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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth" "

Rodel Guerra Remanded

To Prison For A Month

Cayo, Tuesday, June 28, 2011:
As an apparent offshoot of the
Saturday, June 18 stabbing death
of David Guerra and the arrest
on murder charge of May Bush,
we reported last week the arrest
of Rodel Guerra, (David's
younger brother) charged for
wounding Carlos Requena
(May Bush's eldest son) with a
The incident occurred at

around 9:30 am on Thursday,
June 23, shortly after which
Guerra was detained and
charged for wounding as well
as for disorderly conduct.
Surprisingly, Carlos Requena
was likewise charged for
disorderly conduct.
Something here, from the
get-go, did not seem quite right
as in the first instance Guerra
was granted a police bail for a
serious crime like wounding

given that the granting
of bail for crimes of this
nature is normally
reserved for a court of
law especially in an
obvious case of height-
ened tension among
the feuding families
at the time. Further
suspicion was raised
when the initial
P l aseTurnTo
Pag i

Guatemalan Cab Drivers

Attack Belizean Policeman

Thursday, June 30, 2011:
A policeman is today on sick
leave recuperating from a blow
to the back of the head inflicted
in a violent attack by a Guate-
malan taxi driver.
Reports reaching us indicate
that for several months employ-
ees from the Western Border
Management Agency have been
complaining about Guatemalan
cab drivers from Melchor,

Peten, Guatemala habitually
venturing across the border all
the way up to the exit door of
the departure hall at the
border station. They complain
that these Guatemalans cab
drivers routinely harass persons
departing the border station as
they seek customers to ride their
cabs which are left parked
behind the Guatemalan border
Being aware of the complaint,

Benque Viejo Police
have had at least two The Accused
meetings on the matter Rodel Guerra, 24
with both the mayors from Benque Viejo Town and Melchor along
with immigration and customs officials from both Belize and
Guatemala. Despite these high level meetings however, the
practice continues.
The situation nearly turned fatal last Saturday morning, June 27,
when at around 9:30 Border Management personnel requested
assistance from the lone policeman stationed at the border to deal
with another of the usual harassment of departing persons.
In an attempt at addressing the concern from Border Management,
PC# 1279 Arthur Gladden reportedly PleaseTur .e- JT1


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TropiGas Burglarized

Cayo, Tuesday, June 28, 2011:
Three male persons are being
sought for questioning in
connection with the early
morning robbery of Tropigas
Store on the Western Highway
in Santa Elena Town, Cayo.
Police reports that acting upon
information received at around
2:30 am on Tuesday, June 21,
of the presence of three
suspicious male persons in the
Linda VistaArea of Santa Elena,
at team of policemen rushed to
the area where they were told
that one of the three was seen,
carrying on his back, something
that looked like a small
refrigerator .
Police searched the area for
about half an hour when they
came upon an old abandoned
wooden house behind tall
bushes. Inside the house the
police found an iron safe
(suspected to be the "small
refrigerator" in the initial
report). The safe was found to

have been forced open and upon
checking it was found to contain
receipt books and other
documents suspected to be the
property of Tropigas Store.
Police visited the store,
located at the foot of the Linda
Vista Hill where they found that
the store was indeed burglarized
and that entry was gained by
forcing open a front door of the
Police proceeded to locate two
of the store employees; the
cashier, Ashley Black and the
Store Manager, Nerison Atwell
who both confirmed that the
store was burglarized.
Checks of the inventory
revealed the following items
missing: a Sony Play Station 3
valued at $1,099; an Hewlett
Packard Pavilon notebook with
serial number SCNF03974510
valued $1,899; one Acer note-
book with serial number
LTRDSOX0161 0964520 valued
$1,299; one Dell Inspiron
notebook with serial number

FNHYYMI valued $1,499, two $39; One Sony Digital Camera
Conair hair straighteners valued with serial number 137706
$75; one Lexar 4GB Pen Drive valued $57.
valued at $39; Two Samsung The store employees also
valued $558;.0 one Coby informed that of over $1,500
Portable DVD Player, serial removed from the safe all for
number 716829 998595 valued a total of over $9,000.

Mexican Army Captures The Man

Suspected Of Killing Bus Passengers

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Abraham Barrios Caporal, the Alleged hitman for drug
cartel was detained he is wanted in connection with mass
kidnapping and murders of migrants in Mexico Photograph: Reuters

Mexican police escort
Abraham Barrios Caporal,
26, an alleged hitman for a
drugs cartel who is suspected
of kidnapping and killing bus
Mexican soldiers have
detained an alleged hitman who
is suspected of kidnapping bus
passengers, killing them and
burying them in mass graves.
Abraham Barrios Caporal was
captured in the Gulf coast state
of Veracruz and had admitted
working for the Zetas drug
cartel, Mexico's defence
department said on Thursday.
He was suspected of taking part
in the killings of bus passengers

and their burial at a ranch in San
Fernando in the northern state of
Barrios Caporal was arrested
in Coatzacoalcos on Tuesday
along with three other members
of his cell, an army spokesman,
Colonel Ricardo Trevilla, said.
Authorities in Tamaulipas began
uncovering bodies in mass
graves early in April after reports
that passengers were being
pulled off buses at gunpoint.
By early June, 193 bodies
had been found in 26 graves.
Officials say most were
Mexican migrants heading to the
US who were kidnapped from
buses and killed by the Zetas.

Barrios Caporal told authorities
that some of the passengers were
kidnapped because they were
suspected of being members of
the rival Gulf cartel.
Seventy-two Central and
South American migrants were
killed in San Fernando by the
Zetas last August. Barrios
Caporal was suspected of
involvement in those killings,
the department said.
Mexico's brutal drug war has
claimed more than 35,000 lives
since President Felipe Calder6n
deployed thousands of federal
security forces four years ago to
fight traffickers. The offensive
led to a splintering of the
country's cartels and increased
gang fighting over territory.
Mass graves have become an
increasingly common discovery.
On Thursday, gunmen opened
fire during a football game in
Acapulco, killing two people
and wounding at least two

children who were watching the
match. The victims were city
police officers who were
playing in a match against
Guerrero state government
Factions of the Beltran
Leyva cartel have been fighting
for control ofAcapulco since the
December 2009 killing of the
cartel boss, Arturo Beltran

