Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 27, Lot 18 (Marine St.)
Title: Rocque #254 Quesada #197 Present Lot #20 Corbett Property Marine Street - East side of Block 27
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Title: Rocque #254 Quesada #197 Present Lot #20 Corbett Property Marine Street - East side of Block 27
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 27, Lot 18 (Marine St.)
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Physical Location:
Box: 7
Divider: Block 27 Lots 16-18
Folder: Block 27, Lot 18 (Marine St.)
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.888333 x -81.309764
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Bibliographic ID: UF00094835
Volume ID: VID00002
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: B27-L18

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i7 Rocoue # 254 qwCda& # 197 e7enrit Lot #2o (Cotbe Awoptty
I Marine Sitme aad dide of lock 27

1764 jC Ta&bby Aoe of n= Cwwayo odU by IsU -te do )1 Fi.A # /63
^#39 S&AwW Aesi of fwecidCo Xevi.t AWW de Ow ld by WuLt
JFLA # i64 and tH Aouie and lot sold .b FR.A td Capit bhn 2Faei
( aLo pellUd &Fslatne, Fa"ulan)J on Novembn f6, /777. Hw4v,
W(Uln ANlwodis, a amebeA of As f4ia of vtabun, Le@ e & Co Aad
pu puwnhader4 in 1/7, F.a. FiA, a piece e lot. FiA Accoumt #4.
AieandUA aeo hbout # 335, 33, 3 and 337 on 6e wit aide of BLooh 27.
Accodndi t ngs AhmUnde' ad4Wti@eMnrt fn. istL of. ALI pop.dUisA inA
1783 ( e A.d*ole of pwumt Lo #/4) &VA piece of # 9 adu pwbaUy
ei 10 fAoit ane waw uintin Y wd1 Af ua.ct.

1788 Ap& 16
Roaprm MSp # 254 Auxe of nvuIW y and Anjan Leby, in fai. cawdtiUon, in AR
eadtoly of Doen ;n O'Doowvanr, Atht Lot .
/6 jfan O'Donown Uvar Ae h ubarnu of caninpa Ze4oeie, dauAhtf.
of Ae Govevwno4
/769c S. //I Dwainpa Ze&peieA, w4t.A pewnulson of Ate 9oveWL4t in eA, ab&ncef of
Aw. &udband, dold tiA paopeity io AlwAo de C(aa, bourldeis
&pa, by (ilUe ialutin, on L.ick i. fL/ontta y t7ee
U'e. 6y lo cornftairuan o4icn. ;oae4j autali by Aen
AuAdband. 6cCMLW4 p. 331
adAA by FuMnceio Sancke3
Soua by 6.i 'z a cnd.
./7M Spot 20 PedW de Cala xcanMd iAu p/openty fo4 anorM.4 Aouie and Lot4 wUd
an o'1anre jove on MAe wIdt of .Me ci4y' wiALc Al &. HudseI ( MAlia VanU)
Aad inhWLUitd faM A fo AWr 4 hwAhand, ;OSep Psaveti ( Roos j# 1264)
BomwvdaOjiu ah above, and ide.i&4d ai havirr bewi bouyA fewn Danipaw
Z .p"LA a y104 po. oium&auw p 497v
QuWaesd ui # /97 RubblUmo& ma"m y asLL wUA Lot of. arv. Hwudln

a. /&00 # /97 Aume of awqui wUA Lot of jOuan AHLdw. AppvA4ly 4A. nMd4wd
had ai4id A4 popwt0y, on mndld *i, in 4* LtJe m.

/792 Sepit 3 Auia yw' maLe dci WU. #e& Lat AabUand, ;ak fM Msan U ad uactly
dece4a4d and Ake Aad boon LL f4aon e time, Liviy on Ant planIa.ion
Ma ed .w, 41htt4,ond". The iLyaiUy of e. AIs wiL i dijpld. beaaus
6Ae4 wi idMd a e all named ac Aei4u, and no notauYI u pervte aif 6e4
4 igpinAng. SA@ died aLmod4 innediatety. Het pwopettii wetV appwiaeLa

