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July 7, 2013
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Sunday, June 22, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 1 No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR8*8TAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STARSTAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR No. 402 Sunday, June 22, 2014 Price $1.00 Prowler Gets Five Years SAN IGNACIO, Cayo, Friday June 20, 2014: The ten month burglary caseagainst Michael “Prowler” Harrison 52, ended today in a guilty verdict and a five year jailsentence. Harrison, usually shirtless,moves around town onhorseback, of late however he has been walking around townand, when recently asked,informed that his horse had beenstolen. He is not a known troublemaker but in this instance he wasreportedly caught inflagantedelecto (in the act of committing the crime) inside the downstairs storeroom of theKO-OX-HAN-NAH restaurantlocated on Burns A venue in San Ignacio T own. The restaurant managerreported to the police that ataround 12:30 pm on August 12, 2013 as she was about to enterthe downstairs storeroom sheheard movements therein. At first she thought that a coworker wasin the storeroom. As she was entering the door she sawHarrison inside the storeroomholding a bag containing meat.The manager reportedly shoutedat the intruder informing him thatshe would call the police. He reportedly dumped the contentsof the bag on the floor in front ofthe freezer after which he ran outthe door gripping the empty sack.The meat was checked andestimated to value $400. The accused was later arrestedand issued with a burglary charge.SAN IGNACIO, Cayo, T uesday June 17, 2014: Accused murderer Michael Silva, accompanied by defense attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley appeared today in the San Ignacio T own courtroom of magistrate Narda Morgan for the preliminary inquiry into theSeptember 23, 201 1 murder of 19 year old Maritza Santos. On hand in court to marshal theevidence was the Director ofPublic Prosecutions, Mrs. Cher yl-L ynn V idal who, apart from statements, tendered inevidence a piece of wood and abottle containing herbicide. At the conclusion of the process today Bradley isreported to have made nosubmission. The trail was set for After several adjournments thecase was concluded on Monday June 16. The accused was foundguilty and sentenced to five yearsimprisonment. It will thereforebe a few years before the horseriding “Prowler” is seen around town. Silva’s Murder Trial Set For September hearing in the September 2014session of the Supreme Court. The deceased, a resident of theHillview community in San Elenatown, was a recent graduate ofEden High School. She isreported to having been dating theaccused for a month prior to theincident. She was found bleedingfrom the head with a large cutwound to the right side of theforehead and a pillow was foundcovering her face. Police reported finding a quartof paraquat herbicide in thekitchen and a piece of bloodstained wood under the bedwhere the motionless victim wasencountered. The accused, Michael Silva, isthe son of PUP Cayo Centralstand bearer Daniel Silva Jr Maritza Santos Michael Silva


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Sunday, June 22, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 3 Weed Linked to Santa Elena Boy SANT A ELENA, Cayo, W ednesday June 18, 2014: Police say that a 16 year oldboy believed to be the courier for a drug dealer was caught with a sack containing 18 pounds ofweed. The report indicates that ataround 8:40 am two policemenon motorcycle were on patrol onBradley Street in Santa Elenatown near the football field whentheir attention was drawn to asuspicious male person of darkcomplexion standing near abrown sack in the football field.He was wearing a black shirt anda brown pants. By the time the police circledand entered the enclosed facility the person had disappeared. Thebrown sack was left at the veryspot where it was originallyseen. When inspected, the sackwas found to contain suspectedmarijuana. Police also cameupon a pair of black and greyslippers near the sack of weed. The two policemen begansearching in nearby bushes andwithin minutes they came upon aboy of dark complexion on hisbelly on the ground hidingamong four feet tall shrubs. Hereportedly told the police that theslippers were his but deniedknowledge of the sack of weedshown to him. The boy and theweed were transported to the police station where the motherwas contacted. When she arrivedat the station, the weed wasweighed in their presenceamounting to exactly 18 pounds.The boy was consequentlyarrested and issued with a drugtrafficking charge. He appearedin court on W ednesday June 18 where he pled not guilty to thedrug trafficking charge.Magistrate Narda Morgan concurred with the prosecution’ s objection to the granting of bail. The youth was consequently remanded to prison. The matterwas adjourned to T uesday August 19, 2014. The Bag Of W eed SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,Thursday June 19, 2014: Those within and outside thepolice department awaitingthe fall, on a domestic violencecharge, of a police constableattached to the San Ignacioprecinct, might be disappointedto know that a fall there mightnot be as the complainant hasreportedly indicated that shewishes to proceeded no furtherwith the matter against thepoliceman. It is reported however that the police will nevertheless proceedwith slapping constable #101Fermin Choco with a common assault charge as soon as heis located which is provingchallenging as he is currently onvacation. Police believe that thislatest development shouldprompt PC Choco to pick up thecharge from his base station andface the court where the wife will take the witness stand and informthe court that she desires toproceed no further with thematter This latest saga in PC Choco’ s life stems from a report made bythe common law wife at around9:30 pm on T uesday June 17, 2014. The 25 year old Belizeanhousewife of a San Ignacio T own address told the police that thevisibly drunk policeman arrivedhome at around 8:30 thatT uesday night and confronted her about not answering his callsand text messages earlier that dayafter which he slapped her andspit in her face. She reportedlyran out of the house through thefront door as he made his way tothe kitchen after which she calledthe police for help. Given that there is a priorsimilar report against Choco,police say that they will not Please T ur n T o P ag e 1 5 Beware Of That Fire Water


