Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 13, Lot 5 - 7
Title: Site History, Lots 5-6-7, Block 13, City of St. Augustine
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Title: Site History, Lots 5-6-7, Block 13, City of St. Augustine
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 13, Lot 5 - 7
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Creator: Arana, Eugenia B.
Wiles, Doris C.
Publication Date: 1968
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Box: 6
Divider: Block 13 Lots 5-7
Folder: Block 13 Lots 5-7
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
70-74 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 70-74 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.895379 x -81.313108
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Cop No. 2

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E. W. Newton

R. Ii. Steinbach

tl .~lnstances


Lots 5-6-7, Block 13
City of St.Augustine

Prepared for




January, 1968.

Research by

Mrs. Eugenia B. Arana, Translator

Mrs. Doris C. Wiles, Compiler

Lots 5 and 6

B L 0 C K 13 1923 City Map

1764 Puente Map # 102 -G 1788-Rocque Map
1765 Moncrief Mr.Box 1790-Quesada Inventory
British No 1 Box Block 1905 City Map:
Lot 5 Caroline W. Upham store
6 Robert F. Stickney- store

1764: Tabby house of Gertrudis de la Pasqua N-S 38 varas x E-W 70 varas
1765: Moncrief: Mr. Box [also includes Puente #103, but with lot line
1766: Granted to Jacob [James] Box 17 February 1766.

1785: February 22 Escrituras [East Florida Papers] 366/148

Sale: James Box's estate by Francis and Charlotte Levitt
[Son-in-law and daughter of James Box] to Juan Villalonga
house and lot on Charlotte [sic] Street, west side, known
as No. 1 in British records. Carlos Howard certifies grant
as above.

1788: Rocque Map lists only four houses in this block, Nos. 69/72.

1790: Quesada Inventory lists only four houses in this block,
Nos. 111/114

1821: Escrituras [East Florida Papers] 385 Quaderno 1, p. 30:
Library of Congress Microfilm Reel No. 168.
Last Will and Testament of Juan Villalonga of Minorca, son
of Bartolome and Agueda Malea, both deceased. Widower of
Mariana Cardona. Children:

Margarita, widow of George Acosta
Mariana, wife of Francisco Pons


Two story masonry house on St. George Street in the corner
of its lot which goes all the way to the street with which
it bounds on the west [Spanish Street]; on the south with a'
lane [Hypolita Street]; on the east with St. George Street and
on the north with house and lot of my daughter Margarita.

Another small house of wood built on the same lot as the
stone house.

"I declare that the lots where my children Margarita and
Bartolome have built their houses are part of the [lot of]
the stone house that belongs to me but which I had granted
to them so that they could build their homes under the
boundaries marked by their fences.

I must bring to your attention, to avoid any misunder-
standing, that I have never been desirous of receiving any
payment for the value of the said lots because from the

Lots 5 and 6 Block 13

beginning I ceded them to my children, without any legal
papers, and it is now my wish that they are not disturbed
of their possession and legitimate ownership under any
circumstances, as I now declare that it is theirs in its

To my daughter, Mariana, I leave one-fifth of my
estate, as she has not had any previous benefit, besides
her legitimate share."

He also left 5 negroes, and a plot of ground within the
mil y quinientas [ 1500 yards of the fort].

Executors: Bernardo Segui and Francisco Pons. Will dated
2 January, 1821.

1834: #3 John Villalonga Heirs of Bartolome Villalonga
#4 John Villalonga Margaret Acosta [nee Villalonga]

Note: The houses of Margarita Acosta and Bartolome Villalonga
appear to have been constructed between 1790 and 1821,
as the Quesada Inventory lists only one house, # 113,
as belonging to Juan Villalonga.

This is evidently the one shown on the Rocque map as #70
and would have been on present Lot 4.

