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Publication Date: July 11, 2010
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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"
No. 235 SundayJuly 11 2010o Pr ,ice $100

District, Wednesday, July 7,
They are as close to the real
thing as one can get thereby
understandably resulting in
several business persons,
primarily in San Ignacio Town,
becoming victims in the scam of
counterfeit $100 of $50 bills in
circulation over the past few days.
By the time an alert clerk at
Bismillah Novelties detected the
attempt to pass a counterfeit
$50 note at the store; several
unsuspecting business persons

Police Cadet
Continuing in its ongoing
efforts at steering young people
within the community in the
right direction, the Benque Viejo
Police Sub-Formation has
embarked on a program to
further enhance its already active
Police Cadet Corp.
The latest addition to the
program is the establishment of
a monthly awards program
aimed at recognizing outstand-
ing members of the Corp.
The rigid criteria for selection
include proof of above average
academic performance, good
behavior, good school and
church parade attendance,
punctuality, demonstration of


Kareem Kenneth Grant, 21 Shawn Gardiner, 33

had already fallen victims of the
criminal act.

Of the Month
leadership skills, involvement in
community service among
others. The first Cadet thus
selected for recognition as
Police Cadet for the month of
June 2010 is Ricky Cunil as he
consistently continues to radiate
positive tendencies both among
and outside of the group.
In recognition of the positive
attitude, Cadet Ricky Cunil was
presented with a Certificate
of Achievement, a framed
photograph of himself in
uniform. He also received a $25
cash award donated by the
Community Policing Officer PC
# 140 J Mckoy.
The Benque Viejo Police

The cookie began to crumble
at around 10:00 a.m. on


Police Cadet Ricky Cunil
Sub-formation along with the
Community Policing Unit
congratulates Cadet Ricky Cunil
for a job well done.

Robert Harold Young, 22
Tuesday, July 6, when a female
customer stepped into Bismillah
Novelties located in the
Savannah Area, San Ignacio
Town. She reportedly walked
around for a while after which
she indicated her desire to
purchase a set of plates valued
at $9.95. She reportedly handed
the clerk a $50 bill and on
careful inspection, the clerk
realized that it did not appear to
be genuine. In an effort to check
the validity of the note, the clerk
reportedly told the customer that
she did not have any change as
she was the first customer for the
morning but advised her to wait
while she gets change. The
clerk's suspicion was confirmed
by the store owner who
immediately proceeded to call
Please U-TurnToPageT

@ BLUE ANGELS NIGHT CLUB, Hudson Street, San Ignacio Town, Cayo

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It's World Cup Finals Action on the BIGGEST Screen in Town Beginning with
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Pae2-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprImi~o udy uy1,21

l niud.lFot.ll .la

the police. The police responded
rapidly and at around 10:15 a.m.
they visited Bismillah Novelties
where they encountered the
female customer still waiting
inside the store for her change.
She was detained and informed
of the reason for her detention.
Whilst being escorted to the
police station she pointed out
two male persons of dark
complexion standing in front of
Taisan's Store, across from the
Belize Bank on Burns Avenue,
whom she identified as the
persons who gave her the bogus
Upon searching the two
persons, police found a black
plastic bag inside the front pants
pocket of one of them. It was
found to contain the following
five counterfeit Belize notes (a)
two $100 notes #DB006204 (b)
one $100 note #DA61221 (c)
one $100 note #DA 786750 and
(d) one $50 note DE27794. The
suspects were identified as
Kareem Grant, 21, Belizean
fisherman, of #114 Neals Pen
Road, Belize City and Robert
Young, 22, Belizean laborer, of
a Mahogany Heights address,
Belize District.
The female was identified as
Shawn Gardiner, 33, Belizean
hairdresser, of an 8th Street
address in San Ignacio Town.
She is likewise known to be
residing on Eve Street in Santa
Elena Town.
Police reports that while
seeking assistance from a female
officer to conduct a search of the
female suspect, an alert detective
reportedly saw when she
dropped something under the
desk where she was awaiting to
be searched. The article was
instantly retrieved in her
presence and found to be an
additional two counterfeit $100
notes and two counterfeit $50
Following the sequence of
events and reports from victims
who have so far come forward,