Page 4 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 22, 2014 Garifuna Communities In Belize Face Major Crisis Garifuna Communities In Belize Face Major Crisis Garifuna Communities In Belize Face Major Crisis Garifuna Communities In Belize Face Major Crisis Garifuna Communities In Belize Face Major Crisis With Employment, Lots, Housing, Lands and Education With Employment, Lots, Housing, Lands and Education With Employment, Lots, Housing, Lands and Education With Employment, Lots, Housing, Lands and Education With Employment, Lots, Housing, Lands and Education By: W ellington C. Ramos When the Garifuna peoplefirst arrived in Belize in 1801 andsubsequently thereafter from Rotan and Honduras, they went toBelize City first and then settledin Dangriga T own. From there they scattered to other southernparts of the country of Belize inthe Districts of Stann Creek andT oledo to establish villages and towns. T oday the Garifuna communities in Belize are;Dangriga T own the lar gest, Hopkins, Georgetown, Barrancoand Punta Gorda T own the second lar gest. Another village where Garifuna people lived inthe past was Bomba which islocated in the Belize District inthe area of Maskall V illage. Most of these Garifuna people havecompletely lost their culture andall they have left is some of theirnames like; Elijio, Parchue,Ramirez and Castro. Some ofthem accept their Garifunaculture but others prefer to bedescribed as Creoles. Why did the Garifuna peopledecide to leave Rotan to followthe British in Belize, when theywere the ones who waged waragainst them and removed themfrom their native land“Y urumein” to Rotan in 1796? This is a question that we theGarifuna people must try toanswer because it is puzzling tome up to this day Common sense dictates that they would haveavoided these ruthless people.When they got to Belize, theBritish were occupying aterritory that Spain had claimeddue to the landing of ChristopherColumbus in this part of the worldin 1492. They gave the Garifunapeople permission to settle in thesouthern part of the country only They were also given strict orders not to move from thesouth to other parts of Belizebecause the British had African slaves cutting mahogany andlogwood for them. Also, they did not want these free black peopleto be seen by the slaves or to haveany form of contact for fear of aslave rebellion. Despite this fear there were slave rebellions thattook place in the country ofBelize. The Garifuna people wereallowed to manage the affairsof all their communities bythemselves. They establishedcouncils and appointed theircommunity leaders to make allthe decisions for their villagesand towns. Farming, fishing,hunting, arts, crafts and otheractivities were the maineconomic activities that tookplace in most of thesecommunities. Since they wereisolated from the other culturesin Belize, there was noacculturation with their cultureand it remained intact. From timeto time the Garifuna peoplewould move throughout allthe other villages to meet withrelatives, friends and conducttrade among themselves. Thispractice was extended notonly within Belize but also toGuatemala, Honduras andNicaragua where they all haverelatives. Some of these people decidedto live in these othercommunities and countriesand this led to Garifuna peoplehaving relatives in all thesecountries up to this day The Garifuna people would still travelfrom one country to another tovisit their relatives in boatsthat were making weekly tripsto these communities andcountries. When I was growingup in Dangriga T own there were boats like; O.C.L. Heron H. Honduran, Ilda, Suyapa SantaMaria, Lonette and many others whose names I cannot recall.There was Garifuna shipwrightwho knew how to build boats forthemselves and for sale. Otherswere Captains for these boats andknew the coastline well. Every Garifuna family I knew inDangriga T own had a home for all the members of their family anda farm to produce the food foreveryone. I am almost certain thatthis was the way it was in all the Garifuna villages and towns inBelize. When my family use tocook, it was a tradition that theywould leave extra food in theirpots just in case a relative was tocome by hungry Nobody in these communities would starve or gohomeless on the streets. A house was built on their lots andeverybody in the family wasallowed to sleep in that house.The farm land was for everyoneas well and they would allow thefamily members to cut out apiece for themselves and planttheir own food crops. Some ofthe lots and lands were leased andothers who had money purchasedtheirs. The lease lots and landswere problematic because somemembers of the family beganthinking that they had a right tothem because they grew up there.This is a problem not only forGarifuna people in Belize butother ethnic groups as well. Employment was not an issuebecause all the people in theGarifuna communities had togo to their farms. Later on thebanana and citrus companiescame into the valleys of StannCreek District in Middlesex andPomona. Some people left theirfarms completely to and work fulltime with these companies.Others decided to work part timewith the companies and theirfarms. Gardening became a wayof convenience for some to plantsome of their food crops on theirlots in town. This allowed somepeople to steal their cropsbecause they did not want to goall the way to the farms whichwere located in the outskirts ofDangriga T own. Education was a must for mostGarifuna families because therewas a competition to see whowould speak perfect English.They would sometimes make funof one another when they wouldnot pronounce an English wordperfectly In a way this was good because it allowed that person thetime to go and sharpen up his orher English skills. The CatholicChurch was always the closestchurch to the Garifuna peoplefrom the time they lived in“Y urumein” S t V incent their native homeland. Belize was aBritish Protestant country but Icannot remember any Garifunafamily that were Anglicans in Dangriga T own only Methodist. Garifuna people excelled inPrimary Schools and JuniorColleges and became themajority of School T eachers in the country for many decades.This is what it was like in the pastwhen I was growing up inDangriga T own, Belize and visited the other Garifuna communities. T oday unemployment is rampant among all the Garifunapeople in the village and townswhere they live. It is so high thatif you were to visit one of thesevillages and towns, you will seeyoung healthy Garifuna menstanding with nothing to do. Thefarms are now abandoned but theydo not want to go to the farms.The sea is there for them to goand fishing but they do not wantto go fishing. If you see them ina boat, do not expect them tocome back with any fish and don’tgo and waste your time by thebeach side for their returnbecause it will be in vain. Somewill tell you that they arelooking for something to float inthe sea so that they can go andsell it and become rich. Some arelucky but many are not as luckyas them but are still holdingout hope that they will findsomething one day to becomerich. For those who foundsomething, after it is sold theyonly last for a few years with theirmoney and they end up beingbroke again. In Belize lots and lands arebeing sold by many of our peoplewho are desperate for money forcheap. They do not intend to goto the farms but would rather selltheir lands for a few dollars andgo to the market to buy their foodcrops from the people who aretaking over their lands fromGuatemala and El Salvador thatare now the farmers in Belize.How long will they be able toafford keeping their monies intheir pockets if they have toconstantly buy what they need?No individual or nation cansurvive if it does not have thecapacity to feed itself. This is afact of life that history hasproven time and time again in thebuilding of civilizations. Chinahas a large population and isrunning out of land to grow foodto feed their people. This is whythey are investing so much moneyin other countries to get their Continue T o P ag e 1 0


