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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: December 12, 2010
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Boutique Resort
Phone # 664-7747
Pasow Falls Road. Bullet Tree

Help Wanted
Must have training in cooking and work experience in a commercial kitchen.
Need to be self motivated. Job entails, preparing and cooking lunch and dinner,
doing inventory and ordering for Kitchen. Must be honest and reliable and willing to
Must have work experience in a high end resort. Need to be self motivated. Must be
honest and reliable and have a rake charge a~ritude!
Mahogany HIall will be accepting applications after 2 pm daily.


"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"
(0 I I- -* I -


SAN IGANCIO TOWN, Cayo, Smith reported to police that they
Monday, December 6, 2010: were sitting on the verandah
Two San Ignacio men, reportedly at home when the men, riding
on a rampage with a gun, were separate bicycles, arrived in front
halted, beaten and handed over to of their house and fired a shot at
police. them from a handgun, fortunately
The pair on a rampage were no one was injured.
identified, as Kevin "Midget" The next encounter with the pair
Manzanero, 26 and Alvaro occurred about 15 minutes later.
Aldana, 18, both Belizean San Ignacio resident Jose Guerra
laborers who told the police that reported that at around 11:00 am,
they reside on Dalia Street in San he was walking on Bullet Tree
Ignacio Town. Road in San Ignacio Town when
The rampage began to unfold at the men rode up to him and one of
around 10:45 am on Friday, them placed a handgun to the left
December 2, when San Ignacio side of his head after which they Kevin "Midget" Manzanero, 26
Town residents Johan Bermudez, both rode off. rampage, occurred about 20
Garnet Bermudez and Dudley The third incident, ending the minutes later on 6th Street also in

Cristo Rey Businesswoman's Vehicle Stolen In Belize City
MUNICIPAL AIRSTRIP, Belize She returned to the airstrip at parked the previous day.
City, Wednesday, December 7, around 10:00 am the following day Latest information reaching us
2010: only to find out that her vehicle was indicated that the vehicle was
A nationwide search is underway missing from the spot where it was found in Orange Walk.
as police are looking for a white
2006 Isuzu D-Max double cab
pick-up truck with Cayo license
plates C-27305 reported stolen
from the Municipal Airstrip in
Belize Citythe property of
In a statement to the police, the. / ..
owner of the missing vehicle,
Nadege Thomas, businesswoman
residing in village of Cristo Rey,
Cayo, informed that at around 3:30
pm on Tuesday 7th December, she .
parked and locked up the vehicle -
at the airstrip and left.. r. ._ -

0.0 ea;on9

Alvaro Aldana, 18
San Ignacio Town. This time
however, the pair chose a tougher
San Ignacio police say that they
were called out to 6th Street where
they found both men laying on the
street with visible head injuries.
Also on the scene were Anthony
Rodriguez and his brother Simon
Willacy keeping guard over the
injured men.
Anthony Rodriguez told the
police that the men arrived at his
house on separate bicycles and that
one of them pulled out a handgun,
fired two shots into the air, he then
pointed the gun at Rodriguez and
pulled the trigger but fortunately
the gun snapped after which
Rodriguez and his brother Simon,
grabbed them and administered a
P leas-eI TuIrn" To Pag-e _

Il u~Se I me n T Y Blue Angels Night Club
,I Vacancies For Experienced Waitressed & Security Guards
Blue lgels Nighb Blue Angels Night Club Call Us At: 663 1313

Check out our FACEBOOKpage: Blue, Email: : .:. : .. .


Rotary Club's Motorcycle Raffle

And Spaghetti Day A Success!

Mary Lee Langlois (R) was the thrilled winner of the
motorcycle as Rotarian William, "Bill" Butcher (L) looks on

BY- Cynthia Reese
Wednesday, December 1, 2010:
The Rotary Club of San Ignacio
hosted their Spaghetti Day and a
Motorcycle Raffle at the San
Ignacio Market Place on Saturday,
November 27.
A rummage sale also raised funds
for the Club's scholarship work.
With great support from the
local community and club
members, the raffle for the donated
motorcycle was a big success.
Mary Lee Langlois was the
thrilled winner of the motorcycle.
A special thank you goes to Elias
Awe for being the official ticket
drawer for the raffle.
Rotary focuses on Fellowship

December 7, 2010:
The Women's Circle of Belize
hosted a launch promoting the
recent survey conducted on the
south side of Belize City.
The launch was held on
Thursday, December 9h from 9:30
to 11:00 am at the Samuel Haynes
Institute on Mahogany Street in
Belize City.
The survey encompassed more
than 100 women in the summer of
2010 and was conducted to assess
the current situation of domestic
violence in our communities.
The findings of the study
revealed that domestic violence is,
indeed, an ongoing epidemic and
that a great number of women are
continuing to suffer in silence due
to the stigma still attached to

between its members so the
preparation of the spaghetti sauce
was a great deal of fun on Friday
night. The noodle cooking, serving
the plates and managing the
rummage sale brought more club
members together. We had a few
volunteers jumping in to help as
The Rotary Clun of San Ignacio
to everyone supporting our efforts
during these events!
The proceeds raised from these
activities support the Club's
focus on "Educate our Youth,"
particularly in providing
scholarship funds for deserving
high school students.
Please stay tuned for other Rotary
Club events.