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JU LY 15 -17




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Stray Dogs - Dis
BY: Steven Kelley
Tuesday, June 28,2011:
Every single day and night
there are unrestrained and
uncontrolled stray-wild dogs
roaming the streets within the
community constantly causing
ruckus by riling up other dogs,
rummaging thru garbage, def-
ecating everywhere ravaging
other dogs in heat thereby
creating an endless cycle of
more violence, disturbance of
peace as well as soiling and
spoiling the community.

turbine The Peaci

Some of these dogs have been
threatening and show evidence
of being RABID, so they are
also a health & safety risk in
many ways.
They rile up other dogs

Brother's Supermarket Robbed

Friday, June 24,2011:
While robberies seems to be on
the rise again, police today
reported the early Friday
morning robbery of a Chinese
Store on the Western Highway
in Santa Elena Town, Cayo.
Huang Jin Man, 46, Chinese
Businessman reported that at
about 7:30 am on Friday, June
24, he was just opening up the
store to begin the new business
He was rolling up the shutters

of the main entrance of his store
when he was approached by
two male persons of dark
complexion dressed in dark
clothing without masks. One of
them placed a black handgun to
his head and escorted him to the
shop counter whilst the other
took about a thousand dollars in
different denominations from
the cash register after which
they both ran out of the store and
up the highway.
An arrest is yet to be made as
the investigation continues.

e - A Nightmare
. constantly, especially
at night, so that it be-
comes impossible to
get a decent nights
sleep, and therefore
endangers the physical
health and therefore
the financial health of
the community as
As is often done in Belize
City, other communi-
ties and all civilized
communities on the
planet, these dogs
must be restrained or
rounded-up and put
to sleep.
It is the local
authorities responsi-
bility to do so as
immediately as possible. A
fast-short warning can be given
to those who claim to own any
dogs that are not wild-strays,
to follow the laws and restrain
their dogs or lose them for the
overall community and residents
general welfare!
There are some great and
good dog owners in the area,
even some with quite large
dogs, who do an excellent job
of training-disciplining-control-
ling their dogs so they do NOT
participate in the unrestrained
ruckus or are quickly halted
from "Disturbing of the Peace"
of the neighbors and themselves.
There are however other
so-called owners who do not
deserve the privilege of
ownership as they do NOT
accept the responsibility for
controlling their dogs.
These people demonstrate a
lack of: common-sense,
common-decency and common-
courtesy which anyone with
any intelligence or integrity
would show to their neighbors

and neighborhood.
These people demonstrate a
"living in the jungle or ghetto"
mentality, rather than one of
civility. When confronted with
requests to act decently, they
merely laugh or rail-up and say
they don't care (or often far
worse and even threatening
responses) or its "not their
fault" they can't control their
If they were decent and
civilized folks, they would take

their dogs inside or muzzle then
at night at least. As I see a lot of
Christian Churches and hear a
lot of preachers around here,
what happened, to practicing the
principles of "Love they neigh-
bor as thyself"
There is no question that
under "English Common-Law"
disturbing someones peace is a
violation worthy of citation and
fines, whether it is disturbed by
man,beast or machine, it is
infringement and must be
Public Notice: New Santa
Elena Area Petition to end the
stray,unrestrained and uncon-
trolled Dog "Disturbance of
Peace" nightmare!
Attention: to all concerned,
conscientious and responsible
civilized residents; the Town
Council, Area Representatives,
Mayor, Police, Health Depart-
ment, Humane Society, Animal
Control Services and other
authorities responsible for its
rectification and enforcement!
Please help us in this regard.

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Invites one and all to his
.D.P. Cayo North Endorsement Conventio

To be held at the
Victor Galvez Stadium in San Ignacio
at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tornado style en
Mighty Gil carry

entertainment by the


and D) Diamond

Guest Speaker: Prime Minister
Hon. Dean Barrow
Speeches by I-on. Rene Montero, -Ion. John Saldivar,
Hon. Ramon Witz, Hon. Elvin Penner, I-Ion. Erwin Contreras,

Hon. Caspar

Vega & Mayor John August

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The Garifuna Bat - Name Selected

By Researchers From Texas Tech

The Garifuna People Are Upset About The Name And

Are Seeking A Reversal And An Apology

Researchers from Texas Tech
have officially discovered a new
Micronycteris bat species from
St Vincent Island, a section of
the Lesser Antilles.
Peter Larsen, a post-doctoral
research associate from the
Department of Biological
Sciences, said university
researchers conducted two ex-
peditions to the island in 2005
and 2006 as part of a project in
cataloging biodiversity.
Larsen said while he has been
studying bats in the Caribbean
since 2003, Texas Tech has been
doing research in the area for
"Our goal was to sample
the catalog of bat diversity
throughout the Lesser Antilles,
which has lots of islands," he
said. "Bat diversity in each of
these islands is poorly under-
stood and we wanted to go to
St. Vincent because a full-scale
sample of bat fauna hadn't
been done on the island. We
went to see how many species
and what kind actually live
Larsen said the team thought
they had captured a species
common throughout Central and
South America, but when they
examined the specimens at the
Museum of Texas Tech's
Natural Science Research Labo-
ratory a year later, they found an
entirely different type of bat.
By 2008 Larsen had enlisted
the help of Lizette Siles, a Tech
graduate student in zoology, to
see if the physical characteris-
tics of the bat were truly
different from other species.
Siles, a native of Bolivia, said
when she examined the bat's
skull and other parts of the body,
she found that it was signifi-
cantly larger than what they
"Some people misunderstand
this and think the bat is huge
in comparison, like a monster
bat or something," Siles said,
"but what we mean is that it's
maybe a few millimeters larger.
It seems small, but in statistical
analysis it is a significant dif-
ference and through this we
were able to tell that our bat was
clearly formed apart from the

rest of the genus."
Larsen, Siles and researchers
from South Dakota State
University and the University of
Scranton published their
findings in an online version of
the journal, Mammalian
Biology. Larsen said their work
will be formally published in
print this fall, where their
discovery of a new species will
become official.
Their findings also showed
that the new species was very
young, Larsen said, probably
around one million years old.
It seems like a long time he
said, but when looking at the
evolution of species, one million
years is relatively recent.
Larsen said the evolution of
the new species began around
the Pleistocene Era during pe-
riods of glaciations. He said
originally ice connected all the
islands in the chain called
St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
When the ice melted, he said,
some bats moved from smaller
islands in the chain, like
Trinidad and Tobago, to St.
Vincent. But once sea levels rose
and water surrounded the island,
Larsen said, the bats were unable
to fly the distance back and
became genetically isolated.
"They've been given
hundreds of thousands of
years to be isolated from those
South American populations,"
he said. "Given time and isola-