Sunday, June 22, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 5


Page 6 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 22, 2014 #6 Hudson S tr eet, San Ignacio T el: 824-2101 Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Ask for what you don’t see, our sales assistants are more than ready to help! WW WW W e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. Passport and Drivers License Photos Computer Speakers 10 Set W orkout DVDS Public Participation Committee Public Participation Committee Public Participation Committee Public Participation Committee Public Participation Committee Must Interact W Must Interact W Must Interact W Must Interact W Must Interact W ith T ith T ith T ith T ith T he Public he Public he Public he Public he Public You have You have You have You have You have two choices two choices two choices two choices two choices Every Morning: Every Morning: Every Morning: Every Morning: Every Morning: You can You can You can You can You can continuesleeping continuesleeping continuesleeping continuesleeping continuesleeping and dream on and dream on and dream on and dream on and dream on or or or or or Wake up and Wake up and Wake up and Wake up and Wake up and convert your convert your convert your convert your convert your dreams into dreams into dreams into dreams into dreams into relatity relatity relatity relatity relatity The Choice is yours.. Last month, Fortis-BECOL(who owns and operates thedams on the Macal River) had an information table at the SanIgnacio V isitor ’ s Center The stated purpose was toinform people about theEmergency Preparedness Planand Early W arning System and “interact with the variouspresenters”. I spoke to representatives ofthe Department of Environmentand NEMO, and was told “yes” when I asked if I could givecomments/suggestions. I madesuggestions on how to improvepeople’ s awareness of the warning system and a way to testit. But no one wrote anythingdown. This led to my giving a writtenstatement of my comments andan invitation to present my ideasat the next meeting of the PublicParticipation Committee (PPC) pending their approval. The PPC was a requirement ofthe Environmental CompliancePlan (ECP) for the Chalillo Dam. Its stated purpose is toprovide for a regular exchange ofinformation with variousstakeholders, and to monitorcommunity concerns and issuesrelated to the dam project,particularly the tourism industryand riverside residents. It has not been very effectivebut I was assured that the PPC is now being chaired by theDepartment of Environment,not Fortis-BECOL, and itseffectiveness will improve. Ihope this is true and hope thatI will be allowed to give apresentation to the Committee. Below are the suggestions I made: The early warning system couldbe workable if people weresensitized to the system bysounding the siren daily at an ap-propriate time when the river isrising due to the release of waterfrom the dams. Something like that couldeffectively familiarize, informand regularly test the sirens tomake sure they worked as well asalerting those in the river thatthe water was rising. Leafletsand public announcements couldreinforce the meaning of thesirens. For instance, a short blast orseries of blasts of the siren meansthe water is rising as itapproaches San Ignacio/SantaElena. A long, steady blast could mean a major flood or dam breakincident is taking place and peopleneed to follow evacuationinstructions. Following the testing of the si-rens last month, I asked people ifthey heard the siren and what theythought it meant. The comments I heard were: it indicated a fire; there was atest of the sirens; the siren wasmalfunctioning again; and thosewho said they didn't know whythe sirens were going off. What those responses dem-onstrate is that in the case of a realemer gency most people would not react to the warning. A consistent program, with educa-tion, could make all the differ-ence to saving lives. In addition to presenting ideason the Emergency PreparednessPlan and Early W arning System, I stated my desire to attend the PPCmeeting to find out about the re-sults of the tests on waterquality and mercury levels in thefishes. The last water quality tests Isaw taken in December 2013, showed dangerously high levelsof e-coli in the river water fromthe dam down to the twin towns;the last tests on fish, also takenlast year showed the mercury in certain species of fish to remainabove acceptable levels, highenough that alerts should begiven. I look forward to theopportunity to meet with thePublic Participation Committee.Dr Candy Gonzalez Cayo r esident and member of Belize Institute ofEnvir onmental Law and Policy (BELPO) Keep Our Twin Keep Our Twin Keep Our Twin Keep Our Twin Keep Our Twin Towns Clean And Towns Clean And Towns Clean And Towns Clean And Towns Clean And Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Always Put Always Put Always Put Always Put Always Put Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Garbage In Its Proper Place Proper Place Proper Place Proper Place Proper Place Don’t Be A Litter Bug!!! W e ar e located of f Joseph Andr ews Drive, near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio T own. Call us at 824-2076 or 610-0408. E-mail: W ash, V accum, Armoral & Engine W ash As W ell As Pr essur e W ashing Outside of Houses


Sunday, June 22, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 7 Looking forward Looking forward Looking forward Looking forward Looking forward to hearing to hearing to hearing to hearing to hearing from you! from you! from you! from you! from you! Send your press releases, articles, humor and ads to: or call us at: 626-8822 or 804-4900 STAR Newspaper T om, Dick and Harry went to a party After the party they returned to the hotel. The hotelwas 600 stories high. Unfortunately for them, theelevator was not working. Theymade a plan for the first 200stories, T om will crack jokes. The second 200 stories Dick will tell a happy story andlastly Harry will tell a sadstory .They then started up the steps After 2 hours it was Harry's turn. He turned to the other twoand said "Ok guys, here's my sad story I forgot the keys downstairs”. 