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July 7, 2013
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Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 1 No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR8*8TAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STARSTAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR No. 410 Sunday, August 17, 2014 Price $1.00 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Friday August 8, 2014: Four persons from Santa Elena were today arrested on a possessionof marijuana charge. The youngest ofthe four pled guilty to the charge. Hewas sent straight to jail on a five year Espat Takes The Rap Justin Espat Nelson “Quack” Flores Continues On Page 15 Continues On Page 15 sentence along with a ten thousanddollar fine. It was shortly before 10 o’clock on the morning of Friday August 8, 2014, when a team of policemen,armed with a warrant to search for RED CREEK, SANT A ELENA, Cayo, Thursday 14, August, 2014: Three men from Red Creek and a fourth from Santa Elena were, thisThursday afternoon, arrested andcharged for the possession of Four Arrested For Parceling A Pound Of Weed marijuana when a team of policemensneaked up on them from behind asthey were parceling the merchandiseunder a coconut tree in the back of ayard. Acting upon information received, Ricky Diego Glenford “Geese” Lewis Shane Smith W ayne Miralda at around 2:30 pm this Thursdayafternoon, a team of policemen,comprising elements from SpecialBranch, Crimes Investigation Branchand the T ourism Police Unit sneaked up from behind, along a cement fence, unto a property located at #213 RedCreek, on the eastern outskirts ofSanta Elena T own, where they surprised four men assembled undera coconut tree engaged in a suspicious Fined and Confined


Page 2 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014 Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial W ester n Har dw are has all y our Plumbing Electrical & Construction supplies under one roof at reasonable prices. Ask for what you do not see, we can find those hard to get items. Why travel out of town to buy your supplies when W ester n Har dw are can sa tisfy all y our Plumbing, Electircal & Construction Needs. New Tires F or Sale W e ar e your One S top Shop!! So V isit us today!!!! “Y our One S top Construction & Home Improvement Shop” Phone: 824-2572/3494 Fax: 8243240 E-mail: 54 Burns A venue, San Ignacio, Cayo istrict, Belize C.A W e of f er the best in Pr of essional Building Maintenance Ser vices Wholesale & Retail W e of fer the best quality and prices on all your home furnishing needs!!! V isit us today and see our wide variety of stoves, beds, chest of drawers, refrigerators, LCD TVs, fans, beach cruiser bicycles, motorcycles, dinning tables and so much more..... Tel: 824-3099Cell: 652-0123 P .O Bo x 621 # 107 G eor g e Pric e Hig hway S ant a El ena, Ca y o Dist rict Be l iz e C.A When one travels across thenation, there is no denying thatunprecedented development in thenation’ s infrastructure is happening everywhere like never before. The modernization of Belize City is unquestionable, Mayor Darrell Bradley with assistance from Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Central Government are transformingthe city beyond imagination. In theless than two and a half years sinceMayor Bradley was elected to BelizeCity Hall, he and his team has donemore for the city than all previousmayors combined. Amazingly while the national development is advancing full speedahead, it is doing so without anyincrease in national taxes and unduehardships to the thousands of publicofficers, teachers, doctors, nurses,policemen and soldiers paid by thenational purse. Much unlike what istaking place in the region. W e see, we hear and we read reports of massive retrenchments ofpublic officers in sister Caribbeanstates. W e see, we hear and we read of moratoriums on new employment ofpublic officers in the region. W e see, we hear and we read of wage freezes and wage cuts in theregion while Belizean public officersand pensioners were the recent W e See, W e Hear And W e Read recipients of salary increases to thetune of around 9%. W e see, we hear and we read of the governments of Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica restarting thesale of their passports. W e see, we hear and we read about the Government of Barbadosbegging Barbadians in the Diasporafor economic assistance. W e hear opposition activists begging for the halting of thedevelopment in Belize City We hear the member for Cayo Southattacking government for seeking toprovide land for Belizeans nearCotton T ree V illage. W e hear of the threats of lawsuits against the government for seeking togive Belizeans a piece of the land oftheir birth. W e hear operatives of the opposition criticizing the PrimeMinister for securing theemployment and wages forsanitation workers in Belize City W e hear them criticizing the Prime Minister for the demonstration ofcompassion by intervening with thediscontinuation of criminal chargesagainst these people. W e see, we hear and we read of the collapsing of the recently remoldedBliss Center for the performing arts.Y et the Fort Geor ge of fice, built around the same time, on prime government real estate at the cornerof Queen Street and Gabourel Lanein Belize City sits majestically tall asif it were built only yesterday W e see, we hear and we read that under the previous administration thenation’ s foreign reserves held in the Central Bank of Belize, stood at only60 million dollars being about threeweeks of imports. That same reserveunder Prime Minister Dean Barrowand his United Democratic Partycurrently stands at almost ONEBILLION DOLLARS. W e see, we hear and we read about a lot of other things. W e are however yet to at least hear from theleader of the opposition of his party’ s action against his party’ s standard bearer for the Belize Rural Northconstituency who it seem is drowning from alleged wrongdoing/corruption in alleged wheelings anddealings in private practice. The member for Fort George, former Prime Minister Hon. Said Musa served as the maximum leader of the nation for ten round years anddid very little for the constituency thathas elected him into the House ofRepresentatives for severalconsecutive five year terms in office,he has done much less for the city and the country The current leader of the opposition and member for the FreetownConstituency having been elected for three consecutive terms since 2003,has done next to nothing to uplift thestandard of living for the people of thatconstituency It is no wonder therefore that his support in the areais rapidly dwindling as constituentsare now exposed to the kind ofdevelopment that can come their waywith the right Area Representative. The United Democratic Party’ s first term in office was dedicated tocorrecting the humongous financialwrongs that was brought to bear onour national economy The second term is to develop and modernize thenational infrastructure. A third UDP term in office will spin our heads aswe come to the realization howbackwards, underdeveloped andneglected we lived under theopposition who were hell bent inkeeping all of us poor begging and hungry while they raped the nation ofits wealth. A third UDP term in office will serve as a clear testimonyof the magnitude of progress anddevelopment that strong politicalleadership can bring to a nation andits people “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth” #42 George Price Highway Santa Elena, Cayo Belize, CA For further information please call 804-4900 or 626-8822 Publisher: Nyani Azuet a-August Editor: Sherlene Dawson


Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 3 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,T uesday 12 August, 2014: San Ignacio police are thisweek reporting three burglarieswith no arrest. Police are of theopinion that a sneaky burglar isin town. The general public istherefore advised to guard againstbecoming a victim of bur glary In the first incident, Gerald Armstrong 48, reported to police that between 6:00 am and10:00 pm on Saturday August 2, his house, located on EduardoJuan Street in Santa Elena, wasburglarized. While several itemsstolen amounted to less than ahundred dollars, the fact remainsthat someone invaded his privacyand in the process disrespectedhim. In the second incident, W ayne Burglary, Burglary, Burglary Burglary, Burglary, Burglary Burglary, Burglary, Burglary Burglary, Burglary, Burglary Burglary, Burglary, Burglary Bermudez 50, year old Belizean farmer of a San Ignacio T own address reported to police thathis farm house, located behindEden Resort on the highwayleading to Benque V iejo T own, was bur glarized on Sunday August 10. The investigation revealed thatentry into the house was gainedby cutting one of the screens ona window with the point of exitbeing via the main door The list of missing itemsinclude a silver and black #4Smooth brand planer serial number TZ4374, valued at $1 18; a red, black and silver Craft brandcordless drill with serial numberTC3423 valued at $200; two pairsof black Mesphisto brandslippers valued at $600, a blue andwhite cooler valued at $150 and$400US in cash all for a totalvalue of $1,868. In the third reported incident,Arnold Cano 23, Belizean manager of W ing S top Restaurant located on Burns A venue in San Ignacio reported that the businessestablishment was burglarized. Cano informed that the incidenthappened within the span of 7hours at closing and reopening.He told the police that theestablishment was closed at around 1:00 am on Friday August 12 and upon reopening at 8:00am, he noted that the place wasburglarized. The items recordedas missing include a white VIObrand laptop valued at $1,600, aDewall brand cordless drillvalued at $350, a grey metal cashpan valued at $35, and eighty bottlesof beer of assorted variety valuedat $250 all for a total value of$2,235. Police are looking for oneperson who they believe can assistthem in the investigation. Persons with information on anyof the stolen items are asked tocontact the police, toll free, at 91 1 or 804-2022. The public is advised thatit is a serious offence to purchasestolen goods. W ing S top Restaurant You have You have You have You have You have two choices two choices two choices two choices two choices Every Morning: Every Morning: Every Morning: Every Morning: Every Morning: You can You can You can You can You can continue sleeping continue sleeping continue sleeping continue sleeping continue sleeping and dream on and dream on and dream on and dream on and dream on or or or or or Wake up and Wake up and Wake up and Wake up and Wake up and convert your convert your convert your convert your convert your dreams into dreams into dreams into dreams into dreams into relatity relatity relatity relatity relatity The Choice is yours.. “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth”


Page 4 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014 Belize City Belize – August 1 1, 2014 – The August 2014 “Scuba Diving” magazine has outlined Belize as the“Central American paradise” who “earned a host of 2014 T op 100 Readers Choice A wards.” Belize earned Readers ChoiceA wards for the Caribbean and Atlantic’ s best overall destination, big animals, wall diving, and underwaterphotography Some of the highlights from the three-page spread include mentionsof our barrier reef “bowing only to Australia’ s great one.” It also talks about the wall dives that can be donealong the atolls, which “turn into an underwater Lollapalooza.” Also among the highlights was GladdenSpit which placed in the top 5 list for“best big animals in theCaribbean and Atlantic region.” Apart from our “big animals,” Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards Manta W all in Placencia The Great Blue Hole Belize was also recognized for its“macro critters.” Belize, known for some of the most authenticexperiences, was also pointed out as a destination for tours from luxuryyachts, to explorations through thejungle and to the archaeological sites.Capping off the notable highlights was our Great Blue Hole, which isdescribed as a “landmark that warrants crossing off a list.” Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, Alyssa Carnegie commented, “W e ar e honor ed that Belize has earned so manyReaders Choice A wards fr om Scuba Diving Magazine. This is avery popular and influentialpublication for divers, so theseawards will resonate in the divingworld and further strengthenBelize’ s position as a top diving destination. Those that knowabout us will continue to visit, andthose who weren’t sure will nowknow what we offer divers, as wellas other visitors. The BTB sharesthis recognition with all ourpartner agencies that worktirelessly to preserve the integrityof our local sites.” The article is available online at http://www


Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 5


Page 6 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014 Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Savannah Ar ea, San Ignacio T own, Cayo T elephone: 804-2522 Free Delivery within town limits. HODE’S PLACE W e offer d el iciousl y pr epar ed food in an amazing l y r el ax ed at mospher e W e al so cat er for l ar g e or small gr oups. CELL: 610-3503 or 627-9966 TEL: 824-4971 SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE Back to School sale!!! W e sell: Digicell & Smar t phones, Laptops. Kitchen Appliances. Cosmetics.School shoes Furnitur e (wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bed & matress, chest of drawers, entert ainment center ) LCD TV’S. W indow & Split AC Units. W ashing Machines. S toves. Refrigerators. S toves. Bicycles. Motorcycles. Etc... Exciting Summer Deals Only At Shopper ’S Choice. Follow us on Facebook Receive A FREE Gift For Every $500 Or Mor e Y ou Spend With Us. Notice is hereby be giventhat under the IntoxicatingLiquor License OrdinanceChapter 150 of the Laws ofBelize, Revised Edition2000, NANTHA KHOTPHROMSRI is applying for a REST AURANT liquor license for the year 2014to operate Syam Restaurant located in Unitedville V illage, Cayo District.Notice is hereby be giventhat under the Intoxicating LiquorLicense Ordinance Chapter150 of the Laws of Belize,Revised Edition 2000,LINDFORD ROSADO is applying for a PUBLICAN SPECIAL liquor license for the year 2014 to operate Thirsty Thursday Restaurant andBar located on Buena V ista S treet, San Ignacio T own, Cayo District. Liquor License Notice Notice is hereby be giventhat under the IntoxicatingLiquor License OrdinanceChapter 150 of the Laws ofBelize, Revised Edition2000, DA RONG CHEN AND LI MING CHEN is applying for a REST AURANT liquor license for the year 2014 tooperate A & S S tor e located on George Price Highway in SantaElena T own, Cayo District. Notice is hereby be given thatunder the Intoxicating LiquorLicense Ordinance Chapter 150of the Laws of Belize, RevisedEdition 2000, DANIEL VELASQUEZ is applying for a MAL T AND CIDER/ REST AURANT AND BAR liquor license for the year 2014to operate Belize Social Project Restaurant and Barlocated on Buena V ista Road, San Ignacio T own, Cayo District. BY : Rick W arr en, Aug 3, 2014: “In the end, people appreciate honest criticism farmore than flattery .” (Pr overbs 28:23 NL T) If you’re single and you’reprolonging a relationship that youknow is going nowhere, don’tcontinue it. “But I won’t have anybody to take me out onFriday night,” you say A bad marriage is a million times worsethan not going out on Fridaynight! The longer you’re in arelationship, the more difficultit’ s going to be to get out of it. Proverbs 28:23 says, “In the end, people appreciate honestcriticism far more than flattery”(NL T). Size that person up quickly particularly related to emotionalhealth. Don’t be afraid to askquestions like, “ Do you have uncontrolled anger?” “Canwe talk about me?” or “Willyou pick up the tab?” Regardless of the emotionalstate of your partner you need to begin with a personalrelationship with Jesus Christyourself. If you haven’t done that, Marriage Reveals, Not Creates Problems you need to start there. Y ou need to get spiritually connected toGod. Next I want to challenge you tocommit yourself to God’ s standard and not let oceans ofemotions sway you into makinga stupid decision. Given the rightsituation, you may fall in lovewith the idea of being in love. And that may lead to a foolishdecision! Don’t date until your ownemotional hurts are healed or atleast in the healing process. Getrid of the bitterness. Get rid ofthe anger problem. Get rid ofyour baggage. I remember marrying a couplemany years ago at Saddleback.About five years later we hadthem over for dinner The woman told me, “When I walked down the aisle in that white dress, Ihad no idea that I wascarrying an entire bag ofemotional garbage on my back.And I took all that garbage intothe marriage.” Marriage does not createproblems. It reveals them. Themore you can deal with it before you get married, the happier more God-honoring, and morefulfilling your marriage is goingto be. Y ou will have that deep soul intimacy that is personal, relational, sexual, and spiritual. Itis the oneness that comes frombeing unified by a relationship toGod, your purpose, and yourcalling. Editor: Sherlene Dawson Of fice T el: 804-4900 Cell: 626-8822 Publisher: Nyani K. Azueta August “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth” #42 George Price Highway Santa ElenaT own,Cayo District, Belize, CA


Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 7 Belmopan, T uesday August 12th, 2014 The Belize Natural Ener gy Charitable T rust, a public-private partnership between the Government of Belize and the Belize Natural Ener gy Limited, has a new General Manager After a rigorous interview and selection process the position was of fered to Mr V ictor Alegria. The two-year employment contract was signed on Monday August 1 1, 2014. Mr Alegria takes up the position ef fective August 20, 2014. He replaces Ms. Sharon Ramclam who resigned the post earlier this year for an appointment as the Chief Executive Of ficer in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture. Mr Alegria, who resides in San Jose Succotz V illage, holds a Bachelor ’ s Degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Belize and a Master ’ s Degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida, USA. He is married and is the proud father of four daughters.The Board of T rustees of the Belize Natural Ener gy Charitable T rust takes this opportunity to express sincere appreciation to those who applied to join the team. W e welcome Mr Alegria as the newest member of the team. The Board and S taf f is committed to working with the General Manager as we continue to serve as a catalyst for people and communities to believein themselves so they can achieve their full potential. Mr Alber to August, BNECT Chairman and Mr V ictor Alegria, New BNECT GM Signing Contract The Belize Natural Ener gy Charitable T rust (BNECT) is a partnership between the Government of Belize and Belize Natural Ener gy Limited, established by Deed of T rust dated February 25th 2008. The T rust was established to make a dif ference in the lives of Belizeans and thus seeks to empower people and communities to thrive in a harmonious, socially andenvironmentally responsible manner so that they can be the conscious architects of their own future. The T rust’ s mission is to serve as a catalyst for people and communities to believe in themselves so they can achieve their full potential.Opportunities for development are provided through grants for educational-related projects, capacity building programsand initiatives that support the social environment. For More information on the BNECT visit; www .bnetrust.or g The Belize Natural Energy Charitable T rust Signs Contract with New General Manager


