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Coba~n's Rai A-' Pgen

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Foodservice Majadas: 24274492
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Cowis VA u,.

L ~G i~.

Tel6fono: 7832 7080

1 . I 9/1.

I 1


K0a a 0 -,

Contestants from the 2010 Rabin Ajau pageant in Coban. (PHOTO: THOR JANSON)

Cobin's Folkloric Festival
In 1936 Coban prospered greatly from coffee exports to Europe. A group of leading
businessmen decided that it was time to organize a regional fair, and so the inaugural
"Feria Departamental" was planned for the first week in August.
As part of the event it was decided to elect two queens, one representing the European
population and the other chosen from among the indigenous Maya. The first Ladino queen
was given the title "Flor de Caf6"-Coffee Flower-and the winner was Florence Hemp-
sted Disseldorff, the daughter of a prominent coffee baron. The indigenous title "India
Bonita Cobanera"-Beautiful Coban Indian Girl-was bestowed upon a young lass by the
name of Armenia Macz.
Forty years later, with the idea of enlarging the indigenous event and to include candi-
dates from all over the county, it evolved into what we have today: the Rabin Ajau, Guate-
mala's National Folkloric Festival.
My friend and host when I am in Alta Verapaz is Jos6 Sierra, secretary of communica-
tions for Coban. He extends a warm welcome to one and all who wish to attend this year's
pageant, which will begin at 4 p.m. Saturday, July 30, at the INJUD Sports Complex gym
in Cobhn.
Mr. Sierra also encourages guests to enjoy all the other features of the annual Coban Fes-
tival during the first week of August, as well as paying a visit to one or more of the natural
wonders of Alta Verapaz, such as Lanquin Cave and the world-renowned Semuc Champey
Nature Reserve. 0

revuemag.com <(9

cover t

text/photos by Thor Janson
Daughter of the King
Maya Princess Rabin Ajau

by Hannah Wallace Bowman
GOD'S CHILD Project: 20 years

by Astrid Barrios
Compaiero en Salud

by Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
The Palo de Pito

by Matt Bokor
Quetzaltenango "Train"Tour

by Dr. Karmen Guevara
Mirror Mirror

by Anna-Claire Bevan
Restoration of La Sexta, Zone 1

by Eric Mencher
Chance Reunion


Time to shop for Red Dragons (Pitaya)

by Matt Bokor
Nelson Lunding

by Kate Witt
Red Dragons in the Market

by Elizabeth Bell
Why St. James Day?

by Anna-Claire Bevan
Guatemala Relief Map

by Blake Nelson
IRTRA, Xocomil and Xetulul

by Blake Nelson
Ex-Guerilla Entrepreneurship

by Ken Veronda

"After" photo from the Paseo de La Sexta

10) revuemag.com

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... ". ..................


.. ...- ..........
. . .......

Teatro Me Mugeo do loS IWbS
5 came 10-00 zon B
iii ..... MJ .ii....,

10% de Descuento
....al comprar sus entradas con su tarjeta
i I I I ,, :0 **
* . - ..S" iii

1. I :.: Il. = 3


M iTm�

cover tc

July guide to culture
and upcoming events
Cob6n's Festival
Food Festival in July
Santiago Atitl6n
by Anna Morgan

12 From the Editor
Health Services
Antigua Map
Vet Q & A
Real Estate
8 Advertiser Index

Rabin Ajau


Guatemala City
31 services / shopping
La Antigua
services / shopping
Lake Atitl6n
1 Las Lisas
1 Monterrico / Pacific Coast
1 Coban
1 Tecpan
1 Semuc Champey
1 El Peten
1 Rio Dulce

Deadline for the
August 2011 issue) July 11

12)) revuemag.com

Tu gufa y directorio turfstico
Your tourist guide and directory


Se parte de nuestro directorio sin costo alguno.
Be part of our directory at no cost.


A pageant like no other commands our
attention this month as young indig-
nous women from across Guatemala
trek to Coban and compete for the title of
Rabin Ajau-Daughter of the King.
Featuring some 80 contestants proudly
dressed in regal traje, it's among the most
spectacular events of the Mayan world.
Thor Janson attended last year's corona-
tion; his words and emotive photos are this
month's cover feature.

This month's Revue also recognizes the
20th anniversary of the GOD'S CHILD
Project, which is changing lives dramatically
in Guatemala and internationally. Congrat-
ulations to Patrick Atkinson and your big-
hearted staff and volunteers.
From the nation's capital, Anna-Claire
Bevan takes us on a tour of Paseo de La Sex-
ta, where a total makeover has transformed
gritty Sexta Avenida into a popular, pedestri-
an-friendly destination. While visiting Gua-
temala City, be sure to see the massive Relief
Map-an amazingly precise scale model of
Guatemala designed in 1905.

Destinations in the Western Highlands
are featured this month, including a sprawl-
ing theme-park resort and an eco-tourism site
founded by ex-guerillas. For a primer on the
history and top sites of Quetzaltenango, hop
aboard Tranvia de los Altos, a locomotive-like
bus that circulates throughout the No. 2 city.

July 25 is a holiday in La Antigua Gua-
temala and several other cities that embrace
Santiago (St. James) as their patron saint.
Check out the DateBook for other events
and activities on the calendar this month.
Amazing to think we're already halfway
through 2011.
-C /Iatt cBokor

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20 calle 5-34 zona 10 2333-6081/2337-3411/2368-0135

info@delpalamar corn Facebook/DelPalomar

www delpalomar cam Twiter @delpalomar

"P.O.V." (ElBaranco, Solold) -Photo by Anna Morgan

revuemag.com (( 15

ABOVE: Six judges take notes as they prepare to select 10 finalists. RIGHT: Nine of last year's contestants
(a 10th is the cover photo). In the center is the 2010 winner, Mirna Judith Chavajay y Cavajay.

Maya Princess Rabin Ajau

Daughter of the King

Cobdn's annual festival includes a spectacular traditional pageant

t was a cool July afternoon and the
cheepy cheepy (misting rain) was re-
freshing the land when we arrived in
Coban, the capital of Alta Verapaz
Department. The last week in July is when
Cobin celebrates its annual festival with
parades, rodeos, expositions, fairs and one
of the most wonderful cultural events in the
entire Mayan world: the coronation of the
"Rabin Ajau," the Daughter of the King.

Nearly 80 beautiful Maya girls from all
over the country, each dressed in the most
spectacularly gorgeous traditional ceremo-
16� >revuemag.com

nial costumes, compete for the title. First
they had to be elected as local princesses by
their communities during the year. It is a
"beauty" contest but the focus is on spiritual
beauty, oratory and cultural knowledge. Ad-
ditional criteria include grace, charm, car-
riage, sincerity, intelligence and knowledge
of history.

The pageant was scheduled to begin at 7
p.m. in the large gymnasium at the INJUD
Sports Complex. As the hour approached,
the dignitaries and guests began to arrive,
including the governor of Cobin and his

(. e

Sivaya girls Trom all over ine country _l
each dressed in gorgeous traditional
ceremonial costumes compete for the title. During the pageant there
are pyrotechnic shows. Last year a visiting dignitary representing the
Apache Nation from New Mexico performed one of their sacred dances.
Floating across the stage dressed in formal tribal regalia and crowned with a
spectacular eagle-feather war bonnet, Gregory"Apache" G6mez came whirling and skipping.

entourage, cultural representatives from all
over the country, families and friends of the
girls, and a handful of tourists and other in-
terested parties from Guatemala City.

After setting up my photographic equip-
ment, I was milling about behind the gym
when two buses brimming with vivacious
Maya girls arrived. They were in high spir-
its and it was heartwarming to see young
women from all over the nation getting
along like old friends after only a few days
together during preliminary activities. I
clicked off a few shots as they emerged from
the buses and followed them into the huge
hall, by now full of expectant guests.

The place was abuzz: People were drinking
excellent local coffee, chatting and eating
chuchitos and cambray-corn packets, one
savory with a tomato and meat filling, the
other sweet and often flavored with anis.
Finally the master of ceremonies, a Maya
gentleman dressed in suit and tie, took
the stage and officially welcomed all pres-
18) revuemag.com

ent. This took some time as he individually
welcomed all the dignitaries. Before I could
hide, the spotlight was on me-someone
had given him my name and I had to take a
bow. Actually, I appreciated the honor and
felt even more welcomed. The event felt like
a big family party.

Each girl's presentation included saying
prayers, which is usually accompanied with
offerings of incense, flowers and other cer-
emonial objects. "To the Heart of Heaven
and to the Heart of the Earth," they chanted.
They also had to introduce themselves, tell a
little about their hometowns and offer greet-
ings from their people to all those present.
All the while, six judges were taking
notes as they prepared to select 10 finalists.
Hour after hour went by as every girl gave it
her best effort-it was a completely magical
marathon event.

Early on I had made my personal selection:
a stunning young lady from San Pedro la

Contestants from last year's Rabin Ajau. The focus of the pageant is on spiritual beauty, oratory and
cultural knowledge. Additional criteria include grace, charm, carriage, sincerity and intelligence.

Laguna, Solold by the name of Nancy Gra-
ciela Gonzilez Cortez. She had a certain
aristocratic and regal bearing that I found
irresistible. Dressed in traditional blue upon
blue, her costume was simple but elegant.
The whole combination made her truly ap-
pear as I imagine a Maya princess would.

It was almost 1 a.m. before the judges made
their decision and the emcee read off the
names of the 10 finalists, accompanied by
cheers from the crowd and squeals of joy
from the girls. It was no surprise that Nancy
made the short list. The others included
princesses from the departments of Sololk,
El Quiche, Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenan-
go, Chimaltenango and Alta Verapaz.

After a brief intermission came a special sur-
prise: A visiting dignitary representing the
Apache Nation from New Mexico and the
Indigenous Institute of the Americas per-
formed one of their sacred dances.
Floating across the stage dressed in for-
mal tribal regalia and crowned with a spec-

tacular eagle-feather war bonnet, Gregory
"Apache" G6mez came whirling and skip-
ping; from time to time he would freeze,
slowly looking around, to finally sound his
sacred whistle. The enrapt audience sol-
emnly followed his every move. With a fi-
nal great war cry, Apache G6mez exited the
stage as the people roared their approval.

Now each finalist was given one more op-
portunity to display her knowledge of sacred
ceremonies and prayers. On top of this the
contestants were asked a series of questions
by the judges and had to talk about an issue,
such as global warming, for which they were
not prepared. Most of these girls were com-
ing straight from their villages and farms. We
can imagine that most of them were not used
to staying up all night-even some of the
dignitaries were dozing off and on.

Finally, around 3 a.m. the panel of judges
entered into deliberation. And the delib-
eration was quite heated. On and on they
discussed all the fine points contiued on page 104
revuemag.com ((17

Community Service by Hannah Wallace Bowman



20 years of

improving lives

Malnourished kids are
among the many who benefit

Guatemala has one of the high-
est rates of malnutrition in Latin
America, with 45 percent of chil-
dren under the age of 5 suffering from this
chronic and life-threatening illness. When
Jose Alberto arrived at Casa Jackson, an
emergency recovery center for infants suf-
fering from acute malnutrition, he was the
physical embodiment of this sad truth.
Aged 1 year and weighing only 13
pounds, Jose was referred to the clinic for
treatment at a local hospital. As his story
unraveled it seemed that he had come from
a single-parent household where, after being
abandoned by her husband, his mother had
been unable to cope with raising the four
children with whom she had been left.
When Jose was initially admitted to the
program, located just outside La Antigua
Guatemala, he displayed signs of severe
neglect and was a withdrawn and morose
character, rarely laughing or crying. Yet,
very quickly, he became one of the most
energetic and animated babies the staff had
ever seen come through the program. As he
gained weight he was nicknamed "Gordi-
to" by the nurses, and under their supervi-
sion he learned to crawl, take his first steps
and then walk.

Volunteer Melanie H. with a child recovering from
malnutrition. Photo RayConway
One of several life-changing programs es-
tablished by the GOD'S CHILD Project,
Casa Jackson (Jackson House) provides in-
house and outpatient care to hundreds of
at-risk children every year. Although its im-
mediate priority is to rehabilitate its patients
in the short term, one of its fundamental
goals is to address the underlying causes of
poverty and implement sustainable change
through education.
By working with the families and coach-
ing them on the issues of nutrition and hy-
giene, and providing financial assistance or
improved housing where necessary, the aim
is that the child will be able to return home
as soon as possible with a relatively low risk
of relapse.

Unfortunately, in the case of Jose, his mother
was unwilling or unable to take him back.
Eventually, a judge made the difficult decision
that Jose be placed into continued n page 44

18� revuemag.com

People & Projects byAstridBarrios

Compafiero en Salud

Changing lives through surgery

Since 2004 the NGO Compafiero en
Salud (CENS) has been providing sur-
gical and health services to needy villag-
ers in rural Guatemala. Our mission includes
acting as a bridge between foreign surgeons
and the Guatemalan patients. National and
international doctors, nurses and medical per-
sonnel have helped more than 40,000 patients
(75% of them women and children) by per-
forming more than 6,000 surgeries and hold-
ing more than 60 medical missions.
Through CENS' work we have increased
the quality of life for rural villagers and have
helped them become healthy and produc-
tive individuals in their communities.
We conduct monthly surgical missions,
treating more than 100 patients for tumors,
hernias, burns, cleft lip and cleft palate, and
pelvic cancer, among other conditions. We
also provide patients with informative con-

ferences and emotional support prior to be-
ing discharged.
Additionally, CENS has edited a marvel-
ous book, ISTMO, which contains beauti-
ful photographs of the most outstanding
scenes in Central America. Proceeds from
book sales will benefit CENS.

