Title: Interlachen Bulletin
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Title: Interlachen Bulletin
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Interlachen Bulletin
Publisher: Interlachen Bulletin
Place of Publication: Interlachen, FL
Publication Date: October 1891
Copyright Date: 1891
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Putnam -- Interlachen
Coordinates: 29.622778 x -81.894722 ( Place of Publication )
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V0o. I. No. I. INTERLACHEN, OCTOBER, 1891. Price One Cent.

Y Vmw %-,*-to %Wivir in Florida. Saie.ar catererI wo brings fromte north DR. LENTE, ON THE CLIMATE onlopi rada n tle
If not, you have some friend who his help and R eive is h gue sts northern cookO THE CLIM around loping back gradually in b the forays
does. This paper is filled with ing and northern greetings. 8 ecial in- OF FLORIDA. ofan amphitheater. They aboiui, as do
dlitrmationabouta WinterHome 'Incements to November and Decembier -l- Tlhe l' fk i t S drink, in blatr baso.
rmaguests. The hotel opens on ttte 2ol of furnish9001 drinking water also.
ta il um .Land. Please read g s The hotel aps oen tie 20th of We insert short extracts from a letter of s is destined to become a well POpuated
November and remains open until the 1st r. Lente on tie .iilloogof Florida: c Nn o
H11 P- t, because the in- of May r. ente on tle climatologyol Florida: place. Numbers of northern 'mq*.,he
formation Itcontains Is reliable. -'___ "With regard to the mintir climate and lprclhased lots, and have builtor contt sted
formation It contains Is reli. '~ ts effect on various diIseases. I can slppak 1or good residences for the winter. Ti',
here to Spend the Winter understandingly. having treated hundreds 'et .f hunting can le had in tie vicinity,
INTERLACH EN. When the Frost King is Get- of cases sent me bly phisicriians ill over thll a"ll the lakes allord facilities for sailing.
ting in His Work. Country. and having conversed with a great and fishing. TIle roads are common coun-
BEETWEE LA E any highly intelligent people, who hlave try roads lait nlost liard and tolerably
bThat depends. If you want quiet hotel nd whose verdict is more apt to be un1. variousdirectins llmongthe beautiful lakes
OUT DOOR LIDFE IN MID WINTER. boarding house, in a clinlate kin to nl oiased tllhl Ily own, or that of any on11 of all size, atford a srllicient variety for
0 WIN"TER. Ohio 111 to a.nicient yfor
WH D RE DECEMBER'S AS lay or Octoer, whre tllere are ,bose itet lies ill one conltrl o(I llany t ll'Ivlle s11011.
PLEASANT AS MAY. church and ,llool privileges, good north- bne locality. Almost witlont exci.tion. I I t ol,.] like to <.,11 tile attention of such
ern society, and northern cooking, the think I may safelyHll' Nvithoot any exitip- phlisiciallS 55 lIlly chance to read It, to tile
Amid noa1 antd a Idc e
SshgldlngandDllng. 'l0e nille years agl a prillnlgfield, Ohio liiate of Florida ls far saliprior to tllt of s.eak laiidl.lly of thisn locality atallevelIts,
cololnlv selected one of tile ioaot Icautiful il the treatllllmlt of tile various forms of
GOING A MAYING IN JANUARY. and Ilitlllfll Pit's ill i)] Florritl for aa t tiile l of rert of EkioAs fo m of

Ilihl. T rst.go: To -w,. ..,_ 1. lurortern winters In thesein y 3eara, "he tre atnit of ce e.se f i 6n _ikedalu (' t b1
o5 V. ..r.".o t T vh I'. a,..-, ' '.1l
lrdaa, HNI ye LtoS Sdtsr I.Lad, where Coila improvements iIle%- been lirogresiing to r '(lite and ac'omllp I "' '
a Darkne.. srs aeldia. get-. &Ed the s.no make this a lil'sirahle home for citlher ill- .nd's Medical c)ictu'atrly says: 'Ii c
de.lsln oare s elo. valid*. ok r comfort Sleekers, in a sei-tropical climate of lorida wliy el ir." One The place to igo 9 pSl the winter :',
The enterprise begaclilmat, *easil reached, wher boating, fi11- 1 nst remain here at least througl.one win- Ilterlacl n, Florta.
Tile enterprise beglln All in Florida.

tl" o a" '. for thooAands.
ii tl' esoiint erin h.ld, and it-- UK tot) ll'S
it oe of Florird a. It .s 'e*t Mre Vills .f w1trL.
notlaimed thatlimate In- ile

WINT ER R EPO RT Iy10 1 lnke
Itd hm, l erO lls bt artIih .f
lachesn i which to '4 3 N" I r.. es oetn.

riln taittwiesn in t

i l ,ol' tedim l11 that It-i -v '

ra cheaplytiesc'ntilAl- .' Ii. iIt ''tttlri a aillo ly
llt nlin o ll res It hai nineteen

i sto r i n re lieft r i l l s .. il i t e tle in t i'l Ie

e nilr o o f r its ntltt siotel t r "
tillit e canr i lil e ll i it l s It lta s t t e'nsl trito ailC
Ine or, er itte ills that ties], I Ins
il heir to, htl is lelvastl h DL 1 Yt Vrn;I t .....e.

tonlized, ew 1o us to i rove oi n tIt f aki. Frol n e betrose gard ll ti id s p o e ot II ti Sea Il I -
wvith its three hotels 'N Il'.Wand cotton cnl-- If tile

'a allyil

o caurhes town lbrar, 1, o le the T a one th gs & a get e '. the a Ith nl or It l s gs I, a I
bank, rai-lrosd and ltel L- "- o.,,,.,,,,, rts ,, th, w .
,,rak dl facilities, central- P i t . I t t al h"

ly lotnved and ac o 'ssib lc t inter l a l titi o

phe lrtate ledo eeopl lnie o ton alke bit peraitted to pluck oranges froa. solt alr amate I l'. TII is n11 y eN adiaible, ts1 |o3. ation hI s i increase in vlue'10 pt11
to ial poit ino et f the tn of acrsof groves r tpernae of 'l 0a is Sllo t ,cent. tin t a
i1 the state, IR f e8 i nIt s ull io n

