Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Title: El Escribano
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 Material Information
Title: El Escribano Rodriguez-Avero Sanchez House, see p. 8
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Physical Description: Brochure/pamphlet
Language: English
Creator: Carver Harris, J
Wiles, Doris C.
Publication Date: 1963
Copyright Date: Public Domain
Physical Location:
Box: 4
Divider: Block 12 Lot 20
Folder: Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez (Toy Museum) Blk 12-Lot 20
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
52 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez House
Toy Museum
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 52 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896151 x -81.313211
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arnLtajy, /963, No. 46 4v

Y. Calwent Ha/auiJ, u dui4oa.
enonabilia by Donia C. WLLej

The annual meeting, of Ae Sai&n Auquadin.e Hi oical Soc.Le;i u*a Aeld on. anuman.
8, /963. TAki yean. makdi an. impolLand anrunvetavy in ike kwlo. of of.& Socie4u.
&i9Afky yeali ago, in 1883, DI.. DLeWL Webb and a qwup of inavte4eeaed cLi-.enA foP/med
i.e S. Augmine JnriwLutLe of Science and HAi.doical SocLie4ty. TA/L, ietefo/Le, maA/k
ouA. 80A_ yean of public elwvi.ce.
TAIke foLLowin9. ofiLcelx and din.edon were elected:
1Pe6ideni MA . Van Campen.
Vice Pr.esidenr AMA. Fanh D. AUpclwzcA, Sa.
Secuzeany n.. W. WinLen.
/7.ea4u iLen. Min. Oi&d 6. BalineA
Libzanian. /M.. Luis R. A/ana
S ODie_.ectoa o & otn. Yikee yeai:
Mn. W. 3. Ln.ydalle
/in.. /iLon. Bacon
A. Andxev oAinr, ]4
Din.ecion. to de/wve fo. one yealt, bo iLLV an unexpin.ed 4enm:
flA. fanLe W. Niewon
New membewiJ elected:
A I. Henhbea, L. W"le-, of S. Auywiine
Mf/. and /La. /7vumaon. Pe.tu., of Ponie Vedza BeacA.
At ike conci.lion of Ae bu inej mee.ding, an in-e/.eiino. p/owawm uw pln.een.ed
by I&e An.cLen (Ciy (Coin. (CIub, under. ike dieci.Lon of IL. P. V. P/ovenga, wio pnezenied
ike SocLeiey wik an oluginal docmwnen dated %nauauyi 2, /829, beaning ke aiqnaiAn.e of
Pnezidentd ohn. Quincy Adama, being. ie appoinmenr of Andonio ALvan.e &o ike offLce of
Keepen. of ike Pubbic An.cALkve in. 6aEt o F-otida. Ala. Pw.venpa, AkI. Hubelt, (an.aba and nI..
HaAley Fnzeeman vefy 9/acioutly ex/ibited an imposing collection of coinA, -okens, medal
and papea. czn.ency. Of pazn.iLcuaLa. inn.ten.ed. wen.e IA.. Fn.eenan.' pocdammacion, pieces dacted
/760 and 1789, bo&i of whi.cA an.e di.uecily asociaded witA St. Augutine.

1565 = The Na ion.' O&ded Ci4y = QuadAL-Cedenndial = /965

A/. Be Lumn C. Robedsj, Superinzendent, (a'jillo dcle San, Ilhlacos Naaional ftlo.-umenrt,
Continual n.eview and updating. of Ahastel. Plan4 as necessa/u L a 1 eqida& pnocess of
aeas of national signifucance Linde& e managenment of Ae eNational hank Sevice.
The process is now being accelenated fon. he / aszillo /o be sunze Aat developnenL
aoes fonuand coonsidently w.LIA () ike fonItcming. Quadnicendennial, and (2) ike ovewnall
Aeionation prownam. Ai ike prjeaenrt iUme we an.e Laking, a new Look ai our. A eumen IPoj-
peciu-. OLA hiAio&ianA alze deveLoping, additional daia io be uzed in fALming, up prlro/i-~Lie
foIL. koe z.eaioiza .on powjtecj 40o directly conceArned widA our. mni:Aion. Aai -k/ey an.e oulA
n.eaponoilbili.d We ane atlo examining alc available zeco/uL concerning, /Lecenc.y acaui.ed
p/Lope/ie4 to deienminze wha., if any, 4alvat e archaeology we mu4it do pionz to pa/zking, an.ea
and road conAzuc&ion. Whai aevjoaiaion fAe Sezvice decided io unde&ake wiLL, iiadLtiona
to ouA policies, be bajed on undeniable ih.oniLcaL iagnLfi-cance, canpLete and detailed
ALdoni.Lcal data, and conaopmance to ike 4eaion" fPo eabiabLi/ina, ike Cja&llo aj a nationaL

OUA Sociedy ha/ endeavoAed -o and imnenlpn.ei Sairnd Auaiviine '4 alch
hAiioAy The ;.adk of deUing ke /hi;.onl of Sain. Auuipzine to ie pubLic i one of ouA.
pz.imau obliaH;onr. Touwad &hAd end, oveln a peAiod of many yea/u, we have acquiaed
an. ou;i.andin, collection of Spanijh coLonial joutce ma-e&Al"L in ike fownzm of book, map4,
docuinen, phfiooqap/ daawin,", eLc. TAhi pnoarnm hac been caAied on, limited oJy4 by
A.e t.eoou1cej of ouA Sociely, and wile we fede pwud of oulL ac mpLihmen./ we have
barely 4cla-chAed ike duApace and ie ;ak ij only itL bepan.
7n. Vki4 connection. we /recentLy were lwj.t ai a L-uncha.eon hononn. D/. a/hzk F. Boyd,
of TaLtahazzee, a recognized acholal. in ike fLeld of Flonida hiAionA /T-e opic undert
diAmcu4ion umt DA. Boyd' tudu6 of Don Yuan. Yo7e 6lixio de la Puerde, one of Saint
Augudinee'4 mo., iWiuWinZouw native 4onrw and an impor&nin fiunre in ihe pnIe-/763 affainz
as weUl aj ie Aanvi-iton fAn SpanlAh "o Bi'LLiAh AuLe. /Ti7u coLanlly wonk dejezve4 pub-
licasion in vi.ev of ike enpha4i being placed on out. i.LdoLzical backaound by ike QuadAu-
cen.ennrial Cdeba tiono and i&e Aeadtoination, movement. Obviouty aLL Aoup4 inreLeAted in
Saini Auguteine AhldozLuc heAita.e beanL a mfiual rejpon4ibiLty in the publication of
4uch wozAb.
A.An Aonr KezAi'an' lanUlaion of Baaz/ento4' Life of lenn&de3 ha, been, meni.oned
reveal time. befo/.e in ike paaed of 6 6ncLibanr. Donations and pledae4 have been. made
iou;nd it& publicacdon. However, Ate final deciAion. ALet4 in tHe hand of te Univerajiy
of F-Lonida i.zeji. At. KeiAigan canplmeed ikL niA A;&dion jevenai yeanl ago. lS4 publi.-
cation would go faii in dispelling. Ae auna of mp.tezy and mijundewtanding. luijoundina iAe
acdivitiej of Saint Augu4ine's fOundei, Don PedAo Menndej de Avile',.
Flom Califonnia we have glad tidings int a leiien. fAn DA. 6. P 'Panaaopwoulo, a menbeA
of oUw Society, A4ating. ihat afpeA numenou" Ieviion4 hAe haa completed h/A 4lud4 of ike

lumnabuL coLony at /Veuw 3m)mna. L/L. PanagopouLo4 ha1 pern to AUmnIt~tn uAir/. AouAce
available in. ou n Libzay, and hau jounneyed io aoa/wn and okeA caUi.',, in. .e ,,'dwii ean
an/ea fo/ on-ie-4poit nejeaack, ai well ad conjwuLing, docunenr d in. Londn ar. .nd ia f n
bac4 a.wund ma.ental on. ie coLonis,;6 wio came to New Smy~ma in /768. 7/l,., tbli.rcalion. of.
SiLA wonk wiUL be an apptopiadwe con*Lbution. to ouA knowwLe&,e of even.lA dueAing, Ake
B/ltUiM occupatiLon of FLonida. The dejcendanrt of Jeje colonidA fozm A baWckbono of
Saint Augwuine' p/Aeenrd population. and ane ou. moa impo&uard Link wdh. aU 18/, A ce, nu
IA, yea/z, 1963, mankd Ike A200k arunnzivenaayi of Ake iingj. of ike lea.y of PaniA
inanfeAUding, FLo&ida fAm Spain &o 9neal Bniain, and aldo matd iAe 4501A aniLvenaiay of
te di&covelu, of Flonida by Don. uan. 1Ponce de Leon.

