill, k. II I.lllil,'h i InI1'\ \n v 'bv ,l' N \c 'll l 11 111 1 .|i0' ll ll I, N II. ll .
ill'111 k .'111 Ii l.'llll. ll ,,lll .'lll ,, JII l l l. lll . ".11 1 .1 I I.'lll. ii i '.l llll.'ll 1 Il.I
.i' llCII. I II'I.111d I IIi -'I.'1 1 I.\I II IL,." lll IIl lll l.l IIN I II I I II,.' i ll

Illil l lllA \' li III I III 1 ,, C .1 III cI I \ I -I 1 IhI II I illl ,
,Il.llli C-. .' l I .ll l. II 11 CJ. I NCl |I' IIc.'l Id ,k' 11.\ l' v I I % l-II il l hlL 111|1 1 I '
()111,.. I i 1 I' t i ll,.'C IIIItI ,In.I IIIt I ()1)I r il 1v [ JIIIh l .ii h i .IIIII
( .' l.ll llllll,,..llh ,~Ii 1,',i..l 'llh. ,- I I p l ) I'p. lllll u'lll ( )1 Il .l lk', llld .ll |l .
4*II~l I IIII hIII C I l~ile o 1( W1 1 & l II il, I
ICC II~ I IR 'ih.n1 I),.In ih
I ).i .h I Ic h I. I.,, I,,.|k .ll .'Ihi\ .1 I %. IIC.llll C I ,,' i)llnl llllc llll , III I B ,,'
Ic;. 11' ll I .. i V I ll11 llIN I il .111d. I ll .11 I Il Il'I.| L ll,_-I )CINII.I I), I .Illl iI h l I/C' I IIIl..lkl ii l R I IIhCI
,II.illid I .1 d 1111 i, '\ wI 1;' I(.'. li'.n.lll aid ( )1II Ill.illk, .A l1
I It-il,. ( )1II I,. .1 I.I%. l I iP'\ I" % li,,' IIIC IIC '-Nli' IIh I l ,.Ic .111' ,.ICI). Ilill n IC ll h11i'.dI.
111.' 1 '. %.qII 111,. hl. i l .i II I ;.\ Ic-'ll ,,'I ,'ll.l l\ ,', IhC'_',,' Ih,,'ll lipCII Ic",l',)' ,.l .' Ih. u I Cl ll .Ih.l l v.. III ,c'
Ill.ld,,' .lllC'l lic,' ,Ilc' IN 1.1111ill.'1 .il a d ( )III Ic',''l \ C", I,,'.'ll .i,,.'k Ih ill lhlll,,,' ii,,'l,. .iddlll ll '..il I.llPNi.ll
i *li11 .i IC' II Ih 'i. I l i l' 0 licL' N IlI iI. lhl- 'N V I I ll I'ni cI IIIC'l l Ill .Ti, .1 'l 11. 11. .1ilid II C 1 'l1 v III h .' I. .%.1\ IN',,.I.
:Ii llt.III ItI ill". I'Iu' Nll iill I IN h' lll ,tl-'hl h lll ,1 O Cl .11 I', ,llli,' .ilI.d I ill. llllh.ilic N c'II It hlnlink l licit Ii hi ll
l h,.IIIC' I ill IIC 11 "t l .11 C .IL IC.ld ll.. IhII .IIIIlC whild' IIIC IIC I lnllllich,.' ,.I%- ,.Chlic.k i1 %-111 .11
hI1 V V V I"l 6I / I1i .E.t .\llcl Ni,\ ]l' 111. li,.I .. I .id." ,1 1v1 id 1 d c %- v v v IIh .III /hl I I t Ih
: h, ,..'d I i Ihi.ilnk, 1 itc,.h il .le l.IC I ., Blti .I Iidct d ..m.I .l. IIc I (, I ) 1 .,lld I. .Iv .',.
I ( )\ 'l',i '.i' \Ililllll CC'l 1. N IIII._ V li h II. I .i -'-'l ii'i lll. lic IIIIII.i 11L \\ c I lI,% ,k illl- ;- *. .1. I 1 il ?
I Iv'- (',Irlilh.il r ,,I \l-il l r M i li ii. i. .1 ,i -'r .l k ,t i t. ,. --i -,i< lli ubl ,llii l /

