Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 19
Title: Historic Preservation Grants-In-Aid Special Category Application From
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Title: Historic Preservation Grants-In-Aid Special Category Application From Restoration of the Historic Paredes-Dodge House
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 19
Physical Description: Application/form
Language: English
Publication Date: 1990
Copyright Date: Public Domain
Physical Location:
Box: 4
Divider: Parades-Dedge House, Lot 19 Block 12
Folder: Parades-Dodge House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
54 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Parades-Dodge House
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 54 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896092 x -81.313202
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Ut: R

Project No.

(Assigned by Buireu of Hstrc?, sey n)
^mmit~ l i|nl 4T 6S.u o,.p-n-

1. Regional Planning District No. 4

2. Project title: Restoration of the Historic Parades-Dodge House

3. Location or address of project:

Address: 54 St. George Street

City: St. Augustine County: St. Johns

For archaeological projects and remote historic properties which cannot be located by street address, provide
the following location information: Township NA Range_ Section Also, include a map which
clearly locates the site or property as Attachment A.

Indicate Florida Master Site File Number, if known: ._ 8SJ1891

4. Type of project: V/Architectural _Archaeological Acquisition

5. Applicant name & address:

Full name of organization: San Agustin Antiguo Foundation, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 1987

City: St. Augustine State: FL Zip: 32085

Federal Employer Identification Number: 59-6001874

SAMAS No..(State agencies only): 450000-20-2-510004-45700200-00-0004

6. Type of applicant: -Government unit or agency _Non-profit organization

7. Designated project contact:

Name: Carol Grigas Title: Grant Writer

Business address: P.O. Box 1987

City: St. Augustine State: FL Zip: 32085

Daytime telephone: (904) 825-5033

8. Grant funds requested: $98,500 Local Cost Share: $51,500

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\ \ O '7 -C-0 Florida Department of State
Division of Historical Resources
DOS Form HR3E070689


", "ta 1990

Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application

9. Project Summary: In the space provided below, briefly describe the project for which funding is requested.
This proposal is being submitted to request funds for the restoration and rehabilitation
of a one-half story Spanish Colonial style structure. The building, which is known as
the Paredes-Dodge House, was constructed between 1803 and 1813 and is located at 54 St.
George Street. It is one of only 35 surviving colonial structures remaining within the
city of St. Augustine.
Presently it is used as a commercial property. However, it is the intention of the
Executive Director to restore this building and interpret it as part of the Spanish
Quarter Museum's living history program. Thus, based on a staff analysis of the property,
work in the following areas needs to be carried out: preliminary research regarding
history, architecture, archaeology, paint analysis; site work; repairs to concrete,
masonry, doors/windows; refinishing the interior, and mechanical and electrical work.

10. Photograph: Attach 3x5 photograph of the principal view of the property. This photograph should be ol
suitable quality and clarity for publication. Include additional photographs in Attachment C.

11. .Applicant grant history: Hs the applicant or property received previous grant assistance from the
Department of State? Yes V No If yes, specify year, amount of award, Division which awarded grant
and project assisted.
SAAFI has received seven grants from the Department of State in the last 12 years:
1) 1978, $13,000, Division of Historical Resources, Historic Survey/St. Augustine Sites;
2) 1979, $101,000, Div./Hist. Res., DeMesa House Rescoration, St. Augustine; 3) 1984,
$7,000, Div./Hist. Res., County Survey of Historic Sites, St. Johns County; 4) 1986,
$8,410, Div./Hist. Res., County Survey of Historic Sites, St. Johns County; 5) 1988,
$11,740, Div./Hist. Res., Ribera Gardens Development & Interpretation; 6) 1990, $10,000;
Div./Hist. Res., Visions and Voyages in Healing; 7) 1990, $10,000, Div./Hist. Res.,
Community-Oriented Discovery Room

- End Application Summary -

(To be submitted by August 1, along with attachments.)