The Women's Circle of Belize is
a group of supportive, action
oriented women who want to make
positive changes in our lives, our
communities, and our society.
The organization works for
women's rights, gender equality,
and for every woman to reach her
full potential. The group works
through member support, women's
development, public awareness
and advocacy.
Please contact Joyce Flowers at
222-5547 for more information
regarding the launch e-mail
Women's Circle at
womenscirclebelize(@gmail. com.
Women's Circle meets every
Tuesday night at 5:30 pm at the St.
Martin de Porres Preschool. Come,
join us!

Coming Soon Our Own Magistrate

District, Friday, December 10,
After going several months
without a resident magistrate, we
were today reliably informed that
this situation will soon be

As of Monday, December 13,
2010, Attorney Dale Cayetano
will be permanently assigned to
San Igancio's Magistrate Court.
Dale Cayetano is fresh out of
Law School and, along with
Richard Bradley Jr., he is the
latest addition to the magistracy.


beating before calling the police.
Rodriguez handed over the firearm
to the police which turned out to
be a silver and black, Sig Sauer
brand pistol bearing serial number
AE25605 fitted with a magazine
containing seven 9mm bullets.
The injured men were
transported to the San Ignacio
Community Hospital where they
were treated and released into
police custody.
Interestingly however, whilst
standard police procedures require
all detained persons to be
immediately and thoroughly
searched upon detention, either
the conduct of this procedure was
totally omitted or not thoroughly
done in the handling of Manzanero
as a nurse at the hospital handed
over a 9 mm bullet to the police
which she said was retrieved from
a front pocket of the pants
Manzanero was wearing.
The investigation subsequently
led to the formal arrest and joint
charging of Kevin Manzanero and
Alvaro Aldana as follows:
1) Attempt murder of Anthony
Rodriguez; 2) Three counts of
aggravated assault committed
against Johan Bermudez, Garnet

Bermudez and Dudley Smith;
3) Kept unlicensed firearm; 4) Kept
ammunition without a license in
connection with the seven 9mm
bullets; 5) Discharging a firearm in
Kevin Manzanero was
additionally charged for possession
of unlicensed ammunition for the
single 9mm bullet reportedly found
by the nurse in his pocket.
The accused Kevin Manzanero
and Alvaro Aldana appeared before
Magistrate Albert Hoare on
Monday, December 6, where all
charges were read to them after
which they were remanded to
central prison to be brought back
to court on Wednesday, January 5,


Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Tel: 626-8822 or
626- 3788
Visit us on the internet at:

Women's Circle Launches Survey On

Domestic Violence In Southern Belize

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Sunday, December 12, 2010 1

Sunday, December 12, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3



Pae4-SAI e: 2-82&62-78-EalsanwpprgaI~o udy eebr1,21

Garifuna Celebr
RT.. AValll;.fTn" C- Va" n t^-

at@ ion Michigan, USA

Dy; vv: weiiiLn n u. itdIIOS

The Belize Garifuna Cultural
Organization of Michigan had a
splashdown in Southfied City in
Celebration of Garifuna Settlement
On Saturday, November, 19,
2010, the Belize Garifuna Cultural
Organization of Michigan, USA,
(BGCOM) under the leadership of
its dedicated Chairperson Ms
Sandra Ellis, held its annual
Garifuna Settlement Day Cultural
event in Southfield City
People from throughout the state
of Michigan and other parts of the
United States travelled to
Southfield to witness this historic




The day commemorated the
167th anniversary since the
Garifuna people fled from
Honduras and landed on the shores
of Stann Creek and Toledo Districts
in Belize Central America in 1823.
The Guest of Honor for the event
was the Mayor of Southfield
Michigan Honorable Brenda L.
The Mayor spoke about how
proud she is to be the head of a city
that prides itself for being a
multicultural city.
A member of the organization
was assigned to the Mayor on her
arrival to give her a briefing on the
history of the arts, crafts, food,
language, religion and other
aspects of the Garifuna culture.
"Garifuna" is used when refer-
ring to one person with
"Garinagu" being the plural.
The scheduled events for the
evening included cultural arts and
crafts display as well as a re-enact-
ment of the official landing of the
Garifuna with their leaders Elijio
Benni and Satulle to the shores of
Belize. There was also Garifuna
and Belizean food. The event
ended with a grand dance.
Earlier this year, BGCOM



We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America
and the world.



Contact John on 678 2000

or stop by our office
30, Burns Avenue
San Ignacio.
824 -0550



Check out
our website at:

sponsored a Garifuna Youth
Cultural Awareness Workshop for
the youths residing in Michigan to
teach them all the various aspects
of the Garinagu culture.
We are conscious of the fact that
if we do not make serious efforts
to teach our children about the
language, religion, arts, crafts and
other custom traditions the cultural
could be lost.
In addition, every year we make
it our duty to produce an annual
booklet that detail our activities, the
annual goal and appreciation for
the people and businesses that
supported us throughout these
We intend to continue conducting
these workshop annually on other
issues all related to educating
people especially our youths
about the culture so that it could
be preserved for generations to
The event was also to recognize
and acknowledge some of the
Garifuna women teachers who
have contributed tremendously to
the education of many Belizean
citizens throughout Belize. The
women who were acknowledged
included; Mrs. Ethel Sampson-
Ellis, Mrs. Felecia Ogaldez-
Hernandez, Mrs. Juanita
Castillo-Joseph, Ms. Regina
Ogaldez, Mrs. Rita Servio-
Palacio and Mrs. Sylvia Castillo-
Sampson. These great women
had to take care of their families
while teaching in remote villages
where transportation and living
conditions were not up to today's
In the early 1970's, Sarita
Benguche-Ramos founded the
Belize Association of Michigan to
bring together Belizeans living in
the state of Michigan in order to
conduct several activities for the
benefit of all Belizeans.
Sarita is the daughter of the late