After many de.lapy, all of wAicA arie normal, we ane happyt o announce hAal a .oken
4ALanent of Ie papea-bound edition of AL. d/acy', Houej of .51. AujA.Line uXL rLeceived
in lime foA Ie annual meeting enbeli will Ahon/di Leceive notice of 4ke availabiliy
of- h A Lon.-waU aed actitecLtnal a1udy, bolt in Ie papenL-bound and hantd covern ediiLons,
wLtA& e ptiucej of each. We have atlo been advised hAaa The 6vol.ution of tAe OIdezA
Houwje Ld in pLre4d, and taai copies wiLL joon. be received. Jn view of ike fad thAal aLL
menbeltAip due4 aze ujed exclubively fo/ publicai.ion panpooei, ouA menbent may iake aeal
pride in. Zei.e par/LcipaiLon in. Jeie Iwo fine publica4ionr.
We take ALiA oppo)du&ni,4 to nemnind oun memnberl Ihai, due4 fo /1963 are now payabLe,
and emrniian.ce mays be er o e aedion of Aie Secreia/lu, at 22 5i. Fnancij Sitreel.

Ohe Hundtred Vealw Ago
The Wan Between. ie Saite-
John. H. Van. golden.
a 212, 1863: A Fedeawl combined Anmy-Navyt foce arived ait ~at P/oa, SanIa Roja
4land wZLk ike captured Z6eamen. Bloomenr aften. a /zaid up tie Choctawaichie RLven into
Jan4uan 1863:A Fedenal fonce cwnpojed of FLotida nIefuAeed and commanded by, Henrf A
Ctane, a fonmen Tampa newopape/nan, began a eAz-Le of naidd along, ie Jndian Riven.
fanuatym 5, 1863: Boati fwnm ie U. S.S.Sa mone captured ike dLoop Avencer inside
upiten. lnlet.
ganaujy 6, /863: U.S.S.Aniel captured ike jLoop good Luck in B1icayne Bay. U.S.5.
Pocakonta capan.ed ike i.own eamen Anviona ilulty mile off ApaLackicola afteczaatuing
Sfom off o obile.
W anuaa 8, 1863: The U.S. S. Unca n.eiLe .aed to ie Si. ]ohin'' Riven aften. a taid up ike
Na64au RLven. d&uann. which ike ve4ej had tevenal dkiAnmihed wi& C(onfedeatie itoop4.

U. S. S. Sago capetued Ae dioop iuia noldk of lupitelz. Jnlet. (ConfedenateA, deAtnwyed
ke 1Loop Silat Heny inL Tampa Bay -& prevent Aen capture by boat60 f/aom U.S.S. 7/ahoma.
fanuarI 9, 1863: Iaiding pavdel e om U.S. S. 6Aan ALLen deAo~ned dalt wondA in. S.
odeph '. Bay.1 The Fedezal twanApotA Lucinda and SpaninSea atuck zeepf off 6ke
Faonida Keyj. The Lucinda uwo pulled of, but I&e SpanzLing Sea un a compLete wn.ech
and AIe U.S. S. mone evacuated dJie ;oop4 aboard Aea.
an1uanl /9, /863: The Confedewate cAuLwze FLoaida, ]ohn N MoffJui, cappun.ed and buznned
Ae b6A4 (^deLLe of New Yo&k off Todu&a.g.
Lanuayq 28, /863: U.S.S. Saamoae cap.uLed and deiiaoued Aie Loop L6pipbei a;L ]upiien

Febmwau /, /863: CoLonel Hijainton of iAe Fedenal FL-ut SouiA Ca o ina 1ReimenL (co.L-
oted) neho ned to Hii/on. Head fuan a aidt up ie 5I. SLay' Rizve. Boa fAim Zie U.
5 S. Two Szijela captiuted Aie .Loop, RiLcAa A off Toau&aj. BoaiA fom Ae U.S.S.
Takoma and /Hendrick Hudson cap;uned ie jcloonen. A ne noidhwedi of Tampa Bay.
Febanua~i /8, 1863: Boa6i fAom ike U.S. S. Somejiet captured ie ichoonen. Ho.ene off
St. 9eonee'4 U4land.
Febatuja 24, 1863: (zane 's FLonida UnlonirAzi capiu&ed iAe cadonoen. un and an un-named
.doop in. iAe 9ndian. RLven.
Feb/wany 26, /863: Boa;i fAom U. S.S. Fonr He/rv apiiuned e cwoon.ern Anna at eie mouA.
of Aie Riven..
MancA 2, /863: A naiding pa2diy fA U.S. S.S oe forced Con edena;e fo'ceA bo bunn.
ize lane acAooneL FLorenace Nikidiniale nean New Smutpna in. oadee ;io pieven.L Aen capiun.e.
An. 6Ae fiPzding, Ae Fedenalii4i Loj one man kiLLed and jix wounded.
Mfan.c 4, 1863: Boa fAom U.S.S. C/nbena apiutned Mie iLoop Relaniaao and aoced tAe

de-naucd on of -tAe chowonez 3da in. Cha&Loe /Hanbon.
Mafac 8, /863: US. S. Sa~amoe capiuned iAe jLoop (nieniAe off HiLLAbolwu9A nlez.
A fonce of Fedenal colored toopd unden CoLonel Hi/ginxon. aaltived a. iAe 5t. .oAn.'A
Macn.c 9, /863: A Coanfedenaie cavainy faonce unden. Captain. YJ. DiciAon. adtacked
Federal picked wed of St. Augiutin.e and AkinmiAed wuiA tAoopa of. .he 7t/ Newu Hamp ae
Aenm afdenr Aim. Five Fedenaad were captuaed.
Mian.c '/0, 1863: Hi/ginron.'A coloned once occupied %fackonviLLe.
Mlan.c /I /863: A Con.fedenae Poace unden. gen.eal Fin.ean. dove Hi/.inAon.'. foA and
tnoopw back into 'ackon.ville.
AMan.c 20, /863: A Fedenal aaiding. p z u fjnm tAe U.S. S Roebuck UAx ambuAhed in. Si.
uosep sA Bay. TAe FedenatA Loa five men killed and foAu wounded, before eocapin.
U.S. S. &zan. Allen capiun.ed eie cIzoonen. _u off St. jo'eps Bay,

flanc 23, /863: A Fedenal Aaiding pa.Sdy fwm tke Amanda captuAed a jchoonea. in. e Och-
lockonee RLven,, bi man hen anoaund while abvin.g to cge. Aen. out.
Maanc 24, /863: The Fedeenal laiden in .ke Ocolochonee wene attacked by a Confedenade
Sfold unden a Colonel Scott, bui managed Ao escape wiA a losi of one man. killed and six
wounded afteL desotwyinz g.e cl/oonen. Confedenate fwops unden. Finnegan again attacked
Ite Fedenals auwand Jackzonville.
alzanc 25, 1863: Fineganw nenewued Ah attack, dA.ving. ie FedeaLA back iro 1Ae cLUy. 26, /863: SkiunizhAing continued around facAhonv4lle. Captain Y. Y. DLcAUion
dcwve off a Fedenazl aiding fjonce wAi-ch nl.ed to land ai Pa.aklaa. 27, /863: DiLckijon nLepuLed anowiten aitenp.ied Fedenal landing, ai 1PalaiAa.
A Fed l landing pau.s wu ambuihed in Tampa Bay. Fo men wene wounded before iAe
seamen. escaped.
MazacA 29, /863: Fedelal foP/Lce evacuated ,ackownville, banning ;Ie cli-. a Aey lepL.

