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Title: Historical Research -- Block 9, Lot 5
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Title: Historical Research -- Block 9, Lot 5
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 9 – Lot 5
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Folder: Block 9 - Lot 5
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
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P. O. Box 484 46 St. George St.


1. 1704 Puente Map

#152 Casa de piedra de Diego de Mexias

2. Puente Sale of Houses, June 4th, July 23rd, 1764.

Sold to Jesse Fish
#261 The house of Diego de Mexia -- 50 pesos.

3. Mr. Fish Account book:


30 N x 22 E varas

Diego Mexias

1763 For different writings 1768 For his house and lot
transferred by Franco sold to David Yeats,
Salgado . . . 30 p. h 1/2r. Sept.8 at


147p.3 rs.

For the deed (of his
house) and measuring
his lot

3 p.
33 p. 4 1/2 rs.

#91 Tomas Cordero (Animas)


1777 For deed and measuring
Feb.3 part of his lot 1 p. 4 rs.

1779 For deed of his
Jan.1 house and measuring
the lot 3 p.
# p. 4 rs.

#97 Don Franco de Aguilar y Puertas (Animas)

1777 For part of his lot sol
Feb.3 to David Yeats


For his house and lot
sold to Colin McKinzie
at 101 ps. 1/2 rl.

For the deed of part of
his lot sold
For the deed of his
house and measuring
his lot

2 ps.

3 ps.
5 ps.


For part o- his lot sold
to David Yeats at 16 ps. 7 rs.
For his house and lot
sold to David Yeats 181 ps. 1/2 r.

197 p. 7 1/2 r.


Feb .5
Sep. 8

17 p. 1/2 r

116 ps. 1 rl.

Historical Research Page two
Block 9, Lot 5

4. Puente's sale of Houses

June 4 to July 23, 1764. Sold to Jesse Fish:
#262. The house of Maria de Car. 25 pesos.

5. Mr. Fish account book:

#85 Maria Car

Debit Credit

1765 for the deed 1765 For her house and lot
Dec.16 measuring her lot 3 ps. Dec.16 sold to David Yeats
at 46 ps.2 1/2r.

6. 1783 Spanish census

Descent persons.

Don David Yeats: i.ative of Scotland, he avails to retire, etc., he has a
wife and four sons (or children). He is ex-secretary of the Province,
he has four thousand five hundred acres of land in seven divisions, in one
of them of 258 acres, five miles from the city there is a house, of all he
has documents of title, in another division in the plains called of Diego
a thousand acres, and another in the same place of 600 (acres) these two have
habitable cabins on them that pay rent; another of seven hundred acres on the
Nassau River, and the three remaining on the St. Mary's River; and another
division, which makes 8, of 300 acres in 12 mile swamp; in this city he has
three lots and two houses, his, in one of which he inhabits in George Street,
the other is in Charlotte Street; he has five slaves, two horses and four cows.
He is also empowered by General Brown who has six thousand nine hundred and
fifty acres of land in ten divisions; the first division is close to the outer
line and has three hundred and eight acres which is cultivated by the Minorcans,
another of one thousand four hundred and fifty with a good house and all the
corresponding offices, another of one thousand five hundred acres composed of two
divisions with houses and offices corresponding, another of 600 acres on the
St. Johns River, near the Big Lagoon, another of 2,000 acres in ,sq.ito,
another of 200 acres on the Guana, another of 300 acres 22 miles from the city
on the road from the city. He has 72 slaves, about 36 horses large and small
on the Guana, he lives with Major J'hite, with wife and son called Lochinvar.

(Note) He shipped the 8th of ve:,.r 4h slaves of Governor Grant and the
13th one of his.

Block 9

Historical Riesearch Page three
Block 9, Lot 5

7. Escrituras, 16 July 1784
26 February 1787

P. 175 v. Sale March 14. George Barnes, agent of William Clark sold to
Dimas Cortes a house on Street to the Plaza to Puerta de Tierra. (Howard
certifies to a copy of the grant to David Yeats of lot and buildings No. 3
Grenville Block, 2/10 of an acre--also document of Oct. 15, 1783 of sale
by Yeats to Wm. Clark, present holder.

Block 9, Accounts of Jesse Fish

No. 52

British Government to Yeats 366 p. 80;
Same doc. sale to William Clark.

8. -7 gS Escrituras, 16 July 1784
26 February 1787

p. 234 v. Sale. April 14. Dimas Cortes--Antonio Fernandez
2-story house on Street from Main Barracks to the land gate; bought
from Geo. Barnes as agent for William Clark. March 14, 1785.
(Dimensions not given.)

Block 9, Rocque 103

9. 1788 Rocque Map

#103 -- Masonry house with wooden second story, in good condition, owned by
Don Antonio Fernandez; with deed and land that it cites.

10. 1790 Quesada's List

#78 House and lot of Antonio Fernandez with deed.