Lorenzo Benguche one of the
original founders of the Garifuna
Settlement Day in Belize along
with the legendary Thomas
Vincent Ramos.
In the early years, the Garifuna
people in Detroit and other parts of
Michigan organized excursions
from their cities to Chicago in
order to join other Garinagu to
celebrate their day. This pattern
continued up until 2006, until Ms.
Sandra Ellis assembled some
Garinagu, Belizeans and African
Americans to assist her in having
our own annual celebration and
dance. This led to the formation
and development of the Belize
Garifuna Cultural Organization of
The Garifuna and Belizean
community in the state of
Michigan is not large so the
association reaches out to other
Americans, West Indian and
African communities for support.
Notwithstanding, the members of
BGCOM are committed and
dedicated to do everything in their
capacity to preserve their resilient
Among the officers of this
organization are African Americans
and people who are not Garifuna.
BGCOM is appealing to the
community at large to assist with
contribution or donation.
Persons interested in learning
more about the organization can do
so by contacting the Chairperson
at; belizegrifunami(@gmail.com.
For me, a Belizean living in
New York, it was a wonderful
experience because I have not, in a
long time, attended, in New York
City, a Garifuna cultural event that
was culturally diverse as this one
The message I got from the event
is that, apart from the Garinagu
people, there are others who are
impressed and want to see this
culture remain vibrant forever.

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824-2076 or 670-2329 E-mail:



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Sunday, December 12, 2010 1


1,4 IA'jlk


Sunday, December 12, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5

Five Of Six Lawmen Charged In Connection

With Airplane And Colombian Cocaine

against all six accused was ad-
While Sgt. Cajun was released
on Supreme Court bail on

BELIZE CITY, Thursday,
December 9, 2010:
The investigation into the
November 13, 2010 landing of a
drug plane on the Southern
Highway and the discovery of
almost 3,000 kilograms of
Colombian cocaine off the
highway about eight miles away,
culminated today as five of the six
accused were formally arranged
on the joint charge of abetment
in facilitating the landing of an
airplane with 2,921 kilos of cocaine
between miles 56 and 57 on the
Southern Highway.
The five individual so charged
are (1) Sergeant Jacinto Roches,
42, residing at #22 Tangerine
Street, Belmopan, attached to the
Internal AffairsDepartment (IAD)
at National Police Headquarters,
(2) Sergeant Lawrence Humes,
38, residing in the City of
Belmopan where he is also

(1) Sergeant Jacinto Rocles, 42
(3) Corporal Renel Granti, 33
of a Libertad Village, Corozal
District address, a former driver
for the Governor General, now
attached to Eastern Division's
Traffic Department in Belize City;
(4) Corporal Nelson
Middleton, 39, residing in
Camalote Village, Cayo District,

The Drug Plane Smack In The Middle Of The Southern Highway

(2) Sergeant Law rence Humes, 38
the assigned police driver for the
Governor General and
(5) Customs Boatman, Harold
Usher, 36, of a Finca Solana
address in Corozal, a former
policeman who was once attached
to the Police Anti Drug Unit
(ADU) before moving over to the
Customs Department.
The sixth individual,Sergeant
Vidal Cajun, 46, from the
Intermediate Southern Formation
(ISF), in Independence Village,
Stann Creek District, has thus far
managed to escape charges for
direct connection to the airplane
and the cocaine.
While Dickie Bradley continues
as their lead attorney, he was not
present in court for today's
arraingment. The case was
adjourned until Wednesday,
February 9, 2011 which is the
same date to which the previous
firearrm and ammunition charge

(3) Corporal Renel Grant, 33

(4) Corporal Nelson Middleton,39
" i,. -ne ^ ^


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(5) Harold Usher, 36,
Customs Boatman

Sergeant Vidal Cajun, 46

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Customer Service Rules Everyone Needs To Know Juan Chucs
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Produced by: fuelled themselves up. Good for business, good for life in J l Chuc
xtremebusinessworld.com That habit of giving someone a general.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 7

Selling Unsatisfactory Products
Dear Editor; repair shop which I did, only to find
In the last 8 months I have had out that the model was old and they
reasons to complain about the do not make the parts anymore.
products sold in the stores in San The question I ask is: Why am I
Ignacio. forced to change one black dog for
I went into a store to buy a a monkey.
remote control for my TV only to The Health Department check
later find out that it did not work stores for expired goods, so there
so I went back to the shop and was should also be a public agency that
told bluntly that the store does not checks these stores. If stores are
give a refund and that all they could charging high prices at least the
do was to exchange it for another products should be good. However,
one. The product was changed 3 it looks like they are selling either
times before I found one that rejects, counterfeit or low quality
worked. products.
I also purchased a pair of shoes In closing I have noticed that
that did not even last a day. Same whenever I shop at COURTS the
thing no refund only exchange for staff is very helpful. They know the
another pair which I did not like products they are selling and
but had to take. I brought a they have good quality products,
BZ$500 TV set and got 6 months SOMETIMES WHEN WE TRY
guarantee. Four months later it TO SAVE MONEY IT ENDS
blew up. I took it to back to the COSTING US MORE!
store, they told me to take it to the Bob Jones

