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I 'F( fL i

"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



District, Friday, August 15,
The police search for a San
Ignacio woman who is accused
of harming a baby boy ended at
around 9 o'clock on Thursday
night when police found the
accused at her mother's house
in the Santiago Juan Layout Area
in San Ignacio Town.

The accused Melanie Marcia
Moody, 33, was detained and
transported to the Police Station
where an arrest warrant for harm
was waiting for her.
The charge against Moody
resulted from a report on
Monday, August 9, in which a
two year old male child emerged
with burns and bruises to
various parts of the body.

Acting upon information
received police visited the
emergency unit at the
San Ignacio Community
Hospital at around 8:00
p.m. on Monday, August 9,
where they were directed to
the child undergoing treat-
ment for burs and bruised
to various parts of the body
including the inner right

Improving Police Conduct Coming Soon

Cameras Inside The Police Station
District, Wednesday, August
11, 2010:
In an effort strictly geared
towards improving police
conduct, at least inside the San
Ignacio Police Station, a project
is well underway for the
installation of Digital Video .
Recording Devices within
various sections inside the
station. -
Members of the proactive
People's Coalition of Cayo i
(PCC), held its regular monthly .l .
meeting on Tuesday, August 10
inside the conference room at
the San Ignacio Police station (L-R) Coalition Members Mike Green and
where they presented a 4 Julian Sherrard along with Sr. Supt. Chester Williams
channel Digital Video Recorder cameras along with a portable The Decibel Meter will be
(DVR) with night vision Decibel Meter. lT u o.

i7 Taste of India & Best I

The Accused
Melanie Marcia Moody, 33
thigh, right arm, lower portion of
the left foot, left side of the back,
abdomen, fingers and with both eyes
bruised and swollen.
The child's mother, Chrispula
Margaret Lisbey, 24, Belizean,
assistant auditor of a Domingo Cruz
Street address in San Ignacio Town
reported to the police that she strongly
suspects the injuries to her infant son
were caused by the person in whose
care she left him before leaving for
work that morning.
The mother identified Melanie
Marcia Moody, 33, Belizean,
unemployed as the person who
injured her child. She informed that
about six weeks ago she took Moody
into her house with a common-law-
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Belizean Food

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Blue Angels Night Club
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Pae2-SA e: 2-82& 2-78 -Ealsanwpprgmi|o udy uut1,21

Talk With The People
With bids now in for the replacement of the Kendal Bridge on
the Southern Highway, the conversation has resurfaced
regarding the construction of a permanent carriageway
linking the western twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio.
Amidst the apparent lack of consultation with residents of these
two communities who will be most affected one way or the
other by the project, the recent official pronouncement from the
Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Works is that the
bridge will span the Macal River from one end of Santa Elena,
off La Loma Luz Boulevard, to the other end of San Ignacio
Town emerging somewhere in that area near the Golden
Orange orchard.
While there is no denying that a permanent bridge,
less susceptible to floods, between the twin municipalities, is
overdue, the very least one would expect is some form of
dialogue with the residents of both communities on such a major
undertaking, especially from a government that prides itself
for consulting with the people prior the implementing major
policies and projects.
Granted that engineers are expert in their field and might have
conducted detailed analysis ultimately resulting in selecting this
particular site, this information should be shared with area
residents who might have opposing views but, through dialogue,
can be afforded a logical explanation as to why this site was
chosen instead of giving the impression of being totally ignored
which could lead to area residents harboring the feeling of the
presence of ulterior motives on the part of those ultimately
responsible for executing the project.
For the information of those on whose shoulders the
final decision rests, the major concern surfacing since the
announcement of the proposed project, is that a bridge
beginning at the eastern end of Santa Elena Town will pose
major difficulties for all those residing further up the Western
Highway in Santa Elena given that all vehicles coming into San
Ignacio from the east, including commuter buses and other public
transport, will divert at La Loma Luz Boulevard resulting in
those living further up the western Highway in Santa Elena
either having to pay a taxi cab or walk the almost one mile into
Town. This will be difficult especially for those workers and
students who commute to Belmopan and beyond on a daily basis
returning home tired and hungry in the evenings after working
or studying all day long.
Furthermore, the motoring public residing in the heart of Santa
Elena, who must make this S T
crossing several times each
day in the normal conduct of Nspa
their business, will be required Newspaper
to drive an extra mile to reach "The Newspaper that cares and
the bridge and another mile to dares to bring out the truth"
reach San Ignacio Town. 42AWestern Highway,
Assuming that the Santa Elena, Cayo,
Hawksworth Bridge will Belize, Central America
continue in service, the Tel: 626-8822
condition will remain or
626- 3788
unchanged when crossing
Publisher: Alberto August
into Santa Elena from the deep Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
west as there will be no need Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
for workers and students belizenorth.com/thestar.htm
to deviate from their usual belizenews.com/thestar
location when departing fromstar.belizeanlife.o
Santa Elena en-route to places starnewspaper@gmail.com

eastward and beyond.
There might very well be a logical explanation as to
why this particular site was chosen so why not open the
conversation while simultaneously listening to the people's ideas,
suggestions and comments on a project of this magnitude and

husband and a three year old
child as they were reportedly
experiencing hardship after
having been evicted from the
place where they were staying due
to their inability to pay the rent.
The mother further informed
that as she has normally done for
the past few weeks, she left her
child in Moody's care and
departed for work shortly after
8:00 a.m. that Monday morning
and that at around 3:00 p.m.
Moody reportedly visited
her workplace at Codd and
Associate's located on the third
floor of Codd's Drugstore on the
Benque Viejo Road, near the
San Ignacio police station. Upon
arrival, Moody reportedly
informed the mother that the
child had sustained a bur and
that it was nothing serious. She
reportedly stayed with the
mother at her workplace for over
four hours until she left her
workplace at around 7:00 p.m.
All this time, the child was
reportedly left at home in the
care of Moody's common-law-
The mother told the police that
upon arriving home at around
7:30 p.m., she was shocked to
see the extent of injuries to
her son. When she further
questioned her, Moody insisted
that it was an accident caused
when the child stumbled upon a

hot iron she was using to press
some clothes. The mother rushed
the child to the hospital with
Moody accompanying her.
Upon arrival the child was
initially examined by the
medical officer on duty, Dr.
David Pacheco. Obviously
not convinced that it was an
accident, a member of the
medical staff on duty indicated
that this was a matter for the
police and was in the process of
contacting the police when
Moody reportedly left the
hospital and was not seen
until she was captured on
Thursday night.
Moody was charged for harm
as a result of the extent of the
injury caused to the child as
certified by Dr. David Pacheco
via the legally required medico
The child's mother along with
his father, David Molina, a
traffic warden employed by the
San Ignacio/Santa Elena Traffic
Department, are still trying to
understand what could have
triggered the incident especially
since they were extending a
helping hand to Moody and
her family in their time of
need. After initial treatment at
the San Ignacio hospital, the
child was taken to the Loma Luz
Adventist Hospital in Santa
Elena for further treatment and
is now recuperating at home.

