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_Volume 8, Issue 5

october, 2008

Sustained Agriculture Program Launched

UB agriculture students (L-R) UB's Carol August; Romaldo Lewis MOU signing
UB Agriculture: Promoting Belizean Food Security. This was the theme at the launch of UB's new,
energized Sustainable Agriculture Associate Degree held at the Central Farm campus on September
30th. A highlight of the ceremony was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);
signing was UB President Dr. Santos Mahung and CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and
S* r P Cooperatives, Mr. Gabino Canto, who deputized for the Minister, Honorable Rene Montero. 17 students
are enrolled in the first year of the new program; 11 students are finishing their second year under the
old program. UB's Chairperson Carol August and Head of Production Unit Romaldo Lewis (see also
I D page 5) took the media and guests on mini-tours of the Met station, rotary composting, agro forestry,
production plots and agro processing. The Department is under the Faculty of Science and Technology.

U DtIl FST on the MOVE: Plant ID Training and Bird Banding

The Natural Resource Management (NRM) program of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)
g assisted the Belize Audubon Society (BAS) in training their park managers and rangers. FST's Dr.
S Elma Kay and Zoe Goodwin, a botanist from the UK working with the Belize Botanic Garden, put
*Ba in. ng together a 3 1/2 day field course in plant identification and taxonomy. The course taught the basics of
iAplant identification using scientific names. For example, going from North to South of Belize people
may use a common name for a plant, say "cow foot." In one place what people are calling "cow foot" is
g a plant called Bauhinia divaricata in the bean family, while in other places "cow foot" is Piper aduncum,
a plant species in the black pepper family. Another example is the Bursera simaruba; some people call
R it the gumbo limbo tree while others may call it chacah or palo chino or indio peludo. During the course
the rangers learned to identify plants at the family level and learned the major plant families at Cockscomb
and how to properly collect and dry specimens for identification, as well as to deposit at the Forest
Department's Herbarium in Belmopan.
FST was also involved in a bird banding workshop, which
built on previous experience in mist netting birds. The
idea is to set up a permanent bird banding station on the
UB Belmopan campus. Bird banding is a technique used
worldwide to study bird migration and it is the backbone of
many monitoring programs. Thanks to Dr. Leandra Cho-
Ricketts and Dr. Elma Kay for information. I

BAS Dark managers & rangers in training

(Continued on nape 6)

OFFER. MEETING AT THE WELLNESS OFFICE. Belioplan schedule available:
I IM1 ': ONDAI). S 111:11 12: ; 1:1111- 3:1111; iliS )\ S 11:11100- 12:11100 ; 1:111-3:1111 1 'i)NI'SI).\ 111:1111- 12:1111; 3:1111 5:I11;
IIlI iRSI)\ 8:11 111:1111; 11:1111 3:1111; F RID \ 111:1111 12:1111.

UB students participate in Independence
parades in Belize, Belmopan and PGI V
UB holds Patriotic Day at Bmp campus! j

greasy pole, etc. A highlight was the
presentation of the UB Patriot Award to Mr.
J. Alexander Bennett, education veteran and
current part-time UB History lecturer; he
also recently published his book on the
comprehensive history of education in Above: UB students in Bz City
Belize. Elma Arzu is fluent in 4 languages; Independence parade
she is also an excellent singer and often leads
the singing of the Belizean National Anthem. In addition to coordinating the Arts Dept.,
Above: FEA's Elma Arzu she lectures in English and Literature; she is involved in much cultural community work.

UB Holds Sexual Harassment Forum

It happens everyday, and it may even happen to you. We sure hope not. But this is why UB's Student
Services held a forum on October 1 to sensitize the UB community to this global issue. Ms. Melissa
Jenkins from the Women's Department located in San Ignacio town, through UB's office of Student
Affairs, coordinated the Sexual Harassment forum to educate our students about the facts and
consequences of it. They intend to do a follow-up to this opening forum. A Sexuality and Relationships
Workshop is scheduled for Wed., Nov. 5th, 2:00 p.m., Jaguar.

UB students at CSME Workshop in Trinidad and Tobago
Seven UB students went to Trinidad and Tobago from September 15 19th to partake, along with other tertiary level students,
in a CSME Workshop. CSME is the Caribbean Single Market and Economy. All four faculties were represented. The students
are: Alex Ron Anderson, Bachelor-Natural Resources (also the SGA president), Rebecca Fabiani Castillo-Assoc. Primary Ed.
(also Toledo Student Govt. President), George Exodus Tillett, Bachelor Primary Ed.(also the VP of the Bmp Student
Government), Kirk Douglas Augustus, Bachelor Social Work, Jamaal Everett King, Bachelor-Management, Leshaun Wylis
Tucker, Bachelor, Business Admin., and Rhonda Sheries Middleton, Bachelor Nursing. The CSME sponsored the trip. The
students' visit was part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat CSME Public Education Program, facilitated by
9th European Development Fund (EDF) Caribbean Integration Support Program (CISP). On Monday, Oct. 6, SGA held a
meeting to report on the students' visit.
~l~UB's Semester Kickoff

(L) Nicole Dawson, Student Services secretary Vignettes of UB's semester kickoffs The History Dept. was
(C) Moses Sulph, Bz City SG president held on Sept. 3rd in Belize City at both Semester Kickoff
(R) Sharon Palacio. Coord.. Student Services and Sent. 4th in Belmonan. and Patriotic Dav!

