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Alberto Orlando August ( Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize )
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July 7, 2013
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Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 1 No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR8*8TAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STARSTAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR No. 398 Sunday, May 25, 2014 Price $1.00 Please T ur n T o P ag e 1 5 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,T uesday May 20, 2014: Having been on the run for overfive months, a businessman fromSan Ignacio T own accompanied by an attorney today turned himself in to the police to becharged. San Ignacio police reportsthat around midmorning onT uesday May 20, Aar on Elijah Aaron Juan Remanded OnAnother Sex Related Charge Juan 33, Belizean businessman of a Burns A venue address in San Ignacio T own, accompanied by Belize City based attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley walked into the police station ineffect turning in himself to facea carnal knowledge charge. Police say that the latest reportagainst Juan stems from aDecember 18, 2013 report in Five Guatemalans On ADrug Trafficking Charge SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,T uesday May 20,2014: Five Guatemalans, one ofwhich is a naturalized Belizean,were found in a car on the GeorgePrice Highway with 18 pounds ofmarijuana suspected to be ofGuatemalan origin. San Ignacio police reports thatthe Guatemalans were moving thesack of weed during the weehours of the morning on T uesday May 20. The report indicated that which Juan is accused ofengaging in sexual intercourse Please T ur n T o P ag e 2 Aaron Elijah Juan with a 15 year old female minor Jose Roca


Page 2 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014 Of fice T el: 804-4900 Cell: 626-8822 “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth” Publisher: Nyani K. Azueta-August #42 George Price Highway Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize, CA Editor: Sherlene Dawson Continued From Front Page The charge was read to theaccused, in the presence of theattorney by magistrate Narda Morgan Given that the matter is of an indictable nature, forhearing at the Supreme Courtlevel, no plea was entertained.The accused was consequentlyremanded to prison and the matter was adjourned to Thursday August 14, 2014. The accused had thus far beenable to walk free from at leasttwo previous sex related chargesone of which stirred internationalattention involving an encounterwith some British tourists one ofwho might have been connectedto British royalty Aaron Juan Remanded OnAnother Sex Related Charge Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial There was a time, in the not sodistant past, when gun relatedmurders were spiraling out ofcontrol especially on the southside of the old capital, BelizeCity After careful study analysis and consultation, the government ofthe day char ged with the responsibility for citizens’security stepped up to the challenge resulting in theimposition of stiff, some mightsay draconian, amendments to thefirearms act. Coupled with other measures,the nation began recording adecrease in gun related murders,resulting last year in therecording of a drastic reductionin, what many termed as, thesenseless loss of life “on the mean streets of the city”. In the wake of last year ’s reduction in the nationalmurder rate, a small pocket ofcitizens began advocating for aslackening of the stringent gunlaws. Government heeded theexpression of concern with theappointment of a committee torecommend amendments to the Drastic Times Calls For Drastic Measures law with a view of addressing theconcerns while being evermindful that citizens’ securityremain paramount at all times. The latest information reachingus is that the committee will soonbe handing over recommendedamendments to cabinet forrevision prior to being submittedto the legislature for passage intolaw In the San Ignacio theatre ofoperations, last week we reportedon the detention of a taxi driverfrom San Jose Succotz resultingfrom the discovery “based on information received” of five shinny point 38 bullets in thecenter console of the car he wasdriving with three passengersfrom Benque V iejo T own to San Ignacio T own. After investigating the matter San Ignacio police, came to thedetermination of the strongpossibility that the bullets mighthave been planted in the car withintent to land an innocent,hardworking Belizean in jail onmandatory remand. The taxidriver was consequently releasedwithout charge. CELL: 610-3503 or 627-9966 TEL: 824-4971 SHOPPER’S CHOICE SHOPPER’S CHOICE SHOPPER’S CHOICE SHOPPER’S CHOICE SHOPPER’S CHOICE W e sell: Digicell & Smar t phones. Kitchen Appliances. Cosmetics. Furniture (wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bed & matress, chest of drawers, entert ainment center ) LCD TV’S. W indow & Split AC Units. W ashing Machines. S toves. Refrigerators. S toves. Bicycles. Motor cycles. Etc... Enjoy your Day W ith Gr eat Deals Only At Shopper ’S Choice. Follow us on Facebook Receive A FREE Gift For Every $500 Or Mor e Y ou Spend With Us. W e ar e located of f Joseph Andr ews Drive, near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio T own. Call us at 824-2076 or 610-0408. E-mail: W ash, V accum, Armoral & Engine W ash As W ell As Pr essur e W ashing Outside of Houses A public service message from Mayor John August and your San Ignacio/Santa Elena T own Council Always working for you! Always working for you! Always working for you! Always working for you! Always working for you! Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place Put Garbage In Its Proper Place We AMS T o Please


Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 3 SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo,T uesday May 20, 2014: A man who told the police that the lives on Antelope S treet in Belize City today pled guilty of atheft charge after he was caughtby an alert off duty policemen afew minutes after snatching alady’ s sling bag. The incident occurred at around6:00 am on Sunday May 18 whena hardworking vegetable vendorfrom Santa Familia village, Cayowas sitting under the Falcon Fieldbus stop waiting for the bus totravel on business to Belize City The lady told the police thatafter sitting under the bus stopfor about 15 minutes a tallmale person of fair complexion,wearing a black Jeans pant, ablack “Los Angeles” baseball cap and a black T -Shirt, arrived at the bus stop. She heard when theman said that he had lost histelephone. He walked to the backof the shed as if searching forsomething and this was when hegrabbed the lady’ s black sling bag she had on her lap and ran off. The lady began shouting for Belize City Man Guilty Of San Ignacio Theft help. An of f duty policeman in civilian clothes heard her cry andset chase after the fleeing man.The policeman was soon joinedby another policeman. Theysucceeded in capturing the manwho was still in possession of thelady’ s sling bag. He was brought back to the bus stop where hewas positively identified by thelady The bag was returned to the lady who told the police that itscontent was intact being fourhundred dollars in cash, a whiteSamsung brand digicell cellulartelephone and other personalbelongings. The man was escorted to thepolice station in San Ignaciowhere he was identified as Deon Bennett 18, Belizean laborer of an Antelope S treet address in Belize City He was held for the remainder of the weekenduntil Monday when he wasformally arrested and issuedwith a single theft charge. Hewas taken to court on T uesday May 20 where the charge wasread to him by magistrate Narda Morgan The accused pled guilty to the charge and wasordered to forthwith pay a onethousand dollar fine in default ofpayment six months in jail.He was unable to pay the fineand was, later that day transported Notice is hereby be given that under the Intoxicating LiquorLicense Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize, RevisedEdition 2000, Y AN F ANG YU is applying for a CONVENIENCE STORE liquor license forthe year 2014 to operate 61 Supermarket located in the Santiago Juan Layout, San Ignacio T own, Cayo District. Liquor License Notice to the central prison inHattieville. Interestingly San Ignacio police, was unable to provide aphotograph of the convict, DeonBennett. Monday: Draft Beer $3.00 T uesday: Local Rum $3.00 W ednesday: Panty Ripper $3.95 Mondays to Fridays: Regular Margaritas: $6.95 S traberr y Margaritas: $7.95 Blue Margaritas: $8.95 24 Cr enshaw S t. San Ignacio T el: 824 -2730 Mexican and Belizean Menu The Home Of MARGARITAS SPECIALS V isit us for br eakfast on Sundays!!! Monday thru Friday


Page 4 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014 SAINT MAR TIN’S CREDIT UNION For Economic Independence Eve S tr eet, San Ignacio Cayo District, Belize C.A. Guatemalan ExGuatemalan ExGuatemalan ExGuatemalan ExGuatemalan ExP P P P P resident Alfonso P resident Alfonso P resident Alfonso P resident Alfonso P resident Alfonso P ortillo Jailed In US ortillo Jailed In US ortillo Jailed In US ortillo Jailed In US ortillo Jailed In US Supporters of the former president took part in a demonstration in Guatemala City A court in New Y ork has sentenced former GuatemalanPresident Alfonso Portillo to five years and 10 months injail for taking bribes fromT aiwan. Portillo, who was extradited tothe United S tates last year has also been ordered to pay a $2.5mfine. He pleaded guilty in March toattempting to launder the illegalmoney through American banks. The judge has not decidedwhether he will serve theremainder of his sentence in theUS or Guatemala. Portillo has already spenta substantial amount of time injail and has only another18 months of his sentence toserve. The time in jail was "a big learning experience for me butalso great pain for my family",Portillo said in court. District judge RobertPatterson said that the case "will have an impact on how we willtreat the violation of lawsagainst corruption in this country". Portillo had pleaded guiltyto one count of conspiracyto launder money and agreed notto appeal against any prisonsentence between four and sixyears. Addressing the court in Spanish, Portillo said he couldnot justify his crimes, but asked for another opportunityHe admitted taking $2.5m(£1.6m) in bribes and promised to return the money The US court had jurisdictionover the case because the bribescame from an account at a bankin New Y ork City Portillo said he had takenthe money in exchange for a promise that his country wouldcontinue to recognise T aiwan diplomatically while he wasin office, between 2000 and2004. T aiwan has significant financial ties to a number of CentralAmerican and Caribbean coun-tries that reject China's claims tosovereignty of the island.


Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 5


Page 6 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014 #6 Hudson S tr eet, San Ignacio T el: 824-2101 Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Venus Photos & Records, your one stop shop!!! Ask for what you don’t see, our sales assistants are more than ready to help! Ask for what you don’t see, our sales assistants are more than ready to help! Ask for what you don’t see, our sales assistants are more than ready to help! Ask for what you don’t see, our sales assistants are more than ready to help! Ask for what you don’t see, our sales assistants are more than ready to help! WW WW W e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, e have in stock, games for Xbox and PSP consoles, toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. toys, music cds and movies also available. Passport and Drivers License Photos Computer Speakers 10 Set W orkout DVDS May 30, 2014 This new exhibit features worksof collage by people from allover the world visiting Belize.Collage is a very interestingmedium. In collage, the artistassembles existing print materialinto a new format, a new picture.The artist creates a new contextfor the text or images selected,as they appear in the collage inrelationship to one another The seeming randomness of theselection and reassembly leavesa lot of room for subconsciousfree association by the artist, butalso by the viewer Collage invites us to link images togetherin an instantaneous impression,the first look. Our minds scan forpatterns and similarities anddifferences, in an instant we forman idea about what we see. SeeSecret Passages for yourself, andlet your mind expand...showinguntil etc date at Soul Project inSan Ignacio. “collage is a visual remix” This type of composite imageis commonly seen in popularmedia, but these slick imagesthat we are used to seeing arecomputer designed. By contrast,there is a wonderful tactility tothis collection. The reality oftextures, cutting, tearing andglueing is all present. W e can believe the work in the art. Someof the pieces even use the Secret Passages-An Art Show Opening At The Soul Project hardcover as a starting mediumon which to work. The discardedand torn up books that we foundhad been sentenced to the dump,but by chance and creativity they have been given a new life, as art. The show is courtesy of SanIgnacio Library which is where it all began. One evening last December aswe drove by the closed SanIgnacio Library something caught my husband's eye. We pulled into the library parking andwent to have a closer look. Evanbegan to pull material out of thebin by the corner of the buildingwith a look of incredulity on hisface. He picked up the whole sackfrom the bin and threw it in theback of the truck. When we arrived back at theyoga ashram, we were amazed torealize what we had. T orn up books on the most interesting butweird subjects, from Mushroomsof North America to The Psychic Power of Pyramids, to books onblacksmithing techniques and acolor plate book of Persian rugs.Not to mention Japanese W ooden Joinery and an antique book ofpre-tech games and entertainmentfor children and families. W e immediately threw a collage party our first of many over the next several months. We now have over thirty works bymany students and friends of Chaya Garden Ashram. These works can also be viewed onlinewww secret-passages Please come and join us at theSoul Project for interesting art,great music and more at the open-ing of Secret Passages, theevening of Friday May 30, 7pm, with dj Check My Move at 8pm,sponsored by Soul Project, Chaya Garden Ashram, and San Ignacio Library Bring your dancing shoes. Chaya Garden Ashram on the Cristo Rey road is a place foryoga, healing, art, music anddance. All are welcome. Laine HoogstratenDirector Chaya Garden Ashram


Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 7 The Rastaman A Rastamanwent to visit an old family friend. Rastamanknock pon di door and smaddyinside seh: “A who dat” Rastaman--" I and I, Jah Rastafariah, king of kings, Lord of Lords, Conqueringlion of the tribe of Judah, sonof Hailselassie I” The person inside replied: “A me one de yah, an mi nah openthe door fi so much ah oonu” A lady was filling her tank at a gas station, smoking a cigarette,even though all the signs say notto. The fumes that came out of thegas tank ignited, severely burningher hands. But it also lit up her arm, too! Instead of rolling on the groundto put it out, she panicked. Shetook off running down the street.A police car was at the intersec-tion where it happened and hetried to stop her to put out her The W oman Is On Fir e arm, but she just kept running andscreaming. All the of ficer could think of doing was to shoot her This took everyone by surprise.The officer ran over to her andput the fire out, then called foran ambulance. When questioned about hiscourse of action to stop her the officer said, "My only thought was to stop her Af ter all, she was waving a fire-arm." A car was involved in an accident on Albert street. As expected a large crowd gathered.A newspaper reporter anxious to get his story could not getnear the car Being a clever sort, he Clever News Reporter started shouting loudly "Let me through! Let methrough! I am the son of thevictim." The crowd made way for him. L ying in front of the car was a female dog. A motorist, driving by a ranch in Central Farm, hit and killed acalf that was crossing the road.The driver went to the owner ofthe calf and explained what hadhappened. He then asked what theanimal was worth. "Oh, about $200 today ," said the rancher "But in six years it Paying in advance would have been worth $900. So$900 is what I’ll loose." The motorist sat down andwrote out a check and handed itto the farmer “Here," he said, "is the check for $900. It's postdated sixyears fr om now ."Wholesale & Retail W e of fer the best quality and prices on all your home furnishing needs!!! V isit us today and see our wide variety of stoves, beds, chest of drawers, refrigerators, LCD TVs, fans, beach cruiser bicycles, motorcycles, dinning tables and so much more..... Tel: 824-3099Cell: 652-0123 P .O Bo x 621 # 107 G eor g e Pric e Hig hway S ant a El ena, Ca y o Dist rict Be l iz e C.A A young man was walking through a supermarket to pick upa few things when he noticed anold lady following him around.Thinking nothing of it, he ignoredher and continued on. Finally hewent to the checkout line, but shegot in front of him. "Pardon me," she said, "I'm sorry if my staring at you hasmade you feel uncomfortable.It's just that you look just likemy son, who just died recently ." "I'm ver y sorr y ," replied the young man, "is there anything I can do for you?" "Y es," she said, "As I'm leaving, can you say 'Good bye,Mother!' ? It would make mefeel so much better ." "Sure," answered the young man. As the old woman was leaving, he called out, "Goodbye, Mother!" As he stepped up to the checkout counter he saw that his total was $127.50. "How can that be?" he asked, "I only purchased a fewthings!" "Y our mother said that you would pay for her ," said the clerk. Remember a Child It was the day of the big sale.Rumors of the sale (and someadvertising in the local paper)were the main reason for the longline that formed by 8:30, thestore's opening time, in front ofthe store. A small man pushed his way to the front of the line, onlyto be pushed back, amid loudand colorful curses. On the man's second attempt, hewas punched square in thejaw and knocked around a bit, and then thrown to the end ofthe line again. As he got up the second time, he said tothe person at the end of theline... "That does it! If they hit me one more time, I won't open thestore!" The Cr owded S tor e