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Sunday, August 15, 21

Sunday, August 15, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 3

His Name Is Actually

Tylan Gay Matthews
District, Wednesday, August 3, 2010:
He was hardly a stranger in the
community. In fact he was considered
active in the local tourism sector and so
when the US Federal warrant arrived in
town for his arrest, San Ignacio police
knew exactly where to find him.
The community knew him as Mickey
Masterson owner of the Misty
Mountain Resort in the Mountain Pine
Ridge. We processed his annual liquor
license application for several years
under that name. r
He was a man of very few words and
today he is in prison in Grays Harbor
County, Washington, reportedly a
fugitive of US laws on drug related i
charges and other convictions.
While he conducted business under
the man Mickey James Masterson, the.
warrant carried his real name as Tylan
Gay Matthews, 52, US National. --
He was arrested by San Ignacio police .. -.
on Monday, August 2 and on that same Tylan Gay
day he was issued with an emergency Matthews, 52
travel document by the US Embassy,
placed on board a commercial aircraft Our research revealed
and delivered to US Marshall in that on June 10, 1996,
Houston Texas at in one day. Tylan Gay Matthews,

Ir c

was sentenced to a term of
confinement and 24 months of
community supervision after a
conviction for manufacturing
marijuana. Matthews appealed
the conviction. As a condition of
release pending appeal, the trial
court ordered Matthews to be on
community supervision.
In March 1997, Grays Harbor
County Drug Task Force (DTF)
received a letter containing
information associating him
with medical marijuana
distribution. According to the let-
ter, Matthews had contacted an
answering service requesting as-
sistance to mail out to
interested callers an information
packet on how to obtain
marijuana for medical use from
Early in May 1997, The Lewis
County Unified Narcotics
Enforcement Team (UNET),
informed that Matthews had
been linked to an advertisement
in an Arizona newspaper
regarding medical marijuana
The advertisement listed a
post office box number that law
enforcement traced to him. It
was uncertain whether the



Back to



June 1st to August 31st


can apply for loans
to cover all
education expenses.

5 Msa

advertisement offered for sale
marijuana or marijuana-related
literature. That same day
authorization was obtained to
conduct an administrative/
supervisory search of Matthews'
residence with the assistance of
a drug-sniffing dog.
At 8:00 a.m. on May 5, 1997,
the next business day, the team
proceeded separately to
Matthews' residence. After
gaining entrance and handcuff-
ing him, the officers searched
the residence and found small
amounts of marijuana and drug
A member of the search team
in 1995 conducted a search of
Matthews' residence and
knew that marijuana had been
growing in the basement
beneath the mobile home at that
time. That officer located the
basement door, which was
padlocked. Both Matthews and
his ex-wife, Jamie Matthews,
were at home at the time but they
claimed they did not know where
the key was. The Officer pried
the hasp from the door with a
crow bar and opened a second
plywood door leading to the



BacK to Sc Cappl'
tSotoe O0ndqL"

ld '40k



5 1 taar


Pae4-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprgIi~o udy uut1,21

Phasing Out Excelsior

CITY OF BELMOPAN,Cayo services will be strengthened. Th
Wednesday, August 11, 2010: will include remedial support
The Ministry of Education and well as appropriate life-skills. Th
Youth (MoEY) wishes to state its will form the basis of a first shift
plans for Excelsior High School in Excelsior.
order to avoid any misunderstand- 2. Although the curriculum wi
ing that may have come about due be streamlined, ways in which
tomisinformation that has been students may also pursue training
spread via call-ins to talk shows. in different practical skill areas wi
On June 2, 2010, the Government also be explored through ITVE
of Belize launched the RESTORE the planned Skills Training Cente
BELIZE Programme which is and perhaps even through Excelsi
intended not only to address the where facilities already exist.
crime and violence situation in our 3. In order to maximize resource
communities in the short and and seek to engage as many 'out
medium term but ultimately to school' youth, the Ministry
make a better Belize for all Education and Youth will also see
Belizeans by developing our to place in Excelsior youths who al
people, our communities and our eligible to go to high school or wh
nation. may have dropped out of hig
Faced with an emergency school recently.
situation where crime and violence 4. Third and Fourth form will b
have been out of control for many,
many years now, there is a need to
take some immediate steps to bring
the situation under control. At the
same time, there is a need to work
on those preventative, more long
term measures that would mitigate
against the situation repeating
itself in the future and would lead
to a better Belize for all Belizeans.
The Ministry of Education
and Youth, as does the larger
Government of Belize, realizes that
it must simultaneously address
the immediate emergencies to bring
the situation under control while ." ."..'' ..'" .i
addressing the long term develop-
ment of our people, our communi-
ties and nation. In this regard, the
Ministry is initiating a number of
measures to address both the short
term, immediate concerns as well
as the long term development goals.
In this regard, the Ministry of
Education and Youth sees an
opportunity at Excelsior that would
help us to address some of the
immediate factors with the
potential to contribute to the
increased crime and violence and
other social ills. The number of
disengaged youth (who are not
in education, in training, or
employment) is a cause for
concern as these are youth who are
more prone to engage in risky
behavior. Therefore, it is the
intention of the Ministry of
Education to maximize and
strengthen the we have at
Excelsior to afford opportunities '
for more young people (including I i
those currently enrolled at
Excelsior) to benefit from the .
resources we have at Excelsior.
Therefore, the following steps will
be taken at Excelsior:
1. The curriculum will be
streamlined and strengthened
(across the board- first to fourth e
form) and adequate support





High School

phased out. Students in third and
fourth form will have the OPTION
of transferring to other schools if
they do not wish to participate in a
streamlined curriculum. The
Ministry of Education and Youth
will assist with such transfers by
providing assistance for uniforms
and the difference in the cost of fees
between what they would have paid
at Excelsior and what they would
be paying at the school to which
they are transferring. Information
from parents wishing to transfer
students to other schools have been
taken down and the Ministry of
Education and Youth will be
working to facilitate such transfers.
5. A second shift will operate in
the latter part of the day. The
second shift will focus on life skills,
literacy, numeracy and other

practical skills. The Ministry of
Education and Youth (working
with other Ministries and
agencies) will seek to identify and
place in this second shift youth who
have been out of school for a while
and therefore might not be able or
wish to transition to a traditional
formal school. These efforts
are being coordinated under the
umbrella of the RESTORE
BELIZE Programme.
In addition to this effort, the
Ministry of Education and Youth is
working with other
Ministries and agencies to place
as many 'out of school youth'
back into school at primary and
secondary levels where feasible.
Some of this will be supported
through the Ministry of Human
Development and Social
Transformation's planned expan-
sion of its Social Assistance
Programme that will target indigent

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Sunday, August 15, 21

Sunday, August 15, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5


Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment




WHEREAS, Complaint has this day been laid before the undersipled one of her Majesty's Justice of the Peace in and for the said Country of Belize, that the
persons named in Column 1 of the schedule hereto, being the owner or owners of certain land described incolumn 1 of the schedule, and within the jurisdiction of
the court, did neglect, and do still neglect to pay arrears of Land Tax, on such land otlier than in Town, in the Cayo Districr for the amount set out in column 2 of
the schedule.