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Public Utilities Commission

In exercise of the powers conferred upon it by
Section 19(12) of the Belize Telecommunications
Act, No. 16 of 2002, and Section 11(3) of the
Telecommunications (Licensing Classification,
Authorization, and Fee Structure) Regulations,
2002, and all other powers thereunto enabling, the
Public Utilities Commission (PUC; the
Commission) serves Notice this day, November
30, 2010, that effective January 1, 2011, it intends
to revoke the Internet Service Provider (ISP) class
licenses granted to the following license holders:

a) Central Telecommunications Limited
c) Wireless Internet Solutions (Pier 1)
d) IPO Networks Limited
e) Mirrornet Limited
f) International Technologies Limited
g) Belize Internet Group
h) H2TECH Limited
i) SW Wireless
j) Paradise Communication Limited
k) Alliance IP
1) IT Solutions Limited

Reasons for Intended License Revocations:
The Commission intends to revoke the ISP Class
Licenses granted to the above license holders
for failure to pay the required approval fees
associated with the granting of their licenses,
failure to provide the services required by their
respective licenses, and/or failure to submit
required annual returns with respect to their
licensed businesses.

Where any of the above license holders remedies
the breaches referred to immediately above within
thirty (30) days commencing with the date of this
Notice and to the satisfaction of the Commission,
the Commission shall withdraw its proposal to
revoke the respective license.

Issued by the Public Utilities Commission
on November 30, 2010.

Pae8-SAI e: 2-82&62-78-EalsanwpprgaI~o udy eebr1,21

March 22 to
April 20
The coming week sees you in
a bit of frenzy. There is good
work, inspiration is prodding
you on and luck favors you too.
Seek information on all aspects
before sealing a deal. Also,
frame your communication very
clearly. You may achieve one
major goal in this phase. Lucky
Numbers: 03, 82, 96.

April 21 to May 21
You will experiment with
your will power and look
the challenges in the eye.
Confidence as well as morale
will be high. You could be
taking a peek into the past for
settling some issues as well as
passing on lessons learnt.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 27, 99.

fl\\ May 22 to June 21
You will no doubt be working
hard and all quite willingly.
There will be good results
coming in as rewards for your
efforts. A general good mood
will prevail keeping you up
beat. Personal interactions and
family relations will grant great
satisfaction. Financial gains
are also indicated. Lucky
Numbers: 25, 36, 50.

.. . CANCER:
._:-. June 22 to
July 23
Your professional work gains
momentum. Use this favorable
period to consolidate your
position. You may even work
towards getting a new image
as you arrive at a greater
understanding of what works for
you. You may have a different
experience with emotions as you
do a reality check. Lucky
Numbers: 62, 77, 86.

July 24 to
*' "', August 21
The week begins with many
tasks to accomplish. Your
social calendar is likely to be
full. Entertaining guests and
striking up business deals over
dinner may be just the thing.
Preparations for kicking off a
new project or policy measure
may be on in full swing. Lucky
Numbers: 33, 56, 95.

1[- August 22 to
September 21
This is one phase when you
cannot afford to be laidback.
Opportunities in all sectors of
life are there. An old relationship
may be rekindled. Apply
yourself in the best manner to
the tasks before you. Some
amount of risk-taking will be
required of you, but do keep a
realistic picture in mind. Lucky
Numbers: 06, 24, 31.

September 22 to
October 23
This is a phase where you will
be blessed with stamina and
good health. Work shines
brilliantly and you enjoy what
you do. Collaborative works
will set pace for better future
opportunities. You may have
to shoulder a few more
responsibilities. You need to
assert yourself, although gently
if you wish to keep your peace.
Lucky Numbers: 48, 65, 73.
S October 24 to
LC~ November 21
The coming week brings
rewards for you that are
more material in nature. You
will achieve success at
work. You may receive some
monetary benefit too.
Professional activity will pick
up pace. You will need to look
at proposals carefully and see if
you can handle them. Lucky
Numbers: 05, 10, 25.

SNovember 22 to
December 21
The coming week will be
hectic. Brace yourself for a
professionally challenging time,
where you will have to put in
more hours and may have to
diffuse some crisis situation too.
However, you are able to fulfil
all responsibilities within
deadlines. Lucky Numbers: 21,
70, 89.

S December 22 to
January 20
One deeply introspective
phase for you. You may be
totally focused on self-improve-
ment. You will reach out to
people and show them that you

can be a better individual. Your
interactions will therefore be
positive and gratifying. Lucky
Numbers: 42, 55, 60.

