Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Title: Two Old Houses On St. George Interesting
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Title: Two Old Houses On St. George Interesting Nos. 52 and 54 have Common Wall and Chimney
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
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Language: English
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Box: 4
Divider: Block 12 Lot 20
Folder: Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez (Toy Museum) Blk 12-Lot 20
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
52 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez House
Toy Museum
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 52 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896151 x -81.313211
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4aS10 ____ __SUNDAY. JTLYT 4+t?

Day SIow Much Of Interest

ern soldier. To this end she be- Pigf-, to St. Augustine formed one residence at the time pf
= 4 came the ar'. ri spirit in raising I!T .'. o<-er heWd b',ame Lxc., soj it ildling.
tftds to erect a monument to he that tr,: .,u -,, in t hb f' ; t "*, I i. I, 1rne out by the '.LA. th.b
mesmry ;of the Southern dead. 1 --epiv3? is marked for bha i the the cowrina wall in ning Ps 4-r!
he became the first president of "--:. na, posts of a .'.'erct Er :- west between the L-'r a party
!the Ladies' Wemorial Association, ten from the postas -. f.. wall and the one chim y -.u ..
Ir .i'--,b d in St. ATgunatie in the The wood is now so frail that the two with fireplaces. AU e ,. ar a.,a
4f f . and wal never allo -1 ipee'n n ; not in -ondition to he in tnils wall, which have *een c*led,
to e-a te N p ion ais ai i a s 1. l" .A are done wth such lO m v material
he he, i tc. 't'-r 'd.p wIorkug 'thk .h Miss Dummett did not by contract wit+ thIe r -., coq urji
within her Woe Mrs. Julia Gibbs. Imarr,. she brought up three fami- c- mtruction as to leave no room
peT& W&- R --if... of Col. Ge. rcg Gibbs: Miss A. lies of nieces, all children or asters for any but belief that they wvre
r A /o&d tidM. ..ia,"biu. .' T1 Abbott, who married anrny officers. There i r..iiy openings between two
Miii Isa.l O E ie,- f i- .'1-4 Anna were three girls in each the i lar e rooms.
r of Cit H':.!I A. The rmonument which iroups that made the hou ie theirI A '.tLni-'i oquina well well is
S.-1 the Pla a I s almost as rnidfather. Thomas H. Dummett. located on wha' is now a party line
- Mmuch a *r.ibu't to these undaunted l ie bOa r.t around "'I a inmrry bu tfrorn its position and relation *o
bOut Miss A women and their co-workers as to s taehlitrnnt when all w.r, there. the main section, No. 54, indicates
Pedfrom tw e les soldiers of the Southern Armies, This is fhe hBuse known a, *he tie usually ic)lion in a patio.
at 1apt.-r. No. whose name it bears. Graham T 6c which has the That same Don uan Sapnher who
Atert ai the Con- Pnrir' Li It ter part of her usual corner h cony on its -ea'~d i lived in the stone house on. the ap.
1f, she r-k ,tl w;th her niece, Mrs. story. posite side of St. George Street
rU. t l.w (ne P.ii.i. t a',! A !cendant of the TIu n.. bought the prop'trty at a sale in
of te chapter. her I-. at-.'., Mis ir i i'-,- lwho was in :'. .iuAI.Lir n recently 1791, ad.:0rd;in to the declaration
was rainm d for mett ~i.'n who lattr became said that i the '.ni: -. ordg is an of his widow Maria del Carmei
Swas crignialT M". Rabis. aeconnt f the cape of Thomras H. Sa:icha when she sold her interest
Eight ars after her deatf, DTumett from the l s!a? s. O- e in what is row No. 54 St. .7e. '
when a Ah p., r of the United version mays f mn th Bahamas, aStrc-e, told in the Spani..h F.e.---
ey AbhOtt. wM Daugt .T ,.f the Confederacy was another says the Barbados, An ; ra;f 180I
I fr Erglh ljr- org in St. -.',-i ir-, the way, it is stated, there had been an .Shicee this property war ,ousht
SBalama islan-ts. fabw annr-,i, '- -'. r t insurction in that Ialand andl hv the St. -';'"+.- H store;