tion, a new species can evolve."
The researchers spent a long
time deciding the name of the
new species, Siles said, but
settled on the name "Garifuna",
the name of the natives of St.
Vincent Island.
"The Garifuna people came
from Africa and were trans-
ported to the Caribbean on a

ship that wrecked on St.
Vincent," she said, "and theAf-
rican people blended with the
Caribbean people. It made
sense to name this bat after the
people, because like the natives,
it has only been found on St.
Vincent Island."
Larsen said the team chose the
name carefully because they
knew what they decided would
be forever.
"The name that you choose
is really important because it is
a permanent record in litera-
ture," he said. "We really had
to think long and hard about
the most appropriate name and
we thought the best name would
be to honor the Garifuna people
because it brings to light their
history, which not many people
are aware of It was a good
The researchers were excited
about the discovery, Larsen said,
and would not have been able to
do it without the resources Texas
Tech had to offer.
"It's not common for people
to identify new species, "he said.
"This really was a team effort
and it took a lot of people to
work on this together. The most
important thing for us is to
describe the new species and
let the scientific community
know that this species exists
and we're thrilled about the

The Garifuna People Say - No Way Are
You Naming A Bat, Of All Things, After us
Sincerely, Helen Laurie evening and as a result,
The Garifuna Community in Ms. Cheryl Noralez will be
the Diaspora are outraged and presenting the Garinagu position
vehemently opposed to Peter to Mr. Larsen today: to rename
Larson and his colleagues the bat to Buriri as it is called by
naming a new species of bat Garinagu, and an apology from
'Garifuna.' Texas Tech, among other
Mr. Larsen claims this name requests.
"brings light to their history" We trust that Mr. Larsen,
but Garinagu (Garifuna people) Texas Tech U. and its affiliates
see this gesture as another insult will understand the Garifuna
and denigration of our people, nation's position and will take
as it associates the name the necessary steps to correct
Garifuna with a mammal feared your blunder.
and reviled throughout the , Mm zina
history of man. " * Tf
The Garifuna nation in t U Jtt
he Diaspora has expressed BY: Ruben Reyes
opposition and outrage, verbally Seremein
and via e-mails, some of which We are addressing you as
I will forward, so you are aware members and citizens of this
of the gravity of this situation, prestigious Nation with the
Several community leaders same pride and commitment
representing Garifuna commu- we have represented through
nities in St. Vincent, Honduras, our involvement in matters
Belize, Guatemala, and the U.S. pertaining to it.
held a teleconference last P TrnT ge1

ISunday, July 3, 2011 - STAR - Tel:- 804-4900 & 626-8822 & 626-3788 -

Friday, June 24, 2011:
While an arrest is yet to be
made in any of the reported
robbery incidents of the past
several weeks, another unsolved
one was this week added to the
growing list.
It was shortly after 7:30 on the
morning of Friday, June 24,
when San Ignacio Police rushed
to the "Chinese 8 & 8
Supermarket" located on
Bishop Martin Street in Santa
Elena Town to check on a
reported robbery.
The store's surveillance
camera captured the incident in
1.05 minutes. It began with three
heavily masked persons in dark
clothing storming into the shop.
One of them was armed with a


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#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena, Cayo
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I ij^ th w"'

hand gun while the other two
carried knapsacks.
The robbery was pulled off
with about three customers in
the store including an elderly

-the cash and phone cards it held
He also yanked the gold chain
from around the neck of the
store owner Xing Ting Zeng, 39
S- who was working behind the
counter at the time of the
SWithin the just over a minute
incident, the robbers made off
with an Apple iPhone, a small
laptop computer used to sell
boledo, a Smart phone used to
sell "Gimme Dalla" Smart Top
up; a DVD player; a gold chain;
five cartons cigarettes, and
".. . approximately five hundred
dollars in cash from the drawer.
- After pulling off the robbery,
gentleman who found himself all three assailants ran up the
smack in the middle of the street in the same direction from
action at the counter, whence they came.
One of the assailants jumped No arrest has been made as the
the counter and unloaded it of investigation continues.
-L '

The National Celebrations Commission In associalltion with Atlantic International Bank
invites all musicians to enter the 2011 Patriolic and Carnival
Song Competition. This competition will be held in conjunction with our
September Celebrations and the 30th Anniversary of Belize's Independence.

Patriotic Song Senior Category (18 & older)
1st place - $4000 and a Trophy
2nd Place - $2500 and a Trophy
3rd Place - $1500 and a Trophy

Patriotic Song Junior Category (17 & younger)
1st Place- $1500 and a Trophy
2nd Place-$1000 and a Trophy

Carnival Song Senior Category (18 & older)
1st place - $4000 and a Trophy
2nd Place - $2500 and a Trophy
3rd Place - $1500 and a Trophy
Carnival Song Junior Category (17 & younger)
1st Place- $1500 and a Trophy
2nd Place-$1000.00 and a Trophy

All prize packages will include $200.00 Gifts Certificate for Studio Time

All application forms, song lyrics, and recordings should be submitted by
July 13th 2011 to Chair of National Celebrations Commission,
at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts, House of Culture, or P.O Box 325 in Belize City,

For More Information Contact 227-2110 or e-mail

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March 22 to
April 20
The coming week brings
contentment but also raises your
aspirations, especially as you
move forward, professionally.
You look for challenges as
opportunities to prove yourself.
Be careful however not to bite
more than you can chew. Lucky
numbers: 10, 28, 35.

April 21 to
May 21
There will be sudden gains
from your efforts over the past
several months. Take things in
stride and don't rush the brush.
The months ahead will require
careful and planned spending as
demands on your finance
increase. Make the sacrifice as
the investment will pay off down
the road. Lucky numbers: 37, 65,


June 21
The coming week brings you
many benefits, mostly from
friends. There may be some
opportunities that help you
financially. You may have to
tighten your spending habits for
a while and save for a later time.
Family and loved ones will
support you all the way. Lucky
numbers: 06, 43, 72.