January 21 to
February 19
You will have a new outlook
and perspective towards life.
You may realign your targets,
especially professional ones,
more realistically. You could
also make some travel plans or
a holiday with your loved ones.
The highnoint is that you can

share your dreams with someone
close to you. Lucky Numbers:
44, 49, 52.
.'i" February 20 to
March 21
Allow yourself to blossom and use
your positive traits to increase
your confidence. There could be
an adventurous or unusual event
in this week that will be the
talking point for quite some time.
Don't feed tendencies of self-pity
and retrieving sad events from the
past. Lucky Numbers: 02, 67,

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Credit Card to pay for
local purchases

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Sunday, December 12, 2010 1

Sunday, December 12, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperkgmail.com Page 9

The Lodge At Chaa Creek Classified As One
Of The World's Top Ecotourism Destinations
4 p

One of the world's foremost top ecolodges.
landscape architects, environmen- Chaa Creek shares the distinction
tal planners and architects has with only sixteen other world class
included The Lodge at Chaa Creek eco resorts in Kenya, Australia,
in his new book's list of the world's Morocco, India and other exotic

Southern Regional to be

certified as a

Baby-Friendly Hospital

Thursday, December 9, 20
The Ministry of Health a
United Nations Children's
(UNICEF) is pleased to ann
that the Southern Reg
Hospital will be certifi
Baby-Friendly on Mo
December 13th, 201
Dangriga Town at 2:00pm
The Ministry is especially
because this ceremony com
month after Belize was ho
with the Americas Award 2
the category of "Improvem
Maternal Health" attend
the Minister of Health,
Hon. Pablo Marin at a
ceremony on November
15th, 2010 in Atlanta,
The Southern Regional
Hospital is the fifth
hospital within the
public sector that has
met all criteria in the
promotion, protection
and support to successful
No private hospital
has yet achieved this
important standard.
Breastfed infants have a
decreased risk of diar-
rhea, allergic skin
disorders, respiratory and
ear infections among
The Baby-Friendly
Hospital Initiative
(BFHI) is a global
program sponsored by
the World Health
Organization (WHO)
and the United Nations
Children's Fund
(UNICEF) to encourage
and recognize hospitals
that offer an optimal level
of care for infant feeding.

nd the
ed as
0 in

es one
010 in
tent of
ed by

The BFHI assists hospitals in giv-
ing mothers the information, con-
fidence, and skills needed to suc-
cessfully initiate and continue
breastfeeding their babies.
The Karl Heusner Memorial
Hospital, Corozal Community
Hospital and Northern Regional
Hospital were all certified in 2008.
Punta Gorda Community Hospital
was certified in the month of
August 2010.
For More Information contact:Dr.
Natalia Beer, Director, Maternal
and Child Health, Ministry of
Health, 501-822-2363 /2325

locales in Hitesh Mehta's new
book, Authentic Ecolodges, which
publisher Harper Collins
describes as "A must have
reference guide, perfect for
anyone interested in the future
of tourism facilities, sustainable
architecture, and the health and
well-being of our planet"
Chaa Creek's Owner/General
Manager Lucy Fleming said
that she was honoured to have
her family's Belizean eco resort
included in the distinguished list.
"It certainly is an honour
to share company with such
eminent, beautiful resorts from
around the world. To be honest,
Chaa Creek evolved into what it
is over a period of time, so this is
more a recognition of fitting in
with nature rather thanfollowing
a strict building plan," Ms
Fleming said.
Chaa Creek began life as a
family farm started along the banks
of Belize's Macal River by Lucy
and her husband Mick in the
1970's. It has since grown into a
private 365 acre nature reserve

and resort with a natural history
centre, medicinal plant trail,
stables, pool and spa.
With over 70 Maya archaeologi-
cal sites catalogued on the property
and located between the ancient
cities of Caracol and Tikal, Chaa
Creek is also a hub for Maya
culture and research.
Mr. Mehta's new book is the
result of 30 months research
travelling through 46 countries
around the world. As a board
member of the International
Ecotourism Society he also
authored The International
Ecolodge Guidelines, as well as
other books, articles and papers.
He is also a renowned speaker and
I n addition to its natural beauty,
Chaa Creek was noted for its
conservation programs, such
as the Black Howler Monkey
Reintroduction Project; its
Maya sites and ecoadventure
activities such as canoeing,
trekking, jungle mountain biking,
caving, Maya exploration and
cultural and eco-oriented tours and
"It is great to see that our labour
of love is recognized internation-
ally, and that there are other
resorts around the world using
sustainable practices in such
beautiful ways, "Ms. Fleming said.
For more information about
The Lodge at Chaa Creek, contact
the property at 824-2037,

or visit our


Kahl's Garage I

Every Saturday

Do It Yourself, Repair Your Car On Your Own

Rent Tools & Space To Do Your Own Repairs

/2 Mile Iguana Creek Bridge, Spanish Lookout

Belize / Central America, Cell: 00501 628 9588


ae 1 Nd CE

A woman was leaving a
restaurant on Burns Avenue last
Friday evening when she noticed a
most unusual funeral procession
making its way down the street.
There was a first pickup truck
with a coffin in the back followed
by a second pickup truck with
another coffin.
Behind the second pickup was a
solitary woman walking a pit bull
on a leash.
Behind her, a short distance back,
were about 100 women walking in
The woman was so curious that
she respectfully approached the
woman walking the dog and said,
The Sunday before Christmas, a
pastor told his congregation that the
church needed some extra money.
He asked them to consider
putting a little more than usual into
the collection plate. He said that
whoever gave the most would be
able to pick out three hymns. After
the offering plates were passed, the
pastor glanced down and noticed
that someone had placed stock
of$100 bills in the collection plate.
He was so excited that he
immediately shared his joy with the
congregation and said he'd like to
personally thank the person who
An Embarrassing Chri
After many years of shopping for
Christmas gifts for the family,
Granny Alice, now advanced in
age, found that shopping for
Christmas gifts had become too
difficult, so she decided to
shortcut the tedious process by
sending checks instead to everyone
on her list