I UB's Dec. 5th Crimes Symposium

a( )II V .. i\',. 1 )I.',l.',,l'n t li. I III i11| lllll .' II v' li I|iC' III ,MI',, r-I N .IIItI I il 'i.'IIII '.. 11 i it '- I, lliA hldC'i'
*i fl ^ l H H I, .ilI ia l.i' ('llll ."' \\I|i'II,' illlit .i1l lic' ..1 11.11i .\ltil illl ti lllt i III:c'll i|t, .III l i.'l I h. .\|i' ll li.'
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h ,I l I1hII IIIII i I I I Ic 'll N.'h Ic.l l i'l l'l I .i1 ('111,,1 Il.' l, ll)lc l ,. Ii killl lll ,,1 i n' ll i, ll_ .ii 'ih .'lll,.\

I I C.d ',I I- .' l111ll'11i .ld l),d .\ I'l I ''11 C I ll\ .' I, I %, -i k .el \' 11.11 ,I'lllC'l 1l%. I.i\ bhC ll-h l 111. ,llCh l I llc
E n Ii. |''l'l .\,\l'l .l l illl i 11 ( 'll I',ll II'll d I 'l l /.'.lll.III i.\( I .llll-' |1|',,II % lll | .'111. Ii c' III hiI I', \ N .II Itl. N 'C III I,,
F oIr : 111.11' 1 1 l 1 KIV 'li .'k',. ,|.11 llll. l l it,.' I l %Ill, | l llll, 1i ,I c cc.' I lll. INIi' C. Il% .l' i l l lllkll I) 'l I 1 vi Ill h1 '
Standards.+ II I 110 I%- IliC IIIIIIII % IIIIIC lcml 9114.l I llliiiC 1C l)1- ( IIN C \I h )Ak v Ill hC I )1 .1 I' I %-, i %-I IliC

It'IN ll,.' ,ilC', ( )llli.'i I'ih',.'lll ', ( )lihcl ',ii I' C l i-' ii H Ih IlI/: ,I.' i'll l6 ll i hld.l C .ilC '` Y ,I llhi I [ i I i.' 1 IIIIII' N
aI )e1 .i11' I IIIIC1 .i'.1. 1, il lit. 'l .kilt.i.'ilI\ I I K .ICII \i.i ,ll i ls. ..il i 11 111 .l[i' 1i il. I I' nCI l I)lC .h n.li,' ICIII.II' I\C 'l
,ilI.'eIlll i'.l hI ,.I.ilc' .11i' n'll.l I ( ;nI.I l III I Ill. d11' .1l N. h1 il llui' nllI. il I.,d.'Illll,,' A lli l. l i Iill i I. I III ,
l, i.I a lS cl.'h 'l (;i lllm Cll' /. I Ill' ('hll 'l ,III II C .IIII', .rId .Ill\c'llll .Ill|l' ll ,II. I l l ,si ', Ic.'lllc'l ..lll.1 \ L 'l CICI.III
I eilil '' ,' .ll illii ',I i .Iill\ iI1

.*ale a of Events UB Hosts CSUCA: -...- ..dp... ....... .... .. ...... L .. ......
. 1 .. . .. ., ( . ... .. .... .. ....:. ,.|,! 1 I1I, I.,,! II .. ~ I II, L 't, 1, ., i,, i ll ; .I. !. . .,i ,I .clll in i
ubd ls a member or Lb UiLA and UB s NRM, Natural Resource Management program, organized the meeting. Look
www.ub.ed u.bz
out for more on CSUCA in future UB Bulletin issues.


UB Students Assist Flood Victims

Belmopan students raised over $4,800 in the first i ..I i i .I .i .. Ni 1.1' i ..l iI.
purchased water, canned foods, beans, and other specified items for those affected by the devastating
October floods. In upper left of second photo is the Vice President of UB's SGA, George Tillett.

Social Work Student
Association (SWSA)

advocates, :,coordmates and,

UB's SGA coordinated closely with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). In the advocates, coordinates and
rightmost photo is Alex Anderson, President of the SGA. Great job UB! We are proud of our students! promotes activities that
benefit Associate and
Mr. Leo Pott, UB's Faculty/staff rep. advisor to Baccalaureate UB ocia
the SGA, unselfishly gave up countless hrs. Tks! Work students, governed by
international and national
industry code of ethics. At
its Sept. 24 meeting, elected
were Kendra Griffith, Pres.;
Yolanda Martinez, VP;
Cynthia Williams, Treas.;
Pamela Stamp, Sec;,
Roxanne Jones, Community
Service Chair. Faculty
Advisor is Starla Acosta.
.UB Social Work students do join!