tt I

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Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application


12. Cost Estimate: Provide a detailed breakdown of estimated cost for each major work item for which grant
assistance is requested.
The cost estimate for the restoration of the Paredes-Dodge House is as follows:
1) Preliminary Research, Paint Analysis, $600, Architectural Drawings, $5,000; 2) Site
Work, Landscape Garden (historic), $8,500; 3) Concrete and Masonry, Grind, Repair Tabby
Floor, $5,000, Replace Coquina 2nd Floor, $2,200; 4) Structural, Stabilize Structural
Steel Implants, $1,800; 5) Carpentry, Rebuild R6of Rafters, $8,800, Remove Shingles and
Replace with Hand Split Shakes, $8,500, Reconfigure Roof and Correct Overhang and Front
Facade Work, $4,100, Re-build Rear Room, Stairs, $9,400, Re-deck 5/4 x 8 Roof, $6,200;
6) Doors and Windows, Replace Front Windows, 1st Story, $3,600, Repair, Restore, 2nd
Story Windows, $2,000, Construct Historic Shutters, $1,500; 7) Finishes, Repair or
Replaster Interior, $4,600, Repair Plaster on Front Exterior, $1,000, Repair, Restore,,
Replace Interior Details, Remove Inappropriate Partitions, $9,000, Historic Hardware
(hand forged), $2,200; 8) Mechanical, Rebuild Historic Well in Yard, $3,-200; 9) Electrical
Remove and Reconfigure Electrical Service, $2,500, Rewire Elect'rical, $1,800, Fixture
Allowance, $1,000, HVAC (5 tons), $6,000; TOTAL Construction Costs: $98,500

Total project costs for which grant funds are requested: $98,500

13. Local Cost Share: List the nature, sources and amount/value of:.

(a) The local resources which have directly contributed to the evaluation, preservation, stabilization or
restoration of the property during the five (5) year period preceding the date of application.

(b) Resources available for the project for which grant assistance is requested.

The local cost share is varied in nature, and consists of: (a) During the five years pre-
ceding the date of this application, the local resources contributing to the preservation
of the Paredes-Dodge House has consisted of regular maintenance carried out by the staff
of the SAAFI/HSAPB. (b) The resources available for the restoration of the Paredes-Dodge
House are considerable and are listed below:
1) Preliminary Research, a. Historic/Architectural-Research, 300 hours @$13.60 $4,080,
b. Archaeological Research, 450 hours @$15.36 $6,912, c. Archaeological Excavation of
Well, 375 hours @$15.36 $5,760; 2) Site Work, a. Historic Research fpr Landscaping Plan
for Garden, 100 hours @$13.60 $1,360, b. Remove 2nd Story 1949 Partition, ---hours -
$2,000, c. Remove 2nd Story Floor, 1949 partition, ---hours $2,225, d. Remove Building
in Rear Yard $1,200; 3) Structural, a. Remove Later Iron Grates on Windows $150;
4) Finishes, a. Paint Exterior (historic) $6,800, b. Paint Interior (historic) $8,900
5) Mechanical, a. Remove Existing Plumbing $1,500; 6) Clerical, Accounting, Maintenance
480 hours @ 6.00 -" $2,890; 7) Project-Administ-ration, SAAFI/HSABB.Exe dtive-Director,
432 hours $8,610
432 hours $8,610 LocalCostShare: $51,500 '

THE PROJECT MUST BE DOCUMENTED. Provide confirmation documentation for each item included
in Local Cost Share in Attachment B.

14. Community size: What is the current population of community in which the project site is located or the
nearest community to the project location? 11,983

- End Project Budget Section -

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15. Age of property: Indicate date of construction of property and dates of major alterations or additions
(period of significance for archaeological site).
Built between 1803 and 1813
-It is one of only 35 surviving colonial structures
16. Original and significant historic uses: in St. Augustine.

