Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 9 – Lot 1
Title: Specifications for The Spanish Exhibition Center
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Title: Specifications for The Spanish Exhibition Center St. Augustine, Florida
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 9 – Lot 1
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Language: English
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Box: 4
Divider: Block 9 Lot 1
Folder: Spanish Exhibition (Casa de Hildago) Block 9 Lot 1
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
35 Hypolita Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Casa de Hildago (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 35 Hypolita Street
Coordinates: 29.894857 x -81.312781
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1-1 "ork: The work covered by these drawings and specifications consists of
the construction of an Exhibition Building for the St. Augustine Restoration

The portion of the work covered by these drawings and specifications is to
be completely finished including all plumbing and wiring.

The title of the job is: The Spanish Exhibition Center

1-2 The general Conditions Of The Contract For:The Construction Of Buildings:
Standard Form A-2 of The American Institute of Architects, 6th Edition,
page 1 to 10 inclusive, except as eliminated, changed or modified in the
basic contract, or other contract documents, are by reference made a part
of the Contract between Owner and the Contractor.

1-3 The General Conditions of the Contract: The General Conditions of the
Contract are modified by the agreement and these supplementary General
Conditions as follows:

Copies furnished: Article 4 is amended to: The Owner will provide the
Contractor with 5 sets of drawings and specifications.

1-4 Repair and Clean-up: !hen the work is substantially complete, the Contractor
shall notify the Owner who shall make a semi-final inspection. After this
semi-final inspection is made, the Contractor shall remedy any defects or
make any corrections recommended by the Owner to prepare the building for
final inspection.

All utilities shall be connected and ready for use. All debris and Con-
tractor's surplus materials and equipment shall be removed form the site.
Finish floors shall be cleaned and waxed and windows shall be washed
inside and out. The grounds shall be left in a raked clean condition and
the entire project shall be complete in all respects.

1-5 The third paragraph of Article 9 is supplemented by adding thereto the
The contractor shall cause to be replaced any workman (or workmen) who,
in the opinion of the Owner, is unskilled, incompetent, or otherwise unfit
for the job assigned to him when so directed by the Owner.

1-6 Surveys, Permits and Regulations: The first paragraph of Article II is
amended as follows:
The Contractor shall obtain and pay for ALL licenses, permits, inspections,
etc., necessary for the execution of the work.
Owner shall furnish the Contractor with a complete survey of the entire site,
and mark property corners.

1-7 Changes in the '-ork: Article 15, shall be amended by adding the following:
All quotations or claims for changes in the work shall be substantiated
by complete itemized statements showing quantities and unit price for
materials, labor, equipment or other items of cost. Costs of labor and
materials shall be actual costs to the Contractor. The Contractor shall
submit receipts or other evidence, as the Owner may direct, showing his
costs and his right to the payment claims. Changes will be by execution
of a change order agreed to by both Owner and Contractor.

1-8 Correction of Work After Final Payment: Article 20, is amended by adding
the following:
Except as otherwise specified, all work shall be guaranteed by the Con-
tractor against defects resulting from the use of inferior materials,
equipment or workmanship for one year from the date of final completion
of the contract, or from full occupancy or use of the Project ( for which
it was designed ) by the Owner, whichever is earlier.

1-9 Contractor's Liability Insurance: Article 27 is supplemented by adding
the following:
The Contractor shall, orior to commencing any work under this contract,
file with the Owner satisfactory proof of carriage of the following
listed liability insurance.
1. Workman's Comoensation: as reQuired by State Workmen's Compensation
Act, covering all workmen employed either directly or indirectly by con-
tractor or any sub-contractor.
2. Public Liability: $25,000.00 per person, $100,000.00 per accident,
for bodily injury including accidental death. Property damage $10,000.00
per accident.

1-10 Builders Risk Insurance: Article 29 of the General Conditions shall be
entirely deleted,and in lieu thereof substitute the following:
The Owner shall take out and maintain, during the life of the Contract,
Builders' Risk Insurance, with extended coverage including Vandalism and
Malicious Mischief, in an amount of one hundred percent of the actual
completed value of the project.


2-1 !ork Included: All work required for the proper placing of the structure.
Labor and equipment necessary for all excavation, filling and rough or finish
grading, clearing of site and safety precautions. All existing structures on
the site may be used or demolished at the contractors discretion.

2-2 Preparation and Clearing: Area to be covered by the building shall be
completely cleared. Upon job completion the site is to be completely cleaned
of all debris occassioned by this construction. Particular attention is
called to any cement,.mortar and masonry droppings, and plaster. The site
is then to be fine graded to the finished existing grade.

2-3 Layout 'ork: Before starting layout work the Contractor shall check through
and verify all principle governing dimensions and should make a general check
of elevation and grades called for on the drawings. If any major discrepan-
cies are discovered, they shall be called to the attention of the Owner for
correction before proceeding with the work.

All layout work shall be done by competent persons in such a manner to
insure the following:
a. Location of building on site as called for on the drawings.
b. True angles and lines conforming to requirements of the drawings.
c. Establishment of all heights to insure accurate relationship between
various levels and grades as called for on the drawings.
d. Notification of Owner in sufficient time to insure check of all
layout work before construction begins.

2-4 Utilities Connections: Contractor shall make all necessary temporary connect-
ions of such service as he requires.