Page 8 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014 Belize Electric Co., Ltd.P .O. Box 87 San Ignacio T own Cayo DistrictBelize, Central America T ele: 501-824-3016 Fax: 501-824-4512 The Belize Electric Company Limited (BECOL) in collaboration with the NationalEmergency Management Organization (NEMO), and the Department of Environment (DOE)hosted a public discussion for the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena on Friday May 16 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cayo W elcome Center in San Ignacio T own to discuss matters relating to the dam break early warning system. Announcements via local radio and television were sent out for public notice on May 6 2014 informing the public of the venueand time of the event. The original venue was Hode’ s Place San Ignacio T own. A change of venue from Hode’ s Place to the Cayo W elcome Center was agreed after discussion with BECOL, DOE and NEMO. Announcements with the revised venue were sent to the local radio and television stations on May 8 and 9, 2014. Flyers were distributed on May 12 2014to the various businesses in San Ignacio T own and Santa Elena T own. The announcements were publicized until May 16, 2014.This annual event is to educate the public on what to do in the event of a dam break. TheEarly W arning System (EWS) is part of the Emer gency Preparedness Plan (EPP) and is designed to alert the public of a possible dam break. The public education session educatesthe public on where the safe zones are located. Signs are also installed to guide the public tothe safe zones. The education process is conducted with the assistance of audio visuals andmaps to sensitize the audience of the areas that would be inundated.This exercise targets the stakeholders along the Macal and Mopan Rivers and is executedby visiting the schools and conducting public education sessions in the villages, towns andresorts. It is an ongoing process in which BECOL, NEMO, DOE and the communitiesinteract to educate stakeholders as well as to discuss ideas on how to better communicatewith stakeholders to make sure everyone is aware of the various safety and emergency plansthat are in place.Due to the feedback that some stakeholders missed the last event because of the change ofvenue, BECOL, NEMO and the DOE are planning a second session to be held at the CayoW elcome Center on Saturday May 31, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. This will be an open house event where the public can learn about the Emergency Preparedness Plan andthe Early W arning System as well as interact with the various presenters. All residents in San Ignacio and Santa Elena T owns are encouraged to attend. END PRESS RELEASE


Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 9


Page 10 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014 W ester n Har dw are has all y our Plumbing Electrical & Construction supplies under one roof at reasonable prices. Ask for what you do not see, we can find those hard to get items. Why travel out of town to buy your supplies when W ester n Har dw are can sa tisfy all y our Plumbing, Electircal & Construction Needs. New Tires F or Sale S top by and pick up your Paints, Brushes and T rays. W e ar e your One S top Shop!! V isit us today!!!! W e of f er the best in Pr of essional Building Maintenance Ser vices “Y our One S top Construction & Home Improvement Shop” Phone: 824-2572/3494 Fax: 8243240 E-mail: 54 Burns A venue, San Ignacio, Cayo istrict, Belize C.A We wish All our many We wish All our many We wish All our many We wish All our many We wish All our many Customers and Friends Customers and Friends Customers and Friends Customers and Friends Customers and Friends A Hap A Hap A Hap A Hap A Hap pp pp p y and S y and S y and S y and S y and S afe S afe S afe S afe S afe S overeign’ overeign’ overeign’ overeign’ overeign’ s Day! s Day! s Day! s Day! s Day! What Is Cholesterol? T o understand high blood cholesterol (ko-LES-ter-ol) it helps to learn about cholesterol.Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance that’ s found in all cells of the body Y our body needs some cholesterol to make hormones, vitaminD, and substances that help youdigest foods. Y our body makes all the cholesterol it needs. However cholesterol also is found in someof the foods you eat. Cholesterol travels throughyour bloodstream in smallpackages called lipoproteins(lip-o-PRO-teens) These packages are made of fat (lipid) on the inside and proteins on theoutside. T wo kinds of lipoproteins carry cholesterol through-out your body: low-densitylipoproteins (LDL) and highdensity lipoproteins (HDL) Cholesterol Having healthy levels ofboth types of lipoproteins isimportant. LDL cholesterol sometimes iscalled “bad” cholesterol. A high LDL level leads to a buildup ofcholesterol in your arteries.(Arteries are blood vessels thatcarry blood from your heart toyour body .) HDL cholesterol sometimes iscalled “good” cholesterol. This is because it carries cholesterolfrom other parts of your bodyback to your liver Y our liver removes the cholesterol fromyour body What Is High Blood Cholesterol? High blood cholesterol is acondition in which you have toomuch cholesterol in your blood.By itself, the condition usuallyhas no signs or symptoms. Thus, many people don’t know thattheir cholesterol levels are toohigh. People who have high bloodcholesterol have a greater chanceof getting coronary heart disease,also called coronary arterydisease. (In this article, the term “heart disease” refers tocoronary heart disease.) The higher the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood, theGREA TER your chance is of getting heart disease. The higherthe level of HDL cholesterol in your blood, the LOWER your chance is of getting heart disease. Coronary heart disease is acondition in which plaque (plak) builds up inside the coronary(heart) arteries. Plaque is made up of cholesterol, fat, calcium,and other substances found inthe blood. When plaque buildsup in the arteries, the conditionis called atherosclerosis(A TH-er-o-skler-O-sis). Atherosclerosis Figure A shows the location of the heart in the body Figure B shows a normal coronary arterywith normal blood flow The inset image shows a cross-section of a normal coronaryartery Figure C shows a coronary artery narrowed by plaque. Thebuildup of plaque limits the flowof oxygen-rich blood through theartery The inset image shows a cross-section of the plaque-narrowed artery Figure A shows the location of the heart in the body Figure B shows a normal coronaryartery with normal bloodflow The inset image shows a cross-section of a normalcoronary artery Figure C shows a coronary artery narrowed byplaque. The buildup of plaquelimits the flow of oxygen-rich blood through the artery The inset image shows a cross-section of the plaque-narrowedartery Over time, plaque hardensand narrows your coronaryarteries. This limits the flow ofoxygen-rich blood to the heart. Eventually an area of plaque can rupture (break open) This causes a blood clot to form onthe surface of the plaque. If theclot becomes large enough, it canmostly or completely blockblood flow through a coronaryartery If the flow of oxygen-richblood to your heart muscle isreduced or blocked, angina(an-JI-nuh or AN-juh-nuh) or a heart attack may occur Angina is chest pain or discomfort. It may feel likepressure or squeezing in yourchest. The pain also may occur inyour shoulders, arms, neck, jaw or back. Angina pain may even feel like indigestion. A heart attack occurs if the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a sectionof heart muscle is cut off. Ifblood flow isn’ t restored quickly the section of heart musclebegins to die. W ithout quick treatment, a heart attack can leadto serious problems or death. Plaque also can build up inother arteries in your body such as the arteries that bringoxygen-rich blood to your brainand limbs. This can lead toproblems such as carotid arterydisease, stroke, and peripheralarterial disease (P .A.D.). Outlook Lowering your cholesterolmay slow reduce, or even stop the buildup of plaque in yourarteries. It also may reduce therisk of plaque rupturing andcausing dangerous blood clots.


Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 11 Commonwealth or Sovereign’ s Day as it is known to us today is the annual celebration of theCommonwealth of Nations aninter-governmental organizationof 54 independent or sovereignstates. The origin of this daycame about in 1884 whenLord Rosebery while visiting Australia (then under British governance) observed the changes in the British Empire.His observation was that some ofits colonies were becomingincreasingly independent. Hewas the first to address this issueand the first to refer to the statesas the “Commonwealth of Nations” while still under the British rule. His observation leadto the first consultation betweenBritain and its colonies toaddress this emerging need forindependence. It was not until 1931, however that the first 5 colonies becamerecognized as the “British Commonwealth of Nations” These nations included Canada,the United Kingdom, Irish FreeState, Newfoundland, andthe Union of South Africa. In 1946, the ‘British’ was dropped from the name and the memberstates became known officiallyas the Commonwealth ofNations or simply TheCommonwealth. Over the years,members joined, withdrewfrom, and even rejoined theCommonwealth; but it wasn’tuntil 1949 that the internationalorganization became the modern Commonwealth we know today In 1952, Queen Elizabeth took her place as the Head of theCommonwealth of Nations afterthe death of her father King George IV T oday biennial meetings are held with the CommonwealthHeads of Government, namelythe President or Prime Ministerof each state. Although the Queen does not attend thesemeetings, the purpose of themeetings remain the same. TheHeads meet for free association,to promote common values ofdemocracy human rights, good governance, the rule of law free trade and even world peace. Belize joined theCommonwealth of Nations in theyear of its independence,1981. Belize is known as aconstitutional monarch withinthe Commonwealth. This meansthat the Queen is no longerinvolved in the country’ s daily governance but still continues toplay a significant role in itsceremonial and symbolic events. In the UK, CommonwealthDay is observed on the 2ndMonday in March whichis complimented by the Queen’ s speech. In Belize, Common-wealth Day is also known asSovereign’ s Day and is observed on May 24th. This date waschosen in honor of QueenV ictoria’ s birthday Hence the of ficial name Sovereign’ s Day which many Belizeans commonlycall the Queen’ s Birthday What Is Common w ealth Or So v er eign’s Da y? The day is recognized asan official Public & Bankholiday and is celebrated nationwide. Although Commonwealth Day/Sovereign’ s Day in Belize is mainly considered a recreational holiday to manyBelizeans, it is important torecognize and remember thatBelize has come a long way in itsdevelopment as an integralmember of the Commonwealthof Nations. PROSSER FERTILIZER PROSSER FERTILIZER PROSSER FERTILIZER PROSSER FERTILIZER PROSSER FERTILIZER Products to Grow With... Products to Grow With... Products to Grow With... Products to Grow With... Products to Grow With... George Price Highway Santa Elena, Cayo T elephone: 824-3046 W e have a wide variety of Swimming Pool supplies, Fer tilizers, W ater T anks, Sprayers, Barbed W ir e and V eterinar y Pr oducts. We take this We take this We take this We take this We take this op op op op op portunity to Wish portunity to Wish portunity to Wish portunity to Wish portunity to Wish Everyone A Hap Everyone A Hap Everyone A Hap Everyone A Hap Everyone A Hap p p p p p y y y y y and Enjoyable and Enjoyable and Enjoyable and Enjoyable and Enjoyable S S S S S overeign’ overeign’ overeign’ overeign’ overeign’ s Day!!! s Day!!! s Day!!! s Day!!! s Day!!!