Among future projects, Companero
en Salud wishes to expand its facilities at
Albergue San Gabriel, in San Juan Sacate-
pdquez, to accommodate more patients in a
more comfortable setting.
We need volunteers to translate (Eng-
lish-Spanish) during medical missions and
to help with financial support, publicity,
sales promotions for the ISTMO book, a
speakers bureau and cultural activities. 01
Contact us at +(502) 2363-4317 or quieroayudar@
companeroensalud.org. For more information
visit www.companeroensalud.org
revuemag.com ((19

Sacred Animals and
Exotic TroDical Plants bvy Dr. Nicholas M. Hellmuth

The Sacred Red Bean

But not from a vine, from a tree - the Palo de Pito

T he palo de pito tree is commonly
found throughout the Highlands
of Guatemala. It produces a bright
red bean, which is used for divination by
Maya shamans. The book of Popol Vuh is
very clear about the red beans from this tree
being used by the gods when they created
the world for humans and animals.
The tree is easy to propagate; all you need
to do is put one of its strong twigs in the
ground and it will soon grow roots at its base
and leaves on top. Within a year, you will
have a nice tree with attractive red flowers.
The flowers are pretty and edible, but don't
eat the beans-they are toxic! You can also use
the green buds of the leaves as a tea to induce
sleep, but don't experiment by yourself. Find a
20)) revuemag.com

local person with experience to provide recipes
and explain which parts to eat.
Legend says the wood from this tree was
used to create a species of pseudo-humans
during one of the early Maya creations. To-
day it is used to carve statues of Maxim6n
(see Revue feature, June 2011).
Many tourist shops throughout Guate-
mala offer necklaces and other jewelry made
from these red beans. Cuidado, be careful! Re-
member, they are poisonous. U.S. Customs
will confiscate any jewelry made from them.

Further reading
Refer to the World Agroforestry Centre,
where you can find many articles on various
species of palo de pito and contued page74

TRAVEL by Matt Bokor

Narrated by Blanca Ruth Rios, the tour begins with historic sites bordering Quetzaltenango's Central Park

All Aboard the Xela Express

Train-like tour hits Highland highlights

Wan th so many cultural, culinary
Sand spiritual destinations in
V and around Quetzaltenango,
visitors can enjoy a leisurely sampling of the
areas most interesting attractions simply by
boarding a street-wise locomotive.
Suited to travelers' time-challenged sched-
ules, Tranvia de los Altos shuttles visitors to
significant sites in Guatemala's second-largest
city (commonly known as Xela, from the
Mayan Xelajd) in two-hour tours.
Conveniently answering a tourist's ques-
tions of where to go and what to see, Tran-
via starts in Central Park with a brief history
of the country and city.
Narrated by Tranvia general manager
Blanca Ruth Rios, the tour begins with his-
toric sites bordering the park, such as the
Metropolitan Cathedral (dating to 1535),
the cultural center and the nation's first pri-
vate bank.
A few blocks away lies the historic Teatro

Municipal, built with Italian design in 1895
and a Greco-Roman facade added in 1905.
The circuit continues past the historic
railroad station (now a museum of typical
dress and photography) and offers a stop at
the city cemetery and its array of elaborately
designed mausoleums. The interred include
two former presidents and Vanushka, a
young Gypsy circus performer who, accord-
ing to legend, died of a broken heart and
whose spirit helps lovers.
Another stop takes visitors to the restau-
rant/caf6 Chocolate de Dofia Pancha, where
guests can make their own chocolate from
raw cacao beans.
Itineraries can also be tailor-made for spe-
cial occasions, special interests and groups,
such as business visitors, students or families.
For more information, call 7765-5342
or visit wwww.tranviadelosaltos.com
For Quetzaltenango and the Highlands travel information,
package tours and more visit www.adrenalinatours.com
or your local travel and tour operator.
revuemag.com (( 21

Fri., through Fri., 22 - ART: La Anti-
gua y sus Tradiciones by William Santos.
Sal6n temporal, Museo Capuchinas, 2a av.
norte, 2a calle oriented, corner, LaAntigua.
2 Sat., 10am-12pm - (Spanish) ARTE
por la expert en el tema, Mayari Hernin-
dez. En este taller utilizaremos tu expresi6n
artistic para conocerte mejor y descubrir
tu potential a nivel creative y personal. No
necesitas tener conocimiento previo de arte.
Contaris con materials de arte y un am-
biente de seguridad, confianza, no juicio y
descubrir lo mejor de ti. Reserva tu espa-
cio al 2361-8088. Q75, incluye materials
y parqueo. Museo Ixchel, 6a calle final, z.
10, Guatemala City.

Every child is an artist. The problem is
how to remain an artist once we grow up.
-Pablo Picasso

2 Sat., 11am - ART: Inauguration of
the exposition Artesania Antigiiena en
Madera. Monumento de Santa Clara, 2a
av. norte, LaAntigua.
2 Sat., 11am - (Spanish) TEATRO
INFANTIL: La Luna y el Sol, El se-
for Maiz, nos cuenta c6mo fue creada la
tierra cubierta con las montafas, plants y
animals de muchas species, los gemelos
iluminan el cielo por primera vez, trans-
formindose en luna y sol. Entrada libre.
Cooperaci6n Espafola (tel: 7932-3838), 6a
av. norte between 3a & 4a calle poniente,
La Antigua.

2 Sat., through Aug. 1 - ART: La Antigua Galeria de Arte presents more than 40 of
the latest works by Guatemalan artist Doniel Espinoza. Most of his works reflect a
strong sense of magical realism and a hint of surrealism. La Antigua Galeria de Arte (tel:
7832-2124), 4a calle oriented #15, LaAntivua. V

22)) revuemag.com


3 Sun., 10, 17, 14 and 31, 11am & 4pm - (Spanish) THEATER FOR KIDS: Imag-
inaMar, the new musical adventure for the whole family written by John Tartaglia,
chronicles the underwater adventures of three fish friends who discover a treasure map.
The Spanish version is produced by Fundaci6n Paiz and presented as part of the XI Festi-
val Internacional de Cultura Paiz. For more information visit www.fundacionpaiz.org.gt
Tickets Q60 at todoticket.com or at the door. Museo de Los Nifios (tel: 2464-4545 ext.
4552), 5a calle 10-0, z. 13, Guatemala City. A

4Mon., through Thurs., 28 - ART:
Obra Sobre Papel, drawings, watercol-
ors and collages by Mois&s Barrios. El At-
tico (tel: 2368-0853), 4a av. 15-45, z. 14,
Guatemala Citv. V

5 Tues., 4pm - (English) LECTURE:
Jade and Chocolate, ancient Mesoameri-
can trade routes by archaeologist Mary Lou
Ridinger. Jades, S.A., 4a calle oriented #34,

Plas sumi you DAEO entr fo th AUG.

5Tues., 5:30pm - (English) TALK:
ArtCorps (www.artcorp.org) uses art to
promote social change and has inspired and
educated people across Central America to
improve their communities through music,
parades, documentaries, radio shows, silk-
screen and other media. Donation Q25.
Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919), 7a av. sur
#8, La Antigua.
7Thurs., 7pm - PHOTO CLUB: Meets
the first Thursday of every month with
photo talks and workshops as well as photo
contests in color, black and white and digital
categories. Visit www.clubfotograficoanti-
gua.com or Facebook.com/ClubFotografi-
coAntigua. Restaurant El Sabor del Tiem-
po (tel: 7832-0516), Calle del Arco and 3a
calle poniente, LaAntigua.
7Thurs., 8pm - MUSIC: Jorge Sarmien-
tos y el Impresionismo Frances. More in-
formation www.alianzafrancesa.org.gt Sala
Efrain Recinos, Centro Cultural Miguel
Angel Asturias, Teatro Nacional, z. 1, Gua-
temala City.

DateBook online: www.REVUEmag.com
revuemag.com ((23

DATOii :

8Fri., through Sun., 31 - ART: Sem-
blanzas de Guatemala. Convento Capu-
chinas, 2a av. norte, 2a calle oriented, corner,
La Antigua.
8Fri., 6:30pm through July 29 -
ART: Inauguration of Erase Una Vez
by artist Mayra Fernindez. Cocktail.
Vessica Galeria de Arte, 3a av. 7-35, z. 1,
Fri., 8pm - MUSIC: Videoclip launch
of Na'ik Madera Chambeadoras with
invited artists. Trovajazz (tel: 4647-4146),
via 6 3-55, z. 4, Guatemala City. v

9 Sat., 6:30pm - PHOTOGRAPHY:
Inauguration of work by members of
the Club Fotogrifico de Guatemala. Casa
Noj, Galeria Rafael Mora, 7a calle 12-12, z.
1, Quetzaltenango.
9 Sat., 7pm - ART: Inauguration of
Canones, Cipulas, Pilas y Campanas by
Cesar Fortuny. Free. Cocktail. El Sitio (tel:
7832-3037), LaAntifua. V

9 Sat., 9am - PARADE: Carriages
with Miss Antigua contestants travel
through the streets, LaAntigua.
9 Sat., 10am-11pm and Sun., 10, 10am-
5pm - ART: Todos 4rte features 10
gallery spaces, 30 architects, 150 musi-
cians and hundreds of artists incorporating
music, movies, art, dance and all kinds of
communication and artistic expressions of
the 21st century. Free. More info and other
events at: www.todos4arte.com Cant6n Ex-
posici6n, z. 4, Guatemala City. v

9Sat., 10am-1:30pm - (Spanish)
S ' y Pies, cada participate construiri
un titere de varillas, donde sus propios pies
seran los del personaje. Cooperaci6n Espa-
fiola (tel: 7932-3838), 6a av. norte entire 3a
& 4a calle poniente, La Antigua.

"Mujer del Samurai" by Paloma Navares, part
of the Otros Paramos exhibit at Cooperaci6n
Espafiola, July 16-Aug 28 see

24)) revuemag.com

A T, Actual

The oldest Guatemalan Art Gallery.
Featuring more than 100 artists.
*NEW ADDRESS: Plaza Obelisco 16 calle 1-01, zona 10
Tels: 2367-3266, 5779-0000 galeriaeltunel@yahoo.com

S AM U S E 0 l
Unversdad Francisco Marroquin UFM
MON - FRI: 9:00 to 17:00
SAT: 9:00 to 13:00
Closed Sunday
6 Calle final zona 10
Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Guatemala Ciudad
Tel: (502) 2338-7836, 2338-7837
May Ar chae log Co ni


Learn about the fascinating
history of the Maya's clothing
and weaving.
Buy Guatemalan handicrafts at
our shop. Shop on line at
Centro Cultural UFM
6ta. Calle Final, Zona 10
Ciudad de Guatemala
Telefaxes: (502) 2361 8081/82
Monday - Friday 9:00 to 17:00
Saturday 9:00 to 13:00

Primitive - Contemporary
Guatemalan Art
Gallery & Museum
4a calle oriented #10
Interior Casa Antigua, El Jaul6n
La Antigua Guatemala

All art requires courage. -Anne Tucker
Very few people possess true artistic ability.
It is therefore both unseemly and unproductive
to irritate the situation by making an effort.
If you have a burning, restless urge to write or
paint, simply eat something sweet and the
feeling will pass. -Fran Lebowitz

Fo ae0o al

- I ntlitigchckou

We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that
makes us realize truth, at least the truth that
is given us to understand. The artist must know
the manner whereby to convince others of the
truthfulness of his lies. -Pablo Picasso

iA- C-.

revuemag.com <((25

Mondays- New Orleans Blues with
Nelson Lunding.
Wednesdays- Classic Jazz Trio.
Thursday - Buena Vista de Corazon,
Cuban Jazz by Ignacio.
Friday - Latin Trio.
Saturdays- Julio & Cesar, Guitar Duo.
Nightly cover: Q35

Mondays- 7-10pm: The magic guitar of
Carlos Trujillo, Latin Jazz/Salsa, with Bill on
Congas. Free.
Tuesdays- 7-10pm: Ramiro plays Trova
Cubana, with Bill on Congas. Free.
Wednesday thru Sundays- 7-10pm: Sol
I atinn nlmu Anrlan mi iir (nan fli it IFroa v

Sundays- 12:30-3pm: Ramiro plays Trova
Cubana, with Bill on Congas. Free.

Thursdays- 7pm: Live music.
Fridaysand Saturdays- Belly dancing.

Mondays- 7:30pm: Don Ramiro will
serenade you with some beautiful Latin folk
music. Free.
Tuesday - 7:30pm: Gustavo plays Latino
classics, western tunes with some harmonica.
Wednesdays- 7:30pm: Open Mike Night:
come along and show your skills. Free drink
for anyone who performs!
Thursdays- 7:30pm: A variety of musicians.
Saturdays- 7:30pm: Don Ramiro y amigos!
Don't miss the chance to enjoy a few drinks
and relax to the classics.
Sundays- 7:30pm: Sergio y Choko y
amigos; some of Antigua's best-loved local
musicians with some great improvisation.
111101111l W AW V) f !IvPA tM

Friday, Saturdays, Sundays - 8pm:
Live music, featuring a variety of artists.

