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Alberto Orlando August ( Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize )
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July 7, 2013
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Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 1 No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR8*8TAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STARSTAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR No. 409 Sunday, August 10, 2014 Price $1.00 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,W ednesday July 30, 2014: A man caught carrying a washing machine on hisshoulder in the early hours ofthe morning on Monday July 28, was arrested, charged and deniedbail. Police on mobile patrol shortlyafter 3:00 am on Monday July 28, in the Bradley’ s Bank area of Santa Elena town reportedlycame upon a male person ofHispanic decent carrying awashing machine on his shoulder When questioned he was unableto provide a reasonable responsefor his action. He was detained Novelo Caught In The Act and transported to the policestation in San Ignacio along withthe PL Laundromat brand, 6 kilowashing machine. The detaineewas identified as Armando Novelo, 24, Belizean mason residing in the Hill V iew Area of Santa Elena T own. The detainee was still in policecustody when at around 5:00 amon T uesday July 29, Christine Codd Belizean housewife residing in Bradley’ s Bank, visited the police station andreported that her washingmachine was missing from itsusual spot on the verandah of herhouse. The machine held by the police was shown to her wherebyshe immediately and positivelyidentified it as being her propertyresulting in the formal arrestingand the issuance of a theft chargeto Armando Novelo. Novelo appeared beforemagistrate Herbert Panton in San Ignacio magistrate’ s court on W ednesday July 30 where, before pleading not guilty to the theft charge, said to magistratePanton, “I neva thief it, I buy it”. He was advised to leave allstatements for the trial.Magistrate Panton concurredwith the prosecutor ’ s request for the denial of bail. Novelowas consequently remandedto prison with the next courtdate set for W ednesday September 3, 2014. Police Holds Public Meeting WELCOME CENTER, SanIgnacio T own, Cayo, W ednesday August 7, 2014: Over one hundred residents ofSan Ignacio, Santa Elena andsurrounding villages gatheredtoday at the W elcome Center in San Ignacio T own to listen to the police report on the local crimesituation and citizen securityplans. The meeting was called bythe Officer Commanding theSan Ignacio police formation,Superintendent of Police,Dinsdale Thompson. Sitting at the head table withSupt. Thompson and likewiseaddressing the gathering were Please T ur n T o P ag e 3 ACP Aar on Guzman, OC Cayo (Police) District Supt. Dinsdale Thompson, OC San Ignacio Police


Page 2 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014 Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial W ester n Har dw are has all y our Plumbing Electrical & Construction supplies under one roof at reasonable prices. Ask for what you do not see, we can find those hard to get items. Why travel out of town to buy your supplies when W ester n Har dw are can sa tisfy all y our Plumbing, Electircal & Construction Needs. New Tires F or Sale W e ar e your One S top Shop!! So V isit us today!!!! “Y our One S top Construction & Home Improvement Shop” Phone: 824-2572/3494 Fax: 8243240 E-mail: 54 Burns A venue, San Ignacio, Cayo istrict, Belize C.A W e of f er the best in Pr of essional Building Maintenance Ser vices Wholesale & Retail W e of fer the best quality and prices on all your home furnishing needs!!! V isit us today and see our wide variety of stoves, beds, chest of drawers, refrigerators, LCD TVs, fans, beach cruiser bicycles, motorcycles, dinning tables and so much more..... Tel: 824-3099Cell: 652-0123 P .O Bo x 621 # 107 G eor g e Pric e Hig hway S ant a El ena, Ca y o Dist rict Be l iz e C.A #6 Hudson S tr eet, San Ignacio T own T elephone: 824-2101 Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable Venus Photos & Records, where the prices are unbeatable and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! and service is our #1 priority!!! In S tock NOW : ST A TIONERIES: BRC School Books, Dictionar y, Bible, Exercise Books, Folder Sheets, Pens, Pencils,etc. Don’t forget DVD and CD’ s for ONL Y $1.00 each W e also do instant Photos for Passpor t, Permit, Driver ’ s License, etc. A large variety of Electronics Photos & Records Photos & Records Photos & Records Photos & Records Photos & Records VENUS VENUS VENUS VENUS VENUS Who Is L ying? Who Is T elling The T ruth? If there is any truth in the mostrecent allegation, against the PUPStandard Bearer in the BelizeRural North constituencyregarding impropriety involvinglarge sums of missing moneyfrom a client, then the accusedmight just be in for very roughtimes ahead. While we sit on opposite sides of the political divide, for the sake of hissanity his political aspirations and indeed his entire well being, we wishhim no ill. The allegations againsthim however are extremely serious in nature given that, inmonths just past, he portrayedhimself as the vanguard for allthat is right. Even more seriousis that at one juncture in his lifehe was aspiring to become theleader of the political party towhich he belongs, an aspirationthat, who knows, he might still beharboring in the back deeprecesses of his mind. The complainant in this matter would be venturing into dangerousterritory in the advancement of falsecharges against this individual. Therevelations of the sequence of events however presents diametricallyopposite versions of what actually transpired; hence it canbe safe to draw the assumptionthat one party is telling the truthwhile the other is not beingtruthful. The million dollar (no pun intended) question had therefore got to be: Who is lyingand who is telling the truth? Leading the charge for theinstitution of possible criminalaction against the accused is asenior counsel cut from samepolitical stock as the accused, theproceedings, as it currentlystands, therefore cannot attractallegation of the involvementof the usual raw politicalmaneuvering as was the casewhen the very man who standsaccused today was leading the charge against his politicalopponent in the Belize RuralNorth constituency in a matterthat fades in comparison to theallegation now looking himdirectly in the face. It is written somewhere: “T o whom much is given, much isexpected” In the past several months the accused stood as thevanguard for all that is right. Howcould he therefore, if he truly has,have fallen from his perch on high? The interview with the accused, aired on Channel 7’ s Thursday evening newscast, seems to havecome across as, if not an outrightdisplay of arrogance, bordering veryclose thereto. The unfolding of this matterwill be very interesting tofollow One thing is for certain however: It has opened an interparty wound, cutting at the verycore of the opposition, a deep,deep wound that will never soonheal. Given that the allegation seemsto have all the elements requiredfor the levying of a theft chargeagainst the accused. Furthermore,given that it directly andindividually implicates one who isseeking an elected position on hisparty’ s ticket for the next general election, the silence on the partof the leader of the opposition isdeafening. Is this how leaders act?Do they simply wait in the wingshoping that matters of thisserious nature just “blow away like a lee breeze?”


Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 3 Ernie Braun SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Thursday August 7, 2014: The Cristo Rey village home ofJeffery Gonzalez was reportedly burglarized between 8:00 am and Garcia Accused of BurglarizingHis Sister’s House 1:00 pm on W ednesday August 6. In making the report to thepolice, Gonzalez informed themof the prime suspect being hisbrother -in-law Selvin Gar cia, also residing in Cristo Reyvillage. The police visited the scenewhere they observed that entrywas gained by breaking thelock on the front door In his statement to the policerequesting court action, Gonzalezitemized the missing propertyas a gold engagement ringvalued at $900, a black Cannonbrand digital camera valued at$400, an Apple brand iPod valued at $400 and a blackGucci brand wrist watch valued at$600, all for a total value of$2,300. While the police report ismute on the recovery of anyof the alleged stolen items,swift police action led to the detention of the 19 yearold brother in law He was transported to the police stationin San Ignacio where he wasprocessed and issued with aburglary charge. The accused Belizeanlaborer appeared beforemagistrate Levi Moe on Thursday August 7, where he pled not guilty to the burglarycharge and was offered bail. The offering of bail was shortlived as prosecutor George Gomez rose in objection to the granting of bail on the basis of theaccused having a prior aggravatedassault charge. Magistrate Moeconcurred with the prosecutions’request thereby proceeding toremand the accused to prison. Thematter was adjourned toW ednesday September 3, 2014. Police Holds Public Meeting Continued From Front Page Supt. (r) Rudolph Orio Thompson’ s deputy Inspector Reymundo Reyes ; Assistant Commissioner of Police, Aar on Guzman in his capacity as the Officer Commanding the Cayo(Police) District; Julian Sherrard Chair of the People’ s Coalition of Cayo; neighborhoodwatch Chair Ernie Braun and retired Superintendent of PoliceRudoplh Orio currently serving as the National Coordinatorfor Citizens On Patrol (COPS) program. The primary purposethe meeting was to informthe community of thedrastic decrease in majorcrimes within the community This success, informed the Insp. Reymundo Reyes 2nd In Command San Ignacio Police Julian Sherrard police, was due primarily toeffective police patrols, rapidpolice response to reports andthe quick apprehension ofoffenders. While the police werecommended for the reported UDP Mayoral Candidate, Councilor Earl T rapp decrease in crimes, residentsrequested further decreases. Thepolice informed that the bestway to further decrease crimes isfor the community to continueworking in partnership with thepolice. For its part, the policeinformed of the close collaboration with thecommunity especially the business community in theimportant crime reductioneffort. The police furtherencouraged communities toform neighborhood watch groupsoffering assistance in thisendeavor Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Don’t Be A Litter Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!!


Page 4 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014 Global health experts at theW orld Health Or ganization (WHO) are meeting to discuss new measures to tackle the Ebolaoutbreak. The meeting is expected to lasttwo days and will decide whetherto declare a global healthemer gency On W ednesday a man suspected to have contractedEbola died in Saudi Arabia. If confirmed, this will be the firstEbola-related death outside ofAfrica. The virus has killed nearly 900people since February in W est Africa. The outbreak began in Februaryin Guinea, and has since spreadto Liberia, Sierra Leone andNigeria. On W ednesday a nurse became the second person to die fromEbola in Nigeria. Nigeria's health minister said Ebola: Global Experts Begin Emergency Talks At WHO Airports in Nigeria are now screening passengers for Ebola on arrival Please T ur n T o P ag e 1 5 five other cases of Ebola werebeing treated in isolation inLagos, sub-Saharan Africa's lar gest city It comes as leading infectiousdisease experts have called forexperimental treatments to beof fered more widely T wo US aid workers who contracted Ebola in Liberiaappear to be improving afterreceiving an unapprovedmedicine ahead of theirevacuation back to the US. But it is not clear if the ZMappdrug, which has only been testedon monkeys, can be credited withtheir improvement. Prof Peter Piot who codiscovered Ebola in 1976, Prof David Heymann the head of the Centre on Global HealthSecurity and W ellcome T rust director Prof Jeremy Farrar said there were several drugs andvaccines being studied for possible use against Ebola. "African governments should be allowed to make informeddecisions about whether or notto use these products forexample to protect and treathealthcare workers whorun especially high risks ofinfection," they wrote in a joint statement. The WHO, "the only body with the necessary international authority" to allow such experimentaltreatments, "must take on this greater leadership role", they said. The meeting of the WHO'semergency committee in Genevais focusing solely on how torespond to the Ebola outbreak. If a public health emergency isdeclared it could also involve


Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 5


Page 6 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014 Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Savannah Ar ea, San Ignacio T own, Cayo T elephone: 804-2522 Free Delivery within town limits. HODE’S PLACE W e offer d el iciousl y pr epar ed food in an amazing l y r el ax ed at mospher e W e al so cat er for l ar g e or small gr oups. CELL: 610-3503 or 627-9966 TEL: 824-4971 SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE Back to School sale!!! W e sell: Digicell & Smar t phones, Laptops. Kitchen Appliances. Cosmetics.School shoes Furnitur e (wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bed & matress, chest of drawers, entert ainment center ) LCD TV’S. W indow & Split AC Units. W ashing Machines. S toves. Refrigerators. S toves. Bicycles. Motorcycles. Etc... Exciting Summer Deals Only At Shopper ’S Choice. Follow us on Facebook Receive A FREE Gift For Every $500 Or Mor e Y ou Spend With Us. AUGUST 1, 2014: How Do I Let It Go? SUZIE ELLER "Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the thingsof old. Behold, I will do a newthing, Now it shall spring forth;Shall you not know it? I will evenmake a road in the wilderness,And rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:18-19 (NKJV) Three-year-old Elle arched herarm and pointed her fingers."Y ou'r e fr ozen, Gaga!" I stopped in place, one armbehind me, the other in the air She giggled, then quickly unfrozeme. If you are in the vicinity ofanyone under the age of 6, you'refamiliar with the movie, Frozen.In it, two sisters struggle in theirrelationship with each other andin finding acceptance. At one point Elsa, the older sister sings these words: "Let it go, let it go ... "And I'll rise like the break ofdawn ..." Let it go. Those are words I sensed Godspeaking to me years ago. How Do I Let It Go? Let go of the past that youcannot undo. Let go of the warped view youhave of yourself. It doesn't matchthe one I have as your HeavenlyFather Let go of the hurts that holdyou too tightly Just as I playfully stood frozenwhile my granddaughter giggled,there was another time when Ifelt frozen. I couldn't take a steptoward healing. "Let it go, sweet daughter ," was a whisper I heard from Godto discover the Suzie He sawme to be. Maybe you've sensed Godasking you to let something — orsomeone — go. Let go of the mistakes youonce made. I've forgiven you. Let go of the anger that'sconsuming your thoughts. Let go of condemnation, so youcan live free. Y ou want that desperately but it can be hard to let go when youdon't know what that means. MayI share the definition of letting gowith you? It was freeing for mewhen I finally understood it. Letting go is giving up what isbeyond your control to embracewhat you can change. In Isaiah 43:18-19, God spoketo His people through theprophet Isaiah saying: "Do not remember the former things,Nor consider the things of old.Behold, I will do a new thing,Now it shall spring forth; Shallyou not know it? I will even makea road in the wilderness, And rivers in the desert." The people held so tightly tothe past that they missed the newthings God wanted to show them. God speaks the same warningand truth to us. W e can't control the past, but we can focus on themiracles around us today W e can't control the words that once shaped our hearts, but wecan replace them with truth fromScripture. W e can't control negative people, but we can choose joy forourselves. Letting go isn't easy in thebeginning, because holding on isour natural response. But there'sso much hope! Just as the prophetIsaiah describes new roads inthe desert and rivers in thewilderness, as we give up what wecan't control to embrace what wecan change, new ways ofthinking, relating and living arecarved into our very being. And the beautiful thing about letting go? It doesn't just change us. It has the power to alter the nextgeneration, and the next afterthat, like the cute little blonde-haired, blue-eyeddarling chasing her Gaga throughthe house, singing, "Let it go!" Dear Jesus, I've wanted to let gofor a long time, but I didn't knowhow to do that. Now that I do, I'mready to take that leap of faith. Igive up what I cannot control toembrace what I can. Thank Y ou for carving new roads in thedesert of my heart and newrivers in the wilderness of mylife. In Jesus' Name, Amen. TRUTH FOR T ODA Y: Philippians 3:12-14, "Not that I have already obtained this oram already perfect, but I presson to make it my own, becauseChrist Jesus has made me hisown. Brothers, I do not considerthat I have made it my own. Butone thing I do: forgetting whatlies behind and strainingforward to what lies ahead, Ipress on toward the goal for theprize of the upward call of Godin Christ Jesus." (ESV) RELA TED RESOURCES: Suzie's newest book, TheMended Heart: God's Healingfor Y our Broken Places is a powerful resource to help youas you heal from pastheartaches. W ould you like to bring Suzie Eller to your church? Click hereto learn more about Suzie as yournext retreat or keynote speaker Y ou can also visit Suzie's blog today where she takes this topic deeper Y ou might also enjoy Karen Ehman's book, Let. It. Go.Contributed BY : Janice Swift


Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 7 BY : Josh Code Belizean producer Rubio "Josh The Code" Tzib will be Releasing a new CD underhis record label R VM records on Saturday 9 August 2014 at Costa Maya in San Pedro T own. The tittle of the CD is "K.O.B The Gold Edition" highlighting Josh The Code as the producer engineer and composer The Album is a compilation of various talented artist fromthe beautiful country of Belize,artists such as Roni B T -Romeo del Sentimeinto, Osky la Ultima Pieza,Cholin el Pirate, El T or o Ferr os and Blondy D Melody Also debuting in the album Roni B Releases New CD Rubio "Josh The Code" Tzib Roni Banos are new artists such as Alex and Brian and Frequency 3 Also participating in the launching of this CD areinvited guests, "Romantic Boys" from Guatemala, which is a very popular group with theirhit Single "There is Love/ hay Amor" which is playing nation wide and on most radiostations in Belize, alsointernationally This album created andor ganized by Josh, T -Romeo and Roni B is a fresh fusion of musical styles such as soca, punta, and latin music which iscomposed and sang in Englishand Spanish. The music video forthis Album is in progress. The CD has a lot of energy andvarious musical styles likeElectro Pop, Punta, Merengueurbano, Hip hop and Reggaeton,of course. The Album has already been distributed across thecountry of Belize, and it is alsoavailable in itunes, amazon andother online digital stores. W e would like to take this time to thank the general publicincluding all our fans for theirnumerous support they have givento us and for also believing in us. W e would like to incourage you to like us on Facebook at RONIB MUSIC or follow us onT witter at R VMRECORDSBZ for pictures, free music, musicvideos and much more.W e encourage you to continuesupport us. W e love you. BY : Kar en Schenk August 10, 2014Submitted By Janice Swift“Now may God our Fatherhimself and our Lord Jesusdirect our way to you.”1 Thessalonians 3:1 1 I’ll never forget the momentwhen my husband held each ofour children in his arms the firsttime. The almost instant andcomplete adoration for eachchild was remarkable! As the children grew I continued to marvel at the evidence of myhusband’ s love for each of them. His profound love for every childhas helped shape them to becomegodly young men and women. As I study Scripture and see the many references to God as beingour Father I read time and time again where the Bible uses“Father” in a context where itstresses God’ s loving care, provision, discipline, andsuggests the way we are toaddress God in prayer God, as our Father clears the way so that we can come to Him and have adeep and rich relationship withHim. He desires that! I have a loving father and myrelationship with him made itnatural for me to see God as aloving Dad who guided me,corrected me and wanted the bestfor me. For others, the word‘father ’ brings many grim memories. Others had fatherswho have caused much hurt intheir lives and have left them withdeep “father wounds”. Thesewounds make it difficult to seeGod the Father as a loving Dadwho desires the best for them. Itmay take years, professional help or even a lifetime to forgive anddeal with the pain. If this is yourstory I pray that God would reveal Himself in a brand newway today Lord, I thank Y ou so much that Y ou love us deeply I pray that if there is anything in my life thatinterferes with me experiencingY our love the way Y ou intend, that Y ou would reveal that to me so that I can be free to love Y ou and experience Y ou as God, the Father the way Y ou desire. Thank Y ou for loving me. Please wrap those who face ‘father wounds’ inY our arms. Hold them close, Lord, and reveal to them thewarmth of Y our love. In Jesus’ Name. Amen Action S tep T ake some time and write out some examples of how God, asthe perfect Father shows His love to you. Embrace that love, andthen pray about how you couldshare that love with others. If yourown relationship with your fatherhas caused you pain and thatstrained relationship affects howyou see God, begin to pray aboutsteps you could take so that youcan truly experience God’ s love for you the way He intends it tobe. Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Be Be Be Be Be A A A A A Litter Litter Litter Litter Litter Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! Bug!!! The Ultimate Father