i t atg .V was An. "Thatr.mlt" Dimmett had to oak ;. --: society in '. *.-';: work les
Ther- srt *-. man,' aneedots of lie was smuggled t.*s.: '* ', been done under the i-rection of t
h. __.' IT.o*:. it is planned to tucked into one of hi own sugar Curator, W J Harris, in an >m-
Ef he b ; B 4b3r irv as trany as n. 1 toptVi -- 1 head. As his record after ar- deavor to save the structure ruch
tolrd, buying ip he W anii' 1:1 *},rl -le il in this country shows Uiat he showed eviI -nee of decay and ap-
tation a ar New of thc Webb Me-.. .0.. Lir.iir, ,-.f w. n' Anu epErin!' meek person, proaching conditionn that 'woud be
Shlarif".' Into t the it. Augustine H, .-o.-ai s.... the ..... ro",-": tr.-,.l ? stor y difficult to repair.
urtng the Semi- eiet-. I etem quite in krv r, v. h ov-1 th he stairway leading to the capr-
the later 3's all As pr.-'. ent r f the Ladies' Me- known matter. -to o" No 54 is in n open terriae
warme unsafe' and rinorian Aatna'tl..: she was instra- ----- --------- 1n at theo west, as wns eustn .-
s.d Me family to entatl mi S.,T-irK ihe first a ary at eqr date of its i ,1'."
'ch eu-" remained for a wmoumnt se'. in the r^-,h- | H :- There are no indications *; *.
s Deataett until west ernue of what is now the Ly- w ts t' th ho-use att. on I ha l
0, at someP'hing ce u lora.1a s--o. 1 o th S. t "I. oSL th ss in tU1 g:oup. It i
Ige. Strett. 'Te shaft stood others .-'i* fi kt n (. ot a v oat influer .& r. r-, r
rey"aaind n e applketion w.a data for its re- P o, ,qo of siar financial tabllifi* Fi
STd of her il- ,es t. Plao A long et- se!a (.Ii in tiuir decision
tat over of the ti.n r to a td eWy council r,.. -t include r n- baloniee.
.hiy e.ns is t, he st, wha h A(r.l l :T mall details in th' ba,-t
lh B wrne, ts dine rasn e:d staff, whleh eAr- have interct for the student r- a
out those y"" red a for .-et of nanis of pt. t architecture. No. t2 St. GE e
*r of 11me then nrutm fdt-i- 1:1.Q, Duet t 1b *P. 1*< 1 ) <'4 harVe Street, at the north giee or l
ren of G ,neral prlernt of the Memorial Assorea- t hiTre t.,. f b n known r,
~-j4BtIr. She aton Ws rantid lase ofa ..- Shr::. i'. r., n iWals and i -.,, Rouse from, the nahi rof
t.h- tuaei near foIt sqa l i n the Plaa for t* : e o,,r. r. "or wany yeais, t 4h-
."ibie. rendering moanment site. It to related that (Chinitney ; ,. o s r. y .,r
the S uti and inS Miing funds for the monument Gibb C one of the heirs. ".4i. '.
IAf to sek end Ms Dummett arranged many en- r wI it was F --I i a A ot
ortain,,,n-.r'- s es appaire tlr sp The 1- it::' .. at No. 54 St. C -,- bW m it >i o- F! S C -a o
Itthe war yea ricb' ier-.-d to pture aju r Strt. le Te Curiosit '. pS
t. AL rtim and au.-.n. .n. J :aled a fe. Shw ia recent times, i a aver-d ona w ded the iovd
Sto dTw w.a S tiring ten s.-i'" boys n atvmed Ms e: g objet for speculation as +o thes crd teto a ,-o-.0
ior f th Scoti- Ina.-IR who came rm t1e s age t. when vario pmions of it were house,
....... .. the notes of "One Litte ;,,ian, on struct Its ven..-roble or,, r. At the er of th orth ,he l
r" OB hw Lea Two Little Ti.ra'r,' alnd o n. an e apports the ,*atmer nt ,'-ii. thip house are remain. of a hi
td hw, sBl-T, Pci,,-dy b owe of the 'Ten Llttle referesees i the Escrituras of 18. coiquna wall, v'"*-l.,, an endosu
i't WAltid break, I d.a t. who assi~ed in that per- indicate portions of the house had wail between ih.. ve i the Ar''-as
d vwer bh bmIa foirmAnce are still alien. then bn built some tu me pia.
W'. And Fm. ay P.enn-rp t-., r.. ,is of life on the 'The 1iAe- next north numbered An old iheadstoe was found on
S.t-t an JIn dan ,oit-,itt. l r .at,-n home, The 52 St. G,.T_-" Stret with a wood I this lot and an the re grde o
istaft' wife. e.istrreal c-f1t-. l'as in it3 keep.- 1 ** d story and e ink. is jomned No. 54 it is believed there were
or comfort a&n- irig a p. :,'r inwdstenl that was in to o-[ 54 such a manner as to made s1ee al burial at as&r'e -1
Mt L d .elit.'" use when TIrfdii- attacks made comnel blief that the two houses ".

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