These are therefore to command you in Her Majesty's name to be and appear on THURSDAY, 26th August, 2010 at 9:00 AM in the forenoon at the District
Court in San Ignacio Town before such Justice of the peace for the said country as may then be there to answer to the said complaint, and be further dealt \ ith
according to law.

for Commissioner of Lands and


(1) (2)
Description and Situation Amount of Taxes

20.14 Acres situated at Society Hall
now or formerly of DANIEL BUFFINGTON

2647.71 Acres situated at Mile 43-45
Western Highway, now or formerly of

10 Acres situated at Eastern Branch
Belize River, now or formerly of CARMEN

0.697 Acres situated at Society Hall, now or
formerly of DALTON ANDREWS

0.697 Acres situated at Unitedville Village,
formerly or now of DALTON ANDREWS

11 02 Acres situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of DANIEL CHI

Parcel 845 situated at Mount Pleasant, now,
or formerly ofAMADEO BOTES

Parcel 844 situated at Mount Pleasant, now
or formerly ofAMADEO BOTES

Parcel 842 situated at Mount Pleasant, now
or formerly ofAMADEO BOTES

Parcel 847 situated at Mount Pleasant, now
or formerly ofAMADEO BOTES

99.961 Acres situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of CRISPIN BLANCO

17.393 Acres situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of DANIEL BUFFINGTON

666.73 Square Yards situated at Society
Hall, now or formerly of CLAUDETTE

1068.15 Square Yards situated at Society
Hall, now or formerly of CLAUDETTE















(1) (2)
Description and Situation Amount of Taxes

0.182 Acre situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of ABRAHAM CAYETANO

2.713 Acres situated Northeast of
Benque Viejo, now or formerly of

96.837 Acres situated at Calla Creek, now
or formerly of GARY CHIEN

50.059 Acres situated at Mount Pleasant
now or formerly of CAROLYN CARR

12 Acres situated at Santa Rosa-Esperanza
Village, now or formerly of CLAUDIO CRUZ

2404.13 Square Yards situated at Society
Hall, now or formerly of CHIU CHUNG CHUN

20.006 Acres situated at Kay Works, now

9 Acres situated at Society Hall, now or

0.1542 Acre situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of DANIEL BELLINI

0.1543 Acre situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of DANIEL BELLINI

0.533 Acre situated at Society Hall, now
or finmerly of ALEJANDRO ARTHURS

0.3715 Acre situated at Esperanza
Village, now or formerly of NORA EILEY

15 Acres situated at Roaring Creek Farm
Layout, now or formerly of CECILIA BANNER

0.1238 Acre situated at Esperanza Village,
now or formerly of BETTYAUGUST

$1,350 30














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Pag Pageay u
n I t' I'f_- .

Another Mother-In-Law Joke

A man with a gun went into a
bank and demanded money from
the teller.
After getting the money, he
turned to a customer and asked,
'Did you see me rob this bank?'
The man replied,'Yes sir, I
did.' The robber points the gun
at him and shot him in the head,
Two guys are sitting at a bar
on Burs Avenue in San Ignacio.
One starts to insult the other one.
He screams, "I slept with your
The bar gets quiet as
everyone listens to see what
theman would do.
The first man again yells,
Wanting Out

General Arthurs noticed one of
his soldiers behaving rather
The soldier would walk around
the BDF compound pick
up any piece of paper he found,
look at it and say: "That's not
it" and put it down again.
This went on for a few days
until the General arranged for a

killing him instantly.
The robber then turned to a
man and an elderly woman
standing next to him and asked
the man, 'Did you see me rob this
The man replied, 'No sir, I
didn't, but my Mother-In-Law
here did.'
Customers in the bar patiently
await the man's reaction.
The other gets up, look the
other man in eyes and says, "Go
home dad you're drunk."
Of The Army

psychologist to evaluate the
The psychologist arrived at the
camp, examined that soldier and
concluded that the soldier was
deranged. He wrote out the
soldier's discharge from the
army. The soldier picked up the
paper from the desk smiled and
said: "Finally, this is it."

Phasing Out Excelsior High School

families (in the first instance) but
require them to uphold co- respon-
sibilities such as ensuring 85%
attendance of their children in
school each month (Families will
get cash to assist with living
expenses as long as they keep
their co-responsibilities). Other
efforts, such as an apprenticeship
programme and a planned Skills
Training Center on Magazine Road
will also be targeting disengaged
youth who are more prone to or are
already engaging in risky behavior.
At the same time that we address
the urgent situation through
immediate short-term interventions,
we must also ensure that we also
plan for the long term. The
Ministry of Education and Youth
has a number of other initiatives in
this regard including:
a.the Reform of secondary
education financing and curriculum-
-including establishing a standard
curriculum with options including,
but not limited to, technical and
vocational options. This will
improve efficiency, effectiveness
and equity at thesecondary level.
b. providing needy first and
second form students with a $300
Education Start-Up Subsidy.
c. investing in teacher training: the
efforts (Certificate in Primary
Education) to provide training

for as many of our teachers to
increase the number and percentage
of trained teachers in our system.
d. establishing the National
Teaching Services Commission to
safeguard the rights of teachers,
students and others and to improve
the quality and public confidence in
the teaching profession.
e. the Ministry of Education and
Youth in collaboration with the
Ministry of Human Development is
working on an Early Warning and
Response System for at risk youth.
This will involve collaboration and
coordination between other
relevant ministries and agencies.
These are just a few of the
initiatives of the Ministry of
Education and Youth and these
are supported by and through
collaborative efforts with other
Ministries such as the conditional
cash transfers by the Ministry of
Human Development and Social
For further details please contact:
Ms. Arlette Gomez, Ministry of
Education and Youth, Belmopan.
Tel: 501-822-2329.