600 S tor y Hotel Preparing for a garagesale at their house, John and hiswife decided to put out a wallmirror they received as awedding gift. Because of itsgarish aqua colored metalframe They just couldn't find aroom in their house where itlooked good. Shortly after the sale started, a man looking to decorate hisapartment bought it for onedollar "This is a great deal," he said excitedly "It still has the plastic on it." Then he peeled off the aquacolored protective covering toreveal a beautiful gold finishedframe. Garage Sale A tiger was walking through the jungle one day and saw two menrelaxing under a tree. One wasreading a newspaper and the other was working feverishly ona manual typewriter The tiger leapt on the man withthe newspaper and ate him up. The tiger did not bother the otherman at all. That's because anypredator knows that readersdigest but writers cramp T iger ’ s Snack A new pastor was visiting the homes of his parishioners. At one house it seemed obvious that someone was athome, but no answer came to hisrepeated knocks at the door Therefore, he took out a card andwrote "Revelation 3:20" on the back of it and stuck it in the door When the offering wasprocessed the following Sunday he found that his card had been returned. Added to it was this cryptic message, “Genesis 3:10." Reaching for his Bible to checkout the citation, he broke up ingales of laughter Revelation 3:20 begins"Behold, I stand at the door andknock." Genesis 3:10 reads, "I heard your voice in thegarden and I was afraid, for Iwas naked." Knock At The Door We AMS T o Please Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Home For My Retirement Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted A house in San Ignacio/Santa Elena T own or something within walking distance. Preferably a 2 story house with garage. A fixer upper can work. My budget is approximately $50,000 USD or less. Need assistance with owners finance. Please call: 665-7640 or Email:


Page 8 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 22, 2014 Lupus is an autoimmunedisease where the body's immunesystem becomes hyperactive andattacks normal, healthy tissue.This results in symptoms such asinflammation, swelling, anddamage to joints, skin, kidneys,blood, the heart, and lungs. Under normal function, theimmune system makes proteinscalled antibodies in order toprotect and fight against antigenssuch as viruses and bacteria.Lupus makes the immune systemunable to differentiate betweenantigens and healthy tissue. Thisleads the immune system todirect antibodies against thehealthy tissue not just antigenscausing swelling, pain, andtissue damage. Several different kinds of lupushave been identified, but the typethat we refer to simply as lupusis known as systemic lupuserythematosus or SLE. Othertypes include discoid (cutane-ous), drug-induced, and neonatal. Patients with discoid lupus havea version of the disease thatis limited to the skin. It ischaracterized by a rash thatappears on the face, neck, andscalp, and it does not affectinternal organs. Less than 10% ofpatients with discoid lupusprogress into the systemic formof the disease, but there is no wayto predict or prevent the path ofthe disease. SLE is more severe thandiscoid lupus because it canaffect any of the body's organsor organ systems. Some peoplemay present inflammationor other problems with only skinand joints, while other SLEsufferers will see joints, lungs,kidneys, blood, and/or the heartaffected. This type of lupusis also often characterized byperiods of flare (when thedisease is active) and periods ofremission (when the disease isdormant). S t Thomas' Lupus T rust Drug -induced lupus is caused by a reaction with certainprescription drugs and causessymptoms very similar to SLE.The drugs most commonlyassociated with this form of L upus lupus are a hypertensionmedication called hydralazineand a heart arrhythmiamedication called procainamide,but there are some 400 otherdrugs that can also cause thecondition. Drug-induced lupusis known to subside afterthe patient stops taking thetriggering medication. A rare condition, neonatal lupus occurs when a motherpasses autoantibodies to a fetus.The unborn and newborn childcan have skin rashes and othercomplications with the heartand blood. Usually a rash appearsbut eventually fades within thefirst six months of the child'slife. Environmental Factors that cause lupus symptoms include: -Extreme stress-Exposure to ultraviolet light,usually from sunlight-Smoking-Some medications and antibiot-ics, especially those in the sulfaand penicillin groups-Some infections, such ascytomegalovirus (CMV),parvovirus (such as fifth disease),hepatitis C infections, and the Epstein-Barr virus (in children)-Chemical exposure tocompounds such astrichloroethylene in well waterand dust What are the symptoms of lupus? Since no two cases of lupus areexactly alike, there is a wide rangeof symptoms that are known toaf fect many parts of the body Sometimes symptoms developslowly or appear suddenly; theycan be mild, severe, temporary or permanent. Most people withlupus experience symptoms inonly a few organs, but moreserious cases can lead toproblems with kidneys, the heart,the lungs, blood, or the nervoussystem. Lupus episodes, or flares, areusually noted by a worseningof some of the followingsymptoms: The symptoms of Lupus Achy joints (arthralgia), arthritis, and swollen joints,especially in wrists, small jointsof the hands, elbows, knees, andanklesSwelling of the hands and feetdue to kidney problemsFever of more than 100 degrees F (38 degrees C)Prolonged or extreme fatigueSkin lesions or rashes,especially on the arms, hands,face, neck, or backButterfly-shaped rash (malarrash) across the cheeks and noseAnemia (oxygen carrying deficiency of red blood cells)Pain in the chest on deepbreathing or shortness of breathSun or light sensitivity(photosensitivity)Hair loss or alopeciaAbnormal blood clotting problemsRaynaud's phenomenon: fingersturn white and/or blue or red inthe coldSeizuresMouth or nose ulcersW eight loss or gain Dry eyesEasy bruisingAnxiety depression, headaches, and memory loss Lupus can also lead tocomplications in several areas ofthe body These include: Kidneys serious kidney damage is a primary cause ofdeath for lupus sufferers. Central nervous system lupus can cause headaches,dizziness, memory problems,seizures, and behavioralchanges. Blood and vessels lupus causes an increased risk ofanemia, bleeding, blood clotting,and vessel inflammation Lungs noninfectious pneumonia and difficultybreathing due to inflammation ofthe chest cavity are more likelywith lupus Heart heart muscle and artery inflammation are morelikely with the disease, and lupusincreases the chances ofcardiovascular disease and heartattacks. Infection lupus treatments tend to depress the immunesystem making your body morevulnerable to infection. Cancer lupus increases the risk of cancer especially of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,lung cancer and liver cancer Bone tissue death a lower blood supply to bone tissueleads to tiny breaks andeventual death of bone. Thisis most common in the hip bone. Pr egnancy lupus increases the risk of miscarriage,hypertension during pregnancy and preterm birth.