2-5 Excavations: Where ground conditions permit, footing excavations may be
made so as to receive footings without forms. However, if soil is soft and
will not stand a vertical cut, additional excavating will be accomplished by
the Contractor to receive wood forms. All formwork shall be removed prior
to any backfilling.

2-6 Filling: Filling under slabs on grade shall be made with clean earth depos-
ited in thin layers not over 8" deep, thoroughly puddled and machine tamped.


3-1 Work Included: All slabs, footings, walks, a step including their
reinforcing as shown and/or called for. Forms for concrete work specified
under carpentry. Setting beds for masonry work are not included in this
division. The Owner shall be notified in time to supervise all concrete
pouring, at least three hours in advance of pouring.

3-2 Cement: Cement shall be of such quality as meets the requirements of the
latest standard specifications for Portland Cement of the A.S.T.M.

3-3 Aggregate: Narural sand and gravel, crushed rock and other inert materials
free from clay, loam and organic matter, having clean uncoated grains free
from salt.

3-4 Reinforcing: Reinforcing bars shall be deformed bars of intermediate grade
new billet steel conforming to the latest specification of the A.S.T.M.

3-5 Welded '!ire Mesh: Wire for concrete reinforcing shall conform to the latest
specifications of the A.S.T.M. for cold drawn steel wire for concrete rein-
forcement. Wire mesh in all concrete slabs on ground shall be 6" x 6"
#10 ga. x #10 ga., as called for on the drawings, and shall be placed near
the middle of the slab. Provide minumum side laps of 6 inches.

3-6 Vapor Barrier: Shall be 4 mil Visqueen under entire concrete slabs, and all
other slabs on grade (this does not include walks) shall have vapor barrier.

3-7 Proportioning: The ratio of water to cement shall not be greater than 6 1/2
gallons per 94 Ib. sack of cement. The ratio of dispersing agent, if used,
to cement shall be 1 lb. of dry or 1/2 gallon of liquid dispersing agent per
sack of cement. Aggregate shall be proportioned and added to make a pliable
mix which shall produce a cement with strength of at least 2500 Ibs. per
square inch at 28 days. 3000# concrete in beams and columns.

3-8 Ready Mix Concrete: If ready mix concrete is used it shall be mixed and
delivered in accordance with the requirements set forth in the "Tentative
Specifications For Ready Mix Concrete." (A.S.T.M. Designation C-94-34T)

3-9 Mixing: Concrete shall be mixed in an approved type batch mixer. No
ingredients shall be added during the mixing of a batch. The minimum time
shall be two minutes at normal speed after all ingredients are in the mixer.

3-10 Placing of Reinforcing: Steel shall be free from loose scales, flaking rust,
or mud when placed in the forms and shall be kept clean until and during
placing of concrete. Provide laps of 18 inches for continuous bars and at

3-11 Chases: Contractor shall ascertain before pouring that all inserts, conduit,
and piping are in place or that openings are formed for future installation
of same.


3-12 Expansion Joints: Where expansion joints in concrete occur on fill, at walls
and other vertical surfaces, the joints shall be filled with 1/4" thick pre-
moulded expansion joint materials.

3-13 Placing of Concrete: Once the depositing of concrete has begun it shall be
carried on as a continuous operation until the placing of that section is
completed. Concrete shall be placed in layers so that it does not flow for
any appreciable distance and worked thoroughly to eliminate all air pockets.
Use all precautions to prevent separations. Partially hardened concrete
shall not be placed in the work.

3-14 Curing: All fresh concrete shall be protected from premature drying by
thoroughly sprinkling or wetting for several days. In hot weather exposed
concrete shall be kept thoroughly wet.

Curing Finish Cement Floors: Finish cement floors shall be cured by the use
of one inch of clean sand placed over a layer of building paper and kept damp.

3-15 Exposed Masonry: Floor slab left exposed shall be screeded, floated, and
given a light steel troweling. Slabs to receive brick finish shall be troweled
level and left to receive setting bed. Exposed floors shall be "Tabby"
concrete machine trowelled.


4-1 TIork Included: This division of the specifications is intended to cover the
furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment and/or incidentals necessary
to the completion of all requirements of the drawings and these specifications
concerning masonry construction.

4-2 Concrete Block: Concrete block units shall be lightweight aggregate, concrete
block, 8" x 8" x 16", 8" x 8" x 8", or 4" x 8" x 16" and conforming to the
latest A.S.T.M. specifications. Block shall be of shapes that may be required
for the proper construction of all masonry work shown. Units shall be of
uniform size and texture. All block shall be well cured. Deliver block to
the job in a dried condition.

4-3 Firebrick: Shall be nominal 9" x 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" units.

4-4 Horizontal Block Reinforcing: Shall be #8-S, steel Dur-O-Wall, spaced as
indicated on the drawings. Locate every third course, if height of wall

4-5 Metal !Hall Ties: For anchoring Coquina veneer to back-up walls shall be gal-
vanized metal ties spaced in accordance with best recognized practice, but
not further apart than 24" vertically and 16"- h izontally staggerred.

4-6 Mortar Materials:
A. Cement: For masonry work shall be the same as specified for rein-
forced concrete.
B. Sand: Shall be clear, course material free from loam and passing
tests required for sand for concrete work. Fineness
modulus approximately 2.0.
C. Mortar Mix: Shall be prepared mix equal to Magnolia, Florida Masons
Mix or Lehigh.
D. Lime: Shall conform to the latest standard specification for
hydrated lime for structural purposes of the A.S.T.M.