7As pal.MincaM appwUaia dou not give much dadil:
Firt a Aewe of 4twm aan d wved L.A Ma paiLwuo, two ony and ALuchn
aacA4d, a tm y in A@ pa. Jo and anaWd. in A. AUcAnm, l&uazfd in
Ae 4dAet of dA *icuina &budt on Ae4 Loi. TAey 4date AeAu uau a oklckA coop.
of wood, an old wodet piy, Atheu p.eaC 6te and one aMLL ekAinWe O4ac ZtfA.
Oh ;uy /15, /793, a mu fo wa aoppwai..aal c made by Fenando A4edaondo,
a"pe FWine igquel Y{Va4dy, &iain Hlewmndae, Noi.xalu toueUL, PeLdw Lafeb
and Rafal Hawadiw :
FiAi A. loti on uAi.cA Ah Aou~e s bud & tLUi At coa ina id n Me
27 mvau and one foo*, anid on fAe fwnf Swvty AFive mamu, Aaving,
638 mau and one foot at I Mal pe4 vaW 085 3 //
Fo. 4e donue wall off o a 40 peo 40
Fot a double cniney 4C pedo 40
FoP a .wlln one of alaba tet? /6 peCo
FoA 3 psIcd 4iee4 o 3at po4 achA 9
Fo. / oawaNe te at 3 pe do

Fot dAe owof of A. hoiue 4v peodo 4(
FoL fhe dide4 ( cwdado4) and div.iALod (paiuifion.d)
Fo,4 one f too4 of ut 20
Fo.z 7 dooau 3
Fro one aiLjmaw 4
Fo 4 uinuda4 m 2
For one LtLUe houde o/ wood foat l. nIeioe /0
Fot le A f cenA of Ranpae anin boadmF of Ce -aid Laf 6
TiA. c te U of 1. IWLu, incLudin a funA4L use,
cAina, bookd and cloadi Vv eC. aue alio i..edc ALdtAowuh ll. Hwudon
l.fet Ae Ahowu wahA o0ep wpepeiy to one Aohn 6duAid Tate, A@ fact
ALai At waLU muu not appoveld ren to indiaa d thaW Ae did not necaive
it, althoupA A@ did ineAt 4 A plantation on uAie4 Ake Livwd .i "w
I4tdf a!t" ai begumafd in t wi U.
183 (neni 4wtd w y LL A cA onenpoiy an ine a F ,n .4 Lea, fa~w4C n*.
6An Hudson. CAain of iit.e be6oem Auli. Hudson and Lea to be oecked at
S1. foniw Cowty C(owt Hou#ue, a wetL ad title. bewen Lea and Awnnowki. do
mdpu Adly Eonu*abul Ah paUrMet foutw A nmuiy 4 akctuam at 76 Aflanin St.

Noo"u # 253 (4aada # /96 PkAwom Lod # /8 (mb popwwty


h/aint Stset aOd 4de of &loek 27

Awte # 346 Saona and fwRn Aoa&dI of Dona C&t4on do ia 4 Roa
3# jq7 Sina and *abby hAouw of PaYio ALvcmto
# _JI6 Od by APuee do Wlliian 4a.enin" # 99
# f37 aod by Atde o ;s1mw FLA # /13 and by FPi to
uanhng4 on Vovnmb /9, /764 Acmnfit #/05
94e"nl atdlo boughAI fan Fidh an da Ane date 33# on thA watd ide
of0 ke bloc'. /H wa txu Acs o 4, and dCLd bef"aM Fefbmawy //, /769
laen Ae atud upLaced in f#Aa office by oan Haley. Sebedt Vo 2 p 27)/
See aLso Aoncl f inmap.
Ap^UL 16
w A'p # 253.: 2 iNmioWY and ian &dabby in bad condition, hAoue and
lot of CauKn, occupied b6 )uanm ;oeph Bo1 uel

wik List # 196 RubbLawL morin ho'jL in ,'0 ooi. corvniion eld te npoNWiy. by
Antonio de 7aima btunrded:
Sou-A by Atlvatn # /95 Rocqae # 52
NohA by Hudson ( Peave.} # /'7 ?Rooa e # 2154
Iyvd.t y H/owU/uia CLaZke #
&ae b6y he &tna.i
261 v. 6S x 42 v 6(
RuabbLiwak4h Iuonw uaolU 3 x 5 v. done chinVme, wood4 fLooUa, dooiu,
witaswd id and wof
lnLat Same
Ap.t 8 Anonio Ulnan puchaUed at ftA public *ale

