Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 11 – Lot 2,3
Title: [Research notes on Block 11, Lots 2 and 3]
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Title: Research notes on Block 11, Lots 2 and 3
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 11 – Lot 2,3
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Copyright Date: Public Domain
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Box: 4
Divider: Block 11 - L 2, 3
Folder: Block 11 Lots 2, 3
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.897635 x -81.313665
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i IUo at aty Oates
"OwItroe made muoh mo y tfro the rose t e as people frequently g
h m from 25 oeats to fo the privilege of themselves cuttian a Ilm
gh aleo had an orangery covering much of the lot. The ees
ere seedlings and very lar described as big as 'oak trees'.
eN descendants of the rose tree exist that have been traced.
Oliveros was a mtial worker Had a shop on the St. George St. face
of the middle lot He was known as a locksmith, a coppersmith and
a blacksmith. Be repaired watches guns also. Said he learned his
trade in Spain .
His slaves refused to leave when freed and he gave the Nanas
a house on the Spanish street end of the lot where now is the Under
taking concern on the west side of St. "eorge.

S Oitations- c

1764 Elxie de la Puente map and ttanslatione- Photostate Webb
memorial Library Historical Society St. ugustine from Buckingham
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1787 Spanish Escrituras Translation Webb Memorial Library
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1785 "a *n ** s
Oliveros family No. 9 Saragosea St.

1 6f-

Faeritftu, 16 July 1W 4S7^
.6 February 1787 ;


Sale July 1 Thoeas Orr representing Alex. Macqueen
sold to Antonio Aleantar (signature Antoni Canter)
wooden hoses on lot in Charlotte St., bounded E. by
La Mariar, W by said street, S by Simon Estevee &
others, I by Josef Ponse (Certified to be lot sold in
1772 by Wi. "ilson to tebert Bonsall being 1/S of a lot
size not specified. Deed 1779 from Alex. Mill & wife
(daughter & heir of Bonsall) of part of a lot supposedd
to be above 1/5 known as No. 1 Ogilvie Block, bein
central part of said lot, 33 ft. 6 in, on E side of
Charlotte St., and 53 ft. 3 in. on Bay side, N & S 156fte

Blook 5, Roeque 130

Tnx c 1800

29. To-,,c o' ccq'i a nnm Tot 7 C Jo'se Tn?e -4"it1, '-l.

Invextories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.

No. ?9


uesada's List
ear of 1790

Utl:"']-work rWIr L. .c.': '!'" i' of
*oC- "oiZzt Iwit1h deed.

2. Street of San Carlos
C^ULn aL- Sit-

No. 51. Mariansa Inatidaughter of Nftael rand of Antonii Casanovas,
widow of 34 years.
Marcos Andreu son of the said andi of her itceased husband
of 11 years.
Antonia daughter of the saci of 9 yeats.
Rafael her brother of 7 years.
Antonia Purcel, daughter of the first husband of the
said Lariana of 13 yeats.
1 1 slave, not Baptised.
Pedro Furnelles son of Jual, ainl of JuanIv Huntana of 33
years, bachelor. Associated.
1 Francisco Pons son of Josrf and of ilaria Capella bachelor,
of 38 years. Associated.


p. 297v

Qutesada' a List
Year of 1790
Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.

Square No* 5

No. 51 Wooden house of Marcos Andrus on King's Reales
lot bounded: N. by house of Antonio
Canter, S. by a house of the King, E. by the
Main St. 6 (N-S) x 14 v. @f rr per sq. V. 5

r c 1800
Square 5

.0. tWoden hors"^ and 1c+- of Pnfinto Cant(ero?) witi deed,

Quesada's List
Year of 1790
Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.

Square No. 5

No. 30 Wooden house. with lot. of Antonio Canter
with deed.

Spanish Census
Ph. #25 Sheet 12

Alexander Macquin: Native of Scotland, his will to avail of Span-
ish protection and retire to the British Dominions, he has a wife and
three sons (or children) his profession merchant of dry hides, he
has nine hundred acres of land in three divisions on St. Mary's
River, with documents, eighty miles from this City, he has four
houses on one lot, his property, in this City above the parsonage,
he inhabits one of them, he has two slaves, (Note) He retired with
his effects October 20th. Don Thomas Orr shipped two pieces slaves
pertaining to him (Macquin) that he had left fugitives.

Block 5

Eorituras, 12 January 1799
22 November 1800

p 528 AcknmwleOdf lnt of dowry be Novo 22 Pedro Fornellr married
r Mr 1t9 1794 to Mariana Tudorina, widow of Maraos Andrew
(2d. marriage) brought as dowry & capital, wooden house
n Calls Real, a small shop & a slave woman; all valued
at 1000 peses. Fornells promises to pay that sum to wife
r her four bcildren (by two former marriages) in oea
their union should be annulled for any legal reason.

Block 5, Assessor's Inventorl 31

Esorituras, 12 January 1791
20 December 1792

p. 245v Mortgage July 19 Mark Andrews wooden house on King's
lot #51 & another on Calle Marina writtenn Maria.-
is there such a street in this locality,) Blook 22,
#170- pledged for payment.