4-7 Coquina: Shall be natural Coquina rock as found on Anastasia Island.

4-8 Handling and Storage of Materials: All masonry units shall be handled by
careful and competent workmen using such methods as will prevent damage by
chipping, mutilation or soiling.

Concrete block shall be stacked on planking with cells placed horizontally.
Block shall be kept dry. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

4-9 Mortar Mixing: Contractor using a prepared mortar mix shall follow explicitly
the directions of the manufacturer in proportioning and mixing.
Mortar shall be machine mixed and any mortar more than 2 hours old or that
has begun to set shall not be retempered or reworked, but shall be dumped.

4-10 Laving Block: Concrete block shall be laid up plumb and true to line with
uniform joints.

4-11 Joints: Joints in block walls shall be struck flush.

4-12 Cleaning and Pointing: Upon completion, masonry work shall be thoroughly
pointed uo. All exposed walls shall be cleaned with brush and water.
Rinse walls with clean running water.

4-13 Flue Tiles: Shall be of sizes indicated on the drawings and shall be stand-
ard clay sections. Flue tiles shall be terra cotta free from cracks and
other defects.

4-14 Coquina: Shall be laid in random with vertical or horizontal joint conformity.
The joints shall vary in general from 3/4 to 1 1/2" and struck flush.


5-1 Work Included: The work under this heading consists of supplying all labor,
materials, equipment, etc., necessary for the complete and proper installation
of all vinyl and quarry tile as shown or called for on the drawings. Also
included is the provision and installation of accessories shown or called
for on the drawings or here in specified.

5-2 Accessories:
Toilet Paper Holder shall be ceramic tile as manufactured by the Florida
Tile Company.

5-3 Composition Floor Covering: Shall be 9" x 9" vinyl-asbestos, 80 guage.
Flooring shall be equal to that manufactured gy the Azrock Company.

5-4 Accessories: Any fastenings for accessories shall be concealed. All access-
ories shall be securely fastened to wall surfaces and shall be set plumb and

5-5 Composition Floor Covering: Before commencing, the contractor shall inspect
the surfaces over which he is to work and assure himself that each is satis-
factory. In case it is not satisfactory, he shall notify the Owner.
Application of flooring shall be considered as acceptance of the working
conditions and the surface.

All flooring shall be securely bonded to the supporting surface with adhe-
sive of quality and type recommended by the manufacturer and applied accord-
ing to the current recommendations of the manufacturer of the flooring.
Flooring shall not be applied until a temperature of at least 700 F. can
be maintained.

Vinyl-asbestos Flooring shall be laid by skilled mechanics. Quarry tile shall
be laid with the surface to true line and plane without evidence of humps,
breakage or other defects.

5-6 Clean Up: Quarry tile shall be cleaned using a weak solution of muratic
acid and flushed with clean water.
Composition tile shall be thoroughly cleaned of all cement, mastic or other
foreign matter.

5-7 'taxing: Vinyl-asbestos flooring shall be given a coat of wax and machine
buffed, uoon job completion.


6-1 !ork Included: This division of the specifications is intended to include
the furnishing of all labor, materials and/or incidentals necessary to the
completion of all of the requirements of the drawings and these specifi-
cations which apply to all miscellaneous iron and steel items.

6-2 Structural Steel: Structural steel shall be of sizes indicated on the drawings
and shall conform to the latest standard specifications for structural steel
for buildings as adapted by the A.I.S.C.

6-3 Anchor Bolts: Anchor bolts shall be furnished for anchoring steel as
detailed on the drawings. Anchor bolts will also be used to anchor plate to
block masonry walls.

6-4 Flashing: Shall be 26 gage galvanized iron as detailed on the drawings.
Chimney flashing shall be 16 oz. copper.

6-5 Hurricane Anchors and Miscellaneous Anchors: Metal hurricane anchors as
necessary shall be furnished to anchor wood to supporting framework and all
other framing anchors as needed to produce adequate bracing of all structural
wood members.

6-6 Shop Painting: All iron and steel items shall have a shop coat of chromate
rust inhibitive primer. After erection all iron and steel items shall have
exposed metal scratches touched up with chromate rust inhibitive primer.

6-7 Fireplace Damner: shall be formed steel damper size as required, to be
furnished by the Owner.

6-8 Miscellaneous FireDlace Hardware: To be furnished by Owner (this does not
include steel angles to support fireplace opening).


7-1 Work Included: This division of the specifications is intended to cover the
furnishing of all labor, materials and/or incidentals necessary to the comple-
tion of all the requirements of the drawings, specifications, notes and
schedules concerning carpentry and millwork, and cabinet work. All millwork,
doors, windows, including door and window jambs and trims, railings, spindels,
cabinets, fixtures, posts, casings, mantles, braces, brackets, rejas,
balustrades, etc. are to be furnished by Owner and installed by contractor.

7-2 Measurements: Millwork as called for above to be furnished by the Owner
shall be delivered to the site for contractors use in determining correct
opening sizes.