17. Present use: Commercial

18. Proposed use: Living History Museum

19. Statement of significance: In the space provided below, explain why the property or site is historically,
architecturally or archaeologically significant.
The Paredes-Dodge House, for which SAAFI is seeking funds to restore and rehabilitate,
is significant for its historic, architectural and archaeological values. The building
has strong historic ties and associations; it is located in'the north end of St. George
Street contiguous to the oldest buildings in St. Augustine and, because of its ownership
related to the history of the local Minorcan community. Architecturally it is a good
example of the Spanish Colonial style, of which there are only 35 suth structures re-
maining in the city. It has a number of typical characteristics of this architectural
period: street-line construction; foundation and wall construction using coquina;
rectangular ground plan; double-hung sash windows; and stucco over coquina exterior
finish. As with other properties. owned by SAAFI, an archaeological exploration of this
site would yield valuable data.

20. Historical designation: Which of the following is applicable to this property?

Individually listed in the National Register
x Located in a National Register district

x Located in a designated local district
SDesignated as a local landmark
None' of the above

SIf in a district, provide the official name of the district:
St. Augustine Historic District

21. Protection of property: Indicate any type of local protection currently afforded the property. Provide the
required documentation in Attachment G.

.x Architectural review under the provisions of a local historic preservation ordinance
Preservation or conservation easement
Protective covenants
Other (specify):
None of the above

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Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application

Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application

22. Threat: Is the property threatened? Yes No x. If so, briefly describe the nature of threat and
indicate its immediacy.

23. Condition of property: Indicate, by checking the appropriate box, the present condition of the property.

Excellent x Good Fair Poor

List any specific factors or problems which contribute to the present condition of the property:

The property is in good condition, as it has been a rental property and conforms to all
appropriate ordinances. However, in order to.properly interpret the Paredes-Dodge House
as a living history property, circa 1803-1813, numerous changes must be undertaken.
The specific work that will be accomplished through restoration has been outlined
elsewhere in this proposal. Principally, the restoration would encompass substantial
preliminary research, site work, and structural, finishing and metal work.

- End of Property Description Section -


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24. Applicant's administrative capability: Describe your organization's past grant experience or the resources
available to meet the administrative requirements of a grant, should it be awarded.
Since 1978, SAAFI has received seven grants from the Department of State, Division of
Historical Resources. Additionally, in 1984, the Board was awarded a $27,865 grant by
the Institute of Museum Services. More recently, in 1988 and 1989, the St. Johns County
Tourist Development Board awarded SAAFI a total of $29,400 for two programs. The
successful realization of all of these projects dramatically demonstrates this agency's
ability to effectively administer grant funds.

25. Maintenance/protection/curation: Describe the means by which the historic property or archaeological
site affected by this project will be maintained and protected subsequent to project completion. For
archaeological projects in which the site will not be maintained or protected subsequent to excavation,
describe plans for curation of recovered artifacts.
Once the project is completed, the Paredes-Dodge House will become an integral
part of the interpretive program of the Spanish Quarter Museum. As such, it will
be open to the public and be the focus of a program of maintenance, protection and
curation equal to the standards typical of a member of the American Association of
The plans call for archaeological excavation of the well on the site. All recovered
artifacts will be cataloged and a report will be written by the staff archaeologist
and published by SAAFI.

26. Project planning: For the appropriate project type, indicate the highest level of project planning completed.

Construction documents
x Other

Research design
SAnalysis, curation,

Outline management plan
Complete management

If other, describe: detailed d Cost Estimate

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Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application

Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application

27. Detailed Description of Project Work: Describe each major element of the project work in sufficient
detail to demonstrate that the work will be carried out in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's
There will be four major stages in the restoration and rehabilitation-of the Paredes-
Dodge House:
1. Planning this would include all preliminary research, including the historic,
architectural, archaeological and interpretive aspects of the project.
2. Construction at this point, the structural modifications to the building and site
would be undertaken. It is possible that the archaeological work on the well will also
be carried out during this time period.
3. Fabrication all of the construction relative to the historic interpretation of the
house would be completed.
4. Implementation all policies and procedures regarding the interpretive program,
staffing and marketing would be on-line. A formal and official "opening" would be held
as the final' step in presenting the completely restored structure -to the public.