investigators believed that Grant
and Young arrived in Cayo on
Monday, July 5, and that the first
victim could have been either the
Blue Angels Night Club, whose
owner ended up with a bogus
$100 note # DA631221 or,
George Devassy, 52, naturalized
Belizean Indian businessman,
owner of South Indian Restau-
rant located at the Plaza Del Rio
Mall, West Street, San Ignacio
While there is no official
report from Blue Angles
Night Club, George Devassy, in
a statement to the police
informed that at around 9:00
p.m. on Monday, July 5, two
male persons of dark complex-
ion of whom he gave detailed
descriptions, entered his restau-
rant each with a Belikin beer pint
in their hand. One of them
reportedly ordered two beers,
took out a $100 note and handed
it to Devassy who reportedly
informed that he could not make
change. The one with the $100
note reportedly asked the other
if he had a smaller note and this
was when he pulled out the $50
bill which was handed to
Devassy who returned $44
change. The men took their
beers and left the restaurant.
At around 10:30 a.m. the
following day, Tuesday, July 6,
Devassy visited Bismillah Store
with intention to purchase a pair
of tennis. Devassy arrived
shortly after the attempt was
made to pass a $50 bill at
Bismillah Novelties. The
incident was reportedly relayed
to him by the store owner.
Suspecting that he might have
been a victim of the scam,
Devassy pulled out a $50 bill,
showed it to the store owner
who advised him that it was not
genuine. He then walked over
to the police station to report the
Upon arrival at the police
station Devassy met up with the
two men who passed the bogus


money on him the previous
night. He promptly pointed them
out to the police.
Another victim of the bogus
money is the San Ignacio/Santa
Elena Town Council. It was
reported that sometime during
the business day on Tuesday,
July 6, an unknown person
paid for services with one of
the bogus $50 notes at the
municipal traffic department.
The undetected bogus money
was a part of the departments
Tuesday night deposit. It was
however detected by an alert
Scotia Bank clerk who was
checking the deposit on
Wednesday morning. The
discrepancy was brought to the
attention of the Municipal
Traffic Manager, Karen
Fernandez, who in turn
requested for the cashier to
submit a report in which the
cashier informed "I have no clue
or suspect who pay with the
$50.00 Belize counterfeit
A further victim of the scam
was Sarita Tzib, 25, Belizean
vegetable vendor from San
Antonio Village, who operates a
fruit stall inside the San Ignacio
Town market in the Savannah
Area. Tzib reported that at
around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday,
July 6, she was at her place of
business when a lady arrived and
bought a $14 bottle of coconut
oil paying with a $50 bill. She
reportedly gave the lady the
$36 change. It was only after
the lady departed that Tzib
realized the money, bearing

serial number DE 277964, was
bogus. She immediately visited
the police station to report the
matter. As in the case with
Devassy, upon arriving at the
police station Tzib saw the
accused Shawn Gardiner and
pointed her out to the police as
the person who gave her the
bogus money.
The investigation subsequently
led to the arrest of Kareem
Kenneth Grant, Robert Harold
Young and Shawn Gardiner all
charged in connection with
possession of counterfeit notes.
The trio appeared before San
Ignacio Magistrate, Anna
Rachel Montejo, on Wednes-
day, July 7, 2010, where they all
pleaded not guilty as charged.
They were offered and met bail
in the sum of one thousand
dollars and were ordered to
return to court on Wednesday,
July 28, 2010.
San Ignacio police advises that
although they might have
disrupted this latest ring, the
general public and especially the
business community must be on
the constant alert for counterfeit
currency. The police further
advises that in light of the fact
that counterfeiters are perfecting
the art, all large notes especially
$50 and $100 bills, which seems
to be the denominations of
choice, should be carefully
inspected to ascertain authentic-
ity before acceptance especially
so at night time. Police reports
that night clubs with poor
lighting conditions are particu-
larly susceptible to the scam.