Ha 'a-ado flauco Tienpo, by Luit R. Aiana

200 Yea Ago: San Agueinz, /763: 7Ae defirlJLve Tneay of F/Z.tendALihp and Peace
between. Hi BLidanni-ck eflatejiy, iAe Aodt Cv uiAian Kina of F/nance and ie King. of
Spain", pvwviding. foi the inanfen of Havana ;o Spain and LAe cemion. of Flooida to
Sneat Bai.tai, ux4 concluded a. Panci_ on Febana 1/0. CO Ae 25M, AadvLd infouned
V Havana audiwonitiLe iai ajince haa. cLIa would again be in SpaniA handci, iAe g.ov-
enzn. wAoud condeca ite govennon of R.onida to begin joidn aiunan enetJ fon. A/ips to
evacuate IAe ganALzon, inhabiLanY., an.tilen, and oiAen. don.ea finom St. Augu..ine.
aL FebAuay 20, Acding, ovennon. Mfelcon. Felid of FRoaLda neponded iAat jince h.L ajuaLval
zte foleAt no/&A of CajtLiUlo de San lahnco4 had been cleaned to inca.eaje iAe mana.e of
i&e (a Willo a&illenl, deny covenl to nzaidin ,V ndiann, and afford addiL&ional land fon
ubjLbtence famine. 0h anuanYz //, he had began a ettdlenen, by disfAibuting. landk
in tAe cleaned anea to 25 C(ananY Sjland famili.ej who had Lived in St. Augautine fon
,ome ime, and iAey had already done teiA planting fona tAat yea. To proteci t&e
az.ea, Ate govelnnon had buiLt an ea wvonkz line fwm niven. to aiven ( Ate Font fMoja line).
300 Yea, Ago, San A49tmin, 1663: Sn Ilanck, tAe Spar oh Cwn, ondened ie goven.on of
Flonida nor to itenfen.e wiA Ate fAeedom of iAavel of tAe Fzancijcan pnLejti wiAin.
tAe pawvince, unleA iLt ua -to &give tAen leave to go abroad. 7TA decree man pnwnpted
by a letten fom the Fnanciscan provincial of Flzonida dated AuyAt-i /6, /66/, pnLe.enred
before t&e Council of tAe JndiLej by Fnay DLego de Conmpa penzonally, comnpLaining. Aat Ae
could norw do effective convenaIon wonk among ize ,Sndian because JAe govennow inlenl-
ened indizecdly. The ovenon. had podoted joldeien1 at fo~nd and noad6i, and havel- and
cornAespondence of prLet6 nrequiled k/i penmLiu Lon. FuntdeAmone, priLes caning. ;to St.
Augustine had to n.eponi .to tAe govenorwn before seeing. tJeiu ecclesiastical supeolo.

400 Yeaa Ago: Flonida, 1563: WitA ean R bau. langui&Ain in an english p/n.&on,
9anazd de Coliqgnr JAe Fn.encck Huguenot leade., no;t dLicounaged by Ribaut '; fate, planned
a second expedit.Lon to &Ie Flonida coa.t. Fon. it4 command he choje Rene de Laudoronnen.e,
one of Ribaut '4 companion on tAe f/it attenmpL. Coliny supplied kim wtA fund to o
equip t6nee ALipj.
Bo&th KLbaut and Laudonnriel.e would meet the Spaniand Don. Peedo Menende3 de Aviie4 two
yeanA Aence unden. Zzagc cbzcuwmJtance4, but ait A time A1endndez &ar making paepanationA
to e6cold tAe SpanUiA men.canid flee-t to Ameaica. On aanua/ /3, the Czowan informed
Meengende z tAa; ti amubasado/L in FAance had found ouat Aat tAe F/.encA wet.e edtabliAhed in
FLonida ( (Chalefot, /562 ) and it commanded Aim upon an'.uval in Havana on A uuy
back to Spain, to find out wken.e in FLonida &e Fa.encA wen.e je.tLed, w"Aetea Aey. had
built a foid, Aow many ten.e wene, and wAa-t jAould be done to expeL tAem. If teze welLn.e
many Flnenclmenr in FLonida, especially at Santa (jena, M/e'ndeq uWAx to concern meajuwe4
wit tAe govewtn. of Havana fon. ejecting. tAem, pnwvided the action would not inten.fen.e
wiAt tAe scheduled depndunte of the fleet foP Spain..

Duning. Je padxt evenal monlAa, oun dtaff ha fAuniAed A te /iitonic
AmeniLcan Building~ Sun'vey, wuic i A a bnwiac of t ae National ank Sen.vice, Divi oz
of Design and ConetAeca&ion, wiAt documena uy aitoni.e and meaiunzed drawing& of omrne
of St. Augautin.e' moodt Aidton.& c Aoute4. 7he of ~Aeje Wn the 'Pan.e'de HIoude atd 54 St.
9eong.e St., local known a n tAe Old Cu Loaiady Sowp", ouwed by oun Society. Thid
building. /han.eA a common wa and cAimn.ey wiA tAe ad4o ing. Aouze on te non d, whi.cA
belong to A&k. and AIM". WalteA (Czawbuck, of tackwonvile. StoIL.ed conceAning the Latten.
building. have been caA.tued in de Local preA., and it an- merniooned in t&e lawt i-d,-ue of
2 a S1t4 i Loca/ted at 52 St. g eonlge St., and i comrdaucted of coquina, wuiA a
second 4dtoA.g of wooden. aiding.. At many itime4 oven. the yeani 5AtL hIouAe and .he ?a&'de,
Houwe wen.e unden. common ownen.Jip and have tAeiefaone enjoyed cloje ALton-cal ad4ociation.
Some time ago a bwnae manken. *wa placed on Ae an.e.dea Houe by ou7-. Society (4aee
.caiubano No. 34, anuaa., /960,7Ae following. i a bu-oef of tAe metold ued o develop
teze hison.eA:
/. A7centain pn.eenrt block and Lot namben. of kiA&tonzic jite on. wouse fAom official
ci4- map of /923.
2. Detemnine what kind of At;&ucuI&e, Lf any, appeal on tkcat location on tAe fuan.
)o"e de la Puerde map of ]anuan/ 22, /764. Tlhi Puente map i4, in mojt indtanced, tAe
eandLeat A.econid we have of location and pnwpe/dy ounehAip in St. AugutAn.e, and IAe key.
to tke map telL" t&e ALie of. te lot in SpaninA vana4, tAe building material of the houae,
and t&e name of the own eA at the time St. AuguAtine wan evacuated in 1764. The Rainola
Dlwo4t tinacingp made fon. ouw Society oine yeanA ago an.e uwed a- an aid.

3. Detenmine wheh&e A on. no1t Ie pnope4y u= ac.ubLed by 7eaie FiA, to whAm a
Lange pe/cena;6.e of }e hou/ed and Loi4 wene joLd in 6utd, by de La Puerde. Fi4A'i
account book indLcatej iAe name of the Spanish ounez, iAe BuL-4A pwwchaeIL, dale of ptn-
A chae, and tAe pl.Lce.
4. Check infonimiUon 4o fan compiled wiA BuLi&h map made by ie ewgineen. amen4
f/oncief, in /765. /Te o&diinal of tALA ia in London. We have a copy made f~wn iAe
Libnauj of ConeAaeA phoWoiai.L
5. 7Thene are oiien. BditA. period map6, one by de Sol.i daded about /766, and a
vew, JimlaA. one by ThAma4 gefftta dated about. /769, wALcA jAow Ae LtitLe hAoue4 and
Loi wiLt. kein. qa/dern, bu. t]eaee have no key- or. demcptipon. St iL. po4 ibLe, howevezl,
to deewunine w/hetAen dtenAe uw tiULL a jat/cucjze on a i-ven. Locaiion., aj canpcaed wLtA
Athe eaniLei. map4.
6. B&iiAL Deed Bookd have n.even been Locaded, althou ~ we krww they did exiLd
Howevent, at e end of Ate BnitLahA neaime when FLoUida uw netunnjed to Spain, -iLeA we'e
ecolzdead beginning wiA /784 in/ a 4eA-LeA of docunenit caLLed Ithe & utwian, mold of
Suich ane pneietved in. tHe Libanv of (ConqAe a. pant of .te qautd Flonida SpaniihA lapenA.

Many of JtAe tanwactionr4 seconded in t&e fAfL4 vu /zecite founen B&Lti.d oune".
7. W. /. Siebentd' Loyalidt in. fait Flonida contains claim fAo Lo0ae4 uitdained
When. Ae B/utih Left FLo'ida in 1784 because of Athe inanJfen. of tJe province back o
Spain. We examine Athee and tie lecocudd in TaLLahzaee petaining. to cLaim4 of flnMt
Spani. period ornewt on. thein. AeiZd wuo attnpted to Aeain theiLn propen,&eA. The
AmenLcan S-ate Papern, Public Land1 aL&o contain 4anoe infoaat.on.
8. n? ApniL, /788, thAe Spanih enineen lA~nano de la Rocque, made a map of SR.
Aug~uine wiAt a cozn.e-ponding key, hotwiZnr evenA hou/ e in St. AugLmiUne at ha t .ime. St
L4 dnaun. o jcale, 'jowj JAe Qound fLoon. pLan of each buildin., and it i po-ibLe to
determine the approximate 4 Le of Athe tauctume. /The kehy teLL thJe name of the ownen on
occupanj building ma.en'al, condition, and wh ethen. t Wea of one on. mnoe jt6oni-e. By
canpiling aLL of tuLA infoAmnaion cwonoLoi-caLLy, it i pomiLble to foAn a zeadonable
concluiion a- to Aeethen Athe building /wn then.eon might have exijed in 1764, ot wAhetAe
tAat eanL4 dtnuctuc.e had pven way to omethiA. of a Laten. date. The Dlwnt tnacinza aie
again conduLted oAn. companion and confL.nmaton.
9. n /790, pnopenti.e thaAt had nevented to the Spanih nouwwn. and had not been pAe-
viouALI dILposed of wente -Ltled to be ,oL at public auction. TAih iZ comnonLy nzefenned
to a thAe "Quexada LLt". 6ach pnopen dt L gi ven a number, and while thee nzmbeu do
not, fon. Jome unkrwAn tiea.on, conlzedpond to the de la 7Roccque map made two yean~A eanLea,
Z, i-a posibl-e to identify t en. The Lit contains valuaton, and aanoe dejcnipti-ve
r matenial.

