Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
Title: [Photocopies of newspaper clippings re: women's exchange]
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Title: Photocopies of newspaper clippings re: women's exchange
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
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Language: English
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Box: 4
Divider: B10 L1 - Dr. Peck History
Folder: Block 10 Charlotte St.
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
143 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Dr. Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Peña-Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 143 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.893507 x -81.312774
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ny Pl j d 's onAt Woman's Exchange, Custodia For

"Many Patrons Will Enjoy Thurs daysiuncheoAt Wo an's Exchage Custodian For
Woman's Exchange; Women Invited To Display Work Spanish Treasury, Has Fine Service
S. St. Augustine, the Oldest City, is mainten.
Thursday is.luncheon day at the or two "i'opping in" will be wel- has a number of oldestt" and'one northern er
Old Spanish. Treasury, and a .spe- comhed, and cared for as space is of he oranto which it entrance f
a pla avaineble. and -also f
Theial day for any weekly,enus are planed points with pride as having a long nop mayo
members' of the winter colony, for weeks ahead, as members of the and distinguished service' is 'the of women
on' tlat day each week the Wom- board of managers rotate in pre- Woman's Exchange ... for several outlet for 1
an's Exchange serves a delectable paring, and serving the luncheons, years past it has been performing ting,' croch
luncheon from 12 noon to 1:30 -- The Old Spanish Treasury is a a remarkable civic work by acting also .for h
o'clock. treasured historical spot and pat- as custodian for the Old Spanish .preserves,
Throughout the season for years rons will find a guided tour -of the Treasury, and maintaining. a guide in seeing
past the Old Spanish Treasuiry has old mansion highly entertaining. service. and making
been the scene of many Thursday in the, northeast .corner of the It takes funds to 'carry on' the find a visit
'lincheor. parties as patrons great- building is "located the Woman's. activities of the Woman's 'Ex- Woman's.
ly enjoy .the friendly atmosphere Exchange. and patrons willfind a change, and one of the ways in Those fa
created by the sponsoring, organiz- visit there a delightful experience which the organization earns its itself, and
Station. as .displayed here are beautiful money is through the sponsoring of of antique
Much interest has been aroused handmade articles-many perfect weekly luncheons, put on each a tour of t
in town by the announcement that for'gifts-everything for a baby's Thursday, during the season. There "must" for
a table is being reserved for men layette children's dresses and will be another of these delightful Because of
only each .week. l4nzost iminedi- many other, items. Also here one affairs Thursday of this week, Jan- space in th
ately following this announcement will find candies, jellies and other uary 29, from 12 noon to .1~30 mark is n
Captain Tucker Gibbs arranged. a home made delicacies. The Wom- o'clock and reservations are now are some '
.,qncheon 'for a group often 'men an's Exchange offers a splendid being placed over 492, telephone of places in S
last Thursday. medium for women working at the Woman's Exchange. Luncheon tors are ret
Business men may "drop in" any home to place their work before mray-be enjoyedn- the garden,for' find' parki
Thursday without a 'reservation, a' discriminating public, .an wom- in: the house, depending on the plaza, and
and will receive prompt attention. en who do fine needework, make weather, and the wishes of the north on S
It is wise. for patrons entertain- fancy articles, baby's and chil- guests. fascinating
inp to make early,.reservations as dren's wear -are! invited tq place 'One of the services of the Wom- such an:im
tables are always in demand. One their work in the Exchange. an's'Etchang 'to-this community so well woi
... .. ...... '*


dance of a shop in the
id of the building, with
rom Treasury Street,
rom the palio: in the
be found tne handiwork
who are thus-given an
their fine sewing, knit-
eting, and other work; .
homemade jellies, jams,
etc. Anyone interested;
what women are doing
g in their homes will
it to the shop of the:
Exchange. revealing.
miliar with the .house'
its treasures, in the way
furnishings recommend
he building calling it a
St. Augustine visitors.
Sthe lack of parking
e vicinity, the old land-
ot visited as much as
If the 'other interesting
it. Augustine, 'but visi-
ninded they can usually
ng. space, around the
then walk one block
It. George to visit this
old house which has
pressive history and is
rth seeing.
''- Z