Addenda: Lots 5-6, Block 13

JAMES BOX was the Attorney General and a member of the
Council of East Florida, having been appointed at the end
of October, 1764 at the time of the organization of the
government. In the spring of 1770 he obtained a leave of
absence on account of bad health. He died about a year
later, leaving a widow, Sarah, and two children.
On May 4, 1771, Arthur Gordon was appointed his successor.

Lot 7

B L 0 C K 13 1923 City Map

1764 Puente Map #101-G 1788 Rocque Map #71 10
1765 Moncrief Mr. Fish 1790 Quesada Inventory #112 13
British No 3 Box Block 1905 City Map: Jane M. Vail store.

1764 Houses of stone, of the heirs of Nicolas de Ortega,
N-S 18 varas x E-W 73 varas.
Map shows:
1 house on St. George Street = present lot 7
1 house on Spanish Street = present lot 1

1764 Sales to Jesse Fish 4 June 23 July:

#199 House of Nicolas Ortega 150 pesos
#200 House of Nicolas Ortega 100 pesos
1765 Moncrief map: Mr. Fish

1766 Fish account book, account #21 n/o Laureana Reyes
[Widow of Nicolas Ortega]

Debits 93 pesos 6 reales Credits
(a.) For her house sold to
Joseph Thomas 252 pesos 5 reales

(b.) For house sold to Nicolas
Powers 252 pesos 5 reales

Total 505 pesos 2 reales

Note: These sales were evidently not consummated, as will be seen,
for later (a) was sold to Sarah Honor, by Jesse Fish.
The chain of British titles:

Sarah Honor to Bernard Spencer, who sold to
to John Kennedy, who sold to John Procter.

1779 5 November, Granted to John Procter by Governor Tonyn

1781 June, John Procter's Estate, at public sale, to James Scotland.

1787 February 13: Memorial Siebert: Loyalists in East Florida
V. 2 pp 186-190:
No. 98: Memorial of James Scotland . Carpenter.

States that he settled in St. Augustine in 1775 and carried
on his trade of house carpenter until the province was ceded
to Spain. He owned 3 town lots, one [pp 187-8]

situated in George Street, measuring in front to the
eastward 36 Spanish Varrs [sic] and the same to the
westward; to the southward 18 Spanish Varrs; on which
lot was erected an exceeding good stone dwelling house
consisting of four large rooms with a kitchen, outhouses

Lot 7 Block 13

and garden, enclosed with good fences, purchased
at public sale in 1781 and valued at b350.

[This same description is repeated in No. 3 of the schedule
of his property.]

p. 189 [Further details on the same property]: That in June, 1781,
he bought a lot in George Street of John Procter for
b230, and produced a certified copy of a grant dated
5 November 1779 from Governor Tonyn to John Procter,
in fee, of a town lot

situated on the west side of George Street known
as No. 3 in Box's Quarter, conditioned for building
a house. It was about 100 feet in front and depth,
was not fenced in, but there was a very good stone
house, two stories high, besides garrets, glazed and
shingled, 50 feet in front and 20 feet deep upon it,
then in complete repair.

There was no fence at the time of purchase but he
put up a boarded fence all around the lot with
cedar posts and rails. He repaired the kitchen and
built an open shed for a stable. He laid out il00
on these alterations and repairs.

That he left this in care of Mr. Slater [William Slater,
British Vendue Master] to sell it, but he could not
dispose of it and he, Scotland, never received anything
for it.

1794 Testamentary Proceedings [ East Florida Papers] Microfilm
Reel #1, St. Augustine Historical Society: No. 4 Florida-
Year 1794: Meeting of Creditors as a result of the death
of D. Jose [Jesse] Fish, in which Da. Josefa Ortaga requests
payment for two houses.

22 March, 1785: Josefa Ortega, grand daughter of Nicolas
Ortega and Laureana de los Reyes, asks that she be returned
three [sic]* houses which her grandmother left unsold in
this city when she had to return to Havana in 1763 and
which were sold in confidence to Jesse Fish.