10. About Let ueaa later, anooder. .ltL giving. fuitea. infoamnation wai canpiled. .t
alAo teLLA .o whom i-tde uan confined by Ae oveano,_ T/hi document haA been en oneouzLy 6
4efe.Aed -;o a4 "ke /803 tax LLjt", bud it La an. e&labZiAhed fact .Aai tAe SpaniAh cOi-.enA
paid no taxeA, and hAai aLL expenweA were paid fAm the RoyaL T7ream4una. AcidaLw te
document LA a companion to the Queiada Ltid of /790.
//. Fuman Wdi point on, Ae chain of itLle LA followed 6hwoughA Ae ;c6ua to
the end of the Second Spanij perod. We chech owne-. name again, ano-1Aet der~ueJ of
Spanidh docwnenid in the caj. F--oAda Papena caIled the Tedmenm&aV. PIoceeding. TAhee
compayze with oun pAe4end P'obate Counitd tecolds. ALL pe/~ineni infonmadion is iandLied
12. Beginning wits 1821, wuen. Florida mun ceded to the United Sates4, the chain of
idte can be checked thougA te St. goAn'4 County Recotds. /-e (Cieonenl Su&vey of 1834, tAe name of the contenpomaVu oune ad weLL a-4 the 1800 dcaimani.

Haton. of 4tAe powpeA.i at 52 St. geoag.e SA.eet, St. Augutine, Flonida,
pstepaXed fona Ate Saind Auud&ine Hitio.lcaL Soci~e4y by M"i. 6ugenia B.
Aniana, Ocdober /1962.

An /763 when. Fon&da uwa itwfandeed to ~Ae 6ngLith, mojt of te SpanrA &neiden
evacuated to Havana. Many people wene unable to eLL thAei. ptopedtie4 before tAein de-
pahvune. However the Spanith ( ,wnm appointed Don Yuan Yode''ixi. o de La Puente &o
diVpose of aLL unold pwopeide. He made a map on Yanuany 22, 1764, on u4Ahi. he pLo;ed
event Aouwe and gave each one a number, and made a LiL of pzoper~y ounen.< to idenrii-
them wit: eacA houje. In mojt in4jtance Ad t L- te eawdLeett zecoind availabLe of pnopenty
YPuen'e funned Acme of te uneold hou/e- and Lod overt to Yeae Fi h, a ned dent of
St. Augu~dine, who had convinced Puemne Amt he uwoud eLL the powperA&iea and then rte-
imburae the Spanirh o .ne/.
The house unden. conrideration heae, wai deicaiLbed buy Puente aj a donee houade in
BLock D, Lot 68, belonging. to Antonia de Aveo". Ihow Antonia de Avew came into poAeA-
aion of. t4 A houze ij weLL expLained i DO. I Chan Lei W!. Annade The Aveow Stony: An
eanaL Sainr Auguai.une family witA many dauagAeia and many houwej", The FLotida HiAtdoicaL
Qua/ie-,4 VoL. XXXX, No. /, pp. 1-34; 1Lepirzded by the St. Aug dine Re=tob/aionL and
APe-e/vat&on Comi sion in pampLet foAm. In Chq.ap-en.z V/ / / enidtLed Antonia SmaLL
Houie", he jayj tAat "Ahe inhe&dted Ae AnaLLet hou-4e of Ate lthee finm a
Fennando 7Rodwauez, a netained aa&u don member pom tAe

Antonia de Avero iwnheai.6t
a hou.e of wood wth a
new Ioom, /762.

Lower eckeLonr. RodAgue5 diLed in /762, a.L an advanced
age, and kLD wiUL ij availabLe . /7i aliciaLcn ated
tAai he owned a hwoue w/diLchA a mu i .Ai exidenace and whLch
wu4 made 'of wood ( madena) cove/Led (covijada} wiA
padna (paLma) wtA one new Iwom tAa; bAa4 a fla lwof
(ao-ea} '. . The addcLon uA con ;bzuced by Ahe
maxiten builder, ]uan Pe/eJ. Senljean Rod lueq in "hiA
will worwe iAat the new lzoom, of w/Lch hAe uGLm moAi
powud, 1wa ';touc/dng (a/umado) the ULi of tIhoe of
IAe Lieuwtenanid Don iamnundo ZAitva7. Hle funAe/t
said cAai Ae ha, paid ie aunmoi ( &iqAh of ~UdL
.Ahaaino) up to ite h lcAe.. Roddauez continued by
.aying 6hat the hoIue atood on a Lot Located on San
PatzLcio SIbeet ( deventeenih cenirwg and eazlyj eiqhAkeenrd
cenhdany name fo. the CaLle Rea of 1763 whicALA tm aLdo
known aa DeL 9ovennadolL onr (aLe que va a La /Pue&da de
-fLeuza ( todayt, St. 9eonVe S;iJee4)}. He gave Ate aiLze
of the Loot a /15 vanaa widA. and 35 vana" deep. The

old RodAIiuez, who had no Living children on gand-
SchiLLdnen, Left moLo of Ai beLongina, including. the
house in wAich he Lived, to Antonia de Aveno fAn uan-
known. neajoni. "
Reconda 4how that in /768 Yfe Ae FjUh jold lie Ave.w house .o a lojeph. Dyaonz, a
Bai.h ,ubject. Yede FiAh'h' account book /howv ihe foLLowing enty:
Don Yoachin lanco* Accourn No. 42
DebU WLedU
1768 Dec. 20 For the house and Lot
Fon the deed of the lhoue of Felnndo. eL gallego
of Fennando Ljodgiuej7eL old to Yph Dyaion
allego ( the gaLician) and //7 p 7 /A
meauwin. hLAi Lot 3 P/.
*Don ]oachin Blanco wns Anronia de Avero hulMband.
Recooldx alio indiccade tAaat Puente Lot 68, togetzen with adjoining Lot 69, ax a
uni7, wete latena joLd at public auction and bought by one owrLel, iAezefone, we include
hen.e Puente' description of Lot 69:" Block D, Lot 69 tabby houxe of Anronio foAe"
Rod'uzuez". }fe4e Fih a alxo jold LiA pnopen1t to D/axon the jame day, Decemnben 20, /768,
W accondinr~ o entry No. 99 in Ai account book. However, at the time thij uale took place,
hAe &abby houwe tAa;t had extted in /764 had di appeaned, and Dyaxon putchaed only tAe

FAwm de imte of lexe wo zalez unil Ap/Il /5, /788, when Ake &flarwo de la Roclue
map of ike ciiy WxA made, we have no second of nan.rwfent of eiJAen of hede pnwpentie4.
Sn` /783, RLo&ida had again. Leveled 6 o Ie SpantAA Cluhwwr afpenq Ywenty- yeavr of
BnL Lah occuxapLon, and dome S5. Auaiinianz we/ae eunnning, home. Mfany SpaniazrL, ne-
mained in Havana. OienAz. neit ned io ,Legain &zein. fAone/ hAodinq; 4ome came to /LeAetLe
and boughi pnopendiu fvmn ie 6ngaihA who wete leaving FLonida, on neueted ike SpanLj/t
C.owun fAon panad of land.
n /1788, ke Ciwwn appointed ilaniano de la Rocue -to pLoi anoien. map of iAe iown,
hjowinal ownrene/l p by Si. Aup.aivianj a, well aj pnopenui.eA Vai had nevezned io ,he Cowwnr
Rocque Ahowj ieie woo Looi ( Puenrue 68 and 69) a- one, and places Ahan in Bloch 7, Lot
42, deacmibed a4 follow:

/788 Rocque map
combineA Ate hwo lo4t;
mazon u y dinuc;tue on
one of then.