u 26 Anrdnio de Yblma, ami.atua /1eFad AhJ uaLfe e4c.
Feib 7 Ulmomn iold o tRowvu 2 houe4, on fe ane lot, one of wood widok Ac had
built, and dhe oia4t of cf.Quwi. PAahc /5, Aevia d4oLd 2 howUd do
Bewnandoa SpuL, Apld 22, /80/, Spti oldU 2 AOwu4a bacl do RvivLwa
&faAe /4 YviLa oUld 2 AOue" to Don Aflgue Ywudy
Apil 13 Alsgul Y4Aady die4 Leavina nunemwou pwopatide4 ( Reel 6, Dooowwn 8, )

dUowny Houme #3 uau pwobably Quesada # 196 RoCque # 253
and Wooden Houe 3 tuad At Aowe build by Wla, boAh on one Lot.
Appwaijad /iuonvys Houot #3
Simatied on /4Uine SfAaet, bounded
n by Y&rWa.' wMoodn Ahoude #3


S by '.mo"f "(a ( by A# Atc
W by A* Aoue f zFa .t oUly4 ( Rooau i248 i almoa
diaMa4y W4f)
35 VM of 0 auma" of IhAt wiut ua U fAumf
t20 mWK of 4. AW 40 MuLU
35 mVaU of A Waf t amla
70 waaM of t.- nortwd uLL

i/ i mwu of As pawLe.M of IA4 AiLa ( pa4iU -l4-) (C-r )
/4 Mwa of Id ohWiyc of. A@M pedl4 ( wooden aMlMUI ?)
15 vaw of 4 favdatiLon of aU of4 At hou.
,70 X aM of A fJloo u of Aomwigond of hAs palo
6i AraLd of mlAonay of Ae hLAcAdw cAinney
12 iauL of fmaoorty of A. L'-eU
7/41 Awu vawa of A e hoIue and Lot
To&d valwation of Ath mnaorny 6% peAo4 I /al
7 doom, 3 wiindowd, / flooA, 2 ceiL)ngL / Iifr __ _{_ _f
.'6Ai4il / JIdaLrwy, / n o cf
KUCeen: ( ood) ije< i 1 feezt x /0 feed x 8 /fee A4A

Mouladi OLn on one of, 5iLe c.nieyA ( da&}

Appwilai of Woodaen Houue #3
SLraaied in tA ,amt sdtew andm Aa4 e /ane a b&orwuia ad At prvwtiu
ecept Atai on Ath iout i o A bouw" dd by eth efAntmeanwld ( mau4ony)

o0 wuau ofl 4ns ( /owmifon) 4loa o4 f 4a* a
'- 6 mua of IAd faucdationf 4inijLto4 d( jue a utiiu La md.wo)
--- 12 madu of amu"Oy of 4. se Ul
/4 maiU of A# Id 4i aU of A. AAe/wi
&MWU of AtE hiuc donvmy
X20 mu of At iwu ( Abouon) AUckhw floom
238 QUAM 'awU of Aoue and Lot
diMsai n A241 fe.. X /17 fet x /0 feel AlhA
/ Petition, 4 doomA, / uaindO Lau UL i panw of4 plaU / wood floo*,
boalnd AAdt iap ( foao dfe dblaa, 4oof
KUc4t: /4 x /i/ x 8 fIse hAiA, / doo. and / wnda.a

1/0i O6t 15 TLUte Lu mld o ALU o0f YVaM4d

iM 9 31


UUt Acio Yadyand &Bobaiun de (asbo y Fa4"M wjU wa"ui hAouM #3
and As pOwpeiU4 .O FawelUtC RovCia m ZwMuiS p 19/v
Fwncico RAyCaVla .1i a J 6 4uaM AyMtuLt ie o &nf Aouse pWoeudl wUA oWtea.U
fuam At YVaW*y 4ddS. i cA&maU p. 232 v

- AbLco YiaM4ly aWd Mipfl'L n' ipo, kAt Can of aMe ( U S ConCul ai
Cadui} YVa4m a &wtao and Ae.L of MiueL He and de Ca.imwo wMe
uprud of fe YwandyV. cmti&Uwu A/98 p. 184v
1wan Ayowul alUo acqudAld tle Ao 64 wvoden hoIue. See CL.inntd map
18 A. 7Ae man' nnme adu mUzou4ly 4p*Us.d iAo, Hew, gaw, tc. etc.
man, Y66n, l4 buit A & Aind Aid nam an Ay4wait.