To substantiate her claim, she has presented her grandmother's
will, made in Havana, in which she appears as one of the legal
heirs of Laureana de los Reyes:

26 March 1779: I, Laureana de los Reyes, native of St.
Augustine, Florida, and resident of this town of Nuestra
Senora de Regla, legitimate daughter of Jose de los Reyes
and Lorenza de Salas, natives of said Florida, being sick
but of sound mind .

I declare that I was married to Nicolas Ortega, and of this
marriage had as our legitimate children: Augustin, Jose

* See addenda.

Lot 7 Block 13

Joaquin, who died while married to Maria Castaneda and
left a child named Maria* Jose Maria, Juan, and Simon
Rafael de Ortega, all of them of legal age except the
said granddaughter; and as a result of the death of my
said husband, Autos de Inventario were made in Florida
and distribution made to his heirs

I declare as part of my estate two houses, shingled, in
the city of St.Augustine, Florida, [one] located next
to the line bounding with Don Manuel Escalona of which
my children have knowledge and a lot, this is the one
which bounds with Escalona, and the houses with Da.
Gertrudis Pasqual, houses which are well known, and which
when we left [for Havana] were left unsold, nor any dis-
position made of them; I declare this in case they ever
return to our Monarch or could ever be sold, so to be done
by my children and their value distributed among themselves
in equal shares.

I name my said children and grand daughter as my universal
heirs and I hereby revoke and declare void any other
testament . .

Villa de Guanavacoa Cuba.

[Notation: The above died in Guanavacoa 24 March, 1782]

Jesse Fish"s reply: He is aware of the houses mentioned in her
claim as they appear in his records, and he will pay as
soon as he is able to sell some of his properties in St.

Josefa again writes: 27 July, 1785: It has been over a month
since she presented her case, and now she has heard that
the Englishman who bought the house [on St.George Street]
is known to be dead and that Francisco Felipe Fatio had
it in his care, and it is also known that the Government
has now taken it over and declared it to be property of
the Crown.

Fatio, requested to reply, says that during the month of
October, 1784, he rented this house from James Scotland,
and that in January, 1785, it was sold by [or for] James
Scotland at public auction, and that he bought it for 167
pesos, which he never paid, because although he had been
given documents, there was no title to the house, and
without such title he was unable to record the purchase
with the office of the Escribano. Instead he only paid
the rents. Among the papers that he had were the following:

1. [Deed] from a woman Sarah Honor (who is believed to
have bought it from Fish) to Bernard Spencer
17 July ---
2. Spencer to Juan Kennedy 6 October ---
3. Kennedy to Juan Procter 31 October ---
4. A certification by the British Governor to Procter.

* See addenda

Lot 7 Block 13

Procter later died and his estate was declared
[distributed] for the benefit of his creditors.

Scotland bought it without procuring any title.

When I [Fatio] bought it at the auction, I stated that I
would pay the 167 pesos when given title to it, which
I still do not have; and if the house is now to be awarded
to Josefa Ortega, I beg of Your Excellency that papers be
given to me, as I have to satisfy [pay] the 167 pesos
so that my transaction will be considered legal.

1785 August 1. Governor Zespedes issued a Judicial Decree in
which he permits Josefa Ortega to live in the house, but
she cannot rent it or let anyone else use it until a
Resolution is passed.

1788 25 April: Key to the Detailed plan of the city of San
Agustin of East Florida, by Mariano de la Rocque. [He
admits elsewhere that this map took him three years to

Block No. 10, East [side] No. 71: Masonry house, in
fair condition, owned by the Crown; occupied by Don
Diego Miranda.

1790 19 August: Inventories, Appraisals and Sale at Public
Auction of the Houses and Lots of the King. Photostat
in the Archives of the St. Augustine Historical Society.

