Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Title: [Letter to Harold Colee]
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Title: Letter to Harold Colee
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Crawbuck, Walter S.
Publication Date: 1963
Copyright Date: Public Domain
Physical Location:
Box: 4
Divider: Block 12 Lot 20
Folder: Properties Restored (Others) Museum of Yesterday's Toys - Avero, Rodriguez, Sanchez House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
52 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez House
Toy Museum
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 52 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896151 x -81.313211
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Bibliographic ID: UF00094128
Volume ID: VID00056
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: B12-L20

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Jan. &2, 19tos
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EFCDOito4Leat Sooitet, I thloughL t~Y you E)lka be Cttesated And l vest {Acotton
e-j th~e *(ac~t that 52 Sa, Goe49 Sheetsit is o (rlRo{ ther oddst houseg ~ 44
sit. AUogneto I how~t ItOneeaL Q1LoOL~ thef~ St. AuWgeabbaif)B Re4Coed adsW1
home Sea some~ 90-( Cthe -B1QO ~ twa644OLtyf an~Idr somWhatW knnaemISOte est~st-
whoo~A 464931 ha (Mbashe~d. asot us,
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Gukde ihe ~ C Fto+4As Yo~irQ PCatton. I thr2ich~ LAtoC a cooea and esn~~cottEn
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th~ac~~~t~ 419-0s AE i enty aisaMlt tAk a~d; thQ BIa3tit~b womayon c~an 4 so uenArone
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at~ aen sayWrvatns {~Ee weS Yeet ra a~e rsvs mov aoatanvt ran a; numbesr~r o
;Uhose otbascAt~onro fitd,
Whoms Asc S~t. &Quo~thctn goirng~ to *ciiQowacs ~es t Wls~~e~Ri~ vno, rshta
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be ottl~ain -lo4 can oftoiintmentii anrd rhatw4 to see3 Fgoa spo~ont
SoPe~ say whleese~B 1 Qa~ttepSI 3.4abuckdit&~
cae Ass
MS EastCe Nes~~raton
M4. H. S.T Wo44e


JanuvLary 21, 1Y90

Ms.~L Earf~e N~ewtonfl
Histo~i~cotR Resjtomrar onixw and PrLesertuatton Comcbm/icaoln
Sit. Geoagte Sit.
Sit. Afugustine, Fi*La.
DeatL Earf~e,
Iit wah thamd oR you, it 4,eend a sym athe~~eti ears onf Sunlrday.l
I don~'it thir~Fin these -i/ anything tha~t tom/lTe wonb'4t mUo'L
ouit buit we do ert grousitraited and I ithhnA& go~n nw read'eize
ithat we hlr~ave had a a-usti-gi~ab-fe 9ee-(.
I don't qutiete undenotn~i d why~E jthe Mo3tomiico S~ociety~
ha~d jto iloUR i/ts own (cand som~~ePwhaA conjuhed) d~at
onf on~r Btduritdi/ng. I 'sn grait~re-u ithat ithy ~ad~ded, yo~u
oftLe~eia afd an,d sc~fitecitu~~r at nojtes. Somed~ay we
woudd e' to. go come' thei,4j bre3- 8utation0 Wiith ylouI.
I 'm rseturvnkng, rydOus NitO~Yonah TmuU/3t lin-o'ruma~Ii on. I
~don~'t thhnA jthost wen 4-i( t7eyi Lwe'e to accebjt s ithait
thon,9 ~WOud~Od 6e modred oU/t as we ucwfJed etFe ithem ito
bee, shc theR Pla-tu at Arig ~tO doet UIOuld be jto itulw, it
oll' ito a efa OOG 04q FM~niGGR OG (0 'IQAGAlhidnO~/OIYC Q086 ir
It~vs case ;thait woudzd bee ith H-i?4-tomiGook Src~ie ty. 0-% comme-e,
thos~ 4,> whait we ocac~tu~addy, had ir n, in~di w~en re Bough~t ithe
"Fmoienityg bt jtheir4 psesewt, Mbi~cy- 0- ignzorsty on~r con-
;tr/ibuition ito the Re-~tom~aito~n, -and ambiquouslyev -tr~~ivig ~tO
dbesledi~it Uh mak~tes ithis raAther an -imishoe thfe /3jj-i~tue-ion.
I-j yo hav~e any, -(quthe deas ~aab~cujt oZL Mod-fee chli~d,,
ure'd cer~afndy obbserlc~ia ake hearding. chout jthem.
I-R we dotn't see oul e-eose ylsOZu itrih jto Shoi'n, Boln Yogagce--
O'L rmathesL Hobby~'V LanrdrinMLC On~ rmeg~amrd ito Jo.
V~ery, sincet~eely,

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