Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
Title: Statement of Thos. Forbes, New Providence, Bahama Island
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Title: Statement of Thos. Forbes, New Providence, Bahama Island
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
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Divider: B10 L1 - Dr. Peck History
Folder: Block 10 Charlotte St.
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
143 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Dr. Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Peña-Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 143 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.893507 x -81.312774
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'(Statement of Thos. Forbes, New Providence, Bahamas Island

By this Public Instzumentbe it known and manifest that on Saturday,
the 21st day of January in the year of our Lord Chirst A786, personally
appeared before me, Hnery Yonge, Esquire, Notary Public, by lawful
authority, dully admitted and sworn and registered in the office of
Faculties in His Majesty's Fi:h. Court of Chancery of Great Britain,
now living and dwelling in the town of Nassau, in the Island of
SNew ProVidence, one of the Bahama Islands, Thomas Forbes, Esquire,
who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposeth
and saith that the within is a just and true account of all monies
that came into the possession of this deponent and to his knowledge
and belief of William Panton, Esquire, the other acting executor of
the late John Gordon, Esquire, deceased either as rent or the sale of
a house and lot in Saint Augustine, commonly known by the name of the
Spanish Treasury, and that the same monies were disbursed andpaid in the
manner and bonafide for the purposes within mentioned and stated, except
the sum of eight pounds and eight shillings and eight pence sterling
which this deponent and the said William Panton passed to the credit
of the said estate and remaining in their hands, at the same time really
and in conscience believing the same to belong to the estate of the
said John Gordon, deceased. Thus done and sworn (the year of our Lord
Christ one thousand seven hundred and eighty six being written and inter-
lined in figures to wit: "1786") the date and year aforesaid.

/s/ Thos Forbes
Sn/testimony of the truth
s/ Henry Yonge, Noty Public Cd<
(Statement of Thos Forbes]

Exors .,

Dr. The Estate of John Gordon, deceased, in account for a house & lott
S sold under execution with Em Panton & Tho. Forbes

1780 Toisunry repairs on the said house 2 4' "
To cash paid the agents of Wm Clarke
of Pensa. ~ *,-,. f&. ~- 0 i'..,
for the amount of his account against
the said John Gordon for which he sued the
exors 3V. 341 .

To ditto paid for expenses on the above )
action by order of the judge ) 27 8 4

Ballance carried down 8 8 8
S378 17

1780 By six year's rent of this house
received of
Lieut. Governor Mou4trie down to
the time
it was sold at 30 pr annum 180 "
By sale of the said house under
execution at
Q the suit of said Wm 2a Clarke 205'.',0
Deduct fees charged by the
marshall for selling the house 63 : 198 17 .
By balance remaining in the
hands of the
aforesaid executors 8 8 8

Nassau 21st January 1786

/s/ Thos Forbes, Acting Executor
for the late John Gordon

Statement by Henry Yonge]

New Providence, Bahama Islands
By this Public Instrument be it declared and made known and manifest that
on Saturday, the twenty first day of January in the year of our Lord Christ,
one thousand seven hundre-ah-nd---ig-hty-six3' ,- Henry-Y-onge, Esquire, .Notary
Public, duly admitted af-sworn-, and-registered in the Office of Faculties
in His Majesty's High Court of Chancery of Great Britain, now living and
dwelling in this town of Nassau, in' the Island of New Providence, one of
the Bahama Islands, deputy Secretary and register of the said Islands,
do hereby solemnly testify and declare that I formerly resided in the City
of Saint Augustine in the Province of East Florida and was His_ Lajesty.'s
Attoi~ey-General_for the same: That I do perfectly and truly recollect
(6) and_remember the circumstances set Tfrth--by-Thos-Forbes,--Esquire, in the
| a esu2 account current and affidavit respecting the house and lot therein
Mentioned I having' -n~h ed the a Saat -b therein
stated whi&h I afterwards soTand conveyed away for the same sum of
S to hundred and five pounds sterling to W*Jil' Panton an 'Tho- y aorbes
merchants in the said City of Saint Augustine; Tathe a property
was sold under an execution grounded upon judgement obtaed by William
Clarke against the executors aforementioned as belonging to the estate of
John Gordon, late of South Carolina. Esquire, deceased; That I did firmly
believe the same but as the validity of spanish titles were in some instances
(more specially with regard to the large purchases made by_the said John
Gordon) disputed by the Br~itish-G-overnment- I applied to His Excellency,
Governor Tonyn for the King's Grant' to confirm -thesaid purchase, which grant
wit hthe subsequent conveyance to the saidvilliam Panton and Thomas Forbes,
will be found among the British records -of the aforesaid saed Province of
East Florida.

SThus done made declared the day and year aforesaid
S" 'in'the presence of William Slater, merchant, and John Dowland.