Governor Quesada states that he has examined the condition
of the buildings, and that he noticed that many of them
were very badly kept, others threatened to fall, and the
rest reduced to piles of ruins. This condition is due to
the fact that said buildings came into the domain of the
King at the time of the British evacuation, their owners
having left them as worthless; and His Majesty having been
advised by His Excellency, Quesada's predecessor [Governor
Zespedes]; but that in the space of six years [of Zespedes'
regime] no Royal resolution dealt with the matter. As a
result each day this beautiful section of the Royal Estate
deteriorates more, and within a short time will be an absolute
loss. It had therefore been ordered that the master mason
and the master carpenter proceed to the appraisal of the
buildings and lots, and that notices be posted so that all
who desire might come to the Government House to the auction,
advising them that those who purchase them shall give bond
for payment of the improvements and lots, and that five
percent annually should be paid into the Royal Treasury annually
it being understood that only those shall be admitted as
bidders who, besides the bond, guarantee that they will repair
and have the said houses reconditioned within a year; pre-
ferring always the natives, and Spaniards, in equal circum-
stances to the others .

Lot 7 Block 13

The Escribano notified Don Juan Cantillo, the Head Master Mason,
and Martin Hernandez, Master Carpenter, who appeared and swore
in proper form to perform their duties faithfully. They were
employed twenty-two days, of five hours each, and apparently
completed their task 4 March 1791.

The engineer, Mariano de la Rocque, studied the appraisals and
suggested certain additions to the values of some houses, and
to the value per square vara of the lots. He said he was certain
that it was customary to value them at one-half real,
in the extremities of the city, and at one real for thdse in the
center on the principal streets.

Appraisal No. 112, Square 13'

Rubble-work masonry house with lot of the King,
occupied by Josefa Oertega, bounded: South by
lot of Juan Villalonga, North by Marcial Ponze,
West by lot of Alberto Ruis [Rogero], East by
Royal Street.

18-1/2 N-S x 36-1/2 v. @ 1/2 rr. per sq. v. 337 1/2

Rubblework masonry wall 24 x 4 x 1/2 (front
and back) @ 2 rr. per sq. v. 192

Rubblework masonry wall 11 x 4 v.(sides)
@ 2 rr. per sq. v. 88

For 2 chimneys 11 x 3 x 1/3 v. @ 1-1/2 rr.
per sq. v. 49 1/2

For 2 chimneys and section of a patio wall 80

For woodwork of doors, windows, floor and roof 568

Add 337-1/2 rr 337 1/2

1652 1/2 rr.

Note: This appraisal is repeated in the so-called
1800 Tax List. This is a misnomer, because it is
merely a copy of the 1790 document with notations
as to whom title was confirmed as a result of the
Royal Cedula of June 17, 1801. In this instance
it has no meaning, as will be seen.

1791 8 April: Congressional Documents: 30th Congress, 2nd Session,
Executive No. 21, Senate, Report t6 Solicitor of the Treasury,
30 January, 1849, pp. 121/2: The sale took place at St. Aug-
ustine, 8 April, 1791; John Jose, a negro slave, auctioneer;
the following were purchasers, the houses being all numbered.
. No. 112: House and lot sold to Don Miguel Hesnardi [sic]
1791 14 April: Escrituras [East Florida Papers] 368/105: Pedro

Lot 7 Block 13

Cocifacio, bondsman for Miguel Ysnardy coquina house,
St. George Street, No. 112.

Note: It is evident from later documents that Miguel Ysnardy either
bought the house for Sebastian Ortega [Minorcan, no relation
to Josefa Ortega] or that he transferred it to him soon after-
ward. The document that might give details is missing from the
East Florida Papers in Tallahassee.

1799 Testamentary Proceedings [East Florida Papers] Microfilm Reel
No. 5, St. Augustine Historical Society: No. 19-Florida-Year
1800: Royal Exchequer vs. Estate of Jesse Fish. [Fish died
8 February 1790.]

Gonzalo Zamorano, Royal Accountant, declares that as per
testimony rendered to the Royal Accountancy by the Government
Secretary, dated 6 June, 1799, it is declared that the Estate
of Jesse Fish is indebted to the Royal Exchequer in the amount
of 167 pesos, value of a house which he sold without authority
and that lately has been legally declared as property of
Sebastian Garcia, for his wife Da. Josefa Ortega. Understand-
ing that the Estate of Jesse Fish is paying off all creditors,
he requests that the estate satisfy the Royal Exchequer in
the amount of 167 pesos . Governor White orders that the
executors be notified.

