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21st, 2008!

Issue 4

September, 00

UB's New, Energized Sustainable Agriculture Program

UB is relaunching its agriculture program on
Tuesday, September 30 at 10:00 a.m. at the
Central Farm campus. Formerly the Belize
College of Agriculture, this institution was one of
five that was amalgamated in 2000 to form the
University of Belize. UB is excited about the
energized refocus of the Associate Degree in
Sustainable Agriculture. Major emphasis in hands-
on experience and the inclusion of a stronger
managerial component in addition to the academic
Kristen Avila, UB Agriculture Student background will help to produce graduates that
contribute to agriculture, one of the pillars of the
Belizean economy. The new program is run
through the Faculty of Science and
Technology. The Dean is Dr. Thippi Thiagaraj an,
the Chair is Mrs. Carol August; Mr.Armando
Cowo is the agronomist; Mr. F. Trinidad Mendez
and several adjunct lecturers contribute to program
delivery. The Development Unit on Central Farm
is headed by Mr. Romaldo Lewis, Production
Manager, who is assisted by his cadre of
technicians and labor force. This unit is currently
producing cabbage, green pepper, honey, cattle
and is responsible for the micro-propagation unit.
J Mr. Lewis notes that plans are for the micro
propagation to involve tissue culture of banana,
sugarcane, pineapple, papaya and orchids. The
micro propagation lab is targeted for completion
later this year.

UB Sustainable Agriculture students till the

Official UB Census
3,456 students have registered for Academnic Year 2008-2009, Semester One.
A complete breakdown will be provided in the October UB Bulletin.

Student Government Swear-In

UB's sludeni government, Belmopan campus, was sworn in on Aug. 27 al Ihe Jaguar Audiloiiumn: Ihe Toledo Sludenl
GovernmenI Presidenl, Rebecca Caslillo was Ihere loo, while Ihe Belize Cily campus was undergoing by-eleclions. The
fourth Wednesday of every monlh is Sludenl Governmenl Hour, so facully inleresled in organizing pan-UB events for
Wednesday al 2:00p.m., Ihe official no-classes scheduled hour, should nole Ihal Ihey need Io keep Ihe fourth Wednesday
free for Sludenl GovernmenI Hour. The UB Studenl Governmenl, via Ihe Office of Studenl Affairs, is also organizing Ihe
usual UB L-shiils and parade item for Sept. 21". Mr. Leonardo Poll is the Faculty advisor to the Student Government and
the Faculty representative to the UB Board of Trustees. Mr. Pott is also a doctoral candidate with Oklahoma University in
a program that has him teaching full time while pursuing doctoral studies. He is one of 13 such UB faculty, some of whom
are with the NOVA Southeastern University program.

(L) Faculty advisor and rep. Mr. Leonardo Pott, Vignette of Bmp Student Government Swear-In
(R) Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Jean Perriott Belmopan Student Government
President: Alex Anderson, Vice President: George Tillett,
Financial Controller: Ike Chen, Administrative Officer: Judith
Lisbey, Secretary of Advocacy: Abel Henriquez, Secretary of
Programming: Ismael Noble Secretary of Legislation: Ruel Cruz,
Secretary of Sports: Victoria Chi, Senator of FST: Angel Alpuche,
Senator of FMSS: Seoane Aragon, Senator of FNAH: Lareni
Reyes, Senator FEA: Stephen Sho.
Toledo Student Government
President: Rebecca Castillo, Vice President: Tracy Busano,
Financial Controller: America Cal, Administrative Officer: Stacy
Ramclam, Secretary of Advocacy: Alejandro Sam, Secretary of
Programming: Sharette Sutherland, Secretary of Legislation:
Vania Ramclam, Secretary of Sports: Doreth Cayetano, Senator
Ihiginia Cal, and Senator Eligio Roches.
Belize City Student Government
President: Moses Sulph, Vice President: Justin Espat, Secretary of
Sports: Aaron Lopez, Secretary of Legislation: Anthony Bradley
and Senator of FM: Amadeo Aleman.
Rebecca Castillo, Toledo's Student Government Association of Student Governments
President, addressing the Belmopan Student Government President: Alex Anderson, Vice President: Moses Sulph, and
Administrative Officer: Rebecca Castillo.

Condolences to the family & friends of the late Juan Diego Baeza, UB EngineerinM Student.