Page 8 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014 "I'd like the number for Jennifer Smith in Belize City",the young man said to the BTLoperator "There are multiple listings for Jennifer Smith in Belize City ," the operator said. "Do you have a street name?" The young man hesitated amoment, W ell, uh, most people call me Lion." S tr eet Name? A nun gets into a cab and the cab driver won't stop staring ather She asks him why is he staring and he replies, "I have a question to ask you but I don'twant to offend you." She answers, "My dear son, you cannot offend me. Whenyou're as old as I am and havebeen a nun as long as I have, youget a chance and see and hearjust about everything. I'm surethat there's nothing you couldsay or ask that I would findoffensive." "W ell, I've always had a fantasy to have a nun kissme." She responds, "W ell, let's see Nun In A Cab what we can do about that: 1) you have to be single and 2) you must be Catholic." The cab driver is very excitedand says, "Y es, I am single and I'm Catholic too!" The nun says, "O.K., pull into the next alley ." He does and the nun kisses him.But when they get back on theroad, the cab driver starts cryinghis eyes out. "My dear child, why are you crying?" "Forgive me sister but I have sinned. I lied, I must confess,I'm married and I'm Jewish." The nun says, "That's OK, my name is Kevin and I'm on myway to a Halloween Party ." A woman got on a bus holding a baby The bus driver said: "That's the ugliest baby I'veever seen." In a huff, the woman slammed her fare into the fare box and tookan aisle seat near the rear of thebus. The man seated next to hersensed that she was agitated andasked her what was wrong."The bus driver insulted me," The Ugly Baby she fumed. The man sympathized and said:"Why he's a public servant and shouldn't say things to insultpassengers." "Y ou're right," she said. "I think I'll go back up thereand give him a piece of mymind.""That's a good idea," the man said. "Here, let me hold your monkey ." Mr Smith was delighted with the way the painter haddone all the work on hishouse. "Y ou did a great job." he said and handed the man a check."Also, in order to thank-you,here's an extra $80 to take themisses out to dinner and amovie." Later that night, the doorbellrang and it was the painter Thinking the man had forgottensomething he asked, "What's the matter did you forget something?" "Nope." replied the painter "I'm just here to take yourmisses out to dinner and amovie like you asked." Dinner Date As a senior citizen was driving down Orange Street,his phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife's voice urgentlywarning him, "Herman, I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong wayon Orange S treet. Please be careful!" "Darnl!" said Herman, "It's not just one car It's hundr eds of them!" The Wr ong W ay T wo men, Robert and James, applied for an engineeringposition. Both applicants havingthe same qualifications wereasked to take a test by thedepartment manager Upon completion of the examboth men only missed one of thequestions. The manager went toRobert and said, "Thank you for your interest, but we've decidedto give James the job." Robert replied, "Why? W e both corr ectly answer ed nine questions. I believe I should get this job, especiallysince I've grown up in thistown and James just movedhere." The manager said, "W e made our decision not on the correctanswers, but on the question youmissed." “How could one incorrect answer be better than theother?," asked Robert. "Simple," said the manager "James put down on question#5, 'I don't know', and you putdown, 'Neither do I.'" The T est We AMS T o Please


Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 9 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Monday August 1 1, 2014: Police have detained two suspects and are on the manhunt for two morein connection with a Sunday night,August 3, chopping incident in SanIgnacio T own. It was a few minutes to 10 o’clock on Sunday night August 3 when the police were called to the communityhospital in San Ignacio. They wereimmediately directed to theemergency room where a maleperson was being treated for largechop wounds, one each to both kneesand another to the mid section of thebody Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim, later identified as SanIgnacio resident, Felix Romero was at his mother -in-law’ s house on Police Manhunt For Calderon Brothers Underway Flamingo Street in San Ignacio whenhe went to open the gate for hismother -in-law to enter Whilst at the gate he was reportedly attackedby four male persons whom heidentified as the Calderon brothers: Neri and Gerson along with Leroy Supal and Joshua Concha. He emerged from the attack with threelarge chop wounds and was rushedto the hospital where the police methim. The extent of the injuriesnecessitated the immediate transfer ofthe patient from the communityhospital in San Ignacio bypassing theW estern Regional Hospital in Belmopan for direct transfer to thenation’ s principal medical facility at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital inBelize City where the patient wasreceived in a stabilized criticalcondition. Inspector Reymundo Reyes 2nd in command of San Ignaciopolice, told the media that police areinvestigating the incident in relationto a long standing dispute betweenthe victim and suspects. Reyes additionally informed of the existenceof a pending case before the courtbetween the parties involved in thislatest incident. The investigation has since led to the detention of Supal and Concha whilean intensive manhunt is underway forthe Calderon brothers. Officers fromthe Crimes Investigation Branch areasking anyone with information on thewhereabouts of the Calderonbrothers to kindly call the 91 1 toll free number or Crimes InvestigationBranch personnel at 804-2022. Thepublic is assured that all informationwill be held in the strictest ofconfidence. Police say that while they await advice from the Office of theDirector of Public Prosecutions, thereis a strong possibility that all foursuspects could be jointly charged forthe attempt murder of Felix Romero. The V ictim, Felix Romer o Dear All, The Human RightsCommission of Belize invitesyou to support their fundraisingevent to be held in San Ignacioat the Sacred Heart Auditorium this coming Saturday August 16th 2014 starting at 7:30 p.m.. This event is being done inpartnership with the RotaractClub of San Ignacio and consists of the performance of thehilarious play "Every Rose has Thorns" written by pastor Dillon Burgin. All proceeds go towards the continuation of HRCB's humanrights educational trainings andadvocacy programs and theRotaract's Club Send a child to school scholarship program"Come out and support us. II II I nvitation To Support HRCB Fundraising Event nvitation To Support HRCB Fundraising Event nvitation To Support HRCB Fundraising Event nvitation To Support HRCB Fundraising Event nvitation To Support HRCB Fundraising Event Price of tickets for the eventare $15 regular seating and $50reserved. Hoping to obtain yourkind support. Please share withfriends whom you think might beinterested in seeing the play Y ou can contact Antoinette Moore at < > or The Human RightsCommission of Belize < > for tickets.BY : Dr Candy Gonzalez Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Be Be Be Be Be A A A A A Litter Litter Litter Litter Litter Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!!