June 22 to
. .............................. July 23
You do not flinch when it
comes to hard work. Events will
be poised to help you speed up
your journey towards your
goals. Just make sure that in all
the excitement and intensity, you
do not forget to pay attention to
details. Lucky numbers: 13, 54,
July 24 to
August 21
There are many things you
are trying in your life. You
sometimes get that feeling like
time is running out on you. Keep
yourself busy in your waking
moments and you will fell
success and productivity in the
things you accomplish as time
goes by. Don't worry about the
things you cannot change as
doing so will only bring you
down. Lucky numbers: 22,40,81.

August 22 to
September 21
I te coming week will be
fruitful as you. Be careful
however as you could very well
become the target of some
mal-intent. In order to avoid
problems you must go about
with extreme care in everything
you do in the coming week
.Lucky numbers: 18, 46, 99.

SSeptember 22
Jm3 to October 23
There could be some problem
on account of your own
inflexible attitude. If you want
to get along with others you
must give in a bit. You might
want to get your point over in a
haste but it is better to take time
so as not to offend anyone.
Don't worry, they will your
point of view. Lucky numbers:
25, 33, 62.

October 24 to
November 21
You make giant strides in your
personal life and form some
equally great equations with
new people. There could be
travel on cards, may be a much
needed break. You might
pamper yourself by buying
something expensive like a new
gadget. Lucky numbers: 15,32,78.

November 22 to
December 21
You try to sit back and
analyse the root cause of your
wandering mind as it will
begin to affect your working
relationships as you may not
come across as a reliable person
who can be saddled with
long term responsibility. Self
discipline will help. Lucky
numbers: 27, 55, 70.

December 22
E M to January 20
A successful week lies ahead
of you. There could be an
increased inflow of money. Be
careful how you send and resist
that impulse as the gains you
make could quickly vanish in
thin air while bills are left
unpaid. Don't join in gossip and
stay away from discussions on
controversial topics. Lucky
numbers: 34, 73, 85.

Sandra Torres' Bid To Run For The

Presidency Of Guatemala Rejected
she said that she divorced her husband for
the love of her country

Guatemala's ex-first lady Sandra Torres and her husband
President Alvaro Colom, before the divorce

Thursday, June 30,2011:
Guatemalan electoral officials
have rejected the presidential
candidacy of ex-first lady
Sandra Torres for "supposed
legal fraud", her party says.
Party leaders said they would
appeal against the decision.
Ms Torres divorced President
Alvaro Colom earlier this year
to overcome a constitutional
ban on close relatives of the
president running for the job.
The opposition said the
divorce was a cynical political
ploy ahead of September's
presidential election.
The decision by the Supreme
Electoral Court is a further twist
in attempts by Ms Torres to run
for office.
She confirmed her intention to
separate from her husband of
eight years in March in a tearful
address to the nation.
She said she and Mr Colom
were putting their love for
Guatemala ahead of their "great
and solid" love for each other.
Opposition politicians
denounced the move as electoral
fraud and legal challenges were
filed, temporarily halting
divorce proceedings.

January 21 to
SFebruary 19
The coming week sees you
completely engaged in the
struggle to make ends meet. You
are worried paying bills. This is
not the time to neglect your
health. If you have had a
problem, it will be good to
attend to it now as help is
available all you need to do is
ask. Lucky numbers: 07, 30, 41.

In May, Guatemala's constitu-
tional court quashed all legal
challenges to the divorce.
On Wednesday, the electoral
authorities refused to register her
Deputy Christian Boussinot,
from the governing National
Unity of Hope (UNE) party, told
reporters the electoral court
had based its decision on a
"supposed legal fraud" by Ms
Torres in divorcing her husband.
Party leaders said they
respected the court's rulings but
would be launching an appeal to
ensure she could be registered as
a candidate.
Ms Torres has played a
prominent role in Alvaro
Colom's presidency, supervising
the government's poverty relief
If elected, she would
be Guatemala's first female
But opinion polls put her well
behind former army general
Otto Perez Molina, who has
promised a tough stance against
rising crime.
Ed Note: Sandra Torres is the
sister ofNarda Garcia, Former
General Manager of the Belize
Social Security Board.

February 20
to March 21
It is likely to be a stressful
week ahead. You may be
required to accommodate opin-
ions and perspectives of many
more people than you would
like. Travel is likely. You should
dismiss events and people who
are not considerate about your
feelings. Lucky numbers: 24, 58,

tYour WeeklyHoroscope

L-& Lucky NuTTmbesI

Sunday, July 3, 2011 - STAR - Tel:- 804-4900 & 626-8822 & 626-3788 - Page 9 1

Chavez Tells Of Surgery To president said he had made the continue on the path to my full
'fundamental error" of failing recovery".
Remove Cancerous Tumour to look after himself. Mr Chavez called it a "new
CARACAS, Venezuela, Thursday, Former Cuban President Fidel battle that life has placed
June30,2011: Castro first told him he looked before us", and ended the
Hugo Chavez said the medical unwell while he was on a state speech with the revolutionary
process had been "slow and visit to Havana, he added. slogan: "Until victory forever."
careful."" Mr Chavez said he underwent The address was aired by the
Venezuelan President Hugo a first operation on a pelvic pan-American channel Telesur
Chavez has revealed he has had abscess on 10 June, just as late on Thursday. It is unclear
surgery to remove a cancerous officials had informed the when it was recorded. Screen
tumour, in his first speech since Venezuelan public. captions indicated that he was
flying to Cuba for treatment. But during his recuperation, speaking from Cuba.
Speculation about his health tests had "confirmed the Afterwards, Venezuela's
had been rife since he left existence of a tumour with vice-president said the govern-
Venezuela three weeks ago for Venezuelan President cancerous cells", forcing him to ment was united and that Mr
what officials said was an Hugo Chavez undergo another operation. The Chavez's reforms would be
operation on a pelvic abscess. extraction of the tumour was "deepened" despite his ill-
Mr Chavez said he was when he last addressed the "completely successful", he health.
determined to overcome his nation, Mr Chavez confirmed said. Mr Chavez did not say how
health battle and was now on the what many had suspected - his He added that his condition much longer he expected to
road to 'full recovery", health problems were more has been "evolving satisfacto- remain in Cuba recovering,
His absence forced Venezuela serious than first thought, says rily" while he received a but everyone hopes he will be
to put off a regional meeting on the BBC's Sarah Grainger in "complementary treatment to back in Venezuela on Tuesday,
Wednesday. Caracas. combat the different types when the nations celebrates 200
Looking much thinner than Standing behind a podium, the of cells found, and thereby years of independence.