The O()fficcs of ic \Vice Prcslidcnt, (aicg Pro\ost and hdiec
Financial Controller met with all Deans and Department
Heads recently in order to get their input in the decision
making for fine-tuning UB's 2008-2009 Budget. The August
19th exercise served as a follow-up to an earlier meeting
in which program budgets were first presented. The
Administration and Development Subcommittee of the UB
Board makes the final recommendations, based on the input
from this meeting. The challenge for those concerned is
meeting the gap between the $16.8 million dollars in
projected UB income for this coming year, which is inclusive
of government grants and student tuition, and the $29 million
ideal budget that department heads and deans would like
to see. UB's income is spent as follows: 74% goes directly
to salaries for over 350 faculty and staff, 23% goes to
Dr. Geraldo Flowers, UB's Vice-President (standing), oversees recurrent expenditure and 3% goes to capital expenditure,
Budget Exercise; seated in forefront is Human Resources with this latter being supplemented through partnerships
Director, Yura Monsanto. with private organizations.

Library Holds EBSCO Training Sessions

The UB Library is a licensed user of EBSCOhost, and the library is holding training sessions for faculty and staff on
navigating Academic Search and Business Source Premier databases by EBSCOhost. Two sessions for the Belmopan campus:
September 2nd: 1:30-3:00 p.m. and from 3:30-5:00p.m. Venue: UB Computer Lab, Jaguar Building, Room U3. The training
sessions are conducted by EBSCOhost representatives. The library is also trying to set up training sessions at the Belmopan and
Toledo campus sites, and these will be arranged for the future. Please contact Joel Rancharan, Actg. Associate Librarian, for further
information. EBSCO provides access to 4,678 full text journals from various subject areas, 3,618 peer reviewed full journals, over
100 online books, PDF back files to 1975 or further, and thousands of industry and market research reports. So...you can choose
EBSCOhost and select your databases to begin your virtual journey into the wonderful world of research. The library also provides
free EBSCO advising to students and for classes as requested -just ask! Get the EBSCO password from the library and get on the
academic information highway. Students can also go the Reference Department at any UB library and ask for assistance with
research needs.

Joel Rancharan, Acts. Associate Librarian

EBSCO training in session. Darryl Manzanero, Library
Assistant, Belmouan Campus, Reference Section

UB's Recreation and Sports:
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Canoeing

i~vWr;l~rv a uze
Lwwry W -

*O L~~Ru-4Q~ -Gq

UB Sports crew in BDF SPORTS DAY
Kc%\ in Sirokl,. C coach of the n ai\d-\ inning' UB Black Jna'ular Bnsklctball teiami bioiihlit in ScpitLcmbni'x \ ith a coninilIIt\ -
oIutr I'ach bang \\I hn' thl' \o'llIntc'c'i.'di pa1i of thl'n AI u L Ii t 3Ai th \\' kclnd to join th Bc'llz Dc'-'.nsL' Foric' (BDF) in
raising awareness though participating in the BDF Sports D ay. Several UB students are members of the BDF, and the
sports crew enthusiastically participated. Kevin Siroki ran the 26-mile marathon, while other UB Black Jaguars team
members ran the 5-K in support.

Football is Kicking UP Dust at UB!

Volleyball! Volleyball!
Saturday, Sept. 13
UB's Extramural
Volleyball Tournament
9:00 a.m. at the UB Gymnasium
in Belmopan
Saturday, Sept. 27
UB at Regional Volleyball Tournament
Hosted by St. Creek Ecumenical Jr. Coll.
or Independence Jr. Coll.

Clinton Moody, UB Primary Education student, gets
ready for friendly Black Jaguars football game.
In the shot above, the new UB sports bus is in the
background. Incidentally, the Aug. 14 game against
the National Under-20 team resulted in a score of
nil/nil. Interested in trying out for football? Contact
Mr. Ian Sangster at UB,: 822-3680, ext. 200.

Wednesday, October 1st
Tryout date for choosing UB softball team
Saturday, September 6th
The UB Black Jaguars Football Team is playing another
Friendly game, this time in Stann Creek, in preparation for in
CSUCA's Central American university games.

NEEDED: Female students to
compete in the 2009 Ruta Maya: !
Contact Claude "Too Taal" Jones
at 822-3680, ext. 439

Scholarship News
Two UB graduates will be going on Ihe Erasmus European Union scholarships you may have recently heard aboul on Ihe
news: Ihey are Sylvia Norales: she is allending ITC in Ihe Nelherlands for a Masler's degree in Nalural Resource Mgml: Ihe
olher is Romulo Cal: he will allend ITC in Ihe Nelherlands for a Masler's degree in Environmenlal Science (Ihis may change
Io NRM).