The Belize City Student Government, under the able leadership of its President Moses Sulph and VP Justin Espat, were featured on
Channel 7 as they delivered numerous items collected from Belize City residents and businesses; special mention to Price Premier Products and
other businesses and to UB alumni, faculty and staff who contributed time and items. Rebecca Castillo and the UB Toledo SG and other
student volunteers also have been collecting items to contribute to the overall SGA efforts for those affected adversely by the October floods that
ravaged areas of the Cayo District, the Corozal and Orange Walk districts, especially Albion Islands, Belize River Valley, & areas in Belize City
and surrounds. The Bmp SGA specifically thanks Toucan Industries, Intl' Refrigeration, Builders Hardware, Papi's, Wood Depot & the Bmp

Facltyof ductio an Ars FEA an Fault ofScinc
andTehnoog (ST)beutfy elopn cmps:Ful sor
and poto dsplayin Jnuary2009 B Buletin

University of New Orleans Visits

Dr. Jean Perriott, UB's Dean of Student Affairs, hosted two visitors from the University of New Orleans (UNO) in late
October. UNO's Ms. Allison Betts and Dr. Elaine Brooks spoke to the UB community about scholarship opportunities.
Students learned about transfer opportunities (after an Associate degree) and graduate opportunities at UNO ( after a Bachelor
Degree). The visitors addressed students on Wednesday, October 29 as follows: at the Jaguar Auditorium in Belmopan from
10:00 a.m.-noon; at FMSS's AV Room in Belize City from 2:00-3:00 p.m., and at FMSS's Conference Room from 5:30-7:00
p.m. UNO is located in New Orleans, and one of its brochures notes that New Orleans is "a city that prides itself on the
diversity of its citizens, neighborhoods and cultural traditions." In addition to a rich culture especially its jazz- New Orleans
shares with Belize its propensity for hurricanes; readers will recall the devastation of Hurricane Katrina that certainly makes
Belize part of the regional community of storm watchers.

ud s provost, Dr. Angel tIal, convene me regularly
scheduled meeting of the Academic Council on Wednesday,
Oct. 29 to discuss scheduled program matters and procedures.
Also on the agenda was the discussion of how best to make up,
from an institutional perspective, for the unavoidable loss of
contact hours due to the recent UB and other countrywide
closures occasioned by October's devastating floods that
accompanied Tropical Depression #16.

Changes in Academic Calendar
December 2008
Fri. 12....... Classes end for Semester One (RLC ends Dec. 9th)
Mon. 15 Mon. 22: Final Exams (RLC ends on Dec. 12th)
Tues. 23..... Faculty and staff vacation begins

All deans, academic directors and campus administrators sit on
UB's Academic Council, which is chaired by the Provost.
Together they are charged with ensuring the academic life of
UB, its degree and certificate programs in particular, are
running smoothly, and with ensuring UB's academic policies
and procedures are understood and disseminated to faculty.

January 2009
Mon. 5........... All faculty and staff return
Thurs. 8............ Grades submission due to respective deans
Mon. 12............ Grade reports available to students from
Registrar's Office
Tues-Fri: 13- 16... Registration for Semester Two
Mon. 19............. CLASSES begin for Semester Two

^aj '



UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

UB Black Jaguars B-Ball Looking Good!
Bi,_ kIudos to ith lUiB Black liJa.iuai Basikctball ain \\hlio \\on
-et 16'"' a;-aIinst BNE EnihCI. 1 in thel Bclmopa-n Ba;skctball
Association iBB.Aj touliinl that is onI'oiin,' lB Coach KClIIn
Siioki icpoilLS LhaL II a,;s a ilcal i._11i. UB %\\ ; doiIm n 16 pOllS In
ithe 4li quainteic and camni back io \\ in on a last sccondkl iol Tia\ i
Lennan made a 3 point shot with 2 seconds on the clock to win 72-
69. The team never gave up. All the players contributed to the
victory. UB's Sports and Recreation crew thanks the UB students
and staff that came out and cheered on the UB Black Jaguars. UB
Black Jaguars played again in the BBA tourney on Oct. 31st
against Perk UP at 7:00 p.m. at the UB Gymnasium. UB won 89-
65. Winston Pratt had 20 points and Travis Lennan had 13 points.
Other upcoming UB play dates in the revised BBA schedule are:
Nov. 6 at 9pm (against Bz Bank Bulldogs), Nov. 9 at 8pm(against
Tiger Sharks), Nov. 16at 8pm (against Bmp Energy), Nov. 27 at
9pm (against Bmp Eagles), Nov. 30 at 8pm(against Bz Bank
Bulldogs), Dec.7 at 6pm (against Tiger Sharks). Thereafter,
playoffs for the winning teams begin.

Softball Tryouts that were
weather-delayed now are
scheduled for Sat. Nov. 8 at
the GG Field, Belmopan

When the Black Jaguars aren't playing, practicing or studying,
they are having fun, like during the recent Independence parades.

(L) Jorette Jones, b-ball student (C) Coach Kevin Siroki (R ) UB's
Director of Sports and Recreation Kirk Smith: they were OPI's
guests on the popular radio/TV show Oapn Paki" on Oct. 26.
Siroki and UB Student Athletes (L) UB's Public Information Officer Silvana Kriol GyalWoods
hosted the Oapn Paki show. (R) SGA president Alex Anderson
Assist BBF was also a guest, along with SG Bz City president Moses Sulph,
UB's B-Ball Coach Kevin Siroki, who is a certified FIFA the sports crew, and FMSS lecturer Nicole Haylock.
coaching instructor, assisted with the Belize Basketball
Federation's (BBF) coaching session for secondary school
basketball coaches. The session was held on October 25th at the
Belize City Center. UB Black Jaguars players assisted Coach
Siroki by demonstrating a variety of plays and defensive and
offensive systems.

Faculty and Departmental News
FNAHSW Holds HIV Training
Dcm Isii cl Hoic. and ilkh Fjcuil of Nuii Iiin, Allicd Hclih and Social \\oik iFH.XHS\\ i of ilk ULinncii..il of Bcli/c
HI\ Tiainin,' (cniic .cclmiid suppoil 11on11 P.XH(O) il ll Mi llnisli of Hiallh to pio\ ide \oluiinti C(ouniisl ld Tl sIITi'
I\(CTi ccilicaiioIn iiliniin LiB pi OM ldcd iiinii I 10 II' if iunibcsI fioni tlh Miinis.liN o of Hcilli. i, lfonl BFLA.
miclltinc of pairncls Noikiil,' jlong' \il UINIBAMl rI nllil NSNkl Iad CS\\ conllliniticiil 2 flonii Hind in Haind
Ninistriis I lion llic Red C ioss Inl I l1 oni M A Allicc Aini AIDS This iianin- l ctid 10 \CT Ctll lilcallonl TIh
iru;nin, -\\;IS held Oclobei -'ilI ()OcobLi 24 li 2lis Conul;is to FHAHS\\
FHANSW World Food Day Event Held: 'Ti li.cult\ Ilso iicid u s scldulicdl world d Food Do,
aclti\ itic- on O()cober l'ilh d spitc tile lica I.;i\n\ i- Allhotul'ih til. Run-For-Food -.cLiiicnt cnciicllcd tIlh Jai.,_tui
Aidilorn tini cti'l iLi in Bclminopln plioccedcd \\ilih Food TaisHI' in IK lIobb\

Sludetilo and l iillroi .i1 iB' B% oll(rl Food Di.i hoolhI Atl f.ir riuhl i LkiB'V FNAHS\\ kIc'urcr
Isabel Bennett ihio .ia iii\lruinitiil. i in ni.la g i lit t' ci .1 II'ccto' -dCpi'il t' lilt' t'.ll'cr!