7 Thurs., 8pm - MUSIC: Jorge Sarmien-
tos y el Impresionismo Franc6s. More
information at www.alianzafrancesa.org.gt,
Guatemala City.
8Fri., 8pm - MUSIC: Videoclip launch
of Na'ik Madera Chambeadoras with
invited artists. Trovajazz (tel: 4647-4146),
via 6 3-55, z. 4, Guatemala City.


J^^^ SIfM^^^

Thursday - 7-9pm: Mike Mcarthy plays
some mean Blues.
9pm: Mike & Moriah, Piano &Vocals.
Fridays- 7-9pm: Ron Fortin Saxophone;
9:30-11:30pm: Nelson Lunding New Orleans
Saturdays- 7-9pm: Malcolm Oakley sings
and plays guitar.
9:30pm: Mercedes, Guitar Blues/Rock/Folk.

Pub Quiz hosted by Brendan Byrne; Sundays at 6:30pm

Wednesdays- 8pm:
Bossa, soft rockand blues.
Saturdays- 8pm:
American folk music.

Wednesday & Thursdays - 7:30pm:
Variety of musicians.

Everyweek, usually on Fridays and
Saturday. Check Gringos of Santiago
on Facebook for details.

Mondays- 7pm: Chris Jarnach, classic
music, jazz and rock.
8pm: Marco Solo and friends, Pana's Carlos
Santana. Rock, blues and jazz.
9pm: Norte, contemporary trova.
Tuesday - 7pm: Chris Jarnach, classic
music, jazz and rock.
8pm: Rockiris, alternative rock.
9pm: Latin ensemble.
Wednesday - 7pm: Chris Jarnach, classic
music, jazz and rock.
8pm: Latin ensemble.
9pm: Carlos Rangel and son, swing, Cuban
and rock.
Thursday - 7pm: Chris Jarnach, classic
music, jazz and rock.
8pm: Latin ensemble.
9pm: Norte, contemporary trova.
Friday - 7pm: Flamenco by Marco El Messina.
8pm: Latin ensemble.
9pm: Trova del Lago.
Saturday - Los Vagabundos, hot rhythms in
a fusion of Rumba, Flamenco and Guatemalan
traditional elements.
Sunday - Latin Ensemble.

Thursdays- 9:15pm: Nueva Trova and alter-
native music by the Rony Hernandez group.

Friday and Saturdays
- Guest musicians.

Wednesdays- 8:30pm: Victor Arriaza on
piano, Alejandro Alvarez, bass and Julio
Garcia on drums.


DATOii :

1 Tues., 5:30 - (English) TALK:
12- Oxlajuj B'atz' (Thirteen Threads),
an NGO guided by the principles of har-
mony, democracy and sustainability, helps
Maya women artisans improve their qual-
ity of life. Learn how the group empow-
ers women and inspires change. Donation
Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919), 7a av.
sur #8, LaAntigua.

1 Wed., 5pm - ART: Marie-Noelle
. Fontan, through botany and plants
the artist harmonizes material, color and
form. Mes6n Panza Verde (tel: 7832-2925),
5a av sur #19, LaAntigua. V
,.I-- - L

1 Wed., 7pm through Aug. 11 -
SJART: Muerte y Vida cotidiana de
los Antiguos Mayas en Naachtin. Galeria de
Arte Alianza Francesa, 5a calle 10-55, z. 13,
Finca La Aurora, Guatemala City.

S Fri., 5:30pm - MAYAN DANC-
1 ES: Performed by indigenous chil-
dren from Nuevo Amanecer K'a k'a' Saqa-
rik - Nuevo Amenecer or New Dawn, a
charity dedicated to helping more than 30
indigenous children in San Andr&s Itzapa.
Donation Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-
1919), 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.

1 4 Thurs., 6:30, through Aug. 5 -
4--EMBROIDERY: Fundaci6n G&T
Continental presents Bellezay Colorido Gua-
temalteco, by Academia de Bordado Arte en
Lana de Sandra Mencarelli de Paredes and
students. Vestibulo Banco G&T Continen-
tal, 6a av. 9-08, z. 9, Guatemala City. v

1 5Fri., 7pm - PHOTO EXHIBI-
TION: Annual exposition of the best
photos by members of the Club Fotogrifico
de Antigua. Free. Palacio de los Capitanes
Generales, La Antigua.
SSat., 8am-6pm - ART: I Pho-
I, Jtographic Congress of the Club
Fotografico de Antigua, an entire day of
workshops, technical support, advice and
more for photography lovers. Special pric-
es (members & nonmembers) for work-
shops. Visit www.clubfotograficoantigua.
com Palacio de los Capitanes Generales,

28)) revuemag.com


1 6Sat., 7pm - MUSIC: VIVOras
.6Jen La Antigua, by Skalda2, inter-
preting reggae, punk rock, pop and surf,
among other genres. Q60, includes 1 hour
of parking at Hotel Camino Real. El Sitio
(tel: 7832-3037), LaAntigua. V

1 Sat., through Aug. 28 - VISU-
6I.UAL ARTS: Otros Paramos by artist
Paloma Navares (Spain), showing differ-
ent worlds of women through video, pho-
tography, installations, small objects and
collages. Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel: 7932-
3838), 6a av. norte between 3a & 4a calle
poniente, La Antigua.
1 Sun, 10:30am-4pm - FOOD FES-
I/TIVAL: The Festival Gastrondmico
features 85 food vendors serving local and
regional favorites. Cultural Center C&sar
Brafias, 5 calle, LaAntigua. See related ar-
ticle on page 68.

revuemag.com <<29

A U A ANTIGUA TOUR: Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat at 9:30am with Elizabeth Bell $20
A N n:;' Meet at the fountain in the main square
T O U - ' SLIDE SHOW: Tuesdays at 6pm at El Sitio, 5a calle poniente#15 Q30
by Eiliaba t IBe I , InquireaboutothertoursandtravelarrangementsinGuatemala
,,,......I th ... ,1, ,... ..i.. r .,,r.i..ar - I�.a Offices: *3a calle oriented #22 and "inside Casa del Conde (main square)
www.antiguatours.net Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sat-Sun9-1pm Tels: 7832-5821,7832-0053

iATEBOOK : continue on page-32

I Sun., 8am - MARATHON: Me-
1 / dio Maratdn Las Rosas, the 30th an-
nual half-marathon (21km) is open to the
public. Entrance fee of Q75 can be paid at
any branch of the race's sponsor Banco Ag-
romercantil. Central Park, LaAntigua. v

,* * - J

- - ._.-" - - " - "

1 0Tues., 5:30pm - (English) TALK:
79Safe Passage / Camino Seguro pro-
vides poor families working in the Gua-
temala City dump with a comprehensive
program that incorporates healthy living,
academics, creativity and fun for students
young and old. Donation Q25. Rainbow
Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919), LaAntigua.
2 fWed., 2-6pm - DANCE: Folk
U dance festival. Centro Cultural
CUsar Brafas, 5a calle poniente #44, La
2 OWed., 4pm - (English) LEC-
0VTURE: Cosmologia Maya: Un-
derstanding 2012 (also includes Izapa) by
archaeologist Mary Lou Ridinger. Jades,
S.A., 4a calle oriented #34, LaAntigua.
21 Thurs., 4pm & 30 Sat., 1pm -
2-,1BENEFIT DANCE: The Nifos de
San Antonio Aguas Calientes dance and
play the marimba, flutes and bombas. Do-
nations benefit educational pursuits. Free.
La Pefa de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468), 5a
calle poniente #15-C, LaAntigua.

( Just tell 'em, "lo vi en la revista REVUE"

21 hours , 7:30pm through Sun.,
2131 - ART: Inauguration of Amor
Contempordneo2, exposition and sale of
works by Guatemalan contemporary and
emerging artists. Museo Ixchel, 6a calle fi-
nal, z. 10, Guatemala City. v

orte-expovertQ o

23 Sat., 6pm through Sat., 30 -
ZJART: CDFYT Collage La Fe en la
Tradicion. Palacio del Ayuntamiento, Cen-
tral Park, La Antigua.
2 Sat., 11am - (Spanish) TEATRO
INFANTIL: Las Sorpresas de una
biblioteca, Pollito Pito por confusion piensa
que el cielo se va a caer, y decide ir a contarle
al rey, en el camino se encuentra con various
de sus amigos y encuentran juntos una so-
luci6n. Cooperaci6n Espafola (tel: 7932-
3838), 6a av. norte, LaAntigua.
2 3Sat., 6:30pm -ART: Inauguration
23Iof latest works by Antonio Barrios.
Casa Noj, Galeria Adrian Inds Chaivez, 7a
calle 12-12, z. 1, Quetzaltenango.

2 Sat., 7pm - (Spanish) THE-
3JATER: Los Mondlogos de la Vagina.
Q70, incluye 1 hora de parqueo en Hotel
Camino Real. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037), 5a
calle poniente #15, LaAntigua.

Art is a shadow of what a person is thinking...
a small glimpse of what they hold inside.
Little secrets, regrets, joys... every line has
its own meaning. -Sarah Middles

30o) revuemag.com

A nursery with the most extensive variety of plants
and accessories for your home and garden

km 14.5 Centro Com
F Carretera a El
Telephone 6637
Monday t Iday 8 30
Saturday 8 30 am
S t Sunday 9 30 am ti

. Carretera al Atla
Teletax 2
gMonday Satuiday ho
1'." Sunday horn om9 0



revuemag.com ((31

ercial Escala 7
Salvador Botaimkl
5763 64 Bo a i
am to 7 00 pm
to 6 00 pm
o 6 00pm

intico 0-80, z.17
256 4564 Un Jarini P N
m 8 30 am to 5 30 pm Ae
0am to 4 30 pm eodo I

Calle Mariscal 18-40, z.11 across the
street from Pro-ciegos
Telephone 2473 1941 2474 5194 Fax 2474 5254
Monday Filday form 7 30 am to 5 30 pm
S Satuiday hom 7 00 am to 6 00 pm
_- Sunday t om 8 30 am to 4 30 pm A ij//

2 3Sat., 7pm - (Spanish) TEATRO:
3JComo Piedras, una creaci6n que in-
daga en el mundo de la infancia, una mi-
rada a nuestro pasado y tambidn un viaje al
future con un especial sentido del humor.
Cooperaci6n Espafiola (tel: 7932-3838), 6a
av. norte between 3a & 4a calle poniente,

2 Mon. - CELEBRATION: Dia de
JSantiago (St. James Day) honoring
the patron saint of La Antigua Guatema-
la. There will be processions and cultural
events throughout the month. LaAntigua.
See page 72.

2 5Mon., 4pm - PROCESSION:
SSantiago Ap6stol, patron saint of
La Antigua, comes out of the cathedral and
travels through the streets, LaAntigua.
STues., 5:30pm - (English) TALK:
26Partnering with the Poor: I ...
Education and Opportunity in Guatemala by
Jeff Barnes, Common Hope / Familias de
Esperanza, which partners with over 2,600
students and their families to break the cycle
of poverty. Donation Q25. Rainbow Caf6
(tel: 7832-1919), LaAntigua.
I B : 00 [I][.(],qii i. i ,.

3 Sat., 4pm - INDIGENOUS PAGEANT: Over 80 young indigenous women from
U0 throughout Guatemala compete for the title of Rabin Ajau / Daughter of the King.
INJUD Sports Complex gymnasium, Cobdn. See page 14. v (PHOTO: THOR JANSON)

Artists can color the sky red because they There is in every artist's studio a scrap heap of
know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists discarded works in which the artist's discipline
must color things the way they really are or prevailed against his imagination.
people might think we're stupid. -Jules Feiffer -Robert Brault

32)) revuemag.com

DATBOO contnue fro pag 3110tW~'T'rrffl~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

- - mServic Shopp ing ((GUATEMAL CTY

para alcanzar tus suenios!