Faculty and Departmental News

Congrals to UB's lecturers who have been in Ihe news doing positive community
outreach. Ethnelda Paulino of the Faculty of Education and Arts was one of the
1 facilitator of a workshop the Ministry of Education held for 50 teachers in
Communication Skills. Congrats also to UB's Social Work Lecturer StarlaAcosta,
who took part in a workshop by NCFC, ILO on Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

(L) FEA's Ethnelda Paulino

We also introduce the second production assistant for the OPI office,
AngelAlpuche. He is a UB student who is pursuing a Bachelor's degree i
in IT; he is also a senator representing FST on the Bmp. Student
Government. We welcome back Gina Hernandez to the Office of the VP
and thank Jennifer Tatum for holding over. Together, these two UB staff
members have helped tremendously in assisting the Office of Public
Information in navigating its way around the various UB departments.

SIOPI Production Asst., Angel Alpuche
(second from right).

(above) Jennifer Tatum is holding over temporarily
at the Faculty of Education and Arts until she
heads back to the Human Resources Office.
(above) Gina Hernandez returns from vacation to
the VP's Office; she also provides much logistical
assistance to the Office of Public Information.
Oops! We had a couple errors in the August 2008 UB Bulletin and take this opportunity to correct them:Spelling of
names: The correct spelling of the new Chair of FST is Juliane Pasos;. The correct spelling for the new Coordinator of History,
FEAis Cesar Ross. The word GRADUANDS in the listing of 2008 Graduation Stats should be GRADUATES as "graduands"
refers students who are about to graduate and all 597 UB graduands did graduate!


Be a part of the UB Bird Banding Group: Conlaci Beirl Clieig. NRII. 822-3680. ext. 446

Visit: .belizemn igra ii nIts. ordpress.coin +

UB Students, Earthwatch, DOE and TIDE Belize: Cleaning Things Up!

Lero\ Jones. a Bachelor degree Biolow\ student coordinated \\itlh (G.l MNcNib NRNI B.chelor student 1n
leading 11 student volunteers of the Faculty of Science and Technology in cleaning up East Snake Caye, which
is located in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. Jones says that the field experience provided invaluable hands-
on experience to the academic side of his degree program. Earlier, from July 27 to August 4 2008, students did
mangrove monitoring at the same East Snake Caye. Also, from June 13-21, a team of students did a survey of
the coral bleaching at the Sapodilla Caye Range. All are Earthwatch fellows and their fieldwork was supported
by TIDE Belize, the Toledo Institute of Development and the Environment. They also got assistance from the
Department of the Environment. Three of the students are Biology students and the other 8 are Natural Resource
Management students.

- -

V 'Y

W i ii I ir.% (ri~jahIill ( ,il NkNai b

Two students of the Faculty of Science and Technology
cleaning up East Snake Caye.

I ,

Professor Robert A. Hill
A picked J Aiuiir .uditorium on August 2tli si\\ thie llunchi of the ne\\ B.ichelor 11 Soci.il Science \\itl Histor
NM.ior \\lich comes under the F.icult\ of Education and Arts Belo\\ i.s .I excerpt toin dean \\.ilin. \\r.i ht
Welcome Address
U'p ,' U )',It 11 llt l l/l\ I It. )',,I I (ll/ ( ,1 I ll/ll i lll/ / \ l / ll \1'11 IIl/] "" \ '11 tiltl (It 1 ll t (I Il I\ l ;S/ll,,/ ,i //It bi ( I c

.V( 1\ I l II (Ia s/\ ,lll. l \, I u,11 III (/ ll u (I l aI/lll It /iI />'l // h I / ll/ / ,llh '. \l I.I ,I ,,I /// \ It/ ( lb /I. s [ ti I/ i ,lltl ill/l I/H .
/)I \ i\ il/li P lil/ t II Iul /I Ph Llt 1\ Iit, ll It Lt 1 /li jul I l it it bI/il/ Init I /it / I \ l l. Pill/ i t di /)1 -1/i 1i \t I ['II li/ IIiit/ //I.

