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July 7, 2013
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Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 1 No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR8*8TAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STARSTAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR No. 403 Sunday, June 29, 2014 Price $1.00 Getting Our Share Of TheNational Development Pie Please T ur n T o P ag e 1 5 Downtown Burns A venue SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Friday June 27, 2014: As the unprecedented building of the nation continues, San Ignacio and Santa Elena aregetting its fair share of thenational development pie. Guerra GoesTo Jail Again SANT A ELENA, Cayo, T uesday June 24, 2014: A troubled Santa Elena man was today remanded to prisonon gun and ammunition charges. Residents of Carmen Street inSanta Elena got a scare oftheir lives on Monday whenRodel Guerra 27, busted out of his father ’ s #14 Carmen S treet house brandishing a 16 gaugeshotgun and a pocket load ofcartridges. The matter was reported tothe police who promptly arrivedon the scene just in time to seeGuerra ridding himself of theshotgun and cartridges beforefleeing the scene. The shotgun and 14 cartridges In the tr enches, BWS For eman W illiam S tephens (L) and Crew near Columbus Park, San Ignacio were retrieved from the scene bypolice. Guerra was later detainedand transported to the SanIgnacio police station where hewas formally arrested andcharged for keeping firearm andammunition without a gunlicense. Given the nature of the chargesand the not guitly plea of theaccused, magistrate Narda Morgan ordered that he be remanded to prison. Rodel Guerra


Page 2 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014 Guest Editorial Guest Editorial Guest Editorial Guest Editorial Guest Editorial CELL: 610-3503 or 627-9966 TEL: 824-4971 W e sell: Digicell & Smar t phones. Kitchen Appliances. Cosmetics. Furniture (wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bed & matress, chest of drawers, entert ainment center ) LCD TV’S. W indow & Split AC Units. W ashing Machines. S toves. Refrigerators. S toves. Bicycles. Motor cycles. Etc... Enjoy your Day W ith Gr eat Deals Only At Shopper’S Choice. Follow us on Facebook Receive A FREE Gift For Every $500 Or Mor e Y ou Spend With Us. W ester n Har dw are has all y our Plumbing Electrical & Construction supplies under one roof at reasonable prices. Ask for what you do not see, we can find those hard to get items. Why travel out of town to buy your supplies when W ester n Har dw are can sa tisfy all y our Plumbing, Electircal & Construction Needs. New Tires F or Sale W e ar e your One S top Shop!! So V isit us today!!!! “Y our One S top Construction & Home Improvement Shop” Phone: 824-2572/3494 Fax: 8243240 E-mail: 54 Burns A venue, San Ignacio, Cayo istrict, Belize C.A W e of f er the best in Pr of essional Building Maintenance Ser vices Wholesale W e of fer the best quality and prices on all your home furnishing needs!!! V isit us today and see our wide variety of stoves, beds, chest of drawers, refrigerators, LCD TVs, fans, beach cruiser bicycles, motorcycles, dinning tables and so much more..... Tel: 824-3099Cell: 652-0123 P .O Bo x 621 # 107 G eor g e Pric e Hig hway S ant a El ena, Ca y o Dist rict Be l iz e C.A By Leonides Sanchez, PuntaGorda, T oledo. THE DOMESTICA TION OF A PEOPLE The domestication of a people and how can we turn this dilemma around: In town where I live there areseveral cats around my house andyet I don’t really own none. WhatI have observed is that while I amaware of the natural skills of a catto be able to feed itself byhunting, they prefer to resort tobegging and eventual stealingyour food. I brought this upbecause our people are in a similar situation. The human being was giftedwith a brain to be able to thinkand skills to be able to surviveand overcome obstacles butsomewhere along the waydomestication interfered withthe natural process. Now instead of our peopleresorting to their natural skillsto do the feed themselves,they chose instead to resortto begging and eventuallydeprive others. This is a realsituation. My question nowis how do we turn this aroundso that our people can regainback their natural instincts todo for themselves? I believethat a new kind of educationhas to be introduced to thechildren. Begging and stealing mustnot be an option to humansurvival. The children must betaught how to think and given “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth” #42 George Price Highway Santa Elena, Cayo the skills and tools for themto do for themselves and theircommunity W e have no other choice, it must be done less we endup in a society where the lawof the jungle rules or a dogeat dog situation would beinevitable. SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE SHOPPERS’ CHOICE


Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 3 Rotary Club is Refurbishing Park in Santa Elena The Rotary Club of San Ignaciois planning ahead for the trafficon the by-pass coming to SanIgnacio soon. Just a short blockaway from the new traffic circlein front of the La Loma Luz SDAHospital,there is a communitypark sponsored by the RotaryClub. Club members raisedconcerns about the safety ofchildren and families using thepark since there will be a greatdeal more traffic on the LomaLuz Boulevard. The long termgoal of the Club is to give thepark a new look and upgrade the play equipment and features. The first step for the makeoverof the park was safety The park now has a sturdy chain linkfencing around three sides of thearea. This will keep childrenaway from the busy highwayof the future. This effort wasfunded by money for the RotaryDistrict. The Belize Fencecompany gave the Club avery helpful discount on thefencing material and theRotoract Club of San Ignaciomembers participated in put thefence in place. The next stage for the SantaElena Park is to do extensiveremodeling of the existingequipment and stage and addingnew features for the communityto enjoy Some of the planned features are a water fountain,raised walkways, landscaping, andnew park equipment. The Club islooking for a new corporatesponsor to help manage themonthly cost of the maintenancefor the park. The funding for theadditional work is still in theplanning stage. All donations are welcome. Once the park remodel is completed it will be a greatcommunity gathering place aswell as a lovely entrance to SanIgnacio by-pass,giving travelers anew perspective on our T win T owns. The Rotary Club of San Ignaciohas changed its meeting timefrom 7 am to 7 pm on Thursdaynights. The Club meets at CETin the banquet building. For moreinformation call Cynthia Reeceat 670-0930. Follow ouractivities on Facebook atRotaryClubSanIgnacioBelize.Submitted by Cynthia Reece