!' Hospitality Officer


The Hospitality Officer is primarily responsible for welcoming guests, answering questions and facilitating the travelers, ensuring that
every visitor's face impression serve to reconfirm their decision to visit Belize. He/she is responsible for setting the initial tone for
their overall experience in Belize. He/she interacts with overnight guests, as well as prospective guests.

-Welcome and provide tourist information to arriving guests at the Western Border
-Assist in the operation of the BTB 1-800 desk in the following ways: answering all incoming telephone calls and online request for
information on Belize; populating the information database; liaising with the fulfillment center when required.
-Assist in keeping records for the Department: inventory, fulfillment database,
-Prepare fulfillment packages for embassies, consulates, conferences, schools and any other relevant agency
-Provide support to marketing officers by following up on requests with private sector, liaising with wholesalers when required,
assisting with the meet + greet and on-the ground concierge service for VIPs, international conference delegates hosted by BTB and
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and representatives from the various International Media Houses when required.
-Assists with overall coordinating, development and support of VIP/Guest itineraries

-Must have a minimum of Associates Degree plus 5 years working experience in the tourism and hospitality industry in Belize or
-An Associate Degree or higher in tourism studies and/or business administration is preferred, but not required.
-Previous experience working in a customer-relations or customer service post or dealing with the public is considered an asset.
-Should possess the ability to spot problems and challenges in the field and report them immediately
-Should be goals oriented and capable of working with limited supervision.
-Should possess excellent communication skills - verbal and written.
-Should have good public relations skills and an assertive personality.
-The ability to speak and write Spanish is required.

The Hospitality Officer will be stationed at the Belize Tourism Board's Information Kiosk, Western Border, Benque Viejo, Cayo
Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Applications along with two letters of references are to be submitted to the Belize Tourism Board no later than Friday, July 8th, 2011.
Applications should be directed to:
Director of Tourism
Belize Tourism Board
P.O. Box 325
Belize City, Belize
Email: smatus(

Page 10 - STAR - Tel:- 804-4900 & 626-8822 & 626-3788 - - Sunday, July 3, 2011


"Educate Our Youth"

Rotary Club Supports Local Interact Club
The Rotary Club of San
Ignacio had a party with
the Interact Club of Sacred Heart
College this past Saturday l
at the JC Park in San
Ignacio. Interact is a Rotary e a
based organization for young
people whose purpose is to .
provide opportunities for them
to work together in a world
fellowship dedicated to service
and international understanding.
There are several Interact Clubs
around Belize.
The Rotarians conducted
a workday in the park painting -
benches and had a cookout
to support the Interact Club
to support the Interact Club ceremony for their members. the students had to work in the
in their annual pinning In order to earn their club pin, community and on club projects.

Sacred Heart College Honors

Rotary Club With Breakfast
SACRED HEART COLLEGE, ad - t ro. .t . , /
San Ignacio Town, Cayo ~f* - 4 1 .
Thursday, June 23, 2011: -. � .- .
Sacred Heart College -
celebrated the Rotary Club of -
San Ignacio this Thursday
morning for their efforts to make -
the campus safer and healthier
for their students through the
implementation of a Drainage
and Dengue Education Project.
The project has been underway
for several months with
financial support provided
through Rotary Global Grant.
After a breakfast presentation to Rotary International for the neighborhoods south of the
the Club toured the progress of funding. campus especially given that the
the drainage phase of the project The local sponsoring club campus sits at the foothill of the
looking at the new concrete had to provide a certain level of
drain running through the counterpart funding before C AYO
campus. complementary funding could
The project involves Rotary be tapped into from the Rotary R EN TA LS
Clubs around the world through Global Grant fund.
their financial support. The drainage component We are located at
Having long realized the need of the project immediately the San Ignacio
Texaco Service Station
for the drainage project, the addresses the flooding of the on the Benque Viejo Road
local Rotary club formulated campus during heavy rains in San Ignacio Town.
and submitted a project proposal and the run-off from the inS n -- lq-


Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
Students receiving a club pin
on Saturday worked a minimum
of 25 hours. Interact projects
include cleaning the JC Park,
delivering food and blankets
to needy families in local
villages, and providing a
summer chess camp for local
The Interact Club of Sacred
Heart College has a membership
of 20 students, with Mrs.
Jacqueline Jones as their
advisor. This Club has been in
existence for seven years.

western hilly terrain.
The previous pooling of
water on the campus created a
health hazard as it provided
fertile breeding grounds
for mosquitos. This condition
therefore triggered off the
educational component of the
project with the launching, this
fall, of an educational campaign
on the health issues of mosquito
borne diseases for the students
and the community.
There will be a ceremony
later this year celebrating the
completion of the drainage
system once the town has
completed the upgrades and
connections to existing town


Savannah Area,
San Ignacio, Cayo
Tel: 804-2522
Bring out your family and
friends and let them enjoy
our fine dining as well as
game room, playground
and ice cream shop.
We have something for
everyone so bring out the
entire and enjoy a clean,
friendly and secure
We Also deliver.
Please Call Us At:

NEW prefabricated metal building for
sale. Rust proof and Hurricane rated.
Made in the US 1500 square feet
(25 ft wide and 60 ft long).
Please email lorne(
for more information

We Are i ne
#1 Supplier
For The
Rental Of ALL
The Chairs, Tables
& Tents
You Need For
Any Ocassion.
We Are Offering The
BEST Prices In Town!
TEL: 824-2222

ISunday, July 3, 2011 - STAR - Tel:- 804-4900 & 626-8822 & 626-3788 -

The Garifuna Bat - Name Selected

By Researchers From Texas Tech

The Garifuna People Are Upset About The Name And

Are Seeking A Reversal And An Apology

The reason for this first letter
is to inform of the proposed
appointment of a species of bat
to be named "Garifuna," which
will take place over the next few
We need a coalition of
organizations on a temporary /
permanent basis to address this
crisis, which could have a
permanent negative impact
presently and very catastrophic
for our future generations.
Therefore, we urge you to take
action immediately.
The protest will be against the
Texas Tech Institute, which is
sponsoring the research and
responsible for the actions
undertaken by the researchers.
The following is proposed:
a) Texas Tech to rename the
mammal to "Buriri" the name
which is already provided by our
ancestors centuries ago.
b) The resignation of the
biologist involved in the nam-
ing of the bat.
c) A public apology from
Texas Tech and St. Vincent's
government to the Garifuna
d) Create a Garifuna Colle-
giate Studies Taskforce where
Texas Tech and Universities
across the country will partner
with members of the Garifuna
community to have a better
understanding of the history and
challenges of the Garifuna