Guatemala Inscribete a nuestro nuevo
f2362.3910 Harmon Hall
.t. A,2-9rmzonha... ,3 TOEFL* Preparation Program

Te ayudarS a sentirte mAs preparado y seguro al moment
de tomar e'ra prueba.gatantizandotE un exito total

Lin~~ Cklal

4elr Al kind of [ T na t ive[ texile
Fabic by th yar
Wod leteg&mr
5a cale960 on . Cetr .0.~ro GutmlaCt

Fabrics by the yard
Ceramic � Jewelry
Wood Leather
& more
18 calle 21-31, z.10 Blvd Los Prdceres www.in-nola.com
Telephones: 2367-2424, 2337-4498

The only specialists in Bedding Mfr... We handle all types of Beds.
American know-how, with 40 years in the market.
All sizes of Beds: Inner Spring Mattresses, Box Springs or hard bases.
S.A. Beautiful Fabrics. We follow A.B.A. standards and norms.
" F ifture Headboards, Night Tables, Wood Chests, Dining & Living room Furniture.
3edS & Fu Custom-made Beds & Furniture. Willdeliver.
Av. Hincanie 1-13. z. 13. Guatemala Citv Tel: 2332-4951 TelFax: 2332-7788 ,

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was
so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old
man around. But when I got to be twenty-one,
I was astonished at how much he had learned
in seven years. -Mark Twain

Q REVUE CIRCULACION = 20,000 c/mes

AThe best rates, with the
- kB lowest deductibles and
full coverage insurance
4a calle"A"16-57, zona 1, Guatemala City
Tels: 2220-2180, (502) 5293-7856, 5205-8252
www.adaesa.com adaesa@itelqua.com

-nlo nrl Cnih c 1

Thursday Services Sunday Service
pCanumpl i- Uis5pm conlInBary - 8:5 iam
Tadional - 11:00 'm
Pot Modern - &0D pm
11 taf. 7-7 fm 9 PIMa E9&, GtnWdA T.L 26.-207. 2361-207
urmidnh~l U strmdssavnmt --m urndwulimalsnukmbc

revuemag.com ((33


DAEi O continuedfrom page 32


Through Sun., 17 - ART: Drawings
and Paintings by Byron Rodas. Anti-
guo Palacio de Correos, 7a av. 11-67, z. 1,
Guatemala City. v

T uesdays, 6pm - (English) SLIDE
SHOW: Antigua Behind the Walls with
Elizabeth Bell. Q30 benefits educational
programs. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037), 5a calle
poniente #15, LaAntigua. V

T hursdays, 6pm - MOVIE: Every
week a different movie. Donation Q15.
El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037), 5a calle poniente
#15, LaAntigua.
Saturdays, 4pm - (Spanish) CINE
INFANTIL: Cada sabado una pelicula
diferente, 2nd -Mi Vecino Totoro; 9th -
Bolt; 16th - Anastasia; 25th - Toy Story
3. Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel: 7932-3838),
6a av. norte between 3a & 4a calle poni-
ente, La Antigua.
see over 200 egrets return to their home
tree for the night. 5:15, SHARP! The birds are
never late! La Pefia de Sol Latino Restaurante,
5a calle poniente #15-C, LaAntigua.
W dnesdays, 8pm - (Spanish)
WTHEATER: Encuentro con Maria
Callas, dirigida por Guillermo Monsanto.
Q50. Solo Teatro, Av. Las Amdricas 7-20, z.
13, Guatemala City. V

r !lkam S'

Any great work of art revives and readapts time
and space, and the measure of its success is the
extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of
That world-the extent to which it invites you in
and lets you breathe its strange, special air.
-Leonard Bernstein

PHOTO CONTEST Photographers fall levels are invited to submit theirwork(color
or B&W) with the theme Fiestas Patronales de Guatemala (Municipal Fairs of Guatemala). The best
12 photos will appear in Museo lxchel's 2013 calendar. Deadline Oct. 3,2011. For more information
visit Museo lxchel Galerias in Facebook. Museo lxchel (tel: 2361-8081), 6a calle final, z. 10, Centro
Cultural UFM, Guatemala City.
34� revuemag.com

The est n Fresh
Fruits Vegetables
produced avd packaged
with your health ivi miid
M-F 8:?0-7p1n Sat 8:0-2pmn
13 calle 4-44. Z.1O
Guatemala City TeIFax:296 -2682

60's & 70's Rock
Big Screen TV
3 PoolTables
SPORTSBAR Darts Cold Beer
Mon-Sat 9am-1 am and Sun 1 pm-midnightish
13 calle 0-40, Z.10 T/F: 2368-2089
We accept AMEX, VISA, MC, Diners, Credomatic

Avenida La Reforma 13-89, Zona 10, Guatemala City
Tel: 2331-1113 www.melancolia.com.gt

BreakfastL u nchI,J Cofiee,+[,[IPt' i

A bagel is a doughnut with the sin removed. The bagel, an unsweetened doughnut
-George Rosenbaum with rigor mortis. -Beatrice Freeman

revuemag.com ((35

WI-FI * Lunch Specials
S Happy Hour 11-5
Shear all Major Hotels 13 valley laav.,zona 10,
loalS lorre Santa Clara II Tel:2331-2641

Din^^^^^^^^^^^^*u~ftin((UTEMALA CISTY^



Viaventure donates bus to Global Visionaries

M any years ago, Viaventure purchased
a school bus and had it driven down to
Guatemala from the United States by two staff
members. The bus was never used to the extent
that had been anticipated by the La Antigua-
based tour operator; it remained parked for long
periods of time.
During a recent conversation with friends
from Global Visionaries, the idea came up to

turn the bus into an environmental and educa-
tional unit, with a focus on reforestation. Via-
venture directors agreed to donate the bus, which
now is undergoing a makeover for its new role.
Global Visionaries is a non-profit NGO,
which has been building schools and planting
trees for the last 15 years in Antigua, and the Via-
venture Foundation has been supporting its cause
for many years. Kevin Garcia, Viaventure

Encuenkanos en Ia Feda

36)) revuemag.com


revuemag.com ((37


A "Classic" in the center of
Guatemala City & now in Zone 10

Specializing in Spanish and Basque
Cuisine, Seafood and Paella
5a av. 12-31, Zona 1
Tels: 2251-7185, 2253-6743
10 calle 0-45, Zona 10 PBX: 2201-2323

Moments of
by Dr. Karmen Guevara

I 0IM0

I I k -

Great challenge in life is to see our-
selves as we really are. It's one of those
twisted tricks the universe plays on us!
Our image of ourselves has been carefully
pieced together from what we can see in the
mirror (though often with blinders), from
what we've learned about ourself through
personal experiences, and by internalizing
the judgments of others. The self-image is
powerful beyond imagination, for it deter-
mines what we become. Our actions, feel-
ings and behaviors are all the result of the
image we have of ourselves. This is why if
you can change the self-image, you change
the personality and the behavior. Easier said
than done. The self-image is heavily guard-
ed and not relinquished without a fight.

This leads to the discrepancy that can ex-
ist between how one sees him- or herself
and how others see them. It has been said
that if we could see ourselves as others see
us, we would vanish on the spot. How very
38)) revuemag.com

true-for to see ourselves as others see us
can be a real eye-opening experience.
Often in close relationships the gaps are
painfully exposed. "I'm flexible!" declares a
woman-the man laughingly responds, "You
gotta be joking-it's my way or the highway
with you!" Not all gaps have an "ouch" fac-
tor-sometimes they carry a "wow," like
when someone sees something special about
us that we had not seen. It's very easy for us
to fall into a false sense of self-whether it's
an inflated or a deflated sense.

We all like to think of ourselves as being
trustworthy, honorable, generous, kind,
compassionate, loving human beings. And,
of course, smart, witty and charming, too.
However, if we look at ourselves through
rose-colored mirrors how can we be sure
that we are all that we think we are? A good
start is the question, what do you believe
people think about you? A good ending is
to ask a trusted friend. 4%


Hotel Casa de los Nazarenos
right in the Historic Center
2 blocks from Central Park,
8 comfortable rooms (special rates)
cable TV, internet, parking, security,
cafeteria, family ambience, Wi-Fi
5a calle 3-36, zona 1, Guatemala City
Tel: 2232-5013 www.casadelosnazarenos.com

ANTA AComfortable Rooms
Junior Suites and
H 0TEs Standard Rooms,
Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Patios,
Tels:+502.2334.6121 5 minutes from airport.
4a AV. "A' 13-74, zona 9 Weekly and Monthly rates
Guatemala City Meeting rooms r Parking

r - Bed & Breakfast
/ 't/ . *, PETIT
i '^W,'(� # #f 4 HOTEL
Bar/Room Service. Private Bath. Free Internet& Cable TV
Credit Cards accepted reservadones@marianaspetithotel.com
Free Airport Transport www.marianaspetithotel.com
20 calle 10-17 Aurora II, zona 13 Guatemala City
Tels: 2261-4144, 2261-4105 Fax: 2261-4266 ,

3E4mootal de S
Don2 Peclt-o
A four-star hotel in the Historic Center
4 Avenida 3-25, Zona 1, Guatemala City
PBX: 2285-3434 Fax: 2232-7759
www.hosta dedonpedro.com

Feel Uwarm -&I relaxed
on 1voIr arrivla,

R te t ooims
. stirring
R"lein0e, .,130

SPECIALt" ".- &-

Tels: 2360-4823, 2360-4843 Fax: 2360-4793
Is life not a hundred times too short for us
to stifle ourselves. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Hotel Residencia Del Sol

Tels: 2360-4823, 2360-4843 Fax: 2360-4793
email: residenciadelsol@gmail.com
website: www.residenciadelsol.com
3 calle 6-42, zona 9, Guatemala City

Free Airport Shuttle Wi-FI Breakfast
Private Cabin Roomsat 515 pp
Dormitory at SI pp
3aav A 17-17 i 13 aurora I Guatemala(hi
Tel J3o S.883 22o1.3024 M

REVUE NEWS TWEETS = Daily Cultural Event Listing ) www.revuemag.com

revuemag.com <(39

CITY SITES byAnna-Claire Bevan photos: Johannes Blijdenstein

Paseo de La Sexta, Zone 1

Restoration brings new life to an old district

Last year, the municipality of Gua-
temala City undertook a project to
conserve and revitalize the city's her-
itage, and it started with La Sexta Avenida,
Zone 1: the backbone of el centro histdrico.
Historically, La Sexta was the fashion
capital of Guatemala-the place to see and
be seen-with shops selling luxury goods
and the latest in European trends. How-
ever, after decades of neglect it endured a
long downward spiral and became a chaotic
jumble filled with street vendors, oversized
billboards and congested traffic.
But now the tide is turning.
After encouraging various businesses such
40)) revuemag.com

as Pollo Campero and McDonald's to invest
in the project, the municipality has trans-
formed the crowded mess into a vibrant av-
enue-safe for pedestrians to wander down.
The restoration team started by relocat-
ing dozens of street vendors who used to
clutter the sidewalks, selling pirated DVDs
and designer knock-offs. They then spent
a year cleaning (and widening) the pave-
ments, putting up new artwork and taking
down old signs that covered every inch of
the buildings. The emphasis on orderliness
is now so strict that not even presidential
candidates are allowed to decorate the av-
enue with their campaign propaganda.


Today the street, which has been re-
named Paseo de La Sexta, runs from Plaza
la Constituci6n (central park) to 18 Calle
and is mainly pedestrian-only with just the
Transmetro and a handful of cars allowed
through. Regularly patrolled by uniformed
police officers on bicycles, it's once again a
safe haven for Guatemalans to shop, social-
ize in coffee shops and admire the public art
that adorns each side of the walkway.
The avenue has fast become a popular
venue both day and night. Some city dwell-
ers have even described the transforma-
tion as "another world" and say the radical
changes have injected life into the capital
and given the people access to a cleaner and
safer place to visit.

However, despite the marked improve-
ments, a small number of locals lament the
changes and believe that the municipality

. t M-s.J Cable TV, Hot Water,
,riricErjril Pnvate Rooms with Balt,
,, ,. :, ,,, ., :, ,,ij 20 mins. from Airport.
centfnario�neigua.com 11 tin s rom Is ff
Phone (502) 22380382 stf m m r.nonfrmo
�248 0 ki iawAeR mn
6 calle 5 - 33 zone 1 Full Breakfast included!

has stripped La Sexta of its identity. Once
a symbol of the 1980s fighting between the
army and the people, they say these poi-
gnant marks from the clashes 30 years ago
have been removed and the important years
of yesterday now lie forgotten.
The municipality plans to continue restor-
ing over 100 historic monuments around the
city and still has further plans for La Sexta.
These include opening art galleries and book-
stores and restoring an old movie theater in
the recently transformed public space.
It may only be a small change to a small
avenue in a city filled with problems, but it's
a start at improving the quality of life for the
people who live in the surrounding areas. 4
revuemag.com <(41

a iwnImnagmppcom
C are ca EHEI rkd mnuria cam
Eomfor AOtwear
Fajas de Compresion Quirirgica y Reductora

Tei. (52 2)2263, .7071 al 4, 575510 MrC.,teA M i. ,'" : I.,i Of L K Ol I~ 0 a br GiN
(503) 22234386,7807-2571? 0161 lr~a Miirs nb , rp PU r Mwrero No :;ILM|HL Ca flrBkrra i Ei ' A~ar


C "^^-WSHJl m~a nuc� Ahw;(B

oDr. Gerardo Bran Quintana CCC
Acne, Allergies, Skin Spots, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Wrinkles,
(Botox, Skin filler), Diseasesof Nails and Mucous Membrane,
Fungus, Virus, Cyst, Cancer, Peeling, Hair Transplant,
Liposculpture, Underarm Sweat, Hands,
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Tels: 2269-7120/21/22
6 Av. 6-63 z. 10 Edif. Sixtino I, Niv. 12 of. 8, Guatemala

Holistic Psychotherapy
Psycho-Emotional Balancing
with Traditional Acupuncture
Dr. Ka#wn Gee4 a~Sr
www.karmenguevaratherapy.com t al i
5018-3136 kc@karmencuevara.com .