Page 10 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014 Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) is a common human skin disease,characterized by areas of seborrhea(scaly red skin) comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) papules (pinheads) nodules (large papules) pimples, and possibly scarring. Aside from scarring, its main effects are psychological, such asreduced self-esteem and in veryextreme cases, depression orsuicide. One study has estimated theincidence of suicidal ideation inpatients with acne as 7.1%. In adolescence, acne is usuallycaused by an increase in androgenssuch as testosterone, which occursduring puberty regardless of sex. Acne more often affects skin with agreater number of oil glands; theseareas include the face, the upper partof the chest, and the back. Severeacne is inflammatory but acne can also manifest in noninflammatoryforms. The skin changes are causedby changes in pilosebaceous units,skin structures consisting of a hairfollicle and its associated sebaceousgland, changes that require androgenstimulation. Many different treatments exist.Eating fewer simple carbohydrateslike sugar may help. Medications foracne include: benzoyl peroxide,antibiotics (either topical or by pill) retinoids, antiseborrheic medications,anti-androgen medications, hormonaltreatments, salicylic acid, alphahydroxy acid, azelaic acid,nicotinamide, and keratolytic soaps.Early and aggressive treatment isadvocated by some to lessen theoverall long-term impact toindividuals. Cause Hormonal Hormonal activity such as menstrual cycles and puberty may contribute to the formation of acne. During puberty an increase in sex hormones calledandrogens cause the follicular glandsto grow larger and make moresebum; A similar increase in androgens occurs during pregnancy also leading to increased sebumproduction. Use of anabolic steroidsmay have a similar effect. Severalhormones have been linked to acne:the androgens testosterone,dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate(DHEAS) as well as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I) Development of acne vulgaris inlater years is uncommon, although theincidence of rosacea, which may havea similar presentation, is increased inolder age groups. T rue acne vulgaris in adult women may be a feature ofan underlying condition such aspregnancy or disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome, hirsutism, Acne Vulgaris or Cushing's syndrome.Menopause-associated acne (known as acne climacterica) occurs as production of the natural anti-acneovarian hormones estradiol andprogesterone fail, permitting theacnegenic hormone testosterone toexert its effects unopposed. Genetic The predisposition for specific individuals to acne is likely explainedby a genetic component, which hasbeen supported by twin studies aswell as studies that have looked atrates of acne among first degreerelatives. The genetics of acnesusceptibility is likely polygenic, as thedisease does not follow classicMendelian inheritance pattern. Thereare multiple candidates for geneswhich are possibly related to acne,including polymorphisms inTNF-alpha, IL-1 alpha, CYP1A1among others. Psychological While the connection between acne and stress has been debated,scientific research indicates that"increased acne severity" is "associated with increased stresslevels." The National Institutes of Health (USA) list stress as a factor that "can cause an acne flare." Infectious Propionibacterium acnes (P acnes) is the anaerobic bacterium speciesthat is widely concluded to causeacne, though Staphylococcus aureushas been universally discovered toplay some role since normal poresappear colonized only by P acnes. Regardless, there are specific clonalsub-strains of P acnes associated with normal skin health and others withlong-term acne problems. It is as yetinconclusive whether any of theseundesirable strains evolve on-site inthe adverse conditions or are allpathogenically acquired, or possiblyboth depending on the individualpatient. These strains either have thecapability of changing, perpetuating,or adapting to, the abnormal cycle ofinflammation, oil production, andinadequate sloughing activities of acnepores. At least one particularly virulent strain, though, has beencirculating around Europe for at least87 years. In vitro, resistance of P acnes to commonly used antibioticshas been increasing, as well. It isunclear if the parasitic mite Demodex,has an effect. Diet The relationship between diet and acne is unclear as there is no goodquality evidence. However a high glycemic load diet is associated withworsening acne. There is also apositive association between theconsumption of milk and a greaterrate and severity of acne. Other associations such as chocolate andsalt are not supported by theevidence. Chocolate does contain avarying amount of sugar that can leadto a high glycemic load and it can bemade with or without milk. There maybe a relationship between acne andinsulin metabolism and one trial founda relationship between acne andobesity Management Many different treatments exist for acne including benzoyl peroxide,antibiotics, retinoids, antiseborrheicmedications, anti-androgenmedications, hormonal treatments,salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid,azelaic acid, nicotinamide, andkeratolytic soaps. They are believedto work in at least four different ways,including the following: normalizingshedding and sebum production intothe pore to prevent blockage, killingP acnes, anti-inflammatory ef fects, and hormonal manipulation. Medications Benzoyl peroxide Benzoyl peroxide cream is a first-line treatment for mild andmoderate acne due to its effectivenessand mild side-effects (mainly irritant dermatitis) It works against P acnes, helps prevent formation ofcomedones, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Benzoylperoxide normally causes dryness ofthe skin, slight redness, and occasionalpeeling when side ef fects occur This topical does increase sensitivity to thesun as indicated on the package, sosunscreen use is often advised duringthe treatment to prevent sunburn.Benzoyl peroxide has been found tobe nearly as effective as antibioticswith all concentrations being equallyeffective. Unlike antibiotics, benzoylperoxide does not appear togenerate bacterial resistance. Benzoylperoxide is often combined withantibiotics. Antibiotics Antibiotics are reserved for more severe cases and decrease acne dueto their antimicrobial activity againstP acnes in conjunction with antiinflammatory properties. W ith increasing resistance of P acnes worldwide, they are becoming lesseffective. Commonly used antibiotics,either applied topically or taken orally include erythromycin (category B) clindamycin (category B) metronidazole (category B) and tetracyclines such as doxycycline and minocycline. T opical erythromycin and clindamycin are considered safeto use as acne treatment duringpregnancy (category B) due to negligible systemic absorption.Nadifloxacin (category N) and dapsone (category C) are other topical antibiotics that may be usedto treat acne in pregnant women, buthave received less extensive study Salicylic acid Salicylic acid (category C) helps to lessen acne due to its bacteriostaticand keratolytic properties.Additionally salicylic acid can open obstructed skin pores and promotesshedding of epithelial skin cells.Hyperpigmentation of the skin hasbeen observed in individuals withdarker skin types who use salicylicacid. Hormones In females, acne can be improved with the use of any combined oralcontraceptive. The combinations thatcontain third or fourth generationprogestins such as desogestrel,norgestimate or drospirenone maytheoretically be more beneficial.Antiandrogens such as cyproteroneacetate and spironolactone have alsobeen used successfully to treat acne.Hormonal therapies should not beused to treat during pregnancy orlactation as they have beenassociated with certain birth defectssuch as hypospadias and feminizationof the male fetus. T opical r etinoids T opical retinoids are medications that possess anti-inflammatoryproperties and work by normalizingthe follicle cell life cycle. This classincludes tretinoin (category C) adapalene (category C) and tazarotene (category X) Like isotretinoin, they are related tovitamin A, but are administered topically and generally have muchmilder side effects. They can,however cause significant irritation of the skin. The retinoids appear toinfluence the cell life cycle in thefollicle lining. This helps prevent thehyperkeratinization of these cells thatcan create a blockage. Retinol, a formof vitamin A, has similar but milder effects and is used in many over-the-counter moisturizers and othertopical products. T opical retinoids often cause an initial flare-up of acneand facial flushing. Oral retinoids Continued On Page 14


Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 11 CARACOL ARCHEOLOGICAL RESER VE, Cayo, Monday 1 1 August, 2014: T wo Guatemalan boys were this week captured with a gun andammunition inside the nationalterritory of Belize. As rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development(FCD) continue the task of protecting the Chiquibul ForestReserve, there are reports of yetanother incursion into Belizeby Guatemalans. The report indicates that ataround 10:45 am on Monday August 1 1, the rangers were on routine joint patrol with soldiersof the Belize Defense Force inthe Caracol Archeological Reserve when they came upon agroup of four Guatemalan malepersons sitting around a fire.Upon reaching the group, two ofthe men escaped while the othertwo were captured. A search of the area, where the Two Guatemalan Boys On Remand For Gun and Bullets Two Guatemalan Boys On Remand For Gun and Bullets Two Guatemalan Boys On Remand For Gun and Bullets Two Guatemalan Boys On Remand For Gun and Bullets Two Guatemalan Boys On Remand For Gun and Bullets men were gathered, led to thediscovery of an Armscor brand, model 20P point 22 caliber rifle loaded with a magazine withthirteen live rounds. Furtherchecks led to the discovery of atransparent plastic bag containingan additional forty point 22 liverounds. The detainees were identifiedas a 15 and a 17 year old minorof Nuevo Nacimiento of elParaiso Peten, Guatemala. Theywere escorted to the San Ignaciopolice station where they wereformally arrested and charged forkeeping a gun and ammunitionwithout a gun license. They appeared in the courtroomof magistrate Narda Morgan where they pled not guilty to thecharge. They were consequentlyremanded to prison. The matterwas adjourned to T uesday October 21, 2014. Armscor brand, model 20P point 22 caliber rifle Magazine with thirteen live rounds Forty point 22 live rounds NOTICE Dear Readers & Contributors: Kindly forward all Ads, Letters, Articles, Comments and Humor to We thank you We thank you We thank you We thank you We thank you all for your all for your all for your all for your all for your continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous support over the support over the support over the support over the support over the years. years. years. years. years. For further information please call 804-4900 or 626-8822


Page 12 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014 ARIES: Mar ch 22 to April 20 As V enus sashays into Leo, your hopes increase for finding the love ofyour life. In fact, you may be temptedto take a gamble on love or business.If you're the entrepreneurial type, thiscould be an excellent time to exploreideas that have the potential to give agood return on your investment.However you're no pushover Y ou have a real determination to conquerproblems that may have held youback recently Sunday is supremely perfect for a special celebration orromantic evening out. Lucky numbers: 69, 73, 96. T AURUS: April 21 to May 21 Home, sweet home is where youbelong this week as the focus ondomestic matters becomes evenmore creative, positive, and upbeat.If you've been thinking aboutenhancing your property the influence of V enus might encourage you to go ahead. In addition, a very powerfultransit on Friday might coincide witha decision that could change your lifefor the better As Mercury eases into V ir go, your arts-and-crafts side may come out into the open, encouragingyou to get busy The weekend bodes well for a small windfall. Lucky numbers: 05, 19, 27. Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers GEMINI: May 22 to June 21 Y ou have bold, creative, inspiring, and impulsive ideas that can spur youon to greater success. The pleasuresof romance, play and creativity flow ef fortlessly your way bringing congenial relationships and funopportunities for you to enjoy Mercury's move into V ir go puts the spotlight on home and family matters,enticing you to come to grips withhousehold projects, removing clutter and redecorating. Y ou'll find it easier to think when you have more spacearound you. Sunday should bereserved for pure indulgence. Lucky numbers: 09, 36, 85. CANCER June 21 to July 21 An upbeat, positive frame of mind regarding finances gives you anadvantage, as it allows you to seesolutions that are beyond the grasp ofothers. An inventive and creative approach to money matters andaccounting could give you more tospend on shopping and generallyenjoying life. In addition, a buddingrelationship could heat up, showing signsof fiery passion and intense feeling. Iftempted, you'll need to listen to your gut,as making the wrong decision could costyou dearly Lucky numbers: 41, 58, 64. LEO: July 24 to August 21 Y ou may have an impulsive ur ge to express your opinions. If your ideas arechallenged, agree to disagree in orderto avoid upset. Plus, as V enus moves into your sign, you're at a peakregarding creativity expression, and opportunities for growth and expansion.Dive in! T imes like these don't come around very often. Later as Mercury glides into V ir go, this is your chance to get down to the nitty-gritty regarding youraccounts and finances. A practical approach to budgeting could save youmoney in the long run. Lucky numbers: 70, 81, 99. VIRGO: August 22 to September 21 Creative ideas have moneymakingpotential, but you may find that you'reat your most brilliant when you'remeditating, relaxing, and reflecting on life.T ake time out this week to harness your imagination for fun, pleasure, and profit.Guided meditation or visualization mayhelp you to connect with feelings ofabundance, success, motivation, andenjoyment. Y our inner world could be a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.Mercury edges into your sign on Fridayto encourage you to get on with projectsthat have been on the backburner Lucky numbers: 02, 13, 22. LIBRA: September 22 to October 23 As V enus, your personal planet, dances into Leo and your socialsector you'll be even more popular than you already are. There could besome fantastic opportunities waitingfor you when you accept invitations,attend events, and generallymake yourself available. A deeper motivation might incline you to sort outa financial bugaboo once and for all.Nothing can stop you if you put yourmind to it. The weekend is promisingfor romance and fun, encouraging youto indulge to your heart's content.Lucky numbers: 39, 46, 54. SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21 If a problem has been eating awayat you for some time, you'll findthe resolve and determination toovercome it once and for all. At the same time, a focus on your careersector reveals that success may notbe too far away In order to enjoy it you'll need to showcase your abilitieson a regular basis. In addition, mixingwith the right people will put you intouch with folks who can use yourskills and pay you well for them, too.Lucky numbers: 52, 67, 79. SAGITT ARIUS: November 22 to December 21 Y ou'll feel revitalized on all levels, so take the initiative to get what youwant, and use the power of Mars inScorpio to release old problems. Themore willing you can be to drophurt and resentment, the more youcan focus on all the dynamicopportunities awaiting you justahead. This week's alignment in Leoand your adventure sector maymotivate you to explore the manysizzling options available. In addition,you'll want to prioritize your goals andmake a plan that can help you achievethem. Lucky numbers: 1 1, 26, 33. CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20 Y ou may want to indulge yourself, as this week's lineupentices you to dive in and have fun.When it comes to mixing andmingling, the presence of Mars inScorpio linked with Pluto in your signurges you to connect with peoplewho have the same desires andambitions as you. On the subject ofmoney the ur ge to enjoy an extravagant shopping spree may betoo much to resist. However Sunday is the day when you'll wantto splurge even if it isn't justified.Lucky numbers: 32, 44, 59. AQUARIUS: January 20 to February 18 Y ou have everything going for you, making this week a particularlyenjoyable one. The focus on Leosuggests that your social life and lovelife positively sizzle. There's so muchgoing on for you that you could bespoiled for choice. Whether you'relooking for love or in a long-termrelationship, laughter andcompanionship will light up your days.In addition, you're forging ahead inyour career with goals and ambitions,and you may be passionate in theextreme when it comes to findingsuccess. Lucky numbers: 63, 77, 89. PISCES: February 20 to March 21 The focus on lifestyle, health, andwork amps up still further as V enus moves into Leo. Regarding diet andexercise, although you might have aneye on your figure, you'll likely find ithard to keep on the straight andnarrow Parties, get-togethers, and office lunches can all take their toll,and you may be hard-pressed torefuse a tasty treat. However as Mercury edges into V ir go, a friend or sweetheart may attempt to reasonwith you so you don't undo all yourhard work. Lucky numbers: 29, 38, 49. Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!!


Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 13 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,W ednesday 13 August, 2014: T wo men are facing drug charges after being connectedwith a really tiny amount ofillegal drugs. They were doing the stuff,police say in the W elcome Center in San Ignacio whenpolice, acting on informationreceived, pulled up on them. Penner and Rojo on Drug Charges Penner and Rojo on Drug Charges Penner and Rojo on Drug Charges Penner and Rojo on Drug Charges Penner and Rojo on Drug Charges Police first searched theCaucasian man dressed in a longsleeve white shirt with bluestripes and blue jeans pants whilethe other instantly identified as Rayford “Rojo” S taine was wearing a black t-shirt and bluejeans pants. A search of the Caucasian man led to the discovery of atransparent plastic bag containing 0.2 grams of cocaine in his leftpants pocket, while inside theother front pocket police foundtwo grams of suspected weed.Nothing incriminating was foundon Rojo. A search of the area however inside a flower pot, led to the discovery of 1.3 grams ofsuspected crack cocaine. The men were escorted to thenearby police station where the Caucasian was identified as R yan Penner 30, Canadian, farmer residing in the Spanish LookoutMennonite community The personal particulars of the otherdetainee was recorded as Rayford“Rojo” Staine, 36, Belizeanlaborer residing in EsperanzaV illage. They were issued a joint charge for the suspected crackcocaine while Penner wasadditionally charged for the weedfound inside the pocket of thepants he was wearing.


Page 14 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014 Continued F r om P ag e 1 0 W e ar e located of f Joseph Andr ews Drive, near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio T own. Call us at 824-2076 or 610-0408. E-mail: W ash, V accum, Armoral & Engine W ash As W ell As Pr essur e W ashing Outside of Houses Isotretinoin is very effective for severe acne as well as moderate acnerefractory to other treatments.Improvement is typically seen afterone to two months of use. After a single course, about 80% of peoplereport an improvement with more than50% reporting completeremission. About 20% of people require a second course. A number of adverse effects may occurincluding: dry skin, nose bleeds,muscle pains, increased liver enzymes,and increased lipid levels in the blood.If used during pregnancy there is ahigh risk of abnormalities in the babyand thus women of child bearing ageare required to use effective birthcontrol. There is no clear evidencethat use of oral retinoids increases therisk of psychiatric side effects such asdepression and suicidality Combination therapy Combination therapy using medications of different classestogether each with a dif ferent mechanism of action, has beendemonstrated to be a more efficaciousapproach to acne treatment thanmonotherapy Frequently used combinations include thefollowing: antibiotic + benzoylperoxide, antibiotic + topical retinoid,or topical retinoid + benzoylperoxide. Procedures Comedo extraction may help those with comedones that do not improvewith standard treatment, at leasttemporarily A procedure with high patient satisfaction [quantify] for immediate relief is the injection ofcorticosteroids into the inflamed acnecomedone. There is no evidence thatmicrodermabrasion is effective. As of 2012, evidence for light therapy and lasers is insufficient torecommend them for routine use.Light therapy is an expensivetreatment modality and while itappears to provide short termbenefit, there is a lack of long termoutcome data or data in those withsevere acne. Laser surgery can be used toreduce the scars left behind by acne. For people with cystic acne, boilscan be drained through surgicallancing. Alternative medicine Numerous natural products have Acne Vulgaris Monday: Draft Beer $3.00 T uesday: Local Rum $3.00 W ednesday: Panty Ripper $3.95 Mondays to Fridays: Regular Margarita $6.95 S traberr y Margaritas: $7.95 Blue Margaritas: $8.95 24 Cr enshaw S t. San Ignacio T el: 824 -2730 Mexican and Belizean Menu The Home Of MARGARITAS SPECIALS V isit us for br eakfast on Sundays!!! Monday thru Friday been investigated for treating peoplewith acne. Azelaic acid has been shown effective for mild-to-moderateacne when applied topically at a 20%concentration. Application twice daily for six months is necessary and treatment is as effective as topicalbenzoyl peroxide 5%, isotretinoin0.05%, and erythromycin 2%.Azelaic acid may cause skin irritationbut is otherwise very safe. A topical application of tea tree oil has beensuggested. Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Be Be Be Be Be A A A A A Litter Litter Litter Litter Litter Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! #6 Hudson S tr eet, San Ignacio T own T elephone: 824-2101 Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! In S tock NOW : ST A TIONERIES: BRC School Books, Dictionar y, Bible, Exercise Books, Folder Sheets, Pens, Pencils,etc. Don’t forget DVD and CD’ s for ONL Y $1.00 each W e also do instant Photos for Passpor t, Permit, Driver ’ s License, etc. A large variety of Electronics Photos & Records Photos & Records Photos & Records Photos & Records Photos & Records VENUS VENUS VENUS VENUS VENUS Maya Angelou Everything In Everything In Everything In Everything In Everything In The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances.