7-3 Performance Expected: All carpentry shall be done in accordance with the
requirements of the drawings and in such a manner as to insure the following:
A. All wood materials shall be sufficiently seasoned to prevent unsightly
shrinkage, warpage or twisting after being installed.
B. All wood finishing materials shall be free of machine or tool marks when
finally placed and shall be as free of natural defects, such as knots,
checks, wane, etc., as might normally be expected of the grade specified
when judged by generally accepted standards of wood grading.
C. Milling and finish joinery shall be such as to present smooth finish
surfaces and close tight fitting joints.
D. Hardware shall be so installed as to provide for the smooth workable
operation of all movable parts.

7-4 Unexposed Framing Lumber: All unexposed framing and blocking material shall
be No. 2 Common Southern Yellow Pine S4S or better. All framing material
shall be from well seasoned kiln dried stock. ALL FRAMING LUMBER IN CONTACT
DRIED AFTER TREATMENT. Hood floor joists shall be considered as exposed

Individual pieces of framing may be rejected for defects which might render
them structurally unsound.

7-5 Exposed Framing Lumber: All exposed framing lumber, interior or exterior
shall be Construction Fir S4S.

7-6 Finish Lumber: All finish lumber shall be No.l, Pine, vapor dried or kiln
dried, thoroughly seasoned stock, graded as called for, by recognized grad--
ing standards, and so stamped (S.P.I.B. for Southern Pine Inspection Bureau,
etc.). Sub-floor shall be No. 2 Pine, covered with deadening felt.
Finish floor 1 x 12, No. 1, Pine.

7-7 Miscellaaneous Hardware: This contractor shall sunnly all nails, bolts,
screws, etc., necessary for the proper execution of this contract.

7-8 Doors: To be furnished by Owner.

7-9 Roof and Wall Sheathing: Shall be 1/2" Plywood sheathing.

7-10 'ood windowss: To be furnished by Owner, including all glass and glazing.

7-11 Trim: All trim furnished by Owner, shall be protected from moisture. No
trim or cabinet work shall be stored within the building until plastering
has been completed and allowed to dry and then shall be stored and handled
in such a manner as to protect it from scratching and marking.

7-12 Nailing: Length of nails used in framing shall be twice the thickness of
the material nailed, driven through and clinched unless the clinched nails
would be exposed.

7-13 Openings: Openings in stud partitions shall have buck and rough frames made
of double thickness studs spiked together. Lintels shall be 2 2" x 4" 's
for spans up to 3' 0" and 2 2" x 6" 's for spans up to 7' 0" or as
shown on the drawings.

7-14 Finish Hardware: Furnishing of finish hardware is specified under another
heading, but application and installation shall be included under this

7-15 Framing: Provide timber for and erect the complete framing of timber const-
ructed parts of this building as shown on the drawings and described herein.
Essential items not shown but required to carry out evident intent of the
drawings in a proper manner shall be furnished. This will include bridging
required in floor and ceiling joists, etc.

7-16 Grounds: Grounds shall finish true and plumb and shall be tested with a

7-17 Cabinet 'lork: All cabinet work shall be furnished by the Owner, but
installed by the contractor.

7-18 Hardware: All hardware is to be furnished by the Owner, but installed by
the contractor.


8-1 Work Included: The work included in this division of the sDecifications
consists of supplying all labor and materials for the complete and water-
tight covering of this building including all related flashing and sheet
metal work.

8-2 Inspection: This contractor shall make certain that all surfaces are smooth
and ready to receive roofing. Anolication of roof shall be considered as
acceptance of surface.

8-3 Underlayment: Shall be one ply of mineral surface fooring felt.

Interlayment: Between shingles shall be one thickness of 15# roofing felt.

8-4 Nails: Nails for "tin taggino" this roofing to the wood sheathing shall
be large head galvanized roofing nails. And shall be of sufficient length
and holding nower to oronerly secure the material. Nails used for anchoring
wood shingles shall be hot dinned zinc-coated nails of the length and grade
recommended for shingles.

8-5 Shingles: Shall be 24" Handsplit Red Cedar Shakes, No. 1 grade, and carry
the Certi-split label which shall guarantee them to be reliably and consistently
made in conformance with Red Cedar Shingle Bureau Grading Rules.

8-6 Sheet Metal: Gravel stons, flashing and counter flashing shall be 26 7a.
galvanized iron unless otherwise called for on the drawings.

8-7 Asbestos: Shall be 1/4" thick asbestos furnished in 4' x 8' sheets to cover
the entire roof surface between the sheathing and roof shingles and underlayment.

8-8 Roofing: Roofing shall be anplied in strict accordance with manufacturers
recommendations and shall be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

8-9 Sheet Metal Work: All sheet metal work shall be done by skilled metal workers
in such a manner as to leave the job water-tight and workmanlike joints in
all sheet metal work other than expansion joints shall be soldered tight.
Soldering shall be done slowly with well heated corners, so as to thoroughly
heat the sheet and completely sweat the solder.

8-10 Nailing Shake Shingles: Use two nails to a shake placing them
annroximatelv one inch in from each side, and hilh enough to be covered an
inch or two by the succeeding courses. Nails shall be lon- enough to
penetrate at least one half inch into the sheathing.