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laq ;o .xoquraoaqe ;o qcpi; oqsij Much interest is
I o pu~pznJr tn! ouo,, uwunwpodc1 ,the managers' tea,
IV ) i igbe held in the Old
iouz' sus1x a 81H IVIR poaa0kj ury, which is ope
J~up/ Xr~S t 'axpewdsa p sp ssu 5 rp p!nq l Wo n e's E xchange
JUACOJ Gq4 J1aqJ uOIs!ZoOp weouaxs Many beautiful
Aro8 011 ~aU a snood sxtI10 jewelry and old g
ss~toqaj sn suoelsci rr! 5:JX1loaned for the exhi
oql le ,sn puu Ourplinct pl o tl of some of these
ttioe qisaalsutu 2, pUU oqsp~ji a later late. Mrs.
q;uBl op 2u pa32i 'Aptlqne monI chairIman of 'this c
-0n4 sqxoaux I uvi8 s ipoqtlpa t 15utp appreciate receivilI
WAO posoua suolsonzsrp q n) Ho' the Old Sp
~p Biuoq .psunsuroi eq- a psq p~s 'ame to be saved
'P~ '6891 3" apes 2qppnq 54 u! outlined in the Loll
p'ap op~ut 7Wt Usoh 5lsm{ snoOoa from authentic rr
StEl0,1pauUlUT UnSoq sOZ-) Sea-S!S 'be noted that this
I r *9 pun A1InAiJ J iI danger of being d*
Osta 5O5iqlOus 5ty4 ;n Srulllnq Ro back as 1689.
atlioi ssu~pedoaqv A1.1u21sO IOUJ
i,,,uneq lnd, Joi aqy e~aq o~ i,, iDon Diego do Qui
Wunlloq saidox aq4 z sq[ ol, Almro,, and capi.
s%% aq 1?^BqI. pa)aunouuu oil uodn, F arriving 52
stsqj, 'tuMop Suq~lsr 3.o 1u~odi sq;? nro .rlu rrin
-X0tia; p d a Ito about 1086 to, tale
o tlm 4VqJ sasott UT pa*1il aaduties, found his
54t e~pus Stll 3 PBiI~lAUOS ~II~l the post office site
I -po susas ~uostuijut~uio *~the Royal Treasure
,70,10; OtIl pWOpIsuo3 2uIAVII,, 'aouaa
-*3 a '6891 '0o xoqtxxB;)aC 1 u ling at the corner c
(i4! )Oi -v b the Womlan's Ex
1,41.jud UIXT1 jo PCrose puoes oll) 1S1Georgme Streets
puV vutoibo'o amshackle conditi
M eq; au ~n ux,0 iro~; pun s~ p ordered sufficient im
peupu sq; no ,sa u o, s 0 o see ~n e done to m sake the
PO pUMA atil no. 4"1110w JO 80SIMlahe.D -a c the
.tsddi 'aoid S.Iaqi; MU utAble, -Done o h
od;ddn Isdoid Isaa0mqpripe [ lr onsibilty with
Ition living conditin:
quapU~syns aq prnoAr saivdatr atl
SAP.-i 4oic s cMajesty's Flor
-u5uxs 4mOO4J dn Itfl0 prm ttnives were little itt
*vouo' &;Du, dn 4 arn Putt w aarilanals jves e th
P TO G0T4 wM xop d n d 411 I pun ss ia n s governor's house, w
plo s; uItop q2Od o; 0110 old record.,
-puoa~s T.Uoit{ dS~f tueaq; o~ux ;ndf :*-.. a passage
-ptljs mtt; iawftuaq 0ju Ind['sip Could just, put
as6qul OCII pug--anoMprcord goes On to
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to apiviu sapsdar tautul aso qw .1o011
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aspss u sassaw [IV -.--- -- =l wea;
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-r pi. -i 49T udy, w-1~i1"/9