Peron of ornge la i, or lge orI tte t i grt d aIta lt gtos of

of the expense wlile ere. There are i ne of te rsest a y vi e l t t tlite it igts A acre range grove r old, is
as plently of people to liatronze t t ill allow on t prcae money rebate 'r it gt advisable, l It i i in ale 10 to
tile ortate. it ho, Cn i, l-er ille interior rt dita aong the ear if l taken of.

although a a day hotel,is m h better e n A c table cottae cn rn
nte lace i witer cliate of Florida ii r the winer from $4rato
little advertised, as the MI DLEY VIEW OF HOTEL INTERLaCH1N, INTERLACHENt FLORIDA.l I rice.
propictorts wivere la'erse 's i t. It i itd .2 ,e11
to ,omin a town that only existed on ig hlorsebek ridingt in 1 "egid l '< I .l It ,, alit I l(I ', "' i the.
slier. and ddl alit car, to invite s p pl ll an t, every I day [s I V:1-111 f "
especiallyv invalids. t i aplace tha t at coldl Midwintcr. at the li et , king in. 't,8 i 't 1 -1,' this if l In
furnishl io comorts. We can .... 'say te north is getting inhis wo I,'k ,... chilling ami.W! rft .1ityi.. )atz as III; t..l ........ w x'tI si.t 1
S tle bl ood, ans l driving into he 'ate id ro-l a u1, ti le nll:lnin I of1 lt. the lvrlli in III, ll il nilin a* re W it hotll .lit
C 0 31E A N D S E E In e rrs fro m c a tr 'it, c u tuln isin b tle it l n a rro wl'.w ,rip , l r i n It i xo rts ,'xir t h a lf milli o n (lol-

y(la can get n llore for tl re mone .v ,th at (,['any kind." Fron the rose rden of "H. i s il ,rtio th s ot ,," or .... .. 'I at . t i I'rlhotars. ,
m ost other poia tH ior F lor ida. A ll'eG. H acting s & (!o. voll caan hrtGil v get ( o \'o 1 1 n' t e get roI ll e Gun f or Its inn ral hpriugs are n o a
milesi~toti y tint `tF Apc it the t, "l'' ;lnWi tl r O Wll l 'tiif O' t llpr'l'ei ti g vai features (if an in,
desirable'and economical to make othe hnnrIs ofacrcsof grtves eahnst cnt. ihin hl 1 4i yars. .
1NTERLAIIEN YOUR llOME in hearing. in e x" lslls Of the year It h. o h I
from wlhic to go out nnd see otlhc r places lt'KetS iromn alny poinlt ih i is Zte emnfortabl here Schools and tile ommon school attendance ..
of interest. terlc n and return can e ... nd nou. T in speaking of ltelacl hen, D)r. Lente il lle last flollr Var s.
No longer need Ipeo le of limited ,iea s you be so delighlted as to xant to purchase remi'llnlllnnds it also as a 8nulmmler reslldence, This will bce a good winter to see Florida.
Ile deterri-d from visiting Flo.idao....count a fe acres of orange lanit!i or at villag,,e hone a'nd teucthe, upon tile great advantages of
litany Al n tol $5.00 a day thotells, ad totrs do the terlael,iet tWinter It:e ;rt \U- I is ase of ttle -lidAt:lt: A 5 acre orange grove, i( 8 ea old, io
ilnty of people to pmatrnize l|rm, bnt wiIl allow on tle pure ,y t '1 SU m, it night bte advisable, as- location. It Will increase in value 10 to ]5
tley are Uot the kind we are inviting to of the cost of transportatioll tip Interlachenel .pecllY. ill case of a sickly season, to go into pret o than c +t of care and fertili-
the late. from pringfield, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cleve- t he in erior a shortt distance aniong t hle per cen' t y ar ie th a en c o care a f.
HOTEL. INTERLATCUR, Nlad, Ne York, Philadelphia piS. l.oms or:p ne hills. There is just such a splt a., is "
intermedilte cities. aceteced all hour's ride wvest of Platka, on
altaough a oft0e a day beta,is husch better s the Florida S,1thern Rsihvav--Interlachen. A comfortable cottage can h-e rented in
the table furnished at $.00 6 $10.00 a week rhe winter elinhate of Florida i1 health- Jl lies between two pretty hiles, clear deep, Interhlchen for the winter frow $[6 to $12
.aad $30.00 to $40.00 a month is by an old giving w I ith bores and bottom, the land per month.

Winter Residence of J. A. Brewer. of Great Barrlngtoin. IMIse., at Intelris c1m

'JA great Southern Seed House' infiri.,r :rli.i-les I.,. hie palnied oil' upon lh,
. 'ii.1it ly. Th'lii s iai sil'; of sn sle tri e lt
At Interlachen, Florida. n11iisil, iii (i i i s ilI n Ii' i il vitali v
i in -'very oirdr Iilll.d, is 'in ing i Igrii;I
si , .ss to Ih '' H. I sih. ,,o j .ll i. hlinstinu-
i{ 1. Ilastings &. Co., pi rer'v ving ti,' & iCo. i. l' I .tavin iif 1 III, mi hs
i' olsin l Iii i ll t reli le11' Soiliti.Irn S o l idolls in ,n lin a i.l.i-ris ail I sri.io ,if
1T '$ i Moin "lorisia, ,froim ti l fal, lilnt itheII I.l|, i'i ,> wirr i r liv l vd sit. lxu h rinl il..
Wt a duniiin pllli Llicn iif ini(rrior, ni- llilat a selling' lia'hil.ir wis wnis. d l i- inl i -
i ul. ol u i'eliabl seHed s a .i t iulit, ru-liabi s'eeAs wsri phl an-iit I" 'l'diijeinli
'd ti.l 8q a dJl pot fllor sei.ls eIsi e ially a'o tinl it h t .i r itii rst t. gi, iil n-
ed tu th' south, and gro.wn ir",i Ithat nap ts thioa.' lvlo inl .rss ain idir, 1ill,,d
4 1 iseis nof t h o t1 1 tthntis 4* 11,s i llsl tI le, s1i0lcltllCIUe tfhll CIsi iII turIc
i tstel I'l",, t., li, ,Is m. lll I ih,, th- 1 t i ia lln-' i, la'lh I u ,, it I mi, e n, I 1 s -
by t p i,,i. s s n,,, ,s i,,,i I an'y .-u ''..... i Illu .n.'.il C ,i l.,ign,.