42� revuemag.com


-Surgery* -X-ray
-Dental clinic
I k + S i

* -- ^ -Law laI.UI y eJrv Vcls
Vet - Pro -Emergencies
VETERINARY CLINIC *Gas anesthesia used
Dr. Juan Pablo Calderon Garcia
2a av. sur #61-B Tels: 7832-3624, 5732-4808
Appointment or walk-in. English, French, Spanish spoken
Mon-Fri:8am-lpm&2:30-6pm Sat:9am-1pm y


Modem SIte-of-he-Anrtfaciliy with most advaitnced technologies
and the beit ipef iaims together
D ra ictormu Recinos de Molina Dr. Luu Bonilla
Alf", 6 Pediamn and CoinTeuc DenLmaly Prosthodontiic' & Dental ImpLants Surgeon
SLSAC - UB Barcclona Spaln USAC - I AB Chile
Dr. Mdrio de Le6na - p an
Orthodontist -Onhodon
USAC - CESO Mtxico -hour arm whicening
-Pediutric Denrrisny
Ensh - Spoken - Mcnd Frei Crowns
Sta caHe ponlcte 28, LA Anttgua Guatlemla. I TeL 78327945 - 50966941 I lulbriaoldeut com I www.soldencom

I've never seen a smiling face that Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
was not beautiful. -author unknown -Confucius


OPERATING ROOM, CLINICS Anterior Segment, Cataract
& OPTICAL INFIRMARY and Refractive Surgeon
Dra. Dalia de Golcher
Specialized Aesthetic-function Rea, I .ieo. s &
Ophthalmologists Aesthetic Aedicine Sur-geon
a gsts 4a av. sur final #1
E.� Telfax: 7832-6554
V VEnglish Spoken vAdults & Children www.centrovisualgyg.com

VOpen: Monday - Saturday Sam - 7pm
v'Ophthalmologic Exam: Sam - lpm
'Optometric Exam: 1pm - 7pm

revuemag.com <(43

San Gregorio Hotel & Spa, ubicado a pocos minutes de la Ciudad de Guatemala,
es un lugar de desconso y cuidado personal para adults donde a travhs de la hidroterapia,
masojes y alia cocina logromos una atmosfera out6nticamente relajaonte que incite
a redescubrir la paz interior que se ha relegado con el estr6s cotidiano.

Visitenos en:
Km.30 Corretera a Santa Elena Barillas. Guatemala
www.sangregoriospo.com * songregoriospo@gmail.com
Tels.: 6634-3666 / 6641-9077

God's Child Project cont.from page 18
someone else's care.
There was a lot of concern over where
this hugely popular and unique little boy-
the cheeky chappy who had become the res-
ident smile of the second floor-would end
up, possibly an institution. When Jose left
the Casa Jackson six months later, however,
weighing a healthy 25 pounds, it was to join
the family of the staff nutritionist who had
offered to take on the responsibility of fos-
tering him. He is now thriving in a loving
and stable home.

Although Casa Jackson itself is relatively
new, having opened in 2008, its parent or-
ganization, the GOD'S CHILD Project,
celebrated its 20th birthday last month.
Founded in June 1991 by international
educator and human rights leader Patrick At-

kinson, it has grown exponentially over the
past two decades. The GOD'S CHILD Proj-
ect now operates various programs, including
the Dreamer Center School, the Scheel Cen-
ter Dental Clinic, Santa Madre Homeless
Shelter, an anti-human trafficking depart-
ment (ITEMP) and Atkinson Clinics.

Providing services in several countries,
the GOD'S CHILD Project cares for and
educates 5,000 orphaned, abandoned and
poverty-stricken children, and nearly 8,700
widowed, abandoned and single mothers
and their dependents in many of the world's
poorest neighborhoods. 0
To donate, volunteer or for more information,
visit .. or www.casajackson.org
Editor's note: The child's name and some
details have been altered to protect his identity.

44� revuemag.com

I De La

Jorge E. De la Cruz DDS, P.C.
Eastman Dental Center I Univ. of Rochester N.Y.
Implants Laser Bleaching
Cosmetic dentistry Custom dentures
Root canals Crowns and bridges
(502) 7832-0125 (502) 2261-6875
3a avenida norte # 11A Blvrd Los Proceres 18 calle,
La Antigua Guatemala 24-69 zona 10, Torre 1 Of 10-07
LEmpresarial Zona Pradera

EmergencySeri ce f-ro . ga m to 7pem

- W.cet mamor redim tcards

Beauty comes as much from the mind
as from the eye. -Grey Livingston


Beauty is not in the face; beauty is
a light in the heart. -Kahlil Gibran


1 i' I

0 5 � -
16 U


Exeiec a visbl reuto in redes whl sotigfrlatn eif
Vii Our Ski Cete Viie r Skn ene
Dlgoa13 .6.3 . . ..0Ceto . . . .-a a ilaLoaes1 y 13 /Tel 538-58 /ets rmlgc ho al.co

R REUE e ofeceel ostom~sbajoporjemlar arapromci ..rs nei.
revuemrag.com ((45

" Medicine and General Surgery v Clinic Laboratory v Osseous Densitometr,
" Pediatrics v Pharmacy v Computerized Axial T iijr........ ,
" Maternity & Gynecology v Videoendoscopy v Mammography
" Traumatology, Orthopedics & Arthroscopy v Videocolonoscopy v Ambulance Service
" Plastic& Reconstructive Surgery v X-rays 24-hour Emergency Service
" LaparoscopicVideosurgery v Electrocardiogram
" Otorhinolaryngology v Ultrasound Av. de La Recolecci6n #4, La Antigua
v Urology v Electroencephalogram (in front of the bus station) Tels: 7832-0420,
hphpedro@intelnett.com - www.hospitalhermanopedro.net 7832-1197, 7832-1190, Fax: 7832-8752

qao^^ Our goal is to serve our . 1. . . n . . , , . .... .. . ' , , .... .
AESTHETICS - FUNCTION- COMFORT Wireless Internet available for our patients

2a avenida norte #3, La Antigua Guatemala
O A LLE Tel: 7832-0275 - Hours: Mon-Fri 8-12 & 2:30-6:30

A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more
than the metaphysics of books. -Walt Whitman

Dr. Milton Solis, Plastic Surgeon
Breast Enhancement or Reduction
Liposuction / Face Lift
Rhinoplasty / Aesthetic
Surgery in General
Appointments: 5511-4163
Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25-19
Multimedica Of. #1101, Z.15 5
www.doctormiltonsolis.com /

Get a Brighter Smile
in just 30 min. with

46 revuemag.com.

46 > revuemag.com

�Siempre acivo -Lusvin Gonzalez Luleta

Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride
is taking less than you need. -Kahlil Gibran


e.ee *O* LIOI
*e es t. senti *nO b
peymg a. -your senee wi. a..e.. . .

.s. H* HBNS A**HSKE FO OUR * *PA*S *
iB~i^^^^E^^BiorBohotes^con ^basW^^HpffriiTKTflscom e t /cibaWiispo!!?

PEDIATRICIAN Dra. Carmen Leticia HernAndez F.
HernAndez-Pineda (Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, PA., U.S.A.)
English spoken. 24 hour emergency assistance
Mon-Fri 10am-1pm &4pm-7pm Sat9am-1pm
Edificio Broceta 11 calle 1-25, zona 1, Guatemala City
Tels: 2221-2195/96, 5899-4340, 5412-7994 Home: 2434-6647

r Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa N
M .nlll, l. \llulnI k.ll \k..nk llH . nl lll , i. It . .i.li-
in \lhl -' , Rl i .ill, il, . k l l ik i ln i n. pll, kl .nIi , i l
Cryotherapy. (.,' ilik it niiii.n.l..'i Chemical Peeling.
Mon-Fri 10am-2pm & 3pm-7pm, Wed I11 ,,, F ..i 0
l . , ,:,:,I . Tel:5306-5610 3a Calle P. 13 Antigua

Weirr- Di t d a

HOIIstc Health Counselhng *
rmnooe'" emotionall Releose bodio'0rk) '
SFrequvencies o Brillloance . I
4SO2__o^ ROW �ar^**41*"^1" .0

Rodolfo Laparra, M.D.
Hi h Qualit 0 tical Services

Just tell 'em, "lo vi en la revista REVUE"


Major surgeries and all dental specialues.
World-cass medical technology
with genuine compassion.
In Guatemala, Central America

Miami, Florida (305) 797-0540
Antigua Guatemala: (502) 5737-3023
www.GuatemalaMedcalT iael.com ,

revuemag.com ((47

I p Delia Orellana

f | deliaorellana@hotmail.com
Ar NEW Tel: 5029-4970
La Antigua Guatemala


store consentido

Open every day from 8am to 6pm
Sa calle poniente No. 6, La Antigua
Tel: 7832-6533

Organic and natural food
Lactose free products
Gluten free products
Beauty and personal care
Ecological products
And more...

Also in Guatemala City:
Diagonal 6 16-23, zona 10, Comercial La Villa
Locales 2 y 3 Tels: 2363-1819, 2363-1827

Carretera al Salvador, km 15V2, Condado Concepcion
Fase I, local #21 Tel: 6634-7077

Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm

r ..- - -
^r f 6. 44i. .

a ,, . d Its- -I1& i L u 1 'nr
Sp El Oi
al e0. la Candela n e
Calle deo los Nzarensi F l n us losCarplle do a Rder.
LTos F , C pae one
Chrll eistia n L ni IF -a I

S Ep i la caloente Abnde do dei d l Gravileas

S Local nis 1 ingo
3a a- Cale de los Carros -
do DSW LT Us "'

C~ale t su o c l Calen Jn'one i

Ma Sono Eed -b
CainaU p9a f Caln yJOB anta f'l4

? Christian cs
N-ft Spanish 'S. l
Academy hB- a1 ae

AN Sv1 Sopn ems e

Spitters, Scratchers & Snappers
Pet Q's & A's by Cynthia Burski, DVM


Ic tt ,' l l b ,,l,'Jl i f ,J i "j , . i I'.1 , 1 T r .. t | ] T , - .
S. l .ii E li. e HjiiJii.ji[

a" caL l

Some people, no matter how old they get, never
lose their beauty - they merely move it from their
faces into their hearts. -Martin Buxhaum
( Just tell 'em, "lo vi en la revista REVUE"
50)) revuemag.com

ni llmet11[ ali ""1I'al Is-- alI
Bl O] liftfllTI~l H-TeratMre
aI vnWSir ' Bg S I

S I hair
. ( design
North American stylists
Cut & Color Experts
6ian ' icf cda riti er3"4
La 4Anfioua TO 4937- 044

Question: My 3 year old cat, Raymond,
hates riding in his carrier. He hides when
he sees it and struggles when I try to get
him into it. Is there a way to help him
overcome his fear?

Answer: First of all, get a new hard carrier
that can be easily taken apart. Put a soft
towel at the bottom of it (without the top
or door) and place it in a room where he
spends a lot of time. Put some of his fa-
vorite treats and toys in it, too. After he's
comfortable spending time in it, secure
the top, minus the door, to the bottom.
Continue to feed and play with him in
the carrier. Reward him whenever you see
him inside the carrier.
Next, reassemble the carrier with the
door in place. Leave the door open and
again persuade him to go into the carrier
using treats and toys. Gradually increase
the criteria until you can close the door,
pick up the carrier and carry it a short
distance while he is in it. If he shows any
signs of stress or fear, you are proceeding
too quickly and need to backtrack to whe-
re he is comfortable and then proceed
more slowly. Keep the carrier where it is
accessible to Raymond, so that it becomes
a permanent part of his world.

Why try to be someone you're not? Life is hard
enough without adding impersonation to the
skills required. -Robert Brault
Print. Web. PDF. Flashpaper. Facebook.

Serv e ices (Shoping ((ANTIGUA

You were born an original.
Don't die a copy. -John Mason

To be natural is such a very difficult
pose to keep up. -Oscar Wilde

^^^^^^^^^^W~Fine textiie

B~gl~ae~o & Home Decor^

kjse Best tours Best Bikes Best price nm
CA1oU^ Also Motorcycle lessons
Gieal rood

Find us at lba (alle itente 14

Q Ponga un banner en www.revuemag.com por Q100 adicionales por mes.
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ANT Sv1 Sho eing

Mega entregas

Mensaerfa econ6mica y dinSmica

We bring it to your doorstep

One-time or monthly schedule

Personal or commercial plans available

Let us get it for you!
Economic Messenger Service

� Urgent Errands
� Large & Small Freight
� Grocery Shopping
� Documents
� Bill Paying
� Special Delivery
� Reliable, Secure, Bonded

Tel 23 3-45 ,&, 51_82,5II-8,I97,8
E� i',,,,-ff n'Wt,,,,-cF ySt
mtWr K [w'mga neg s ,m g [ 14l

Itsa Cthiob

Originality is a byproduct of sincerity.
-Marianne Moore
52)) revuemag.com

- '-piTAL @ Tels: 7832-5973
V..U � ss5502-3303
L| .1JInO&ieanl e Mon-Sat
AVANDERIA 7:30am-6:30pm
WAUNDRY 3 Locations Sun. 8am-4pm
La Antigua: 6a av. norte #3-B, across from Personajes
* Jocotenango: Centro Comercial Lolita, Loc. 2-C
* road to Ciudad Vieia: Centro Comercial El Panorama Lc. 7

From Couches to Fine Rugs
Draperies to Chairs
Pamela andDavid


Serv e ices (Shoping ((ANTIGUA

coffee cupping and lasrng. mountain
L **"'1- I . , ,r, ...I , , i_, ,,, rl . l ,,,,J ,r,,,,.

San e.I 11.e . .... La Ani :ua G: I.1.emaI C ...
San �el-pe de leSuz La Antigua Guatemalh C A.


revuemag.com ((53

ANT Sv1 Sopn g

"Be yourself" is about the worst advice Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
you can give some people. -Tom Masson -Confucius

m pc's - m acs SO i
laptops - desktops -tablets,
you name it, we de!Iver!