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Sunday, July 11, 2

-.j *

Sunday, July 11, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3 1

Students received scholarships based on
academic excellence and financial need for
the completion of undergraduate studies!
Galen continues to provide excellence in
education for all, providing the opportunities
Belizeans need to get an internationally
competitive education and become
leaders in their field.
Academic Excellence
Galen awarded four (4) full scholar-
ships (tuition, books and all fees)
based on academic excellence to
students who held minimum GPAs of
Financial Need
Galen awarded six (6) scholarships
(covers tuition) based on financial
need to students who held minimum
GPAs of 3.0! One student from each
district received a scholarship.

Ten More!
Galen awarded ten (10) additional
scholarships (covers half tuition)
based on a combination of aca-
demic performance and financial
need to students who held minimum
GPAs of 3.01




Academic Exie/llene
Kenny Chan, M:.nt Carr-nel High School
Shanidi Chell, Muffles Junior College
Monica Chun, Sacred Heart College
Emir Vega, Muffles Junior College
Financial Need (District Scholarships)
Josue Bolona, so.:re Heart Junor Ccle.e
William Castillo, Belize Adventist Junior College
Amir Chen, Toledo Community College
Dionie Gonzalez, Muffles Junior College
Isis Mendozo, Ecumenical Junior College
Hughson Tillett, Saint John's Junior Col.:l gc
Ten More!
Karen Aleman, Ed,.ard P. Yorke High School
Orlando Coc, University of Belize P. G.
Harold Diaz, KIng's ClcIIeAe
Monique Escalante, Palloti IHigh Sc1ool
Shakira Gabourel, sacred Heart Junir cii. College
Mayrna MendeZ, Sacred Heart Junior College
Ellen Palma, Corozal Junior C..:,llege
Kelly Pena, Corozal Junior College
Delsie Pinelo, Sacred Heart Jujrn'. Cliege
John Tesecum, Toledo Cc.rmiunity College


Pae4-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprImi~o udy uy1,21

Galen University Announces Fall Scholarship Recipients

Monday, July 5, 2010:
As it continues to provide
excellence in education for all,
Galen University takes this
opportunity to proudly
announce and to offer due
recognition to the recipients of
this Fall's Scholarship Program.
Ten students received full
scholarships for completion of
their undergraduate degree
at Galen University for this
academic year.
Four students received
Academic Excellence Scholar-
ships based on their academic
performance (minimum GPA of
3.5) in high school or junior
college. These scholarships
include the cost of tuition, fees,
and books.

Six students received District
Scholarships, one from each
district of Belize, based on
financial need and a minimum
GPA of 3.0 Their funding is for
the tuition of their full degree

The Academic Scholarship
recipients are:
Shanidi Chell and Emir Vega
from Muffles Junior College in
Orange Walk Town.
Kenny Chan from Mount
Carmel High School in Benque
Viejo Town.
Monica Chun from San
Ignacio's Sacred Heart College

The District Scholarship
(tuition only) recipients are:
For the Belize District,
Hughson Tillett from St. John's
Junior College.
For the Cayo District, Josue
Balona from San Ignacio's
Sacred Heart Junior College.
From the Corozal District,
William Castillo from the
Belize Adventist Junior College.
Orange Walk's Dianie



or CALL 824-4047





Gonzalez from Muffles Junior
Stann Creek's Isis Mendoza
from Dangriga's Ecumenical
Junior College and
Toledo's Amir Chen from
Punta Gorda's Toledo Commu-
nity College.
Ten other students received
partial scholarships based
on need and prior academic
Students awarded 50%
scholarships (tuition only)
From Belize City, Monique
Escalante, Pallotti High School
Karen Aleman,Edward P. Yorke
High Schoo.
Delsie Pinelo, Shakira
Gabourel and Mayrna Mendez
all from Sacred Heart Junior
College, San Ignacio Town,
Kelly Pena and Ellen Palma