$7Vil six miinules wvalk from Postolli'e and
A Springfild, O,, Colony in Florida. .lroasillep. s .)C
I'otlng 'ie :',xuo :1+t~g .. a-
.. ... landl 'Tr(,n1 n street* | WLot 100Ix2L50 feet ; set
An Unbroken Pine Forest in 1882 Transformed ili i.range;i, piacH pli.i. .ian pIlunIsIanII
Into a BeautifOl Winter Resort. Japan s ,rsitull il r stlr,' s. Prie' $i ,tJti. A
2000 ACRES IN ORANGE TREES. Cota i,. iih :roonisand widt vri.randai.i
.' IIIon, Al :lti i t \i n% e. I5t Il lx -tS' Ifeet.
(Goo1 llotels, Good WVatIr, G.oo. Chlnrclie, I'.ri:c, ~100. l:iltehen Ilillutes walk from
oOil hlchool I,nd clue l, o l.oltl depot.
Cec0l 1,erY, (msl l i rlv'e. hi9'sI t.0 1101 wVl 1i tl rootilis, colier 'iriropic laive.
nillrorI t. 1 ilpr l trl ad hh t to s t Lot. 1 01lO feet.
Ito. I roai i and mid W .iito st. lv,
Banklng Iaelllltt f. 'I'l illrrn4 or;aye aIIl plulnl tre6s; ;3 lloomiing
I t-ii.s;gn Vliil tr '. House, itoder tyle.i tIwo
NO SNOW! NO ICE! NO MUD! t .rii; virnd,,s ,aromve and below; ba
N winIo s: views of likes from all windows.
Price .1"2AX).
Northern Hootel Manae Hotel In- '4. llg'e' i'lli'S rools, hay windows anII
terlachen. Northern Residents to i .rai i, t.lXxIlSri0 feiet. WeiIl set ill
Welcome Northern Visitors. t Irii oliison ( Ihtel Iark and Tropic
.t;,,.,int :Iiii oni Hotel P.atr sol .iid.hto
SUCH IS INTERLACHENFLORIDA. / -'.k i'm '" .in depot r
1 rio (i f a e re;rl\ r ; s, enciri living one-fourth of
i ouvr" h er Lake SuIe, in the form of ani amphitheater.
'lnua I llM ..cHnr WINTER ItUKOcT (CO., e / "' *0 choicelul, .,l,,range trees,beginnIi st,
|,Ie>i,' H ot.l I ttl rhl cl eli on e11 ll i ll, 'Ii h ' t i haI 1i: l ranr. T he ,stgr tlo h for a lhreir y la r
Noe n dier, u1i > tUhe inii tn i nti -I.n ,i itf i. /. I."i+.r /.'' tI" uin l lt,.irlhc ..fn. I nrreasei 2a percent.
nntl hotel, yvi mn a .r n ofi theo C io ti- in val ever" year. IOnl three, ini nixl e
ne tal o linht lc, l iii orri i" t, ,f t o m walk frnon ilelift. Streel ,ll all roindl it.
vilnialm ir fnirilies, ioi lr ni I r'l"r r'ris.or O .4 blret cni.
hotel ill '1 sot) uotir (litie it as liow rate is GEO. W. HASTINGS, President Interlachen Winter Resort Co. Ti o lots e tintnrally loclratll: set last ear
art' rli iselit with g ooFlol d l' ex sriitl p'oiecr C ininnHtiSt .
itit tl a llndi e. T'ler tire th, oii aii,*s i peol reI.(N'* r it l ,'ea l tle lik ni n ss O( tl t intl.r,8 e )t IfI,' ( t' l 1thi.,. lell hisr ill irilr m tes. ( tlsIx2i oeeet, i anN, P ll iralp
Iho t realize llt t llhn irther \\.ini r asrR ie (l.o. \V. Ila liinsll e i 'esi r.idelnl of 1 nl h b nilll iot l nilrlahlchn, al.iale' oif ont, er- frt' a dwelling. Prie $-300 e di.
rillsllly sh tening heir lives 'T ral with INTsIIi.ACHNt W0i5 Ts itso nT Co... niter- l nihin aSone 75 it It0 gi ts, to let r with One hlinnilre lo( s, 50x100, 50x110, I 00x2(t)
Hie Ni mner rs ,ni r ll la l ., l ,- lciil lorn.ll r of iisiltlelrr'.is eotties oag inowT oll'ered for aile II Ir on s-hllf nid whole acre lots; lake front
.olno pir ing rll it ,s t .lllllli I shl, rl.i'ing t lislt il rprisne Mr. l Iatings wilas, froil rentt, lurne ni.ny r h arin reTs oilI oral'l ie31l l1 streets witli hke privileges, front
of t mhe bri th i sio l age in air i psHa 's to ill vcar I. lo I ', IS coinll,,.ctl wit t l Mr. groves, and invi te lilt large elenor l ill $75 to $:W0( ai l Sole. o ?f thelise lotI aire
I e, noser or tihro it a rrh 'i thI na. on. Nieli.l i th.in le nnow.ins1 ,r lr l Yin tn b- ois Y ever onyh ninity, who mw, I o I ii ioloIgttlrrir c lufenr'e anl pDslted in oranges.
c ritim, or oili' r ih roat I or lng i t rothih'., listing itn'r,'sist o t lSpringfsldlh, ant later livs. by a clpnuregn dof t, to For ny property purchased of the nter-
le intl hei n tl n o l.ile.llin l e i, ir flilt is with lheir, irartnei' Frsank J. Wrbstb. were lienelti he n, olis s ri vel fro living il lachen Winter Resort Co., the coa t of trans-
worth liv iti n, rin s, i I wii ex,,i,'ii,,'t h ilnli' i lie With ani l,>tsirs in Springlirld's climalt, tliat hais nto eial iii i1., worhli l. III portltion from Chic.go, Cincinnati, St.
wrhast thouasr l ( lur o rher \c, l lt i havs ra ,iil Iowl l and i gr.:al, pirisprlily iil\.:lllvae- invited Ir opli' to Ilecoun1e eitizleIs i Initelr- Louis Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia or
coln solti slm i i inlls i ('di t 'e reIlif 'l ltl :I ig fi'.,1 : lin er.' villaiu,' ,II li li) to nearly Ilchlen, i.nl i will seill va.etit 1.1, ,I. lists intermedlte points, will I h, ri'fiinlle I or rI .
Inw lise i i l ) by a r1"if a I' 'c 1PpI soi- i t, ) I r.tl insl i i I 8i82 Mr, I stings, with u rtilly grswnon trereersls tr' or ta ,c i ci'id as1 parnt paymini t.
