Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 13, Lot 7 Ortega
Title: Division I General Requirements for Plumbing and Electrical - Ortega House
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Title: Division I General Requirements for Plumbing and Electrical - Ortega House
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 13, Lot 7 Ortega
Physical Description: Maintenance record
Language: English
Publication Date: 1968
Copyright Date: Public Domain
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Box: 6
Divider: Block 13 Lots 5-7
Folder: Ortega B13-L7
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
70 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Ortega House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 70 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.895485 x -81.313128
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DATE-- March 26, 1968

1-2 Workmanship: All materials and equipment shall be installed in a neat and
first class workmanship manner. The Owner reserves the right to direct
the removal and replacement of any items which, in his opinion, do not
present an orderly and reasonably neat or workmanlike appearance, provided
such an orderly installation can be made using customary trade methods.
The removal and replacement shall be done when directed in writing by the
Owner at the contractor's own expense, and without additional expense to
the Owner.
1-3 Connecting the Work of Others: Before starting his work, and from time
to time as his work progresses, the contractor shall examine the work and
materials installed by others insofar as they apply to his own work and
shall notify the Owner immediately if any condition exists, which will prevent
satisfactory results in the installation of the system.

1-4 Drawings: It is the intent of the drawings and specifications to obtain a
complete and satisfactory installation. An attempt has been made to separate
and completely define the work of the contractor, however, such separate
divisional drawings and specifications shall not relieve the contractor or
his sub-contractors from full responsibility of compliance with the work of
his trade which may be indicated on any of the drawings or in any division
of the specifications.

The contractor should therefore carefully examine the architectural, struc-
tural and electrical drawings. The contractor will be required to furnish,
install and connect with appropriate services all items shown on any of the
drawings without additional expense to the Owner. The Owner shall be noti-
fied of any discrepancies, omissions, conflicts or interference which occur
between the drawings or between the drawings and the specifications. If such
notification is received in adequate time, additional data or changes will be

The architectural drawings take precedence over the mechanical and elec-
trical drawings with reference to building construction. The mechanical and
electrical drawings are diagrammatic but shall be followed as closely as
actual construction of the building and work of other trades will permit.

All changes from the drawings necessary to make the work of the contractor
conform with the building as constructed and to fit the work of other trades
or to the rules of the bodies having jurisdiction shall be made by the con-
tractor at his own expense.

I V1 tol

1-5 Damage to Other Work and Personnel: The contractor shall be responsible
for proper protective measures when working overhead or in finished
areas. He shall repair, replace or touch up finished surfaces which may
be damaged as a result of his work or operations.

1-6 Cutting, Patching and Excavation: Cutting and patching of walls, partitions,
floors, concrete, pits and chases will be done by this contractor as provided
on the drawings or as directed by the Owner. All cutting of wood or other
main structural parts must be approved by the Owner prior to commencing
cutting. This contractor shall do all necessary excavation and backfilling
incidental to his work.

1-7 Removal of Rubbish: The contractor shall at all times keep the premises
free from accumulations of waste material or rubbish caused by his employees
or work. At completion of the work he shall remove all his tools, scaffolding,
materials and rubbish from the building site. He shall leave the premises
and his work in a clean and orderly and acceptable condition.

1-8 Ordinances and Regulations: The work shall conform with all local and state
ordinances or regulations governing the installation of such equipment. If
tthe work as laid out, indicated or specified is contrary to or conflicts with
local ordinances or regulations, the contractor shall report the same to
the Owner before commencing with any work. The Owner will then issue
instructions as to procedure. If the contractor fails to notify the Owner of
conflicts or omissions as noted above, all changes required to comply with
the ordinances and regulations shall be made without additional expense to
the Owner.

1-9 Codes and Inspections: The work shall comply with all applicable codes
and standards.

1-10 Permits and Fees: The contractor shall obtain all necessary permits and
inspection required for his work and pay all charges incidental thereto. He
shall deliver to the Owner all certificates of inspection issued by authorities
having jurisdiction.

1-11 Cleaning and Adjustments: Upon completion of work, the contractor shall
clean, oil and grease all fans, motors and other running equipment and
apparatus which he installed and make certain all such apparatus and
mechanisms are in proper working order, and ready for test.