Club Ecuestre La Ronda
* Show Jumping
* Eventing
* Pony Club
* Natural Horsemanship
Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango
Tels: 5482-6323, 7831-1120

(Q High Circulation / Low price-per-unit

54� revuemag.com

Q looking for help
with your computer?

we can ie 1 p you!

save yourself the hassle of bringing us your stuff,
we go to your place... just contact us at:
| compusorutlonsgstemala@magnll.com ) (502) 47820046

Libreria - Bookstore
Latest Titles * Books on C.A. & Mexico
+ Large selection of Maps & Art
* Spanish Textbooks
5a av norte #4, Antigua
-r.Pntral Park TeIFay- 7R'9-T?99



Jaim i ofbe

MId3 to If ida 5-

000 40


A taste of Mediterranean

IN TOWN p . ...

4 Calle Oriene 31.
LAnquA GAemala Cf-Restaiajrte

Tels: 7832-1033, 7832-059
4a calle oriented #10, Casa Antigua El Jaulon, 2nd floor

56)) revuemag.com

New administration
Chef Antonio Morabito
6a av. norte #17, La Antigua Tel: 7832-2027

Dining ((ANTIGUA


hI. D

la m a bu
ever tu 0.
at 5:0p

deli & garden restaurant

Open D, il lOam-lOpm 3a avenida norte #11-B, La Antigua Tel: 7832-5545

revuemag.com ((57

* (J1af 1andhrnw

SJ "A Restaurant
for You, with a
-i- Family Atmosphere"
Traditional Recipes with Family Atmosphere"
Authentic Antiguan Flavor Reservations &
Special Events: Tel: 7832-1249

As a child my family's menu consisted of two
choices: take it or leave it. -Buddy Hackett

Fresh Seafood
American Cuts
National &' Imforted
Wines & Seers

G oo ira guaernatemlca gournret J 1

Talk doesn't cook rice. -Chinese Proverb

Those who forget the pasta are condemned
to reheat it. -author unknown

7a a' ntrt, #fl Antigua
Tl 5206-2298. 7842-8459.

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest
carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.
-Jim Davis

Share a Meal with a Local Guatemala Family Revue Online
Antigiefo SpanishAcademy i .. Business Directory
lacalleponiente#10 LaAnrigua B
Tels: 7832-7241.441b-6998 ;B R E A,, I 'l1 dodging, Dining, Ser\i., , I !.. 1h , travel, etc
mail,,spanisha(ademyantiguena.( om
www.spanishacademyantiguena.com http://REVUEmag.com/ flM

Q REVUE welcomes your feedback and comments at ) www.revuemag.com
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AN^mTIGUA)) Dining^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((59


El Sabor
G-'�~> del -?
En la esquina mrns popular de Antigua

Variety of special
Guatemalan Coffees
Calle del Arco y 3a. Calle esquina
Tel. (502) 7832-0516 * La Antigua Guatemala

Incidents of Travel byEric Mencher



and Matt (r) meet up after 35 years (

Y ears ago in the infancy of my pho-
tojournalism career, after I com-
plained yet one more time about a
dropped credit line under one of my artful,
award-winning photos (or so I had naively
thought), an editor once told me that only
mothers and other journalists read credit
lines and mastheads. I can't vouch for the
mother part, but I'll bet my Leica that cred-
it gazing is still a habit among journalists.

So I was sitting on my hotel balcony in San
Marcos La Laguna, thumbing through the
first few pages of the Revue Magazine, and
even the three majestic volcanoes across
Lake Atitlin couldn't distract me from the
editor's name.

Could there be more than one journalist
in the world named Matt Bokor? The same
Matt Bokor who was the editor of The Ora-
cle, the student newspaper at the University
of South Florida in Tampa where I got my
start as a photojournalist? The same Matt
Bokor who had put up with my sort of
60)) revuemag.com

sophomoric rants about the lack of respect
in the world for photography? If it were the
same dude, would he even want to hear
from me after 35 years?

For once I actually appreciated the ease of
finding old friends on Facebook, because
two months later, there I stood with Matt
(and my lovely wife Kass), sipping free
drinks in La Antigua Guatemala at Oce-
lot's first-anniversary party (journalists like
free drinks almost as much we like looking
at credits), talking about old times, old girl-
friends and much, much more.

Even after 35 years, I felt an immediate
connection with Matt, and didn't even
consider reviving my old mantra of "you
ran my picture too small and you didn't
even publish my credit!" 0
After The Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg
Times, Eric Mencher spent more than 20 years
with The Philadelphia Inquirer before starting
his own freelance photography business. Visit
www. ericmencher. com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

Ubi's Susr
comida oriental

Tel: 7832-2767
6a av. sur #12B-2,
La Antigua Guatemala

revuemag.com ((61

Musician Profile byMattBokor


Like thousands of his New Orleans
neighbors, blues piano player and
singer Nelson Lunding was uprooted
by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
"There was eight feet of water in the street,
three feet of water in the house, cars were un-
derwater... my neighborhood didn't exist,"
Lunding recalls. "People became insane, an-
gry, heartbroken-including myself."
After more than a decade of performing
in New Orleans with some off seasons in
San Francisco, Lunding watched helplessly
as the remnants of his life "turned to cheese"
amid mold and mud.
With nothing to lose, Lunding accepted
an invitation from a Mexican guitarist-
friend to perform in beachfront Playa del
Carmen, just south of Cancdn.
"I came down and realized I could travel

and make my way as a musician. I used the
Yucatin as a springboard to get down here,"
says Lunding, 38, who started on the piano
at age 6 in his hometown of Yonkers, N.Y.
By 2009, Lunding was playing a cir-
cuit that included Playa del Carmen,
Oaxaca and Lake Atitlin, which led to
La Antigua and introductions to John, of
Caf6 No Sd, and Bruce, of Mes6n Panza
Verde. "They really opened doors for me
and put me to work."
Lunding is now a fixture at La Cueva de
Panza Verde, Caf6 No Se, Ocelot and Reil-
ly's 2000, with occasional gigs elsewhere.
He has a CD of his piano music recorded
live on an 1890s Steinway piano.
In the case of this musical talent, New Or-
leans' loss is Antigua's gain. "I've been here 15
months, and I like it," Lunding says. lit

62)) revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((63



Valle deAlmolonga -Lusvin GonzAlezZuleta (flickr.com/photos/lusvingonzalez)
64� revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((65

oed Dr OM ila th

They are sweet, spiny and flaming red,
rushing into your local markets by
the dozens. Red dragons-in fruit
form-are in season.
Pitaya (dragon fruit) is common
throughout Mexico and Central and South
America, but is more popular in consump-
tion in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and
China). The fruit looks like a prehistoric
orb, a painted artichoke, if you will.

Dragon fruit comes in a variety of colors
(outside and in), but the most common va-
riety in Guatemala is the red dragon fruit,
so named for its magenta skin and creamy,
red fruit inside.

Whether from Latin America or Asia, all
dragon fruit is eaten the same way: Cut
66)) revuemag.com

open the fruit and spoon out the soft cent-
er, which is dotted with tiny, edible black
seeds. Dragon fruit may be consumed raw,
added to fresh lemonade for a natural pink
look, or processed into frozen yogurt and
ice cream treats.

Selecting pitaya at the market is easy, just
look for the biggest, reddest fruit and you've
found your dragon. 0

Here's a refreshing cocktail for your next party:

mudle wih pnh lf ugr
S p l a s w it h g i n g e al e1

Antigua's Grupo Sol Latino, Andean Music (Pan Flutes) Wed - Sun
Carlos Trujillo Mondays: Latin Guitar, Jazz /Salsa, Bill on Congas
Ramiro Tuesdays: Trova-Cubana (also Sunday Noon)

Fabulous Food and Famous Desserts in our Beautiful Garden

5a calle poniente #15-C, La Antigua Tel: 7882-4468 FREE WI-FI
lapenaantiguagmail.com www.lapenaantigua.com

1 Iv I MIIi Irt" r


Food Festival in July

2nd Annual Sacatepdquez Festival Gastrondmico

C ulinary fiends beware! Prepare
your taste buds and tummy for a
feasting, as July 17 is La Antigua
Guatemala's annual Festival Gastron6mico
in celebration of its patron saint, Santiago
Ap6stol (St. James the Apostle).
The event, which runs from 10:30 a.m.
to approximately 4 p.m., takes place at The
Cultural Center CUsar Branias on 5a calle
with some 85 food stands serving a variety
of regional cuisine.
From mole to chinchivir, the festival
aims to promote the region's local dishes
and revive some of its oldest recipes.
As well as tasty platters available from
families and individual cooks in Antigua
and surrounding villages, local school-
68)) revuemag.com

children will also be cooking some of their
favorite meals.
With prizes for the best dishes judged by
professional chefs, the competition is set to
be sizzling.
The food selling and sampling will be ac-
companied by marimba music, and whether
you want to get involved in the cooking side
or just the tasting side, admission to the
event is free.
El Festival Gastron6mico is supported by
La Muni de Antigua, CAT, INGUAT and
INTECAP and will take place alongside the
city's half marathon, Carrera de la Rosas.
For more information please contact
Johana de Contreras at 5327-4761 or email:
catsacatepequez@yahoo.com o

Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((69


a/ Luisa




FreIli Brerl & Rolls )ail'
\\hole \\heat. Raisin. Rye.
All-irain. Potato & 1Onion
-Banana Bread & C(ookies

Home-cookedl .'leul i
Great Breakfasts
Sand\\ iches & Buriers
Soups & Salads
Stuffed Potatoes
Delicious Pies & Cakes
D ail\ ' (1.1. to , '' 1i:L 3(
4-a cal le oriente No 12
Tel 7832-25iS
La A.ntlutla GIaMtemiala
dl\l)an,,I'l',_1 m ll coin

Machinery alone doesn't
produce a great cup of coffee
Owning a piano doesn't make you a
musician. Using expensive cookware
doesn't mean you're a chef. And from Jim
Mclean's perspective, operating an espresso
machine doesn't qualify you as a barista.
"It's amazing the number of machines
in Antigua-it's the training to use it that's
critical," says Mclean, owner of the Refuge
Coffee Bar in La Antigua Guatemala.
Originally from southern Alabama,
Mclean started his barista career in Kansas
City in 2002. "From there, I was hungry to
learn," so he prevailed upon his boss to let
him attend a coffee conference and training
in Portland, Oregon.
Training in Los Angeles and Atlanta fol-
lowed. Mclean and his wife took a road trip
from Seattle (birthplace of Starbucks) to
Portland and another throughout California,
solely to check out cafes. "I like to go into
cafes, try their drinks and rate and analyze."
In addition to sheer enjoyment of coffee,
Mclean is hooked on the cozy, caf6 setting:
"It's the idea of a third space between work
and home where you can go. I'd rather be
out and about than sitting in my house."
Although he had considered opening
a caf6 in Kansas City, a holiday trip to his
wife's home country of Guatemala persuaded
him otherwise. In February 2010, the Refuge
opened at 6 calle oriented #10a. "We felt like
this was the place to start it." 3

70� revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

^^^^^^^^^^^^^*awihome cooking
^^^^^L^^^^^^^^^in a4stylishMjl~i^

^^^^^jazzy atmosphere

It's bizarre that the produce manager The most remarkable thing about my mother
is more important to my children's health is that for thirty years she served the family
than the pediatrician. nothing but leftovers. The original meal has
-Meryl Streep never been found. -Calvin Trillin

revuemag.com ((71

by Elizabeth Bell

Why does

La Antigua


St. James' Day?

The tradition dates to 1543 when
the conquistadors named the com-
munity Santiago de Guatemala
(St. James of Guatemala) after the apostle
who was the conquerors' patron saint and
is the patron saint of Spain today. His feast
day is July 25.
Celebrations in what is now La Antigua
Guatemala have been exciting over the cen-
turies, but the fiesta has come to life in re-
cent years with events throughout July!

As late as the early 1980s, celebrations in-
cluded a July 25th Mass at the Cathedral of
St. Joseph with a small procession headed
by the mayor of Antigua, a marimba (and
sometimes disco) concert in Central Park
and a school parade. Through our efforts,
we created a "Semana de Santiago," which
has grown into a month-long celebration
with the participation of just about every
cultural, educational and sports group in
town. Alas, time for a fiesta!
72)) revuemag.com

Although celebrations begin early in July,
the big day is July 25. Highlights include a
7 a.m. Mass at the cathedral, followed by the
8 a.m. school parade, which this year focuses
on "Yo Vivo Mi Ciudad," Antigua's program
of cultural identity, manners and customs.
This magnificent show of schoolchildren and
bands parades throughout the streets of Anti-
gua, finishing up at 12:30 p.m.

At 4 p.m. the marimba concert in Central
Park showcases seven marimbas from all
over the country, followed by the 7 p.m.
concerts with a wide range of music. Don't
forget the fireworks!

