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volule ,Issue3
ugust 2008

UB ORIENTATION: 1,400 new students accepted

It is here! The 8th year of serving the Belizean community begins on August 20th with
the first day of classes. The 2008-2009 Academic Year is seeing the largest intake of
students at our national university. As always, the Office of Student Affairs organized
a fantastic Orientation Program for the new intake at the Belmopan, Belize City and PG
campus sites. Dr. Jean Perriott, Dean of Srtudents, and Sharon Palacio, Coordinator of
Student Services, had a blast working with the volunteer OGLs (Orientation Group
Leaders) as they enthusiastically welcomed tomorrow's leaders today! Indeed, the theme
for this year's orientation was UB: Poised for New Horizons: Empowering Tomorrow' s
Leaders. Of course, we will not know how many of those accepted actually register
until the official UB Census Day for Semester One, which is September 1st. However,
the Records Office shows statistics that indicate approximately 70-85% actually
register...so. ...we're looking good!

5 3 SCOTIA Loans and Center
Scotiabank has begun a tertiary-level scholarship program. Secured loans will be available for
students at 1% less than the going APR (thus at 13% as the current APR is 14% for secured
loans). Unsecured loans will be available to students at 10% less than the going APR (thus at
17% as the going APR is 27% for unsecured loans). Students begin paying back on the capital 6
months after graduation, with interest payments beginning one month after they access the loan;
students can draw down on the parts of the approved loan amount as they need the money, thus
cutting down on the monthly interest they pay. Students, of course, need to meet regular loan
criteria; for example, first time borrowers who are not working need to have a parent or guardian
meet the criteria as the principal borrower. Within another month, Scotiabank will also be opening
a Retail Service Center at the Central campus and, already, students can pay tuition and fees
online at any Scotiabank.


Belmopan and Belize City campuses: 50-4 grnaduanlds
Punta Corda campus 58 graduands .
Regional Language Center 35 graduands ;,

Top Students
Associate's Degree = Abel Castaneda Tourism Mgmt.
Bachelor's Degree = Martin Friesen IT
Paralegal = Javier Miguel Wong

UB's Human Resources Office hosted its annual celebration of faculty and staff at the Jaguar Auditorium on
August 1st, the date when UB was officially inaugurated eight years ago through the amalgamation of five
previous institutions: The Belize Teachers' College, The Bliss School of Nursing, Belize Technical College,
University College of Belize, and the Belize College of Agriculture. As has become customary, faculty and
staff who reached five years of service at UB received the hallmark UB service pin, which was presented by
veteran UB educator Steve Wright. Additionally, Human Resources Director Yura Monsanto announced
new assignments and new faculty and staff joining UB. The occasion was also used to launch an exciting
initiative from Human Resources: the Exemplary Employee Award which will first be given at the August
2009 anniversary. Four awards with a cash prize of $500. dollars each will be given to the following: For
Tenure Track and Tenure Lecturers, based on teaching, service and research; for Support Staff, For Physical
Plant, and for Public Safety: the latter three will be based on their job description and execution of work.
Entertainment was provided by the Our Lady of Guadalupe Steel Band, along with light refreshments.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Steel
Band is always a UB

Engineering lecturer Steve Wright presents UB pin to
Dr. Menakath Menon, Assoc. Prof. in the Faculty of Science/Tech

New Appointments at UB

Dr. Vwiliml Vrighll center is lthe new Dean of the F.iculi\ of Education
and Arts. Dein \ riiht holds a Ph.D. in (O)raniz.etion.l Le.desliup
froin the Lini\eriit\ of' Louis\i lle in h A e \ is i e\\ll-kno\ in in
education circles and brings much expertise in teacher education and
distance learning. Additionally, Dean Wright has worked with
hundreds of Belizean educators in the past two decades. As she takes
up her new post, Dean Wright's faculty is also spearheading the
university's first 2008-2009 academic lecture, which will serve to
launch the new Bachelor of Social Science with History major. Her
faculty will also be working closely with the Ministry of Education's
TEDU (Tertiary Education Development Unit).

Ms. Juliana Pasos is the new Chairperson of the Faculty of Science and
Technology. She holds a Master's degree in Science, with a focus in
Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry. Her area of interest is in using different
instruments in researching cardiovascular phenomenon, with respect to the
distribution of cholesterol oil (good and bad) and in using IT in the teaching
of Chemistry. Additionally, Ms. Pasos hopes to get students to be more
culturally-orientated other than just academically-orientated with what's
going on in Belize; she wants to develop students' community outreach.