Str ir i il i n 'lts l n e i' .l',, r.' i H s t nwh s it sip in lp r, in t ill ii' 'ni 'i tlte virrnll iini i th ex i n'. llrt evr i ,v c-nr Iriila i.s!m i i .a W interl erait inst lfalllorila.. 'l re rr fr llll' s opilT rtj ni- r i''isei t' o nir to p r')lss' lio o:r ie ert in
his i 1il il hi orovilog, n Fe i w ho ls i n l I lioil s in validti a i l url 8skers ei l 1. di e | ti 's ti so r l i in>. ll.Inlts. nd .111.i l asmlit'i iiriIll \v ii aIit e'Lil. it, l) tliro ii rolirl
i hi se laS gcleg o si l o1 v,,, 7 $1) thlir wiilt e .es niitrs t i' all, y nfro tl> 'h h 'ill inike l ti. l int' r l( o i eiroalle I' illl' I i'' l i' i .se jii ,lir,'ment nd integlrily
i .''k t ill gi' ai ll e 'iifrts thlat l o ii lasl itfnitl rn w Iirs it sir sttl.es t('I iniske pirclsis. lite will tak.e li'.y rove' the' 'rtric 'st 'in .l.e .. II t l\, .
$5' loru erly gavi: il l'i hl .lii' av' i'' o o- tiv o health wi t ve it ll fr ai i ie g t i gi g i out d y ill likely e lisaippoinli.'d. lBetter
laitli ll thnli' ofl', O ii $t l s a (iy a Ise r.1, r "i.icv. wi c l ii nll an i tli st tnst, itlh n ,ll i niRan gs If ingll t hlrre, s orinig Olln adII '. I a te II Ie I slay i r IeiVlenl
Io rfs rierly (lin srilll. S', -1 IsI IlI ini. brk en es' ii r i ... in th i l l ri.llS, So rlol rin .l aring plar.il or hi.nr nlet kin, inveki- i et s in aC ipl an, i ald s.lld wlIht.lir. it is ai
I trl.i'i-ii fil ly Ii li. (re' fronei lil r Itilwavty cl ii'h lila I .iie l snd Ii ;inl tlr l 'i,]n r s, or avonii i' id niln Oitaki in mainki n ine- l l u, '.y i rill .ri irton lke' yonr liome,
T X i',tn otlH isiin, Or rsxlhiainl diima i o- l pas l n 1se it rois ai knoi wledlges tl at vt sl innnts, hut li, i s vi one to inaike ia or n lng ii it ltrail., with elilreh, selo s ,
lion", it nit us tu furnish, in co iii -lioi tlicrlasien is ois' if1 Irhe most atlrasiive. piirrl. sl e ii hi or any on.r''s ic sonui. sla' 0 M s vil lirilewgs', i plytenr fi.
Ntil igirid roolns awi gool fr no ti sci, l t Iolr llit Itravill'r lfnds in a:I. w(rls r l ,il ll.s tii n \ oill lil l t. ldirt el.eiig il prop rts. lr t l l ha.s Aril ss ( l,.I l:llll. a i.frI S .
lii'e lLd innos e tr. iie. e ne ts tha gr 's a Mr. Hl istigs sr nds i s l ie nt r iIn tes i nay lie allr se aI Sr priiglicll, On lio, or \ ,het. l,rtihe o Iran 'II, v liir I a .h'i.a fi,'lriIy.
home firo ing tlo iersolns Ir awriv ron oi lal,.hn an,,o l hIn.irn' l ite n ll. okingcllei' n(lerh. e lr Iii look, h tizer illnl fruit trla;isportanidion i,
hom r r ie. .F e rcasoll ihll tj.e charasct 'er ,i t ils ls l i-_
hoie. horur fl iM t.... ,, i ' ttI n if._l. o lrtnce of the place gie
tearri i -- " " '. t-oao 'rang.' a iilk of til io ;.shw nPortopMr, P^nM ofrie nhIlth, c culture, ir le-
rovebOAlmng to the tl r i '.tWii
- T tle honeOoCl >Bay ."a lr a rni, T h" h'vl Free TrtRsft B rtAtl6tn 'tO 'Inter ilt hlo |,,lB. 4 t ...t ',llS fr$s' 20001 afl hatt edatei 2,l i. at' ~ 'glt ye, rh In, fl e thrl clty
lachen, Florida, Tli rl vIiv ars o ,n alf rili froInl ,',; 'Ir s oi h is aoi e ntl a ris iilln ln e Io' Ji i"n i invi te Ill
l illleni,"iin d Ovis loois lingti (4r issv I ak'. A4 Iteln's set ill i'lsie ini l trees, licc \l ,ar. go nu 'l tinl o" Sln t 'e l at wint i t, hlne ti
'to t i wusie hho beIioine J)>.i:.lInrsa ,r -,l'-ie The join t I wi lv a.. i f, cr, i., l I "l.ioilsinsi'r, 'sun, ,hi ..... '";: iti"''..-. ,,, -', n "'1 .'* " ..- ,'' l '
lany of their lot I r, oru', s ,si', -' I l':.lI., f oin l'll i s'ls, ) I' ', a san '. I're, l$ t Ti i w akt itroe OIs .e i'ri 'n y. 'rie 'int ilylt sir Vii'c' Prcsie l
Irllkling lann(I. '> aintgo r ''" 1r',it viIri'H in I llt'rlc(ir', fonr iCrsmn nts in iling lot., i lo is ci omv I o' n' I t ile Co'piN aV will ie i Jn tcr el cen
SllOMrE IAR AINS. Iir i lli l, Rl' ]' CnI l.' n"i, nl' i r tries t o ni'li I.t,' worth li $5o'00r lle 'liii "int' r' nl a isnll'-r. 'Partil cnia loymnent
wo' m lR I iAIN. I rto, %it I sl\er-'; li r' nsl of Water. IminlllUitts wualk front Piolotli.e'. and lone ill In'r iv", nt, disirab lo parties who aie
'ith s, ihlr s il's, (II lli''ll l IiI Ar s i irlil f'or dairi'y f or si pounltry' black fronIi Iils.rlac h.n' A adu iivr. l1it1. anll wi'illini to work in payment of
dith diep, rich bslacsk soill, s 'litilis fir sn r faris. I'riie $250 ; '' n,-fis"ti csas lust-I i, st as of tigh1 t rsisrlns i) 'o'yt etr'i l'i Ashhlcs
anl, rice or suintr vi ''li W s I ix ser c ino 'trt't. Tl ,' ultl Ii- It' hcetlr of ie lt rooin, n Fi 'o c ll h. S ngell, I h""ns. Addrenl e Flo
Hilld l Oi in prrell h loit ,tll'h ,iin ()ll ""," *a ;'^ *r"' I' **1 ">"' lH.. OOIs feet,, HiiS, ) or a e pen t. 11As IN(Si
lJiiioe tol settli.r. ri, n s'ic, Ilu n, f he. *ou Iiv n'nn tt. Il' I si toln rll se.

