Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Language: English
Creator: Florida Dairy Extension, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
Publisher: Florida Dairy Extension, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 2008
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* Southeast Milk,
Inc. Dairy
without Dairy
Check-Off the
Florida Dairy
Youth Program
would not be

To the dairymen
who donate their
time and animals
to allow the
dairy judging
youth to practice
at their farms.

The parents and
volunteers who
donate their
time to help the
youth in this
l'or iItt'ornaion abobult the
I )di i' Youth I:'o r.iun
plI:'M LeontactI

Brenl Ijr.adJiuis
I n iv'erin.1, il -lrid,
D)cparlnient ., \n i1.l Su l iC n-
5.Il )~ (C unlt. R.. Jd 5"'
SNelliicr. 11 i.3 "4
M .1-744- 5 i, -|-.

h vit. dduiui illl.-du

AwurlS wih'Sio

Dairy Projects:

Don't Take a Vacation!

I 1 .' I I I. .1,i I. 1 i .'Ii. 11 .* I It 1.1

I> i i i!.. I ii t* t. 1.1 11111111 i. I .l .111 !. .l

I L u. I. I..l I. !' i. i Ii i. I i I L111 11".
-,._ -- I.. .. l c. .. I..
I I n1 1 11 i i . I i i. i' i. .. i .L I -., 1 0 i- I i i

! l. i Ili.. ir i *.i i ,.l. i i I ,, I > !. ,,l I 'I I '.I I .i 1 Il
li Ic .. i I I l c.. Ii, ..I .l l li .1

i it. 1' l Ii.' I I L." I l .l 1 .. i l! i. i l LIII .II I i L '.1 ii 'l ii I ii .l ii ii i. i
Mi nim- n EigH .I i ...k I Ii.II E I

. !!!i '. .I *1"i !11 1 lk.' IL !'i 1 .I I. li ! .. il I .

.., lh' I!, !, .'!' .' I.' .'! 1, .e l c. i "- H!c.. i i.. I" I- .h. .!
.,!,, hl .. l l I ,,u l !, ..l..rl, .lr, I!, .' !il. .' i 'l.' ,l,,i'r,.ll I!.'I H 4 I l.ll l r h l I
!!. c.1 II! 1... llli t i g
Il,,, ,,r l ,l .. I ,,Le .l. III-- l l '- I , L.
.I . .I ,_ -. . .. . .1.. .

.i!c .k I o t..h .,e U i .e..! ive r Iof F i..b.Ia aIdg!ee!, I, li .. i
-.11 I I d 1 I . 1ll t L . .. .., -- ..-. ... L.. l p o I !l i.. ...
L.,,!! .ii [ ... . I l .'I,. I ,,I ,i. l l ,0.i -. 1.I . ... ". 1 .11 h.I I .' I -!, -ILL I I LL.' II I

Lt | .I. keechobee High SchooIl and will attend Indian River Community College wth
I i ... plans of transferring o tohe Univery of Florida to obtain a degree in VeteL r n l.
. d.. I I, i Medicine. Kelly hopes to one day own her ow I n herd of Jersey cattle.
.I Il l, .. I .. I -1 .l .. 111.. I ,_ .r Ie.ll-]. 1. I_*IL J -. ... .. .I 1- ,
L !L .. 1 .III k ,I .. .. .. I.L I .1 1I .' L ... .1o1 1 ,i .... I.... .... .L. 11l .,! .I.I I, .. e
..1 .. ,,l , .'. l 'lA P .l. I I., , . .1 ..-l,, ,, .. ..! l b.' I,, II ol e

l;ah eiounngh liIghlighIn... KI ll un*Innsann. OlK4.,Inlai,0. Flonrid;a

. . .. ._ .. . .. d _. . .1 .. .. . .. . -. . .. . I ry
- I I L ... ..1 .I 1 11 n, I - L.. n I L. I_ I L L - i i I -. ... .l l u.. I an is
..I, l. .i 1.. 11. 1. ...1.i c l .L I, I , ,I c Ii Ii i } ..I. -L I l i --!!-, 1 s-, c a l, - 11.1
S I, ,hII l I IL I L, L .. . .r I I- c .,.ic L. i. 'lk 1 cl ..- I Il IL 'c il ,..di . II I ,.l1- .!. I I .l .l ,.! I. !,, l ,l
"'. -L -I . L I 1- 1., l 1 .. ,.I I lc 1 !0...l (1 < k- 1. 11. _11 111 I .l .. 0 1q u z

Okeechobee High School and will attend Indian River Community College with
plans of transferring to the University of Florida to obtain a degree in Veterinarian
Medicine. Kelly hopes to one day own her own herd of Jersey cattle.

