Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 19
Title: The "Dodge-Watkins" House: From the Eleanor P. Barnes file.
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Title: The "Dodge-Watkins" House: From the Eleanor P. Barnes file.
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 19
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Publication Date: 1962
Copyright Date: Public Domain
Physical Location:
Box: 4
Divider: Block 12 Lot 19
Folder: Block 12 Cards of Lots 21, 20, 19, 18, 12, 4, 1, 13, 17
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
54 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Parades-Dodge House
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 54 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896092 x -81.313202
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The "Dodge-Watkins" Houses: From the Eleanor P. Barnes file.
A study of the area, only about one third of the block.

Bounded east by St. George, south by Cuna and west by Spanish.

1763: Puente, Sq. "D".
No. 67: Houses ef Arrivas(no need repeat here)

Me. 683 House ofAntonia de Avero( no need repeat, have her basis)
stone house, 15v x 35 v.
No. 69: Masonry houses of Antonio Jose Rodrigues, 23 vx 70v
Rbdrlguez married July 27, 1719 (Ph. 315, CPR)
to Maria Manuela Rodriguez. He was son of Jose
Antonie Rcdriguez and Gertrude Morales. She was
daughter of Augustin Rodri ues and Maria Agular.
His father.."ef Seville"..Her father "of Grenada"..
Both mothers were natives.
n-s e-w
No. 70: Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa, stone house, 16v x 46v.
This is the corner.
Sanchez Ortigosa married Jan. 18, 1714(Ph. 284 CPR)
Juana Thedora Perez. He died 1760, she 1761.
He was of Rhondo, Spain(Ronda) TIey were parents
of the well known Ffancisco Xavier Sanchez of
both British days and 2nd Sp. days. Also grandparents
of the other Sanchez boys in town during 2nd Sp. period.
Bernadino, Nicolas and Jose. (Being sons of J.S. de 0. Jr.
brother of P.X.)

Note: Both these families, No. 69 and No. 70 are
knewn as First Florida families and have descendants
in town. EPB..
Thus stood this section in 1763 when Juan Elixio de la Puente
took the head count.(or house count)

BRITISH PERIOD..Rainsford Block

Menerief: 1765.
Mr. ripp was on the site of No. 68 above. Property in question.
de Solis: 1766

Jeffery: 1769

If you will study these last two as much as I have you
will note that both had different ways of drawing houses.
You will note ame were in heckered fashion on de Solis
and some were sold an partly soli on OeySery.

I have checke-. out some of these and find tbh che-k:er. '-

1788 Rooque: Sq. 7.

No. 41 James Paras or Santiago Prades.
On the lot of Jose Peso de Burge(he was in planting
partnership with him)

Ne. 421 STONE HOUSE and kitchen of wood
Den Antonio Fernandez in charge. (Antonia de Avero's
son In law) If you use Rocque Measurements you will
get exactly 15 v. for the n-s measurement.

It is well here to look at the block for a moment as other
names often appear as south neighbor of the house we seek.

Behind Jaime Prades on Cuna was Sebastian Coll, Rafael
Hernandez was next on Cuna, Pedro Llul was next to him and
Pedre de Cuena was on corner. Spanish and Cuna. All these
properties could be said at one time or another to be south
border of ours(Dedre-Wetkins)

All these people were "of the Minorcangroup"...

Spain had returned in 1783 after 20 years of British
ownership. The Minoroans had come in 1768 to New Smyrna and
in 1777to St. Aug.

SANTIAGO PRADOS was of Minorca, was 50 years old
on the 1786 Census. No. 66.
Wife, his second wife to be exact,was Margarita Vivas
and of the age of 37. He had been married to Francesca Prats.
Hence the mix up and various ways of spelling his name.

Prados is mentioned on the Census of 1787 as well, was a
Catholic, wife and child, had a house on let belonging
to Pepine( pet name for Jose Peso de Burgo)
Prados listed in 1783 and in 1793 as well.
Still there on Tax list of 1790. BI. 12, No. 105.