osree sine fertilie rsis This Fhs'tih i ; sint s-k is wli illlk fromi fmron Pots-lir..i
srl-tio n I'r Flo'rid So ie. i lail%! I, ) 111 rl i C llof' live t lOoilis l f l. i it Int.rl.'',,'n ii l,'''at',l 17 sils" We.'t raf
a n ru-n's Wi l lrl i hv. h ai I ,'' is] i Il i'O for --
li 'r to aOV e I.oI O( n lr l v i 1,: nll. Onel ,'Ih 11-iillt k ol.nthe F lollrida S e l l ...
One li:1 t heln il sit, tla, liss is I w n lhh fti sill o'i'e k li 11ii 1 k
one mile io ts llron i iih ll 'rtnI i rsitsnlw lifillt ,1 ll i'ic'ii'ges siA theise' x I blnei)ll.Nl I io'o ,in

t i- 1 l n th e -iC '.." . ""vi "It i"ss lit" tlss' .T I Et st Dt sc
O n i o '' j- '++ noll "ixt% "" l nl, ,,I fill I,

...... THE ITE EN ROSE G...... O

-T h e''it ari all biinh'u llln o t ockl''nieut hllnlt l L, tl tis fist ur'I ll sihII' '
"l letHl I| Hotlecl Inhq'hv11 ,aItW rel-loenltly (ilt] Ilion D verunll ,r untill
MayI choice booltII sI t nof rar,, vOll- (is tow I(.of file 3ttrl.ntOliS 0t I lio ,
t"ihlnsitir roins. If rilssi.jihlnts Rn'i ihishreil th or nit's th- lo iivi hi'
v 'l"lsrilhil Wiilii Is tI.mir 'I -sie, siritir h iuIIdd i ro ss i liom II G. I t~ss-
jj) ftingR & Co,.., l llsilli'li. .\nis i nllomiraitll s'ttillgus' oi 1hof s's illll
Z Sol1 Will bie tlt till a lliat i li.

S -- -- A I O)RIDA YEAR! said: "Whe I looked out of tile c
Sdow and saw thile church, anti the style of
the houses, I said, 'Brother R., our kind of
_-7-as "argains in Orange Groves and people live here, and here's the place for ns
s in r e adto stop;' and I have always been glad we
Phosphate Lands did."