Commercial Building
On Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio. In Front
Of Venus Hotel
Call: 824-2101

Ministry of Natural Resources

and the Environment

(1) (2)
Description and Situation Amount of Taxes











1.663 Acres situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of AUGUSTIN GORDON

0.708 Acre situated at Succotz Village, now
or formerly of DAVID CHAN

0.281 Acre situated at Esperanza Village, now
or formerly ofAMIN AUGUST

1.006 Acres situated at Mile 71 Western
Highway, now or formerly of CHRISTOPHER

0.3751 Acre situated at St. Matthew Village,
now or formerly of DOLORES ALVARADO

0.1889 Acre situated at Esperanza Village,
now or formerly of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD

10 Acres situated at Cotton Tree Village, now
or formerly of ADOLFO BAIZA

0.0115 Acre situated at Succotz Village now
or formerly ofARNALDO CHUC

0.1148 Acre situated at Succotz Village, now
or formerly of BENIGNO CHAN

0.75 Acre situated at Santa Rosa- Esperanza
Village, now or formerly of OLIVIA EWING

0.2090 Acre situated at Bullet Tree Falls
Village, now or formerly of SAMUEL ESCALANTE

14.685 Acres situated at Unitedville
Village, now or formerly of DAVID CLARK

398.958 Acres situated at Young Gal/Merae
now or formerly of DEVON BROOKS

5 Acres situated at society Hall, now or
formerly of DYLAN BARROW

200 Acres situated at Society Hall, now
or formerly of TARAH FARMS LIMITED

2101.28 Acres situated at Mile 40-42
Western Highwla now or formerly of

24.999 Acres situated West of Calla Creek
Village, now or formerly of CLEOFAS

5995.796 Acres situated at Mile 37
Western Highway, now or formerly of

Parcel 634 situated at Society Hall, now or

43.5 Acres situated Northeast of Succotz
Village, now or formerly of ALFRED

11.02 Acres situated at Society Hall, now or


..........' 1" ................-

L ,

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Sunday, August 15, 21









$422,343 17




Sunday, August 15, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperkgmail.com Page 7

What's Behind Castro's S

BBC NEWS, Sunday, August 8,
Cuba's former President, Fidel
Castro, has continued his return to
the public eye with a speech to the
country's parliament. The BBC's
Michael Voss was there to analyse
what the "Comandante" said.
At the stroke of eleven a hush de-
scended over the National

onto the political
Then they sprang to
their feet and cheered.
"Viva Fidel! Viva
Fidel!", they chanted.
"Long live Fidel."
The last time that
Cuba's former leader
addressed the assem-

Assembly chambers. More than bly was in June 2006,

600 deputies all appeared to be
holding their breath in anticipation
of Fidel Castro stepping back out

Cuba's former President, Fidel Castro

just a month before he underwent Raul Castro.
major surgery and ceded the After a long period of convales-
presidency to his younger brother, cence and seclusion, Mr Castro

re-emerged last month.
Since then he has given
television interviews, launched his
memoirs, seen a dolphin show at the
National Aquarium and talked to
selected groups of intellectuals and
young communists. But this was his
first government act.
Fidel Castro, who turns 84 next
week, walked slowly but steadily
towards the podium with an
assistant at his side to support him.
The man who led the Cuban
revolution and ruled this island for
almost half a century was once



Belize Attends Outdoor Retailer Show With ATTA

Belize had the dicliinci npppnriunity, to attend the Oubtoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 3rd 6th, 2011 The show
brought retailers and media together wvth over ",0)0 brarwis in the business of producing and selling the active outdoor lifesliYle at the Salt
Pala.)e Convention Center.
The Outdoor Retailer Show Is the wodd's largest outdoor sports industry gathering in the world with an attendee of over 21,000 people;'
SrIyining retdaiirti anrd rniejid together wilh over 1,C.00 urdr Js in Ithe bu inrit lof prudJiuinii and edlliny the alivi uuiJd..u iifliebyl Brands
include Timberland, The North Face and thousands of other retailers Media players included Outside Magazine, National Ge.graphic
Men's Journal and hundreds more, including non-endemics like WSJ. Forbes and Newsweek
The BTB leam had several meetings with the Adverture Travel TradeAssociation LAT TA/ and the retailers of outdoor adventure products
from well-established brands such as ExOffiao. Bnggs & Riley, Keen, JanSport and other major players The main objective of the
meetings was to bridge the gap between outdoor and adventure travel industries by fostering successful partnerships between outdoor
gear manufacturers and adventure destinations. "This is a great opportunity to tap into a relatively unexplored market that reaches the
consumers in a nan-lraditonal way. Gear manufacturers and retailers are always looking at destinations to test their product and they
have a well-established distribution outlet across the U.S.." comments Shakira Tsai, Directorof Ma reti ng & Public Relations
, unique feature of the show 'his year was the Introduction of tie Travel Hub which 15 an initiative of the Adventure Travel Trade Association
which featured 3 Destinations, Belize being one of them. The Beirze hub featured a prize wheel where partrciparnts had the chance to spin
ror prizes and a Belize Night where tales of adventure from as far south as the Toledo District were recounted to an audience of over 300 by Tour Operator Dennis Garbutt.
The grand finale ofthe night was the raffle of a 7 night getaway adventure package to lize.
Belize was represented at I e snow by Markeling Officer Karina Cunil. Its Marketi ng CommunicationsAgenc, BV K an Tour Operator, Dennis Garbutt.

BTB Awards 2010 Tourism Scholarships

After the tremendous task of sitting through a slew of applications, winners were irnall chosen for the 2010 Scholarship offenngs by the Belize Tourism Board. The Jean
Shrw Scholarship, in memory of tourism pioneer the late Jean Urlilla Shaw awarded each year specifically to a Belizean female who has been accepted in the Unirersity of
Belize's BSc Program in Tourism Maragemerln, was won by Orange Walk native Vanessa Jacobs. Her scholarship entails total coverage of all tuition books and
miscellaneous fees for the next two years. Vanessa commences studies towards her degree in September
Nashla Guerra and Dearsy Villanueva have both been selected for two year tuition scholarships towards an Associate's Degree in Tourism Management, at Sacred Heart
Junior College and Saint Jon's Junior College respectivelyv ppltcations submitted t*y all three ladies definitely captured the ission and passion that we feel s critical Io Duild
3r tourism industry, commenlcd Scleni Matus, Director ofTourism.

L-R [DiE r oedoIFrlam elwo- eiwil lw, DVa Ney VWlanuva
WnkwW of Tourtsm 4 Clll Avlsglw, Manue orgdlw Ja -r,,
Nast" Gurn ffVarum Jacobs and Dirsctarof
Pmdict DgIpmrmn t Laura Equiial rm4qooI I

Over the past five years, the BTB has invested, to the tune of approximately a quarter million dollars, in assisting over 150
industry hopefuls in achieving academic success- Many BTB scholarship recipints, after successful corrmteion of their
studies, have gone on to significantly boost the human reswurce capital of the tourism industry of Belize. Today many hold
positions such as H-otel Managers. Dke Masters, Tour Guides, nd Front Desk Recepticnists, Restaurant Owners, ;hets,
Bartondcrs and Wait Staffjust to name a tew. Ono such oiamplc is nomorg n ron vBcIizcn Exocutio Chef i Bornard Bladcs. who
started out as a kitchen hand, washing dishes in Belize City's once famous BElades Ice Cream Parlour. With the aid of
scholarships from Ife BT B1Bdes nas successfulIy crmnpleced ulinarry training at home and abroad and has become one of
BeIze's premier E cecuLi e Che~fs
"ChiargWI with mapping tMe way forward for the development of touirism in ourcountry,1 ri es imrati,.e that the BTBcontinuesto
provide assistance tc. those who ,s11plav sincere interest, talent ard drive: all the tools necessary for significant contribution to
ourtoudism product.'says Belize's
DlfreiorofTourism, Selerni Matus.