Bleok 5, kAsssaor's Inventory 31, Block 22, As*e*or's
IWat y 170

T8a c 1900
Squpare F
31. Wooden hous o. .rcos And ~rs on the Kirng' lot honnded in
front by th~ 7, -or, y t se f nono Tnt-r-o,
an.d by t) Kir-'shos hd',; i',s -o: ve, ont in front ?-S six
yards and a healf, -- ,-;t six o
yards d lf, h ; n Witzo which amounts to (1)9(1)
Note. r t3he ?isth of tA 're"id .arCos AnIr-w the sbove
o eni h lot passed d ?) to ~oL iv.ow Moria Andonina (?)
children (remal.ned livin- ~ a dav hter ?) contracted
marrIate with Pedro ..? c'i n .. o r 1c00
e.. to restore it,
Note ril 16, 180F (?) 'as is-ued by this GovernPent title
n -"orrtu.ty o the afo o-'i~d ?ao7 "orne(ells) v:hich
inherit by .virtl of the eu 3 of 17th .uine 80!


Esorituras, 3 February 1803
29 December 1804


91 Sale with Paot6 Pedro Fornells to Don Bernardo Segui 2 holes
and retrw ene stone one wood both in a lot fronting the
first on Royal St. the second la Playa boundedboth on the
North by the house and lot of the heirs of Antonio Alcantar
South by another of Don Pedro Cocifaclo between two on the
front Royal ISt 6* varas on the Marina 9 varas North and
South on the side East and West 25 varas the stone house
was built at my expense another little house of wood from
my wife Mariana Tudorina and her children (some account
follows that I cannot translate) 22 Novt 1800 that of wood
sold to Don Manuel Veles entered 22 April 1801 in Archives.

Block 5, Assessorts Inventory 31, 55

Escrituras, 3 February 1803
29 December 1804


89v April 16 Governor White to Pedro Fornells lot 21(should be 31)
Block 5 belonged to Maria and Andrew house of wood 19th.
July 1791 Eariana Tudorina his widow with children married
Fornells. Front North to South six varas East and West
fourteen bounded on the front by Calle Mayor North house
and lot of Antonio Cantar East another house and lot of
Fornells South another of Don Pedro Cocifacio.

Block 5, Assessor's Inventory 31

Escrituras, 3 February 1803
29 December 1804


254v Return sale (Oct. 10?) D. Bernardo Segui to Pedro Fornells by
deed 18 April of"this year house of stone another of wood
on the lot fronting Royal St. the second the beach, both
bounded North with lot of Antonio Alcantar South Don Pedoe
Cooifacio measuring from on Royal St 6j varas on the Bay
(?) varas North to South on the side East to West 25 varas
the whole for 1254 pesos contains reference to a mortgage.

Block 5, Assessor's Inventory 31, 33

Escrituras, 2 January 1801
30 December 1802
p. 292 July 7 White confirms title of Pedro Fornells to let 33
block 5. Manuel Velez having built on it sold to For-
nella Apr. 22, 1801. Measures N S 9 yds, E W 11 yds.
Bonred E by la Marina, W by house of Fornells, N by
Jos:e Ximenez, S by Pedro Cooifacio.
Block 5, Assessor's Inventory 33

Esaritures, 3 February 1805
29 December 1804

256v sale (00tO?) Pedro Foroells to Do Miguel Crosby priest of Parish
Church as described in previous deed above they belonged
to Mariana Tudorina his wife and her four children in
archives 22 Novo 1800 that of wood from Do Manuel Velez
by deed 22 April 1801.
Block 5, Assessor's Inventory 31, 55

Escrituras, 10 January 1805
6 December 1806

235rT am Sale July 28 Miguel Crosby-Bryan Connor, two houses on
one lot, one of stone the other of wood, the first fronting on
Calle Real, the other on the Beach. Both bounded N by heirs of
Antonio Alcantara, S by Pedro Cocifacioe Lot measures on Calle
Real 6 yds., and on the Marina 9 yds. N S; depth E & W. 25 yds.
Bought of Pedro Fornells Oct. 31, 1803.
Escrituras, 2 January 1801
30 December 1802

p. 41 Sale Apr, 22 Manuel Fernandez Veles- Pedro Fornells house on
King a lot Calle de la Marina which forms E boundary;
house & lot of the purchaser bounds it W; Jose Ximenez N;
Pedro Cooifacio Se House built by himself, lot granted by
the G Vt& Meqaures N 3 19 yds. X W 11 yds. Noe 33, June
15, 1791.

Block 5, Assessor'v Inventory 33

maac'Se .List
ear of 1790
Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.

Square No, 5

No. 35 Wooden house with lot of Joseph Ponze
Maones with deed.

lav c 1800
3sqn; re 5

sale at p c 1800

Sau arne N* 5
No. oo4 Woode hn hou^ se Anh lot of Atoic Alcntr

Quesada's List
Year of 1790
Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of there yeaKi

Suarie Sste 5

No 34 Wooden house with lot of Antonic Alcantar
with deed.

1793 29 Street of San Carlos
Census adL^ 1j SI "

No. 52 Antonio Canter son of Akustin and of Prarldes. Venent of
39 years, absent.
Catalina Costa his wife daughter of Domingo and of
Maria Ambros of 30 years.
Agus tin son of the said of 17 years, absent.
omingo his brother of li years.
aria sister of 8 years.
atricio brother of 7 years
4 slaves 2 of these baptised. /0

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