Florida's industrial minerals: making modern life possible ( FGS: Poster 9 )
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Title: Florida's industrial minerals: making modern life possible ( FGS: Poster 9 )
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Language: English
Creator: Spencer, S.
Publisher: Florida Geological Survey
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Fla.
Copyright Date: 2003
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Making Modern Life Possible

-N ~ ^ *. -. .

'4 .. ... .;

Since pre-historic limes man has _
utilized the natural materials
from the earth for constructing -
shelters, tools, utensils, and
weapons. The earliest mining in
Florida was carried out by Native MINE LOCATIONS
Americans, who quarried the
mineral chert from limestone for IN FLORIDA
use in points and tools. Alluvial s ..... ... .. ..
clay deposits were also utilised '..- ....... . =
for pots and other cooking uten- *o .
ails, Today minerals from the ...... -
earth are the building blocks of .:
os., oer asoJs PFliJ t -

ranks among the top ten states
in the nation in industrial
mineral production. Florida's
minerals are utilized both locally
and worldwide.

Phosphate lorida tone Florida typilly
supplies approi ranks in the top five
mtely one-quarter of states nationally in both
tha old's phsh hate parodation a on-
needs and three-qur- gumption of crashed
tes of US domestic stone (limestone and
needs. Nearly allof dolotoe). Most ofr the
the rk that is mined Stone that is mined in
in Florida is used to Florida is used fr road
manusacture fertilizer construction Lime-
which. in t, is ston e of high purity can
used for agrieltual undergo ealcinatio
pposs. What ot s heat ing) and, together
used in themanufac- with other
ture of fertiiz-er is ingredients, be used to
typically used in a manufacture portland
numberofproducts and masoneytentt
including fted supple- Florida ts in th top
mentst, itamina, soft tie states introduction
drinks, ad tooth- and consumption of
pte, portland eemaent and i
aaste first in the production
and consumption of

'I- -. .

leer exports from
Morida have exceed
led a billion dollars in
value, makig it
another one of FloI-
da's leading export


Fuller's Barth


Heavy Minerals .





SPhosphate Mian Area

% Oil Fields

Crde OH and Natural Gas
is produced from two "Heay MinIral are
primary oil field areas of mineral grains with
Forida. Production specific gravities gea-
begse In 1943 in south rally I ecess of 2.9.
Florida near Fort Myers, These inctlde lm en
there the Cretaceous ite, rutile., airon, and
Sunniland Formation leucoxene. Imenlte
yields oil from depths and tile are pmhaary
between 11,000 and ingredients in the
13,000 feet. In north manufacture of tita
western Florida, near niun dioxide pig-
Jay, oil has been pro- ments, used in the
duced since 1970 from manufacture of paint,
d*h.e Tnoire c^^or varnith and lacquers.

c,: : : ::.,. F i

Peat a
plant m
peat de

the top
ally in I

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' -
--, .


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n orgaic-rlch
nation of decaying
material. Though l
parts fron the Florda o g Jay fed
nie definition .of a d 1e "l
it is gneraorll C Fuller earth, common lay,
red an economic and kaohin are mined in a few I.ca
. Florida rans in tons in Floridas. Fuuler earth is
flhe stats atuon- typiealy sed as sn sabsrbent
the produ-tion of msteriait, hite aoin is lsed in
ltura peat. the manufacture of paper and
refractories Common Jlay, mined
a.. J ,,ghout the state, is
a a anufactureao briek,
.. .n shtwelghtaggregate.

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Sad ..d G re,
Florida rank
in the top or ,a
of states in -
countr in as ..
gru cel use d c '
dured. San,
graoel Issub- ,, ,.

.adi ad.trial.atd,
the bulk of ohlah is, Fled, ttaseeae, ea EeiaaI P~eae,,
j. tstsida, assateat F.. d... tor-l 2 .se
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