1799 6 June: Decree: Lieutenant Auditor of War:

Governor White, having examined the Autos promulgated by
Josefa Ortega and pursued by her husband, Sebastian Garcia,
with power of attorney from her and from her uncle in Havana,
Juan Ortega, grand daughter and son of Nicolas Ortega and
Laureana de los Reyes, as proven by the latter's Will and
Testament attached as testimony on page 5 of the Autos, and
the documents in which she solicits the return of the house
described, which together with other properties were left
behind unsold by the owners when they evacuated this Presidio
to go to Havana at the time of the British occupation in

His Excellency states that as the executors of Jesse Fish
have not contested the claim made by Garcia, in which he says
that he possessed the house by Judicial authority [Zespedes'
Decree 1 August 1785] at the time he was asked to vacate it
so that it could be sold at the public sale [8 April 1791]
together with other houses which were the property of the
Royal Hacienda because their legitimate owners were unknown,
some of which have now been restored to their owners after
legal proofs have appeared as evidenced by this case. And
furthermore, because the Royal Decree of 18 March 1791 [copy
attached to the Autos] in which His Majesty approved the
suggestion that all those Floridians who possessed houses and
lands should have them returned if they could prove their
ownership .

Lot 7 Block 13

His Excellency declares that the property being here dis-
cussed belongs to the sons and heirs of Da. Laureana de los
Reyes, and should be given back to Garcia, as he was unjustly
deprived of possession against the Judicial Decree of 1 Aug-
ust 1785, and that such house should be vacated within the
next 15 days by the person or persons who now possess it
under any titles, all of which are hereby considered null
and of no value; and likewise the sale at the Public Auction
at which Miguel Ysnardy acquired the house is considered
null and void, and all previous acquisitions before Ysnardy
from the time it was sold by Jesse Fish until it was bought
by Francisco Felipe Fatio in the amount of 167 pesos, which
he never paid because he was never given legal title to it

Furthermore, His Excellency declares that as the previous
owners since the sale by Fish had acted in good faith
with just titles and have made profits on the house, they
are obligated to pay 5% to the heirs of Laureana de los
Reyes as stipulated by the Public Auction; however, the
heirs are indebted to the previous owners for any improvements
they may have made to the house . .

And lastly, it is declared that the Estate of Jesse Fish is
indebted to the Royal Exchequer for the amount of 1I6spesos
which Fatio says he bought it for at public sale at the time
of the British occupation. . Therefore, Fatio is released
of his contract (he has a right to sue Fish if he so desires)
and the Fish estate will also be liable to the heirs of
Laureana de los Reyes for the value of the other properties
which they claim were alienated by him.

Note: The Fish Estate paid the Royal Exchequer the 167 pesos.

1803 14 June: Escrituras [ East Florida Papers] The original
volume is in the County Judge's office in St. Augustine.

Don Sebastian Garcia and his wife Josefa Ortega, with power
of attorney from the heirs of Nicolas Ortega and Laureana de
los Reyes, deceased, sell to Don Francisco Rovira

a house of coquina on St. George Street, lot on the front
N-S 16 varas, E-W 40 varas, bounded on the front by the
street, West by Alberto Roye [Rogero] North by Matias Pons
and South by Juan Villalonga.

1803 2 December: Civil Proceedings [East Florida Papers] 341/6
Library of Congress Microfilm Reel 158: N. 6 Florida -
Year of 1803. Sebastian Ortega vs the Estate of Laureana
de los Reyes requesting repairs he made to a house which he
bought at Public Auction from the Crown, and which later was
returned to the Estate for having been declared the property
of the said Laureana.