5, Saved For Posterity By I

vernor And Captain General I
being taken in shift job.' By the winter of 1689
April 15th, to the royal buildings were in worse I
Spanish Treas- condition than before. During a
rated by the rain, the governor, Don Diego, and
the treasurer, Don Juan Fernandez I
pieces of old do Avila, hadn't a dry room n1 a
;lass are being their houses and, wet or dry, the
bit. The history royal officials stoid a fine chance
vill be given at 1 of breaking their necks falling over
C. C. -Spades is broken floors. But before proceed-
exhibit and will ing with expensive major repairs,
ig further arti- the luckless officials had to produce
legal testimony that their houses
banish Treasury were leaky and dangerous.
for posterity is I On December 5, 1689, the gov-
owing, obtained Iernor issued a decree proclaiming
records. It will that his own house and the house
building was in of the treasurer were in need of
destroyed as far I repair and ordering that "the Mas-
ter Carpenters who understand
-'' house building such as is done in
roga Y Lossada, this garrison" present themselves
aain general of to him and declare under oath

n St. Augustine
e over his new
own house, on
and the house of
r, the old build-
if Treasury and
, now managed
:change, in such
on that he or-
mediate repairs
buildings habit-
governor's own
out royal sanc-
ns of His Cath-
rida representa-
iproved. At the
re learn from an
enl "merely re-
where his lord-
a bed" and the
I say that the
the Treasurer's

Luring two suc-
did that make




What repairs were required.
The energetic governor inter-
viewed five experts during the next |
four days: Juan Antonio de Hiiles-
* cas, master joiner and an artillery-
n man swore to tell the truth "in
years of age; Diego Tejada, an-
* other joiner and artilleryman, who
-thought he was about thirty years
Sold; Alonso Garcia de Laveza, Con-
Sstable of the artillery and master
ship's carpenter, about forty-six;
Diego de Ribas, master ship's car-
Spenter, seventy-seven, and Juan
de Soto, master house carpenter,
I about thirty-four years old. Each
man swore to tell the truth "inI
- the name of God with the sign of
Sthe Cross" and Alonso Solana, pub-
SI lic and government noItry, attest..
Sed each piece of evidence. Alonso
Sde Laveza signed his owvn state-
ment; of each of the others the
t:notary records that "he did not
* sign, not knowing how."
- All witnesses agreed that. but I
,, ;,os i n e 6'i r in:. ....sie'
'.a. earlier, the royil buildinigs
would alreadyy be completely ix 'i
ruins, because the work in coquina '
that was done--and the timbers f
put into them keep them stanld-l
ing." One joiner thought it would
be cheaper to pull down the old
structures and put up new ones. 'i
The other experts thought extein-
sive repairs would be .sufficient.
They advised the governor "to put ;
in new timbers, props, upper
courses of stone" on the ruined
buildings and to "make the walls
of the first story of coquina and
the second story of thin partition
walls and roof it with shingles." '
On December 10, 1689, the gov-,
ernor, "having considered the :fore- '
going information," became offi-
cially convinced that he and tile
treasurer lived in houses that were A
on the point of falling down. There-
Supon he announced that he was i
"ready to have the repairs begun."
The governor's readiness does '
not signify that repairs to the ,
old building at the southeast cor-
Iner of Treasury and St. George l
Streets were begun immediately. -
Frivolous haste was not included.'
in the building code of 1689. iMad- .
Srid had to be consulted. Long dis-'
tance discussions ensued over '
Building methods, obtaining mate-
rials without digging into the an-'
s nual subsidy, what to do with d
waste and salvage materials from
2- the old buildings and use of the
King's peons as laborers.
More than a year after the gov- .
Sernor's decision that the royal .;
11l,;1,3:: -r -eded repairs, the king '
ar.rr,: tiht His Excellency Ikn-w
wh i,.- >i talking about. A royal
;proclamatoin "done irn Madrid on
ithe thirtieth of December of the
year 1690" approved the Florida
Isoveror's proposals for pre-
iservation of thie A.yal oilat r.if
St, Augustind and directed that th

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