Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Title: [Correspondence between Charles E. Bennett and Earle W. Newton]
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Title: Correspondence between Charles E. Bennett and Earle W. Newton
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bennett, Charles E.
Newton, Earle W.
Publication Date: 1963
Copyright Date: Public Domain
Physical Location:
Box: 4
Divider: Block 12 Lot 20
Folder: Properties Restored (Others) Museum of Yesterday's Toys - Avero, Rodriguez, Sanchez House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
52 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez House
Toy Museum
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 52 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896151 x -81.313211
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Bibliographic ID: UF00094128
Volume ID: VID00047
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: B12-L20

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Aprixl as, 1963

8p*** or a8tspreseas si es
Os~agreesu cat the United Stasser
Bfa~shinton, U. 0.
Dear Mr. PsomeS~a~h

Thanfk yea for the so~py ~ of ea le6$ewr be Mhr. sad~ Mrs.l Graban~k a~d
Mar, Weavelr' resqponuse to yearS inquiry with aslpeet to wu~rban rnealm in Srant~
Auigustine IC saga t e ~c o~~ thes wantirP1Lashn fErom Mr. Weaver at the3 Qexplans
Hena of She skutitu~sa 1en hich I maade ;la agr etu~larlir ltter. AsJ he PPoIntEQ ea$,b
~thea ciLty has no yeit marQd e y~its aphefaton frc urban PreneaL although~ it is
quiaCfiedap to~ do so.
I rs am ksenuaonyg trying to ~repair the dpampag done to Sherir entterprie
in P'St. Augussia By their l~ocl managers, but~ they asre undsrestanabily very
feejSd o% him andl I sai surell amBll baf~ievel tht bthir~J dffisallbtes in 86. rgEs*lr
$1B allJ stem~ from ~the uaqestioning coati3dens which they place ~ fla hi.
ISa vePry anious to help t3hem here inr evry~ wm possribe, ad have la~te~ly been
iShle be heal the breach between i$bes sad the+ it.E Augusltin Net~orical Seasatyi
eassed~ agr thrs)Ieir~ local~ mes I ater PM~ rand Walter very~ ah, ~and I 11>*
thirBiD anaege, bUt we haw~ So be realbitie about~ th situatten involved.


blade 15. Menesr
l ibeenkaini D~Merter



(COrrgredds Of thie WPniteb Atates: JENNETT CHSBOUG SOE
~ouse of ~Represenftatibes' SUA J~~sT''. HAGIST,
Wplaseijigtonf GB .SERE

Apat~ t 23, 1963)

Mr, and Mrs.I Walter Es QardlP@%
Sa51 sltatrio abase**ras **=**4
8aint~5rr Augustine l Florida

Dearr Mr,. and Mrs CrnuAecks

The en~oclaruearrivedin fa gr arlJti e 4eaysa

I belev you wil Ifd 4 slf rap~leasryiw~, c

ObarZrle E.~ Seaness, M. C,

was Mrr p.~ Earl 1Y Hate

2D DIsTalcT, FLonIDA


' .4
OFF.-CE OFP THE ArPM~ish*; z t C. WASH!GTON ZSr12, D. C.

br$dHd Il~a~itA*suesrea
hPs>8 Hoeaday Aderneure man nlrl olot mars ...
cm.arwli ur ro~L' ......
********'. """""" April 22, 1963

Reage at Regnrreauttiesr
Washtages 25, g. C.

Sear br. senambt:

Ta seeano~ace with suIr ltter to you dated Matrch 15I 1963r i now aible~r
tr tep~t anotherr to yourP letter at WhbNruar 28, 1 ~6, whth neuetdd
tweermeme~a mass+YW to rep~lr to an iniry~dP from Mr.~ and Mirs. Valterr 8,.
Crbeatea of Jakonvrlles folds~~, commerningl possible emibea Irenewal
setivities in Sain~t Augustine, Florida, that maisbt aiffc~tr sp~cure
PoSuprties rdLab theyI own in that eity.

As early as J~anuarl, 1960, the S~aint Augustine Ristorical Restoration
eatb Pweseration Clamssion was in contact with our At~Ulat ragioalers
Qtttee and, as a result, was fussished with information a-tllno with the
gdasetittles ob f atliingt aban renevl to assrit the Comrissio in
arisllnmityas i~ts objecttws Za Julry, 1960, upozln lreqet a bap hecity;I
4 wapsesenrt~atives of our Aitlanta JsegIonal Of~xr ries sid Seat; Augustiine
OMr the pamporse of ass~isig the CL~ityt theLu preparation e a Westable,
3Wagram foir Commity~ Improwneen srad to discuss tab`a renewail porssi
b~lites. the reqpuet of the above mentionoleld Coisses, our ltlambau
Q~Lce, suqgpplrrhied larthatio which was helpful to th e Camissi and to
fal Cityr of Saist Augustine in ascuriasg trran .th eIsatureur of thea
State tfK MeWridr tartag the 1961~ sssion, thbe pusses of spcial~ embt
assautio sr 3urlranreaet rousLIbYIn a regdoet made agrt~s onCoaldaJ
at by as ciir at sI~nt awanettan a suprasenttfw irea our amarte,
.tsmEhviet ~atesa earses an esman rss Jannuary or 2.962 sea ad .teSaty;1
with tse citr~ Gcnet and the xistorieal ansentE~ion ad Preserrvbas
.~ IICenlatta.

14 is our Pandesetaaiaa that no final detelrminatiesso as been made b
tAe Crity of' Sata Augutineia or thes tialtorical Ieatozation and Preserrvatton
Qb~Semiee,, with respect to the subm~ission of a specific apploiest Cic hte
llould reastssssssssss~~~~~~~~~ jtnds for the planni.4g of an, ur~ban renewa l project

0h tne8rstagd hz11, the concern of Mr. safi`~rs Cmravack with respect 9l
tbl posstlibit~ of beig adv~ErseLy~ aftcthe2 b an urbanI renewal project
i he bbamed' to staini~ty of their propertyr. He are confident that an


taq~4~~4ay4 m~ade ~theel to the Bittorical Reston tion saA Presemrv~att
nmeh Isatr# at to tbhe Cit of Sainpt Augustine woulA porvid assurPnces
to, M*, and MQrs. Creabunk that any urban annewal activities whtoh mi~th
het undeatake woul plrove to be, if anyrthinrg, beasticl to them.

If I can be of frurhe assistance, please~ let raas kno.

e zt C. Wearer


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