Sunday, June 22, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 9 New Sport To Offer New Sport To Offer New Sport To Offer New Sport To Offer New Sport To Offer New Hope For Youth New Hope For Youth New Hope For Youth New Hope For Youth New Hope For Youth BY : T ony Gillings The disconnect between youthand society at large is a realproblem throughout Belize,particularly in densely populatedareas where there is littleopportunity for employment,and community facilities andservices are stretched tobreaking point. W ith unused reserves of energy and a need tobe doing something, many youngpeople end up taking the wrongpath contributing to high rates ofstreet and gang crime. But a newsport project aims to change allthat. The fastest growing sport inthe world today is coming toBelize Rugby Union is makingits first appearance with theHattieville United Y outh Sports Club Belize is the last in the regionto join the worldwide rugbyfamily as plans revealed to launch the sport nationwideunder the Belize Rugby Board Campaign to sign up playersfor Belize’ s first national rugby union and rugby sevens teams -looking ahead to the 2016 Olym-pics and 2018 CommonwealthGames Under the catchy logo of‘Community & Country’ Rugby Belize, a community-basedsports project is being launchednationwide this summer aimedat offering rugby union as analternative sport for energeticyouth looking for somethinga little more challenging thansoccer and basketball. Rugby Belize Founder T ony Gillings claims the sport will do more than just be enjoyable“There have been many studieson the beneficial impacts thatsport any sport has on thephysical and psychologicaldevelpoment of participants.”Says T ony “However rugby scores high on a range ofissues; it’ s fun, helps build character and team spirit,encourages a healthy life-styleand physical fitness. RugbyBelize is looking for players -men, women, girls and boysof all ages who would like togive it a go, on experienced necessary as we will havecoaches on hand. T raining events are planned throughoutthe country and anybody interested should go towww and make contact.” Rugby has seen phenomenalgrowth in recent years, in the partdue its attractiveness from aspectators’ point of view withcompetitions around the globeattracting huge audiences, and theefforts of its global governingbody (the International Rugby Board) who have invested relentlessly in player welfare,facility development andsponsorship. Y et even though it is hugely popular throughout theCaribbean and Central America it has never been formalllyestablished in Belize. That isabout to change with the launchof ‘Rugby Belize’ Rugby Belize, under theauspices of the Belize RugbyBoard, has already establishedlinks with rugby federations inMexico, Guatemala, Costa Ricaand further afield and plansare afoot to participate ininternational friendlies “as soon as we can” says T ony Ends. Further inquires/ information: T ony Gillings FounderRugby BelizeT : +353 86 389 3865 E: www Haddan GarbuttHattieville United Y outh Sports ClubT : 3425790 / 6234457 E: www EDITOR’S NOTES The Belize Rugby Board will beaffiliated with the National SportsCouncil and the Belize Olympicand Commonwealth GamesAssociation, and will aim toachieve associate membership ofthe International Rugby Board(the global governing authority ofthe rugby union) within twoyears. This will allow teamsto represent Belize in a Maya Angelou Everything In Everything In Everything In Everything In Everything In The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has The Universe Has Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm, Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. Everything Dances. professional competitivecapacity in rugby union, sevensand other appropriate events,regionally and further afield. There are rugby authoritiesthroughout Central America, including Mexico, Guatemala,Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamaand El Salvador and across the Caribbean. There are also tworegional authorities: CONSUR which organizes and managescompetitions throughout Southand Central America and NACRA which looks after competitions in the North. RugbyBelize will seek to apply formembership of NACRA, but willbe guided by the IRB. Rugby Union is just one of anumber of variants (codes) of the sport. Others are League, Sevens,Wheelchair and Underwater Whilst Sevens comes under theauspices of rugby union, each ofthe other codes has a separate global governing authority and the Belize Rugby Board aims toestablish links with these to helpin future development of thesport. The founder of the RugbyBelize, T ony Gillings, is a keen rugby enthusiast, writer andworks as an HR Consultant. Heis currently based in Ireland butplans to relocate to Belize.