"The Newspaper that
cares and dares to
bring out the truth"

42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America

Office Tel: 804-4900
Cell: 626-8822 & or 626-3788
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez

Let's stop the questionable
intentions of those who want
to denigrate our Culture,

Garifunaduaii and our name, as
we are the architects of our own
blueprint and the engineers of


our future.
As we all know this is an
issue beyond any individual.
Therefore, we must come
together as a nation to face an
attack purposely directed to
damage the integrity of our
name. Ours is the responsibil-
ity to tell the world of who we
are, and how we should be


The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) invites expressions of interest from suitably qualified
and motivated candidates in respect of the following employment opportunity.

Engineering Officer: The Engineering Officer reports to the Director - Electricity Sector.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Engineering Officer is responsible for assisting the Director, Electricity Sector in the regulation of the
electricity sector in respect of the services provided by licensees and public utility providers. Specific
duties and responsibilities related to the Electricity Sector include, but are not limited to:

a) Direct supervision of assigned staff
b) Assist in the development and implementation of Byelaws, Regulations and Orders in respect of
service quality and reliability standards
c) Assist in the development and implementation of Byelaws, Regulations and Orders in respect of
electrical installation construction standards
d) Assist in the development, review and implementation of relevant codes of practice of licensees in
respect of the services they are authorized to provide
e) Assist in the processing of applications for licenses, consents and authorizations
f) Monitoring of licensees for compliance to licence conditions and relevant Acts, Byelaws, Regula
tions, Orders, Decisions, codes of practice, and standards
g) Supervise or conduct relevant studies in relation to current and forecast trends in demand and
supply of electricity
h) Supervise the invitation, evaluation and award of competitive bids for the provision of electricity
services where appropriate
i) Assist in the conducting of rate review proceedings and filings
j) Assist in the Preparation of annual budgets and reports
k) Represent the PUC in international organizations, forums, conferences, workshops and working
groups from time to time
1) Other relevant duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time

The successful candidate shall possess:
a) Minimum of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering or related field
b) At least three (3) years' experience in a relevant position
c) Outstanding interpersonal, planning, motivational and organizational skills
d) Unwavering interest and commitment to the purpose, duties and responsibilities of the PUC

The base salary for the position will be based on personal qualifications and experience, within the salary
scale of BZ$36,000.00 to BZ$75,000.00 per annum.

The successful candidate will be entitled to an annual gratuity of 20% of base salary and to twenty (20)
working days vacation annually.

The successful candidate will also be entitled to participate in all benefit plans, if any, provided by the
PUC to its employees generally, including its ongoing training program.

The deadline for applications is 4:00 PM on July 22, 2011.
Completed applications along with two letters of reference should be sent to:

Employment Opportunity
Public Utilities Commission
41 Gabourel Lane
Belize City, Belize



Page 12 - STAR - Tel:- 804-4900 & 626-8822 & 626-3788 - Email:starnewspaper( - Sunday, July 3, 2011



By: Wellington C. Ramos

The recent ruling handed down
by the Caribbean Court of
Justice (C.C.J.) against two
former Ministers of the People's
United Party government Jose
Coye and Florencio Marin Sr.
in Belize, could have wider im-
plications in Belize, Guyana and
Barbados because these are the
only three former British
colonies that have this court as
their last court for all appeals.
These two Ministers were
accused of buying 56 parcels of
government land for a company
owned and or controlled by one
of them. They bought the land
for $1 million dollars below
market value.
A release from the Belize
Government press office
indicated that the government
won the case and that they
intend to go back to court to seek
a judgment against these two
former Ministers for the money.
When the United Democratic
Party took over the reigns of
government in February of
2008, they re-examined the land
transactions made by these two
former government Ministers
and found a lot of discrepancies
in the sale transactions. As a
result of this, the Attorney
General acting on behalf of the
government brought charges
against these two Ministers in

the courts of Belize.
The Appeals Court in Belize,
upheld the ruling that the
government of Belize had the
right to bring charges against
these two Ministers for actions
that they took while in office.
The two Ministers then
decided to appeal their cases to
the Caribbean Court of Justice
in Trinidad where they lost.
To my knowledge there has
never been any case in Belize's
history where a former Minister
or Ministers of Government
were brought to trial by a new
government for acts they
committed while serving as
Former Prime Minister of
Belize Said Musa and his
Housing Minister Ralph
Fonseca were also indicted by
this government for diverting a
large sum of money from the
Belize government that was
donated by the Venezuelan
government to provide housing
for poor people in Belize. It was
alleged that these two Ministers
allowed the money to be used to
pay off a debt to Belize Bank
that was owed by a private
medical institution bearing the
name Universal Health Services
(UHS) without the approval of
the Cabinet and the members of
the House of Representatives
and Senate.
Musa and Fonseca were
charged for theft and were
acquitted for insufficient
evidence presented by the
prosecution. Said Musa is cur-
rently running for re-election
while his comrade Ralph
Fonseca has refrain from
running for elective office.
The Attorney General's
office might be thinking about

Sabala C& Sabala Corp.
Secrlty A mmrle

* Unifornnis
* Belts

* Mace Spray
* Footwear

* Expandable Batons * Handcuffs

* Gun Pouches
* Flashlights

* Holsters
And much more...


bringing back different charges
against these two former
Ministers Said Musa and Ralph
Fonseca for the actions they
committed while they were
Ministers of government. There
are many people in Belize who
believe that the charge of Theft
was not the appropriate charge
these Ministers should have
been charged with. If they were
to be re-indicted, former Prime
Minister Said Musa would have
to withdraw his candidacy for
the Fort George constituency
which he was recently endorsed
for and allow another person to
run in his place. Since his
acquittal, he has been very
active and might be thinking
about challenging John Briceno
for the party leadership after the
Briceno led PUP is again
defeated at the municipal polls
in March 2012.
Since the last election, many
Belizeans have a negative view

of these two former Ministers
and wish that they stay out of
Belize's politics forever.
It is left to be seen however,
what will be the next step the
Dean Barrow administration
will take against these two
There are several business
deals that were made under the
previous administration that
caused the people and govern-
ment of Belize to assume a huge
BEL, BTL and several other
former government controlled
public utilities were sold for
mere pittances to huge private
investors at the expense of the
Belizean citizens and nation.
After they assumed control of
these utilities rates became so
unaffordable that the Belizean
people are now looking to the
government for protection
against any further burdensome
rate increases.