I Pe8-STR-Tl-6682&62-78 -Ealsanwppr malomSnaAgs15200 I

b'r HorI o sIco e & LuckIy NuI mbIers II f 1 h I

S March 22 to
April 20
The coming week continues to
be favorable. You need have
confidence and exhibit it too. Do
not let anger overpower you. You
will earn a good image along with
professional success. Get your
work done but without coming
across as too dominating or
aggressive. Lucky Numbers: 05,
43, 73.

April 21 to May 21
There is a mental battle that remains
to be fought and only you can deal
with your issues. You may be
disillusioned and low in spirits and
this may have you questioning all
your actions. However, there will
be one great business opportunity
coming your way. Lucky
Numbers: 18, 22, 86.

May 22 to June 21
You will be able to initiate some
action towards change at work,
which will have long-term
implications. You will be in an
upbeat mood and the force of
this phase will be such that people
will conform or go along with

your ideas with minimum or no
resistance at all. Lucky Numbers:
16, 49, 61.

June 22 to July 23
You get more adventurous in your
pursuits as you are drawn to explore
new areas of interest or fields of
study. Travel for a religious purpose
is likely. As you start appreciating
art, do not forget your objective -
the real reason why you are
pursuing the field. Lucky
Numbers: 01, 33, 69.

- -. LEO:
July 24 to August 21
Things are moving smoothly for
you both personally and profession-
ally. You must realise that all days
are not the same. Some additional
funds could flow in, giving you the
opportunity to indulge in lesser
known pleasures like buying an ex-
tra home or planning an extravagant
holiday. Lucky Numbers: 06, 54,
S August 22
to September 21
There is a definite desire as well as
effort made in the direction of
improving your position in life.
You not only undertake knowledge

Burns Avenue, San Ignacio, Cayo

improvement, but make efforts to
increase efficiency. You will
gain additional income if you are
sincere. Some decisions regarding
investment need to be made wisely.
Lucky Numbers: 15, 65, 82.

September 22 to
October 23
You put your life under the
microscope. Your worldly goals and
spiritually goals will be analysed. It
may be a trying time for you as some
confusion prevails. When you are
unable to see clearly, the best way
is to wait patiently for the fog to
lift and use this time of trial for
prayer and meditation. Lucky
Numbers: 27, 62, 78.
9 V
SOctober 24 to
November 21
The coming week is likely to throw
up complicated situations and
dilemmas. While you remain quite
self assured and grounded, your
levels of contentment with the way
things are, go down drastically.
However, it will be beneficial if you
strive to better yourself Lucky
Numbers: 03, 44, 94.

i November 22 to
December 21

One Acre Homesite
Owner Hungry
Sweet Deal

You are likely to set very high
standards for yourself. Push
yourself to pursue novel ideas at
work. Do not be too critical of
yourself at this juncture. There is a
difference between being cautious
about details and being hypercriti-
cal. Lucky Numbers: 07, 46, 64.

December 22 to
January 20
It could be a greatly rewarding
week in terms of professional as
well as financial aspirations. You
also engage in some improvement
plans in life wherein you optimally
utilise all resources made available
to you. Lucky Numbers: 30, 55,

January 21 to
February 19
Some new developments are likely
to happen for those seeking to
enter into matrimony. It is a good
time for relationships. You are likely
to bond better with your partner and
may even discover shared interest
in something new. Plans maybe
afoot about relocating for work too.
Lucky Numbers: 10, 21, 89.

February 20 to
March 21
It is a matter of shifting focus and
reassessing your priorities and this
is what you do deftly in this phase.
You are willing to take on
challenges life has in store. There
will be a great deal of running
around to be done in order get a
loan sanctioned or get tax-related
paperwork through. Lucky
Numbers: 32, 48, 87.

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4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Large Dining, Kitchen and
Family Space, Laundry Room,
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As Follows:

- 1000 ml. (1 Lt.)
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27th and 28th AUGUST 2010 AT THE BEL AQUA
FROM 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.
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I Page 8 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkc>gmail. com

Sunday, August 15, 21

Sunday, August 15, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperkgmail.com Page 9

What's Behind Castro's Speech?

again wearing his trademark olive
green fatigues, but without any
military insignia.
This was not the full dress
uniform of the "Comandante", the
He smiled and waved to the
crowd as he lapped up the warmth
of their applause, before launching
into his speech.
Fidel had asked for this special
session of the assembly so that he
could discuss his repeated
warnings that the United States,
along with Israel, has plans to
attack Iran and target North Korea.
It is a theme that has preoccupied
him for several months; he has
issued regular warnings that the
world is about to be dragged into a
nuclear war.
"They would be ordering the
instant death of hundreds of
millions of people and amongst
them an incalculable number of
their own people."
"He has absolute confidence in
Raul. He is only talking about in-
ternational affairs"
But instead of a vitriolic attack

on his arch nemesis, the Unites
States, Fidel appealed to President
Barack Obama, saying that it was
within his power to avert disaster.
The whole speech lasted just over
10 minutes and then, seated, he
fielded questions for another
hour. In his prime the bearded
revolutionary had been famous for
four- and five-hour tirades.
It was a short but polished
performance from the lively and
healthy-looking Fidel Castro, his
voice stronger and more assured
than at any point since re-emerging
into the public eye.
At no point did he touch on
domestic issues.
There was no mention of the
island's struggling economy, which
is the major preoccupation for the
majority of Cubans these days.
He did not comment on any of his
brother's policy changes, such as
allowing workers to be self-em-
ployed instead of being controlled
by the state or the decision to
release political prisoners.
President Raul Castro was on the
podium listening to the speech, the
first time the two have appeared in

public together since 2006. Yet the
two barely acknowledged each
other's presence.
At every assembly session for the
past four years Fidel's desk has
remained unoccupied, as if waiting,
symbolically, for the return of the
"Maximum Leader". Raul sits at
the same place he has always had,
one chair in from the head of the
Yet Fidel Castro did not return to
his old seat, preferring to sit at the
next table, beside the parliamentary
head, Ricardo Alarcon.
For weeks now Havana has been
rife with speculation about why
this series of appearances has
taken place, after a long period in
Ask four foreign diplomats
here and you are likely to get five
conflicting answers.
Is this a bid to return to power or
is it simply that he is well enough
to be back in the limelight once
By making no mention of
domestic politics is he deliberately
trying not to undermine his
brother's authority or is his
presence giving weight to hard-
liners who are opposed to the

changes currently underway?
Before the speech I asked the
minister of culture and politburo
member, Abel Prieto, how he saw
Fidel Castro's return to politics.
"I think that he has always been
in Cuba's political life," he told
me. "But he is absolutely not
interfering in government matters.
He has been very careful about
that His big battle is international
Another deputy, the internation-
ally-acclaimed pianist Frank
Fernandez agreed.
"He has absolute confidence in
Raul. He is only talking about
international affairs," Mr
Fernandez said, adding that he
thought the plain military fatigues
were significant.
"There are a series ofsigns. He's
not wearing the Comandante's
stripes on his uniform. This
suggests that he doesn't want any
involvement in the organised
Fidel Castro may have given up
the presidency but he remains head
of the powerful Communist Party.
Now it seems he may have found
a new mission in later life to save
the world from nuclear destruction.