28. Tentative project timetable: On the graph below, indicate all major elements of the project for which
funding assistance is requested, the anticipated time required to complete each item, and the planned sequence of
these activities. Month 1 is the project start date. Projects should be completed within 12 to 18 months.

Project activity Month: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
A. Planning x x x x
Construction x x x
C. Fabrication x x x
D. Implementation x x

Indicate any critical dates associated with the above timetable and explain why they are critical.

- End Project Planning Section -

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Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application


29. Educational beiefilt: Explain the educational benefits of the project.
The restoration and rehabilitation of the Paredes-Dodge House will have educational
benefits in several areas. Careful records, including photographs and other document-
ation, will be kept of the historical, architectural and archaeological information un-
covered during the course of work. Moreover, Juan Paredes was a mariner and member of
the Minorcan community, two aspects that will be developed in the interpretation of the
restored building, which will become part of the Spanish Quarter Museum, expanding its

30. Economic benefit: Describe any direct economic benefits of the project. How will the project serve as a
catalyst for further preservation activity and economic development in the area?
The restoration of the Paredes-Dodge House will have an immediate and direct impact on
the economy of the city of St. Augustine. It is estimated that the project will cost
$98,500 to carry out, and the work will be undertaken by local contractors and vendors,
subject to State bidding procedures. Additionally, the project will add to the know-
ledge of Spanish Colonial architecture, especially regarding the Second Spanish Period,
1783 to 1821.

31. Public use: Indicate the extent to which the property will be accessible to the public upon completion.

8Hours per day 5 Days per week 52 Weeks peryear

Will the property be fully accessible to the handicapped? x Yes No. If no, provide a brief explanation:

Estimate the number of persons who annually will use or visit the completed facility (for archaeological
projects, if the site will not be accessible to the public, estimate the number of persons annually who will be
exposed to the interpretive materials and reports resulting from the project):
As part of the living history program of the Spanish Quarter Museum, the restored
Paredes-Dodge House will benefit from its significant visitor attendance; in 1989-1990
the museum was visited by 85,459 people and school groups'.

32. Benefit to minorities and the handicapped: Describe any direct benefit the project iill have on a specific
ethnic minority population or community, or the handicapped.
The handicapped and the Minorcan community will benefit directly from the restoration
of the Paredes-Dodge House. With the assistance of the Florida School for the Deaf and
Blind, special care will be taken to facilitate access to the structure. Because of
Juan Paredes' connections to the Minorcan community, this aspect of the history of
St. Augustine will be more fully developed and interpreted.

S End Public Benefit Section -

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Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application Page Nine of Eleven


33. Acquisition funding request: NA

Full Purchase Amount: S
Purchase amount shall not exceed the value of the property as determined by the appraisal, the average of two
appraisals, if two were obtained, or the average of the closest two appraisals, if more than two were obtained.

Acquisition funding request: S_
The maximum grant share for an acquisition project shall not exceed 50% of the Purchase Amount.

Area of property to be acquired (acres):

34. Minimum documentation checklist: The listed reports and instruments must be submitted with all
applications for acquisition grant assistance. These documents shall be included in the application submission
as Attachment F. NA

SCertified survey of the property;

Five-year title search;

Independent appraisal (two appraisals are required if value of first appraisal exceeds S250,000);

SExecuted title insurance commitment;

Executed option or purchase agreement;

Outline management plan; and

SNotarized agreement to execute protective covenants.