1-12 Guarantee and Service: In addition to the guarantee of equipment by the
manufacturer of each piece of equipment specified herein, this contractor
shall also guarantee such equipment and shall be held for a period of one
year from final acceptance test to make good any defect of material or
workmanship occurring during this period, without expense to the Owner.
The contractor is to furnish, for one year from final acceptance of the
contract, service for all portions of the system.



3-1 Work Included: Work under this division shall include all labor, equip-
ment and materials for the complete installation of all wiring in the
building as shown on the drawings and herein specified and the testing
thereof when complete. All wiring shall be in rigid conduit or steel tube.

3-2 Installation: The installation shall comprise the following:
Wiring for lighting and power.

3-3 System: Service and Distribution 120/240 volts, single phase 3 wire,
100 amp. 1 ... Run underground in 1 1/2~onduit from underground

3-4 Codes and Standards: All work shall be performed in accordance with
the latest edition of the National Electrical Code and with all local
ordinances and regulations.

All materials shall be new and shall comply with the following applicable

American Standards Association
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Underwriters Laboratories

3-5 Permits: This contractor shall take out and pay for all permits for
installations, inspections, connections, etc.

3-6 General: All materials shall be new and listed as approved by the Under-
writers Laboratories, Inc. for the particular application and shall be of
the grade and type specified.

3-7 Wire and Cable: Shall be 600 Volt Type TW except where otherwise noted.
Wiring shall be in rigid conduit, or steel tube.

3-8 Lighting Panelboard: Shall be safety breaker type. Breakers shall be
SQUARE D type 00 plug in breakers. Panelboard shall have }
circuits recessed with cover.

3-9 Boxes and Fittings: All boxes, fittings, clamps,hangers, etc., shall be
galvanized steel or rust resistant alloy.

A. Outlet Boxes: Switch and Receptacle outlets shall be 2" wide, 3" long,
2 1/2" deep with proper device cover. Where more than
two gangs are required install a solid gang box with proper cover.

* See page three



B. Junction Boxes: Shall be flush or surface mounted as required.
Units shall be galvanized after fabrication and shall have exposed
surfaces finished in baked enamel. Underground units shall have
threaded hubs for conduit with gasketed cover. Covers shall be
attached with screws.

C. Lighting Outlets: Shall be 4" octagonal or 4" square boxes with
proper cover.

3-10 Wiring devices:
Switches: Shall be totally enclosed composition switches, and shall be
of sufficient capacity to control the circuits in which they are connected.

Receptacles: All units shall be totally enclosed composition wire side
or rear connection. All units shall be equipped with ears. Duplex
convenience outlets shall be Sierraplex Dark Walnut

3-11 Plates: All wiring device plates shall be Sierra Dark Walnut

3-12 Lighting Fixtures: Furnished by owner.

3-13 Exhaust Fans: Shall be fixtures equal and similar to that manufactured
by NUtone Incorporated, model No. N/A

3-14 General: All wiring is to be concealed.

All cutting and consequent repairing for work shall be done by this
contractor, but no beams or other supports shall be cut without the
knowledge and consent of the Owner.

All equipment shall be rigidly attached to wood, using wood screws, to
solid masonry, using expansion shields; and to hollow tile or masonry,
using toggle bolts.

3-15 Service: Service entrance shall be underground in conduit as indicated
on the drawings under this contract.

3-16 Outlet Boxes:
General: Shall be accurately located and rigidly installed.

Mounting Heights:
A. Switches: 48 inches to center above finished floor.
B. Receptacles: 10 inches to bottom above finished floor, except where
otherwise noted.
C. All wiring devices shall be mounted true and plumb.


3-17 Wiring: A single neutral may be run for two circuits provided each is
fed from different sides of the 120/240 volt system. Minimum wire size
shall be #12 wire except for control wiring.

All branch circuit and feeder wiring shall be run in the attic or under the
floor between joists and concealed within the walls. Wiring shall be run
neatly and when possible parallel to structural members.

3-18 Guarantee: This contractor shall completely mark and test all work and
equipment installed and make the necessary adjustments and leave the
system in perfect working order. Install typewritten schedules in

Upon completion this contractor shall furnish, to the Owner, a written
guarantee against defects in materials and/or workmanship, for a period
of one year.

*Floor boxes shall be Hubbell #FB20GC
Adj. level round floor box, or equal.


DATE March 26, 1968

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