The University of Florida. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research,
educational information and other services only to Individuals and Institutions that function without regard to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital
status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations.

PA rF 9

Buzzer Talk... Dairy Quiz Bowl Program Highlight

The Florida 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl program encourages youth to develop a more
complete knowledge of the dairy industry, dairy animals and related subjects.
This program provides an educational dairy experience for all 4-H members -
including those who may not own a dairy animal via workshops, summer
camps, and out of state trips. The Florida Dairy Quiz Bowl program provides a
way to help youth develop their communication skills, decision-making skills,
mental alertness, self-confidence, and teaches youth to work together as part of a
team. The Dairy Quiz Bowl Study Guide is on a CD-Rom and is available to
Anyone interested.
SThe Florida 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl program is open to all 4-H'ers regardless of their age or experience level.
If you are interested in the Florida 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl program or have any questions, please contact your
locall 4-H agent or myself,

The Teams were...
2008 National Holstein Dairy Quiz Bowl
Senior Team: Kelly Buchanan, Shane Gearhart, Austin Pluskot, Katlyn Watts
Junor Team: Kalya Burlingame, Fallon Curren, William Curren, Philip Watts
2008 National Holstein Jeopardy Junior Division Courtney Watts
2008 National Guernsey Dairy Quiz Bowl
Senior Team: Fallon Curren, Kaci Duggan, Tiffany Padot, Krystina Thompson
Juinor Team: Kaley Brooks, Lauren Poley, Raychel Rabon, Brianna Smith

And the Results Are...

The 2008 Holstein Junior Quiz Bowl Team finished 5th out of 18 teams. The Seniors team finished 7th out of 18

The 2008 Guernsey Junior Team finished 3rd out of 7 teams. The Senior team finished 5th out of 10 teams.

What the youth had to say...

Quiz Bowl this year has been a lot of fun. Last month we went to Wisconsin, I competed in Dairy Jeopardy
for my first time. It was also my first trip to Wisconsin. My favorite part about the Holstein Convention
was the Dairy Bar. The Dairy Bar was three tables of different sorts of cheese. They also had all the milk
and ice cream you could eat. My favorite part about the entire trip was the Wild Thing Jet Boat Ride. On
the Wild Thing Jet Boat ride we went in the Wisconsin River and got SOAKED! I would like to give a big
thanks to everyone who put on Holstein Convention and to Mr. Brent, Mrs. Spann, and to my mom for
helping me study and all the other wonderful things they do!

- Courtney Watts

Wow Holstein Convention this year was a blast! This was my first year getting to compete on the Holstein
senior team and boy was it a step up from other contest in the past. Not only was it the convention that
made things fun but it was also the people on the trip. No matter if was Austin loosing everything, Mrs.
Spann going down a one way street, or most importantly Philam and Willip singing, we were always
constantly laughing. It was defiantly a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget. You got to meet so many
people from new places and renew relationships from the past. If you haven't ever been on a dairy quiz
bowl trip I would highly recommend trying out for one of the breed teams this year! Thank you to Mr.
Brent, Mrs. Spann, Mrs. Debbie, and all the parents who make these trips possible!



WVhat the youth still had to say...

Hi I'm Bri Smith and I'm Kaley Brooks, we would like to tell you a little bit about our Dairy Quiz
Bowl trip to Wisconsin. Dairy Quiz Bowl is a National completion between states to test your
knowledge on Dairy Cows and the Dairy Industry. This year we were members of the Guernsey Junior
Team with, Raychel Rabon and Lauren Poley. We placed third out of seven teams.
Some of the things we did were go to Hoards Dairy, Guernsey Meadows Dairy and we also took a tour
of Nasco. It was amazing to see such beautiful Guernsey cows at Guernsey Meadows Farm. It was
also interesting to see such high-tech machinery used at Hoards Dairy. At Nasco we were able to learn
more about how their company functions and how much more stuff they import other than just farm
However on Dairy Quiz Bowl trips you don't just go to dairies and have to be serious all the time. We
had a lot of fun goofing off at our hotel with the senior team, as well as our coaches, Mr. Brent and
S Mrs. Spann. For example doing things from playing cards to breaking out a game of Twister which
was mostly just us kids. The coaches didn't participate in Twister.
This year we had so much fun and learned a lot of new things on our trip. We encourage kids to
participate in Dairy Quiz Bowl, so that they too can experience the fun that we had.

