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Title: [Letter and report for Mr. Newton]
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Title: Letter and report for Mr. Newton
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 16
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Mr. Newton:

This is not Assignment 3. It is only
to condition you to receive it!

The full de Leon report will be finished
on Friday and sent in but I thought you should
absorb this first.

We have in the de Leon line up seven children
who made marriages, two known to be in the area as
far as owners are concerned, two known to be in the
town, not on the Ruined House list but as it is known
the old man once had 5 houses...then they could be
in the area, too.

Two living right outside the 31 house area.
Only one in the south end of town.

We have a line up of sponsors to the various
marriages, baptisms that reads like the "blue book"
of that day. EVERY prominent name in town.

We have in laws that top all prominent names
and stretch out to nab others thru grandchildren's

And we have over 60 grandchildren!

Look for it Friday..

JUN 11 I&i


This is the way the names on the

1763 Puente map, in certain areas, compare with

the 1702 Ruined House list of names.

It was an accidental approach and
made possible only because of my knowledge of

the relationships. This only one of the areas

that I have researched thoroughly. I have spotted

cases all over the historic area.

In 1702 the town, but for a few houses,
was left in Ashes. The Spanish Governor ordered the

houses NEAR the fort area burned. The list leaves

no doubt in our minds regarding the 31 owners. We

KNOW that these houses were within 750 feet of the

Castillo and we know that the one given specific

mention, Melendez-Rodriguez, was not the 1st they

surveyed as he was 24 on the list.

We are aware that this house was SOUTHWEST
of the Fort gates and we assume the houses were not all

clustered together.

We are equally sure that another house given
mention, Pueyo, from which the British shelled the Fort

was beyond this area slightly as it was number A.


I am certain that the list-finally

considered acceptable in 1708 and sent in to the

Spanish Government-was not the firstlist. I feel sure

it may have been DATED 1708 but that it was looked into

much earlier. I have recently found an indication that

a man alive in 1702 was dead over four years when the

appraisals were made and his name is on the list in the

form used for living owners.

I assume they used a form as when a man

had passed away it was listed "heirs of"....otherwise the

name of the living owner.

It is reasonable to assume they made their

start at the gates for if they began at the water and ended

at the gates, it would mean a two block walk to get back

to the point of a continued count.

The comparisons of 1702 and relatives in

1763 add substantiation to this belief. For example in this

area alone(north end to Cuna) I spotted four places that

compared favorably even before I began serious research

and found this whole block "A" neatly divided between

the grandchildren and great grands of the TWO men listed

as Nos. 8 and 9 in 1702. WILLIAM CAR and JOSE VALDARAMA.


That would have been sufficient
to convince me that I was correct in assuming the route

start was at the gates but just inside these gates to

the east was Bl. "B" and here Don Alvaro Lopez de Toledo

held the first lot in 1763 while in 1702 his FATHER, Don

Sebastian Lopez de Toledo was No. 1 on the list.

Granting that we were moving south
on St. George and arriving at a middle point in the 750

feet semicircle(imaginative) we come to (in 1763) the

exact area where you are today. The so-called SALAZAR

stares us in the face, the ARRIVAS is in front of it.

And No. 15 is Penalosa.........grandmother of the

'63 owners! Middle point in the walk!

Beyond that we come to 21 the home
of Don Francisco Menendez and since the area had to end

near Cuna(the last inch of the 750 feet) and since Don

Francisco preceded the house given specific mention, 24,

Rodriguez-Melendez, we assume one was on one side and the

other on the other side of Cuna in a general direction

of southwest..I suppose Al and Luis gave this some thought

in placing it on the map in this general area. Conjecture

or no, I feel certain Al would not deliberately try to fool

anyone about anything so important. Then when you realize that

the appraisers were moving out of the31 house area.............


and must get the owners listed in a full block, perhaps

on both sides of the street, before they reached Pueyo,

you can readily see that they must pass at least a few houses

and in fact #A1...32 to 41.....10 houses reach

No. 44, the Juan de Pueyo House. This should be very near

Hypolita and even past it...

Then another indication was a double-
barreled one. Nos. 45 and 46.....1702

The Governor's houses


Don Lorenzo Horruytiner

In 1763: The Governor's mansion

The grandson of Horruytiner(Lindsley House)

Today: 'he Post Office

The Lindsley House..
I can spot many more for you but I have done serious research

only on two of the blocks so far. But I have more than enough

to convince anybody that I am on the right track.


1763 Puente


r-1 "A"

I -- -


* *

* ."


~ ~ jg oeeooeeoo

28-Sebastian de la Cruz(Nieto)
b. Jan 30, 1725
Son of Bartolome Nieto de
Carvajal de la Cruz
& Basilia Reyes

29-Don Ventura Diaz
married 1741 Maria
C.Perdomo y Carr.

30-Tomas Ramos
Husband of Juana
Serrano, former
wife of Manuel Sanchez.
Married Sanchez, 1721.

31-Jose Garcia of Tarragona
married Juana Sanchez, 1744
daughter of Manuel Sanchez
and Juana Serrano.

32-Lorenza Sanchez, daughter
of Josef Sanchez .and Ana
M. Belen(Contreras-Valdarama)
Lorensa was the sister of
Manuel Sanchez.
33- Pedro Nieto
b. 1737 Son of Bartolome
Nieto de Carvajal and
Maria Diores Carr.

34- Same as 32.

35- Barbara Santoyo
b. 1725 Grandaughter of
Ana Maria Carr

I present this as a sample of the APPRAISER'S ROUTE (1702 Ruined House'
which has so many comparisons with the 1763 F.ente to compel belief
I have stumbled upon the route they took.
In 1702 we have documented a list of 31 houses which were destroyed
by the Spanish Governor. Toe list is dated 1708 but I believe it
to be only the one that finally was agreed upon. I know the officials
must have looked over the damage prior for there is one name on
the list so far that was alive in 1702, listed as if alive in 1702
and was dead and gone with widow remarried by the time the appraisers
finally got around to sending in the damages.

Please attach this to the COMPARISON
of BLOCK "A", 1763....Car-Valdarama of 1702.
Sent prior to ASSIGNMENT No. 3.

No. 33, A..1763 was HALF BROTHER t- No. 28 A., 1763.
Not the uncle......
No. 33: A...had wife...Victcria Munos 1

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