Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Benet Store Block 13, Lot 8
Title: Lot 8, Block 13: Benet Store, City of St. Augustine
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Title: Lot 8, Block 13: Benet Store, City of St. Augustine
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Benet Store Block 13, Lot 8
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Creator: Arana, Eugenia B.
Wiles, Doris C.
Publication Date: 1968
Copyright Date: Public Domain
Physical Location:
Box: 6
Divider: Block 13 Lot 8
Folder: Benet Store B13-L8
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
62 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Benet Store (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 62 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.895679 x -81.313201
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Lot 8, Block 13: BENET STORE
City of St. Augustine

Prepared for




March, 1968

Research by

Mrs. Eugenia B. Arana, Translator

Mrs. Doris C. Wiles, Compiler

Lot 8
B L 0 C K 13 1923 City Map

1764 Puente Map # 100 Blk G 1790 Quesada Inventory # 111 Blk 13
1765 Moncrief map Mr. Walton 1834/5 Clements Survey # 1 Blk 13
British: No. 4 Box Block 1905 City Map: Lots 8-9-10
1788 Rocque Map #72 Blk 10 B.A. Masters store
and dwellings
1764 Tabby house of Francisco de Puentes N-S 23 varas x E-W 73 varas.

1765 Puentes was evidently indebted to Walton & Company. No sale
found to or by Jesse Fish

1785 April 12: East Florida Papers, Escrituras 366/229-31

Sale: Jane [Juana] Ward to Marcial [Matias] Pons
House and lot of St. George Street. Carlos Howard
certifies a concession in perpetuity by Governor
Patrick Tonyn, 14 April 1783, to Juana Ward of a lot
and its edifices on the west side of Calle San Jorge,
known as No. 4 Box Block, bounded

North with lane called "de la Saya" [Cuna Street]
South with lot of George Rolfes*
East with St. George Street
West with Spanish Street

*Rolfes must have been a tenant, Nothing listed for him as
owner in this block.

Re: Jane Ward: Wilbur Henry Siebert, LOYALISTS IN EAST
FLORIDA, 1774 to 1785, Vol. II, Records of their claims
for losses . p. 279

No. 97: Jean Ward: House and lot in St. Augustine bl50
Moderately valued. No other compensation than b30
for which it was sold after the cession.

1788 Rocque Map: No. 72 Blk,10: Wattle & daub house in fair
condition, owned by Matfas Pons, with deed.

1790 Quesada Inventory: No. 111 Blk 13: Wooden house with lot
of Marcial Ponze.

1817 Escrituras, Quaderno 2, pp. 67-72 [LC photostat Nos. 4788-4791]

Will of Mattas Pons. States he was son of Francisco Pons and
Agueda Uguet, both deceased; his wife Juana Vila, and his

Don Francisco 0
Da. Antonia, married to Francisco Marin
Don Pedro
Da. Agueda, married to Francisco Canto

Lot 8 Block 13

Being gravely i1l but of soutd` mind' and judgiaent and perfect
memory [usual references to faith in the Holy Trin4ty, etc.[

L. Commits his soul to Almighty God and wishes t- be' buried
in the Parish cemetery.
2. Masses for his soul.
3. Declares he was married and veiled with Juana Vila and names
his legitimate children of this marriage, all of legal age.
4. He brought no capital to the marriage.
5. Declares his estate to consist of

a. A plantation situated in Moultrie with its buildings
for which he has title from the government;

b. Another plantation or orchard with an orange grove
back of the Governor's house and the swamp, bounded
north with land of Bartolome de Castro y Ferrer, composed
of a few acres, also with title from the government;

c. Also a stone and wood house with a store of
victuals and provision ([vfveres y comestibles] situated
in St George Street that goes to the Land Gate, with its
corresponding lot, bounded:

East with said street
West with lot of his son Don Francisco
South with house of the heirs of Dn. Manuel Bandicho
North with the lane that goes to Tolomato

6. 1 negro called CGsar
1 negra called Marfa
1 horse
X canoes
I tart
20 bee-hives
and the furnishings of the house.

7. Various creditors

8. Owes Da. Clara Petrus, widow of Francisco Arnau, 230 pesos.

9. Names Don Francisco and Don Pedro his executors with full
power of disposition; names his four children as beirs,
and,revokes former wills and codicils.

The will was signed 27 March 1817 by Juan Villalonga. The
testator could not sign because his hand shook and his eyesight had
failed. Witnesses: Juan Villalonga, Ram w Rogero and Domingo
.Crcopoly, before Juan de Entralgo, Government Secretary.

1819: Testamentary Proceedings [East Florida Papers] Reel 14,
Dpcument 13.