CLnwetd map fAHAn /w pwtsdo awn, previous aun* Annwio MArni.

Awcqu 252 4acm /95

6ut patf oft pumeU Lat # /7 OUNtd How

/zMti StiAd i 4aide of Bloak 27 Oldda H#owu aend

I764 Ate 3P4 Tabby Aowu of He.u of Fedlx Lope"
A5 Lot of A"eh of Adonit Rdwlpyuq ddL Toew
Sod by lAwue do FiAu # /61-2 and 4o0 do fedkA bavettl
1775 Oct 2 /Hou and oad of Lops, FLk Acawou # 444
Sae date Lot of Artonio To7M Fi AArcsuAt # 102
1/76 See 5vn&iZef map pwpeeS/y of k. Fuk
9mant l o 6 deph PeavWe on Dccenba. /6, 1778, 4o. 9 SocLty &eock4
/i70 ApiL 16 Peavat md U At norAt put of At Let do Anew O'NeiLU
/785 AptUl i6 O'V.UL by A/U abMowpw dold to uam &pted" (utL fat 270 puom
a woodtl hoAus on ftLAU pWpepty. Copy of iLA dead and odfm ainon
of BM inA om w f&u,. o("4 CALt4U /1784-7 p. 236
(uti Ia Capdain 2 d pyade of HibeniRan o Rtamti
/787 &hy C2 (ut oLd tGo 9 AiwnoW AL4avca vc.LtwuA /1787-40 p.
4ane Aowuae of ood, ece Reocue map # 252
Bounded: (ast by Rou t madl o Baw clu
Wdi and SoufA by. Dona tl ia Pesavet (f Roue # 25/1)
NoAdA by KinV howue inhabUfd by Don )uan Bauet ( Roague # 253)
Pai.ce: 40 coined pe4om nw Maxian coinage
Copy of deed and tand&aiion in oaU fULu.
1788 Apdl 16 # 25
Roeaogue p Ti^bnA pam*e hou, fai. candLtian, mnd by ovnium ALtvamj /desd.
QMcanMd LLt # /95 lock 2,7 Woodat house of AlaAm uxraA dead
SyOyppLau Smne oanes

CLtmwtA Sme wwne. Peuviotu ow.n( naned: 7oAn. Hudoan, faia Peavet t' Hwuband.

/764 &ete


1788 A.t /6
Roque Ip

.1790o SAAt 20

Qu4e.ada LU4

Ca. f

/792 Sept y

\ e # 254 Qup.ada # /97 Prtsen1 Lo #X9 CodeU PYuwpet
\ 9 ainJe St#Aee fuad4 ide of &loci 27

# S 7abby hou4e of ;uazn Coaneo doLd by uente to ;ea.e Fi.,A # 163
#3f9 Sdtone house of FnanciLco XavieA lone de etc 4oid by Puerte
ot Fi.A # i64 and Ate hAoute and Lot joid by Fi.A o C(apf foAhn fa"elamb
( al4o ,pciLd FPwulane, FcinLanle) on Novwibe. 16, 1/77. /weveu,
WiLiean AitexandiL, a menbeA of At fmin oof bnfon, LegLiLe & Co had
pujcaAe, in /7qd, f"n ri.A, a pLece of AtJe Lo. Fi4h Accouni #4.
ALoxrndeA alw o bo4iA, # 335,3X3- and 337 on A4e Wed 4dide of BLock 27.
AcrO/Ading, A. -Leande4' adven-idmnt foan 4ale of h/i pwopetite 4A
/783 ( &vee AiLfo of [w4edf Lot #/4) piece of # 349 uu probably
#fe 10 fooi lane anruni.caGthinJg wiAMe ut e Ia .

# 254 ilouif. of rnuonnt and oane fabby, in fain condition, in Aet
audxdV of ion Ya:n O'/uorwvwrr n i Z./ .L &!.
'lonr Juatn O'.oorwiA IIA 'a r k!,IXrtU' o;f of IAe 9ovCno,..
D/ninga ZeCpedc^, w Ak,. Ahuband, sa4L tLa we,-D to oe w de Cala, boundi.
Az b .y ", 1Ltf d/nii or t I(ALLc iI -// 7'/ fi('e
e,,4,: bIu l/o co~-tinirVgor o49Aea ou a l by kea
Au tha'i acA&idua p. 33,
5ovi 6y ,a.ncLsco SancAe
Sol[ 0 y. r'yi.- a4 LrV
Pedfw de Caqa eoxchai.ed L >s vwpeaty tf4 ano. e4 a oue and Loi wiAU
an ownre ^owve on. Afe IweA of &- cdL' WCi i'. a udon ( AZLia manU)
had iZze,'.ed f1n Ae4 fo/nme Aaumbain, l0Jolp PeaveI.U ( Rocque # 126)
Bouvndazied ad above, rnd idenAif4ed ad having9 been bouAgi tarn Daninua
Ze49pLde a yuea4 an. 6ao. dcuiad p. f'l7v