"'aonry houwe and flat noof, in faLi. conditions, with
te lot tai nunA& (ad-We4t, in iAe custody of Do.
Antonio FeAnnqdez. "*

*Anron.Lo Feznnande5 ua" de 4on-in-law of Anzon.ia de
Aveiw. Before e hen deau in /792 /Ae wantedd legal
pnoceedinp to zegaain ^ houe/a in St. Au uatine. ( See
Annade, C. W., "'he Aveiw Sitony '") Aj a ne'uit of

Ji-4 AuiL t 4WziA houwe netunned temponzanlRly o ite
Aveio family, and foAz iAZ neaon. it appeanA negai-
Lenaed to Fennande3 on i e Rocque map. Lacen n.econdA,
dicuAded in id &iA tud indicadMe tat t &i juit A
Sn- 179/, uan. Nepomucerw de Quejada, govennloln of Flonida, joLd at public auction
tozwe AouAea ihait had neveined to Ate Cowwin. A lii uiai pnepan.ed zAowinzJg Ae houAe4,
lotA, and Ate aAje44ed value. on tikA Quexada Lidt, No. /10' ( Rocue 42; Puerne 68 and
69) Ate deAcaip-tion. ix aA follows:
"A mnall maxonAy houxe and Lot of te kinA. witA a uae-
Lexix wooden Aitcken, bounded on. te jwrnd by tke (alle
Quexai2 Lit comnbine4 te Real ( St. eolgae St.), west by (CalLe &paojooa( SxpaniA
two LotA; majonAy dibulctbuze St. ) nont& by /ouxe and Lot of ie AeinA of Don. Reynundo
on. one of ten. AiuvlvaA, and ,ouwA byr a Lot of. Sarniago Pado.; meaazee4
in. te fwant N-S Iwernty Vtuee vanax, and in depth. 6-W
' by1 uan. Sdn.che3 evenrd~ one vanaa .tai at te name of half. eal pen
at auction, /79/. Betveen Acuan.e vana amouniA to eigt haunded dixteena and a
kiA date and /iA death in half nealeA. 6igaheen. vanaA of maxonifW of aome u"al


1802 Ae buiU4 2 &toA of ;ie Aoue by fouA vamOA higA, a e /mte of one
coquna. hou/ e on noIA and a haLf reaL pen. .'juarle vana amount, to one hluLznLed
half of LoL. and ei4Ji ,.eaLed.
C/.,.pen.qy a-LI uwele,. "
Whena ke pubLic auction. ua hAeld in. 179/, uan. San.cheq, CAiLef a je,i. Caue/. of VAe
RoaxL 1Wolh, bougA A ike pnopenliu deAca/ibed above. SanchAee diced inLdel.ade on April 18,
1802. //LA powpenidie4 wele appiataed for/ di/ti.buLion. io A/z widow and daupAer. -]nriw-
laLed poliionx of i&Lj document fAim ike Ie amen&A.a.y Ploceedinp /Lead ax foLLowA:
A bRg ma,,onny AouLe on. San. Caol S&eei (SR. ( eoeS.. )
in wiLch the widow and Aen. fa-nily ivez. ( TAL4 iL now
43 SR. eolie S. )
Juan Sdn.chez' edtae. Anrwoie. A/maLL howue of ma4on,*on. JAe jame Aitee. in.
fjwrn of he big, /wiAe. ( I7tAi ij iAe pnwpen.iy covered
in ~d iLadi., 52 Si. geoni.e S }
A Loi adjoining. ie above on. ie Soudh. ( Thi ia JAe
loi la-ten. joLd by Sdcn.cAe' widow io Yuan. Panede. .)
Appnal.dal of IAe houwe built Azeimneard of the smaLL howue on b-iock 7, No. 42
by San.ckeq, at he time of (Rocque map)
Ah" deadt, 1802. (la.on4.t) 29 va/ia of mazonanu of the Ao&/A uwal, /5 inches tick
53 valzna of majonni of IAe oa un LL
29 vana4 of maronrAy of IAe SoudA uxiLL
53 vanaz of maAoruy. of tAe Wet4 waLL

AppzaiaLa of Ae ca/ipen.-
P iAy in i&e howue at San.ce'
deaik, 1802.

/6 vanaj of ida1won. (cia&o'ww= paizionn, on. hAin.
MuLL, of tAe hichnaejA of tAe edge of a common
kli.Lck& /4 tI>c h of Ae lowen. zoom patdiion.
9 vanai of mawon. of /Ae nor A ucaL of re atai1zweL
6 vana,. of majonruz of IAe wet uwaLL of AIe tainweL
6 vana of mazonAy of Ae jouth uaLL of Ae dining. zoom
2 coLfumn w hich Auppondl tAe wof of hAe dining. owan
80 vazao of ma1onvu fL.ooan of tAe pazlon4, bedtwom and
dninnw /zwoon
8 vawad of manonzy of iAe climn.ejy Vtat con./ejpondj to
ie bedroom
7 va/nad of majonnry of iAe Ait-cen chimrie
833 vanaa of Ae alLea of Ae Aou-e and Lot
(a,7penteuy of Aie nmaLU Aouwe:
Fon. he 1wof of iAe menr&oned houje
FLooa of Aame

SancAee' widow eLLa
vacan.i Lo-t o Pal.edej,

Lei ia be Arknown iAai -, lania (jaianieda, wvoidow of
Yuan SadncAez, a t.ejidenrt of AijA clia, do Ae/Leby xeLL
-o Yuan 'PanLedex a &Lo6t di;uaed on. He 2Ro~xa S;feei
(St. geong.e) wA cA lead jo iAe P'uena de Ti-ela and
wAich Li half[ of Jie Loi my aLeadcy menri.oned deceased
/uaband bid on and boug~ai ai hAe public auction wiLcl
uwx Aeld by onder. of ike 9ovevnmenz of -ioxe Loi4 and
h/ouae whAick went back .o hAe Royawl Paditmonr ai the
time of iAe Letumn. of -ALA province io de Spani f
(Cown .. .

FoIL fouw doo"L wiAiA ileLn own woJk
ForIL fou. windows witA &etI iL wn wo/kJ
Fo-r. Aie aLiaauiy wLiA itj cupboard
For Ake /kucden
For tie fence,
AppnaLwaL of vacant -Lot to A4ei.ment of Ae LoZt ouLA4 of i&e small houte,
,Ae ,ou~A, Late. dold io Block 7 No. 42:
Pa/Ledes. For 833 va'na of ike alLea of Ake .o
(fai. FLoRida Rapelw: Tex7amednianiy P'woceedinp. 7nrvenmouV, axiejlment and dL"-
itbujZon of ie exiate of lDon. uan Sance5, deceased. Box 22-25; LiLbmza. of Conge~e.
Reel No. 6 of St. Aui ujiine Hi/dto/iLca SociLey micAfLm, Documener No. 4)
On FebAauaiy 18, /803, &ULe ua4 confirmed to IAe AeitJ of Yuan Sc.ncAeg by
9ovewnoL WAite. /7e following ia a ianla-ted pordion of jaid t&ile:
. one hwoue and loi in. No. I04 Bloch /2, (Queaada
li&i) of ike alneadly meniLoned aucizon, afeIL iAe co-nn.e-
ponding. bond paid on Api.l 3, 1791. /T4i plopelL.ty having.
been. meax.ured and Land ma&z. having been je-i showed in.
TiULe conAfimed to IAe fowni N-S 23 vawax, depik 7 -W 71 vaxi; bounded on.
San.ckeA Aei.n, 1803. -He wno/A witA houxe and &Lo of iAe Aeiz. of Don. Ray-
mundo de A/uuibax; SouiA, a Aou-e and Loni of Fniancixco
Anau; 6ami JAe (ale Real ( Si. geolze Si. } ika a oej
to Aie Pueta de TiZeia ( Land 9ae, wei-, by (aLLe
gpanola ( SpanlAA Seei. } . .