Page 10 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 22, 2014 Garifuna Communities In Belize Garifuna Communities In Belize Garifuna Communities In Belize Garifuna Communities In Belize Garifuna Communities In Belize Face Major Crisis With Employment, Face Major Crisis With Employment, Face Major Crisis With Employment, Face Major Crisis With Employment, Face Major Crisis With Employment, Lots, Housing, Lands and Education Lots, Housing, Lands and Education Lots, Housing, Lands and Education Lots, Housing, Lands and Education Lots, Housing, Lands and Education Continued From Page 4 food and other raw materials andpossibly will be sending someof their people to live in thesecountries forever Housing is needed in the southfor Garifuna families. Y et, I have never heard of any Governmentinitiative in a long time, which isbeing proposed to constructaffordable housing for ourpeople. Garifuna families stillown plenty of land in all the townsand villages where they reside.They just need a HousingDevelopment Program to buildthe houses for them. Plus,there are Garifuna people wholive in the United States thathave the capital to purchase thesehomes who are planning to goback home and retire. Even if theychose not to go home and livepermanently they still need a home for them to live whenthey go there to visit. Theconstructing of these homeswill also provide jobs to ourunemployed citizens and boostthe economy in thesecommunities. Education is indecline because when I look atthe people who are toppingtheir classes nationwide, I veryseldom see a Garifuna person. Ialways look at the results of theexaminations given and StannCreek and T oledo District ranking is the lowest in thecountry Economics play a major role in education today due to the cost of High School and Collegetuition. There are many Garifunafamilies who do not have themoney to pay for their children’ s tuition. Some depend on theirrelatives in the United Statesand others are forced to drop outof High School and College tojoin the unemployment group.The time for our people to raisethese important issues is now I am not seeing much progressand if you have seen significantprogress on these issues, pleasepoint them out to me. It hurtsme when I see the conditions thatmy people have to endure inBelize today When, I know we did better with less and weshould be doing much better withmore. Maybe, some of us do notcare but I do not think that it isall of us. When I read recentlyabout the situation in thevillage of Barranco, I was notsurprised because I was toldyears ago by a person who livedthere then when it was a vibrantcommunity that this village isworst now than in the 1950’ s It is not only Barranco that ishaving problems but all ofour Garifuna communities inBelize. It is our responsibility to dosomething about these problemsaffecting our communities. I hopeand pray that this article willignite our people to act ratherthan to just sit idly by and donothing but just wait and otherswith their outdated promises. VACANCY Eden SDA High School Eden Drive Santa Elena Town, Cayo District Tel: 824-2966/ Fax: 824-4479 Applications are invited for suitable qualified indi-viduals to fill the following vacancies: 2 Integrated Science Teacher (Temporary)1 Mathematics (Full Time)1 Mathematics (Temporary)1 English (Temporary)1 Information Technology (Temporary) It is preferred that appicants have a BachelorDegree in Eduation in the subject area.Nevertheless, persons with an Associate Degree inthe subject area can submit application. Salary is based on qualifications and in accordancewith the Government payscale. Interested persons are asked to submit letter ofapplication, resume, two recommendations,certified copies of transcripts and diplomas, and acertified copy of teaching license to the followingaddress by June 25th, 2014. The Chairman Eden SDA High School Board P .O. Box 68 San Ignacio T own Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Savannah Ar ea, San Ignacio T own, Cayo T elephone: 804-2522 Free Delivery within town limits. HODE’S PLACE W e offer d el iciousl y pr epar ed food in an amazing l y r el ax ed at mospher e W e al so cat er for l ar g e or small gr oups. Notice is hereby be giventhat under the IntoxicatingLiquor License OrdinanceChapter 150 of the Lawsof Belize, Revised Edition2000, YV ONNE REQUENA is applying for a REST AURANT liquor license for the year2014 to operate Diner ’ s Inn located in Esperanza V illage in the Cayo District. Liquor License Notice Put Garbage In Put Garbage In Put Garbage In Put Garbage In Put Garbage In It’s Proper Place It’s Proper Place It’s Proper Place It’s Proper Place It’s Proper Place Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio Keep San Ignacio & Santa Elena & Santa Elena & Santa Elena & Santa Elena & Santa Elena Clean and Clean and Clean and Clean and Clean and Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Message From Mayor John August & Council Of fice T el: 804-4900 Cell: 626-8822 Publisher: Nyani K. Azueta-August Editor: Sherlene Dawson “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth” #42 George Price Highway Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize, CA


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Page 12 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 22, 2014 ARIES: Mar ch 22 to April 20 As Mercury rewinds back into Gemini, a family or property concernmay be resolved to your satisfaction.However you'll need to remain on your toes concerning the purchase ofbig-ticket items or closing deals. Y ou might find a nice business or financialopportunity on T uesday so long as you're willing to negotiate carefully The Sun moves into Cancer onSaturday putting the spotlight on home matters, perhaps encouragingyou to do some repairs, gardening,or redecorating. Lucky numbers: 15, 37, 49. T AURUS: April 21 to May 21 Y ou may need your pro blemsolving skills, especially where afinancial or business matter isconcerned. However you can organize things to your satisfactionwith a little tweaking. Although the purchase of expensive itemsshould be delayed due to Mercury'sretrograde phase, you can go aheadif you keep receipts and paperworkin case of problems later After Saturday a trip down memory lane might encourage you to connect with palsfor a reunion. Also, you could be a coach or mentor to someone whoneeds support. Lucky numbers: 02, 28, 75. GEMINI: May 22 to June 21 Expect some confusion early in theweek as Mercury rewinds into yoursign. However you can quickly resolve problems if you're preparedto tweak your plans. If you exercisetact and diplomacy with both businessand personal ties, you can sail throughthe days ahead with few problems.Finances get a boost from Saturday perhaps encouraging you to take ashrewd look at your expenses orconsider adapting your budget. Inromance, someone may be keepinga secret from you.Lucky numbers: 23, 55, 81. CANCER June 21 to July 21 Even though you may feel impatientearly on, you'll radiate charm and cha-risma on W ednesday enough to impress all the right people. The right folks will Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers naturally want to cooperate with you,which could lead to a romantic