Dr. Ismael Hoare takes over as the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing,
Allied Health and Social Work. He holds a Ph.D. in Public Health from
the University of South Florida, an accomplishment that has armed him
with the ability to review programs from a systems viewpoint and not
just from an individual program viewpoint. His research area was on
motor vehicle crashes in Belize and the attitudinal factors related to this.
Dean Hoare also recently returned from a one-week course in "Survey
of Methods in Health Service Research" at Harvard University, which
was sponsored by PAHO/WHO Belize.

Mr. Jerome Ellis is holding over as the Physical Plant Supervisor at
the Belize City campus. Mr. Ellis served as a Captain in the BDF for 19
years; he also held the post of Project Manager for the U.S. Embassy's
Security and, before that, he was a primary school teacher. Incidentally,
Mr. Ellis has become famous among faculty and staff for his excellent
singing voice.



Interested in sports? contact t Kirk Smith at 822-3680, ext. 439.

(R) Kirk "Shabba"
Smith, UB's Sports
Director, receives
FIFA "Laws of the
Game" Booklet
from Bertie
Chimilio (L), FFB
President at the
Aug. 14 friendly
game against the
Ntl. Under-20 team.

Plus TV interviews the
UB Black Jaguars
Senior Coach, Paul

The 5-month old team
plays a friendly game

Erasmus Scholarship Program


I'B Joins European Union Scholarship Program

The University of Belize has secured nine scholarships for its faculty, staff and students through signing
on as a partner institution with the Erasmus Mundus Cooperative Scholarship program, which is sponsored
by the European Union (EU) through its International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth
Observation. The EU divides its scholarship program by groups, and Belize joined the ACP, or African,
Caribbean and Pacific group last week when its President Dr. Santos Mahung and Vice President Dr.
Geraldo Flowers attended the start-up 2-day meeting held in the Netherlands.

Six of the EU scholarships are for pursuit of Master's degrees, tenable at universities in France, Germany,
Portugal, Spain and Sweden for up to two years; three of the scholarships are for one-month staff exchanges.
The scholarships cover tuition, books, travel and accommodation. UB's President Dr. Santos Mahung
adds that it is anticipated that the EU scholarships will be renewed in the future for doctoral and postdoctoral

In addition to the new EU scholarship opportunities, UB announces that eleven of its faculty and staff
completed degree or certification programs this past year, and thirteen others are currently pursing doctoral
studies. The University of Belize also takes this opportunity to remind the public that the new academic
year begins with Orientation for new students happening this week from August 6th 8th, Registration
occurring the week of August 11th to 15th, and classes resuming on Wednesday, August 20th.

Vignettes of Orientation 2008

Mr. Caesar Ross is ihe new
Coordinator of the Hislory
Departiinenlt FEA


S hNMs. S.lia Callouse Ldkc, up Lhic poit tt Dcdn t
lp ^ EuIt ciprirc Dc)cl'opin t ind Adlminiii'tio[l She m1os
Sicciintl\ held [lh post of Directior 'of U1B', AdulL and
Coliinlliii' Eld cad tion C[i andll \\ d, t [icrtidir\ cdu.cad i i1
business subjcciNs inclc the mid-1980s. She is aldo a
doctoral candidate in the Nova Southeastern University/
UB doctoral program. Her background includes business
development and management in the private and public
sectors in both Belize and the U.S.A. Look out for much
more about this office in future bulletins.

can Sylvia Cattouse
Ms. Silvana Woods heads the Office of Public Information
(OPI) for the Academic Year 2008-2009. This office,
formerly called the Public Relations Office, continues to
have its main desk at the second floor of the Administration
Building at the Belmopan campus. Silvana brings over 25
years of experience in communication and media, and her
substantive post is Lecturer, FEA, to which she will return
in due course; she is a doctoral candidate in the Nova
program, and is also a community activist for the
Development of the Kriol language; Silvana is popularly
called "Kriol Gyal." She thanks outgoing PR Officer Paco
S i Smith for his great work.