Page 4 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014 Allen's Hardwar e For Sale Location: W estern Highway Santa Elena 3 buildings away from Social Security The business (Allen's Hardware) is for sale and if not interested in the Business, the building is also available for sale or lease. Option # 1) W e have been trying to sell the entire business and lease the building with a prospective buyer Bz $640,000 (or best offer!) This offer comes with everything in the store... building size (+3400 sq. ft.) rent @ $1,950.00 month. Option # 2) W e vacate the building and lease bare building @ $2,350.00 per month. Great location!....Prosser Fertilizer Shares 1/2 of our commercial building and commercial parking lot! Has separate loading and unloading area. Ceiling height 125"....1 17" to bottom of I beams. I beams are on 20' centers and is 60' deep. Plenty of space for retail displays and fabrication. Building has 100' of parking on W estern Highway The rear of building is on Garcia St.,... a very quiet street, can accommodate shipping containers off loading parallel tobuilding without obstructing street. Please note: There is about 7,000 sq. ft. of concrete roof that covers our building. Bar e in mind, all costs of modifications/alterations would be at your r esponsibility Painting of the building or outside signs are okay as well. I r eally believe that our location and existing infrastructur e will benefit your Brand and pr ofitability Our success is tied to your success! Office of Office of Office of Office of Office of the Prime Minister Responds to Attac the Prime Minister Responds to Attac the Prime Minister Responds to Attac the Prime Minister Responds to Attac the Prime Minister Responds to Attac ks on Justice A ks on Justice A ks on Justice A ks on Justice A ks on Justice A wic wic wic wic wic hh hh h Belmopan. June 24, 2014. The Office of the PrimeMinister (OPM) has noted with concern the continued attacksby some lawyers on Justice ofAppeal Mr Samuel A wich These attacks, using the BelizeBar Association Resolution as their springboard, arecontemptuous and contemptible.They seek to scandalize theBelize Court of Appeal by alleging bias on the part of amember of that court, and maywell be actionable by theDirector of Public Prosecutions. Indeed, even from the Englishcommon law it is considered contempt to “prejudice mankind [by speech or writing] infavour of or against a party be-fore the case is heard” and the same principle is reflected in thelaws of Belize where it is statedto be an offence to write or doanything “with intent to excite any popular prejudice for oragainst any party to [court]proceedings.” And there are cases pending before the Courtshaving to do with both (a) theacquisition of BTL and BEL(which case is definitely not atan end) and (b) the Bar Association against theGovernment of Belize onamendments to the Constitutionon appointment of Judges of theCourt of Appeal. It is therefore especiallyconcerning that the campaign isbeing led by persons withobvious interests to serve,namely Bar President Eamon Cour tenay Jacqueline Marshalleck and her husband Andr ew Marshalleck. Mr Courtenay represents theAshcroft interests generally; andparticularly in the litigationbetween those interests and theGovernment and people ofBelize. It is that very litigationthat recently concluded with thedecision in favour of GOB, thusprovoking the ire of the Ashcroft privies, especially because theleading judgment was written by Justice A wich. Apart from Courtenay and his role as coun-sel, Mrs. Marshalleck is a lawyerin the permanent employ of theAshcroft holding group headquar-tered in Belize. They speak of the“appearance of bias.” Then, what does this appear to be ontheir part? The OPM makes the point thatthese same players have attackedMr Justice A wich before, and have taken their arguments aboutthe propriety of his appointmentall the way to the Caribbean Courtof Justice (CCJ) That highest court found their position utterlybaseless and wrong. Of course, the cover of theBar Resolution is much resortedto by those acting on instructionand with malice aforethought.But it is important to pointout that a grand total of 18 Barmembers attended the meetingthat approved the Resolution,when the actual membershipof the Bar is well in excess of100. Also noteworthy is the fact that there was no vote on theResolution. It was declaredadopted by consensus afterthe efforts of some present towater down and essentiallychange it, had failed. It is alsoa lie to claim that the lawpartner of the Prime Ministersupported the Resolution sincehe was not even present at themeeting. The OPM calls on all involvedto desist from the continuingattacks on Mr Justice A wich and the Court of Appeal. His new appointment is now faitaccompli. And since it is for seven years, there can be noquarrel that it is short term andnot in accordance with securityof tenure considerations. Finally the OPM advises that Cabinet will actively consider acourse of action that will addressthe situation in which a puny eighteen-person minority canpurport to speak in the name ofall lawyers in Belize. End. Great locationPlenty of space


Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 5 Mother, Daughter and SonOn Dishonesty Charge SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Thursday June 26, 2014: A 16 year old boy was today remanded to prison on burglaryand handling stolen goodscharges. San Ignacio police reportsthat at around 10:00 am onW ednesday June 25, Esperanza V illage resident Maybelline Flores visited the police station in San Ignacio where she reportedthat her house was burglarizedtwo days earlier The complainant informed thatbetween 12:30 pm and 3:00 pmon Monday June 23 someone entered her house as a trespasserand stole there from a blackNikon brand digital camera withserial number 4234359 alongwith an extra lens and batterychar ger The investigation revealed thatentry was gained through a holecreated by the removal of twoglass louvers from a window The crime scene was processedduring which finger prints werelifted from the glass louvers. Theinvestigation led police, twomiles further west, to the CristoRey Road residence in SantaElena, of a suspect who wasreportedly seen in the areaduring the material time. Whilst executing a searchwarrant the police found a blackplastic bag in the yard under acover When opened the bag was found to contain a black Nikondigital camera, an extra lens andmatching battery char ger The serial number was found to be thesame as the reported stolen cam-era. The bag also contained a goldlooking chain and a bangle, ablack and silver Apple brand iPod and three bottles of V ictoria Secret brand lotion. The complaint was later invitedto the station where shepositively identified the items asbeing the ones stolen from herhouse. The boy in the presence of the mother and a Justice of thePeace, provided the policewith a cautioned statementconsequently resulting in himbeing issued with a burglarycharge. He was further jointlycharged with his 17 year old sister and his 38 year old mother with handling stolen goods. While we are legally prohibitedfrom publishing the names ofminors, given the possibility ofthis being the case of a childbringing home the heat, weare intentionally refraining frompublishing the name of themother The family appeared in court onThursday June 26 where they all pled not guilty as charged. Themother and daughter werereleased on bail. The 16 yearold student was not as fortunateas he was remanded to prisonon the prosecution’ s strong objection to the granting ofbail after it was revealed that he is in violation of a noncustodial sentence stemmingfrom a conviction on a minortraffic offence. The boy wasconsequently remanded toprison pending a reportfrom the Community Rehabilita-tion Of ficer The case was adjourned to W ednesday July 9, 2014.


Page 6 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014 #6 Hudson S tr eet, San Ignacio T el: 824-2101 Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Ask for what you don’t see, our sales assistants are more than ready to help! WW WW W e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. Passport and Drivers License Photos Computer Speaker s 10 Set W orkout DVDS W e ar e located of f Joseph Andr ews Drive, near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio T own. Call us at 824-2076 or 610-0408. E-mail: W ash, V accum, Armoral & Engine W ash As W ell As Pr essur e W ashing Outside of Houses T ACKLING LACK OF YOUTH OPPOR TUNITY The lack of opportunity for the youth of Belize has beenrecognized for quite a while, yetresults from efforts to dealwith this problem are strugglingand lack support. Whilstthe economy of Belize showslittle capacity to offer much,sport has an almost inexhaustibleability to bridge the gap betweeneducation and employment. Infact, sport can and frequentlydoes open doors to successfulcareers, for those who graspwhat’ s on of fer Guided and directed youthcan have significant impact on thesuccess of communities, as wellas on the future of the youththemselves Using sport, as the basisfor engaging with youth atcommunity level, is a recognizedmodel for promoting healthylifestyle and producingsuccessful adults and leaders ofthe future *Y outh engagement with sport results is more demand forcommunity facilities, which inturn, creates better and astronger awareness and sense ofcommunity Rugby Belize recentlyannounced plans to establishcommunity-based rugby unionclubs right across the country to provide opportunities for youthand young people to engage insport. As a result of that initial announcement, plans are afoot to set up (initially) five such clubs in Belmopan, Belize City Hattieville, Orange W alk and San Pedro. T o advance these plans, Rugby Belize is now movingtowards establishing a nationalgoverning authority for the sport. The Belize Rugby Board willbe the driving force behindfurther growth and developmentof rugby in Belize. It will becomprised of volunteers who areprepared to give up a little of theirtime to help develop, manage andpromote the sport as it aims tooffer a range a rugby activities atevery level within the society ofBelize. The Board will work inconjunction with the NationalSports Council, to ensurecompliance with rugby laws andother aspects of safety andfairness, and will also, eventually work to secure internationalrecognition to enable Belize tocompete regionally and furtherafield. Rugby Belize Founder T ony Gillings “W e have already received significant interest fromMexico, Guatemala, Costa Ricaand other places who wish to in-vite teams from Belize to com-pete. In these countries, rugbyhas been well established formany years and they have a lotto offer in terms of competitionexperience and support forplayers. But,” he says “W e need to get the back-office organization established toenable participation incompetitions, plan for training,coaching and ultimately topromote and encourage playerdevelopment at national level.T o do this we need volunteers” Anybody interested in joining the Belize Rugby Board orfinding our more should contactT ony via www Ends. Further inquiries / information: T ony Gillings FounderRugby BelizeT : +353 86 389 3865 E: www Haddan Garbutt Hattieville United Y outh Sports ClubT : 342 5790 / 623 4457 www .rugbybelize .com Looking forward Looking forward Looking forward Looking forward Looking forward to hearing to hearing to hearing to hearing to hearing from you! from you! from you! from you! from you! Send your press releases, articles, humor and ads to: or call us at: 626-8822 or 804-4900 STAR Newspaper Keep Our Twin Towns Keep Our Twin Towns Keep Our Twin Towns Keep Our Twin Towns Keep Our Twin Towns Clean And Beautiful! Clean And Beautiful! Clean And Beautiful! Clean And Beautiful! Clean And Beautiful! Always Put Always Put Always Put Always Put Always Put Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Proper Place Proper Place Proper Place Proper Place Proper Place Don’t Be A Litter Bug!!!


Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 7 We AMS T o Please Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted A house in San Ignacio/Santa Elena T own or something within walking distance. Preferably a 2 story house with garage. A fixer upper can work. My budget is approximately $50,000 USD or less. Need assistance with owners finance. Please call: 665-7640 or Email: The village blacksmith finallyfound an apprentice willing towork hard for long hours. The blacksmith immediatelybegan his instructions to thelad, He said, "When I take the iron out of the fire, I'll lay Appr entice Blacksmith T urn Murder er it on the anvil; and when Inod my head, you hit it withall your might with thishammer ." The apprentice did just as hewas told. He is now facing amurder charge. A Mexican bandit made a specialty of crossing the RioGrande from time to time androbbing banks in T exas. Finally a reward was offered for hiscapture. An enterprising T exas ranger decided to track down theMexican bandit. After a lengthy search, The T exas Ranger traced the bandit to his favorite T exan cantina. The Ranger sneaked up behind theMexican bandit, put his trustysix-shooter to the bandit's head,and said, "Y ou're under arrest. T ell me where you hid the loot or I'll blow your brains out." The bandit didn't speak or understand English. The Rangerdidn't speak or understandSpanish. Fortunately a bilingual lawyer was in the saloon of allEnglish speaking customers andso he translated the Ranger'smessage. The terrified Mexican banditblurted out, in Spanish, that theloot was buried under the oak treein back of the cantina."What did he say?" asked the Ranger The lawyer answered, "He said 'Get lost, you turkey Y ou wouldn't dare shoot me.'" and so ended the life of the MexicanBandido. The Lawyer's Loot “C’mon Ma you have got to tryit” Johnpleaded to his elderly Mother He could not understand how hisMother lasted this long withoutever using the internet. “Ok” she said reluctantly settling down by the computer andslowly putting on her readingglasses “what do I do now?” “Now I’m going to open the The Internet What’ s That? home page of google” John explained. “OK here it is! Now type in ANY question you want into the bar over here and youwill find an answer to yourquestion.” he confidently assured her Mother looked at John warily thought for a second, and slowlybegan totype, How is Gertrude doing this morning? T oo Old to Date The neighbors thought itwas odd, but 93 year oldMorton was dating again. One Monday morning Mortonwoke up with a funny feeling thatsomething important happenedlast night. It was during breakfast, thatMorton finally remembered whatit was. He had proposed to his dateGreta. But what she answered he just couldn’ t seem to remember Morton picked up the phone anddialed. “Hi Greta”, said Morton, “I have a funny question for you,do you remember last nightwhen I proposed?” “Oh my gosh” exclaimed Greta, “I’m so glad you called, I knew I said yes to somebodybut I just couldn’t recall whoit was!”


Page 8 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014 Sickle-Cell Anaemia Sickle-Cell Anaemia Sickle-Cell Anaemia Sickle-Cell Anaemia Sickle-Cell Anaemia Sickle-cell disease (SCD), orsickle-cell anaemia (SCA) ordrepanocytosis, is a hereditaryblood disorder characterized by red blood cells that assume anabnormal, rigid, sickle shape.Sickling decreases the cells'flexibility and results in a riskof various life-threateningcomplications. This sicklingoccurs because of a mutationin the haemoglobin gene.Individuals with one copy of themutant gene produce a mixtureof both normal and abnormalhaemoglobin. This is an exampleof incomplete dominance. Sickle-cell disease may lead tovarious acute and chroniccomplications, several of which havea high mortality rate. Sickle cell crisis The terms "sickle cell crisis" or "sickling crisis" may be used to describe several independent acuteconditions occurring in patients withsickle cell disease. Sickle cell diseaseresults in anemia and crises thatcould be of many types including thevaso-occlusive crisis, aplastic crisis,sequestration crisis, haemolytic crisisand others. Most episodes of sicklecell crises last between five andseven days. "Although infection, dehydration, and acidosis (all ofwhich favor sickling) can act astriggers, in most instances nopredisposing cause is identified." V aso-occlusive crisis The vaso-occlusive crisis is causedby sickle-shaped red blood cellsthat obstruct capillaries and restrictblood flow to an organ resulting inischaemia, pain, necrosis and oftenor gan damage. The frequency severity and duration of these crises vary considerably Painful crises are treated with hydration, analgesics, andblood transfusion; pain managementrequires opioid administration atregular intervals until the crisis hassettled. For milder crises, a subgroupof patients manage on NSAIDs (such as diclofenac or naproxen) For more severe crises, most patientsrequire inpatient management forintravenous opioids; patient-con-trolled analgesia (PCA) devices are commonly used in this setting.V aso-occlusive crisis involving organs such as the penis or lungs areconsidered an emergency and treatedwith red-blood cell transfusions.Diphenhydramine is sometimeseffective for the itching associatedwith the opioid use. Incentivespirometry a technique to encourage deep breathing to minimise thedevelopment of atelectasis, is recommended. Splenic sequestration crisis Because of its narrow vessels andfunction in clearing defective redblood cells, the spleen is frequentlyaffected. It is usually infarcted beforethe end of childhood in individualssuffering from sickle-cell anemia. Thisautosplenectomy increases the riskof infection from encapsulatedorganisms; preventive antibiotics andvaccinations are recommended forthose with such asplenia. Splenic sequestration crises areacute, painful enlargements ofthe spleen, caused by intrasplenic trapping of red cells and resulting in aprecipitous fall in hemoglobin levelswith the potential for hypovolemicshock. Sequestration crises areconsidered an emer gency If not treated, patients may die within 1–2hours due to circulatory failure.Management is supportive, sometimeswith blood transfusion. These crisesare transient, they continue for 3–4hours and may last for one day Acute chest syndr ome ACS Acute chest syndrome (ACS) is defined by new pulmonary infiltratewith a manifestation of pulmonarysymptoms like tachypnea and dyspnea. It is the second mostcommon complication and it accountsfor about 25% of death in patientswith SCD, majority of cases presentwith vaso occlusive crises thenthey develop ACS. Nevertheless, in Dessap et al., 2007 studythey reported that about 80% ofpatients has vaso occlusive crisesduring ACS. Aplastic crisis Aplastic crises are acute worsenings of the patient's baseline anaemia,producing pallor tachycardia, and fatigue. This crisis is normally triggeredby parvovirus B19, which directly af-fects erythropoiesis (production of red blood cells) by invading the red cell precursors and multiplying inthem and destroying them. Parvovirusinfection nearly completely preventsred blood cell production for two tothree days. In normal individuals,this is of little consequence, but theshortened red cell life of sickle-cellpatients results in an abrupt,life-threatening situation. Reticulocytecounts drop dramatically duringthe disease (causing reticulocytopenia) and the rapid turnover of red cells leads to the dropin haemoglobin. This crisis takes 4days to one week to disappear Most patients can be managed supportively;some need blood transfusion. Haemolytic crisis Haemolytic crises are acute accel-erated drops in haemoglobin level.The red blood cells break down at a faster rate. This is particu-larly common in patientswith co-existent G6PD de-ficiency Management is supportive, sometimes withblood transfusions. Other One of the earliest clini-cal manifestations isdactylitis, presenting asearly as six months of age,and may occur in childrenwith sickle trait. The crisiscan last up to a month. Another recognised type ofsickle crisis is the acutechest syndrome, a condi-tion characterised by fever chest pain, difficultybreathing, and pulmonaryinfiltrate on a chest X-ray Given that pneumonia andsickling in the lung can bothproduce these symptoms,the patient is treated forboth conditions. It can betriggered by painful crisis,respiratory infection, bone-marrow embolisation, orpossibly by atelectasis,opiate administration, orsur gery


Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 9 Hon. Rene Montero Hon. Rene Montero Hon. Rene Montero Hon. Rene Montero Hon. Rene Montero and Your UDP and Your UDP and Your UDP and Your UDP and Your UDP Government at Work! Government at Work! Government at Work! Government at Work! Government at Work!


Page 10 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014 Of fice T el: 804-4900 Cell: 626-8822 Publisher: Nyani K. Azueta-August Editor: Sherlene Dawson “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth” #42 George Price Highway Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize, CA Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Savannah Ar ea, San Ignacio T own, Cayo T elephone: 804-2522 Free Delivery within town limits. HODE’S PLACE W e offer d el iciousl y pr epar ed food in an amazing l y r el ax ed at mospher e W e al so cat er for l ar g e or small gr oups. Public Advisory on Use of Specific Health Products Belmopan. June 24, 2014. The Ministry of Health hasreceived a public notificationfrom the Unites States Food andDrug Administration (FDA) through the International HealthRegulations of the W orld Health Organization, on health productsthat consumers are advised NOTto purchase. Consumers are advised not topurchase or use the followingproducts that are promoted andsold for weight loss on websitesor in retail stores: Dr Ming’ s Chinese Capsule, 7 DaysHerbal Slim, Sliming Diet Berr y Plus, Asset Extr eme, SlimEasy Herbs Capsule andMeizitang Citrus. FDA Laboratory confirmsthat these products containSibutramine, a controlledsubstance removed from themarket for safety reasons inOctober 2010. In addition, consumers areadvised to not purchase oruse the following productspromoted and sold for sexualenhancement: CONTROL All Natural Sexual Enhancementand Best Whips. According to the FDA, these Put Garbage In It’s Proper Place Put Garbage In It’s Proper Place Put Garbage In It’s Proper Place Put Garbage In It’s Proper Place Put Garbage In It’s Proper Place Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio & Santa Elena & Santa Elena & Santa Elena & Santa Elena & Santa Elena Clean and Beautiful!! Clean and Beautiful!! Clean and Beautiful!! Clean and Beautiful!! Clean and Beautiful!! Message From Mayor John August & Council products contain the undeclaredingredients Sulfoaildenafil andDimenthylsildenafil. Theseingredients may interact with ni-trates found in medications pre-scribed specifically to men suf-fering from diabetes, high bloodpressure, high cholesterol orheart disease. The Ministry of Healthreiterates the advice to thegeneral public refrain from purchasing or using the productsoutlined above. These productsmay interact in life-threateningways with other medications.Consumers who are using theproducts should end useimmediately and dispose them.Users who have experienced anynegative side effects of theseproducts should consult a healthcare professional as soon aspossible. Send your stories, articles, humor and ads to: or call us at 626-8822, 620-9341 or 804-4900


Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 11


Page 12 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014 ARIES: Mar ch 22 to April 20 Strengthen relationship ties andpursue partnership interests throughunderstanding and listening. Thoughyou're willing to discuss key matters,midweek may be a test of yourpatience. Y ou might feel you've reached a point of no return regard-ing a certain person. However a chance to clear the air and come togrips with the central issue could makeit easier to cooperate on a range ofmatters. Start home-based DIYprojects on Friday to coincide withthe New Moon. Lucky numbers: 01, 25, 81. T AURUS: April 21 to May 21 A change in your financial situation could see you pondering some freshideas. As Mercury continues its retrograde phase, you might want torethink your budget or figure out thebest way to save money withoutcutting back too much. The NewMoon in Cancer on Friday may bevery helpful for you, encouraging youto make a fresh start in any areayou choose. T ake it easy over the weekend, as someone with a hiddenagenda may seem overly friendly Lucky numbers: 17, 38, 62. GEMINI: May 22 to June 21 Have a good plan in place, becausesome parts of this week could causeyou to feel somewhat unsettled.Perhaps a friendship is a cause forconcern, or a love interest seems toprefer to be alone rather than with you.Short trips bring pleasure, asdoes participation in group activities.Sweet words of love can make arelationship come alive. However you will need to trust your intuition andlet your desires take you where theywill. Lucky numbers: 31, 47, 79. CANCER June 21 to July 21 Major plans could encounterchallenges before they get underway as conflict between family and careercould cause trouble. However V enus in your spiritual sector enhances yourrelationship with yourself, so youmay find the courage to stand firm. The Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers New Moon in Cancer is the best timeto come to grips with a plan that couldbe a game changer There are romantic opportunities this weekend, but don'ttake someone's word as gospel. If yourcreative side has an opportunity to shine,go for it! Lucky numbers: 52, 86, 93. LEO: July 24 to August 21 This might not be the best time to askfavors, as others may seem indifferent.An edgy link midweek suggests thatcertain folks may need space, and theycould have a desire to do their ownthing. Y et, when it comes to romance, you'll be at your flirtatious best. Whetheryou're in a long-term relationship orlooking for love, social events can addsparkle to the days ahead. The NewMoon on Friday is perfect for startinga new spiritual practice, such asmeditation or yoga. Lucky numbers: 06, 29, 66. VIRGO: August 22 to September 21 Career matters benefit from moreinteraction with key people. Perhaps aninformal meeting could help you makethe right impression. T ake it easy midweek, particularly if you feel stressed.A conscious effort to slow downcould make it easier to focus. However if you're living on your nerves it mighthelp to book a massage or spatreatment as a way to soothe ruffledfeathers. Friday brings a chance of newbeginnings in a social setting. Perhapsit's time to move in new circles? Lucky numbers: 35, 59, 77. LIBRA: September 22 to October 23 Y ou may need all the patience you can muster especially early in the week. Certain folks could letyou down and be disruptive. Y et being pushed out of your comfortzone in this way might encourageyou to give as good as you get.Perhaps it's time to stand up tosomeone who's been doing this fortoo long. A New Moon in your career sector on Friday bringsan opportunity for a fresh start,whether it's a new job, contract,or idea for a business. Lucky numbers: 10, 74, 88 SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21 Anxious feelings could leave you needing to retreat. Perhaps it'stime to relax and work on stress-busting techniques, especially onW ednesday Far horizons call with a focus on travel, learning, andexpanding your options. This weekbrings a special opportunity tomove outside your comfort zone. Inparticular the New Moon brings a two-week window of opportunityin which to make a fresh start. Becareful in romance this weekend. All that glitters may not be gold. Lucky numbers: 04, 13, 98. SAGITT ARIUS: November 22 to December 21 Certain friendly ties could be moreof a burden than usual, particularlyif they're argumentative. Be thebest friend you can be, but don'texpect the same treatment in return.However the same folks could revert to their usual open and supportiveselves in few days. Think aboutmaking a fresh start with sharedfinances. Friday's New Moon bringsopportunities to consolidate debtand make radical changes wherenecessary Keep receipts if buying big-ticket items this weekend. Lucky numbers: 22, 46, 73. CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20 Luck is in the air as V enus moves into Gemini this week. This is whenyou can grab the brass ring, though you might need to make an effortto avail yourself of an opportunity A combination of good commonsense and inventive genius canmake you a winner at whatever youdo. A relationship gets a special boost as the New Moon invitesyou to take it to the next level.Later watch out for mixed signals, even if someone's intentionsseem good. Lucky numbers: 24, 33, 40. AQUARIUS: January 20 to February 18 A dream or moment of quiet contemplation could bring inspiration,thanks to your intuition. When itcomes to family affairs, a friend couldsuggest a radical solution that youmight want to adopt. Kindness,sympathy and good feelings abound, making for easy relationships. Friday'sNew Moon can be perfect forstarting a diet or fitness routine,particularly if you're eager to get abeach-ready body A romantic opportunity could be too good tomiss on Saturday Lucky numbers: 56, 60, 84. PISCES: February 20 to March 21 Don't take it personally if someonebacks out of a commitment. This isone of those weeks when disruptionscan occur right when you don't needthem. Midweek may need special at-tention, as an impulsive desire to shopcould affect your finances. If you can'tstick to a budget, take a friend withyou who can intervene at the rightmoment. The weekend seems madefor romance, but try not to get stuckwith someone who is a bit of a drain.Lucky numbers: 19, 55, 89. VACANCY Hide Away Bar in Unitedville is looking for 3 F 3 F 3 F 3 F 3 F emale W emale W emale W emale W emale W or or or or or k k k k k er er er er er ss ss s For more information contact Ms. Gongora to schedule an appointment at 622-6696 or 660-9990 Applicant should have previous experienceShould be over 18Ability to work on weekends NOTICE Dear Readers & Contributors: Kindly forward all Ads, Letters, Articles, Comments and Humor to We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous support over the support over the support over the support over the support over the years. years. years. years. years. For further information please call 804-4900 or 626-8822


Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 13 Continue T o P ag e 1 4 Luis Suarez bite: Uruguaystrik er banned f or f our months Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has been suspended from allfootball-related activity for fourmonths for biting Italy defenderGiorgio Chiellini In addition, the Liverpoolplayer 27, has been banned for nine international matches, rulinghim out of the rest of the 2014Fifa W orld Cup. He will also miss the first ninegames of the Premier Leagueseason. Uruguay say they willappeal, calling it an "excessive decision" for which "there was not enough evidence". Uruguay Football Association president W ilmar V aldez added: "I have seen more aggressiveincidents r ecently "It is a severe punishment. Idon't know exactly whicharguments they used but it is atough punishment for Suarez." The player has also been fined100,000 Swiss francs (£65,680)for the incident, which occurredon T uesday as Uruguay beat Italy 1-0 to finish second in group Dand qualify for the last 16 inBrazil. The ban is the biggest in W orld Cup history beating the eight games given to Italy's Mauro T assotti for elbowing Spain's Luis Enrique in 1994. "Such behaviour cannot be tolerated on any football pitchand, in par ticular not at a Fifa W orld Cup when the eyes of millions of people are on thestars on the field," ClaudioSulser chairman of the Fifa disciplinary committee, said in astatement. Suarez has now been foundguilty of biting three opponentsin his career and formerLiverpool defender Mark Lawrenson felt the suspension should have been longer "Say my boy was about 1 1 or 12, how do you explain to yourlad who's a football fan exactlywhat Luis Suarez keeps doing,"he told BBC Sport. "He is now a persistent offender and I thought actuallythe ban would have been muchharsher ." Suarez was banned for 10 games for biting Chelsea'sBranislav Ivanovic during a Premier League match in 2013and was also suspended forseven games for biting PSVEindhoven's Otman Bakkal in 2010. Mexican referee Marco Rodriquez did not see Suarez Suar ez’ s performance after the bite bite Chiellini on the leftshoulder but Fifa ordered an inquiry after the match followingprotests by the Italian. Suarez had tried to dismissthe incident, telling Uruguayantelevision: "These are just things that happen out onthe pitch. It was just the two of us inside the area and hebumped into me with hisshoulder ." Suarez's first match backfor Liverpool could be inround four of the CapitalOne Cup, should the Reds wintheir first game after enteringthe tournament in the third round, with matches due to takeplace in the week commencing27 October Reds chief executive Ian A yr e said: Liverpool Football Club will wait until we haveseen and had time to review the Fifa disciplinary committeereport before making anyfurther comment." Under the terms of the ban,Suarez cannot train withLiverpool and is prohibitedfrom entering the confines of any stadium during the period of hissuspension. But Liverpool would notbe prevented from sellingthe former Ajax player this summer should they decide The bite marks that Suarez gave Chiellini


Page 14 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014 Continue From Page 13 Mexican Tijuana Cartel Boss Sanchez Arellano 'Captured' Mexican Tijuana Cartel Boss Sanchez Arellano 'Captured' Mexican Tijuana Cartel Boss Sanchez Arellano 'Captured' Mexican Tijuana Cartel Boss Sanchez Arellano 'Captured' Mexican Tijuana Cartel Boss Sanchez Arellano 'Captured' The Ar ellano Felix clan is one of the most feared criminalfamilies in Mexico The Mexican army says ithas captured the leader of theonce-powerful T ijuana cartel, Luis Fernando SanchezArellano In the 1990s, the cartelcontrolled much of the drugsflow from the northern Mexicancity of T ijuana to the United States. But it was dealt a severe blowafter the arrest of four of thebrothers leading it and thekilling of a fifth. Luis Fernando SanchezArellano is the nephew of the the cartel until he himself wascaptured by the US Coast Guardwhile fishing off the coast ofBaja California in 2006. Another brother Eduardo took over the reins for the followingtwo years until his capture in2008. Ramon, considered the most violent of the brothers, was killedin a shoot-out with police in2002. The cartel is said to havetortured and killed rivals inthe US and Mexico, sometimesdissolving their bodies in vats ofcorrosives. The oldest of the Arellano Felix brothers, Francisco Rafael, wasshot dead last year by gunmendisguised as clowns who burstinto his birthday party Mexican officials believe thecartel has been led in recent yearsby Luis, along with his motherEnedina. Francisco Javier Ar ellano Benjamin Ar ellano Ramon Ar ellano Monday: Draft Beer $3.00 T uesday: Local Rum $3.00 W ednesday: Panty Ripper $3.95 Mondays to Fridays: Regular Margaritas: $6.95 S traberr y Margaritas: $7.95 Blue Margaritas: $8.95 24 Cr enshaw S t. San Ignacio T el: 824 -2730 Mexican and Belizean Menu The Home Of MARGARITAS SPECIALS V isit us for br eakfast on Sundays!!! Monday thru Friday to offload him to anotherclub. He has already been linked withmoves to Real Madrid andBarcelona. Sponsor Adidas said it "fully supports Fifa's decision" and will not use Suarez for any more SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Friday June 27, 2014: Five days later almost four thousand dollars worth ofitems stolen, three personsinterviewed, Zero arrests made. San Ignacio police informed ofthe receipt of a burglary reportfrom T er esita Silva Johnson proprietor of V enus S tore located at #6 Hudson Street in SanIgnacio. The complainant informed thatthe store was secured at 9:00 pmon Saturday June 21 and that upon checking at around 5:30 amthe following day the store was found to have been burglarized.Entry was gained through anopening pryed into the metalshutter attached to the frontentrance. Missing from the variousshowcases inside the store were the following:Six digicell cellular telephoneof various brands with acombined value of $2,135;Three wrist watches (2 Casio, I Guess brand) : $699; A gold ring: $195; A silver ring; $40; A set of silver bracelets: $395; A Nintendo DS console: $250 andA Game Boy advance Console: $250. All for a total value of $3,964. Police reports interviewingthree suspects all of whomwere later released withoutcharges as an arrest is yet to bemade. Anyone with information that can assist the police is asked tocontact Crimes InvestigationBranch personnel at the policestation in San Ignacio. No Arrest In Venus Burglary Luis Suarez bite: Uruguaystriker banned for four months Arellano Felix brothers who originally founded the cartel. An army of ficial said Mr Sanchez Arellano was captured on Monday afternoonshortly after the Mexicanfootball team reached the last 16of the Fifa W orld Cup by beating Croatia. The security forces oftentime their raids to coincide withholidays or events whenthey know their target and itsbodyguards may be less vigilant. The government had offered a30-million-peso reward ($2.3m;£1.4m) for information leadingto his capture. Mr Sanchez Arellano is the latest of the infamous crimefamily to be arrested. Family Business The T ijuana cartel was founded by Benjamin Arellano Felix in the late 1980s After his arrest in 2002, his youngest brother FranciscoJavier took over the leadership of marketing purposes during theW orld Cup. "W e will again be r eminding him of the high standardswe expect from ourplayers," added the company "W e will discuss all aspects of our future partnershipdirectly with Suarez andhis team."