PHONE: 223-2180

Call: 600-4652 (Belize)

786-443-7154 (Miami)

Sunday, July 3, 2011 - STAR - Tel:- 804-4900 & 626-8822 & 626-3788 - Page 13

The Big Fight Is On This Saturday

Wladimir Klitschko VS David Haye

Wladimir Klitschko, left, and
David Haye after the weigh-in
for their heavyweight title bout
in Hamburg. Photograph: Odd
Andersen/AFP/Getty Images
The weigh-in for Saturday
night's world heavyweight
title fight between David
Haye and Wladimir
Klitschko has taken place in
central Hamburg, with the
Londoner roared on to the scales
by vociferous British support.
Haye, 30, weighed in at 2121b
12oz (15st 21b 12oz), two
pounds more than when he
defeated Audley Harrison last
time out and lighter than for
most of his fights at heavy-
Klitschko, as expected, was
much heavier at 2421b 8oz (17st
41b 8oz), nearly five pounds
lighter than for his last fight,
against Samuel Peter.
Klitschko is the heavy
favourite. The consensus is that
Haye (who has a record of one
defeat from 26 fights, with 23
knockouts) must knock out
the 6ft 6in Germany-based
Ukrainian to cause an upset.
Haye said: "I'm so proud to
be involved in it and to be the
guy that knocks the other
unconscious is going to be a
great feeling, to be the main
man, at the pinnacle of the
heavyweight division.
"I believe being the unified
heavyweight champion is the
pinnacle of the sport and
I'm looking forward to going
in there and claiming my
rightly-deserved titles."
Klitschko, who has a record

of 55 wins, 49 knockouts and
three knockout defeats, is happy
to keep on proving the doubters
wrong, saying: "I've been called
a dead man walking before. But
this dead man keeps walking!
"And you know what? It's
OK the way Haye talks and
represents himself. I'll
definitely enjoy the fight. I've

been involved in this for the
last two years and David Haye
has been around, talking a lot,
and now it is time for the
talking to end."
Klitschko denied he has been
wound up by Haye's numerous
publicity stunts and regular
goading. "I'm just more
focused," the Ukrainian said.



RESORT 0 NJ LLY 2N2 A ND 3" 2011.







. ) "




11 AM TO 2PM

As of June 14, 2011

Frank Tull
is no longer affiliated
with Diamond Realty
and will no longer
represent Diamond
Realty in any way.

Our office now

Larry Konechny
Irene Konechny

Daphine Vega

Diamond Realty
will continue to do
our best to make
dealing with us a
great experience.


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Eco-Kids Winners Announced

San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize June 21, 2011 - The Eco-Kids Summer Educational Adventure Camp is officially on!

Yes, the competition entry essays have all been submitted and carefully read, and the winners have been selected.

And now, 24 very lucky young people aged between eight and 13 years old will be taking part in an incredible opportunity to experience,
up-close and personal, Belize's beautiful natural environment while learning about how to help preserve this stunning national treasure and
ensure its survival into the future.

The Eco-Kids will attend the week long, all-inclusive educational adventure during the week of July 23 - 31 as Chaa Creek's guests, with
everything, from comfortable cabins at the Macal River Camp, delicious, healthy meals, a range of carefully designed activities and events, arts
and craft materials, professional naturalist guide instructors and camp counsellors all provided for free.

However, according to Lucy Fleming, who with her husband Mick own Chaa Creek and developed the Eco-Kids program, there is a catch.

"We want the kids to take this opportunity to really appreciate their natural heritage and think about how important it is to protect and
preserve it. We like to think that, over the years, the Eco-Kids program will inspire our youth and perhaps plant the seeds for further study and
maybe even add to the next generation of environmentalists."

"After all, today's environmentally aware kids represent the best chance for the future survival of Belize's spectacular, yet fragile,

The Flemings and their Chaa Creek staff have been conducting the Eco-Kids Summer Camp since 2010 and plan to continue it as an annual event
to engage young students and foster an awareness of environmental responsibility.

"It's a huge week that's chock full of activities and, to be honest, something we enjoy almost as much as the kids," Ms Fleming said, "And if
we can communicate our love and respect for this beautiful part of the world to the young people who are inheriting it, as well as the sense of
responsibility to look after it, it will be more than worth the effort."

Chaa Creek is set within a pristine 365 acre private nature reserve that is home to an extraordinary range of wildlife, birds and flora, and the
Eco-Kids program is designed so that young people will come away with a deeper understanding and respect for the natural world and their place
in it.

This years' winners had to write a 300 word essay in English explaining why they wanted to be an Eco-Kid. Six boys and six girls from each
category (Eco Greenies at 8-10 years and Eco Saplings of 11-13 years) were then picked as winners.

Congratulations Eco-Kids, and have a great adventure!

List of Winners

Girls 8- 10 years old

1. Andrea Gutierrez - San Ignacio, Cayo District
2. Shaneli Pop - Santa Elena, Cayo District
3. Kaithlynne Haylock - Belize City, Belize District
4. Chloe Auil - Belize City, Belize District
5. Esperanza Nesbitt - Barranco, Toledo District
6. Zephr Nesbitt - Barranco, Toledo District

Girls 11- 13 years old

1. Cindy Lu - Corozal Town, Corozal District
2. Stacey Grange - Corozal Town, Corozal District
3. Sundita Forbes - Burrell Boom, Belize District
4. Stephanie Ruiz - Belmopan, Cayo District
5. Brittney Garcia - Yo Creek, Orange Walk District
6. Crystal Cal - Yo Creek, Orange Walk District

Boys 8 - 10 years old

Alex Alkinson
Elias Alamina
Kory Gillett -

- Toledo District
- Belize City, Belize District
Belize City, Belize District

4. Wayne Arnold -
5. Jaron Pakeman -
6. Giovanni Pinelo

Stann Creek District
- Belize City, Belize District
- Benque Viejo Town, Cayo District

Boys 11 - 13 years old

1. Federico Reyes - Corozal Town, Corozal District
2. Nelson Esteban - San Ignacio, Cayo District
3. Clifford Richard Coc - Maya Mopan, Stann Creek District
4. Kevin Levy - Corozal Town, Corozal District
5. Abel Blanco - Yo Creek, Orange Walk District
6. T.J. Pronk - Hopkins, Stann Creek District

For more information about the Eco Kids Summer Program, please call
824-2037, email us at reservations( or visit the web
site at



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Where Are We?