from Corozal Junior College,
Corozal Town, Corozal District.
Harold Diaz from King's
College in the Orange Walk
And from the Toledo District,
John Tesecum from Punta
Gorda Town's Toledo Commu-
nity College and Orlando Coc
from the University of Belize,
Toledo Campus in Punta Gorda
The value of the scholarships
awarded totals approximately
Galen University's Advisory
Board of Academic Affairs,
faculty and staff congratulate the
Scholarship recipients and thank
all the students who participated
in the 2010 scholarship program.
Galen University continues to
provide excellence in education
for all, providing the opportuni-
ties you need to get an interna-
tionally competitive education
and become a leader in your

Accused Chain Snatcher Is A Policeman

The public relations image of
the Belize Police Department
received yet another blow when
news surfaced of a policeman
accused of committing a low-life
criminal act.
While no mention of the
disgraceful act was made in the
police daily news bulletin to
the media, reports indicate that
the accused common criminal
policeman was identified only as
one PC Diaz.
A request for a photograph
of the accused, made via Police
Press Officer Fitzroy Yearwood,
never materialized.
Notwithstanding, reports
reaching us indicate that PC
Diaz was arrested and criminally
charged for theft in connection
with a report made by Eberto
Castellanos, a 21 year old
accountant at Habet and Habet.
Castellanos told police that

during the afternoon hours
on Saturday, July 3, he was
standing near the Novelo's
Terminal on West Collet Canal
in Belize City, when Diaz
snatched his gold chain from
around his neck.
A passing police mobile
encountered Castellanos chasing
PC Diaz and assisted.
When questioned by the police
after being captured, PC Diaz
said he found the chain on the
The cops did not believe Diaz'
story resulting in him being
arrested and charged for theft.
Diaz appeared in court on
Monday, July 5, where he
pleaded not guilty to the charge.
He was offered and met bail
in the sum of two thousand
dollars and ordered to return to
court on Wednesday, August 4,

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Sunday, July 11, 2

Sunday, July 11, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 5 1

What Transpired Inside the Miami Beach Hotel

On The Night Of Saturday, June 26, 2010?

The social event attended by
Prime Minister of Belize, Hon.
Dean Barrow and other
dignataries, at the Miami Beach
Hotel on Saturday, June 26, was
abruptly ended when, just as
Prime Minister Barrow was
addressing the gathering, an
evacuation order was issued by
the police and hotel officials
on the heels of a strange ordor
inside the hotel.
Subsequent to the incident the
Miami Herald reports of the
detention of two person held
in the slaying of a Russian at
Miami Beach Resort.
The following is the Miami
Herald's report on the incident
Police said surveillance video
helped lead them to the two men
accused of shooting and killing
a tourist at a Miami Beach
hotel on Saturday.
BY: Kelly House:
The two suspects in a deadly
Miami Beach hotel shooting
attacked their victims with
pepper spray before they shot
one and escaped out a back door,
Miami Beach police say.
Police arrested the pair in the
shooting death of a Russian
tourist Saturday at the Miami
Beach Resort & Spa. A hotel
surveillance camera captured
them fleeing down back stairs,
police said.
Duran A. Reed, 25, of Miami,
and Turaine Depri Burgess, 21,
of Millsboro, Del., are charged
with second degree murder and
armed robbery in the death of
38-year-old Roman Gubanov,
of Tver, Russia.
Investigators say the shooting
was drug-related.
Here's what happened,
according to police:
Gubanov and his friend,
Andrey Orlov, approached
Reed and Burgess the day before
the shooting, looking to buy
They agreed to make a drug
deal the next day at Gubanov and
Orlov's 11th floor hotel room.
Reed and Burgess arrived as
planned, then quickly left,
saying they would return in 20
minutes with the cocaine. Two
minutes later, they forced their
way into the room, brandishing
a gun and a can of pepper spray,
and stole $500 in cash and a
camera from the hotel table.