Office of Public Information
a "Kriol Gyal" Woods The new name reflects the new focus of this office, which
seeks to reach out equally to the internal UB community as
I |I well as to the external UB community, including the media.
The office envisions working closely with the ICN
Department, the website server, which is University
Management Ltd., with the Admissions Office, and with
the Office of Student Affairs. Naturally, all faculty and staff,
through the Provost's Office, the Deans, and the Human
Resources Office, also feed into the OPI's outputs. The
Office now comes under the direct responsibility of the
President. The OPI office number in Belmopan is 822-3680,
ext. 204 or 205. The email is opi@ub.edu.bz You can also
reach Silvana directly at 610-2560 or at swoods@ub.edu.bz
STwo student production assistants help Silvana; one has
already begun: she is Sefania Villacorta, who is trilingual
efaa V a (English, Spanish and Kriol); she is a business student and
efania Villacorta .
is largely responsible for typesetting this issue of the UB




Officeis1OfficeofPubli Inform
S S i 'i I gig

Campus Refurbishments and 100 New Computers

S \\ c i !!lc hI I! c !! \\ .. ..i cl N \ c..'1 .I l !!l' .. l..iCl ..iII ..l l I l. c l..i . l. ,l 1 I 0l[ ,c ..ill l .i
r"i ,..il-,l I lIh I !' c , lhc P ic' .dc!-l D r, ,\, ,,I .,ilid P ,\\ l ..,.i I P I.,ll I l ",.. c l',ccl i l![..,lrl ..,I ', , cr l l'ic 'l.l' '[f 'l i I'' ., dl rc .. ...Ilic ,! I l'c

August 2008.

Belize City campus F.M.S.S.
1. Mr. Jerome Ellis has been reassigned as Supervisor of Maintenance of
the Bz City campus site.
2. The library has been tiled and the ceiling and a/c fixed.
3. The staff lower level bathroom in the first building is being renovated,
and the student lower level bathrooms will soon be addressed (may
not be in time for Aug. 201h)
4. Drapes have been ordered for several faculty offices.
5. New a/cs are being installed in the general faculty room.
6. The building has been painted.
7. 10 new computers are being installed.

Belize City campus F.E.A.
1. The building has been painted President Dr. Santos Mahung: at the helm!
2. The staff room has been tiled.
3. Fumigation is occurring for the flea infestation.
4. Nursing rooms' concerns: a meeting has been convened to discuss
5. 10 new computers are being installed.

Belize City campus Engineering
1. 10 new computers are being installed.
2. The two back bldgs UB uses are being renovated.
3. The front bldg will be torn down shortly and ACE will relocate.

Central Farm campus
1. All the classrooms and the library are being renovated.
2. The dorms have been refurbished.
3. The new computer lab is being finished with 15 new computers being installed.
4. The cafeteria is being renovated and will be reopened under new management
5. The faculty offices are being renovated.
6. A new satellite system will be place shortly to facilitate reliable
7. A biopropagation facility is to installed by Dec 2008.

Belmopan campus :.
1. 70 new computers are being installed.
2. The RLC building has been painted and cleaned and the roof will
continue to be fully fixed.
3. The library has been painted.

Toledo campus
1. The Campus Administrator is in discussion about the painting of the
new building.
Similarly, discussions are underway for the refurbishing of the new
Science Lab.

Calendar of Events

, AUGUST 2008

Sun Mon eWeT

1 I'B5s tli

5 6

12 13
12 13

2 BElnicop:um Da

11-13 BlIaL
Jadllur~ Y'otball
liiu VS Bcli/C
N1lJ cOluLI Illkik1?-
2r FO4buFll lA '.
.3 ".i FIFA

17 P,. 18 19 20 21 22 23
l liurc Prol I' ,
Illll ll Exicndcd lasses
-Grieisiii Regisiration iCegill
inl B ~" No Lac fec J Di [)l ldd pNnd
p ii a Bliss. atg is

24 25 26 27 11:i.n1., 28 30
iif Hlil l' LIB
IIsIOcr Ircef i:
ilIum u \ud
P:iMi p.Ml.
!liiudc .idi
,lct crllllll 'tiIS r
pilI tLllT LI d A i ill

UB Bulletin

Al UB fecutty, staff and afilates are asked to submit articles
or Informduti for publication in the UB Bullelln. All
submissions can either be sein via e-mall to opi@ub.edu.bz
or fomrarded on dlskee (in Rich Texl Formna), to Sllvana
Woods. Public Infonnallon Offcer o'o: the Adminlkstratlon
Buildin-2nd floor, Central Campus, Belhopan

..ImP' 0w

Disster Privprdrl'lss Forni.Blp
Liilpu. 2 p II I .J:itLn ir
Semester Kick-off.Bz campus
11 a.l 5p i ii/ FMSS
September 4
Semester Kick-oi' U1P campus
S11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Calendar Smem
You are
,a e-dar. If

i- J.,:i-ii rig a

exions, oil 0
T rou.g h 3e Cf
s,-Y-steni *e :-31-1
U -P

U6 Mission:

1],- 7,1! 11A, ::10*-,i 11i",

10 -A I' I V

eipeS mber &

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