8-11 Roofinp Application: Along the eave line, a 36 inch strip of 15 pound
roofing felt should be laid over the sheathing and mineral surface roofing
paper. The beginning or starter course shall be doubled, Use 24" shakes or
24" shingles for this. After each course of shakes is applied, an 24"
wide string of 15 nound roofing felt shall be applied over the top portion
of the shakes and extended onto the sheathing, with the bottom edge of the
felt positioned at a distance above the butt equal to twice the weather
exposure. That is for 18 inch shake with a 8 inch exposure the bottom edge
of the felt shall be applied 16 inchs above the shake butt. Individual
shakes should be spaced anart 1/4 to 3/8 inches to allow for expansion.
These joints or spaces should be broken or off set at least 1 1/2 inches,


9-1 'ork Included: The work included under this Division of the specifications
consists of furnishing all labor and materials for the complete lathing,
nlasterinq and stucco of this building as is noted on the drawings and in
particular on the finish schedule.

9-2 Lath: Lath shall be 3/8" x 16" x 48" Gypsum Lath equal to U.S. Gypsum or
Gold Bond.

Here lath is attached to wood framing members, attachment will be by
means of blue lathing nails in accordance with the factory recommendations.

9-3 Corner Bead and Cornerite: Galvanized beads with 2 1/2" expanded metal wins,
26 pa. 3" x 3" Cornerite nainted.

9-4 Metal Stops and Screeds: Provide galvanized plaster stops and screeds of the
sizes and shaDes called for on the drawings or if not called for on the drawings
those required to complete a satisfactory job.

9-5 Light eightt Aggregate: Shall be equal to Gold Bond "PERLITE''.

9-6 Gypsum Plaster: Gypsum plaster shall be Cold Bond "Gypsum Cement Plaster",
or eoual.

9-7 Sand: Shall be clean, sharp, traded silica and passinP a 30 mesh screen.

9-8 Stucco: Shall be Portland Cement Stucco mixed one Dart Portland Cement to
three parts clean, screened sand, and 5% Hydrated Lime.

9-9 Cement: Shall be Portland Cement conforming to the current A.S.T.,M.
specification C-150-53 type 1.

9-10 Lime: Shall be Hydrate Lime meeting the requirements of A.S.T.M. specification
C-260-40 tVDe S.

9-11 Annlication of Lath: Attach oynsum lath to wood with 1 1/8" blued flat nails
with not less than 5 nails per lath per support. Apply lath with long
dimension at right angles to the framin" member and stagger joints.

9-12 General Directions: Ascertain before commencing this work that all conduits,
Dipin-, cabinets, outlet boxes, plumbing, roughing in and work including
chases and cuttin- has been accomplished.

All finished woodwork or other work liable to be damaged by plaster shall be
covered and protected.

All plaster work shall be two coat. The base coat shall be applied by
scratching in and then double back to bring the plaster out to Prounds
straighten to a true surface with rod and darby and left rough, ready to
receive the finish coat.

9-13 Mixing: All base coats shall be mixed 2 1/2 cu. ft. of light weight
aqpregate to 100 lbs. of Pypsum coaster.

9-14 Application of Plaster: Putty plaster finish shall be scratched in
thoroughly, laid on well, doubled back and filled out to a true even surface.
The general thickness shall be 1/8 inch.

9-15 Curing and Protectinq: Take particular care in curing all plaster against
air checking. Protect all windows, plumbin' fixtures, etc. Point-un
around opening and natch any plaster necessary at job completion. Remove
all plaster rubbish from the job on completion and leave the entire
building broom clean.

9-16 Stucco: Shall be two coat work. The base coat shall be applied by scratching
in an then doubled back to bring the plaster out to grounds, straightened
to a true surface with rod and darby and left rough, ready to receive finish
coat. Finish coat shall present a surface equal in appearance to best,
recognized standards. Re-stucco all stucco surfaces of existing building
if noplicable, so that patched areas, window ooenings,etc., will not show.


10-1 Work Included: Work includes the furnishing of all labor, materials and
equipment necessary to the completion of the requirements of these drawings
and specifications concerning painting, caulking, and waterproofing.

10-2 General Requirements: It is anticipated that all painted surfaces will
present a neat well covered appearance free from blemishes of any kind,
relatively resistant to moisture, easily cleaned and that all excess paint
will be cleaned from adjacent surfaces.

10-3 General: This specification refers to products by name in order to estab-
lish a nualitv only. Any product, manufactured by responsible firms having
an established reputation in paint manufacture, which are classed as such
firms "ToO Quality Product" will be acceptable. Products referred to are
Harris saints unless otherwise noted.

All materials shall be delivered in original containers, seals unbroken.
No unspecified alterations or mixing of materials will be nermitted.

10-4 Exterior Wood and Trim: 1 coat of Stain.

10-5 Interior W1od Trim: 1 coat of Stain.

10-6 Interior Plaster Walls: Walls and ceilings: 1 Finish coat interior flat
#300 !Thite. ..

10-7 Wood Floors: 1 coat Stain
1 coat Varnish

10-8 Cabinets: To be ore-finished by Owner.

10-9 Exterior Stucco: 1 coat undercoater White
1 coat Latex paint White

10-10 The workmanship shall be best quality, all materials shall be evenly spread
and smoothly flowed on without runs or saqs. Skilled mechanics only shall
be emoloved.

All coats shall be perfectly dry before succeeding coats are aoplied.

10-11 Cleaning: Remove all Daint from building when stopping work each day and
take every precaution to prevent spontaneous combustion. Remove raps and
paint from building each nimht.