Page 8 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014 A young doctor had just opened office and felt really excited. Hissecretary told him a man was hereto see him. The young doctor toldher to send him in. Pretending to be a busy doctor he picked up the phone just asthe man came in. "Y es, that's The Busy Doctor right. The fee is $200. Y es, I'll expect you ten past two.Alright. No later I'm a very busy man." He hung up and turned to theman waiting. "May I help you?" "No," said the man, "I just came in to install the phone." Mrs. Smith, an elderly woman,went into the doctor's office.When the doctor asked why shewas there, she replied, "I'd like to have some birth controlpills." Quite surprised, the doctorthought for a minute and thensaid, "Excuse me, Mrs. Smith, but you're 75 years old. Whatpossible use could you have for Birth Control Pills birth control pills?" The woman responded, "They help me sleep better ." The doctor thought some moreand continued, "How in the world do birth control pillshelp you to sleep?" The woman said, "I put them in my granddaughter's orangejuice and I sleep better atnight." Once there was a woman whohad a baby at the age of 85. Theneighbor lady across the streetwas thrilled to see the baby When the old woman returnhome from the hospital she wasin perfect health, so the lady ven-tured across the street to ask tosee the newborn babe. Sheknocked on the door and heardthe new mama call out, "Come on in. It's open." So she went on in. She askedthe older lady if she could seethe baby and the older woman re-plied, "Y ou can see the baby in a minute. He is sleeping." So they proceeded to have some teaand cookies. Later the younger lady looked at her watch and realized that thetime had gotten away from them.So, she asked again if she couldsee the baby This time the older woman seemed to be a littleannoyed. Finally the youngerwoman said, "I really don't understand why you will notlet me see the baby It has been three hours and I am stillwaiting to see him." W ith that the older woman replied, "I know you have been here for quite sometime and have showedremarkable patience with me.The truth is I keep hoping thebaby will wake up and start tocry so I can remember where Iput him!" The New Born W e ar e located of f Joseph Andr ews Drive, near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio T own. Call us at 824-2076 or 610-0408. E-mail: W ash, V accum, Armoral & Engine W ash As W ell As Pr essur e W ashing Outside of Houses After being away on business, T im thought it would be nice to bring his wife a little gift. "How about some perfume?" he asked the cosmetics clerk. She showed him a bottlecosting $50.00. "That's a bit much," said T im, so she returned with a smaller bottle for $30.00. "That's still quite a bit," T im complained. Growing annoyed, the clerkbrought out a tiny $15.00 bottle. "What I mean," said T im, "is I'd like to see something reallycheap." The clerk handed him a mirror Perfume Purchase Mildred, the church gossipand self-appointed arbiter ofthe church's morals, keptsticking her nose in the othermembers' private lives. Churchmembers were unappreciativeof her activities, but fearedher enough to maintain theirsilence. She made a mistake, however when she accused George, a newmember of being an alcoholic after she saw his pickup truckparked in front of the town's only bar one afternoon. She commented to George andothers that everyone seeing itthere would know what he wasdoing. George, a man of few words,stared at her for a moment andjust walked away He didn't explain, defend, or deny; he saidnothing. Later that evening, Georgequietly parked his pickup in frontof Mildred's house... and left itthere all night! Church Gossip


Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 9 A data privacy campaigner has signed up 25,000 people to a"class action lawsuit" being taken against Facebook. Max Schrems alleges that the way the social network monitorsits members' activity on and offthe site puts it in breach of EUlaws. As part of the claim, he also alleges that the companyco-operated with Prism, a USsurveillance scheme. Facebook has previouslydenied knowing about Prismbefore it was mentioned in leakedUS government documents. The company has, however acknowledged complying withnational security requests fromUS government agencies. Facebook has not commentedon the wider case being broughtagainst it. The BBC understands it doesnot plan to respond until it hasbeen served the relevant papers. Facebook search Mr Schrems asked Facebookusers based outside the US andCanada who wished to take partin the case to sign up via an app. Facebook Sued By 25,000 Members The case is targeted against thecompany's Irish subsidiary which is responsible for all accountsbelonging to users outside ofNorth America. It has been filed with the Commercial Court forV ienna, the 26 year old's home city Among the allegations are that Facebook broke EU privacy lawsby introducing: Graph Search a facility allowing users to find out aboutother members' activities on thesocial network External website tracking monitoring members through theLike buttons embedded intothird-party webpages Big data analysis the ability to gain insights into Facebookmembers' by data-crunching thebillions of interactions peoplehave with the site every year Model case Mr Schrems is demanding 500euros ($667, £396) in damages for each of the first 25,000people who signed up to the case. While the Austrian legal system does not make provisionfor US-style class actions, MrSchrems is working round this bygetting the other participants totransfer their financial claims tohim, which is permitted. If he wins he intends to sharethe money after delivering a 20%cut to a German firm that isfunding the case. While the promised payoutmight have helped him attractsupport, Mr Schrems says themoney is a side-issue. Instead, he explains, the disputewith Facebook is intended tobe a "model case" that sets a precedent addressing the widerproblem of tech firm developingproducts that comply with USlaws, but are not adapted for othercountries' rules. "It is not an epic fight with Facebook but more of a generalquestion of where we aregoing and if we respect ourfundamental rights in Europe,"he told the BBC. "Right now I have the feeling that we love to point the fingerat the US in Europe, and saythey are not respecting ourprivacy But the reality is that we don't really do anything Please T ur n T o P ag e 1 4


Page 10 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014 Monday: Draft Beer $3.00 T uesday: Local Rum $3.00 W ednesday: Panty Ripper $3.95 Mondays to Fridays: Regular Margarita $6.95 S traberr y Margaritas: $7.95 Blue Margaritas: $8.95 24 Cr enshaw S t. San Ignacio T el: 824 -2730 Mexican and Belizean Menu The Home Of MARGARITAS SPECIALS V isit us for br eakfast on Sundays!!! Monday thru Friday Chikungunya is an infectioncaused by the Chikungunya virus.It causes an illness with an acutefebrile phase lasting two to fivedays, followed by a longer periodof joint pains in the extremities;this pain may persist for years insome cases. The disease is transmittedsimilarly to dengue fever It is transmitted to humansby virus-carrying Aedes mosquitoes. Specifically there are two species of mosquitoes,A. albopictus and A. aegypti, that are extrinsic hosts (vectors) of chikungunya virus. The strain ofchikungunya spreading to theUS from the Caribbean is mosteasily spread by A. aegypti. There is concern that this strain ofchikungunya could mutate tomake the A. albopictus vector more efficient. If this mutationwere to occur chikungunya would be more of a public healthconcern to the US. The A. albopictus or "Asian T iger" mosquito is more widespread inthe US and is more aggressivethan the A. aegypti. It is known that monkeys, apes, and rodentsact as a reservoir for the virus.Having rodents as a viralreservoir for chikungunya differsfrom that of dengue which hasonly humans and nonhumanprimates as hosts. Signs and symptoms The incubation period ofchikungunya disease ranges fromone to twelve days, typically two Chikungunya Chikungunya Chikungunya Chikungunya Chikungunya to three. The majority of thoseinfected will develop symptoms.Symptoms include a fever up to40 C (104 F) a petechial or maculopapular rash of the trunkand occasionally the limbs, andarthralgia or arthritis affectingmultiple joints. Other nonspecific symptomscan include headache, nausea,vomiting, conjunctivitis, slightphotophobia and partial loss oftaste. Ocular inflammation fromchikungunya may present asiridocyclitis. Retinal lesionsmay also occur Pedal edema (swelling of legs) is observed in many people, the cause of whichremains obscure as it is notrelated to any cardiovascular renal or hepatic abnormalities. T ypically the fever lasts for two days and then ends abruptly However other symptoms—namely joint pain, intense headache, in-somnia and an extreme degree ofprostration—last for a variableperiod; usually for about five toseven days. People have com-plained of joint pains for muchlonger time periods; some as longas two years, depending on theirage. Recovery from the diseasevaries by age. Y ounger people recover within 5 to 15 days;middle-aged people recover in 1to 2.5 months. Recovery islonger for the elderly The sever ity of the disease as well as itsduration is less in younger peopleand pregnant women. In pregnantwomen, no untoward effects are noticed after the infection. Prevention The most effective means ofprevention are protection againstcontact with the disease-carryingmosquitoes and mosquito con-trol. These include using insectrepellents with substances suchas DEET (N,N-diethyl-metatoluamide; also known asN,N'-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide or NNDB) icaridin (also known as picaridin and KBR3023) PMD (p-menthane-3,8-diol,asubstance derived from thelemon eucalyptus tree) or IR3535. W earing bite-proof long sleeves and trousers also offersprotection. In addition, garments can betreated with pyrethroids, a class Asian T iger Mosquito Attacking of insecticides that often hasrepellent properties. V aporized pyrethroids (for example in mosquito coils) are also insect repellents. Securing screens onwindows and doors will help tokeep mosquitoes out of thehouse. In the case of the day-active Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, however this will have only a limited effect, sincemany contacts between themosquitoes and humans occuroutside. Tr eatment Currently there is no specifictreatment. Attempts to relieve the symptoms include the use ofNSAIDs such as naproxen,paracetamol (acetaminophen) and fluids. Aspirin is not recommended. The Arm Of An Infected Patient We AMS T o Please


Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 11 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Thursday August 7, 2014: Friends of Conservationand Development (FCD) a non-profit organization chargedwith the responsibility to protectthe Chiquibul Reserve in theMountain Pine Area of the Cayo District, today held closingceremonies for European Union’ s ECP-FLEGT project 2013-2014at the Rumors Resort on thewestern outskirts of San IgnacioT own. During the ceremony Rafael Manzaner o FCD’ s Executive Director and his team receivedspecial commendation for thewonderful work they do in thenational reserve. In his presentation Manzaneroinformed that the majorchallenges confronting FCD inthe Chiquibul are illegal logging,the illegal panning for gold and theextraction of the exotic Xateplant. Protecting The Chiquibul Protecting The Chiquibul Protecting The Chiquibul Protecting The Chiquibul Protecting The Chiquibul In order to enhance itscapacity the FCD plans toundertake the following: a) The creation of a jointenforcement task force to bet-ter patrol the area, b) the upgrading of key posts inorder to recruit qualified staff c) the search for additionalfunding to cover recurrentoperational costs such as ve-hicle, vehicle maintenance, fuel,supplies, equipment and salaries,and d) legal training and legislativechange in order to increase therate of convictions. Recent successes of the FCDin the execution of its dutiesinclude the arrest and success-ful conviction of several offend-ers, all Guatemalans, on chargesranging from illegal entry illegal logging and the illegal pos-session of arms and ammunition.The FCD has also confiscatedone hundred and sixteen fitcheswhich were later burnt due to theinability to transport them out ofthe reserve given the terrain androad conditions to Caracol andLas Quevas. They have alsotaken possession of six horsesabandoned by those engaged inillegal activities as they fleepossible detention and Manzanero additionallyinformed of the complexitiesinvolved, given that Guatemalansresiding in neighboringcommunities are majoroffenders who operate primarilyduring nighttime hours therebyposing extreme difficulties forenforcement as the FCD lacks thecapacity to conduct patrols aftersunset. In terms of staffing the FCDcurrently operates with a managerand eight rangers. In furtherstrengthening its enforcementcapabilities, Manzanero informedof the planned creation of a JointEnforcement Unit comprisingelements from the BelizeDefence Force, the Belize PoliceDepartment and of course FCDRangers. Notwithstandingcurrent challenges the FCDcontinues to protect the reservewhilst instituting mechanisms toreduce the loss of biodiversity inthe area under its charge. subsequent arrests. W ith Guatemalans as primary offenders, the FCD isaggressively seeking theconsolidation of bi-nationalcollaboration and thedevelopment of strategies withGuatemalan authorities toaddress incidents of incursionsinto the national territoryof Belize as well as to minimizethe detention and possibleincarceration of Guatemalans. Manzanero informed that theChiquibul Forest Reservecomprises 7.7 percent of Belize’ s land mass. It comprises plushforests with an abundance offlora and fauna and a wide arrayof exotic woods. Manzanero additionallyinformed of the recording of 439illegally logged cedar andmahogany trees with a combinedvalue of almost 10 million USdollars (4.2M in cedar and almost 5.2 M in mahogany).Given this statistics, thequestions being asked are: Howmuch do you value theChiquibul? What is it worth toyou? Do you think we canstop illegal activities espe-cially logging in the reserve?Who is brave enough to work andprotect what is ours? “This is your UDP Government at work in the normal course ” Hon. Dean Barrow Prime Minister of Belize V V V V V ene ene ene ene ene zuela To Close zuela To Close zuela To Close zuela To Close zuela To Close Colombia Bor Colombia Bor Colombia Bor Colombia Bor Colombia Bor der Eac der Eac der Eac der Eac der Eac h Ni h Ni h Ni h Ni h Ni ght ght ght ght ght You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Bob Marley Bob Marley Bob Marley Bob Marley Bob Marley V enezuela says it will close its border with Colombia at night fromMonday to try to stop lar ge-scale smuggling of petrol and food. The government says that tonnes ofgoods produced in V enezuela and heavily subsidised are sold inColombia at much higher prices. The shortage of many staples inV enezuela's western border area this year led to anti-government protests. The border closure was agreed withthe Colombian government. President Nicolas Maduro discussed the measures with hisColombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos at a summit on 1 August. The 2,200km-long (1,360 miles) border will be closed between 22:00local time and 05:00 every night. Cargo vehicles, including vans andlorries, will be banned from crossingfrom V enezuela to Colombia between 18:00 and 05:00. The cross-border smuggling is also a problem for Colombia, with a bigloss in taxes and complaints of unfaircompetition by local businessmen. The profits are often used to financedrug gangs and left-wing guerrillas,says the BBC's Ar tur o W allace in Bogota. More than 40 million litres of petroland 21,000 tonnes of food have beenseized so far this year "They were ready to be smuggled across the border ," said the head of the V enezuelan Armed Forces Strategic Operational Command, Vladimir Padrino Lopez. "That amount of food is enough to feed 700,000 people for amonth," he added. Mr Maduro's left-wing governmentsubsidises petrol and many foodstaples, such as milk, rice and pasta,which are sold at controlled prices. But it says that up to 40% of thegoods produced in V enezuela end up on the other side of the border Dissatisfaction with the shortage ofmany staples, as well as rampantcrime and high inflation, led thousandsof people in the western V enezuelan states of T achira and Merida to take to the streets in January The protests quickly spread to therest of V enezuela, which faced similar problems. The opposition blames failedleft-wing policies of the past 15 yearsinitiated with the late president,Hugo Chavez for the country's economic crisis.