11. Lot corner present Treasury and St. George St. northeast corner. Belongs
with Wall photo De la Rocque Map, Bl. 14, Lot 103 and 104, Antonio Fernandez.

Bartolo Genovar, native of St. Augustine, residing on Treasury Street states
he recalls the handsome wall structure on the St. George St. side of this
corner as shown in photograph. He states it was not torn down until a wing
extending toward St. George St. was added to the old Florida house that was
facing Treasury Street. No sidewalk allowance would be made by old owners
for Treasury entrance and the handsome wall was torn down to give entrance
and openings on St. George St. He claims the wall line was outside of the
present St. George St. side fence line, also that some of the wall supplied
rock for piers for new wing foundation. He has on his property next to
present corner lot a shallow pit and this shows old corner pier top a foot
under top of his lot. Has dug into other piers.

Historical Research Page four
Block 9, Lot 5

Book catalogue number 255 in Webb Memorial Library, Historical Society,
printed in 1869 says: "'There are still to be seen remains of some handsome
buildings. The remains of the Treasury show signs of architectural taste."

12. Northeast corner Treasury and St. George Streets.

1763 De la Puente Map and translation Webb Memorial Library, Historical
Society, St. Augustine, photostats from Buckingham Sm'itil collection, New York
Historical Society.

Lot, No. 152 owned by Diego Mexias 30 N-S 22 E-W. Stone house.

Lot 151 north boundary of 152 Stone, owned by Antonio Gallard 30 N-S, 22 EBW.

Lot No. 153 bounding 152 on the east, stone owned by Don Francisco Aguilar
y Puerta, 68 N-S, 18 E-W.

1788 De la Rocque map and translation Webb Memorial Library, Historical
Society, St. Augustine; photostats from Buckingham Smith collection, New York
Historical Society.

Lot No. 152 of 1763 becomes Lot 103, Block 14. House is flush with corner
of roadways--described by De la Rocque as of stone and some wood, property of
Antonio Fernandez. Large lot with deed and land. House has two rooms on
St. George Street side with a loggia or a long narrow room N-S length of house.
East of this is a similar long narrow room numbered 103 like the corner house
and joining it is a flush with street (Treasury) line room numbered 10 belong-
ing to Fernandez with "walls in good condition, no doors, floors or roof."

1834 Clement survey St. Augustine, photostats of blocks. Webb Memorial Library,
St. Augustine Historical Society; survey notes in Public Library, Florida case,
Historical room.

Block 14 becomes Block 9, Lot 103, of 1788 map becomes Lot 11 claimed by
William Clark--former owner, heirs of Jno. Vermonet.

Lot 151 north boundary in 1763 map is now claimed by Thomas Hasset for
former owner and Present claimant is John Drysdale.

On Treasury Street 10 of year 1788 the former claimant was Marinela Marshall --
"present" claimant is Darius Allen.

13. Escrituras, 3 February 1803
29 December 1804

340? Sale (N.D.) Don Manuel de Castilla Capt. 3kd Reg. Cuba and Dona
Rafaela Fernandez husband and wife to Don Juan Vermonnet res. a house two
story on St. George St. which bounds West, North lot of heirs of Don Gerardo
Forrester South a lane to the Marina, East another lot of Don FraciscoXavier
Sanchez which two story house of wood with kitchen measures on front North to
South 28 varas side E-W 43 1/2 vs.

Historical Research Page five
Block 9, Lot 5

Co-heirs with me the children of Seior Col. Don Antonio Fernandez and
his wife Dofa Victorina Guillen.

Block 9, Assessor's Inventory 78.

14. 1834 Clement Survey

Lot 11

Present -claiman: Heirs Jn. Vermonet.
Original claimant: William Clark.

15. 19o5

Charles D, Manucy and Robert Ranson.

Block lot 5: J. H. Lynn & Co. . . Hotel

Historical Research Page six
Block 9, lot 5


1. 1764 Puente Map

#153. Casa de piedra de Dn. Francisco Aguilar y Puerta 68 N x 18 E varas.

2. 1788 Rocque map.

#104 Two story masonry house, walls in good condition, without doors,
floor or roofs (ownership) same as the above (Don Antonio Fernandez).

3. 1764 Puente Map

Lot 154 Casa de tablas de Don Tomas Cordero 68 N x 27 E varas.

4. Puente's sale of houses, June 4th to July 23rd, 1764.

Sold to Don Jesse Fish #269, the house of Thomas Cordero . . .. . pesos.

5. 1788 Rocque. map

#105.- Two-story timber-frame house, in fair condition, ownership and terms
as those above. (Don Antonio Fernandez).

6. 1790 Quesada's List

#77. Wooden house with lot of the King occupied by Ana Ursula Andrade,
bounded: E by lot of Miguel Iznardy, W. by Antonio Fernandez, N. by
Gerardo Forrester, S. by a street called Old Treasury St.
25 (E-W) x 32 v. at 1/2 real per sq. vara. . ... . .. . -
For two chimneys 14s
For stone foundations and wood work 1200

7. 1791 Escrituras, 12 January 1791
20 December 1792

P. 101 v. Bond April 13. Thomas Travers bondsman for Manuel Marshall
who bought at auction house on Old Treasury St.

Block 9. Assessor's Inventory 77.