I'h/ a( I)i all') '' /I ( 'mll lii /11i / h11 \ /i. \ is iill / I pa'\ \is / I ti li. : I i 's i/Iti a lit /ltit / I Il/i 1 \t/ li nl II It/
Marcus Garvey was and what he stood for. lo help us with this herculean task is a distinguished intellectual and
scholar who has made studying Garvey his life's work. Ladies and Gentlemen, Professor Robert A Hill is one of
the world's leading authorities on the life of Marcus Garvey and of the Garvey movement. He brings freshness to
the history of Garvey's movement in Belize. It is, therefore, fortuitous for us to have Prof Hill officially launch
our history and anthropology program at the start of a new academic year. Prof Hill, once again welcome to the
University of Belize. I am sure that at the end of your address entitled Marcus Messiah Garvey and the Struggle
to Understand Him: The Different Faces of His Mission I, like all Belizeans, will be like cats on the rug- filled
with the milk of satisfaction."

UB student asks a question at Prof. Hill's lecture,
as Belmopan Mayor and others look on.

(L) Professor Hill (C) Mrs. Diane Hill (R)
Ambassador Bert Tucker at Jaguar Auditorium, UB

(L) Cesar Ross, Coordinator of the History
Department, organized Professor Hill's visit.

Alexander Vasilescu, Esq.
Some 75 UB students from the Paralegal program, Hospitality Law and Business Law courses at UB will benefit
from a lecture on financial crimes to be held on Monday, September 15 in Belize City (FEA, Rooms 127-129) at
7:00 p.m. Alexander Vasilescu, Esq. will deliver the lecture; his experience includes work with the US Securities
and Exchange Commission; his litigation experience includes obtaining emergency relief to halt $500 million
dollar Ponzi scheme; obtaining emergency relief for affected clients, actors and artists defrauded by an investment
advisor and trial victory over broker-dealer Castle Securities and its principal M. Studer, who engaged in securities
manipulation. Mr. Vasilescu obtained his J.D. from Cornell Law School in 1987. The lecture is being made
possible though the U.S. Embassy and UB's Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, under which the
Paralegal, Business and Tourism programs are offered. For more information, or if you would like to attend,
contact Chair Dr. Vincent Palacio at UB, Belize City, 223-0256 or email vpalacio@ub.edu.bz

Additionally, come Wednesday, October 8th, the FMSS faculty in Belmopan will host another financial crimes
speaker for its Business Law students at the Jaguar Auditorium at 2:00 p.m. Look out for more information on
this. The contact person is Dr. Phillip Castillo, Chair of the Belmopan Faculty of Management and Social Sciences.


Lectures at UB

Calendar of Events


1 2 3 4 3Tma...a.S 6
Ilnn 'ruti IB6 FalCUll] and LlT -SC Cl cr Kick-alf -SLTmc cr Kicl. or Tour lIB fncndhl
Um cans Dat _BSC'Oht Ilmullln 3! ca.ripll. I I: iln- -o~T BMP (il'de Ilccnw o lrb:aLL
11 I1'prnl- ;pln nd p l. n,.iJSS. U, I mp r-IlnR I .I B ounc in
; )ipni-.pm CI I a ].- p m. Tol D:munrl.-
3linwopal campus Disrer Prep -Bird ;. (onpmn
oruiln lllp indinp
:aipus. 2p.nt. Trunir
aLwuar acuIuifBmp

7 8 9 10 Scprcalber 11 12 13Ltaml-
liii I Iold,'i mlllural
\:ollk tr ill

14 Bnd 15 FMSS 16 LM dm 17 Pairloii% Dan 18 19 20
;lilllp Ixsuil1rc 7 l i]ll idral t1 li 2 ~ll 'r
Tminlni p in FF.A RB, tlllion reund
Workjk l nd, itll "Firulm-
cl;l Crluni

21 Lu 22 23 24 25-1ll.... 26 27
S iunll Ga i I lolld; for Siudenlt ri1) ,Rrl w 1IA 9 2Regionall
inld qudlsliatn i d];rldc'pc&ld-A Gov-unmnx Hout. a~f~' 'l1ktill 'ollk lll
paI ;r Da; Jaguar Atudior ul. io..i irr Na
11mp :<00
28 29 30 i.ai o ba

Sustainblic Asiu
wog at Ccnral
a.ml MJi11 i am.

UB Bulletin: All UB tcuty. saff and ailiates are
asked 10 submit artices or infomation for pubication in the
UB Bullelln All submlhiions can llther be sen via -mal to
opflub.edu.hz or forwaned on diskette (In Rich Text
Format), to Silvana Woods, Pube Infomation Officer do:
the Admniislraion Building-nd floor. Central Campus,

October 1: Sexual

Ornlinr 3:
Last dav to wNihdrfw with
"W": with WP or WF
btie.in.. ''rt-li
Wed. Oclubr 5:
2 00 pin. Jarl;i Auditoriuma Bimp
Lecture on Finania] Crimes


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