tryst oreven a lucrative deal. Y ou may get an energy boost when the Sun glides intoyour sign on Saturday Its presence here puts a focus on personal goals andneeds in the month ahead, encouragingyou to start on any plans you've beenconsidering. Lucky numbers: 08, 31, 97. LEO: July 24 to August 21 Perhaps it isn't a good idea to gambleor take unnecessary financial risks rightnow particularly as Mercury your financial planet, continues retrograde.While it does a backward dance inGemini starting Monday you also need to watch out for mixed messages, es-pecially where socializing and network-ing are concerned. However the Sun moves into your spiritual sector on Sat-urday and you're entering a natural phase in which you should take time outto relax and recharge. Dreams may gainin importance, too. Lucky numbers: 40, 67, 79. VIRGO: August 22 to September 21 Y our social life continues to sizzle, especially on T uesday when a warm and friendly aspect is perfect for a get-to-gether party or even a business lunch. However as Mercury moves back into Gemini and your career zone, take ex-tra care when discussing deals or sign-ing contracts that have an impact on yourfuture and reputation. Read the fine printand ask relevant questions before agree-ing. Make copies of paperwork to helpguard against problems further down theline. Lucky numbers: 19, 44, 86. LIBRA: September 22 to October 23 Y ou may want to sign up for a course, lecture, or seminar in theweek ahead. This can be an oppor-tunity to improve your skill set or geta qualification that will be helpful inthe future. However at midweek there's a chance you can close a lu-crative deal if you play your cardsright, and there's the option of ro-mance in a workaday setting. If you'retraveling on Thursday be ready for a potential change of plans or some delays. Lucky numbers: 05, 41, 62. SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21 It probably isn't the best time to ap-ply for a loan or mortgage, sinceMercury will be moving back intoyour zone of shared assets. Researchyour options, but don't put pen topaper unless you're sure you under-stand what you're getting into. Mid-week may be the optimum opportu-nity for a date night with a specialsomeone. If you're willing to moveoutside your comfort zone, you mightget along even better Later a desire for adventure might tempt you to joina pal on an excursion. Lucky numbers: 26, 59, 93. SAGITT ARIUS: November 22 to December 21 V enus in T aurus might cause some of your more indulgent habits to showup. While this may not be the bestweek for your diet, you might farebetter at work, where there is thepotential for a pay raise or contractthat could help your cash flow In romance, misunderstandings may ariseas Mercury heads back into Gemini,which could be unfortunate in a dat-ing situation. Get clear before you door say anything that could cause em-barrassment. Lucky numbers: 34, 53, 69. CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20 Y ou have good intentions, but you might not get around to accomplish-ing everything. This could come downto Mercury's retrograde phase, whichcould cause delays at work and everyday af fairs. However you can also use this opportunity to sort out anyissue that has been bothering you forsome time, whether it's a computerproblem or a relationship matter Later the Sun's entrance into Cancer spotlights social opportunities. A reunion may be in the cards if you're upfor it. Lucky numbers: 09, 12, 29. AQUARIUS: January 20 to February 18 A romantic relationship may seem to take a backward step. If so, it's bestto let it be. It's possible that your loveinterest has problems to deal with orother reasons why they can't spendmore time with you. Once Mercuryforges ahead on July 1, things shouldreturn to normal. V enus in your home zone encourages entertainment, espe-cially midweek, when hosting a guestand colleagues or business partnerscould lead to a lucrative proposition.S tarting Saturday you'll want to get fit and feel fabulous. Lucky numbers: 47, 78, 96. PISCES: February 20 to March 21 Good news may come regarding apublishing, educational, or legalmatter Y ou might also be invited to visit friends who live at a distance, orbe visited by someone you haven'tseen in a while. Meanwhile, gettingyour house in tiptop shape could bea major priority as Mercury easesback into Gemini and your homesector This could be a golden opportunity to remove clutterand make more space for creativeactivities. On another note,reorganizing your home couldbring greater peace of mind. Lucky numbers: 03, 64, 99. NOTICE Dear Readers & Contributors: Kindly forward all Ads, Letters, Articles, Comments and Humor to We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous support over the support over the support over the support over the support over the years. years. years. years. years. For further information please call 804-4900 or 626-8822


Sunday, June 22, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 13 Luis Suar ez Left England On The Brink Of A W orld Cup Exit As His Double S trike Gave Uruguay V ictor y In Sao Paulo Liverpool striker Suarez was making his return after a monthout following knee surgery andit proved to be bad timing forEngland and manager Roy Hodgson as his brilliance was the difference in a fiercely-fought encounter Suarez put Uruguay ahead witha first-half header then scored asuperb winner six minutes fromtime after W ayne Rooney's first goal at a W orld Cup gave England hope of avoiding a secondsuccessive Group D loss. But defeat means the odds arenow stacked against Englandescaping this tough group. Theywill be out unless Italy whoovercame England in Manaus -beat Costa Rica on Friday They also need Italy towin their final game againstUruguay which could then see England conceivably qualify ongoal difference by beating CostaRica next T uesday 24 June. But for all the potential, arecord of played two, lost tworarely adds up to anything otherthan elimination at the W orld Cup. No side has ever progressedafter losing their first twomatches. And what an anti-climax it will be for manager Hodgson and his players if England are leftplaying for nothing other thanpride in their final group game inBelo Horizonte. Uruguay coach Oscar T abar ez claimed Suarez would not befully fit after missing theiropening defeat against CostaRica and he did not look it, but England Out Unless Italy Beats Costa Rica he still possessed too much guileand menace for an England teamwho never built on the promisethey showed even in losing toItaly Rooney struck the bar andwas England's main threat butUruguay or to be more preciseSuarez produced the quality andclinical finishing that decides games such as this. As expected, Hodgson played Rooney in a more central role andmoved Raheem Sterling wide -but England struggled to find thesame energy levels that fuelledsuch a positive performanceagainst Italy Daniel S turridge and S terling could not pose the same threat as they had in Manaus and it wasRooney who came closest with afree-kick just inches wide andthen a header against the bar at thefar post from S teven Gerrard's free-kick. England were looking nervousat the back and were fortunate tosurvive when