PTeds + Thursdays: Oc. 23; N 1, 1; D .

The F.icult\ of Nursinwf. AIlied
Health and Social \V ork
FN.HS\W. hosted \isitinw
colleague Jeanne M. Isabel,
Ms.Ed., ClspH, MY (ASCP) to
our campus sites. She is
Associate Professor of the
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Program in the School of Allied
Health Professions at Northern
Illinois University (NIU).
Professor Isabel was on a one-
Trudy Tillett, Chair of Allied Health Professor Jeanne Isabel of Northern Illinois es on on
and Social Work University presents to UB students week visit to meet with
representatives from the
Ministry of Health, PAHO/
HEALTH FAIR-oct. 22: Associates, Central Medical
n 8:45a.m.: Opening Ceremony in Jaguar Laboratory, Administration at
Auditorium UB and with UB faculty and
10:00 a.m. Fair in front of Wellness students of FNAHSW. On
Center, BelmopanCampus:VCT, September 16 at the Jaguar
PASMO, BFLA, UB Nursing students: Auditorium in Belmopan,
blood pressure, glucose testing, pap Professor Isabel presented on
ilii smear; HIV/AIDS quick testing the topic "Cutting Edge Issues/
Iyerefama Theresa I. Membere, Technical The 4th year Baccalaureate Development in Laboratory
and Volunteer Nursing Lecturer, demon- Nursing Students invite you! Science NIU." She also
states technique to UB's "Fundamentals THEME: Health is wealth: presented on matriculation
of Nursing" class. Investin in a sae reproductive requirements for UB students
Lifestyle interested in applying to NIU
to further their studies.

Wed. Oct 1: FNAHSW Symposium at Jaguar Auditorium, Bmp, for International Day of Older
Persons. Theme: Rights of Older Persons.
Fri. Oct. 10: World Mental Health Day. Theme: Making Mental Health a Priority-Scaling Up Global
Services Through Citizen Advocacy and Action. FNAHSW, in collaboration with the Bmp Mental Health
Consumers Assn.: Parade from Bmp hospital to UB campus and the BIG TENT, for opening ceremony,
mental health info; symbolic release of helium balloons, presentations, and more!.
Thurs. Oct. 16: World Food Day. Theme: World Food Security-The Challenges of Climate
Change and Bioenergy. FNAHSW-engaged in raising awareness; UB hosts a market day in Jaguar Auditorium,
Bmp, 10 a.m.-2:00p.m.: begins with a Run-for-Food event, followed by Opening Ceremony, then presentations
on nutrition and climate change, food displays and tasting in Jaguar lobby.
Want more information? Contact FNAHSW lecturer Isabel Bennett, 822-3680, ext. 327

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

Wi~etrry or 5&na


The U B Black Jaiiiuari, \Vollct.kll maile and tcinalc tcanrI I lcd iin aind Il \\ the ATLIB \ -llc\ ball Regi ional
Tot i' ie lllii, \\ hli k\ \ on Iiia'lg llllI\ lchlcdulold t'I SecpItcell cl 27 n111 Ind clc iindcncc hute \\ I' p>' tp iiol Cd e ic to lI'lll
Thl gallies werci play ed ilstcad dt the UB Gym on Octobcr 4 agdallst Sltall Clr'ck Ecumlcmcal J unor College,
Sacred Heart Junior College, Galen University and Independence Junior College. The competition began at 9:00
a.m and UB won! The UB Female Black Jaguars Volleyball is the defending ATLIB national volleyball champion,
and many of the UB female players have been selected for the national Belize volleyball team! Additionally, the
UB male volleyball team won second place in the last ATLIB tournament. Since both the female and male UB
teams qualified on October 4th, they play again Saturday, Oct. 11th in San Pedro at the nationals.