nan __.~~_._._ _~~._.__

Pae1I TR-Tl-66-82&6638 mi Ianwpprgalcm udy uut1,21

Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow

Visits Belizeans In Los Angeles

By: Wellington C. Ramos

the average Belizean citizens.
The situation was so bad that
after they lost the 2008 general
elections, members of his own
party who thought that their party's
assets had belonged to them, were
shocked to discover that Musa/
Fonseca has claimed ownership of
the PUP headquarters building, its
radio station, and its newspaper
press. This, among other disagree-
ments, is causing the party to be in
it'scurrent fragmented state today.
Still, since the UDP came to power
to clean up all the mess they
inherited from them, the PUP has

embarked on a litigation program
to hire their Lawyers to go to court
to stop this government from
implementing many new initiatives.
This action on their part is stifling
progress in Belize and is causing
frustration among Belizeans.
It is no secret in Belize that these
actions are designed to mislead
Belizeans against their government
with intent to seek a return of the
PUP to government.
I have always maintained, that the
PUP and the Republican Party in the
United States behave the same way
in their greed, abuse and obsession

of political power for the interest
of a few over the majority of
There are some Belizeans who
foster the idea that the UDP and the
PUP are the same thing. That line
of thinking is so very far from the
The UDP is committed to have
Belizean Americans get involved in
all aspects of Belize's development
while the PUP represents the
interest of a few families and want
the rest of Belizeans to continue
living in a state of perpetual
Belizeans must realize
that citizenship means making
opportunities available for all and
not just a select few.

There has never been a Prime
Minister of Belize who made it
his business to visit Belizean Ameri-
cans living the United States of
America like this current Prime
Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow.
Since becoming Prime
Minister of Belize in February
2008, Mr. Barrow, has visited;
New York City, Miami, Houston
and Chicago. Belizean Americans
have turned out in large numbers
to greet him and his delegation on
all his visits.
Prior to the United Democratic
Party (UDP) coming to power in
February 2008, the People's United
Party (PUP) was in power for ten
years. Under the leadership of
the then Prime Minister, the
government of Belize was plagued
with public accusations of corrup-
tion and the gross mismanagement
of public funds. It was an era where
nepotism and croinism ruled.
The government of that era
benefited and represented the
interest of a few Belizean families
and mostly Belizeans of Arab
extraction and those related to the
then Prime Minister, Rt. Hon.
George Cadle Price and his
successor, Rt. Hon. Said W.
Their political party (PUP)
received most of its funding from a
British billionaire Michael Ashcroft
who in return was given many tax
breaks and other deals which
drained the country's already
meagre resources. In the face of
such blatant abuse, Belizeans felt
powerless and in February the
voted the People's United Party out
of power and overwhelmingly
elected a government of the United
Democratic Party by a margin of
25 to 6 seats in the House of
When the history of Belize is
written, Said Musa will be
remembered as the worst Prime
Minister Belize has ever had. He his
family, friends and cronies ran the
country as if it was their
personal estate with no regards for


PULI Public Utilities Commission (PUC) TIITI
The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) hereby serves notice that in accordance with the Water
Industry Act, No. 1 of 2001, Sections 15 and 19, the Commission has modified the license granted by the
PUC to the Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) on March 22, 2001.

Modification to the License:

The PUC modified Part IV (Authorized Services Act) of the BWS License as follows:

A. In Belize District Service Areas:

1. It deleted the words "San Pedro Town including San Pablo, San Pedrito, San Juan, Boca del Rio,
Sal Telmo, Mosquito Coast and Escalante Areas" and substituted therefore the words "Ambergris

2. It added the words "the Belize River Valley area extending beyond Burrell Boom and through the
Ranch Dolores Village, inclusive of Scotland Halfmoon, Flowers Bank, Bermudian Landing, Isabella
Bank, Lemonal, Double Head Cabbage, Willows Bank, St. Paul's Bank, and Ranch Dolores".

3. It deleted the words "The new satellite town in La Democracia."

B. In Cayo District Service Areas:

1. It added the words "Cotton Tree, St. Matthews and Franks Eddy Villages and along the Western
Highway from Mile 36 to Belmopan".

Reasons for the Modifications:

a. The Government of Belize, with BWS as Executing Agency, has entered into a loan agreement
with the Caribbean Development Bank to fund a full feasibility study for the expansion of water
and sewerage services on Ambergris Caye.

b. The Government of Belize has entered into a loan agreement with the Caribbean Development
Bank to provide potable water to villages and communities in the Belize River Valley. BWS has
been selected as the Executing Agency. The agreement specifies that the systems and expansions
constructed will be managed and operated by BWS.

c. The Government of Belize has entered into an agreement with BWS to provide potable water to
the entire area described in B (1) above.

d. BWS does not provide services to Mahogany Heights, being the "satellite town in La Democracia".

License Availability:

public on the PUC website, www.puc.bz and at the offices of the Public Utilities Commission,
#41 Gabourel Lane, Belize City.
Issued by the PUC on August 9, 2010

I Page 10 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkc>gmail. com

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 11

.. ...... .

24 Crenshaw Street,
San Ignacio, Cayo
Mexican &
Belizean Menu
Monday thru
5 to 7 P.M
Monday: Draft Beer
Tuesday: Local Rum
Wednesday: Margaritas
Thursday: Pifia Colada
Friday: Micheladas

also featuring a family

~Ekctihos eZ Boumfaiies ODepatment
WMahoGdany Stree t i~emsiwn
P. 0. BaX913, Befiz City

Telephone: 501-222-4042/4992
E-mail: electbound)btl.net

Fax: 501-222-4991
Website: www.elections.gov.bz

eagilu Quote:


Vacancies Village Councils
The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 7 of the Village CouncilAct, Chapter 88
of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003 the following Village Council has declared vacancies within its council as

District Village Name Position Reason

Toledo San Vicente Jose Tzalam Member Disqualified
Emilio Caal Member Disqualified

By-election San Vicente Village

The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 7 of the Village Council Act, Chapter 88
of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, by-election to fill the vacant posts of members in the San Vicente Village
Council is scheduled for Sunday September 5f, 2010 from 9:00a.m. to l:00p.m. at the Community Center.