End Acquisition Project Requirements Section -


35. State House of Representatives District number and name of State Representative for the project location:

District no. 19 Representative: .Kelley Smith

36. State Senate District number and name of State Senator for the project location:

District no. 9 Senator: Bill Bankhead

37. Congressional District number and name of U.S. Congressman for the project location:

District no. 4 Congressman: Craig James

- End Additional Information Section -

Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application


The following supporting documents are attached to this application:

38. NA Attachment A: Location map for remote historic properties or archaeological sites (original and 14

39. Attachment B: Documentation of confirmed Local Cost Share (original and 14 copies).

40. Attachment C: 5x7 photographs describing the existing condition of the property or site (one set of
photographic prints and 14 xerox copies).

41. Attachment D: Letters of endorsement for the project and list of endorsements (one set of letters and
one original and 14 copies of the list). List shall include name of supporter or supporting
organization and date of letter.

42. Attachment E: Architectural project schematics or construction, documents (one set only). If
completed, submission of these documents is also required for acquisition projects.

43. j. Attachment F: Acquisition project documentation (one copy only). See question 34 of this application
for acquisition documentation checklist.

44. Attachment G: Include citations for applicable preservation ordinances and copies of each legal
instrument (easement, covenants, etc.) which currently protects the property (one copy only).


45. Applicant certification: This certification must be signed by the duly authorized representative of the
applicant organization or agency before the application will be considered for funding assistance.

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and
that I am the duly authorized representative of the applicant.

Name (type or print) Earle W. Newton

Signature ,,

Title Executive Director Date L L I-' / ?

Agency or organization: San Agustin Antiguo Foundation, Inc.

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Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Application Page Eleven of Eleven

46. Owner concurrence: If the applicant does not own the property, the owner of record must sign the following
statement indicating concurrence with the proposed project and this application for grant assistance.

I, the undersigned, am the owner of the property identified in item 3 of this application and hereby
acknowledge my support for and full concurrence with this application.

Name (print or type) NA

Signature Date


City State Zip

Daytime telephone

47. Agreement to Execute Maintenance Agreement: For projects involving historic properties and those
involving archaeological sites which will be maintained subsequent to the completion, the owner, long-term
lessee or other responsible party must sign the following statement indicating agreement to execute a 10 year
maintenance agreement for the property, should a grant award be made.

I, the undersigned, am the duly authorized representative of the / owner, long-term lessee, or other
organization or agency having responsibility for maintenance of the property identified in item 3 of this
application subsequent to completion of the project for which funding is requested. I hereby indicate
agreement to execute a maintenance agreement through which the organization or agency I represent will
commit to maintenance of the referenced property in accordance with good preservation practice and the
applicable standards and guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior for a period of ten years from the date of
project completion. I further agree that the organization or agency will not make any modifications to the
property (other than routine repairs and maintenance) without review of the plans and specifications by the
Bureau of Historic Preservation and that every effort will be made to design any modifications in a manner
consistent with the applicable standards and guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior.

Name (print or type). Earle W. Newton

Signature CA/ L /a Date jL

Title: Executive Director

Organization San Agustin Antiguo Foundation, Inc.

Address P.O. Box 1987

City St. Augustine State FL Zip 32085

Daytime telephone (904) 825-5033

End Certifications Section -

AT (904)487-2333.

- End of Application -

SSan Agustin Antiguo Foundation, Inc.

Post Office Box 1987
St. Augustine, Florida 32085
(904) 825-5033

June 15, 1990

Mr. Jim Smith
Secretary of State
Bureau of Historic Preservation
Division of Historical Resources
R.A. Gray Building
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250

Dear Mr. Secretary,

I am pleased to submit to you San Agustin Antlguo
Foundation, Inc.'s application for a Historic Preservation Grant-
in-Aid In the area of Special Category for your consideration.

As allowed under the application procedures, certain
attachments numbers 39, 40, 41, 42, and 44 will be submitted
by August 1.

ordeal ly

Earle W. New on
Executive Director

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