t # /97 RubbL.uat ma4onAyV ni wUlt .lot of. 'uar, Hus/ on

# /97 Hou4e of coquina wUt. Lo4 of fuan HuWdso. tApp4enVly t A H//uwdo
had ea wiud te p/ope&44, o/ nIdedlld U., in. t inrteAm.

Ai,,a (un made a, uuzl. #Her,, Lad band, %oAn Huodan /Ui Aocodly
decaed, and hAe had bee. ilL fn.) omne time, Living ont A"t plaaiiant
ardld .'M. UWtetfond". ATe legai 4 of d wUA* Lw diLspuLd t because
te wuni.6 4ed ate all named ac Aeiizd, and no noID anZ Wa pfAseft aut te
iqning.. ShA died alwno4 immediately. //en popeWti4*d uC dppauided.

TAe peuLiminay appnaimal doe nor aive mucA detail:
TiAe a houwe of a4tone and oduotd :A iL l patiiion, Am dto4- y and kAtckAf
attached, a oiimeU in tAe paon.4 and anoAen In Ite itcAenz, a4diua; d in
,Ae d,&ee of A' e &buil on e 4 ot loet. 7Arsy e kthee u d a cAiLoen coop
of uVod, anc old uod, t piivy, 4 tlv ee pearc1' bee.' and one n i '!L cnirwede -onaae bLEe.
(h ~ul. /5, /5a3, a rmnoe fo'wal app-nr "Ili ir irm di Fe.vnando Atnedodrlo,
.eonge Flembin, 'ael Ynan4dy, 'eitin lie.wzane, a icoa hbueLL, PecLw Lafeb.e
and P a fae H//weana y:
Fi~d t e lo/ on wui.c4 Ae ho' e ie L uiLt a. contrind i, tke meaAn
.27 .L'. and ( ie foow, arui on 'LAe nant/ vowenty five mnau, Aavi9v
68j3 vwa aa n one foot a t / tnaL a pen v~ w 65 3 I/
ro ,. ae iLuZ of /Ae a, a i0 I, o40 /'
Fon a double chi; ney 4~' :.o- 40
Fol a olfi. '.,oe ol/ lalb. t ,' 6 pe-o4
FO ? teari i e / pdo. eaa 9d
r0 o,'t o:an e /aee at peoo 3

Fo 4e oof oo/o fe An'e '. oe.j. 40

Fru on, a aWoo/o. o, lio .. 'v

FoI, on Ae &ddL, /uj 0. woad fon oie. ,iea.oe" 10
Fc0 e 01ce, 0nJ o ? pLi, ari ycoa'IAe of ie iL coted/ of te awue. i.acui fwr wute,
ciina, booAd and c oiUj, e/,c. ate aLdo ided. ,'iL/wAjt iu44. /audln
left Me Aoude wlLf olJe4 ptped o one john dvd Tate, Ae fac.
Aa c wAe iLL attC nol approved deen4 6o indicaZte Aazi he did nor receivee
d, atiAougA At did inhAeui Ae plarndaion on ukich jAe lived e).
tdfeAfo n a4 berueauded in ke wiuLL
1834 (jCZlenr& 4uwtvey Li.di eAe corDnApotaw y ownei ad i t1nc..a Lea, fowner oWne't
oAn. Hludon. C4ain of tiile beh&een I)A. hlundon and Lea to be checked a,
S,. goAru (owuvty (Cou Houae, a4 wevl ad tdle betmwen Lea and Iuanowaki. uwo
depuedlY condtAucAed IAe pAeaent four famntly itucwute at 76 Aanine S.