Banks and many businesses will be closed
on July 25 so plan accordingly.
For more information contact public
relations at City Hall (Sergio Ortiz is very
helpful) or visit www.munideantigua.com.
See you at Central Park! 4

I take a vitamin every day. It's called a steak.
-Leo Benvenuti

Tel: 7832-1784 '
5a calle poniente No. 8
(Closed on Wed). Hotel

Cookies, Etc.
18 Varieties of Cookies
Fine Pastries
Breakfast & Cafeteria Service
Cakes made to order
Free Coffee Refills
Open Daily from 7am-7pm
Corner 3a av. & 4a calle T:7832-7652

revuemag.com ((73

Dining ((ANTIGUA

telAver yj32-s�5"
S'J AV'E Ntf 3E Mt. 601.W Pi�idnU -A L4L 3.
e*trara per strta cOu< P4n.wm). Ai-tigiO Ceufrrla

Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy.
-author unknown

I would like to find a stew that will give me Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense
heartburn immediately, instead of at three of purpose when unaccompanied by a good
o'clock in the morning. -John Barrymore cut of meat. -Fran Lebowitz

www pizz3dechristophe o GOUR tFWEm.ET-
Calle Ancha #27, La Antigua Tel: 7832-2732

chocolate org6nico
de Guatemala

AW.saberico.con .g9
6a. A- Sur *7 Ar-mgu G- Kalo
l.. 7832J4lB


ak House
Salad Bar
tine Aflusi
very Sunday
.11 ,i-il- 'Ilii, - available

Palo de Pito cont. from page20
related trees. While university and govern-
ment websites provide technical information,
other sites tend to make non-proven claims,
for instance, on subjects including the hal-
lucinogenic and aphrodisiac properties of the
palo de pito.

Scientific name: Raphael Girard is one of
the early users of Erythrina codallodeIdueo, as
the scientific name for palo de pito. All sub-
sequent translators of the Popol Vuh have
used Erythrina coIdIlode:IuIou, seemingly not
checking with botanists. Today botanists use
the name Erythrina berteroana for the species
in Guatemala. Erythrinapoeppigiana is prima-
rily in South America. Erythrina herteroana is
one species mentioned in Chiapas, Mexico.
One goal of the FLAAR research on plants
and animals of the Mayan world is to suggest
which topics are good for thesis or disserta-
tion research. The palo de pito is definitely
an interesting tree. I hope this article and our
website, www.maya-archaeology.org are an
inspiration to students for thesis topics. 0
You can contact Dr. Hellmuth at frontdesk@
flaar.org or FLAAR (Foundation for Latin
American Anthropological Research) at reader-
service@flaar. org

7.A Fr ENTuE--mr

74)) revuemag.com

AN^mTIGUA)) Dining^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Dining ((ANTIGUA

~a ~uc~vITh be~ to~ iIv~quh~I

^ Vivero
*.,,delaY Ce.
L calonic
5a avenida sur final #36C, La Antigua
Tel: 7832-7074 Fax: 7832-6997
la_escalonia@hotmail.com wvw.laescalonia.com

Excellent "Tipica" Meals
Buffet-style Breakfast,
Lunch and Dinner.
"If you haven't eaten at La
Cuevita de los Urquizx, its like
you haven't been to Antigua."
2a calle oriented #9-D, La Antigua
Tels. 7832-2495, 5656-6157
revuemag.com ((75

y^^- fF '1
" *^i-i* 'A. ^^^^^^&
^- '^^TW� ^^fi"-'
^^^" ^' wiy '
""* - -- *"'r - ;^.^
. - - '.-. <- .-(\1 * ^J

From the garden-like entryway to its corridors echoing running
water, the Ceiba Porta Spa is a sanctuary like no other in La Anti-
gua Guatemala. Inspired by colonial architecture, combined with
elements of contemporary design, this world-class spa is located
inside the beautiful, award-winning Porta Hotel.
"Ceiba will quickly be the market leader in Guatemala and set
the standard for spas in the country. The concept, design, service
standards and product line all combine to make a world-class
spa, something that Guatemala has not seen before" said Spatal-
ity CEO, Ingo Schweder.
Toni Casper, former owner of Your Private Adobe Spa in Al-
buquerque, New Mexico (U.S.) was pleasantly surprised by her
experience at the Ceiba:"So many spas are really just beauty
salons with massage tables. The Ceiba truly offers a first-rate spa
experience." The facility boasts five treatment suites, men's and
women's locker areas with steam rooms and infrared saunas, a
couple's suite with a Jacuzzi, a salon and nail studio, a co-ed re-
laxation lounge, a unique outdoor Temazcal, plus a Reflexology
pathway to the treatment patio.
Some of the spa's signature services include the Jade Stone
Facial, Aromatic Spice Body Scrub, Stone Hearth Herbal Wrap,
Hunabku Balancing Massage, the Arbol de la Vida (Tree of Life)
Signature Ritual and the Temazcal Ritual. Yoga classes led by ex-
perienced instructors are also offered.
The spa and salon present innovative and nature-inspired
Comfort Zone products for facials, as well as Davines products
for hair care, all of which combine high-grade natural ingredi-
ents with scientific rigor.

Contact information: Ceiba Porta Spa, Interior, Porta Hotel Antigua,
8a calle poniente #1, tel: +(502) 7931-0600, ceibaspa@portahotel.com


(alle del Espiritu Santo u69. La Antigua
Tel 15021 7832-9348 -- Fax 7832-9358
t fronldesk..,(asamadeleine (or
S /toff / l awww (casamadeleine com
-Boutique Hiotel 4 Spa

Casa M adeleine i,'li ,1 . ,i il . -i lii i i li t Hi i1,k1i 1. Si , iii l l Aiin ijij,li ,iiilliil
ii\t 16 Beautifully decorated and furnished rooms
Casa Madeleine ,ters,i ,paip,:rinj~ array i it .[,pa rvi, ,: Whirpu l Sat-,ii
tnii. , M, i .,a,] [Il-r.fpy Fa il , l'. [i- h rapy ,rill III I.i 1 [I jrI

E i pos ad w

Three Luxury Suites
Gourmet Breakfast
Cable TV - Mini Bar
Lap Pool

The biggest liar in the world is They Say. Trying to squash a rumor is like trying
-Douglas Malloch to unringa bell. -Shana Alexander
IIAL RATES ol . .u.- . ,r.- ,,ni ...
BED & BREAKFAST Bjylmagkad
mno fta dAnluo
(allej6n del Hermano Pedro #2 nihtSinpVWyfldam t
La Antigua Guatemala . Single. S530
CONCEPClIN 7832 0360 : Single for two-S 38
* Triple 568
Reservations: Antigua Tours by Elizabelh Bell Private bath and hot
7832 5821,7832 20.16 offl(e hours) water. 1 2 blk from park
www.holel(asdon(ep(on (om 5. 3v aiUr #8 La Antigua
_ Tel 1832 0581
bsinventur3 ..yahoo (om ms

i ' , r ... i r- 3, i.u r ,,ia r i The Finest Family Hotelin Antigua
t Breakiast Service * Wireless Internet � Cable TV
0 IU Single, Double & Triple Rooms * Private Parking
A\Luror ra Resy lels S5,o2i,7832S5155 7832796s5 78327966 TelF. a i, 2,7832, 21
- ' .Ja (alleorienle lto haurora.-'conelon (om gil www holelauroraanligua (om

revuemag.com ((77

ANTIGUA)) Lodging

locks from Central Park

21 Equipped Rooms by the Day, Week
or Month. Cable TV, Safety Box, Mini-Bar.
Tels: (502) 5201-7468, 7832-1020, 7832-0937
V1 avenida norte 5-A, La Antigua Guatemala
info@hotelpanchoy.com ~ hotelpanchoy.youplanet.com

A Thomaas Lanizothe original

Private rooms, double rooms, A 5a calle poniente #42
shared rooms, kitchen, cableTV, Callej6n Landivar,
familyatmosphere, free Wi-Fi, 'i La Antigua
DVD, hot water, laundry, I J L7832-5515
breakfast, purified water �L
raulcruzval@yahoo.com www.placetostayhotel.com

I am told to just be myself, but as much as I have
practiced the impression, I am still no good at it.
-Robert Brault


78)) revuemag.com

-. --- ., *( lean & (omforlablerooms
'M11111 1 *Privatebalh hot waler
~L~~~. * \ Shared WIchen
- -. o block from Cenlral Parl,
H E I Wireless Internel for laplops
laav.norte# 22-A TelFax.i502) 7832-2549
inlo.-'lacasademaco.com www.lacasademaco.com


I look at it this way. I'm not an eavesdropper;
I have an attention surplus disorder.
-Robert Brault

ExcelKntr s &for grous & #fa5iles
We offer exclusive golf packages at La Reuni6n Golf Resort
Tel: (502) 7832 1118 Calle de Los Duelos #4, La Antigua
info@hotellacasadedonpedro.com www.hotellacasadedonpedro.com

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B E D & B R E A K F A S T

The perfect combination of location,
comfort and elegance.

5a avenida norte #23, La Antigua Tel: (502) 7832-0712 thecloister@gmail.com

Tierra bendita -Lusvin GonzAlez Zuleta (flickr.com/photos/lusvingonzalez)
80) revuemag.com


F.:-..,. " I..: r �na[-_

7a av. sur #3 La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1223
latatuana@hotmail.com www. atatuar

privaleba3th hot aler (3ablelV
heeWl FI l3undry sharedlIt(hen,
bag storage gardens 3 lerra(es
6a av. note #8, La Antigua (1 block from central park) T: 7832-3709
casarusticaqt@hotmail.com www.casarusticaqt.com

We have 57 Comfortable Rooms
Banquet Halls for Special Events
3a calleoriente ro 3 Antigua Guatemala
Int|o.. hotelposadahermanopedro (omr
Tels: 7832-2140. 7832-2089

0 High Circulation / Low price-per-unit

revuemag.com <<81

Poiada 'A p acea eoryou
.I iI tiaUfW to feel at home."
11 Comfortable Rooms w/ fireplace, private bath, TV.
I Suite w/jacuzzi, fireplace, volcano view.
Restaurant, Terrace, Internet, Parking, Special Rates
6a av. norte #36, Antigua TelFax: 7832-7351,
7832-0134 www.posadaelantano.com

ANTIGUA)) Lodging

* Nar San Sebasnian Park * Pri..ate b,:rh
- D . R n . R-',nis nC.n. n i R..n - P kii.
Av E. DiE.GAN , t,26 (50217832,23117832-7 316
- ,1.1s - 'u~ul ' , ruKr i , ,r 1 *.,r,. . . ..[,; l. j ,,-I. i ui-rs i . ..


Fully equipped and lurnished Secuity
(able Iv P3rling Terrace vol(ano views
5 blo(Ils from Aniqgua s (enlral parl.
Tels: 5212-8540, 5016-3664, 5214-5305

Cozy Rooms wilh Privait Bath
Lovfely Garden
- Excellnt Sev. Ice
' Call Iede Lo
Tel 7832. 215 hostlit
Fa\. 7832-9751 ww w hosi

2 puntos y pixeles
U 0 creatividad simplemente efectiva
0 4569.4419 I" www.puntosypixeles.net
i.I *i= IM

S Le lnniavIo$ la$ $olucione$ y fepue$+a$:
&-u6 son 1I5 redea Ociale5?,
| XC6ro crear uha "fapae" efeciva eh tacebook?,
i 6Coro incremehentar SuS diehtes potfencales y
ve-nfas?, Co6v o crear la presencia correct
l** de la nocke a la aRana?, C6mo "forfalecer
las relaciones con los clie'ees?

82)) revuemag.com


revuemag.com ((83

ANTIGUA)) Lodging


ALQUILE poi ifi�rf an.
* * "..,y.. podrSea aflo. -
". - - * - - , .-p; . " "p * ..-" - " ,.-p
� .".eniT ki inidades * Ta VETA
*a ones, comunicarse a los telifonos
.(5o) 222.-5555 y (502) 2387-3838,

CASAu Comfort and Quality Service Casa Ovalle
BED & BREAKFAST Chipilapa,
2a av norte No. 3 (2 blks from Central Park) & a private and
S7a calle final & Calle de Chipilapa No. 17 comfortably
AT 1111 LaAntigua Guatemala furnished house
( V A LLJ Reservations: (502) 7832-3031, Telfax: 7832-0275 jur house
B & BREAKAST hotelcasaovalle.com ~ casaovalle(a)yahoo.com justjoryou!

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.
-David Carradine

He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon
whittle himself away. -Raymond Hull

S Cas Pinio
6a calle poniente #37, La Antigua
Tels: 7832-3872,7832-3671

84> revuemag.com


Reservations at (502) 7873-7000
- .. C.llc P,-,nicntr 33B. L.i Ant, guL.c . uL..t- Em ..1l..3
caminorealantigua.com . .

revuemag.com ((as85

ReliefMap is a 3-D wonder in the capital

Once upon a time a man made a
map. Accompanied by a donkey,
he traveled around Guatemala,
took measurements of the country and then
returned to the capital to scale up.
That man was engineer Francisco Vela,
and with the help of his assistant, Clau-
dio Urrutia, in 1905 he designed a three-
dimensional cement map-the only one of
its kind in the entire world. Drawn almost
perfectly to scale (in relation to the original
geography of the country) the Relief Map is
an exact reproduction of Guatemala.
It features volcanoes, mountains, towns,
roads, ports and rivers-one of which even
boasts running water. With the country's
borders clearly marked and both the Pacific
and Caribbean shown in blue, the model
also incorporates Belize-since the Carib-
bean nation once belonged to Guatemala.
In recent years a number of petrol towers
86)) revuemag.com

have also been added to the map to ensure
it keeps up to date with the country's de-
Located in Minerva Park in Guatemala
City's zone 2, the Relief Map is hugely pa-
triotic, paying homage to Guatemala and its
culture in a multitude of ways. The concrete
railing around the perimeter of the model
is intricately designed with six medallions,
each displaying a different symbol of Gua-
temala, from its national bird (the quetzal)
to its national tree (the ceiba).
Even the small forest that surrounds the
attraction consists of more than 100 hor-
migo trees, the wood of which is used in the
construction of the marimba-Guatemala's
national musical instrument. Known as the
"Sonorous Forest," the trees were planted to
commemorate the country's marimba players
and composers, many of whom are named
on plaques within the forest.


r n , � . � . =A

L 4
Side view of Vela's Relief Map shows the actual elevations of the entire country. An observation booth
can be seen on the left. The small forest surrounding the attraction consists of over 100 hormigo trees,
the wood of which is used in the construction of the marimba-Guatemala's national musical instrument.