Page 12 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014 ARIES: Mar ch 22 to April 20 Good news as Mars forges aheadin Libra! If life has been a series ofdelays or frustrating interactions lately things will start to look up. TheSun glides into Gemini, enhancingcommunication and encouraging youto reach out, express yourself, and leteveryone know about your skills,services, and abilities. The weekendsees a powerful transit showing up thatmight help you achieve a long-termgoal or project. This isn't somethingyou can rush. W ith baby steps and patience, however you can go far Lucky numbers: 04, 25, 66. T AURUS: April 21 to May 21 Activities that include af fection and friendship should have a successfuloutcome. Business or romanticrelationships can flourish underpositive transits that encourageperseverance despite obstacles. Ifyou're collaborating with someone onone idea or simply trying to make arelationship work, you will have theextra grit you need to forge ahead.Money matters are also in focus,enhancing your ability to improve yourcash flow and generally get yourfinances sorted. Regarding health, youmight find your energy increase asMars pushes ahead. Lucky numbers: 15, 36, 89. GEMINI: May 22 to June 21 This week has interesting potential,particularly after the Sun enters yoursign on T uesday It's time to show of f your versatility and vigilance, aspeople will take note. Y our social life flourishes, with plenty ofopportunities to reach out and mingle.Later a positive and dynamic transit can help you develop a sound workplan or prepare to take on a new jobor complicated project. If somethingseems worthwhile despite anychallenges, going for it could greatlyimprove your street cred. Lucky numbers: 08, 22, 57. CANCER June 21 to July 21 If you've been busy on the home front Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers clearing out and generally removingclutter this week represents a turning point when you might want to proceedwith decorating or DIY plans. After T uesday you'll enter a natural phase in which it helps to relax and recharge yourbatteries. Make a point of reflecting onyour priorities and meditating on yourgoals. Doing so can help put you in theright frame of mind for success. Also, a romantic liaison could strengthen.Lucky numbers: 19, 47, 83. LEO: July 24 to August 21 The week gets off to a sociallypleasant start, as friends are apt to be intouch. Enjoy the company of a specialpartner or host a party at your place.As Mars forges ahead, you might feelmotivated to write letters, contactfamily members, and generally get intouch with folks you haven't seen orheard from in a while. Later listen to your sweetheart's suggestion for tryingsomething a bit out of the ordinary It might help rekindle the flame of passion.Lucky numbers: 18, 43, 97. VIRGO: August 22 to September 21 It's an important time for work andprogress, with opportunities for you toadvance on the job with little effort.Liaising with the right people cancertainly get you places. Mars turnsdirect in your personal financial sectoron Monday helping to end any delays you may have experienced. Meanwhile,an enduring transit suggests that aromantic or other relationship couldmake for a positive collaboration.Whatever your plans, a team effortcould be a resounding success. Lucky numbers: 28, 63, 94. LIBRA: September 22 to October 23 Y ou'll be in your element as Mars pushes ahead starting Monday andputs an end to delays or frustration.Y ou can now proceed with plans that may have been relegated to thebackburner Thoughts of travel, higher education, or expanding your horizonscould be on your mind as of T uesday Y ou'll be looking to broaden your field of interest by exploring new ideas,places, or proposals. There's also a chance that an improvement in yourjob situation could coincide with achance to earn more money Lucky numbers: 12, 33, 78. SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21 Developing a closer relationshipwith your body might help you cometo grips with any health and wellnessissues you've been experiencing lately Along with this, Mars forges aheadfrom Monday which might help perk up your ener gy Meanwhile, a focus on shared finances, intimacy and transformation might help improveyour love life and money situation.Good conversation might helpenhance both areas. Finally a desire to explore new horizons could resultin a long-term relationship with fringebenefits. Lucky numbers: 05, 39, 53. SAGITT ARIUS: November 22 to December 21 Y our love life seems to have positive potential, with plenty ofopportunities for happy and excitingtimes with the one you love. Y our social life may speed up fromMonday bringing more options for fun and friendly interaction. As the Sun eases into Gemini and yourrelationship zone, your connectionswith others may come more sharplyinto focus. W orking as part of a team or with a partner could be moreproductive than working solo now Later a long-held dream could begin to come true. Lucky numbers: 17, 46, 99. CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20 If you've been hoping your careerwould get back on track, things mightstart to improve when Mars forges ahead once again on Monday Though it won't happen overnight,you'll find that you can start to makeprogress. Also, life on the job shows promise, as your articulate way ofhandling daily affairs is bound to getyou noticed. Regarding wellnessissues, a decision to revamp yourroutines might help improve yourener gy Finally a friendship might have romantic potential. Lucky numbers: 01, 60, 87. AQUARIUS: January 20 to February 18 If you've experienced travel delaysor frustration with a lawsuit or otherlegal matter things should improve as Mars again turns direct on Monday Y ou may also be pursuing pure pleasure, along with a healthy doseof adventure. Things look positivelysunny as the Sun eases into Geminiand your romance sector Whether you're in a long-term relationship orhoping for a new companion, thingsare looking up. Later you may seek advice on a deep-seated issue. A friend could help ease a burden.Lucky numbers: 55, 74, 92. PISCES: February 20 to March 21 Although finances may have been dicey recently they could improve as Mars jogs forward out of itsretrograde phase. This is youropportunity to get things in order consolidate debt, and work on abudget that lets you stay aheadand enjoy a few luxuries, too.Opportunities for entertaining at yourplace may be more plentiful at thistime. Finally someone who seems aloof might actually be fantasticrelationship material. Perhaps it's timeto give him or her the benefit of thedoubt. Lucky numbers: 20, 72, 90. Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ Hode’ s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T s Place, where T aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and aste, Quality and Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Comfort makes the difference!! Savannah Ar ea, San Ignacio T own, Cayo T elephone: 804-2522 Free Delivery within town limits. HODE’S PLACE W e offer d el iciousl y pr epar ed food in an amazing l y r el ax ed at mospher e W e al so cat er for l ar g e or small gr oups. NOTICE Dear Readers & Contributors: Kindly forward all Ads, Letters, Articles, Comments and Humor to We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all We thank you all for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous for your continuous support over the support over the support over the support over the support over the years. years. years. years. years. For further information please call 804-4900 or 626-8822


Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 13 Belmopan, 22 May 2014. The Mexican Embassy’ s offices in Belmopan, Belize Cityand Corozal will suspendactivities on Monday 26 May 2014. In case of emer gency Mexican nationals can request consularassistance or protection at thetelephone number: + (501) 602Closin Closin Closin Closin Closin g Da g Da g Da g Da g Da ys Of ys Of ys Of ys Of ys Of T T T T T he Embassy of he Embassy of he Embassy of he Embassy of he Embassy of Me Me Me Me Me xico xico xico xico xico 8677 Belizeans are reminded thatthey do not require visa to visitMexico. They only need topresent a valid Belizean passportand fill out the immigration formcalled “Forma Migratoria Mltiple” (FMM) It can be obtained at any Mexican borderor at any airport. Belizeans can also enterMexico using a border cardcalled “regional visitor ’s card” (TVR) which entitles its holder to visit up to three (3) consecutive days the Mexicanstate of Quintana Roo, whichincludes cities such as Chetumal,Bacalar Mahahual, T ulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun, as well as the Mexican states ofCampeche, T abasco and Chiapas. Nationals of other countriesshould contact the MexicanEmbassy to inquire if a visa isrequired to visit Mexico. For more information, pleasecontact the Mexican Embassy’ s Consular Section at 223-0193 or223-0194, Monday to Fridayfrom 8:30 am to 5:00 pm or writeto T uesday May 20, 2014 By: J. D. HeyesContributed By: GoergeGonzalez (NaturalNews) The horrific V eterans Administration scandal, in which scores of patients on a"secret list" reportedly died after spending as long as a yearwithout treatment, has widened.CNN correspondent Jake T apper recently grilled White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough over President Obama's usual scandal posture: indifference, holding no oneaccountable and calculatedoutrage without any real actionbeing taken. As noted by Br eitbar t News Obama is currently standing by his secretary of V eterans Af fairs, former Army Gen. Eric Shinseki This is in spite of the fact that, in 2013, Rep. Jeff Miller R-Fla. the chairman of the House V eterans Af fairs Committee, sent the president aletter that, T apper reported, warned "of dramatic problems at the V A, 'a perfect illustration of the management failures,deception, lack of accountabil-ity permeating V A's health care system [and] an alarmingpattern of serious and signifi-cant patient care issues.'" 'But you are not. This letter was sent a year ago.' Breitbart News described the exchange: McDonough responded with platitudes and prepared talkingpoints about the Presidentstanding by our veterans andincreased funding. T apper wasn't having any of it. "How many dead veterans do you need be-fore somebody asks the questionwithin the White House, maybethis guy isn't the best stewardof these veterans?" A transcript published by Real Clear Politics read: V V V V V A Hospital Officials Shredded Documents T A Hospital Officials Shredded Documents T A Hospital Officials Shredded Documents T A Hospital Officials Shredded Documents T A Hospital Officials Shredded Documents T o Hide o Hide o Hide o Hide o Hide Existence Of Secret W Existence Of Secret W Existence Of Secret W Existence Of Secret W Existence Of Secret W aiting Lists That Killed U.S. V aiting Lists That Killed U.S. V aiting Lists That Killed U.S. V aiting Lists That Killed U.S. V aiting Lists That Killed U.S. V eterans eterans eterans eterans eterans McDONOUGH : The question, Jake is, are we doing everything we can every day to get theveterans the care and theopportunities that they deserve? T APPER : But you are not. This letter was sent a year ago. And you guys ignored it. McDONOUGH : And we have been working aggressively toensure that not only is health careexpanded, opportunities mademore ready to our vets, but thatpeople are held to account, as Ric is doing in this case. W e will continue to do that. In addition to T apper Jon Karl of ABC News was also aggressive with the White House in the briefing room May 16, asthe scandal continued to unfold.After White House spokesmanJay Carney belched his talking points, Karl appeared a bit dazedand a little disgusted by the WhiteHouse's dissembling and "happy talk." "T apper and Karl are also two of only a handful of main-stream media reporters inter-ested in getting to the truthabout Benghazi -as opposed toundermining the search for thetruth, which is something ofwhich almost all of theircolleagues are guilty ," Breitbart News reported. CNN was the first to report that at least 40 veterans had diedwaiting for appointments andtreatment at the VA Medical Center in Phoenix. They had been placed on a "secret" waiting list that was different than thepublished, open-record list thatthe hospital actually utilized: The secret list was part of anelaborate scheme designed byV eterans Af fairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hidethat 1,400 to 1,600 sick veteranswere forced to wait months to seea doctor according to a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources. 'A sham list' Prior the network had been reporting for at least six monthsthat there were extended delaysin healthcare appointments thatveterans all across the countrywere experiencing. Some of themhad died while waiting for anappointment and care, suggestingthat the problem within theVA system might be more widespread or even systemic. That said, revelations about thePhoenix V A were the most serious and compelling, and haveled to the most press coveragesince the report first broke. The doctor Sam Foote who retired after spending 24 yearswith the VA system, told CNN that the Phoenix medical centeroperated off of two lists forpatient appointments: There's an "official" list that's shared with officials inW ashington and shows the V A has been providing timely appointments, which Foote calls a sham list. And then there's the real list that's hidden fromoutsiders, where wait times canlast more than a year In addition, Foote said that of-ficials at the Phoenix VA shredded documents in a bid to hideevidence of long waiting lists forveterans. He added that officialsat the institution instructedphysicians not to use the hospi-tal computer system to makeappointments, so they could notbe tracked. Foote said that, when a veteran comes in seeking an appointment,"they enter information into thecomputer and do a screen cap-ture hard copy printout. Theythen do not save what was putinto the computer so there's norecord that you were ever here."Sources:http://www http://www .f http://edition.cnn.comhttp://ww Experience: 1 year working experience in field Qualities: Fluent in English and Spanish T rustworthy Hard working T eam player Ability to work Flexible Hours Requirements: 2 Previous Recommendation 1 Police Record 1 Passport Size Picture Application letter and Resume Possess Drivers License B2 Class Applications can be dropped off at Recinos Imports Ltd # 57 Benque V iejo Road San Ignacio, Cayo V acancy : Deliv er y T r uc k Dr iv er