-.BUT DON'T BUY SIGHT UNSEEN- Florida's Phosphates.
THE BEST WAY. Within the past two years has been dis-
covered a wealth, equal to Ca'ifornia's goli,
The wonierflll crops in the North just uilder the surface. This discovery
will call,' naa iny a i r ier to pay off comes just attire time.of the greatest necld,
the farm monirt gage and take the hard as have all the great discoveries for Iban'-
workedi wife to the orange groves of good. Tilhe bones from the plaius have ie-
Florida this inter, and perhaps while come nearly exhausted. anld one phosplihat
there to make tan investment that will haid become so high priced as to be almost
ever make hinm rejoice that lh'left the prohibitive An all'wise Providence, in tih
inhospitable winter behind him, and ages past, stored, \% here most' needed, pro,-
"enjoyed an '"oult ing" where snow" and vision notil only for the pine lands of Floridh.
frozen ground aon111. Iitd are unknown. hut a'ccessible'to t he impoverished land,. 4f
There are now grand opportunities tile world, an inexhanttible supply,. of ihone
for investment in orange groves and phophate. lorida was the gr'aie vtart f
phosphate lands. but if yout sit by '. our sea niinsters and Cia fowls, and their tIones
"base burner anti buy from an adver- are already enriching, and are to enrich thI.
ti'-i.L itpriomising 1uroii 10 to 35 per world moril than gold and silIri. Al n II-
e,;t '4 cent. dividends on y- 'iur c11 .llrr .. -. ; *h. ... ......:'- thuils speaks of tiheno
from ia soliciting agent, vou .~' he "I do not no.w hesitate ti I7' p
Very likely to, -cii neither dividlend ir hosphate mines of Florida" have, il
ttmioney in'.cetvted. Invelturs not ol\y tiheim mort- of italue il d.l ars thanli hali
houll d so, hut take ta little ti to t ', vel been taken from all thle tines of Cik
andl inikeceonlpsrisolns. fitornia. The intrinsic value to the -P
The inidicati-.n- are that Florida is will be far greater than thi goldof Cy r-
oni tlt, eve of agreatutlv'lance movement nia. The phosRhates of FI
LACONDA LAKE-Interlachen, Florida. in prosperity. Illundret of inen iave safest remunertive investmg~red
started orange groves w\hi,, banv had to to the commerciir. ICrld. ..- e artb
Is Florida a Place for a Poor Man? several boarding houes lvit't. visitors to a i the us tte hail ti not cans statements, but tile facts wil ojulit em'.
tile holst I oauth ul andI healthful resort in to bring tlheu. into suees-.ftul bcnrim. or They are tallde after a eareful-wimhihng of
Yes and no. I ha'e n]ver known a k Ioor Florilt. 'THE INTE'LACIIE:N .NINT 'i R the restless clias that realiu' not thaiti natural and c.,nmm'rcial law.. "Tc world'
mtan able and willing to work, with reacill- snie('ot 'ANY ihas tinilt cott;uges iaid planted i 'eeis coies t- him who patienity waitss: Population is increasing its ne'.er'before.
ble "get up' to hti.. that did nout fi1 lots with orange trees, to meet th % a tts of T*Thls.' uie the kind Voui Iheir nptling ofc in Tile great economic questions of tilhe fittr.
plenty to do. Several lnhave gone. front Ohi, hoiie seekers who dto niot care. to ait to Notlll newispalpers, andI ha.'e t e dis will he fo. and raiment-niore iprtanlt
that Iave worked into placesuof trust in the ilt bil, or for trees to grow, a:dl nqw
care and management of orltnge groves, welcotllme and lake special indu(ce- -.
that atlford better remunerationi, hy far, ulents to individuals and families
than the ordinary mechanic receives in the' m fishing to escape the chilling blastl .
North. The soilof the pine lantls is not of Northern Winters, to comfortalble'
adopted to ordinary farming, but sweet po- homes, good schools huid churlche"s, s. ~
tatoes, onions, melons, strawberries, etc., and to North'v j h j. lifj ll' v =a 5. 'I -
are grown in pine lapds. and poultry rais- Town lots within h; nitminutes walk
a,. eiigalgel m while an orange grove is Id~,: eordlig o'h ra75 is.. .to .
being broughtlinto profitale bearing, wlii I rovenient. Cottagena,. i.- iii-iA
will require six or eight years, andl then its $500 to 2.0 ..0. O(rut Iiik '. fri t
owner independent. The poor mlin hass tile corpor'ati 50 ht lands wi t hinr'
little to contend with in Florida a any and within on lS, ii o to ii iror.
other new coOuntry, andt is as likely to tion, from $ 10 to 501 ieral, po(range
.t..eeul groves, $200 ti $1,)000 per at ', accord -
Cost of Living in Fl rida, ig to age. iito1a tio \ iilr,s .or
,- :.. a 1 .' "'".c'.'.jt'-
t.ej ter I l~aaaa11b_ Ir Sv' s, or it
,sf se wow. hti lmdaIi iiiic ,. t ri c ll "'...: "I \ '
eost )(that s n ii fy'the cuttln t an al nu "o t ir i, I "set . oi.s "ti
a.ndl groceries ire a bout tii' prire (f .ain'ihy s iti ii' I Itlac arfostllli. it' .pand.. I
North, transportation allddedl. SweetIt i ta- trey savi b e n preparli -"it
toes are dug the yelr around, and tile il:11 for saleo a. an n I l t t '
retail price is 50 events a lnsliel. Jl r lot ill cuNe of ti -'r Ilrin itt irlt ;rl, i -o
osef anl pork is 10to 121, cents per pottloi the So th lle ot i,,.i...stit CA c ,i
house relnts are at prese it very low; na lth. fl. I.' sl es t .
tonr or tine room cottage can lie rented for Iotoels at S It l $'12 per w\'.' r aiioi "t(I
front $6 to $12 ua ionth, and sometimeslns. to ess 0 lro. mnothac nrrr I
Interlachen Not a Paper Town. tol se lthei ll ando t ropl i o r l
-tany pit-cc'i hf .... rt. i fl;ri'. t I "rfi'I"U
The town of TTnterlachen, PutnanmCounlty, aIn~'rn l. actclEN \V 'rii ii' i I,(".lk -
Florida, is no boom town has no tow'v lots IAN', tratIni.rioI it Itterhiciei
to give away, inor to sell or from L $1 to $5. will be refunled. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH -nterlachen.
nuchl properties re usually dearat nolhing. (i E. 'V. HASTING.. p'residlnt, co\'.rdl Iv' Ic i llg u the ror nl. Tile than scoil i f artliviael Iwa't. s the things
The resildeuts thus far Ihavo b1en lloarg. ly T e clmu (v politele of lr In e irb l li t ile rlesi of ft' it res ttii ng.i
engaged it beautifying the place, putting The Inter en Winter esort mn. p hosphate'lands of Florida iore prob I lit thle ate of lift, bri rest ul agrI'
up subs antial houses, antd planting tile fore valuable th i. thee gold lince lif Ca i- culturet agriu'ultr r oii te' upon ilr
tw miles of the depot. tirde yet uon ien iaie :"- tile Upontilt
2,000 acres of orange groves mno'.w within For healtIhi, '.weluh, aid proserit go 10 are ttu i'.ereibiitttntrIyothiare ihhte yos an the latter ni itol the iliiht d tftei
two niles of the depot. h'ltree hotels iandl I terlahclen, F loriIna. i o. 'ere yt giecve, teoget i ar it h lly i t uti he matter sh -it huenlint iuheand tel-
covered to givetogl.thle vith the vast truck phatically orain-lib) is I eorlent upone tile
fossils, thile pritipal for liZiasr amount of pilispt.orous thil p'ro'.ilener
needed for all the orange laills of lias stor(ed il) r re i tile iwaste' of tlt' last 'or
the State, 1 'sides millions of itol- tauy save front tilt u ayntIi't of hI futur,.
ars worth for export. TIrlt phoslhospates, t-en, are menre valuahii'
hitin coal, gulhul ur iron."
How Best to See Florida. i m itom
l Immunity from Frost.
Decide upon ysuii. liouteeti c
point, central o located, where you A gond many lieole e Iaeso elailted that
can live cconomitally allu coin- t utnam Count'-, Jln which InterlaclenI is
fortably. ad leave your wife amd situated, is too Iar north for tile s l:essful
fn-lilyy if you wish to roamt about. Crowing of oranges. The ]itst seven years
iave ifore you a ap of Floridate has proven. that the vicinity of nlterlachen
-;' ith railway atld sti tmboat time has sad a greater immunity from frost than
tables, anil ian your routes to localities 75to 150 miles south. While in
5r he bestorange growing ast treck- the freeze of 5i, almost entire groves of
nrg localities, or phosphate beds. hearing trees were destroyed, the lender
In the central locality oul can get ou'f anl two-year-utds about Interlachlle
weekly or monthly r'tes of loirl were little hIarmed. A gentleman living
take advaulage of excursion rates some 75 miles south of Interlaclhen and who
to tile several parts of the Stat had th ee times htiad llse erop r trees dir-
R hie enabled toot j .ig whend -tryet by fr-ot, said: ,T o trnee
bargains are to be Itad. Several groves ii Itltu'rlanultetm, I should have beent a
parties ane pursued tu'is course, hlapty itan." Inteplaelen hits not Only
making I"otet Interlaclen their gre't iml unity from damaging frosts, but
Ionome, going and coining at pleas- also from noisotme insects than points on
ure. .Such have usually found the coast and rivers.
that tile, orange groves of Inter-
lachen agd vicinity give promise Florida's life-giving climate makes ter
of be!t re!lts, antI the natural the imost ,tdesiralle place on earth for all.
surroundins of Interlachen the and especially the invalid; let this be re-
promise of )noro health and com- membered, and if you cannot eoie and
fort, anl better church, schooland stay wilih us permanently, come ill Novem-
social advantages than any other, her and stay ujtil thile next June. We'll
and decide that Interlachen is tile welcome you and guarantee that the air
place for them. One gentleman, you breathe is pure. YTo cannot fail to
who has made large investments be benefited and to enjoy life among the
LAKE CHIPCO--Interlachen. Putnam County, Florida. chased tickets for another locality, land.,