Sunday, August 17, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 15 Continued From Front Page VACANCY Eden SDA High School Eden Drive Santa Elena Town, Cayo District Tel: 824-2966/ Fax: 824-4479 Applications are invited for suitable qualifiedindividuals to fill the following teachingvacancies: 1 Mathematics/Physics (Temporary)1 Spanish/Social Studies (Temporary) It is preferred that appicants have a BachelorDegree in Education in the subject area.Nevertheless, persons with an Associate Degreein the subject area can submit application. Salary is based on qualifications and inaccordance with the Government payscale. Interested persons are asked to submit letter ofapplication, resume, two recommendations,certified copies of transcripts and diplomas, anda certified copy of teaching license to thefollowing address by August 20, 2014. The Chairman Eden SDA High School Board P .O. Box 68 San Ignacio T own Espat Takes The Rap Jose Garcia Alma Reyes drugs, descended upon the #148Geor ge Price A venue, Santa Elena residence of Nelson “Quack” Flor es 30, Belizean laborer Present with Flores on location at the time of the search were three otherpersons later identified as BelizeansAlma Reyes 36; Jose Garcia 26; and Justin Espat 19. Both Reyes and Espat told the police that theyreside with Flores at the house whileGarcia informed that he lives nearbyon Coconut Street. The search conducted, as per standard operational procedure,in the presence of all four personsled to the discovery of a blackplastic bag containing suspectedmarijuana found in a corner inside thehouse. The discovery led to the immediate detention of all four persons. They were transported to the police stationin San Ignacio where the suspectedmarijuana was weighed in theirpresence amounting to 126.8 gramsor just a shade less than four and ahalf ounces. W ithin a few hours of their detention, all four persons werebefore magistrate Narda Morgan on a joint possession char ge. All of them pled not guilty to the charge exceptJustin Espat who stood tall in thedefendant stand informing the courtthat he was guilty as charged. He wasnot standing so tall however aftermagistrate Narda Morgan imposed afive year custodial sentence alongwith a 10 thousand dollar fine. Thecase against the other threedefendants was dismissed. activity with a camp fire burningnearby The men, all Belizean laborers, were identified as Ricky Diego 28 and Glenford “Geese” Lewis 50, both residing on the property as well asShane Smith 29, who lives nearby also in Red Creek and W ayne Miralda 34, who told the police that he lives further up the highway in SantaElena. A search of Miralda led to the discovery of a black plastic bagcontaining suspected marijuana foundin the left back pocket of the pants hewas wearing. Police then searched theimmediate area where, about four feetfrom the trunk of the coconut tree,they found three additional blackplastic bags containing suspectedmarijuana alongside a black GemoroPlatinum brand digital scale, modelV300, and a transparent plastic bagcontaining smaller transparent plasticbags. The first black bag was found to contain seven smaller transparentplastic bags all containing suspectedmarijuana. The second bag had inside,36 smaller transparent plastic bags allcontaining suspected marijuana and Four Arrested For Parceling A Pound Of Weed the third black plastic bag was foundto contain a loose amount ofsuspected marijuana. Despite beingadvised of their right to remain silent,two of men began accusing each otherof being the owner of the suspectedmarijuana. All four persons were detained and transported, with the suspectedweed, to the police station in SanIgnacio where the merchandise was weighed in their presence. The package allegedly found in the back pocket of the pants Miralda waswearing amounted to 7.8 grams. Thefirst black bag with the sevenindividual parcels weighed in at 53.7grams. The second bag with the 36individual parcels tipped the policedigital scale at 277.3 grams, while theloose weed in the third bag amountedto 125 grams all for a total of 463.8grams being just a shade over a poundof weed. Doing the math, thereforeworks out to the individualpackaging of caches each weighing7.6 grams which police suspect wasbeing prepared for the retail market. While Miralda promptly signed the one package of the evidencecontaining the merchandise found inhis pants pocket, he refused to sign the other three. Lopez likewiserefused to sign the three packages.Diego and Smith however complied with the police request and signed allthree packages. The four detainees were jointly charged for the possession of acontrolled drug with intent to supplywhile Miralda was additionally andsolely charged for the possession ofa controlled drug for the 7.8 gramsallegedly found in the pocket of thepants he was wearing. They are slated to appear in court on Friday August 15. Continued From Front Page Black bag containing 36 smaller transparent plastic bags Black bag containing seven smaller transparent plastic bags You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. -Bob Marley -Bob Marley -Bob Marley -Bob Marley -Bob Marley Black bag containing loose Marijuana Fined and Confined


Page 16 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 17, 2014