"I am so sorry for your loss,
and I know now is a bad time to
disturb you, but I have never seen
a funerallike this. Whose funeral
is it?"
"My husband's."
"What happened to him?"
"My dog attacked and killed
"And who is in the second
"My mother-in-law. She was
trying to help my husband when
the dog turned on her."
A long moment of silence passed
between the two women.
"Can I borrow your dog?"
"Get in line."
The Pastor's Words
placed the money in the plate.
A very quiet, elderly, saintly
looking lady all the way in the back
shyly raised her hand. The pastor
asked her to come forward.
Slowly she made her way to the
alter. He told her how wonderful it
was that she gave so much and in
keeping with his promise asked her
to pick three hymns.
Her eyes brightened as she
looked over the congregation,
pointed to the three most handsome
men in the church and proudly
announced, "I'll take him, him
and him. "
istmas For Granny Alice
On each card she wrote, "Buy
your own present, and she mailed
them early.
It was a few days after Christmas
as she was to clearing things off the
table that she was horrified to find,
under a stack of papers, all gift
checks, which she had forgotten to
enclose with each card.

3Sn flemoriam
In the Loving memory Of a Dear Father,
Grandfather, Uncle and Friend

Victor ModestoValdez I

Who departed this life 2 sad
years ago on December 1, 2008,
Sadly missed by Sons,
Daughters, Nieces, Nephews,
Other Relatives and Friends.
Rest In Eternal Peace

In accordance with the Moneylender's Act Chapter 260(S) of the Laws of Belize
Revised Edition 2000, I, LIDI M. FLORES ofBenque Viejo Road, San Ignacio
Town do hereby give notice that it is my intention to apply at the sitting be held
at San Ignacio Magistrate's Court on the 22nd day of December 2010 next
ensuing for a certificate authorizing me to obtain a Moneylender's Certificate
in the name of the business carried on by me in the mane of LEIDY'S PAWN
SHOP in the premises on Benque Viejo Road, San Ignacio Town in the Cayo

The Strange Funeral Procession


Savannah Area, San Ignacio, Cayo Tel: 804-2522
Bring Your Family and Friends to Hode's Place and
let them enjoy our fine dining, as well the Game
Room, the Playground and the Ice Cream Shop.

We have something for everyone. Bring out the entire
Family and enjoy a clean, friendly and secure environment.
We Also deliver. Please Call Us At: 804-2522

I Page 10 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkc>gmail. com

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
of Belize, Revised Edition 2000,
that ELVIA SEGURA is applying for
the renewal of her SHOP LIQUOR
LICENSE for the year 2011 to operate
Georgeville Village in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
are applying for the renewal of their
LICENSE for the year 2011 to operate
THE JUNCTION located at Mile 9 in
the Mountain Pine Ridge Area in the
Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
for the renewal of her RESTAURANT
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year
2011 to operate MOUNTAIN EQUES-
TRIAN TRAIL located at Mile 8,
Mountain Pine Ridge Area in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
NADEGE THOMAS is applying
for the renewal of her RESTAURANT
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2011
located at Mile 6, Cristo Rey Road, Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
HERNAN OCHAETA is applying
for the renewal of his BEER LIQUOR
LICENSE for the year 2011 to operate
HANGOUT EL CHE located in the
Market Area, San Ignacio Town in the
Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
are applying for the renewal of a
for the year 2011 to operate
CHAMPIONS BAR located in the
Savannah Area of San Ignacio Town in
the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
for the renewal of her MALT &
year 2011 to operate LA GATITA
located at #8 Carillo Puerto Avenue,
Santa Elena Town, Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
JAVIER SILVA is applying for
the renewal of his PUBLICAN
for the year 2011 to operate REHAB
@ PIACHE located on Buena Vista
Street, San Ignacio Town in the Cayo

Notice is hereby be given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
applying for the renewal of her
LICENSE for the year 2011 to
operate CARACOL BAR located at
Mile 62 on the Western Highway in
the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby be given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
JOHN LOPEZ is applying for
the renewal of his PUBLICAN
the year 2011 to operate PALMS 2000
located in Esperanza Village in the
Cayo District.

Notice is hereby be given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
for the renewal of her
LICENSE for the year 2011 to
operate TRASH TOP located in
Esperanza Village in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby be given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor License
Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws
of Belize, Revised Edition 2000,
is applying for the renewal
LICENSE for the year 2011 to
located in the Mountain Pine Ridge
Area of the Cayo District.

Sunday, December 12, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 11

Kazoku Shotokan Karate Dojyo Making Waves
On Sunday, November 28,2010, -I and second place in team
the Martial Arts Academy, Belize kumite.
City Branch held its annual O'neil Simpson k4 kata
tournament competition at the division and team kumite
Civic Center in Belize City. attaining second place in both
San Ignacio's Kazoku Shotokan I kata and team kumite.
Karate Dojyo made an impressive Kevin Heredia k7
show by capturing 15 medals (four kumite, k9 kata and team
gold, eight silver and three 4 kumite under 12 bringing
bronze). I home first place in k7 kumite,
This was the second local second place in k9 kata and
tournament the Kazoku Shotokan .,,, team kumite.
Karate Dojyo (KSKD) has Sonia Valdez k7 kumite
participated and its presence was and kata with first place in
felt in the tournament as its fellow kumite and second place in
karatekas demonstrated strength, kata. Sonia was the only
skills, determination, and stamina female fighter in this division
with their adversaries. who had to face male
This performance came on competitors during her kumite