- .. .
ii i
"' 'dil

-." ; -- .. ..- --" .....
S- -l --.- ,-. .

Under New Management. Interlachen, Florida.

Will be opened about November 20th for the season of 1891 and 1892 for the vrceation
of guests. It is situated one block east of the Florida Southern Depot in a park otfour -'es,
surrounded by tropical scenery, overlooking the beautiful Lake Chipco. The hou4shas
plenty of broad, pleasant piazzas. Hotel new, furniture new, good fare, clean bedl, ftlWred
rain water for drinking, boats belonging to the house, which will afford good sallhk and
fishing on the lakes. Rates, $2.00 per day. Address, for special rates by the wetkort'moth,

What Florida Has Done. with llo booll, no special ilnducenitelli
-- to invite imnigiitralion to) Florida our, r: -
Florida ht ;im liniay ytings ti he. lrw prelof- peoph, tmay ,ook with pairdonable n
iiu eIlst i l' iwhlf i is lont tlle pro' i illgri ild lride upon ilt! pr).sp rous l n i ti dIvir, lp ii.ni t tof h ilndiust irhi hi ir \t ioth, condlilion Ite Sl i til i dis.lHosd Ib the
hllr cll. olS, ll .r *chll.rclh -S, th'. rlllon s i ISi1. If 9,.
liinlll( g thin p1io sl h hit d t it l c1. I rciititd Fg l rilh l i geais plin t pillt lllt nl n illl l, 'd po
il'it it liis, ii t- ern i ti t cr(st E of of ,l l ho.r trl gg'l- tIlh tii liriitrk n wi]l<. iher-i
lnpuitili'i" t i:im ii er h tatei t..Y I onitm nit s liis lneitn ixpilortd, tit- diiager
excepling Mlinnesot ~a' O ton l n d pitfalls loulnd ,ul wI red.
and lorad, 4 pr r ce i Our maturity t orange gol r deo-

in wRlioO irillii.tliii fi any stat cIo. I idulstrie, our m g and I
tli I'li. n wilh iitI e cr optitC n T- vintl, ol* r i'n.nn p;ilih wint er Iclimi' t r
N hrilt tl.iitid .1 C tlr ut.l. nil h r l ivr kiiwni l i l and irr higlily up: I
oh i -, "'nti lled it Ih O o-i' pil lionI of pr nolia he nil iw Ihlo im v ilo h lw re. O hlr
I, h w io.e o ilhatio l, v ro dh < in lith, i lic iv 1 pi l l.h e'! sils art. perIlll ps 11-r
.-Io ll v ll Y ;I ta 's ii llt I ll.. . ll' i- .- -pi lll i ll'I IS ( ll l 'l l i 'l- I(o IIIl'H. I I
\\W'-st. Virgini'ia. T..nin. ,si,, MiS' si I>Mipp|, i Thois. thini gs, lI ininnyi otllihers. \ill '
K a l s il ln d hlo l I h r i '1sT i n S c h o". l l i' ti l o l i l i oit r I p' n l d t o o u r S l ia t ,
.i' i ii d ri llt t ]i y .'a-, i l |iSt lll tihlt. it 1 1ills f I'lls) w ill perliap
wais I l p. r cenlit iild h r i rli.in hli ....r p r.ie.> ilig if incre se iI tilt -
poiililtlion Iinrolledl ti h i p public cl ,.dl s is itll is llitioll d 'n largl r I than tlhe
.',, 'rII. i., lis, |]i ll lus of Sn.WOll.
Californii's i.l rillo e:t inl pllil.llit i ll rnlig i .Le t .i lii p It alit oi lr Stat b ill li
h ll- sa. I linitr hla s I lb n onl- .10 lir vellnt.; giv'n ;i fait'lir Boliwi drill hi>g t. olll-
her intcrlall in til!he ilrol lll it in pn li-* ingll dl I t Ilk lhole that s e will
lhiools hl.as i l en 1i 7 wor re>ilt. (jiustnl it ir o- I ..1 he lit rt irir l o i ll l<1r' pr Oirs hysli llli-
Fluridl>a', inlll ase). IHr pll porlionl iof sidliz.id ticket agentlls ;ied ciirporll i0tion
popillliion e rollh-d ill tlhl llbl- i .lSchools inilhll.l '. l t us lt Ihope that sh will
nlly 1S peIr ,lit. 'iot longer S illie r ftoimii extolrtion-
M\'lien we consider 1le,1 L ;,t that I. r;.., 1i .... I pro''grlss llie vition tranilspor-iv
tlt pi.t tvn years -t\ ry inill .ih i. -' 1. ** 1. . *ilh .s riSi poor scrvli .
t. l t i l lm l Californii-iilmotl Ith intir Thlia Floli !ickot agncio, of thi north having ben, of. %;v Icelllmle]t it] the veoo sucl.uh on-oo
1i,. 1 i. i C ,lifornia ilnl lli-rtt I len i ng inlincm'cs and in couii ti-

now point to a larger influx of
ja..l.i-visitors, prospectors and
. I. rs-- the coming winter than
.I litiH ever known before.-De
Lii.l AKrictultuiralit.