From the two observation towers posi-
tioned on either side of Vela's creation, you
can appreciate the diverse geographical re-
ality of Guatemala. The complex level of
detail is not only apparent in the naming
of the country's 22 departments, but also
in the hundreds of smaller pueblos that are
represented. The exact pinpointing of the
country's altitude, latitude and longitude
along with the accuracy of the model-
1:10,000km horizontal and 1:2,000km ver-
tical-is an astonishing act of engineering
that allows you to gain a bird's-eye view of
the country.
Having been praised as one of the "Won-
ders of Guatemala," the 1,800-square-foot

structure is a popular attraction in the cap-
ital. As you enter the site you are greeted
with a monument showing the engineers
measuring landscapes with a manually op-
erated theodolite.
This unique open-air exhibition is now
considered national heritage due to its ar-
tistic and historical value. Upon leaving you
will be wondering how on earth Francisco
Vela could have achieved such a feat with-
out a computer. His creation, Guatemala
City's Relief Map, is a 3-D spectacular and
is, hands down, the country's foremost top-
ographical guide. 4o

Located at Hip6dromo del Norte, zone 2

Monument commemorating the engineers Close-up of map showing labels with information
revuemag.com ((87

Ii-,. .~-1''!

TRAVEL by Blake Nelson

Plenty of entertainment at IRTRA, Xetulul and Xocomil

The first thing you'll notice at the
resort are the peacocks. Male and
female, big and small, it's like No-
ah's Ark hit ground in the Highlands and
covered the place with more birds than Ire-
land has sheep, strutting around like Fred-
die Mercury at Wembley.
A short bus ride out of Quetzaltenango
takes you to IRTRA, a sprawling resort that
stands out like a colony on the moon. The
school I work for paid for a weekend retreat
with the entire faculty, and we enjoyed our
break from students by strolling through
colonial courtyards (with peacocks), bowl-
ing at the private alley (near peacocks), and
playing tennis (they have yet to train pea-
cocks to retrieve your equipment).

There are two major waterslides near the
pools, each slide is accompanied by lifeguards
who don't like it when you go down them at-
tached to three other people. When chastised
for doing just that, I realized that saying No
puedo hablar espanol undermined my case.

More fun lies just a few blocks away in the
form of two theme parks: Xetulul and Xo-
comil. The latter is a water park with all the
bells and whistles: Relax in their lazy river, hit
a few volleyballs and then swirl down a mas-
sive bowl. When waiting at the top of one of
those super-steep speed slides, I suggest wait-
ing for your ride-mates to start first so you
can make all the Star Wars noises you want
while you blast off the top into light speed.

88)) revuemag.com

SF Flights.
Sn Shuttles, Tours
CiOW and Hotels.
Best Service for
PBX: (502) 7931-7878 the Best Price.
7 avenida sur No. 8 Guaranteed!
www.RainbowTravelCenter.com uranteed!

Lax TravelAntigua
p-^- Tels: 7832-1621,7832-2674
3a calle poniente #12 Esquina
You won't find better airfares than ours!!!
lJIvmmasf.fsriMl[W~itriitk~immim^ rl~r

discoverr Guatemala with us... I
" Tours - lilTOURS
* Shuttles .- / 4
* Ecotourism .. . /
* Hikes & Treks ... \
SFlight & Bus Tickets .- ..
* Packages & Itineraries ;

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be
ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked
mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth,
but if you have good thoughts they will shine
out of your face like sunbeams and you will
always look lovely. -Roald Dahl

Anywhere is paradise; it's up to you. The most beautiful view is the one
-William J. Bennett I share with you. -author unknown

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7a Ave 19-44, zona 1 Wug Mgg y INN Renta de Buses, filtimo modelo,
Tels: 2232-3661, 2220-6018 Fax: (502) 2220-4902 dentro y fuera del Pais.
www.transgalgosinter.com A TAPACHULA EN PRIMERA ( I . %,, L ,1 ;**.- , --15058
7:30, 13:30 & 15:00 14:30, 19:30 & 20:00 6:00, 9:30 & 14:30 1:00, 15:30 & 19:30
CUBRIENDO CONEXIONES A: * EL NORTE DE MEXICO * E.E.U.U. * CANADA Via terrestre con: Cristobal Colon, ADO,
Estrella Blanca, Greyhound. Via aerea: Reservacion y venta de Boletos a traves de Exytur. Tel: 2253-9131

TRANSPORTES TURiSTIcos Shuttle Service, Organized Tours,
TAN E Packages and more... 2 4
SAT I N 7832-3371, 7831-0184, 7882-4369 -HOUR
TOUR OPERATOR 6a av. sur #8, La Antigua ASSISTANCE
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. _ ventas@atitrans.net Serving with the Best Quality, Safety and Insurance since 1992

IRTIRA cont.from previous page
Xetulul is divided into several country-
themed sections. Want to admire the Trevi
Fountain? Head to the Italian water ride.
Need carnival games in the Moulin Rouge?
Hang a right at Versailles. Dreamed about
watching a live jaguar prowl the base of a
full-color replica of Tikal's Jaguar Temple?
Done and done.

If you like roller coasters, you've come to the
right place. After strapping in and swing-
ing upside down, you'll wish that you had
waited until afterward for that plateful of

The entrance fees at the theme parks are
reasonable-about $20-and they regularly
offer promotions to different areas of Gua-
temala in the form of Q10 entrances, so be-
friend a local with tickets to spare. IRTRA
itself is a bit pricier (Q500 a night is as cheap
as it gets) but the same offerings would be
considerably more expensive Stateside.

The "real" Guatemala this isn't, but if you
need a break from Spanish school or your
visiting parents aren't quite ready for dormi-
tory hostels, you really will feel like you're
on Noah's Ark-if the ark were a cruise
ship. Grab your board shorts, pack some
sunscreen and enjoy the peacocks. 0

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Deep Sea Fishing
$100 per person
includes round trip from Antigua
TEL: 5709-8697
Deep-sea or Coastal Fishing
and Ocean Safaris
with "Team Parlama" Charter Services
Full Day, Half Day and
by-the-hour Excursions

Rio Dulce Excursions also available:
call 5691-0360

revuemag.com ((91

COMMUNITY UPDATE I Kevin Garcia .Viaventure)


santiago uay view INSET: ine antiago ApostoI Lnurcn aates DaCK TO I 4/

R enovations and initiatives are un-
der way in Santiago Atitlan to en-
ance tourist attractions, historic
landmarks, infrastructure and the overall
image of one of Guatemala's most distinc-
tive communities.
Among the sites are the Santiago Ap6s-
tol Church, one of the oldest churches in
Central America, dating back to 1547, and
Chutinamit, ancient home of the Tz'utujil
whose residents were displaced by mud-
slides from Tropical Storm Agatha in 2010.
Working on the improvements are the
municipality of Santiago Atitlan, CAT (Com-
mittee of Self-Managing Tourism), Prosol
(Canada), Andalucia (Spain), the Peace Corps
(USA) and many others. Projects include:
Floating docks and piers: Two big
docks and a pier are being built.
Visitor center: Including Politur offices,
tourist information, restrooms, displays,

etc. Construction hopefully will be finished
by November 2011.
Playa Piiblica Park: Transforming the
washing area into a public park for the town.
Central Park: Under way by the mu-
Security: 7,000 neighbors participate
monthly in the town's security group. The
Politur office is under way.
House-painting project: 220 houses
facing the lake are being painted; projected
completion by January 2012.

Further work to enhance tourism, involving
guides, artisans, boaters, street transportation
and much more, is also being carried out, as
is work to repair and improve cultural trea-
sures and traditions. Recycling and street-
cleaning projects are under way, too. 4

Visit www. viaventure. com
for more on top destinations.

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Lit Msic
Fri. & Sat.

Stone Cottages, Suites,
Hacienda and Group Dormitori
SGouimrnic Dinn er* Internet
N iLountain BI es* HorsebadI Riding a% ailable
SHeated i mmiing Pool * Sauna * Hot Tub
4 t al, , I,, 1, 1 I : . .. . I1.. I . .i. . \ , ,, I ,
.. .1 1 - ...I I , . .
" ""I . I l ... .. I I, , ,, . . . ,

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b. Antigua - Quiriguad Lake Atitlin
*iiI ti i If -Tikal , RioDulce ..-Chichi
Jaibalito - Lakerront Panaiachel: Calle Santander (nextto Hotel Regis)
RFSTAULRANT JACI77ZZJ62-0146,7762-0152 www.atitrans.net
. ........ . O O L
Il ,,,,, l.....i s .se. . .... www.casa-atitlan.com

.......... a va cation ome
am , Lake Afitl^n
^^^^^Brental inquiries:^
7d drPink|^ @Cpint^og^0

Los ARbolES
1e AH * 1 Luxury Rooms & Apartments with equipped
otel tt n t kitchen. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates.
In theheartof thezona vivaofPana
So// l' /'f' 3a av. 0-42, Zona 2 Panajachel
(i f&'/ (2 ($ar( i/r'llI Tels: 7762-0544,7762-0548
Finca San Buenaventura, Panajachel Solola
Tels: (+502) 7762-2060, 7762-1441 Bungalows - Apartments - Rooms
www.hotelatitlan.com Lake Front - Private Dock
R LNC.5.6A Hot Water - Beautiful Garden
T uo rr i$'ir H..J t II ,,, i.,j .,h OSA Sauna
Ii I i II n, . I MOTEL, RESTAUL.- NTE vwwwatltlanlacasarosa com
SComfortable rooms - Cable TV Santa Cruz La Laguna Tels: 5803-2531, 5416-1251,
S Private bath w/ hot water 4912-4786 lacasarosasantacruz@gmail.com
-i Parking - Laundry
3a av 3-45 Z 2, Calle Santander,
(Panajachel - Tels 7762-2915 /17
J Fax 7762-1117- email necos@itelgua cornm

SAtofupa PEDRO LA GUA falafel

(.i ,ii pita sandwiches Therp '(
burritos lasagna pad thai curryT
gado-gado -vegetarian filet Tues Fr:Free Slsa Lessons,
miso soup. homemade ginger ale French press (olee, Hooka
,_- l' a n llr.l n , r. rl. 1 -, t '-U1 " 1 'rti [. jl. ,jj, i '

You've got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark
in the morning is a chore and you're not smiling things seem to be or actually are, raise your
on a regular basis, try another choice, sights and see possibilities - always see them, for
-Steven D. Woodhull they're always there. -Norman Vincent Peale

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An Oa sV ai:P-
'n i ....an a - -i i ,v

hotel www.primaveraatitlan.com
Understated Elegance
In the heart of Panajachel Calle Santander il
Tel 7762-2052~ Fax 7762-0171 . |

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[ Fonda del Sol
40^ hfondadelsol@yahoo.com
15 Confortables habitaciones
Parqueo * Lavanderfa * Jardfn
Calle Principal 1-74, Z.2Tel: 7762-1162 Panajachel



PHOTO OP byAnnaMorgan (annajmorgan@gmail.com)

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.. .....

SIDE TRIPS by Blake Nelson

A mural on the side wall of the dormitory gives a
short history of the war.

Side view of the main building where you
can stay.



The calm (and coffee) after the storm: Santa Anita La Unidn

Rebels are on the move in Libya,
Egyptians are overhauling their con-
titution and Tunisians unseated a
multi-decade dictator, but reading about it
in Guatemala's relative tranquility makes it
easy to forget that the same turmoil engulfed
Guatemala not long ago. A history of the 36-
year civil war and what has changed since the
1996 Peace Accords has been exhaustively
covered in articles and books. But to receive
first-hand accounts from those who were
there, a few chicken bus rides can put some
faces on the statistics.

A little less than two hours outside of
Quetzaltenango, Santa Anita La Uni6n is
a fair-trade coffee finca and eco-tourism
site founded by a group of 35 ex-guerillas.
98)) revuemag.com

They've transformed land they camped on
during the war into a growing commu-
nity, boasting schoolhouses and basketball
courts. Local women will take you on a hik-
ing tour that offers stunning views, a (very
cold) waterfall and demonstrations on how
to harvest and roast the beans.
One of the main services offered is a con-
ference with an ex-combatant, and we sat
down with a man named Mauricio in the
main room of the dormitory. Our rooms
had originally been home to the guerillas
when they first arrived, and their ghosts
filled the walls as he talked about the state
of the finca today, problems in Guatemala,
and what daily life was like on the run from
the army. We peppered him with questions,
and he gladly answered ...continued on ollowng page