UB Lecturers Report from Taiwan
Fic\ Iicllnibi'le o thIl Eii-nin l in' l i D epiarilimnl of tlhe Lini Lirs t\ of
B,.hiZ, aie pi. liitiing 1iaduatlc an1d post-'IadLialk StLidlls at ll-
Natioiil \UItlt Il ill\ 'Ie 1ii\ Ol f Siclile`' illd Teclh olo,_'\ (\intllci h)
ini rll Rel public ofi Clia. Tiaiviin Tli lcaini. Icld b\ U iB s Leonaird
Nloi-ti m (C). JctffIr\ Jonlc'. Adriana L'slie. and RuL\ -Sh\ an"g Ju
(Richllard. alont \\ l' it lLam ad' i or. Prof'c sor Hing-Jcln LFcc. par-
ticipated in a pitro am Intrioduc ing' andi Delm onstrat t inI a Eanl thqliake L
E n1,mscc\ii Rce-'alllh iin Schools (IDEERS) held at tlc T'Ta al\
Naionall C('r fio RescaLch on Earlihqll 1i L1l (NR iiake Eigin ing NCR \EE. -. S lii iiili ,, i
bc\\ccn Scpt '2 2N Tcam LiB aloig w \ith 211 otlier pos't gadualt
tceIamn fi'rol Tali an. R ) C. Nc\\ Zcalalld. Hongl Ikoing. Southll Kica. lIala\ sia took pait in the actl\ iltes
N\luich inclidced a da\ tiip.a conllfc\lelce and l\o dais of competition Team LiB 1' mebi s also ieccintlh paid a
mcoitesi\ iit to ITson-N Al ini L in. Ph D. piesidcnt of Yuntcch to con e\ their appiceciation for the \arm
hospitality pro\ idcd b\ thle Lnn elsit\ The occasinll \\a also used to cx\tnd grcctllls and ,itia of UiB
imemoiabilla from the plcidcnt oLf thc Lilll\ clsit\ of Bclizc. Di Santos NIlahunt,
Human Resources Office: Social for Faculty and sta
The HR Dpalmnclitlll is htoldin,_ a Holidal Social on Fi ida\. Dec I I from 7 111pm--I iii a in for all fat t\
anld staff at the Piincc'.s hotel in Belize Cit\ FREE for all faculty and staff Wanlllt to bing a 1pa1t.' l $35 i$iI
Great si c \\ c\ nni Gladden & Nc\\ (icatio' n Band' Great Food & Driinks' Prizes'

RLC to Host Dec. 5th Variety Show
The Conmcirationi RLC class and thc Spanish Unit "\ill put off tlhcir annual RL C Vanict Slihot The RLC
studcntlS. \\ ho arc from Colombia. C(uba. Panama. N lc\ico. HoilndLuras. Tanian anad otlhc places. Incliudil tlhe
Bclizcans cngag cd in Spanih clas.. ill sho\\case tlhic r nie\ l acqulircd langIagc aklls \ ta sil a kits. sot~ns. poetli
and othc'r actl\ ities All acti\ ities arc held iiln lie RLC Lobb\. Bcllmoipall

UB's OPI is collaborating with the Engineering Department come
Semester Two to hold a design and building contest for its public
relations booth needs. Cash Prizes! Details available soon!

FST's Engineering Dept Holds Seminars


Phillip Waight, Chairman of the Central Building Aull. &
p/t UB lecturer, delivers World Standards Day address.
r ** -
;i. :!

UB's Engineering Chair Douglas Morrison and Secretary
Deborah Yates (3rd and 4th from right) host Ministry,
APEB & CBA visitors. The Building Code Act was signed Phillip Timmons, Lab Technician at UB's Engineering Materials
in 2003. Testing Lab, at station preparing sample to test on Masonry Saw.
The Engineering Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology collaborated with the Belize Bureau of Standards to
celebrate World Standards Day on October 14th under the theme "Intelligent and Sustainable Buildings." UB's Chair of the
Engineering Department, Douglas Morrison, hosted officials from the Ministry of Economic Development, Commerce,
Industry and Consumer Protection, as well as officials from the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize (APEB).
Chair Morrison and lecturers also gave a tour of UB's Engineering facilities.

November Seminars

Wed., Nov. 5: Finding Solutions:
Surviving the Crime and Violence Around You.
Facilitator: Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis

Thurs., Nov. 13: Industrial Safety Seminar
Facilitator C. Phillip Waight, (P.Eng.)