Throughout the painting process, the painters shall take utmost care to
protect surfaces which are not to receive paint. Upon completion of the
job, touch up all damaged naint work and remove naint from floors, tile,
glass and other surfaces not intended to be painted. Leave the job in a
clean, first class workmanlike condition.



1-1 Supplementary General Conditions: The Plumbing, and Electrical work shall
be installed subject to the "General Conditions" for the entire specification,
whether attached hereto or not, and contractor notified to refer thereto as
he will be held responsible for all requirements therein.

11-2 'Workmanship: All materials and equipment shall be installed in a neat and
first class workmanship manner. The Owner reserves the right to direct the
removal and replacement of any items which, in his opinion, do not present
an orderly and reasonably neat or workmanlike appearance, provided such an
orderly installation can be made using customary trade methods. The removal
and replacement shall be done when directed in writing by the Owner at the
contractor's own expense, and without additional expense to the Owner.

11-3 Connecting to I'ork of Others: Before starting his work, and from time to
time as his work nrooresses, the contractor shall examine the work and mater-
ials installed by others insofar as they anply to his own work and shall
notify the Owner immediately if any condition exists, which will prevent
satisfactory results in the installation of the system.

11-4 Drawinos: It is the intent of the drawings and specifications to obtain a
complete and satisfactory installation. An attempt has been made to separate
and comnletelv define the work of the contractor, however, such separate
divisional drawings and specifications shall not relieve the contractor or
his sub-contractors from full responsibility of comnliance with the work of
his trade which may be indicated on any of the drawings or in any division of
the specifications.

The contractor should therefore carefully examine the architectural, struct-
ural and electrical drawings. The contractor will be required to furnish,
install and connect with anorooriate services all items shown on any of the
drawings without additional expense to the Owner. The Owner shall be notified
of any discrepancies, omissions, conflicts or interference which occur
between the drawings or between the drawings and the specifications. If
such notification is received in adequate time, additional data or changes
will be furnished.

The architectural drawings take precedence over the mechanical and electrical
drawings with reference to building construction. The mechanical and
electrical drawings are diagrammatic but shall be followed as closely as
actual construction of the building and work of other trades will permit.

All changes from the drawings necessary to make the work of the contractor
conform with the building as constructed and to fit the work of other
trades or to the rules of the bodies having jurisdiction shall be made by
the contractor at his own expense.

11-5 Damane to Other "ork and Personnel: The contractor shall be responsible for
nrooer protective measures when working overhead or in finished areas. He
shall renair, replace or touch un finished surfaces which may be damaged
as a result of his work or operations.


11-6 Cutting, Patching and Excavation: Cutting and patching of walls, partitions,
floors, concrete, nits and chases will be done by this contractor as provided
on the drawings or as directed by the Owner. All cutting of wood or other
main structural Darts must be annroved by the Owner orior to commencing
cutting. This contractor shall do all necessary excavation and backfilling
incidental to his work.

11-7 Removal of Rubbish: The contractor shall at all.times keep the premises free
from accumulations of waste material or rubbish caused by his employees or
work. At completion of the work he shall remove all his tools, scaffolding,
materials and rubbish from the building site. He shall leave the premises
and his work in a clean and orderly and acceptable condition.

11-8 Ordinances and Regulations: The work shall conform with all local and state
ordinances or regulations governing the installation of such equipment. If
the work as laid out, indicated or specified is contrary to or conflicts with
local ordinances or regulations, the contractor shall report the same to the
Owner before commencing with any work. The Owner will then issue instructions
as to procedure. If the contractor fails to notify the Owner of conflicts
or omissions as noted above, all changes required to comply with the
ordinances and regulations shall be made without additional expense to the

11-9 Codes and Insnections: The work shall comDly with all applicable codes
and standards.

11-10 Permits and Fees: The contractor shall obtain all necessary nermits and
inspection required for his work and nay all charges incidental thereto.
He shall deliver to the Owner all certificates of inspection issued by
authorities having jurisdiction.

11-11 Cleanin' and Adjustments: Unon completion of work, the contractor shall
clean, oil and grease all fans, motors and other running equipment and
apparatus which he installed and make certain all such apparatus and
mechanisms are in Droner working order, and ready for test.

11-12 Guarantee and Service: In addition to the guarantee of equipment by the
manufacturer of each piece of equipment specified herein, this contractor
shall also guarantee such equipment and shall be held for a period of one
year from final acceptance test to make good any defect of material or
workmanship occurring during this period, without expense to the Owner.
The contractor is to furnish, for one year from final acceptance of the
contract, service f6r all portions of the system.



12-1 iork Included: The work specified under this division includes the furnish-
ing of all labor, and materials for the following:
Excavation and backfill necessary to install the work under this division.

The necessary tie into City Sewer lines.

The complete system of cold water piping and the tie into City "ater line.
There will be no hot water sniping or equipment in this structure.

The sunnlvinp of fixtures and their hook-up.

12-2 General Reouirements: Materials for this contract shall be new materials
free from defects. Where no specific weight or grades are mentioned,
materials shall be of a generally accepted standard weight and grade.

12-3 Pine and Fittings, General: All piping shall be run straight, Plumb and
nroDerlv graded in direction indicated on drawings. But pipe shall be
squarely cut and nroDerly reamed to remove all constriction and burrs
before making up the joints.