Phil Jagielka's sliced clearance fell to Cristian Rodriguez, whose rising drive from the angle just cleared thebar with goalkeeper Joe Hart beaten. Uruguay were the moreordered side and the goal arrivedfrom the most inevitable sourceseven minutes before half-time asSuarez marked his return in style. Gerrard conceded possessionin midfield and when EdinsonCavani delivered the perfectcross, Suarez pulled away fromJagielka to head across Hartbefore running to celebrate withthe Uruguayan medical team whohave nursed him back to fitness. England, as they did againstItaly responded strongly and Uruguay keeperFernando Muslera needed to be alert to block Sturridge at hisnear post.I n a chaotic start to the secondhalf, Suarez was wasteful asEngland appealed for offside andCavani was guilty of a bad missas he ran through on Hart. Rooney was almost thebeneficiary of that escape whenhe found room in the area onlyeight yards out, but his shot wasstraight at Muslera. Hodgson, knowing what defeat would mean, made hisfirst change after 64 minutesby sending on Ross Barkleyfor Sterling, who had struggledto impose himself on Uruguayas he had against the Italians. England were moving intodesperate times as the clockran down and it was Rooneywho produced the goodswith the equaliser 15 minutesfrom time, tapping in fromclose range from Johnson's perfect cross. Just as the momentum lookedto be shifting towards England,Suarez was the tormentoragain, latching on to theball after Gerrard had lost anaerial challenge with Cavani,steadying himself beforerifling an unstoppable finishhigh past Hart.It was the final word on this gameand probably on England'sW orld Cup hopes. Luis Suarez heads Uruguay in front against England


Page 14 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, June 22, 2014 Mass Grave Found In Eastern Mexico The authorities in Mexico have found 28 bodies in a mass grave in the eastern state of V eracruz There is no word on the causeof deaths and officials havewarned that the number ofcorpses could rise. The region has seen fiercefighting between rival druggangs. Thousands of CentralAmerican migrants passthrough the state each year heading to the US. Drug relatedviolence in Mexico has leftmore than 85,000 people deadsince 2007. The grave was found afteran anonymous call at a farm nearthe border with Oaxaca state. Marines are guarding thearea as investigators tryto recover more bodies, andstart the process ofidentifying those alreadyunearthed. In recent years, Mexicanauthorities have discoveredseveral mass graves withhundreds of corpses of victims ofthe drug gangs who fightfor control of territories usefulto their trade. The Gulf Cartel and the Zetasgang have been battling overthe state of V eracruz. Some mass graves havealso been filled with thebodies of migrants killedafter refusing to join thegangs. VACANCY Hide Away Bar in Unitedville is looking for 3 Female W orkers For more information contact Ms. Gongora to schedule an appointment at 622-6696 or 660-9990 Applicant should have previous experience Should be over 18 Ability to work on weekends


Sunday, June 22, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 15 CHAN PINE RIDGE VIL-LAGE, Orange W alk T own, Thursday June 19, 2014: As the unprecedented development continuescountrywide, ground was brokentoday in Orange W alk for the rehabilitation of the T ower Hill Airstrip on the outskirts of ChanPine Ridge V illage. The onsite official ceremonybegan at 10:00 am with Dylon Jones serving as Master of Ceremony In delivering the welcomeaddress, UDP Standard Bearerfor the Orange W alk East constituency and member of thenew Board of Directors of theBelize Airports Authority Elodio Aragon Jr informed the gathering of invited guests thatthe rehabilitation project willtransform the facility into an allweather airstrip which cannotpresently be utilized in rainingconditions. Aragon additionally informed that the project, combined withlast week’ s ground breaking for the asphalting of the 4.5 milesof the Philip Goldson Highwaypassing through Orange W alk T own, is a clear testimony of Transforming The Tower Hill Airstrip In Orange Walk (L-R) Hon. Manuel Her edia Jr ., Hon. Gaspar V ega, Elodio Aragon Jr Monday: Draft Beer $3.00 T uesday: Local Rum $3.00 W ednesday: Panty Ripper $3.95 Mondays to Fridays: Regular Margaritas: $6.95 S traberr y Margaritas: $7.95 Blue Margaritas: $8.95 24 Cr enshaw S t. San Ignacio T el: 824 -2730 Mexican and Belizean Menu The Home Of MARGARITAS SPECIALS V isit us for br eakfast on Sundays!!! Monday thru Friday a government at work. Hepromised to pave the 2 miles ofroad leading into Chan PineRidge village. For his part, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar V ega informed that it is high time forthe airstrip to be rehabilitated as it has been neglected for decades.He spoke about other projectsundertaken in the Orange W alk District including the 4 milliondollar drainage project recentlycompleted in T rial Farm. The Keynote Speaker Hon. Manuel Her edia Jr Minister of T ourism, Culture and Civil A viation spoke about the half million dollars invested inhot mixing the airstrip inRanchito village, Corozal as wellas another half million dollarsexpended for the upgrading of thePelican airstrip in Dangriga andthe one million dollar project re-sulting in the total transformationof the San Pedro airstrip. These“Quality projects” said Minister Heredia were executed “ at least cost ”. He said that these kinds of projects serve to “raise the nation to a whole new level” The vote of thanks wasdelivered by the new GeneralManager of the Belize Airports Authority John W aight. The 750 thousand dollarproject will begin immediately It will encompass the paving of therunway with hot mix. The contractwas awarded to Imer HernandezDevelopment Company Limited. (L-R) Dir ector Gar y Grief, Dir ector Nyani August, Contractor Imer Hernandez, General Manager John W aight, Dir ector Elodio Aragon Jr automatically withdraw thecharge this time based on thecomplainant’ s request but instead will take the matter to courtwhere the complainant will beafforded the opportunity toeither proceed or requestthe discontinuance of court Beware Of That Fire Water Continue from Page 3 proceedings. Police say that the otherreported incident is alleged tohave occurred at around 3:30 amon Sunday February 2, 2014, when the policeman, in an allegeddrunken state, arrived at home,refused the complainant’ s of fer for food. He reportedly sought to engage in a verbal confrontation.He reportedly followed her to thebedroom where he reportedlyslapped her to the left side of theface. She later visited the stationand on her request a commonassault charge was withdrawn against PC Choco. Choco, While we know notwhat happens in your householdyour colleagues describe you asa cool policeman. That firewater seems to make you doweird things. A public service message from Mayor John August and your San Ignacio/ Santa Elena T own Council Always working for you! Always working for you! Always working for you! Always working for you! Always working for you! Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place


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