Alva Ramirez
Jamela Noralez
Cynthia Aranda
Heather Castro
Neisha Williams
Katrina Gotz
Marianne Ramclam
Nicole Longsworth
Rosbelle Ogaldez
Kaina Martinez
Jasmine Anderson
Sharea Pandy
Stephanie Obrian

Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda


Sean Ho
Paul Casimiro
Windell Lemoth
Garrette Sutherland
Kyle Miller
Shane Armstrong
Elton Moore
Adrain Garbutt
Micheal Neal
Timothy Bardalez
Lyndon Paraham
Kerret Paulino
Lucas Titus

Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda

Saturday, Nov. 1st
CallingAll FEMALE Softball
Players to this Year's Softball
Tryout and scholarship
Contact: Mr. Claude "Too
Taal" Jones 822-3680 Ext:
Cell: 623-7976


Need UB female students
for the 2009 Ruta Maya:
Claude "Too Taal" Jones
at numbers above

Darren Bovell in front of new Black Jaguars
UB van. Mr. Bovell, apart from being a
popular basketball star nationally, is part of
the UB Recreation and Sports team.

Sat. Nov. 8th

Cheer on UB
Black Jaguars
Basketball in the
tournament at
Sacred Heart
College, 9:00 a.m.

Faculty and Departmental News

Coniiir ulitioniis to Piscillk. Bio\in Lopez FEA lecturer \ ho \tote Ind edited \ tllh (ubol. production tihe text
and workbook entitled Litn\i Together Tlu tS is .1o firSt of .1 e f 1e\tboo or primn.il school students .nd
the textbooks ire aligned to tlie primn.Ir school currctultuin In tlie near fuitulle stimi r text \\ill be plan1. ed for
Intent 2 to Std 6
DOCTORAL CANDIDATES AT LIB: Note too thlit Priscilla Lopez is doctoral candidate in the
School of Education ait Unili\erit\ of Durhili. in Engl nd She li.ia been ,oing up to Engol.nid o\ei tile pa.it sunmineis
and working online. We congratulate her on this latest achievement. Also note that the UB faculty involved in the
Nova Southeastern doctoral program meet again in November for 16 hours; the Oklahoma University UB doctoral
candidates last met over summer sessions and continue their inter-sessions work. Best wishes to all 13 UB faculty
who are engaged in both teaching and doctoral studies.

Vignette of UB faculty and others in the Nova
Southeastern Univ. cohort at a weekend session.

Professor Ricci of Nova Southeastern Univ.
More ERASMUS Schols doing weekend lecture at FMSS's NOVA room
More ERASMUS Scholarships
Tracy Sangster, English and Literature lecturer in the faculty of Education and Arts, leaves for a Master of Arts in
English studies, literature, language and culture as part of the ERASMUS scholarships funded by the European
Union. Tracy's course is a 2 year full time course at the Freir Universitat Berlin, Germany. Congrats and all the

...Leading UB's agriculture:
SCarol August: Master's degree in Botany; was Chair of UB's Science Dept
for 3 years; now Chair of UB's Agriculture Dept in the Faculty of Science and
Technology. Mrs. August also worked from 1978 to 2002 with the Ministry of
Agriculture in the Legume and Pasture Research Division and the Soil and Plant
Tissue Lab.

Romaldo Lewis: MBA from Universidad Mariano Galvez in Guatemala;
M. Sc. in Agriculture Production. Mr. Lewis also worked with Chiquita Bananas
International for 10 years as Director of Production for the Central American region.
He was professor and Chair of the Agric program at Universidad de San Carlos,
before oining UB; he is head of the Production Unit at Central Farm.

Images from Bird Banding Training Workshop At UB
The \[tiucill[ Icalllcl ditc l[ i opl l'[iill' 1111 i 11[s. l it rd lld \l c\ [l l lll alld Iill ll '. I ldll ll'l. a-_clll-' allld sc\lll'-
[tclllll tlic'. llr 'I ti[l'd[t'lIc". It' llntcl flC'. a.dll i L i idi\' ll ll\ I \ Il\ \\ IIlIc 11 m tll c l'I\ I 'llaiii'll", Iil i l[ dlkt' ll hitll ll' [
tlic UB Bc Bl n'\ii c.llllnpi, '. rullid TI.iii \\cic DrI Nick Ba\ \. C.,n Lia GC incz tl ail ,ta't 'fi in Bird' \\li Lti tl
Bot ldcl, Birdk \V\ lil intl[ Br 'ilt i l l t N C a d't .'ciil\ t llh t 1 in I'rN' hi i'- I l it R iili\\ d\ Cicck Recri\c

(L) Mr. David Tzul from Birds Without Ageing a woodpecker At the banding table,
Borders shows UB student Hope Amadi with Instructor Nick Bayly
(R) how to extract a bird from the mist net.

(Lf) (Left): UB's Dr. Elma
(Left): UB Kay shows William, a guest
,, student Gail from the Belize Foundation for
McNab Research and Environmental
extracting bird Education, how to "process" a
from net. bird; that is, gather all the
useful information. Dr. Kay is a
S W ( Ph.D. and is an Assistant
Professor in the NRM program.