'In Jhtestimony of the truth

/s/ Henry Yonge, Noty Pub (Seal)

-- [Another statement of Thomas Forbes]

New Providence Bahama Islands /

By this Pubic (sic) instrument of writing be it known and manifest that
on Saturday, the twenty first day of January in the year of our Lord Christ
one thousand seven hundred and eighty sixpersonally appeared before me
Henry Yonge, Esquire, Notary Public by lawful authority, duly admitted and
sworn and registered in the Office of Baculties in His Majesty(s TXK'X-iW
High Court of Chancery of Great Britain, now living and dwelling in the
town of Nassau in the Island of New Providence and of the Bahama Islands,
Thomas Forbes, Esquire, who threupon solemnly and truly declares as follows
to wit: That he is the nephew and one of the executors of the deceased
John Gordon, Esquire, late of South Carolina, who in conjunction with Jesse
Fish, Esquire, made large purchases of land in East Florida after the
peace of one thousand seven hundred and sixty three and of some houses
in Saint Augustine being the property of the Spanish subjects residents
There; That the validity fto .'c.-.s beingdenied_ by the British
Government the saidJohn Gordon, embarked for England in the year o-If our
/ Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy two to exhibit and support
his claim to the lands he had there purchased but falling into a sickly
state of health he never did accomplish@ any settlement of the same
having for some years suffered a painful indisposition and died at
Burdeaux in France in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and
seventy eight; That the testator being in England in the year of our Lord
one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven upon his privat,.af'fairs.
the said John Gordon did appoint him (with others) attornies'76~all his
affairs in North America including those of Florida, but this testator
neither then or at any future time, received any particular

instructions whatever to the deceased'@ possessions there, he considering
that matter in suspense with the British Government, That he arrived at
Stint Augustine in the month of December in the year of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and seventy seven where he found a large house commonly called
The Spanish Treasury occupied by Lieutenant Governor MouAtrie who acknowledge<
himself tenant of the said John Gordon and some time after paid the testator
the arrears of rent for the same as/more particularly set forth in the
; ( !statement and affidavit hat some time after got possession of
S/another house on the Bay of SainftAugustine which being in a ruinous
i condition he repaired at much expense and became the tenant thereof himself;
That those two houses were the only property the testator ever got possession
of in Saint Augustine in the right of the said John Gordon; That in the
latter end of the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty he was appointed
by His Excellency Governor Tonyn, a commissioner to proceed to the city of
-Havana for the purpose of exchanging prisSoners of war, where he was received
and entertained in the house or Sr. Don Juan Elixio de la Puente, the old
acquiantance and friend of his said deceased uncle, John Gordon; That
during his residence in the said house, he was informed by Don Juan that
some houses in Saint Augustine had been conveyed in trust to his said uncle
by the Spanish proprietors and particularly, the aforesaid Treasury House,

for which he produced an acknowledgment to the same fact in the proper
handwriting of the said John Gordon, which filled the testator with astonish-
ment as he never before had been informed of any such confidential sales,
4 and the more so as the said house and lot had been previously seized and
sold as the sole and absolute property of the said John Gordon;

That he, the testator, also had a full conversation upon this subject with
the said Sr. Don Juan and Don Mianuel Ziburi ati- which Luciano de Herrera
assisted as interpreter, when he informed those gentlemen fully of the
predicament in which he stood as one of his incle's executors, that the
Treasury House and lot had been seized upon and sold by the creditors
and that every other part of the property which appeared to belong to the
said estate might be laid hold of in the same manner without the testator
having the power to save it, but that he advised the persons concerned
or their agents to give now Powers to Jesse Fish, Esquire, whom we all
know to be a man of honor and that to him the testator would resign the
possession and titles of all such property as had or might come to his
possession or knowledge under the predicament of these confidential trusts;
That the testator was at the same time, informed that the house on the Bay
of St. Augustine was likewise conveyed in trust, but no acknowledgement for
this or any other (except the Treasury House) was produced to the testator
Sto the best of his recollection; That he has always understood another
house to be upon the same footing which is situated in the North East corner
of the Parade and which was sold by his said uncle to one Robert Payne a
British merchant the money for which he believes, was remitted to the
Spanish proprietor or some of his connection at Campechy, but as this
transaction happened long before this testator had any knowledge of,
connection with, or authority over, the affairs of his said deceased uncle,
he cannot be positive as to the circumstances of this matter; That in
x xxxtgxi-xtx4hi words illegible left in England by his said uncle he
has found several Spanish Titles which shall be copied and sent forward
to Saint Augustine with all

convenient expedition; That he should be happy to make whole any of the
subjectsoi Spain who can prove they have sustained loss by his said deceased
uncle in consequence of those confidential transactions, but he has no
effects in his possession belonging to the said estate, on the contrary,
this testator declares that the estate of his said deceased uncle is at
this time indebted to him and his co-partner William Panton upwards of
five hundred pounds sterling.

/s/ Thomas Forbes

Therefor, I the said Notary, at the request of, and in the presence of,
Tghm the sd Thomas Forbes, do solemnly and truly certify the same the day
and year within written

In testimony of the truth

/s/ Henry Yonge (Seal)
Noty Pub

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