Inventories and assessments of the estate which has remained
on account of the death of Don Mattas Pons and Do5a Juana'Vila

L'vt, 8. -$-ock, L3

Inventory and assessment that we, Dow'Francisco, Don Pedro,
Da Agueda and- Da. Antonia Bons, legitimate brothers and sisters,
and of age, made of the estate which hh&s remained on account of
the death of our parents, Dn. Matfas Pons and Da. Juana Vita,
Ito wit.

Pe*es Weales

Weoden hebtsi located on St.Geo.rg.e

First were assessed and inventoried
1600 ft. of beams :wsd-rafters at 25 pesos
2000 .ft of boards at 30
40 wooden meladings, 30 feet long at 3 rr.
16 squares of francs and sheathing at 7
7 squares of .^,oulmtags and shingles at 5
Floor with 5*0 ft. of boards at 5 peses es quadr
100 pp std. e4 saile at 2 rr.
8 pairs of hinges at 6 rr.
1 ladder
Sheakhing, shelves ,and counter
jTabby floor
3 doors
3 windows


Stone house contiguous to th'e above'
mentioned and located on the same lot.

First were inventoried a-dM assessed 7 esquadras
of stone wall at ZO ps.
7. .vqu-*res of tab t yw -eat 10
1 chimney
Tabby floor

Kitchens of the aforementioned
tweo houses.

For 800nfeet ,.of boards
Posts, beaus.. ad rafters
Framing and planks
2 deo4os wl.thkhinges
1 chimney
75 potUiad of nails


. 153 6

Lot and" fruit trees of the
aforementioaed two houses.

For 1,080. varas. et. -e lot
12 orange trees'dt't0 '
4 oraage e-taip, at 8
5 oran&e tre-es at. 4
1 huckleberry' [bush] aad various small orange trees



Lot 8 Block 13

Lot back of the old Government House

For 6 acres of land with its orange trees, fences, etc. 550 pesos

1834: Clements survey:

Lot 1. Original claimant Mattas Ponts
Present claimants: Heirs of Matfas Pontes

1838 19 December: St. Johns County Records, Deed Book N p. 401

Power of Attorney from Francisco D. Pons, of Fernandina,
Nassau County, Florida, to Antonio Alvarez. Pons, as
executor of last will and testament of Matfas Pons, deceased,
to sell lot bounded:

East by St. George St, N-S 63 feet
North by Cuna Street, E-W 161 feet
West by lot of Francis Pons 64 feet 6 inches
South by lots of Jose Andreu and Alberto Rogero
and other property, of the estate.

1839 26 March: Deed Book N p. 402:

Deed from Francisco Pons, Peter Pons, et al., to Peter Benet

Peter Pons, Francisco Pons, Antonia Marin and Marfa del Carmen
Ruis del Canto Andreu, heirs of Matfas Pons, deceased, to
Peter Benet,[bounded same as in p/a above]

which said premises belonged to and were part of
the real estate of the said Matias Pons, ancestor
of the parties of the first part . .

Signed by Peter Pons
Antonia Marin
Francisco Pons
by Antonio Alvarez, attorney

Marfa del Carmen Ruis del Canto Andreu
by Peter Pons, attorney

1840 13 October: City Council Minute Book: Peter Benet applied
for leave to remove his Retail Liquor Shop from the southeast
to the southwest corner of George & Cradle [Cuna] Streets.

1903 14 August: St. Augustine Evening Record

The work of tearing down the old Benet house, corner of Cuna
and St. George St., was begun yesterday preparatory to erecting
a new building on the premises. It is one of the many old
landmarks that are gradually disappearing. [More, regarding
new building, Bernard Masters, owner.]

Lot 8 Block 13


Agueda Antonia Ponz married Francisco Antonio Ruiz del
Canto on February 14, 1801. Marfa del Carmen Ruis del
Canto Andreu is obviously their daughter.

Prior to his purchase from the Pons heirs of lot 8, Pedro
Benet must have had his store for several years in his
house across the street.

In 1827 he had $450 stock in trade, on which he paid $5.00
tax, and a license to sell retail liquors in the years 1827,
1828 and 1829 and 1830. In 1830 his stock in trade amounted
to $899. The Shop licenses cost him $16 a year; real estate 37-1/2.
[Tax Collector's Report]

Pedro Benet died in 1870. From 1871 until 1883 J. R. Benet
held occupational licenses, usuallynlisted for keeping
"a store" or for "goods, wares and merchandise." In 1872
the license was to sell wine and malt liquors; in 1882-3
for tobacco and "segars".

In the St. Augustine News, April 16, 1887, there is a notice
regarding an order to sell real estate of the Estate of
Pedro Benet, by H. S. Teasdale, Administrator.

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