Page 12 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014 ARIES: Mar ch 22 to April 20 Though there's a fun element tothe week, you'll also be aware of adifficult issue that needs attention. Forinstance, the heady enjoyment ofromance might contrast withproblems around finances, which takethe edge off of a date night or specialoccasion. Things might be made allthe more difficult as your motivationcould limp along on Thursday andFriday Y ou'll need to summon your energy and make a determined effortto face up to whatever is botheringyou. It's party time over theweekend! Lucky numbers: 02, 20, 35. T AURUS: April 21 to May 21 There may be a power strugglegoing on, so be careful what you sayif you want to come out of it lookinggood. W ords can sting, especially at this time when Mars in Scorpio canencourage heated disagreements. Y et with a little diplomacy you'll be ableto talk through matters and sootheruffled feathers. Over the weekendthe Full Moon in Aquarius suggests you may be in the spotlight for onereason or another Y ou'll also get a chance to reflect upon your goals andpriorities. Lucky numbers: 72, 88, 92. GEMINI: May 22 to June 21 There's a lively social undertonethis week encouraging you to pursuecontacts, friendships, andmemberships. Y et you may need to work hard at communicating with asignificant other particularly if you're not seeing eye-to-eye. Stubbornnesscould be a major stumbling blockif neither of you is willing tocompromise. Perhaps you both wantthe same thing in the end, which you'llfind out by keeping the conversationgoing. Meanwhile, there's a chanceof romance over the weekend.Lucky numbers: 46, 54, 69. CANCER June 21 to July 21 Directing your energy into the rightchannels brings opportunities forsuccess. In this case, brainstormingmoneymaking ideas and coming up withcreative outlets for your talents couldsubstantially increase your income.When it comes to romance, though, alove interest could be irritable and hardto please. Persuading the person to joinyou for a social outing or date nightcould be an uphill struggle. But theweekend Full Moon could be yoursaving grace in this regard,encouraging positive interaction. Lucky numbers: 09, 19, 29. LEO: July 24 to August 21 Y ou're vibrating to the social buzz of summer and eager to mix and mingle Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers with pals and associates. And you're truly in your element with yourastrological ruler the Sun, in your sign. But you could be treading a fine linewhen it comes to home and familymatters. Y our upbeat mood could be offset by someone's darker and moremanipulative ener gy However the Full Moon on Sunday may push you intosaying things you've been holding backto good effect. Lucky numbers: 32, 43, 57. VIRGO: August 22 to September 21 Though you may be busy this week,the current lineup hints that this is a goodtime to relax and rechar ge. W ith a focus on your spiritual sector your inner world and inner life may seemmore appealing and even moreimportant than your day-to-daycircumstances. Meditating andreflecting on your goals and dreamscould be particularly rewarding,especially if you've been feelinguncertain about a course of action. T ime out can bring valuable insights andclarity concerning decisions that needto be made. Lucky numbers: 61, 77, 83. LIBRA: September 22 to October 23 W ith partnership activity stimulated, there may be a few kinksand disagreements to work throughbefore you can make progress thisweek. At times you could hit up against communication problems that mightnot yield easily to discussion orcompromise. However with a fabulous social scene showing up, timespent with friends can help ease anyheartache. The result will be that you'llbegin to see things from a healthierand more relaxed perspective.However aim for sensitivity when dealing with loved ones. Lucky numbers: 65, 76, 98. SCORPIO: October 24 to November 2 1 A fortunate trend provides freedom of action and the chance to showcaseyour skills and abilities to good effect.W ith a sizzling focus on career opportunities abound for enhancingwork and business success. However you may need to clear up unfinishedbusiness first in order to be ready fornew and exciting projects. Therecould be a conflict of interest that you'llneed to resolve before you can takeadvantage of the smorgasbord offavorable circumstances on of fer The Full Moon is excellent for partyingover the weekend. Lucky numbers: 13, 26, 39. SAGITT ARIUS: November 22 to December 21 The urge to get away is strong,which could mean getting lost in adaydream, fantasy good book, or movie. Equally you'll be eager to travel to new places and explore new horizons. Whether or not you can takea trip now contemplating one for the future may give you something to lookforward to. W atch out for the Full Moon on Sunday as feelings could be intense. T ry not to do or say anything that you might regret at alater date but do have fun! Lucky numbers: 07, 52, 95. CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20 An opulent lineup in your zone of shared resources hints at a windfallor increase in business and income.However there could be a temptation to indulge. It could be alltoo easy to max out your credit cardand come unstuck later Budgeting may be a way to go in order to guardagainst this. In addition, your sociallife looks livelier than has been in sometime. Use this opportunity to networkwith folks who pull the strings andmake the decisions. Lucky numbers: 10, 23, 60. AQUARIUS: January 20 to February 18 While it won't all be clear sailing inyour career a more focused and incisive frame of mind can makesolid headway possible. Whentalking to others, you might need toignore their words and instead gowith your gut feelings, particularlywhen sussing out deals or jobopportunities. However relationships of all kinds continue to flourish.Whether you're in a long-termpartnership or looking for love, theweek ahead brings all the ingredientstogether for you to have as much funas possible. Lucky numbers: 16, 21, 49. PISCES: February 20 to March 21 Where your job and lifestyleare concerned, whether you feel arestless stirring within orcircumstances beyond your controlprovide the motivation, it's to youradvantage to embrace the notion ofchange. Passions are strong when itcomes to expanding your horizons ingeneral, giving you the courage tomake a bold move. The presence ofMars in Scorpio can push you toexplore new options. Y ou may be looking for something that speaks toyour need for intense experiences thatcan transform your life. Lucky numbers: 66, 80, 94.


Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 13 Cyber-security experts havedramatically called into question thesafety and security of using USB toconnect devices to computers. Berlin-based researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell demonstrated how any USB device could be usedto infect a computer without the user'sknowledge. The duo said there is no practical way to defend against the vulnerability The body responsible for the USBstandard said manufacturers could build inextra security But Mr Nohl and Mr Lell said thetechnology was "critically flawed" It is not uncommon for USB sticksto be used as a way of getting virusesand other malicious code onto targetcomputers. Most famously the S tuxnet attack on Iranian nuclear centrifuges wasbelieved to have been caused by aninfected USB stick. However this latest research demonstrated a new level of threat -where a USB device that appearscompletely empty can still containmalware, even when formatted. The vulnerability can be used tohide attacks in any kind of USB-connected device such as a USB 'Critically Flawed' After USB 'Critically Flawed' After USB 'Critically Flawed' After USB 'Critically Flawed' After USB 'Critically Flawed' After Bug Discovery, Researchers Say Bug Discovery, Researchers Say Bug Discovery, Researchers Say Bug Discovery, Researchers Say Bug Discovery, Researchers Say smartphone. It may not be the end of the world today ," Mr Nohl told journalists, "but it will af fect us, a little bit, every day for the next 10 years" "Basically you can never trust anything anymore after pluggingin a USB stick." USB which stands for Universal Serial Bus has become the standardmethod of connecting devices tocomputers due to its small size, speedand ability to charge devices. USB memory sticks quicklyreplaced floppy disks as a simple wayto share large files between twocomputers. The connector is popular due to thefact that it makes it easy to plug inand install a wide variety of devices.Devices that use USB contain a smallchip that "tells" the computer exactly what it is, be it a phone, tablet or anyother piece of hardware. It is this function that has been exposed by the threat. In one demo, shown off at the Black Hat hackers conference in LasV egas, a standard USB drive was inserted into a normal computer Malicious code implanted on the stick tricked the machine into thinking a keyboard had been pluggedin. After just a few moments, the "keyboard" began typing in commands and instructed the computerto download a malicious program from theinternet. Another demo, shown in detail to the BBC, involved a Samsung smartphone. When plugged in to charge, thephone would trick the computer intothinking it was in fact a network card.It meant when the user accessed theinternet, their browsing was secretlyhijacked. Mr Nohl demonstrated to the BBChow they were able to create a fakecopy of PayPal's website, and stealuser log-in details as a result. Unlike other similar attacks, wheresimply looking at the web address cangive away a scam website, there wereno visible clues that a user was underthreat. The same demo could have been carried out on any website, Mr Nohlstressed. Mike McLaughlin a security researcher from First BaseT echnologies, said the threat should be taken seriously "USB is ubiquitous across all devices," he told the BBC. "It comes down to the same old saying don't plug things in thatyou don't trust. "Any business should always have policies in place regardingUSB devices and USB drives.Businesses should stop usingthem if needed." The group responsible for the USB standard, the USB W orking Party refused to comment on the seriousness of the flaw But in more general terms, it said:"The USB specifications supportadditional capabilities forsecurity but original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) decide whether or not to implement thesecapabilities in their products. "Greater capabilities of anyproduct likely results in higherprices, and consumers choose ona daily basis what they arewilling to pay to receive certainbenefits. "If consumer demand forUSB products with additionalcapabilities for security grows, wewould expect OEMs to meet thatdemand." Mr Nohl said the only protectionhe could advise was to simply beultra-cautious when allowing USBdevices to be connected to yourmachines. "Our approach to using USB will have to change," he told the BBC.


Page 14 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014 Maya Angelou Everything In Everything In Everything In Everything In Everything In The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. NOTICE Dear Readers & Contributors: Kindly forward all Ads, Letters, Articles, Comments and Humor We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous support over the support over the support over the support over the support over the years. years. years. years. years. to For further information please call 804-4900 or 626-8822 about it we complain, then gohome and drink beer ." Risk to reputation This is not the first action MrSchrems has taken against thesocial network. In 201 1 he forced the firm to reveal all the information it washolding on him. When he discovered the 1,222pages of information includeddetails he thought he had deletedor had not consented to beingshared, he lodged a complaintwith the Irish data protectioncommissioner The case has since beenreferred to the European Courtof Justice, but has alreadyresulted in the firm restricting itsuse of facial recognitionsoftware and making it easier formembers to find out more aboutthe data held on them. One of the UK's leading dataprotection lawyers, who is notinvolved in the case, suggestedthe latest action could deliver alandmark ruling. "The current climate of data protection enforcement in theEU in the courts and by thedata protection regulators,coupled with an increasingawareness by consumers oftheir rights means thatthis case could well runits course in the Court inV ienna and achieve a r esult for Max Schrems and Facebookusers," said Robert Bond a partner at the law firm SpeechlyBircham. "Of course it remains to be seen whether or not Facebookwill try to settle asreputational damage may beworse than a financialpenalty ." Mr Schrems has limited thenumber of people involved in thecase to 25,000 because eachparticipant's submissions must bevetted. However he says other Facebook users wishing totake part can still register theirinterest in case he later decidesto expand the legal action. Facebook Sued By 25,000 Members Continued From Page 14 Attorney Ar thur Saldivar is making national headlines after hisformer client Melonie Coye accused him of making off with ninehundred thousand dollars of hermoney that was recovered from theCentral Bank. Saldivar said he did nosuch thing, but her new attorneyEamon Courtenay is filing suit againstSaldivar to get the money back. Saldivar says that he did not take her money but that he is owed 1.6 million dollars in fees. He explains thatthe allegation came as a shock, andwhere he speculates as to what maybe behind it:.. Ar thur Saldivar Former Attorney Melonie Coye "In terms of the latest round of cases I have not been paid not adime. So when I heard of this newsit came as a shock, a real shockto me. The allegation itself issomewhat to me some justificationor rationale that perhaps myformer client is using to justify notreturning funds that may not behers. I don't know That's the only thing I can conjure up at thistime. That's the only thing I canfathom at this time. I wish herwell but I don't understand whyit was that she would want to drag “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth” #42 George Price Highway Santa Elena, Cayo Belize, CA For further information please call 804-4900 or 626-8822 Publisher: Nyani Azuet a-August Editor: Sherlene Dawson Attor ne y A uthur Mak es Mone y Alleg a tions Agianst Melonie my name through the mud like shehas done here in this particularmatter ." Coye's new attorney EamonCourtenay told 7News, quote, "Mr Saldivar will have an opportunityvery shortly to give an account tothe Supreme Court for his actions.In the meantime, he should ensurethat the monies are not spent." Surely the Arthur Saldivar interview is one of the mostmemorable sit-down's we've had in awhile and that's because, despite theallegations against him, Saldivaralways entertains. He certainly did when we asked him about the court order he went toenforce on Don Blunt in Placencia.But, that's not the first time he's facedcomplaints enforcing eviction orderson the peninsula. W e know of at least one other time that came to our attention and almost made the news.W e asked him about it:.. Jules V asquez "This is the second time thatwe have been alerted to youractivities as an enforcer of courtorders on the Peninsula. Y ou will remember the other case that thepeople captured you on camerawhich we never aired because Ireceived a satisfactory explanationfrom you."Ar thur Saldivar attorney "Y ou are going to go there?" Jules V asquez "No sir ." Ar thur Saldivar attorney "Who is paying you? I have to ask you Jules. Every once in a while Ineed to ask you."Jules V asquez "Really?"Ar thur Saldivar attorney "Really who is paying you?" Jules V asquez "I am doing this longer than youdoing that."Ar thur Saldivar attorney "Cert ainly you've been assassinating characters for a longtime. Y ou have become adept at it. But I love you still."Jules V asquez "Y ou do in deed, but sir I am saying, is this something becauseof the vagaries and vicissitudesone encounters when having toenforced these lawful courtorders? Is is something thatperhaps you might rethink involv-ing yourself in because its a messybusiness?"Ar thur Saldivar attorney "Jules, again, I do what I dowithin the parameters of law I serve my clients interests withinthe parameters of law I have no regrets. I will fight for everyclient as if they were the onlyclient I have. My clients are likefamily to me, I do my best to takecare of them."