Rocque # 253 4u4eaada # /96 Pn4L Lotm #8 /8 (oabct pwopety

AI/4ine SC4et Oad!t ide oif 3ock 27

/764 tehnte # 346 Stone and (Awne Aouded of Dona t)etwna de Ia Roia
# 347 S&one arnd inbby hou4ed of PetWo ALve&do
# 346 o0l by IPurte to WLLLiam Amereni # 99
# 347 -oel by utend to f^e4 FidA # /63 and by Fidh o
!(4enri3 on. Vovenbe. 69, 1764 Accouni #105
9geewti' c' i k1ony-A /iwvn FLAA onrt Ae same date # 3j3 on te twed 4dide
of l4e bLo Ile. /ie U ,tAe colwn.eA,, and died befowt Febwawy /II, /769
uLen 4e aad replaced in #a. office by fohn HaJ-ey. Siebeut Vol 2 p 273
See aLso IoncLzef map.

/788 Aptzl /
Rocque AIap

Qmiea 2 LiLA

/79/ Apr 8i

# 25'3 2 boi ,iador'u/ arnd 4/~e Lbb in& bad condibdn, hoaue and
Lo- of CQatn, occupied b6 au'z fo.iepl 1o-s'jp-ed

If l/ '. Dbblaei,',.' ,n'-,i.'.y 'i$'n"... ,., ,_. .. o,-d/' ._. .'.eL t.npo at/.,uLy by
Antoniu de %abn boI Joit!:
SouI f A4Lue-Z 4 /- 4Ie l ; 252
'o,t#t ,vy Aa!on ( ?ave) # ,:7 Rooue S 2'
U~nfjly t/oc.7ira '';
i.,. x. 1, .'
'6b61uifs /'Iadon w.Uindo& a', .WO-,L
Sameon Few L a e p ic .&
Anmtoni,) /a.:a pucchaee:1 at he p.LLic -fUe

Ca/7e #b 6
1799 Feb 7

i382 ArtcA
/803 Apfu

SAntdonia de dLna, ha&La.u.a eFai.L A. .ife etc.
Plalma o0ld ic JovLA .Woue4, on Aia i _e eo.n, one
buiuL, and te o-the0 o( coquiwna. ,'a/h4, /5, fvi4a,
i3enn/tdo Seau., Apid 42, ,iSl, S-eai 40old 2 .Aouje4
/4 ,ov4,.a .old 2 h:ioude io Doon. ,Mi/Lel Y./mandy
/3 liguel fidaady died, eavin nunfeAous ptopeiie4 (
of uAick

of/ wood dJic. he had
,oldd 2 houded to
bac -&o Rovia;

Reel 6, doacuwent 8, J

Awony H1oude #3 aU o Wbabiy ueada # /96 Roaue # 253
4Wooden louse t u. dte hioue built by Ima, bo&t on one Lot.
AppwLdalr a i'bor y iou e #3
.Situaied on Stee-, bounded
a by. YVna/tdy '4 uoodlen houwe #3


S by 'eAoi"( 9euawn o .i(aate)
( by AtAc s
W by fAt !oude of FaA"w o"Reilly ( Rooyue #248 id aJwnoi
diucLyc wi)
35 %w2& of maonA of heF ead,4 Ui fiawt
70 Mwuad of e oudmA uaLl
35 vWmLa of Ate wi'd4 aLL
70 vanM4 of As nol.A wall

/6 uvaIL of Ate tiUion of hAe Aala ( ,ale) 4-
1/4 uad of At cn6wy of At patlo4 ( wooden moulding?
/5 amu of At fAodavion of aLL of A. hAou"
70 vazna of 4te fLoo/u of harwii on of At pa/Lo4 and beLwoaw

6J unai of Inco.r'jw. of .ji? Ai'tc en ckimuef'
-- 2 wiaa of aoniy oof /ie r>wel
7/4 AQeauUr va4a of de 'touwe and tLo
Toatd vaLuiefl. of the wruui K't6 pIewoa I 4a*L