In general, fittings and nipples shall be of the same material as the nine.
Steel or cast iron shall not be used in copper or brass lines. 4 0, .fe rC

Cast Iron Soil Pine hub and spigot pattern standard weight coated with coal
tar varnish and complying with appropriate A.S.T.M. specifications.
1-ater Pine: All water piping shall be Government type L, hard drawn tubing,
or galvanized steel nine schedule 40 weight.
Lead Pipe: All lead Dipe shall be best quality of drawn pipe.
Caulkin, Ferrules: Caulking ferrules shall be best quality red cast brass.
Pine Cleanouts: Pipe cleanouts in soil and waste lines shall have bodies of
standard nine sizes and shall conform in thickness to that required for nine
and fittings of the same metal and shall extend not less than 1/4" above the
pine hub.
Escutcheons: Escutcheons shall be chromium plated and shall have set screws,
springs or other device to hold them securely in place.

12-4 Valves: Valves are not shown in every instances on the drawings, but whether
or not, all valves and check valves necessary to the proner operation of the
system shall be furnished and installed by this contractor in an approved
manner and location. Velve off each riser into cabinets.

12-5 Sleeves: Sleeves of galvanized sheet metal large enough to permit pine to
pass through easily and to maintain Droner alignment and grade, shall be
provided wherever pines pass through walls, floors, ceilings and beams.
Sleeves shall be of sufficient length to extend flush with finished surfaces
and furnished and installed in the forms as work of this division before
concrete is poured.

Chromium plated brass escutcheon plates with set screws for tightening shall
be furnished and installed on floors, ceilings, walls,and beams where pipes
pass through these sections at finished surfaces.


12-6 Fixtures: Quality: All nlumbinq fixtures shall be "First Quality" as
defined and set forth in Commercial Standard CS 20-26 as promulgated by the
U.S. Department of Commerce.
All cold water supplies to fixtures shall be provided with stops.

The fixture numbers and types refer to those manufactured by American.
Standed unless otherwise noted, and are used to indicate type and quality
of fixture desired. All bodimWm fixtures are to be furnished in White.
FSures wiil be supplied in round floor rest rroon arpas only. Rough-in-
for'%eicid' fl-or fixtures'. Nd plumbing in Kithen/arda. /

A. 'later Closets: (5 required) white shall be "Compact" r-2055-21, open
front sett with cover.

.. B. Lavatgries: (4 required) '?hite, shall be "New Lucerne" F 350-40, 20" x 18".

0. Urinals: \(3 required) 'hite, "Casal" F-6230.

12-7 Joints and Connections: All joints and connections shall be made permanently
air and water ticht. All fixture drains are to be made with lead pipe
connection except those reouirin" screw joints. Screw joints for fixture
drains must be soeciallv anoroved.

Cast Iron Soil Pipe Joints: Cast iron caulked joints shall be firmly packed
with oakum and shall be finished with pure lead not less than one inch deeD,
well caulked. All joints in cast iron pipe shall be caulked joints except
where the fixture specified requires a screw joint.

Conner Pipe Joints: Joints in cooper pine shall be a sweated solder joint.
Pine shall be cut perfectly square with end smooth. Both pine and fittings
shall be thoroughly cleaned before assembling. Joints shall be made so that
solder ring is visable at end of fitting. Solder shall be equal to the
lueller Brass Comnany To. 50-50. No acid flux shall be used.

Screw Joints: All screw joints shall be American Standard screw joints with
the nine thoroughly reamed to remove all cuttings and burrs.

Lead Pine Joints: Joints in lead pipe or between lead Dipe and brass or
conner nine, ferrules, soldering nipples, bushing or traps shall be wipe
joints with not less than 3/4 inches of lead exposed on each side of the
joint and not less than 3/8 inch thick at center. Lead to cast iron joints
shall be made by means of a brass caulking ferrule or a brass nipple.

Slin Joints and Unions: Slid joints will be permitted only in trap seals or
on the inlet side of the tran. Unions on sewer side of the trap shall be
ground faced, and shall not be concealed or enclosed.

Flashing Vents at Roof: All vent pipes passing through the roof shall be
flashed and counterflashed with 4 lb. sheet lead standard boot. Flashing
shall be not less than 20 inches on the roof. Furnish boots to roofer for

12-8 Trans and Cleanouts:
General: All trans shall be self-cleaning.


Trans Reouired: Each fixture shall be accurately trapped unless otherwise
sTeciically detailed or called for, with a water seal trap placed not more
than 18 inches from the outlet. Mo fixture shall be double trapped.

Pine Cleanouts: Cleanouts full size of the pine shall be:'placed at the
foot of each stack and at each change of direction of horizontal lines.
Cleanouts must be placed in horizontal runs not to exceed fifty feet anart
and must be readily accessible.

12-9 Soil, Waste and Vent Pining:
Materials: All main or branch line soil, waste and vent pipes inside the
building shall be cast iron, lead, brass or copper. Steel galvanized pipe
will not be allowed in soil waste piping.

Soil and '!aste Stacks: Soil and waste stacks shall be run as direct and free
from bends as possible. Soil stacks shall run through the roof and shall
terminate approximately 8 inches above the roof.

Vents4 Every trap shall be'protected against syphonage and back pressure,
and air circulation assured by means of a soil or waste stack vent, a
continuous soil or waste vent, or a loop or circuit vent. No crown vent
shall be installed.