Both will be held from 1 -3:00 p.m. in Room AS102, Engineering Department, Freetown Road, Belize
City. Students: Register NOW with Ms. Deborah Yates at the Chair's Office, 223-0256, ext. 405

' I #




FIS Bemoa Hst Letr on
Clmae hagean Secuit

university ^ LBeliz U

Sliloli Fel, is a1 ieseach'liei \\ ilh llie Cliule CIluiie
& Security Project at the Royal United Services Institute
(RUSI) Her research interests include the security
implications of climate-related population movements,
health effects of depleted uranium munitions, and
governance canacitv building in Latin America

SDr. Tobias Feakin is the Director of Homeland Security and
Resilience Dept. at RUSI. His Ph.D. is in International Politics
and Security Studies. He established RUSI's "Climate
Change: The Global Security Impact Program" in 2003.

(L-K) Ministry's Oliver del Uid, British High Commissioner H.E. Patrick
Ashworth, Deputy High Commissioner, and UB's Chair of FMSS, Bmp,
Dr. Philip Castillo at the October 29th Jaguar Auditorium presentation

Almost 200 students attended. Seated at far right is Commander
John Borland of the Belize Coast Guard. Commander Borland
was given kudos for the Coast Guard's work in the recent floods.

Dr. Feakin and Ms. Fetzek were in Belize under the patronage of the British High Commission and the Ministry of National
Security (MNS). Their organization RUSI is a prestigious UK think-tank concerned with defense and security. UB's Dr.
Castillo, whose Ph.D is in Developmental Studies, did a wrap up on the Belize dimensions of the speakers' messages,
Particularly as Belize is the seat for the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC). The main message to some
S200 students who attended was this: Climate change can erode a government's institutional capacities to respond to disasters,
Food security and other needs. Environmental stresses can affect the health of a nation and its social stability. UB thanks Mr.
SOliver del Cid, the MNS's Deputy National Security Coordinator, for providing refreshments and also thanks Mr. Joseph
SSampson for helping FMSS and UB's Office of Public Information to organize this forum. Mr. Sampson is a UB History
lecturer who is helping to coordinate UB's Dec. 5th Crimes Symposium with MNS, UB's Public Safety Office and other
stakeholders. On another note, the CCCCC invites the UB community to its November forum on "Consequences of
Climate Change and Initiatives to Reduce Risks" which will be presented by Dr. Martin Parry of the International
Government Panel on Climate Change. The lectures: Mon. Nov. 3, 6:30-8:30 p.m at UWI Open Campus in Belize City and
Tues. Nov. 4th 2:30-4:30 at UB (Check with Ms. Pasos, Chair, Science Dept);6:00-8:00 p.m., George Price Center. in Bmp.

LnierN4 of nBeu

X ...,",

Calendar of Events



'|'N. .1 ,, .lI!,, 11 i. iri. I l
I. i pI j, ; I 1 2 ii i
S L II-. .', '| I- I iL I Ic Lr

' -JjiLuii b- Iu 'L 11 -I'lc- L" -L uLiIILC L)L 13 -Liifii'ccliirt, 14-- i'c- 15
ball, 8pm, new website Regis. -Pre-Regis. Seminar: Regis.
UB Gym goes up continues continues Industrial continues
-Pre-Regis. Safety, Bz City
begins for 1-3pm, AS102
Sem. Two -Pre-Regis.
16 -Jaguars 17 -Pre- 18-Pre- 19 Garifuna 20-Pre- 21 22
b-ball, Regis. Regis Settlement Day Registration
8pm,UB continues continues Holiday continues

23 24 25 26 27 -Jaguars b- 28 29
ball, 9pm, UB

30-Jaguars b
-ball, 8

December 2008


1 2 3 -Rescheduled 4 5 -Crimes 6
Reproductive Symposium,
Health Fair Jaguar / -RLC
UB on Ch 7 & Variety show
Wave "Lik

7 -Jaguars b- 8 9 10 11 12 -Classes end 13
ball, 6pm,UB
14 15-Final 16-Final 17 -Final Exams 18 -Final 19 -Final Exams 20-Final
Exams Exams continue Exams continue Exams
Begin continue continue -UB fac/staff continue
Xmas Party
21 22 -Final 23 -UB closes 24 25 26 27
Exams end for the holiday

28 29 30 31 January 13-16: Registration for Semester
Mon. Jan. 19: Classes begin for Semester
.Tan 16-1 Se rlet Ma'ewN Cniint-chleek NRM1




Unive rsityiof

Be~lize is aN



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