Lot 7 Block 13

Sebastian Ortega, Mahones, starts proceedings against
Sebastian Garcia and the estate of Laureana de los Reyes
to recover the amount of 156 pesos 3 reales which he claims
he spent in the repairs of the house which he had purchased
at the Public Auction. This claim is the result of the
Decree of 6 June 1799 from the Auditor of War, in which the
house is finally adjudged to the heirs of Laureana de los
Reyes, and in which there is a clause stating that "the
heirs are indebted to the previous owners for any improvements
they may have made to the house . .". Ortega finds this
the proper time to make a claim.

This case was in litigation for almost three years, and it
even got to the point where Ortega changed his claim from
payment for repairs to claiming the house for himself, as
he argued that the case had not been properly handled and
was against his interests.

On November 11, 1806, Governor White ruled, as per resolution
from the Auditor of War, that Sebastian Ortega had no right
to claim the house, as this matter had already been decided,
but that he had acted in good faith when he improved the
house, and that if he had not so improved it, the price for
which Garcia sold it to Rovira would have been much less.

Although the bill for repairs amounts to some 314 pesos,
Sebastian Ortega is requesting only 156 pesos 3 reales
"as per agreement made when he had to vacate the house for
the heirs of Laureana."

Account of the expenses incurred in repairs to the house
believed to be the property of the Crown, and purchased at
the Public Auction as per documents existing in the office
of the Royal Accountant:

Pesos Reales
Wages to Juan Lorenzo at 10 reales 22 2
Felipe Martin, Dragoon, signed as
per request, as he did not know how,


Wages to Sebastian Coll at 10 reales 11 2
Nicolas Estefanopoly at 10 reales 11 2
Juan Yanopoly at 10 reales 8 6

Signed: Juan Gianopoly
Sebastian Coll
Jose Candelaria Salas for
Nicolas Estefanopoly

Lot 7 Block 13

Pesos Reales

118 Bushels of lime at 1 peso 1/2 real 14
10,000 Shingles 45
25 ft. of trim for the shingles at 3 ps 7 4
250 split pales at 10 reales 3 1
200 bricks for an oven and the chimneys
at 11 reales 3
43 posts at 2 pesos 1/2 real 47 1/2
1 of stone 10
150 ft. of boards at 3 ps 4 4
80 Ibs. of nails for the shingles & pales 20
1 lock 3 2
1 bolt 2
12 glasses for windows 2 3
Wages for negro at 6 9 6
2 days for a barge for hauling the lime 2
Wages for laying the floor of the house
at 6 2 2


2 big orange trees which bear fruit 20
7 small orange trees at 2 ps 14
8 grape vines which bear fruit at 4 ps 32
4 fig trees which bear fruit at 4 ps 16
1 peach tree which bears fruit 4

St. Augustine, Florida 15 June 1799

Meanwhile, Francisco Rovira had already sold the house to a
new resident,

1803 July 5: Escrituras [East Florida Papers] p. 144
Don Francisco Rovira to Don Juan Flotard, new resident,
house of coquina and lot onSt. George Street, on which
it fronts, N-S 17 varas, on side, E-W 40 varas; bounded
on the front which is the east by St.George Street; West
by lot of Albert Roye [Rogero] North by Matias Pons;
South by Juan Villalonga. This house and lot from
Don Sebastian Garcia and Da. Josefa Ortega, his wife,
with power of attorney from the heirs of Don Nicolas
de Ortega and Da. Laureana de los Reyes, deceased, in
the archives June 14 last.

1803 14 July: Exchequer Proceedings [ East Florida Papers] 300/10/40
Library of Congress Microfilm Reel 133: N 10 -Florida-
Year 1807: The Royal Accountancy soliticing the payment
of monies owed by Juan Flotard, new resident, for duties
on goods introduced into the Province, and who has left
the Province and not returned for a long time.

Flotard mortgaged the house to the Royal Hacienda to pay
duties on goods he brought into the province, in the amount

Lot 7 Block 13

of 7,315 pesos 6-1/2 reales. The duties amounted to 1,097
pesos 3 reales, or 15% of the total value of the goods.