Sunday, June 29, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 15 Continue from Front Page Getting Our Share Of The National Development Pie A new cemented round-about is now in full operation at thejunction of the George PriceHighway and La Loma LuzBoulevard in Santa Elena. W e can hardly remember what the arealooked like prior to this majorimprovement. The entire length of La LomaBoulevard is properly pavedcomplete with cementedsidewalks on both sides. Steellight poles with undergroundwiring have replaced those oldand leaning wooden lampposts with their spider web ofcrisscrossing overhead hightension electrical cables thatonce dangerously hung overheadalong La Loma Luz Boulevard. Construction is now underwayfor the first ever two lanebridge across the Macal Riverconnecting La Loma LuzBoulevard in Santa Elena to Jo-seph Andrews Drive in San Ignacio. A new roadway has been constructed through the GoldenOrange orchard linking the newbridge with Joseph Andrews Drive. The T OTAL transformation of Joseph Andrews Drive in San Ignacio is nearing completion.The carriageway is now muchwider As with La Loma Luz Boulevard, steel light polls withunderground wiring will replaceoutdated wooden lamp posts. Thenew light poles will be securelyanchored in the reconstructedmedian along the full length ofJoseph Andrews Drive. New drains under covered sidewalksare now in place on both sides ofthe impressive Joseph Andrews Drive. A new round-about is nearing completion in the area where Joseph Andrews Drive rejoins the George Price Highway in SanIgnacio. The new W elcome Center in San Ignacio is now a realityserving residents of thecommunity and visitors alike. Itreplaces the outdated CoronationPark built many many years ago to commemorate the coronationof Queen Elizabeth II The middle section of BurnsA venue has under gone major improvements consequentlyincreasing the value of private properties in the area. The upper section of BurnsA venue is now ready to receive a cement surface with matchingsidewalks on both sides. Crews from the electricity telephone and water companiesare taking advantage of the dryweather as they are improvingtheir underground assets in thearea surrounding the ColumbusPark in San Ignacio after whichthe area will be cementedmaking those trademark potholesin the area a thing of the past. Eden Drive in Santa Elena isnow paved all the way intoHillview Carmen and Andrews S treets also in Santa Elena are now paved.Residents along these streets arethankful for the improvement asthey will now be living dust free.How we wish that Miss Kate wasstill with us as it was always herdream to see the day when thedust on Andrews S treet in front of her house would be no more.Unfortunately she passed awaybefore the Hon. Rene Montero and the United Democratic Partycame to government. She musthowever be smiling from heavenas her family is living free fromthe dust she endured for most ofher life on Andrews S treet in Santa Elena. Many more jobs have beencreated as works began this weekon the historic cementing of thefirst street in Santa Elena. That’ s right, Bishop Martin Street islined with Santa Elena workers asthey proudly labor to improvetheir community while earning anhonest living. W orks likewise began this week on Falcon Field in San Ignacio asa million dollars is slated tobe expended in the massiveimprovement of this basketballfacility including an overheadcover bleachers, lights and other modern conveniences. The V ictor Galvez S tadium in San Ignacio and the football fieldin Santa Elena are slated formajor upgrading as the recentlycreated Belize InfrastructureLimited undertakes signatureprojects with funds indentified byPrime Minster Dean Barrowand the United DemocraticParty Government. T ruly A Government For ALL. BWS Cr ew At W ork, Columbus Park, San Ignacio The paved Andr ews S tr eet In Santa Elena Eden Drive In Santa Elena Is Now Fully Paved PHOTO Hon. Rene Montero (C) flanked by Councilors Eduardo Cano (L) and Michael Salazar(R) The paving of Carmen S tr eet In Santa Elena ... DONE!


Page 16 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 29, 2014