8. 1799 Escrituras 12 January 1799
22 ilovemrber 1800
P. 19 Sale Feb. 21. Manuel Marshall Bartolome de Castro y Ferrer
wooden house on lane of the Old Treasury leading to Marina, which bounds it
S. Gerardo Forrester N., Francisco Sanchez E., Manuel Castella W. Bought at
auction April 13, 1791. Lot measures E-W 26 yards, N-S 32. Inventory No. 77,
Block 9.

Historical Research Page seven
Block 9, lot 5

9. 1800 Tax List, Square 9, No. 77

Wooden house and lot belonging to the King, occupied by Ana Ursula
bounded front by great building called Old Treasury, E., by lot of
Iznardy, W. by Don Antonio Fernandez, N. by Don Gerardo Forrester.

Don Miguel
E 26 x 32

Item to the value of two chimneys

Note: That by deed executed on the 21 February 1799 by Don Manuel
Marshall- surveyor of lands (the above house?) passed to Don
Bartolome de Castro y Ferrer.

Note: That by deed executed on the 2 May ... Don Bartolom6 de&Castro
y Ferrer transferred the property to Agustin Buyck.

Note: Under this date title was issued in favor of Agustin Buyck for
the said lot and house in virtue of the Royal cedula of 17 June 1801.
St. Augustine, Fla. 10 June, 1802.

Escrituras 2 Jan. 1801
30 December 1802

P. 64 Sale Bartolome de Castro y Ferrer Agustin Buyck wooden house on King's
lot on lane of the Old Treasury, which is S. boundary; Gerard Forrester N.;
Francisco Sanchez E.; Manuel Castilla W. N-S 32 yds., E-W 26 yds.

11. 1802

P. 260 v.
to house,
and sold
N-S, 32.

12. 1802

Escrituras, 2 January 1801
30 December 1802

Actual sale, June 10. White confirms title of Agustin Buyck
and lot No. 77, block 9, bought at auction by Manuel Marshall
to Bar tolom de Castro, last holder May 29, 1801. Front E-W 26 yds.,
Bounded S by lane of the Old Treasury, N by Gerard Forrester, E. by
Sanchez, W. by Manuel de Castilla.
Block 9, Assessor's Invehtory 77

Escrituras, 2 Jan, 1801
30 December 1802

,P. 262 v. Sale, June 10, Francisco Rivera (?) for Agustin Buyck (absent)--
Francisco Xavier Stnchez, lot on street of the Old Treasury (same as above).

Block 9, Assessor's Inventory 77
(Inherited by Rafaela Sanchez Miles, Book 309, p. 171, Test. Proceedings.)


10. 1801

Historical Research Page eight
Block 9, lot 5

13. 1834 Clements Survey:

Block 9, lot 10

Darius Allen (Present claimant)
Manuel Marshall (Original claimant)

Historical Research Page nine
Block 9, Lot 5


1. 1764 Puente Map

#155 Casa de ripio de Da. Gertrudis Villaverde 41 1/2 N x 26 E Varas

2. 1764 Puente's sale of Houses, June 4th to July 23rd.

Sold to Jesse Fish
268 The house of Gertrudis Villaverde . . . . 0 pesos

3. 1788 Rocque Map

#106 House of thin walls of tabby, in bad condition, owned by Jorge Ynsman;
with Deed and land that it cites.

4. 1790 Escrituras, 16 March 1787
6 December 1790

P. 490v. Sale Sept. 10. John George Hindiman -- Miguel Iznardy,
lot 4l yds. deep and 26 1/2 frontage; has upon it old stone
house, in Treasury St., which is S. boundary, John Hudson N.
and Francisco Sanchez E.

Block 9, Assessor's Inventory 76, Rocque 106

5. 1790 Quesada's List

Square 9 No. 76

Lot of Miguel Iznardy with deed (no measurements).

6. 1794 Escrituras 9 January 1793
20 December 1794

L. 4l$. Sale. Nov. 22. Miguel Iznardy-John Andrew, lot on cross street of
Old Treasury, which street is S. boundary; Matias Guadarrama, N.;
Francisco Sanchez, E.; front measures 26 1/2 yds. ....depth.
Bought with house upon it from J. G. Haisn, Sept. 10, 1790.

Note from Alvarez without date: John Andrew sold to F. X. Sanchez. Book
370 p. 134.(r74s 7 S

7. 1800 Tax.List

#76 Lot of Don Miguel Iznardy.

8. 1834 Clements Survey

Lot No. 9 Darius Allen (present claimant)
F. H. Sanchez (original claimant)

9. 1905 Chas. D. -Ianucy and Robert Ranson Map
Block 9, No. 5
J. H. Lynn and Co. . .. . Hotel

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