Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 31, Lot 1 -2
Title: Relationships - 1763
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Title: Relationships - 1763 Hospital Street (Aviles)
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 31, Lot 1 -2
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Publication Date: 1963
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Box: 7
Divider: Block 31
Folder: Block 31, Lots 1 & 2
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
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Hospital Street(Aviles)
Squares: "R" "V" *"c"
u"SA. "dA. "h". "In.

This was most fantastic! The inter-relationships
were possibly the greatest mixture I have encountered.
On the Calle of the Royal Hospital we find the Brotherhood
of the Holy Sacrament, another of those cenfraternities
formed to do good works, pray for the souls, etc....
The house of the Brotherhood was in Block "d", No. 271.
The Royal Hospital was in Block "R", No. 233. As far as
I know they were the only two public buildings belonging
to the Government or Church in the little street.
Beginning at the central Plaza and moving south on the
street we pass f t a little Plaza on the east and
the Alvaro Lopes de Tledo House on the west.
As we move on we come to the Royal Hospital in "R" next
to Toledo, and across from that in "S" the hone of Den
Ildephense Sanehes de Casahonda. The 6asahenda houses
occupied the whole of the little block.
New we move on pass the Lane to the sea, (Artillery)
and we are in between Blocks "V" on the west and "IX
en the east. Den Antonio Urbane de Mole is No. 238 "V"
oa the corner. Dena Manuela Alvares Setomayor is Ne.244
and Cristebal Contreras is on the other corner No. 243.
All in Block "V*.

Opposite are the gardens and groves of the houses of Bl. "IX.
he houses themselves face on Charlotte. No. 247 is Philipe
Haceb(Jacob) Briel, No. 246 is Bernarde Fernandez and No.
245 is Father Juan Jose Solana. Father Solana occupied the
(Artillery Lane) north Lane side and Briel was on the corner
of the ether cross street(Cadis) sometimes called Greg, Green..
So we move on to stand between Blocks "e" on the west and
"d' on the east. The Brotherhood house is in front of us
in "d" with Don Manuel Fernandez Lopes owning the rest of
the block, having houses facing Charlotte but extending
in property to Calle Hospital. Nos. 271 and 272.
Opposite the Brotherhood and the groves of Lopes we see
in Bleck"e" ea the Gregg corner the de la Rose, ?iaaeioe-
Victerie. No. 269, next to Igaacie Rose we find at No. 268
Den Juan Martines and No. 267, Totbie Zamerane.

Relationships..1763..eent ........2-

We are new opposite a half Lane, (BRAVO) and
still have Bleek "c" on the west but Block "h"
is new to the east.
No.266 e"* is Den Lerense Josef de e*an facing this
Lane. No. 265 is Jose do la Resa and on the long cress street,
(BRIDGE) we find Dena Theresa del Pueye No. 264.
Opposite the Pueye resideee, in Bl. "h", No. 291 is Don
Nieolas Peace de Leen and next to him ea the north is
Den Juan de Salas, No. 290.
Mrs. IgnacioeRoso(269-c) and Mrs. Antonio Urbane de Mele(238-V)
were sisters, daughters of the Treasurer, Francisce Menendes
Marques, grand-daughters of the earlier(elder) Lerease Josef
de Leen. Beth were first cousin to Don Lerenze Josef( randsen
of the elder) 266-e. Also let cousin to Don Juan Mertines
thru the Redrigues-Acesta family. Mrs. Alvare Lepez,(No. 234-R)
was as aunt of both Mrs. Mele and Mrs. Rese. (Menendez side)
Teribie Zamerane was father of Mrs. Nicelas Peane de Leen(291-h
across the street) and to Mrs. Lerease Josef de oeen(266c next
deer).....Mrs. Zanerane was let cousin te Den Juan Martines next deer
Mrs. Fernandez Leez, (272-d) and Theresa del Pueye, Mrs. Francisco
de Aguilar,(264-e) were half sisters, both daughters of Don Juan
Lerense Pueye, (by different wives) both grandchildren ef Contader
Juan del Pueye and both great grands of the elder de seon.
Beth 2nd cousin of young L.J. de Leen(266-c) 3rd cousin to Den
Ildephense Sanheez Casahoada,(23543) and 2nd cousin to Mrs. Rose,
Mrs. Mole, Theresa del Pueye in addition, was lit cousin to
Juan Martines en Redrigues-icosta side, and 1st cousin to
Mrs. Toribie Zanerane en the Ries side.
Fernandez Lepez himself was nephew of Nieelas Pence de Leon, (291-hb
Beth were cousin to Mrs. Cristobal Centreras(234-V)
Ildephoans Sanchez Casahonda, (25-S) and Don Lorense Jesef de Leen,
(266-e) were nephew and unele. The mother of the former was sister
of the latter. Both were grands, (gr. grand) of the elder de Leoen

Mrs. Sanchez Casahonda (235-3) was a de la Puente, sister of
the mapmaker(Juan Eli is de la Puente) and another of their
sisters married Den Alvare Lopes de Teledo's son, Den Aatenio.
He comes into this area as he returned and bought this Toledo
property, losing it later to Francisce Sanchez de Ortigosa,

Realtionships...1763, cent...... -3-

The "I" block property owners, Briel Fernandez and
Father Solana were all descendants of the Solana-family. 247
Briel's ancestor was the Escribane Alense Selana, 3rd.
The powerful scribe from 1678 te 1696 when he died.

Father Selana was sen of the Escribane Juan de Selana,
whe served from 1696 to 1727 when he died. Beth Scribes 265
were brothers.
Fernandes was sen of Mrs. Briel by another husband. 246
Mrs. Fernandes had for ancestor the Adjutant Alense Selana,
the 2nd, father of the two Scribes.
During the 2nd Spanish period, Den Manuel Selana, the Mounted'
Dragoon who remained in Florida throughout the British Regime,
got mere than three quarters of this block. Ha had for an
ancestor the Deputy Governer Don Manuel de Selana, brother
of the twe Scribes.
All of the 1763 owners were grandchildren of the Adj. Alense
the 2nd, and great grands of the Sgt. Major Alease de Solana, Ist
Many of this family married into the ether families on this
street. Fer example Capt. Juan Pueyo had made a Selana
marriage before de Leon. One had married into the Pence de
Leon family earlier. The Cerderes were connections.
Mrs. Juan de Salas ef 290-h was ene of their cousins.
Mrs. Josef de la Rosa, 265-e was another connection on the
Hernandez side to Briel of 247-1.

In addition there were many lesser connections. Half of them
could count an Arguelles in the family. Mere than one had
Capt. Don Manuel Rodriguez Acosta as grandfather.
Mrs. Contreras of 243-V was from the Ponce de Leon-Anaya family
Several of the families had prominent Florencia relationships.
It certainly was a very closely related grouping in one
period of St. Augustine's history. Marked by a member of
alaest every notable and official family known in the town.
Predeoinently native were the property owners and wives.
Only about half doeen were "foreign bern". Zamerano,
Rose, de Mel*, Nunes-Bernava, de Salas, were the foreign
boys. So was Contreras. All the rest were St. Auustias
bern, many with ancestors dating to the late 1500's.

Elaa Barnes, 1963
/ '

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