Brianna Smith and Kaley Brooks

The quiz bowl trip this year was great! Everything from the Wild Boat Ride to being ready at 7 to study questions. It was really
nice staying at the Kalahari Resort because it had an indoor and an outdoor water park. I am really excited about the trip next year,
so I'm going to study really hard to make the team.

- Philip Watts

A special message from the junior Guernsey team...


I Moo............ it's a Cow Parade! By Brianna Smith and Kaley Brooks

Hey it's Bri Smith and Kaley Brooks along with Erin and Brandon Carey. We would like to tell you about our experience
in a Cow parade. This parade was for Cow Appreciation Day sponsored by Chick-Fil-A in Orlando.

We joined up with Chick-Fil-A, Dairy Farmers Inc., and HC Dairy
"This is just to show our appreciation for cows in down town Orlando. We took four
one of the Holstein heifers to Orlando and walked them 6/10th of a mile. As we '
rewards you walked the cow's downtown, Chick-Fil-A workers passed out free chicken L.
can be sandwiches to people on the sidewalk and people in cars as they passed by
involved in us.
when showing Some minor incidences happened such as, one of the cows led by
Dairy cows." Erin Cary decided it wanted to go for a ride in the back of a red pickup truck
causing the driver to slightly freak-out however; it gave everyone a chance to
get a good laugh, especially us. Another that gave us a good laugh was when I
we came into downtown Orlando, we couldn't find the street we were supposed to be on so I
we were escorted by police to the correct place. This of course was after Mrs. Carey backed
the trailer down several streets because there was nowhere to turn around. Wow, she can
really drive a trailer. This is just one of the rewards you can be involved in when showing
Dairy cows.



- ------------------------------ -4

UpIoming Dairy
fI UNIVERSITY of Upomin Dairy
UF FLORID Youth Events...

7/14-18/08 Southeast Dairy Youth Retreat Madison, GA
8/5/08 State Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest Seffner, FL
9/20/08 Florida State Fair Dairy Seminar Tampa, FL


Beyond the Project... A Dairy Industry Update

Maintain credibility with consumers Television ads that portray "happy"

cows cavorting on bright green pasture may be entertaining and visually appealing, but
they may also be creating a credibility gap with the public. Rather than presenting
4 fantasy, messages to the public should reflect reality, suggests University of Florida
research fellow Wes Jamison. Perception and reality need to be lined up or else a

discrepancy or gap exists that could be exploited by those who would undermine animal
agriculture, according to a paper of his that was presented Wednesday at the American
IDairy Science Association annual meeting. And, basing perception on reality can be a
good self-improvement exercise. For instance, Jamison suggests applying the "Mrs.
Johnson's third-grade class test"; that is, if you were to invite a class of third-graders to
your farm, is there anything you wouldn't want those third-graders to report back to their
parents? (DA-7/11/08)

DCAD may need to be higher for early lactation Much of the research
into dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) has been done on mid-lactation cows. At this week's joint ADSA-
ASAS meeting, the first-ever study done exclusively on early-lactation cows was presented by Rebecca White, a
Ph.D graduate student at Washington State University. "Potassium carbonate can be used to effectively increase
DCAD in early-lactation cows," leading to increased milk production, milk fat percent and feed efficiency, she said.
Fifteen early-lactation cows were fed a treatment diet with a DCAD of +42, and they yielded an extra 3.3 pounds of
milk per day (and 8.58 pounds of 3.5 percent fat-corrected milk) than 15 cows given a control diet with a DCAD of
approximately +25. Early-lactation cows may need a higher DCAD than mid-lactation cows, points out Joe
Harrison, dairy scientist at Washington State University, because they have relatively high milk production in
relation to feed intake, and there are a lot of things going on in these cows metabolically. A relatively high DCAD
helps neutralize the acid that can build up in the blood of these animals. An analogy might be made athletes "hit the
wall" and don't perform effectively when too much lactic acid builds up in their blood. Same can be said for Cows
Beyod th Prject.. Daiy Inn~iry Udat

I ananceiiiywt osmr eeiinasta ota ap
cowscavrtig onbriht reenpasuremaybe eterainng ad visual apeaing bu
thymyasIecetn rdblt a ihtepbi.Rte hnpeetn
'!~' fanasy mesags t th pubic houd rflet raliy, sggets nivrsiy o Flrid
reerhfloIe aio.Preto n elt edt elndu res

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