Page 14 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014 BELIZE WA TER SER VICES LIMITED, Santa Elena BranchOf fice, Santa Elena T own, Cayo, Friday May 23, 2014: The Belize W ater Service Limited is proud to announce theupgrading of water services tocustomers in the lower sectionof Santa Elena T own and the entire Esperanza V illage. The upgraded service includesthe recent replacement of thethree inch water line upgraded toa ten inch main which will serve Impoved Water Services to increase water pressure tocustomers in the area. The project, implemented overthe past three weeks, with acrew under the direction ofW illiam S tevens and Operations Supervisor Ron Cunningham worked long hours to install,sanitize, pressure test andenergize the new 10 inch watermain. The works was completedon T uesday evening and when it was turned on, a major glitch was immediately detectedresulting in customers onone side the Highway leadinginto Esperanza V illage being left without water Realizing that the situation had to beimmediately rectified, the crewwas instantly mobilized and witha single spotlight under the rain,the team worked well intothe night on T uesday until the glitch was effectively rectifiedresulting in improved waterservice now reaching intended customers in the area. The company extends thank youto Area Representative/Minister of W orks Hon. Rene Monter o for understanding T uesday night’ s emergency situation whichinvolved disrupting a smallsection of the recently asphaltedcarriage way in the area. Thecompany extended its assurancesto Minister Montero andhis team that the carriage wayWILL BE restored to its original form. SER VING WOMEN AND CHILDREN Mary Open Doors (MOD) a non-profit, non-governmental or ganization located in San Ignacio T own invites qualified persons to apply for the voluntary position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ke y Adminis tr a tiv e R es ponsi bi litie s v Management of the overall daily operations of MOD v Super vision of MOD s taff loc al, and visiting v olun t eer s v Overseeing the organization financials, developing and implementing budgets and other financial related tasks v R eporting and a dvising s t ak eholder s including the Boar d, Donor s, and other k e y s t ak eholder s Cultivating and nurturing national and international relationships Great V OLUNTEER Opportunity Mary Open Doors CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Desired Skills v Good kno wle dg e of Dome s tic V iolence Situa tion in Beliz e v Strong leadership skills to effectively perform the daily operations of the organization v Excellent communication skills both verbal and written v Good knowledge of the Spanish Language both verbal and written is desired v Str ong Comput er Ski lls with c ompe t ency in W or d, Ex cel, P ow erP oin t, e t c. v Ability to create and implement a 5 year strategic plan De sir e d Char act er Given the nature of MOD’ s work, it is imperative that those c onsidering the CE O’ s position posse ss the f ollo wing interpersonal skills. v Empathy v Stellar respect for confidentiality v Self -motiv ate d and the abi lity t o mak e sound judgmen t Interested persons are invited to submit their CV along with a job letter and two references by mail addressed to MOD Boar d of Dir ect or s, P .O Bo x 93, San Ignacio T o wn, Ca y o Dis t. Beliz e Electr onic submissions ar e accep te d. Emai l: to submit your CV and supporting docs. De ad line t o apply is Frida y Ma y 30, 2 014.


Sunday, May 25, 2014 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Page 15 Continued From Front Page Five Guatemalans On ADrug Trafficking Charge at around 3:00 am, a jointoperation mounted by elementsof the police Anti Drug Unit (ADU) police Mobile Interdiction Unit (MIT) police K-9 Unit and Customs personnelwere manning a checkpoint onthe George Price Highwaybetween the western towns of SanIgnacio and Benque V iejo, at mile 68, near Rumors Resort, when agreen Geo Prism car with SanIgnacio/Satna Elena licenseplates C-01281, pulled up to thecheck point. The car with five occupants including the driver was stopped and searched. Insidethe trunk of the car police cameupon a white sack and whenopened, it was found to containtwo black plastic bags with 1 1 parcels of marijuana. The driver identified as Jose Roca, 63, naturalized Belizean/ Guatemalan from Arenal V illage, Cayo, was instantly detainedalong with the other fouroccupants of the car two female and two male persons. They wereidentified as Anna Galvez 23, Guatemalan domestic fromCotton T ree village, the suspected ringleader along with Maria T rinidad 61, Guatemalan domestic fromArenal V illage; V icente Rosales 23, Guatemalan laborer also from Arenal V illage and Francisco Martinez 35, Guatemalan laborer residing inMelchor de Mencos, Guatemala. All five persons were transported to the police stationin San Ignacio where they wereprocessed in time for court laterthat morning. When measured,the marijana recorded 8,184.7grams (18 pounds) on the police scale. On a joint drug traffickingcharge all five defendantsappeared in the San IgnacioT own courtroom of magistrate Narda Morgan where the single charge was read to them.First to take a plea was thesuspected ringleader Anna Galvez, who wasted no time in pleading guilty to the charge. Theother four defendants all pled notguilty In accordance with courtprocedure, magistrate Morganasked Galvez if she had anythingto say before the passing ofsentence. Galvez told the courtthat a man paid her $500 todeliver the weed to hotel in Anna Galvez Maria T rinidad V icente Rosales Francisco Martinez Cotton T ree V illage. She was sentenced to three yearsimprisonment. Despite the prosecution’ s strong objection to the grantingof bail to the other fourdefendants given the flight riskinvolved, especially in the caseof Francisco Martinez whoresides across the border inMelchor Magistrate Mor gan proceeded to offer them bail inthe sum of $3,000 each. The case was adjourned untilThursday July 10, 2014. Green Geo Prism Car With San Ignacio/Satna Elena License Plates C-01281


Page 16 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 804-4900 Sunday, May 25, 2014