Vent Pines Shall Grade To Connections: All vent and branch vent pipes shall
be free from drop and saps and shall be graded and connected so as to drip
back to the soil or waste by gravity. Where vent pines connect to the
horizontal soil or waste pine, the vent shall be taken off above the center
line of the nine and shall rise to a point at least 6 inches above the fixture
it is venting before off-setting horizontally or connection to the brance
main waste or soil vent.

12-10 'ater Supply: Shall be from City 'rater Main, at property line. !ater
suDply shall be valved immediately after the take off "tee".

Pining: Minimum Dine size for one fixture take off shall be not less than
172". All laterals and risers may not be shown adequately on plans, however,
the intent is to adeouatelv supply water to each fixture.

Lawn Faucets: '-here shown on the plans, provide rough nickel plate faucet,
compression with Tee handle, solid flange, female connection, 3/4 inch male
threaded hose end. Maximum 2 required.

12-11 Grarantee: Furnish a written guarantee that materials and equipment installed
under this contract will be free of defects of material and workmanship for
a period of one year from date of final acceptance and that such defective
equipment will be promptly repaired and replaced at no additional expense
to the Owner.



1 3-1 Uork Included: Work under this division shall include all labor, equipment
and materials for the complete installation of all wiring in the building
as shown on the drawings and herein specified and the testing thereof when
complete. All wiring shall be in rigid concuit or steel tube.

13-2 Installation: The installation shall comprise the following:
Uirinp for lighting and power.

13-3: System: Service and Distribution 120/240 volts, single phase 3 wire,
.T4~95 P. Run underground in 9" conduit from underground service.

13-4 Codes and Standards: All work shall be performed in accordance with the
latest edition of the National Electrical Code and with all local ordinances
and regulations.

All materials shall be new and shall comply with following applicable standards:
American Standards Association
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Underwriters Laboratories

13-5 Permits: This contractor shall take out and pay for all permits for
installations, inspections, connections and etc.

13-6 General: All materials shall be new and listed as approved by the Under-
writers Laboratories, Inc. for the particular application and shall be of
the grade and tyne specified.

13-7 'fire and Cable: Shall be 600 Volt Tyne TU except where otherwise noted.
Hiring shall be in rigid conduit, or steel tube.

13-8 Lighting Panelboard: Shall be safety breaker type. Breakers shall be
SQUARE D type QO plug in breakers. Panelboard shall have 2. circuits
recessed with cover. -*

13-9 Boxes and Fittings: All boxes, fittings, clamps hangers, etc. shall be
galvanized steel or rust resistant alloy.

A. Outlet Boxes: Switch and Receptcle outlets shall be ? Octa-ovnal- or"
4 1l/16"' square boxes with Droner divice cover. Where more than two ~an-gs
are required install a solid gang box with proper cover.

B. Junction Boxes: Shall be flush or surface mounted as required. Units
shall be galvanized after fabrication and shall have exposed surfaces
finished in baked enamel. Underground units shall have threaded hubs for
conduit with gasketed cover. Covers shall be attached with screws.

C. Lighting Outlets: Shall be 4" octagonal or 4" square boxes with
Droner cover.


13-10 Wiring Devices:
Switches: Shall be totally enclosed composition switches and shall be of
sufficient capacity to control the circuits in which they are connected.

Receptales: All units shall be totally enclosed composition wire side or
rear connection. All units shall be equipped with ears. Duplex convenience
i" outlets shall be -10 AMP,- 250 volt,. T-slots. Io B~-y7 klite. --Bryant 4832-s
or equal.

S13-11 Plates: All wiring device plates shall be IS a i-te.

1'-3-12 LiJhting Fixtures: .TBs contractor shall add ah allowance of Three
S hundred dollars ($300.00) for the furnishing of lighting fixtures. Costs
above this will be paid yv the Owner. ,"urnh / 6y azMer-

13-13 exhaust -Fans: Shall be fixtures equal and similar to that manufactured
by NUtone Incoroorated, model No. M8 .

13-14 General: All wiring is to be concealed.

All cutting and consequent repairing for work shall be done by this
contractor, but no beams or other supDorts shall be cut without the
Sknowledr and concent of the Owner,

All equipment shall be rigidly attached to wood, using wood screws, to
solid masonry, using expansion shields; and to hollow tile or masonry,
using tofgle bolts.

13-15 Service: Service entrance shall underground in conduit as indicated on
the drawings under this contract.

13-16 Outlet Boxes:
General: Shall be accurately located and rigidly installed.

Mounting Heights:
A. Switches: 48 inches to center above finished floor.
S. Receptacles: 10 inches to bottom above finished floor, except where
otherwise noted.
SAll wiring devices shall be mounted true and plumb.

13-17 Wiring: A single neutral may be ru'n for two circuits provided each is fed
from different sides of the 120/240 volt system. Minimum wire size shall
be #12 wire except for control wiring.

All branch circuit and feeder wiring shall be run in the attic or under the
floor between joists and concealed within the walls. Wiring shall be run
neatly and when possible paralled to structural members.

13-18 Grarantee: This contractor shall completely mark and test all work and
equipment installed and make the necessary adjustments and leave the system
in perfect working order. Install tvDewritten schedules in panelboard.

Upon comnle.tion this contractor shall furnish, to the Owner, a written
grarantee against defects in materials and/or workmanship, for a period
of one year.


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