the heels of KSKD spectacular
performance in an open tournament
held in San Salvador where they
also brought home medals.
The Kazoku Shotokan Karate
Dojyo, located at #10 Awe Street
in San Ignacio Town, Cayo, was
established by Sensei Rito
Fernandez on January 30, 2009
and since then the club has grown
in numbers to over 30 students.
The KSKD proved to be a
credible contenders for the
members of Martial Arts Academy
and other participating Shotokan
Karate clubs. It is the first club that
has stepped up its game and has
competed on a whole new level
against Martial Arts Academy (Red
Dragons) and other Shotokan
Karate Clubs.
Members of the KSKD competed
in both individual and team events
in kata and kumite. Through this
medium, Sensei Rito Fernandez
would like to give thanks to the
fellow karatekas who participated
in the tournament:

Three of the young Karatekas
participating in the competition
Tea Sutherland kl kata
Sayan Penados k4 kata and kumite
division, and team kumite under 12
capturing third place in his kumite division

Anthony Reyes
kumite and kata.
Paulita Carrillo
kumite and kata with
place in kata.
* Angelica Rosado -
kumite and kata bringing
second place in kata.



- k7



* Roylando Fernandez -kl 1
kumite and kata securing
second place in kata.
Marvin Quitero -kll
kumite and kata, and team
kumite for adults. Marvin
brought home third place in
kata and second place in team
kumite .
Rafael Quitero kll
kumite and kata and team
kumite capturing second place
in team kumite.
* Arnaldo Maldonado k 1
kumite and kata.
Everaldo Pinelo kll
and team kumite with second
place in both team kumite and
kll division.
* Myra Pinelo k13 kumite
and kata with first place in both
kumite and kata.
Sensei Rito Fernandez is
very proud of the team's
performance and will continue
training and pushing them to
surpass their current skill level
in both katas, kumite and the
principles underlying the
discipline of karate.


I 'i

Myra Pinelo participated in
k13 kumite and kata
capturing first place in
both events





Pae1I TR-Tl-6682 6638 mi tresaeIgai~o udy eebr1,21

Como un prop6sito explicit
y primordial, el ministry Hon.
Erwin Contreras ha cumplido su
compromise de ayuda al
estudiantado del area, teniendo
como base que la superaci6n
personal, solo puede encaminarse
a traves de la educaci6n, por ello
como el afio pasado, se propuso el
objetivo de cancelar el pago de 5
examenes CXC para cada alumno
del area Cayo Oeste, este plan
de apoyo del ministry Contreras
beneficia mas de 120 estudiantes,
que cursan 4a forma en los colegios
Sacred Heart High School, Mopan
Technical High School y Mount
Carmel High School.
El dia martes 30 de noviembre el
ministry Contreras, realize una
visit personalmente a los planteles
escolares para entregar el donativo,
que cancela el costo de 5 examenes
CXC para los estudiantes del area
Cayo Oeste. El director del Mopan
Technical professor Frank Tun,
expreso que este gesto es de gran

El ministry Erwin Contreras (D) con
el director de la escuela secundaria
Mount Carmel
ayuda para los j6venes, especialmente los de
families de escasos recursos, dijo que esto marca
una pauta entire los estudiantes del area y agradeci6
en nombre del colegio por el esfuerzo personal de

ministry, para impulsar la
educaci6n sin ver
preferencias ni partidos
El Ministro Erwin
Contreras expreso que
como parte de su manifest,
estaba el de impulsar la
educaci6n en todos los
niveles, lo que se a
cumplido con la ayuda a
las escuelas, y a las families
de escasos recurso.
Tambien dijo que cientos
de estudiantes se han
beneficiado, con la ayuda
del gobierno y de su
ministerio con ayudas
econ6micas y becas
de studio. Dijo que
la mejor satisfacci6n es
ver a tantos estudiantes

fuera de nuestras fronteras,
preparandose en los
mejores colegios y
universidades, con la ayuda
del gobierno de Belice.
El ministry Contreras
expreso, que continuara
con su plan de gobierno a
favor de los estudiantes de
su area sin restricci6n
alguna, y agradeci6 a los
principles por el apoyo
mostrado hacia los
estudiantes de Cayo Oeste.
Dijo que este es un
compromise dentro de su
manifest, que lo llena de
satisfacci6n y orgullo cada
vez que un estudiante es
graduado del colegio.
Porque cada estudiante
graduado es un ciudadano
positive para la sociedad

Win any or ALL of these

I '

e soo. n
.i08, 12 9ll.. Dor .0 10-oo 1. L1 lo I12,. bes o cl LW eW
for or fr fr fo fo



AlsgetFRE enrie fo th CAH PIZEof$ 100 10

OR ~ ~ ~ r


El ministry Erwin Contreras (C) con oficiales de la
escuela secundaria Mopan Technical
______________ ________________



iMaO e iuily ou and enjoy
*eIbrawNd rb.
S see our NEltvU COrchd How
Enjoy a drink and rela on
duPldop s crk af your wit
Open 7" daysa wekt
'unimfldpi m