The mortgage deed describes the house as follows:

". a house which he owns in this city, built of
mamposteria, with a shingle roof, and its corresponding
lot, located on St. George Street which goes to the Land
Gate, and which has in front N-S 17 varas, and in depth
E-W 40 varas, bounded on the front which is east with the
said street; on the West with another lot of Alberto Roye
[Rogero]; on the North with Matias Pons; and on the South
with Juan Villalonga; house and lot which he bought from
Francisco Rovira for 1200 pesos . .

Flotard left the province, and in 1807 the Royal Accountant
started proceedings to recover the amount due for the duties.
Governor White decreed that the house should be sold at
public auction.

1808 13 September: an assessment of the house was made as follows:


48 varas of masonry of the east wall at 120 ps 120
27 varas of masonry of the north wall at 67 ps 1/2 rr
67 1/2
48 varas of masonry of the west wall 120
27 varas of masonry of the South wall 67 1/2
15 varas of masonry of the chimney in the parlor 45
30 varas of citarron*of a partition wall 30
57 varas of tabby floor 17
10 varas of masonry of partition wall in the
dining room 10
14 varas of masonry of the west wall of said
dining room 28
14 varas of masonry of the south wall 28
10 varas of masonry of the kitchen chimney 25
25 varas of masonry of the wall of a fallen flat
roof 35
6 varas of masonry of the roof and pillars of the
back door 10
60 varas of masonry of the foundations of the
whole house 45
Loose materials, stone, bricks and mortar 40
572 varas quadradas [sq. varas?] of lot and house 143

citaron(Cuba) wall 2 bricks thick. 830 1

Lot 7 Block 13

Carpentry pesos reales

9 doors with hinges 56 4
5 windows, 2 of them with glass 43
2 alacenas [pantry, storeroom, locker] 59
1 floor 59
roof 165


The roof with its circuit [rim?] 6
2 doors and 2 windows 12 6
The fences 18
1 privy 4


8 grape vines 20
2 fig trees 3
2 pomegranates 3
1 citron 3
8 orange trees 93

491 2
Masonry 830 1
Carpentry 491 2

1321 3
Public sale was held 22 September 1808.
There were various bids, the first for 900 ps. The final
bid was 1140 ps made by Dn. Manuel Fernandez Biendicho.

1813 In the summer of 1813, two ships set out from St. Augustine
for Havana. One was the Maria Concepcion, owned by Antonio
Giraldo, the master, and Juan Andreu; the other was the
Dos Hermanos, owned by Manuel Lopez, master, and his brother,

They both reached Havana safely, but the Dos Hermanos was
lost with her cargo and all hands, on the return voyage.
Some of the details are revealed in a statement by Antonio
Giraldo to the Auditor of War a year after the tragedy, with
respect to the estate of two of the passengers, Don Manuel
Fernandez Bendicho, and his wife, Maria Rafaela Rodriguez.

Giraldo said that the Dos Hermanos left Havana two days
ahead of the Concepcion, and that on August 27, 1813,
the Concepcion encountered a severe hurricane which put
them in dire danger of losing all aboard, but with Divine
help they escaped, and all reached home safely.


Lot 7 Block 13

It was assumed, however, that the Dos Hermanos was lost with
all passengers and cargo, because no word had reached here in
all that time. She was loaded with cargo, even on the deck,
and her passengers and crew numbered 36. Giraldo considered
her to be overloaded to the extent that it seemed impossible
to accommodate all of the passengers and cargo, and he believed
this to be especially dangerous, because all of the passengers
had families in St. Augustine.

1814 Testamentary Proceedings [ East Florida Papers[ Microfilm
Reel 12, St. Augustine Historical Society. No. 18 Florida -
Year 1814: Inventory . death of Dn. Manuel Fernandez
Bendicho and his wife Da. Maria Rafaela Rodriguez. [Title
page torn].