He is important as he was father in law of both Francisco
Arnau and Pedro Fucha who figure prominently in this particular
area of "Dodge Watkins".. (See Father Camps, ty. pages 3, 19
also RIxrXKaUu Census 1793, No. 145)
Tax list of 1790: Bl. 12, N-. 104
Small coquina house and lot belonging to the king...Usboess
kitchen of wood..Bounded:
n.. heirs of Arrivas
s. Jaime Prados
e. St. Geo.
w. Spanish St.
23v x 71 v. It had NOW...since 1788 to 1790 picked up
8 varas of the Prades property or more specifically the
de Burgo lot..No. 41.

1191: Bee. No. 119. Jian Sanchez bid in this property.

Juan Sanch~z Is listed on C.nsn? of 17'.3
No. 126.
lej was 45 7rars old. So-' Lq Sano-t d C r:.a e te.
ra ~wife ^cs "c2r- CTstsnea, i70. GP,^ -i: v2"^r~t".- -- r~p-ar

S-- -- --W www~waw r~paw.vJ .LOUVIL

S803S -*oo. 31v, Governor White confirms this property
to bhot of Juan Sanehez. No. 104, Bl. 12, same measurements.

1803, No. 332v. Mrs. Sanchez sells one half to Juan Parades.
The south 11 and one half varas. She told
how property was adjudged to her by her
deceased husband with a HOUSE BUILT by hin.
But she sold the south half ..the lot..with
Same type house on it. (possibly part of that
old wooden kitchen house) Draw 15 v. add 8 from
from the south let.then split the 23 varas
in half (on the 1788 map) and you have the old
kitchen on or close to the south half.

1813 March 4. Esc. llv. Marin, acting for Juana Parades
sells to Pedro Pauha THIS SOUTH half, with a HOUSE
built by her father...This is the so called Dodge.
Rightly titled now the PARADES HOUSE, 1803.

Some 22 days later. Eso. 29v. Mrs. Sanchez sells the north part
with WOODEN HOUSE to Pedro Pueha. So now Pedro has both places.
Nothing Gaspar Arnau had been renting from Mrs. Sanchez before she sold.
n Gaaspar Juan Baptista Parades married Elizabeth Ridavets, Dec. 19, 1706.
Arnau yet.
EPB. Ho is listed on the Census o 1786. Juan Baptista Payeres.
Of Majorea. He had a daughter, Juana, 18 months old.
Wife was Elizabeth Ridavets of Minorca. She was 28, he was
31 and a sailor.

Pedro Puoha was of the Minorean Colony. On the 1783
Oensus as a bachelor, on the 1786 Census with wife, Praneesea
Pretoe, daughter of Jaime Prades/Pretos. (No. 82, 1786)

1820 Pedro Paeha was still owner of the houses.
By 1834 Stephen Arnau was listed as owner. (grandson of Santiago,
Jaime Prados, son of Francisco Arnan who married Prados, da-ughter
Clara Petros/Prades..

It is only sensible to assume that it was Pucha who took both
the houses and made them into one house. He was the only
owner who had TWO(not too old house) side by side. Recall Sanehez
built his on the north half after 1791. Paredes built his on the
HE BUILT A HOUSI2..1ftO. berefore the man who joined the two had
to be Pueha. And the persons w nting to separate the two by
cementing the doors had to the EXT owners..the Arnaus...after 1820
and pre 1834.

No still have in that area the old 2nd Spanish
House, the PAREDES HOUSE, 1803..and the SANCHEZ HOUSE, 1791-1801.

Maybe the twe(if ever they are owned solely) could be called
the Puoha house, 1813 but the PAREDES and the SANCHEZ, the JUAN Sanch4
is more correctly the proper title. NEVER..the Rodriguez.

It was Arnau(the Watkins or old Juan Sanchez place) until 1865 or
1866 then to my grandfather, Rescoe Perry. He was a Yankee who
was stationed here with the 1'hConn. in the days of the Civil
War. Grandma was a Minorean girl. They married Oct. 1865.
This was their first home.
Jan. 4thl867 Pe-r sold to V'rvs St'-y T-

And em the "Dodge"-Paredes part Arnau was passing the tans
and they in turn to James P. Ddege in 1900.


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