This Year
'.i11 Ie one of the beat years to
i,. I lorida, because--
i-. -It has been a most ron-
p. r..i.N year throughout the land,
.i.I tite average farmerorbusiness
.ian will be in a better condition
. i,..id the expense.
.*1 -It is i good -orapge year;
II.. I I(riin orange will be in Ilt r-
i i tli ndition, from the fact that no
a.flrnl frostl shorttnedl its season.
\\ I. i. you have tested a perfect
I ltirla ornng lnthat your owln
l,,,I iaes Illl rk d from the tie,
...i a ill lit renily to miy you never
In i* r. (nated an orange.
:1l -(Oppnrtunities for investt-
ll-, I.l in phol plinto la odlf, whliili
lprni i.el btrttr resiilltI tlIh golil,
..h, iron, 'oall iir glI ,.will be
i.ui.i. roiu, lut which tire fast be-
II,-t Llk n upll
tllh.-(!ood trucking or caine
.ir,.l e arn still It I," sciulrvLd lat
I. ra i ranging from $5 to $100 an
i1- i A few years from now th1ey
'A Ill t0i occulliell.
1li.--tiood orange nlnds in dc-
Hirabl lo location anre now abtunl-
tlit. but are beIing takent up tind
will lie worth mnutli more in it (ew
years. Novw is the titn eto get
(tlh. Many people who hlad
oiflretd i. r (or sale, withdrew
thllem frii.. I.i nr marketlat year.
hM en will iroblably do it the psa.'
tilt ycllr. llWy? They saw in tile
near fifure that 1 single crop
would bring tliem one-half of the
prite oitcred.
7th.-There is good evidence

Directors of the Interlachen Win-
ter Resort Company.

Geo. W. Hastings, Vice President of the
Ilastings Paper Co., Springfield, 0.
H. G. Hastings, Manager of the Inter-
lachen Rose Gardens and Southern Seed
House, Interlachen, Florida.
C. M. Nichols, Secretary of the Board of
Trade, Springfield, O.
Frank J. Webb, President of tile Hastings
Paper Co., Springlield, O.
Chas. H. Pierce, Bookseller, Springfiold,0.
Marshfllld Steele, President M. Steele
Foundry Co., Springfield, O.

The Frost of 1886,
Togctlher with two aitecceding dliastrous
frists in Florida, Ilavue een blessings in dis-
guise. It cleared outspeculators who had
money enough to get' out, and who were
there merely for purposes of speculation.
It left the State open to lomer-seekers, who
found bargains at Ilteir hands, sad which
lntitl of0 sRiaI IIintanlt lio appropriating, whi,
unlike Ihe specultors, are willing to labor
hard, eat the bnrad of carefulneop, and wait
patiently until succis comes in a matured
oran~ie grove. Theso len I re largely North-
ern inln, friquentitlv with impaired health,
who aire learning that tle chances of busi-
inus suicceRa are Iti good in Floridla as in
aliy new State, and tle ellaniet of health
far better.
The following Sprinfield, OOhio peoli
have interests in Ilterlachlen: Gco. .
Hatliings, CiiIs. H1. Pierce, Jacob Scilz
Frank J. Webl, Alarslifleld Steele, C. M.
Nichols, Gieo. Holford, F. M. Markley, Mi4s
Ellen WV. IuImimnll, 11. (i. llialinkng II.
Friidillneaullrl, and others, to wliom refer-
eulie is titaide.
An ixeurSiin is contemiplatedl from
Springlirld, Olio, in January, if satisfactory
arriangemenils rnIll ninide with tli( rai-

or it to at I( V I
whileon ll 1- other ihauil no cnilissionl
ha iyljniaIll) ed o l I lit kt'l- to Flori'i points lIi ,

First u ouan_

titon iitih liher tmuch iooimed rivll.* iIs Intorlachen Acadamy. Interlachen Florlaa.
gotaly t her ci'lredit, and indications that thi its hlite turiit 1Ioinl in ihitri- tr %*iippt. h uterlaien'ta physician and
t"' p1inkeiy h it d ba at, lg,,ist. wht o alnll e to Ihinteraitclie 9 years
1 teatl 'cit S'i liet in witll. rthe tight Iati ago IHt "shirt a etiellery," Ints little prom.
." tith,\ tguillst Ider. tt foltllttillg raiil- peut of goillg into thllt kitl to businesal.
awii li le ter iodi Iotitits wily iille oiitmliinll m o tge growing with hisdrug
...: tliiav Sh lit i rl lle llei r itransporlltti loli ilt professitnai n biti t, li 1 managel e to
Sis itt I near futurttie. gI tialting, but thinks hie wouhl starve if lie
t's I it h te I dhse iit I ru itys o rel ed t hi profession.
"rTlit. tiktlltait tts e1blt. flotW Oll i.ott Allen, Ecsq., Rteal ]state Aoeflt of
tti trtnt, ti I itrlenh, Florids, Itas bell a resident o'
You have Ial opplrtunity to start pu tlun colllty, s llllll ear IntJerlahen, fc
iy it ti te. "tt) yte in s t n artll klows the possne liki.tlwi 0'soil.
io nish ti itpeatnthe alvic l ofo tent i an o iminto. lite is one ofg Ile best in-
wihout titlir seiit g it r inlrrilt fouled metl of the geography of teiddte
Nittll rienir seeing it. or ihaviun Florida, stitis comllncdned to sll persolus
tt fnrienld itn whose integrity talln desiring information.
tuldgmurelt you thave I Ie trictenst toi-o
iolleocc, $it: it. Tilhe hterlnclen V Will- FEwilg & Peacock, corunter of P'rospect
tewr Iltsrt aitl n has large properties a to and Forsyth streets, keet a general store inl
sell ill loriitlaj bIut it retotiuendse whlicll is kept everytlhing that tile coln.
niobtily to tt busy without seeing. It nlutnity are lik ely to need.
refers to pay your fare front the north Jas. M. M. FErskine, of' London, hafs a
to running the chances of your diasst- wiarehouo in which in s kept gruai and ferti-,
ielaition fromt buyitmg the property liners, brick, flute, cementi &c.
without seeing it. 'F 8. Biown is proprietor of the Inter-
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Wiy xia fMacon. and Atlantic avenues, keeps a general stock
of Groceries and Dry Goodss
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A society of I. O. O. F. is another of Lott Allen. Jr., supplies Tnterlachen
'interlachen's features. with meat, fish, oysters, etc.

Fifet Cottage Bui n,

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