Aylemnud.x wifarnin. / Ku&c4re: i wod) Iije = /3 fee- x /I ce. x 0 (eeit hAA

includingg '.(i onf of /.e '.F cm7nneu (Ji ( -J /
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AppMizsal of Wooden f1HotIe #3
Si.cAtcd inA e wAt e iAeuei and hads e VnAe bouw Lu-ej4d a4 ait puYeviou
except .ta.i on 4te JouW i L" bounded by 614 afho'nentrtionn ( monJu
4f- 4a) val of -t one ( hoenigon) fLoo4 of Ate aal.
6-- vnaWs of -thJ fowUiaion( imino4 d. Ue ue Ai.eru. la 'adeal}
S-/2 wvLa4u of madrmiy of -te uwLU
/4 vnu of' Ats umad aLL of tAe hiaclan
&mvnau of Ae iA.u&n cAinvey
20 Wa) of Atle 6otw ( Aovugon) kihcAt floo4
2.38 duau4 vunaw oQ f houe and Lot
dinmedonu 24j feet x /7 feet x 10 feedt igA
/ paziwkion, 4 doout, / window wiLtA lz paned of a4M., / wood floot,
boawind dAeazin ( fowo de c"abLj, iwof
KiALcz4eru /4 x / ,x ( fIee..e AiA, / doon and / window.

/804- i to o
1&0 Odt 15 T.ele wu Unued !o AhL, o/ y'nawd

/8o Aug 3/

tunicio 4nandy*and ahntolnme da Caoiw y FyewSI 4l#U coQuina Aoue #3
and ot4t#e pwtop.ti.A i FVteancid co Rovi4a 6ciMuaA p 9/lv Rovvia detLl to }uan Ayewault e do&e Aoude pucaed l wLtA oveutd
/f4Am hje YVbna4dy eaLe. (oCAC4u&a p. 2Y3 v

* bAicuw yna UdL ijsigue l4 nepAeo, Ae don of oaoe ( US ConjuL at
C(d ,inaauty, a &w1tAor and Aeit of MigueL He and d.e Cad'o UweA
aaaA of' dfo4 y1i4vmL 6,CULou /i8 p. 184v
ean A.yeaul. a"lo acuLined hiale &o MIe uoden Acuwe. See (L.Zevvd map
/8ki4. 77te man. nme uaH mvaiou4 4 p died iiw, H&'w, gew, eec. .ie.
Wuan, Avl, Jean b&d e .ign L Aid xnme )ean, AysMauLf.

C(rnen.d nuap, 4iuAn How pne4uL oreuns, p/evioua oucne Antonio AzWn.

Rocque 252 uedac~2 /95

/ftlaiv S-.Aeec eadt Jide of B&ock 27 OUedti Houie andat

1764 Ah e 944 Tabby hou4e of H/eLtd of Fe ix Lopej
3945 Lof of 4Ae&i of. Arnoniuo Rod p4em del To7w
Sold by uente -to FiA, # /6i-2 and AoLi. o o.we.A Peaveft:
/775 Oca 2 /Houe and Lo. of Lope, FidA AAccwuv i44
Same date Lo ofAntn.iom Toao FidA 1cooun. # t02
/765 See io. L,' _, pwnpe l o/f Fi.L.
94,nted to 6 oephe. PavW on Decenbe /6, /778, .Vo. 9 Socie4,y 3lock
/789 April /6 zvenv. .old A.e rw4A pa oof Ae Lof to ,sne4 O'/eiU
1785 Apipl 16 O'.,,ei by h.i, adowne, old to & an Bapti Cu~t'i. /foR Z7 pe4oo
o wooden houae on hAid powpe1t4y CoNy of A-Ld deed and tawnidation
of jame a. nuwt fiie. s4cA~utwa. 1784-7 p. 27
(ut Mu4 Cupi afaiR 2 ade of o/ 1ibe/VijZan eaimenef
1787 Ay 214 (~t& ,oLd ,o genannuo 4lvaw/e 6.dCAtiw. w 17r7-K' p.
,'me ,OUd f wood, dee Rocque man # 2?
Bounded;: 14 y 1.0.1 /wn o 'c.
W44.i azd Sotia by )ona ih4ia Peave ( Roope # 2/})
,ott. h( Kitu u J osue inhabLtedn buy /)oa, jyan in 3oue ( Rocque # 253)
?/LLce: 40 couwe'l pfo^O AriaYL cornu w e
'ojpy of det*l aui tfadai w ab Or a owt fiU..
/788 A,4 /i :5.

m4adda ,iai # if; ~L-, cA, 24- 4 eO ert oW'4d ril. va/ie 'vt,. deed
Supplemwt Sane outLen
(Lenvnii Same cMwie4. PIeviou" mnA naned: }ohnV. //uwiot, fslia z eaveite'. Husband.

cdast pa. of pw Ivt # /;' $ ,; n &vHci

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