On December 3yJ, 1803, /alda Caq4iaeda, widow of Yuan SJancAe, dold -&o Yuan Pa/LedeA,
a Lot, being. ie douik half po1diron of iAL pnope&;dy ( Quesada 104). A podion of AikLA
document /.eadd ax foLlowx:


New hAoue ihai had been
Sbuilt by deceased meniioned
(TAD iA iAe houwe now
undet, conridertaizon in .ikd

Loit old io RPa.edea
bounded on noih by
houie and lot which hAe atiiL
Stn.chAe' widow izveA Pareded
* /aLhi of waUll ha&nin. ThiA
common untl and chimney
atill exiadA between iAe
ParLede / houwe on tAe lot

ALL t&i pvope/y u 1A adjuditcated io me, wLik a new
house which ke deceased had builJ, in ke exdvauLdi-
cial na/d&n. which 5 made of i e estaie whiLch Iemained
due io Ahi deaik waitiA e oi eln co-heinA to Aaid eaiaie,
and ii a4" been approved, wLtk Ae invenivdonie and
appiaiAal of Ae daid eiaide by Decree of ii-a govenmeni
Lieued on Aia 2/ -lawt, a- a Itetiu of ike judi-cial piw-
ceedzinp which we have undendaken foaz iLda punpoze and
wAich aae now zeco/ided in ie offLee of ie &jiclibano
(9ovenmerd (CLenk)d. Half of ike Loi which izunA No!dA-

Souii meajujed eleven and a half vanai; it full
depth, fwoni io /iea/, whiALcAh nez fiomn aid (Cale Real
w A which i bonidenIL on ike eaii, o Spanird Sieei
w A whicAh i bondentA on ihe weji; on ike non/A wiA
Aike ouxe and Lot whiLc 3 itill own; on. Aike ouik wU
adjioining p/wpe1Liiei belonrinb to F/anciLco Anau; ,ie
Aeina of Sebajtian Coil; of Yuan e1wo; of Fnzanciaco
Omedo and of PeLo Lul; and whicA 3 AeLL o Aim (Luan
PaL/edezd witA all i. enbance-, extit, uwej, cuAioma,
ZnigAt and dui&ei and alvo ihe avimo ( aill Ahanzing,
4jaU} againdri ihe wul of iAe Aouve tAai, wihiA Ae 4oi,
.enainA my piopeity and fLee of all obligation . .

he/Le vold and ie houwe (fadi Flovida PapeniA, Ociuuazia, Decemben. 39, /803-
conwide.Led in iLVi iudy. Coaun4y Yudae' office, Si. Auaudiine. Phot'oiiai in
Liblzanu of Socieiy.)
On A&tch 4, 1813, FzanciLsco iain, foAz uana PazedeA, daughiea of ]uan, absend in
Havana, joLd tJi/L pnopenty which/ hen. faikez had acquiied fqwm Sdncher widow, io Pedlwo
Fucha, zuaiing, ihai ihe exisiting, coQuina houw e had been builW by Ae. faelL.
({a-i Flonida m/peni, .c/tiiwwua, Libnaay of ConqAejj; poodiait in LibamV of SocLe4).
On flanch 26, 18/3, SncAhe' widow jold io the jame Ped o Fucha Ae nonik half of
iAe plwpertdy, in.cluing. Ae howue now being conrideRed:
Leit i be Anown ;ai 3, Mfa&ia Caianeda, widow of Dovn
Yuan SdncAez, a te.idend of tAih ciy, do Aet.eby jell
Sanckhez' widow elLt tio Pedw Fucha of Vti, ci.,, a madonAn houw e wiiA a
houie built by Aen. huAband A~ine noof and wdit i2 colne zponding. Zo -diuawed in
to Pedfw Fucha, /8/3. iAe Royal Sinceei ( Si. eonVg.e) wAicA lead io ie Puenta
de TiLenza ( Land gaie) and whicA i- half of Ae loi iAat

Siai.ea ,j oue buiLL by
deceased Yuan Sanckeg.

my jaid deceased /wuband bid on and bought ai tIe public
auciLon whick uwu held by ol/del. of 4Ae 9ovenznmend of iAe
houwej and lohi wuMich wend back io ihe Royal Par-a money
a ikAe iime of ike zeiuwn of ih&i province &o ie Spanish
(Cown; and fon. ike jame Izea4on one of ike pnwpeJiLed
which Hit ldaj eIiiy donated to ike buye,1A of 6em by liA
oywal peznima pf ]une /7, 180/. FT le uxa LAued io ike
iaid pnopeiuy by viidue of ike men.voned zoyaL yaand icb
ike Aelri of my above menriLoned deceased htLband on
FebiauAy 18, 1803. All Viki loi. UCA acd4udicaed io me,
wLk ike jaid houje whick ike deceased had build in. ike

exiajudiLciaLl haatj-in whick 3 made of ike eiiaie whick
remained due io AZb deai wik ike oiken co-Aein io
,aid ejia;te, and i.L haA been approved wLIt ike inrveni.ord'Le
and appiaiAaLj of ike said ejiaie by Decree of iAkd
9ovenrmeni i .4ued on. /y 21, /803, aA a te4uLi of ike
judicial powceedinag which we have undeniaken. fo. iAzL
puLpoje, and whci ane now recolnded in. ke office of ike
Location of houwe and loi 6cniy-bano ( (oveunmend clenz). Said Iouxe and half of
6. by St. 9eoga~e Si. ike Loi which in. fwr AunA nronJA-.oudA, meajulrej eleven
W. by Spani/A Si. and a half vanas; L fuLL depiz, fwni i;o lLean, which
N. by AruLuva4 house nunA from Jaid Calle Real wii. wiLck ii bonden"i on ike
S. by poniion aLteady Jold fa.l, to Spanl A Sijteei wiJi wuhick i. bondenzL on. ike wed;i;
whkic now haA a houwe on ihe NontA wiAk ike house and Loi of Don. Tadeo de
on LL. AuArbaS; and on ike Aouia wihA ike oiAen. half which 3
have a&Leady jold and belong i.o ike buyen. wiAk ie houie
in ii now dzandin; and q jell io Aim ( Fucha) wiA aLL
ii enimiance., exi.6, uweA, cuaVoma, nig;iA and duile4
which cormeapond io i. fon. iAe pAice of one ihouLand
pejoj whick ike buyen. hab paid me in cak . .
( fa i, FLorida apena-, jac.&ihua, Libna/m of Cong.e,4. PAioojiai in. Liblnan of Soci.eiy).
Ai an undeienmined date between 1813 and 1834, Pedro Fucha jsod Aikee wo houjeA
and -Loi i.o (0jeban. A/nau. No deed of LiL iAan acdon haj been found. However, ike
Lenendi Suavey of 1834 Liti Siephen Annau aj ike y ounen..
The .onay of own.enzaip fnm ikA poinrz on iLs jimp y a necolnd of occupation by ike
Annau family up wni. ike Civil LWa, when. ike noni half of ike plopeidy, ike palcxv Aen,.e
being conride/Led, evideadly pajAed io il Rojcoe Pen~/y and zowu A vaniou idran action
io ihe pe4eren. own.en~, fla. and Mlk. WatLen S. Crawbuck.

The Aou d kalf, on wicA Yuan Iazede, build RA houAe, pa..ed in /895 to AL. geog.e
L. Fatmhan, and laie. to Mz. ,ame, Dodge, finally being acquired many yealtA ago by Mie
St. Augwatine Hiitoi-cal Societuy.
The corrmmon. uaL and chimney pgaeviouAly mentioned, j.iLi exit between tAede two
wouAei. 56 iA evident 6ai IAe houwe built by Yuan Sacnchez waj eielteA a I2 on 2 Aiov
Aouwe aj indicated by Ae appnaLjal made ai le ,ime of hiA death. Today, and fom many
yea"Z pat, a4 evidenced by phooogzapuic and oike/L lLeco/dd, ie second itolty of ihe (Caw-
buck A ouae ha4 been of wood. TAhi would eean to indiLcaCe thai ex~en4ive l.enovaiion had
been made plobabLy dating tAe Annau family ownendiAp.
n. oua/. effod. io pioduce a compLeie and accuna-ie 1LeeanzcA of iki (Clawbuck houae, we
,vudited eve/.y second d available IAai could gi-ve Ua aome Lig~A on Jie 'ubj.eci. We came
acaoa. a document iha.i uzn.ed oui to be a mone.tianzy ui inalAiLZed in /802 by iite AeinA of
Don )oacuin. Blanco, te luLband of Anionia Aveiw mentioned ea&li.ea in Ai-i 4&udy. One

oft ihee helzA wau Doza 2afaela Fennande3, leqiima-e dau#teA. of Vicdoniana uiiLLen,
deceased hein of Don. foacupin BLanco ( Aee geneaLo y chard in DA. Amnade 's "The Aveiw
SRon . 1, pageX /1-15) apainr.i }ee Fith, 7n., ai hein of ]eAje FiA.
Ike claim uxA fox /174 pejo1 /2 aeal, //7 peio- 7 LeaLe4 of ~tik amount ux "Po
ike houze and Lot of Fenzando el 9aLLeao 4old ( by FiLA) io go4e'Dyacon'. Ike /LemaindelL
an foIL anroien. louwe kAai 'A noi pavd of AiA ith udy. CeAIL f-ed copy of -ie cLedii in.
favoL of Yoacuin Blanco in FiA' account book uua fwwmLAed by Ae 6c/i&banw and ppe-
Aenwed ac paoof. FUA, A., lLecoynLued ike puoof bui managed io deLay payneni. To make
ma-ie/L4 wona.e, he died, and t&iA unfon.een incident ajopped tke auiL. But .Ae /einaz of
Don. ]oa1uin BLanco did noi adop. Again in 18/3, lhey e4aabiitAed ano( en, claim againai
Saza Fi.zA/, young. FLZ/z '4 moihenl and AeiL.. They aLjo peiiti.oned ke govenoiwi io have Don
abnieL PeLpal, a4 adminitzaio/z of tAe estate of Fi&h, 'i.., to AaiAfy Ake amount of /74
pedo0, 1/2 7 eaL. Finally, in 1814, tiey jeVled out of county foIL /00 pedo4.
The documeniA peidainin.g to lih4 juiL and jelaienend azie found in (a4t Floniida 2ape/i,
Te.4.iamentarty P,.toceedinria: Jncidenite a Lo0 auto de ocuw'iencia de Ac.ceAedon.e4, o con.cuizo
neceman.o, caulado. pon. falecimiLenao de Don foaef FiAA, oiZci.&ando Don Mfanue. de Caj-
lila, a nombne de Lo0 Aen.edoA de Don fYoaauin Blanco La can-idad de /74 pa. 12' a,. ; Lib-
anaiy of Congne.4, Box 22-25, ReeL No. 6, Document No. 28, mi.coffim in bLibaliy of ouwL