NRM Students Engage in Mapping Field Activity
In addition to the bird banding training, NRM also held a GIS field trip to Las Flores in the Belmopan area.
Students were taught mapping using GPS. UB's Ms. Yael Atar Peled of FST provided the photos, and the Chair,
Dr. Leandra Cho-Ricketts, notes that many of the courses in the Natural Resource Management program involve
field activities that provide much opportunity for both real life work and for linking with relevant Belizean,
regional and international organization organizations involved in environmentally-friendly practices and in managing
natural resources.

Dr \incent Palacio. Chair of thel FaciuIrs of t lanauTement and Social Sciences.
Belize Cit\ campus. hosted ,uLest speaker Ale\ander Vasilescu. Esq at a
September 15 th lecture on Financial Crimes The Sleakers \ isit \\ as made
Impossible through the i S Emba ss\ 's Speakers Prouram. and o\ ei "5 Belize
C'it LiB students in Business La\\. Hoslpitalit La\\. ani Paraleal Studies
attended Dr Palacio holds a Ph D in Recreation Resoiurces MlanaIement
D)r. Vincint Paio..i.h ( 'iiir-FNlISS. B/( it Nh \ahslescui holds a J.D. from Cornell La\\ School. HIs expenence includes
work with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and several high profile securities cases. Mr. Vasilescu
noted that SEC conducts market surveillance activities, investigates investor tips, complaints and media reports, and
works closely with criminal prosecutors on parallel investigations, as SEC is a civil jurisdiction.

Speaker Alexander Vasilescu, Esq. Bz City FMSS students and lecturers

University Of Belize Forensic Society: UB Think-Tanks
The Forensic Club is setting up for its first meeting. The University of Belize Forensic Society's immediate
purpose is to produce debaters and public speakers who have both technical excellence and academic integrity.
In addition, the purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for students to build communication skills through
practice and participation in intramural and interscholastic speech and debate competitions. Monthly meetings
will be held throughout the year, once a month. Major events will include inter-class competitions and Inter-
Campus Tournaments. One is tentatively scheduled for November 12th. Mrs. Tracy Sangster was originally
heading this club; however, as she is now on study leave, Mrs. Elma Arzu of the Faculty of Education and Arts
is holding over. We will update you on this as plans get underway.

5 Need a loan? Scotia Retail Service Center
Scotabank Opens on UB's Belmopan Campus

Over a year ago, Scotiabank opened an ATM at the Belmopan UB campus. This year at Orientation, Scotiabank
also introduced its Student Loan Program, with special packages created for tertiary level students. Now in
October 2008, Scotiabank and UB have agreed to the opening of a Scotiabank Retail Service Center, next to the
Scotiabank ATM at the UB campus in Belmopan. This Center is now operating, and faculty and staff can now
access a specially created Scotia loan packages targeted for their needs. You can get details from any Scotiabank
branch office or from the UB Scotiabank Retail Service Center at the Belmopan campus.

Calendar of Events

e Univs o Bi
PoII N Horizons;


1 -hiii IL' ,. 2 3 -1. i.l 4
I Ldc-r Persans: withdraw Iron a
YNA.] ISW cursc with a

5 6 7 8-Foru cI on[V 9 10 -World 11 -UB Bak
i I I" \IS. jILLIarT Aud., Mental HEalth Jauars
Period ]Drnp. 2iliJ p.i. Day: iN I. >W .llIih.l]] in
lns:enBd Parade+ Big San Pedro

12 13 PrAl n- 14. 16 -WlAid i-.l 17 18
erican Ihy Fll.'in-,,'irn I): FNA1HSW
Holiday (no BurwLl Food Run and
classes) Stands Market Day
Activity RBc.

19 20 21 22 ,: <,l 23 24 25
Stul&m1'' Rights,
Rep"nsihilitics &

Fcalth Fair kins

lllinlil W il la
*"1 ILrIH.'I '"

29 -SG IHOl.IR
2 i1'-3:00 p.m,

UB Bulletin: All UB faculty, staff and
affiliates can submit information for publication
in the UB Bulletin. Send submissions via e-
mail to opi@ub.edu.bz or forwarded on a CD
to Silvana Woods, Public Information Officer
c/o: the Administration Building-2nd floor,
Central Campus, Bmp.

30 -SGA
Ili aloween
I !rn.e 'Clusumne
AnttA Lit.u

....- .--- e

qov. 1:
isflball ITrouls

Saturday Nov. 8:
UB Black Jaguars


Calnda. Ifyu

faclt or
unvrst grou

Inomto at
82-360 ext.*
20. S

UB Mission:
The Uiesit of
Beiz is a ainl

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