Pae1I TR-Tl-66-82&6638 mi sanwpprIalcm udy uut1,21

Pare scheduled to return home on
Tuesday, August 17. Prime
Minister Barrow willbe supported
CITY OF BELMOPAN, Cayo, during his visit to Los Angeles
Thursday, August 12, 2010: by personnel of the Belize
The Office of The Prime Embassy in Washington, DC, and
Minister today, Thursday, the Belize Consulate-General in
August 12, informed of the Los Angeles.
departure of Prime Minister Minister of Education and
Hon. Dean Barrow, as he Youth, the Hon. Patrick Faber,
travels to Los Angeles, Califor- will act as Prime Minister until
nia, USA where he will August 16th when Deputy Prime
participate in meetings and other Minister, the Hon. Gaspar
gatherings with members of Vega, returns to the country.
the Belizean Community and The Deputy Prime Minister will
meet with local officials. .then act as Prime Minister until
Prime Minister Barrow will be Prime Minister Barrow returns
accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Prime Minister to Belize on Tuesday, August
Kim Simplis Barrow. They Hon. Dean Barrow 17.
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow

Visits Belizeans In Los Angeles
From I-ag While the previous Minister of Americans to be proactive for
Natural Resources from the Belize to become a major
The current UDP Government
northernmost District of Belize was industrialized nation in the world.
recently launched an ambitious new
rora titled th "iasora playing free with the national I strongly urge all Belizeans in the
program titled the "Diaspora
Iniiaiv under the Ministry of patrimony, many Belizeans who United States of America to attend
Foreign Affairs. applied for simple house lots and these functions and to ask any
small parcels of farm lands havestill question they feel strongly about
o ake Be iens eiie to a t have not gotten any over the years. to the Prime Minister and his
to make Belizeans eligible to all the
it Biz h to ofr o Loans that were available to the delegation.
benefits Belize has to offer and to
collaborate with Belizeans who live general public, were given to a After all, it does not make any
abroad on an on-going basis to be select few and they refused to sense whatsoever for Belizeans to
involved in the development of their make good on their obligation to be proud of their Belizean heritage
involved in the development of their
homeland. repay these loans resulting in the and have no role or say in what is
Belizeans living abroad should Development Finance Corporation taking place in their homeland.
now take the opportunity to start DFC declared bankrupt and Ciitizenship comes with
demanding ofthis government their insolvent. responsibilities for both the
basic fundamental rights as Belizean In terms of its overseas government and the people of their
American citizens. obligations, the current government respective countries. Belize's
The Prime Minister of Belize is doing a lot to improve Belizeans current Prime Minister is the first
The Prime Minister of Belize,
on. D o, demand for passports and other Afro Belizean Prime Minister of
Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, will be .
documents from their local Belize and his people are leaving
available to meet all Belizeans at a
breakfast meet on Friday, Counsels in their respective cities Belize in record numbers. If they do
ust 14 ad at at a banet on throughout the United States. A not take advantage of his appeal
August 14 and at at a banquet on
Saturday evening. The official visit recent study conducted by the US now, Belize might not see another
Saturday evening. The official visit .
ends with a grand Town Hall State Department has concluded, Afro Belizean as Prime Minister for
ends with a grand Town Hall '
Meeting during the evening hours that countries like Belize need a long time to come.
Meeting the involvement of Belizean Many Belizeans get nervous
the involvement of Belizean Many Belizeans get nervous

on Sunday, August 13. Where
the Hon. Prime Minister is
scheduled to address the gathering
on major issues affecting Belize and
provide an update on activities and
initiative of his government after
which the floor will be opened for
questions to the Prime Minister and
members of his delegation.
Many Belizeans living in the
United States of America do not
own land or homes in Belize. In
Belize land ownership determines
everything. A recent report from
the Auditor General of Belize
documents the fire band
dispensing of national lands by the
previous PUP administration in the
weeks and days prior to being
kicked out of office. The report
outlines instance whereby
hundreds of acres of prime land,
including Caye lands, were parceled
off to a choose few in total
violation of the established
legal procedures.

Telephone: 501-222-4042/4992
E-mail: electboundi'btl.net

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San Ignacio Town, Cayo
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DISCOUNT on certain
Come stretch your
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Juan Cli's

when the issue of race is injected
into the political debate. For me,
I see it as a legitimate issue in the
discussion especially at this time
when the distribution of wealth is
not in the best interest of



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Etctions Z Boundfaies Oepavtment
9daliogany Street EJension
P. 0. 0-X(913, Beie City

iPaase Queot:
Vacancies Village Councils
The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 9 (1) of the Village Council Act,
Chapter 88 of the La ws of Belize. Revised Edition 2003 the following Village Council has declared vacancies within
its council as follows:
District Village Name Position Reason
Toledo Bladen Petrona Ico Member Resignation
By-election Bladen Village
The general public is hereby notified that in accordance with Part 111, Section 9(1) ofthe Village Council Act, Chapter
88 of the La ws of Belize. Revised Edition 2003, by-election to fill the vacant posts of members in the Bladen Village
Council is scheduled for Sunday September 5", 2010 from 9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. at the Fabian Cayetano R.C.


I Page 12 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkc>gmail. com

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 13

I. I1

Public Notice


Public Utilities Commission (PUC)


The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) hereby serves notice that in accordance with the Public Utilities
Commission Act Section 32 and the Water Industry Act Section 13, the Commission has amended the FINAL
DECISION (2009 FULL TARIFF REVIEWPROCEEDING) for the Belize Water Services Limited March
2010, to include approved tariffs, fees and charges for the operation of the Caye Caulker Water System for the
Full Tariff Period (FTP) April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2015.

Approved Tariffs, Fees and Charges for Cave Caulker Water System:

Approved Water Tariffs, Fees and Charges for the Caye Caulker
April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2015 are as follows:

Water System for Full Tariff Period (FTP)

Service Classification: Water Only
Branch: Caye Caulker
Consumption Blocks
0 1,000 23.00
1,001 2,000 26.45
2,001 3,000 29.03
3,001 4,000 31.86
4,001 5,000 34.97
5,001 6,000 42.12
6,001 7,000 46.22
> 8,000 50.73

Minimum Bill for
Consumption less than
1,000 US Gallons 23.00

Service Classification Approved
Reconnection fee (Caye Caulker) 25.00
Transfer of Account 20.00
Transfer of Service (location) 20.00
Transfer New Connections 20.00
Water Connection Fee Residential 100.00
Commercial 300.00
Government 300.00
Essential Services 300.00
Others 300.00
Water Infrastructure Fee Residential 150.00
All Others 150.00
Security Deposit Residential 50.00
Commercial 250.00
Government 250.00
Essential Services 250.00
Others 250.00

All other tariffs, fees and charges for the remainder of the country remain the same as issued in the Final
Decision on 30th March, 2010 and are effective April 1, 2010, through March 31, 2015.