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 13

Celebrating Human Righ
BY: Maria Gamero, Co Chair/
President Human Rights
THURSDAY, December 9,2010:
The Human Rights Commission
of Belize (HRCB) in celebrating
Human Rights Day 2010 congratu-
lates all Belizeans for standing up
for their rights throughout the year.
The HRCB is pleased to observe
that there is an increased under- H IR .C B ,
standing of human rights by our
fellow Belizeans and as a result protecting their rights and the rights
more people are promoting and of those too vulnerable to speak

Same go4d 3wamin4 Civatma
BY: Catharine DeRenzis opportunity to expose the children
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo to performance experiences
Thursday, December 9, 2010: and to expose the community to
The Cayo Music School is some good family Christmas
holding its Annual Christmas entertainment.
Concert this Sunday December
12th at 3 pm at the San Ignacio -r,**.
Hotel's Bedran Hall. B S f
Come celebrate the season with
the young musicians of Cayo!
This event is sponsored by The .
Institute of Creative Art (ICA) from
the National Institute of Culture .it
History (NICH) as well as by
Atlantic Bank Limited "Your
Friendly Bank".
The concert provides an exciting


Tel: 804-2659 & 675-6179


*Repair Tale.

Guaranteed Services
We AMS To Please


TEL: 824-2222
We Are The #1 Supplier
For The Rental Of ALL ______
The Chairs, Tables &
Tents You Need For
Any Ocassion.
We Are Offering The
BEST Prices In Town!

its Day 2010
out. We see children, women,
refugees, workers, and persons
with mental illness or other
disabilities and many others
asserting their rights and freedoms,
demanding to be treated with
respect and dignity.
The HRCB also encourages the
government of Belize and all those
in positions of authority and
leadership to adhere to the
fundamental rights and freedoms in
the Belize Constitution. HRCB
further encourages the government

Admission at the door is $8.
Tickets can also be purchased in
advance, for only $5.00 each from
students attending the Cayo Music

to abide by the UN international
norms and standards in relation to
human rights so that our policies
and practices comply with both
domestic and international laws.
The HRCB reiterates the
message that human rights are
universal everyone has human
rights no matter who you are or
where you come from. The
Commission emphasizes that along
with the rights that we are each
entitled too comes responsibilities
that we have and must fulfill.
HRCB is grateful to the
Canada Fund, the British High
Commission and the US Embassy
for their generous support this year,
making our continued efforts
across Belize possible.
For further information contact:
Maria Gamero at 601-8484,
Enrique August at 902-2371 or
Cynthia Pitts at 223-3594.

t November 2010 January 2011

omer Appreciation Raffle

iI jaP

www;bws.b z

San gnaio Txac
Service Station on
m I


Parcel No. 255 in Block No. 32 in the Esperanza Registration Area,Esperanza Village,
Cayo District, measuring 4,385.373 Square Meters, being the property of Ervin Duncan
Gordon and George A. Gordon with TITLE ABSOLUTE. The land is fully developed
with frontage to the Western Highway, with -full access to Water, Electricity, Cable,
Telephone and Internet. .
Contact Ervin Duncan Gordon at 8042509 at anytime.

Scale: 1/2S, 5


. tI-

* U r----

C Er



I Page 14 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkg)~mail. com

Sunday, December 12, 2010








Sunday, December 12, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 15

BY: Dr. Winnel Gentle
Holiness Temple Church of God
In Christ
Have you ever considered the
time we are living in?
Have you ever asked yourself
if these are the last days we are
living in?
My people, if you never read
your bible before, and I hope you
have at least once, begin to do so
now. Everything the Bible says will
happen, is coming to pass.
Look at the children that are
having children. Mothers against

their daughters and daughters
against their mothers. Fathers
against their sons and sons against
their fathers. Lesbians coming out
of their closets without shame and
"men with men".
Sin has lost its shame it's an
abomination in the eyes of God.
stealing, raping, incest, killing the
land is sinking in blood, the blood
of the innocent is crying out to God
from the ground. No time for God,
God will have no time for you.
Consider the time! Drugs and
alcohol, dancing, carousing are

taking over the youths. It seems
like this nation is a nation without
a future.
What will the men and women
of tomorrow be?
What kind of leaders will we
It is bad enough now, but
tomorrow will be worse unless the
saints of God everywhere take their
stand to claim this nation for God.
Have you considered the time
your grandchildren and great
grandchildren will be living in?
It's sad to think that because
iniquity has abounded, the love of
many has waxed cold. "This is a
generation without love."

Consider the time! Alex didn't
do it, Carl didn't do it, and
Richard gave us a wake up call. It's
not over yet be sober and don't
sleep. Watch, it is time to pray!
Consider the time! Jesus can come
in the storm as well as in the calm.
You have one life, so live it prayer-
Will you join me in prayer?
Let's make the 2nd of January 2011
a day of prayer for our nation. It is
time to pray.

Love Always,
Dr. Winnel Gentle
Holiness Temple Church of God
in Christ

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Pae1IITR-Te: 2-82&62-78 -E alstresaIImilcm SnaDeebr1,21

The first prize, Apple iPod Nano
will be drawn this Saturday,
December 11, 2010.
Tune into your favorite Radio Station to see if you are
the lucky, winner. .

U, !ifI Tjmt in Pi ,,


mh1r Inw o .ee u & aupurnmI

nUlly; IVAI III U illIUly 11111i US yVU WUIIi;
'Winners will be selected daily during 12 days of Christmas December 11" to 22'"
*501 per SMS BringL mo

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

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