An.chaeoloaiicaL and ALcdLiecuAaL InveAiiaiYlonA ad
52 S. eonlge SbLee4, Sauid Atu uzine, FLoi- da, by
&aiJLe W. Newtaon, 6xecuiLve ODiecoz., 5t. Auztm;iLne
Hio&ILicaL ReAoa oiLon and Pa.eAei.vai.on (Co07JiAiLon,
wmi ALchaeoLogLctL noieA by RobelL H. SteinbacA,
Staff AdchaeoLogL4..
too alc/aeoLogicaL inve4;iga;onj weAe unde~daken in /I6/-1962, foLLowin,. an
ea/niLeA. a/cidLectial examination, of iAe audtucwne at 52 5,i. 9eolzge Sfteet. The an.chL-
deciunal examination. uw made in /960 aj a pa1d of AIe pnoceA of meawuning, and neconding,
MAe houje fot. A.e Hitoni-cal AmeLcann Building Sunavey, unden -!Ae dicLLAedon. of Pzowfemon
WiLLiam A. S.tewawd of the UniveniAi-y of Flonlda CoLlege of A/.cidLecwA?.e, and iAe ponon-L-
.AiLp of lAe S. Augu4in.e Hidionlical RedltonaHono and Ld exlenyvation. (Cnmi&dion. A& t4a6
time iAe /LelaO;ionAlp of ealnly maorv,?, woln to lace/L wood conArIUC-&-on. uA uii.Lded.
Sn. Novenbez, 196/, Cmarnimion ALchaeologi.4 Robeid I H Seinbacd m4 able to undez-
take a paditaL anal 4A& of ie fLoon anea of ile nonAea-v Aworn (A) during. fLoon. tepaiJA.
The nin.eteeriA cenhutL wood floon AoiAA Ie.ded on, bA.chiA wAbch in ;unn eAded on. a bad-
ly deenldoinaed tabbyb e flooL. CuLtnial maeniaL hAen.e dade4 /820-1860. A second tabby
floon. mi beneatA i4LA, nenDing on a cnmAned AeLL baje, yLelding cultunwal madeniaL of
Aiie pel.od /770-1790. Six incAeA of Aand below yielded a 4naLL sampLe, ;en.ta-ively
d~&able /700-1750.
A mon.e t6owu A inveAt#.ia.on of Wit 1wom and Aie adjacent one &o &ie jou&i. wa 0
made po0aible in Novembe, /1962, w/ien whoen.rdiei. cenrda.u on.e window/ weie.e ie'noved fom
-Ae ea.s uwLil and aLL wood floonA taken up. evidencee of an eaidiA fLoon. ( below two
tabby fLoon") uA uncovered, witA a coquina tAheAwold on. itA ou;d& doon, ( o&U4infaluy an
exdeAiLon doon).
ATe joui-heaji /oor (W) had only one abby floon, in jiLpeaionl condLkion, indicating.
a dAhoid period of uAe and conA iaucion AubDequen,. to /Room A.
Addti ionaL doona to iDe, and 6o ite zea/n, wen.e diicovened in Ate ead.t and
weAi aLL" of Room A, bout added a.t te dime of ie top tabbyj floon, ca. 1790. The AoudA
doonL ( oniginaly exLe&n6,) exiiMA 6AouAuq aLL fLoon leveL, being. modified fon each
tabby floon added ( Lt becanome an intenionz doonL wLUA ;6e conriuccion of Room B, wLhA Lt4
inJVLe tabby (Loon and A e pouring. of a Aecond floon in oLden. wom A). WZih ,Latee wood
floon. tU u" narwiued funAien.
RemnaniA of an opening in Room B eai. (Aeeed) uaUL wene found, below -L4A oano '4
fw (floonL, and can handly be oiAenA an a ganden enbzance ( Aee 1-ow).
The fl.neplace in te joudA woan uvWo cojAbzuced along. wk .the 4oudA aLL of wAkick
Lt i/I a pvdt. Sx-t flM.t A eanA zi.eA below iAe tabby fLoonl; uccedALve keaitA wene buiLt
wik tabby and bnLck a- floon. Level lwde.
The rnow/ea. womr (A) oug.inaLy exi, ed Aienef(one aj a sing e iwom mazonAu Atau.biue,
widi a doon -o -the paiio do the joutA, protected fman Ate ftAee. by a gaden. waLL cordin-

ung, u 0outhaznd .ke eati wall of Ae houwe ( iTene may weL have been. an enliven
wood building, -o Ie Aouit, aj dec4nLbed in, Roddupez' will) The nrodi waL (wiA no
opening continued wej&iuad lo a point ouckding ie now de'iuw yd wLrw, of /Ae AuLvav
h Aouwe. qL may have conritutded Ize aLL eiiien of a paxlio, polck, jAed on noum to lie
weAL. ( 7he pnae'ent non.Lwe&t Iwom (C( could noL be dbi Lo inZveAifPae 1LA. )
The jou(Aeaj.t wom (B) uam cA.eaded af.en. Rooan A by naiing, ike yad/ule/ uxiL to fiU
waLL Aeijgh,, and evidently by iAe addition of jouid and wezi nxlli ( and p< ALbLy ike Iwo
we.j /noomi as well. N/Voe Aai Mie ScckeJ home in /803 ieeOn io ca-l fi n fofu. w? omz down-
.dail., whicA iL; dimenALonr howevelL will noi cove/L ) ( See below).
The jou.tA wa LLi found iLo be 24" 64.cJ. Si2 -eemna o have been /1/" icUh o&i&inaLy,
wiiA a fALeplace o ike jou&. ThiA pwojecdion wan Mken abjo/tbed ino ike non&L
wall of ike Paneded houte upon i;A conaiAucion and "/Leinfo/cemnenr" aqainAi SdnchAe' /ouw e
in 1803.
1i A ould aLjo be noLed Lhai iMe /emainin. botman coune of Me galzden, uLL continue
aouiuoah d acw/o ie facade of ike pLesene 'Pa/edex kouwe, indica in. L haaL i &oo uxA pnw-
bably clzeaLed in /803 by zaiing ike ~aden uaLL.
The second fiAeplace, in Room A, Lia conenpona/zy wiiA Me wood fLooii, being, poured
on. Lop of ike laiea zabby f(ooln. 7Thi Adack, condainin double ihiAeplaceA aLso on ike
second floonL, uxa unque.LLonably added u'&n. ike mid-nineteenrd ceniwu&y wood secondd .oiio
aui added. ( Da.&ing, i appA/wximaZe f~u alchiiLecLAwal details of eavej j&ciau,.e, fzming,
*nail-i and ineno/Loz lim). A ,imilat Iach in Room B ha. hwo fiAepLace4 on. ike second
iony,; however, because of Mie pAnon exiLence of ike old fLLeplace in iLu /Oom, ke
jach doeA noi uiun down io zound Level, bau; iA Auppon.ed aL ceiLina. heiqL by a heavy 7
An analyzix of ike 53 jquaze vaaA jckeduled fa ike eaji wau in ike SAn.cAez sea-
mena-u appzaizal indi caLee a mual Aeigk of aboul 42 va/"a on, 121 feei. PLejeeni heigt
of MAe mawonny aLL fwin ie &abby f(oon in Room B ( peAumably oun 1802 f(oond is 9 feei.
Since ie applzaixaL aLdo call foL a a ainweLL, and fon a wood flooL a- well aj ike ma.onrty
floon f(oL pa/,ionz, bedroom and dining. /mon, Sanckegz may have had a Low second .Lonl. T/ A
exiAa heiLO* may have .upponed an ex ina haLf Loedy ( caupanable lo ike adjacent Pa/jede.d
/ouwe), nenoved in ike mnid-nineieeniA ceniuay in favonL of ike AiLk ceilinred VLcionian,
second &dony now evident Oh ke oikeA hand, only found windows an.e called fon, hardly
enourw (fon wo docu.eo e unlejj ike Aecond uad almodl a Lofp.
BDu naoilce tAa Aike onre /waon houe whi.c Sanchez bougah6 tA applzaied
as 4 vana hikg by 18 vana/ "of omne uraL". ( 7Tee of ike fouA pnLeenL waL&L would
mea"un.e 18 va/ae".)
Taking ike came 4j vana AeigA fo Ike nonik and jouik uwa againwL ike dedcAibed 29
evana toIcal of Ike appznaial, we a&vuve aL 6 vCUa ( ona /8f ee,). ( T7A Lj only jligldly
mo/e than. Ike pAneAend /6' depth and would hardly coven dwo ex.tia /womA lo Ike nea. ) 7Thi