The full text of the FINAL DECISION (2009 FULL TARIFF REVIEW PROCEEDING) for Belize Water
Services Limited March 2010 (Amended April 2010) is available to the general public a the office of the
Public Utilities Commission, 41 Gabourel Lane, Belize City, and on the PUC website, www.puc.bz.

Pae11 TR-Tl-66-82&6638 mi 1anwpprgalcm udy uut1,21

His Name Is Actually

Tylan Gay Matthews

basement. He recognized the
smell of growing marijuana and
saw a metal halide light and
shield covering 129 marijuana
plants. Matthews and Jamie
were arrested but charges were
later dropped against Jaime.
Two detectives subsequently
prepared an affidavit and
obtained a search warrant. They
reentered the residence and
conducted a search. The
officers seized the plants, other
equipment, several jars of
marijuana, a personal computer
and other evidence.
The officers obtained a
warrant to search the contents of
the computer. They allegedly
found marijuana and hemp
literature and order forms for
ordering marijuana for medical
use by mail. Lists of persons who
had allegedly ordered marijuana
from Matthews were also found,
as well as information on
organizations involved in cam-
paigns to legalize marijuana and
hemp-growing in the U.S.
Matthews was charged with

manufacturing marijuana in
violation of the Uniform
Controlled Substances Act. The
trial court accepted Matthews'
waiver of attorney and allowed
him to represent himself.
On July 21, 1997, the trial
court granted the State's motion
to amend the information. The
amended information charged
Matthews with the additional
count of possession of more
than 40 grams of marijuana.
Matthews waived reading of
the amended information in open
court. Notwithstanding, the trial
court explained the contents of
the amended information to him.
The court set an arraignment on
the amended charge for the
following week, but apparently
the arraignment never took
On August 22, 1997,
Matthews filed a motion to
disqualify the Judge. He argued
that the Judge was prejudiced
and had stated that "the search
was good" before the motion to
suppress was heard. The court
denied the motion as untimely

because it had already made
discretionary rulings in the case.
On December 19, 1997, the
court held a suppression hearing.
Two detectives testified for the
State. They said that the officers
first gained entry to the
residence and then radioed other
officers, who were waiting
outside, to come in and assist.
Matthews and Jamie testified
that all of the officers entered
together. According to the team,
they knocked on the door and
identified themselves, and then
Jamie opened the door.
According to Matthews and
Jamie, the officers knocked and
then, without waiting for an
answer, forced the door open,
cracking the door's strike plate.
Matthews submitted into
evidence a photograph and
videotape of the damaged
door frame.
The trial court denied the
motion to suppress and entered
findings of fact and conclusions
of law. The court found that:
(1) Matthews was informed
that he was subject to searches
as a condition of his community
(2) the team did not enter the
residence until radioed by the
others from inside;
(3) Jamie Matthews voluntar-
ily opened the front door and
admitted the officers; and
(4) no force was used by the
officers to gain entry.
The court concluded that:
(1) Matthews was lawfully
subject to the search;
(2) The Detective had
sufficient information to provide
a well-founded suspicion in
support of the search; and

(3) all evidence seized was
A jury trial had been set for
January 13, 1998. On that
morning, the court granted the
State's motion in limine to
preclude Matthews' defenses
of religious use and medical
necessity at trial. Matthews
made an offer of proof for the
He waived his right to a jury
trial and submitted the case to
the trial court on stipulated facts.
The trial court found Matthews
guilty of both counts.
He was sentenced to twelve
months and one day on the
manufacture count and two
months on the possession
count, to be served concurrently.
Matthews appealed the
conviction after which he is
reported to have fled the

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& Records
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The Caribbean Development Bank's Caribbean Technologi-
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the Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) to conduct
two (2)three-day workshops in management techniques for
small contractors in Belize.

The workshops will be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Belize
City on 13th 15th September 2010 and at the George Price
Center in Belmopan City on 16th 18th September 2010.

Contractors from Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize Districts
will attend the workshop in Belize City and contractors from
Toledo, Stann Creek, and Cayo Districts will attend the
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Contractors interested in attending the workshop must
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 15

Galen University Joins Prestugious

Group Of Private Universities

Dr. Al Decarvalho Addressing Faculty of
Galen University
CENTRAL FARM, Cayo, The regional universities
Wednesday, August 11, 2010: selected for this program
Galen University has joined a include Universidad Francisco
prestigious group of private Marroquin and Universidad del
universities who utilize the Valle in Guatemala, INCAE
Harvard School of Business Business School in Costa Rica,
Case Studies program. and Universidad Tecnologica de

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Improving Police Conduct Coming Soon
Cameras Inside The Police Station

used by the Police to
monitor noise levels from, but
limited to, Night Clubs and
Churches. This follows the
training of the San Ignacio
Police by the officials from the
Department of the Environment
on the use the meter and on
existing laws governing noise
In addition to having bought



and paid for this equipment,
the PCC recently donated $500
to the Police's "Du Di Rite
Ting" program.
All of this was in effect
donated my members of the
Cayo District for which
members of the PCC are most
grateful as the partnership
between the police and the
community continues to grow
from a safer community.

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The well known Harvard Case
Studies program is designed for
partner business schools to tap
into the vast knowledge base
accumulated through the
Harvard Business School. It is
a proven way to learn from
business issues on a case by case
basis. The real-life business
cases are studied by groups of
students in business classes. The
students then deliver their
solutions to the problems and de-
fend their answers. Their an-
swers are then compared to what
actually occurred. Case studies
from all over the world will be
used in the newly formed
Professional Master's of
Business Administration
(PMBA) program offered at
Galen, as well as in the
undergraduate business courses.
Mr. Al Decarvalho, Regional
Manager, Latin America and
East Asia at Harvard Business
School Publishing, spoke to the

faculty at length about the
benefits this new affiliation
will bring to Galen. He also
mentioned that high quality
cases produced by Galen
University would be considered
for addition to their international
Galen University's goal, in
addition to expanding the
global exposure of its students,
is to create an environment for
local businesses to be studied
and supported through these
learning processes. Students will
reach out to our Belizean busi-
nesses for opportunities to
problem solve through the case
study method. Plans are in the
works to begin publishing find-
ings in a bi-annual journal for
Belizean businesses. another out-
come of this learning style is
that it will create Galen
University graduates with
proven business practices and
broad problem solving skills that
will add value to their en-
terprises and workplaces.
CONTACT: Cynthia Reece











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Sunday, August 15, 2010

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