Two tourists were driving
through Wisconsin.
As they were approaching
Oconomowoc, they started
arguing about the pronunciation
of the town's name.
They argued back and forth
until they stopped for lunch. As
they stood at the counter, one

tourist asked the blonde em-
ployee. "Before we order, could
you please settle an argument
for us? Would you please
pronounce where we are... very
The blonde girl leaned over the
counter and said, "Burrrrrr,
gerrrrrr, Kiiiing."

Unfit To Drink

One day Gramma sent her
Johnny down to the water hole
to get some water to cook
As he was dipping the bucket
in, he saw two big eyes looking
back at him. He dropped the
bucket and hightailed it for
Gramma's kitchen.


"Well now, where's my bucket
and where's my water?"
Gramma asked him.
"I can't get any water from
that water hole, Gramma" ex-
claimed Johnny. "There's a
BIG bad man down there!"
"Now don't you mind that
Big Ban Man, Johnny. He's

Cab Drivers

Attack Belizean Policeman

approached the group of about
five Guatemalan cab drivers
advising them to discontinue
their behavior. The group
apparently did not take lightly
to the policeman's intervention
and surrounded him. One of
them reportedly picked up a
stone and, from a close distance,
slammed it into the back of the
policeman's head. He reportedly
fell to the ground rendering him
momentarily unconscious. With
the policeman on the ground
the attacker reportedly relieved
him of a 9 mm pistol he had in
his hand. The attacker then stood
over the policeman, pointed
the gun at his head and pulled
the trigger, fortunately for the
policeman, the gun was not
fitted with a magazine. The
police regained consciousness
with the attacker still pointing
the gun at him and pulling the
trigger. The policeman quickly

sprang to his feet and reportedly
pulled out a backup 9 mm
pistol, pointed it at the attacker
and ordered him to drop the gun.
The attacker quickly dropped
the gun and the group ran across
to their side of the border.
The injured policeman was
immediately transported to the
San Ignacio Community Hospi-
tal where it took ten stitches to
close the wound he sustained to
the back of head.
Unarmed Border Management
Personnel are extremely
concerned about this practice
on the part of Guatemalan cab
drivers since they are known to
viciforously defy all orders to
vacate the area. They repeatedly
defend their presence as being
on OAS land and that on one
can remove them. OAS officials
in the area have reportedly
provided very little, if any,
assistance in addressing this
volatile situation.

been therefore a few years now,
and he's never hurt no one.
Why, he's probably as scared of
you as you are of him!"

"Well, Gramma," replied
Johnny, "if he's as scared as I
am, then that water ain't fit to

The Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea
Green tea is one of the most
popular beverages among all age (
groups. It's also knows as a
Chinese medicine, which helps for / -
treating depression as well as
headache. During the whole
processing it goes through very -
minimum oxidant. This lime -'-.ll_-
yellow coloured refreshing tea is as well as to avert the development
always a good option to get some of cancer cells.
relief from your day long stresses. * Research shows that people
Some valuable nutritional benefits going through chemotherapy
of green tea are follows: can overcome the nausea by
* Green tea is a good supplier consuming the green tea. It also
of vitamins like B, B5, H, K, A, C, helps them to feel fresh.
E & D. It's also quite popular for * For people suffering from
carrying good amount of fluoride rheumatoid arthritis, green tea has
as well as amino acids, folic acid been found to be quite beneficial
& protein, for them. It also helps you to make
* It also completes the mineral your immune system strong.
necessity by supplying sodium, * Green tea is a rich supplier of
magnesium, iron, potassium, fluorides, which is beneficial for
manganese & little bit of copper. fighting tooth decay as well as cavi-
* It's able to increase the ties.
metabolic rate along with fat * Because green tea is a rich
oxidation, which in turn is quit supplier of folic acid, doctors
beneficial for losing some weight. recommend green tea for expect-
* Green tea is known as a ing women.
completely fat free beverage. It's * Various studies revealed that
totally free from trans-fat as well people with Alzheimer's can get
as monounsaturated, saturated & some relief once they begin
polyunsaturated fat. consuming green tea.
* Green tea is quite beneficial * The presence of amino
for lowering down your whole pro- acid makes the green tea more
cess of aging because it contains beneficial for its tissue repairing
epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) quality. It's also quite helpful for
as well as catechin polyphenols. manufacturing bile acids, several
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Rodel Guerra Remanded

To Prison For A Month
i,,,=J., around 9:30 am on Thursday,
complainant, Carlos Requena, June 23, in front of A&R Store
like the accused Rodel Guerra, on the Western Highway in
was slapped with a disorderly Santa Elena, Cayo.
conduct counter charge appar- Guerra appeared in San
ently with intention to induce Ignacio's Magistrate Court on
Requena into dropping both Monday, June 27 where the
charges against Guerra in single wounding charge was
exchange for Guerra dropping read to him by Magistrate Dale
the disorderly conduct counter Cayetano.
charge against him. Prosecutor George Gomez
Requena apparently did not quickly objected to bail on the
take the bait and, with hardly grounds of the volatile and
any evidence to support the potential dangerous nature of
disorderly conduct charge the prevailing circumstances
against Requena, it was dropped citing that the distance between
even before reaching the court, the complainant and the accused
The same was likewise done for could serve to ease tensions.
Guerra. Oh - the games some Magistrate Cayetano concurred
people play!!! with the prosecutor's recom-
Consequently, Rodel Guerra, mendation resulting in Guerra
24, Belizean construction being remanded to the central
worker of #14 Carmen Street, prison in Hattieville where he
Santa Elena, Cayo was formally will remain for a month until
charged for wounding Carlos Tuesday, July 27, 2011 when he
Requena with a machete at is scheduled to reappear in court.

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