Sunday, August 10, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 15 BELMOP AN, Cayo, Thursday August 7, 2014: The Embassy of the UnitedS tates of America in Belize today informed of the visit of USDeputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Interna-tional Narcotics and Law En-forcement Af fairs (INL) The release informed that onMonday August 4, 2014, the US Deputy Assistant US Deputy Assistant US Deputy Assistant US Deputy Assistant US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Visits Belize Secretary of State Visits Belize Secretary of State Visits Belize Secretary of State Visits Belize Secretary of State Visits Belize embassy hosted Luis Arr eaga Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Interna-tional Narcotics and Law En-forcement Af fairs (INL) who spent two days in Belize, visit-ing key locations in Belize Cityon the first day and travelling towestern towns of San Ignacio andBenque V iejo on the second day prior to crossing the border into Guatemala in continuance of thetour On arrival the US officialwas greeted on the airside ofPhillip S.W Goldson International Airport by staf f of the embassy after which he was usheredinto the main terminal buildingwhere he was afforded the oppor-tunity to observe immigrationand customs equipment funded bythe US government, in operation. From the airport he was trans-ported to Belize City where he was afforded a short tour of“gang areas” and then on to St. John’ s V ianney Primary School where the Gang Resistance Edu-cation and T raining (GREA T) program was in full session. Thisafforded the US official theopportunity to visit each class-room where he interacted withinstructors and students engagedin the program. The two weeksummer program, funded byCARSI (Central America Regional Security Initiative) involves lengthy educationalexperience, encompassing class-room instructions, athletics, artexpression and two field trips. Itseeks to educate young Belizeansabout the dangers of gang asso-ciation and gang violence. Hitting the ground running, theUS official was whisked from St.John’ s V ianney to the Queen Street Police Station where hewas afforded an upfront view ofimproved methods being imple-mented by the police to electroni-cally log arrests and other crimeinformation using the CrimeInformation Management Sys-tem (CIMS) a project also funded by CARSI. At the Queen Street police precinct the US of-ficial was hosted by the OfficerCommanding Eastern (Police) Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dezerie Phillips and other high ranking police officers who highlightedimprovements resulting fromCARSI funded projects particu-larly in the areas of technology scenes of crime processing,forensics and ballistics analysis. On the second day of the visitthe Deputy Assistant Secretary of State visited the Ministry ofNational Security at the CurlThompson building in Belmopanwhere he was met by NationalSecurity Chief Executive Of ficer Retired Colonel of the BelizeDefence Force, George Lovell From Belmopan he was trans-ported further west to SanIgnacio where he met the senior Deputy Assistant Secr etar y, Luis Arr eaga command as well as members ofthe Cayo Neighborhood W atch Association and People’ s Coalition. Heading even deeper west hewas afforded the opportunity tosee the Mobile Interdiction T eam (MIT) in action at a check point on the George Price Highwayleading into Benque V iejo T own. Prior to departing Belize forGuatemala, the US official metwith Customs, Immigration, andBorder Management Agency of ficials at the W estern Border S tation in Benque V iejo T own. The embassy release informsthat the government of the UnitedS tates of America, through CARSI, is engaged in assistingCentral American governments in their efforts to combat violentcrimes while simultaneouslyimproving citizen security CARSI programs, says therelease, enable Central American governments to weaken the influ-ence and violence of gangs,organized crime, and narcotics.The United S tates of America, through CARSI, is committedto implementing sustainable,high-impact programs in lawenforcement training andprofessionalization, anti-gangactivities, equipping police andother security forces, sharinginformation within the region forthe investigation and disruptionof criminal activities, and assist-ing in the interdiction of narcot-ics, firearms, bulk cash, andsmuggling. The release ends by informingthat the government of the UnitedS tates of America through INL aims to continue funding gangprevention programs usingCARSI as the vehicle to supplyup–to-date training and equip-ment to the police in the effortto prevent violent crime and thedistribution of narcotics therebyenhancing citizens’ security andthe rule of law detailed plans and efforts toidentify isolate and treat cases. It could involve imposing travelrestrictions on affected areas. A WHO spokesman said: "W e can't speculate in advance whatthe committee members aregoing to decide in advance." Meanwhile, the W orld Bank is allocating $200m (£120m) in emergency assistance forcountries battling to containEbola. It is the world's deadliestoutbreak to date and hascentred on Guinea, Liberiaand Sierra Leone. Eight peopleare currently in quarantine inNigeria, Africa's most populous country and two have died there. The Saudi man died aftershowing Ebola symptoms whenhe returned from a business tripto Sierra Leone, the Saudi healthministry said. He died in an isolation ward ata hospital in Jeddah, it added. Officials in Liberia said aSpanish priest and two Spanishnuns had been infected in thecapital, Monrovia. The Spanish government said itwould send a plane to repatriateits citizens. British Airways has temporarily suspended flights to and fromLiberia and Sierra Leone until 31August because of the health cri-sis, the airline said in a statement.It follows a similar suspensionby two regional airlines lastweek. The virus spreads by contactwith infected blood and bodilyfluids. The current outbreak iskilling between 50% and 60% ofpeople infected. There is no cure or vaccine forEbola but patients have a betterchance of survival if they receiveearly treatment. Ebola has initial flu-likesymptoms that can lead toexternal haemorrhaging fromareas like eyes and gums, andinternal bleeding which can leadto organ failure. Symptoms include high fe-ver bleeding and central nervous system damage Fatality rate can reach 90% -but the current outbreak is about55% Incubation period is two to21 days There is no vaccine or cure Supportive care such asrehydrating patients who havediarrhoea and vomiting can helprecovery Fruit bats are considered tobe virus' natural host Ebola: Global Experts Begin Emergency Talks At WHO Continued From Page 4


Page 16 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 10, 2014