1815 5 July: Appraisal of houses: House and lot No. 2
Bounds on the front with the street of the Land Gate; South
with lot of Dn. Jorge Acosta, deceased; and on the North
with the lot of Dn. Marcial Ponce, to wit:
pesos reales
648 varas plans at 2 pesos 162

Has in length 33 feet; width 18ifeet and
13 feet in height with a hallway 9 ft.
wide; 21 esquadras & 4 ft. of stone at
20 ps. per esquadra 435

1 tabby floor 15
1 partition 1 esquadra & 35 ft. of stone 26 6


1 floor 26.6 ps; 1 roof 89.1 115 7
7 doors with frames and hinges 45
7 windows with frames 32
1 house for negroes 22 ft. long, 8 ft. wide
and 7 ft. high 24


4 orange trees 57
1 pomegranate, 2 fig trees, 4 grapevines 20


Note: On November 27, 1815, three of Bendicho's five houses were
sold at public auction, and later the proceeds were distributed
to the heirs. House No. 2 above was later sold to Miguel
Andreu to satisfy a creditor from Havana.


Lot 7 Block 13

20 December
1820 Escrituras [ East Florida Papers] 384/12/527: Library of
Congress Microfilm Reel 168.

Fernando de la Maza Arredondo, Jr. with power of attorney
from the heirs of the deceased Manuel Bendicho and Rafaela
Rodriguez, sell to Miguel Andreu, a house of mamposteria
covered with shingles, in very bad condition, and its lot,
on St.George Street, bounded north with house and lot
of Matias Pons, West with lot of Alberto Roye [Rogero]
South with lot of Bartolome Villalonga, and measuring
N-S 17 varas, E-W 40 varas.

1834 Clements Survey: Original Claimant:Josefa Ortega
Present Claimant:Joseph Andrew
Lot2Block 13

Addenda: Lot 7 Block 13

NICOLAS DE ORTEGA, Son of Augustin and Juana Alberto, and

Lorenza de Salas were married in St. Augustine
October 2, 1736.

In 1752 he is listed as an armourer, and he died on
27 August, 1762. He left a will.

They had eight children born in St. Augustine. The ones
marked are mentioned in Laureana de los Reyes' will;
although Jose Joaquin was dead, she mentions him as the
father of Maria [Josefa] her grand-daughter and heir. Those
not mentioned in the will evidently also predeceased her.

Augustin, 18 May 1739
Joseph Joaquin, 21 August 1741
Maria del Rosario 6 October 1743
Joseph Maria 11 September 1745
*Juan Ignacio 28 December 1747
Michaela Concepcion 25 April 1750
*Rafael Simon 28 October 1752
Francisco Xavier 15 April 1757

Source: Cathedral Parish Records, Baptisms, Marriages and
Burials; Stetson Collection: Don Joseph Antonio
Gelabert to the Crown, AGI 87-1-14/2 [phst p. 7]
1752-1764. Phosostats in St. Augustine Historical
Society Archives.

* p. 2: The Puente map of 1764 shows a lot, No. 95 in Block F,
as the property of Laureana de los Reyes. Her heirs do not
seem to have pursued a claim for this lot. The houses in
Block G, both No. 101, are listed as the property of the
heirs of Nicolas de Ortega.

* p. 3: Although the grand daughter is called Maria in the Will,
a copy of her baptismal certificate is produced as part of
her proof of claim in our Reel 1 of the Testamentary Proceed-
ings: No. 4-Florida-Year 1794 where she requests payment from
the Estate of Jesse Fish:

Sunday, 11 January 1767: I Dn. Pedro de Castro Palomino,
Teniente de Cura Beneficiado of the Yglesia Auxiliar del
Santo Angel Custodio of this city of Havana, baptized and
administered the Holy Oils to a girl who was born on the
8th of the current month, legitimate daughter of Josef de
Ortega and Maria Castaneda, natives of Florida . and
gave the name of Josefa Manuela de Jesus. .Godfather;
Ignacio de Dalde.

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