is. fAdAen. confnmecL by &e pn.esc1nLpi-ont fon. ike fLoon.: 80 juanle vaznas, whicA when
divided by ike known 12 vana fwonag.e, also gives 62- vazas in. depit We a/.e allowed
only /6 vaznas of indenlion. paltion ( /I vawa iLch on. 8") witA a heiAht of 42 vc/ana,
we gee only /0 fee in. lent,. Bau ie doon. opening. u*s ien 4 feel, giving a iotal of
/4' inside, exactly ie exiting. dimension. TAhi wall ( oniginaLLy ie soutd and outside
uall of Room A) is actually, whowevel, /4" "ink, wikA a toial of appwoximacely 3" of platdea..
AddiUional uwal a,,e speciL ed foa. i&e ,tainwell: ( again. pn.e~uiing. ie said 4-
Aeighz.} 2 valwa along. He no/wA waLL pLum about /2 vanaj of a weAl wall ( pwbably added
by Sdarckez a6t e rwoAwed co/zne/). The dining ocn haa4 an addzitLonal /2 valnaM of 4ou-th
malL, wAhch cannot now be Located unw-il te joutAwet /wanom can be dau.. Ahen.e Uad a cup-
boand undez. iAe Atiait,, a" uwual. Boik doozA. and windowA had iwon probably hing ea and
lachAes. The/.e wa alio a wood kitcAen wihA a majonny chimney ( wcA appeanz in. Ate doc-
umenit, probably lying. to ie douhwejz and utat conveyed to Pan.ede' and ILeplaced by A/d
Aouse.) The well to ie n/eaz. of 52 Si. 9eoag.e Si. Aioww wean. on all fPo/. jides, indicating
common use by boi& po/peniLea.
Adding, iogeiten,. he docutnents, ihe an.chaeolog.y and iAe an/cA;tectuaal examinations of
tAe dazuciuAe, we obtain. a Aecuenftce aomneiung. lie ithi.:
About i761 Fenando Rodrigue had hla to te not& of uiA olden. fiame house, using ihe full balance of A/is land so iAata tke new
/oomn touched iAe zouAt wing of R'aimundo Aanitvaj' houae. ( Al.chaeology on :-te AA.i.vaA House
site uncoven.ed tiA wing., shown on conIenponaay maps, zeacking. &he joutA boundary of e Ae
pnopenldy and &ouohing iAe no/Mt Rodlauej wall, siill landing..) This4 house passed to
Anrzonia Aveno by will, and is z.econ ded by de la Puenie on Ahi map in. 763, and appeals
again on. /on.cLefj's map in /765 a owned by / Kip ( now cleanly a one noomw houe against
iAe nonrhA boundary), on de Soliz' map of 1/766, and on de la 1Rocaue's map of /788 ( now
"in tAe cujiody of Don Anronio Fenridez", on.-inraw of Antonio Aveno}. Ii is a on.e anom
done house wiA a flai noof. Bui ke Lo as hAnow enilaned f 1m 15 vanas to 23. i
again a "small mason y house" wLA. a 23 vana lLot when. SdncAe pua.chased i.t in /79/. During,
iAe next 4en. yeaaej he enlanzg.ed it to the soudh to fill exactly one half hi fwnontaae,
naiZing. ite gan.den wall fon. an exi'za owom, added a new ceiling. wAtil beaded s and
flooring oven bok noomsw and probably a second .&on.y on. Lofp wiA an "outside" jaiuAWell
io it ( possibly raising. thAe wavdl a fool on. iwo io get bet/en. head heigAh unLde/L a slop-
ng. "Ahngle" noom &o replace ie old flai noof. )
In 1803 Sa'cAhez' widow Aold ke souwi half of ie pnopen,4y to Yuan. 'an.ede,, with
ite niAt to n.einfoa.ce kis house again hAen. husband's "n'ew" house. Aan.edej also naid.ed
ihe garden. wall, absonbed ihe bulging fin.eplace and chimney in Ais nontA. wall, and added
Sown. fin.eplace, connecting. it in;o San~ckez' flue ( as i6 i isodayu). He too adopted tAe
/1 sjonly tiyle ( whicA old photos jhow in fAequeni use in boiA wooden, and masonzy build- 4
ingxs ~nAwgAou ie city. )
i& 4, /8/3, Pedwo Fucha bougAht ie soutA half 1uana a ,ede. and less han.

a moanh laZ*elz, -the noa/A haLf fom flMI. Sa'nchez. He was atiul owrmenl in 1820, bid in
1834, on CLemen; map, t, haa fpaed to SRephen Annau. &JAel Fucha o0n Ainau replaced
Aie Low San.chez. second j*obyg wiA a fine wood second d,6ony. New 4iren/i and fIooLm
welze added on ;op of Sa'nckez' beaded joL.LV& and fooniing, and a ceiling caAtLeed aczwo4
#Aen beLow. He Aen comnd.iuded a new wood fAiLd jo,&u aeaz ( wejd/) waUl -o confoman wLt6
}Ae dimenzi-onr of hA second donAy. Sk may. have been tid., between nor/k and 4ouidl. atn-
den uwutL, wh,Ai. cJLea-ted bo*it wej*{ owoma4 fo/i *he fi-L *time. The onr.l nmajon aLtenati.on
uince tAzen uaA ihe /zeplace,7en.t of_ Ae two eaj* windows- w A la/ze /Aop windows, wh c. in
iuna. weAe .enmoved and placedcd biy h.e pazeaen. ownenA ti. and In.w. WaLtelz. Ciawbuch in 1962.
Pie louje again Looki ad i. mudji have in mid-nin.eeeni/i cent4an.
Thula we have Aene he lidLe RodLzaueS-Averw lwoue, added to by Sanch/ez and enluavged
again by Fucha oL. Almau. By Aie nZandatds uded to name hou-ie4, Ae name of hAe original
unid comnej fA/t, followed buy Ae ownel wwho gave Lt 2- maiol. enla1igened. Since aLt can
be argued wkeh.eA. Sdanceg on Fucia-Anluau conru:buted mo4t, and we do no;t Aiww uALh.cA of Aie
ladten did jo, we may 4easonabl) -ti & e Lt l&e Rod4luez-Sa'ncuAez ouwe. On, in ondeIl to
make clean. iL nelationxALp 6o ;hte Aveno complex Anlowunding. t, te RodqiaueS-Ave1wo-
Sn.cAe3 houxe.
,cz.we.t 6(qan.i e W. Newton, Oecenbe t /0, 1/962
Room 0 Room C AnchaeoLoaica-L noe, by R. H. Sie.inacA.

Room 8 Room A no Ah

S5. geonlge Sueet

"Of1 wat imnpo&ance,
tAen, ia fIe 4edIora4ion
of a anLL b6dde in an
old ci-y ou&dide jte main-
41./eam of modern hAitory?
Of no impo/dance, peiap",
except aA a a4 ding ~,e-
minden. of cowrlinui., of
Ake ienarcidy of man uwo i
nro only a dejawnyen bu.a
aLdo a paILenf lteA eve/l
of AiL foLLie4 and faiLun.e4.
'When Akeit iLL Ld
cAudked and ded;otwed awLi
indtnicadvely be(in ad
r.e;IonaionrL /flenr are
nol o~ dLffen.e fam anmiA
in IAe gaead jchene of Iinrv
oien. Ihan ifn einA capaciLy
fonL jeeningLuy ,enelesi
de4IAuction. "

A4 A 1ouAna, Vol. XXXX, No. I
anraY, /1963, p. 106; fAn an
edidoniaL in SeaULe ouwnal of
Comnneatce, an. 3, 1962.

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