When Gubanov tried to stop
them, Reed sprayed the
two victims with the pepper
spray, which caused a choking
odor that forced authorities to
evacuate the hotel.
Gubanov then grabbed a
whiskey bottle to defend himself
against Burgess, but Reed shot
him in the chest. Burgess was
accidentally shot in the left hand
during the scuffle.
The pair ran down the hotel's
back stairwell and were long
gone by the time police arrived.
When police arrived at the hotel
about 10 p.m. Saturday, they
found Gubanov dead of a
gunshot wound to the chest, and
a distressed Orlov covered in

Security cameras and
witnesses led police to Reed and
Burgess, Miami Beach police
Det. Kenny Matthews said.
The shooting and suspicious
odor led officials to evacuate
the hotel's 1,000 guests for hours
as they investigated.

Matthews said both Burgess
and Reed have criminal records.
Miami Beach police spokesper-
son Deborah Doty expressed
regret over the interrupted night
suffered by hotel guests -
which included the Prime
Minister of Belize and a
100-person wedding party.
"We had to make sure that
hotel was safe before we let
anybody back inside," she said.

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r N




1[SPLAY (THlUltSIAY, JULY 15, 11:I0IPJi)










G ARRY7 JUI 15,L .1

.. h" ...".. ".
.^ BK10



Pae6-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprImi~o udy uy1,21

Hfow Belize And Other Caribbean Countries

Can Win Future World Cup Championships

By: Wellington C. Ramos

The most played sport
throughout the world is football
which for some strange reason
the Americans choose to call
I have been playing this game
from the time I was a child
growing up in Dangriga Town,
Stann Creek District, Belize
along with national stars like:
Anthony "Garrincha"Adderly,
Buck Palacio, Nolbert "Nolly"
Moss, Pine, Wallet, Naday, Ray
Moss, Anthony Moss, Nelson

Moss, Henry Moss, Orin
"Coco" Orio, Carnal, Johnnie
Cool, Henry Martinez, Lepaul
Martinez, Pinnacles, Brazilian
and many others who grew up
in our neighborhood in the
Logan Field area. Not only did
we play this sport but we were
also addicted to it to the point
where we were called "Ball
We became good football
players without much family and
community support, no sponsor-
ship, inadequate playing
facilities and no equipment. In
many parts of Belize and the
Caribbean region most of the
players who played this sport,
and those who continue to play
it, are experiencing the same
thing. For Belize and the other
countries to win a World Cup
Tournament, the countries of the
Caribbean must have a long term
plan in place beginning from
now. The children in these coun-

tries should be trained from an
early age in all sports. The
governments should ensure that
professional coaches, equipment,
clubs, leagues, sponsorships and
facilities are available its children
to play the sports. Once these
things are in place, the children
will have something to look
forward to because they know
that if they work hard and excel
in the sport of their choice
they will eventually become
professional players.
There is an urgent need in
Belize to resurrect Primary
School, High School, College and
Inter-district sporting competi-
tions. The Ministry of Sports can
establish Directorates for each
sport to go throughout the
country ensuring that there are
representatives in each district for
all sporting disciplines. A site
should be designated as The
National Sports Training Center
where all Belizeans who are
selected to play for the national
team will live, camp and receive
training before being sent to
represent Belize as ambassadors
in whatever sport they play.
I am of the opinion that there
should be a National Football
League for amateurs that is
managed by the government and
a Professional League managed
by private sector businesspersons.
When the private sector invests
in something, they look forward
to see positive results and if
they are not satisfied with the
results, they will abandon the
This seriousness in sports will
increase the competitive spirit
among other team clubs. Once we
have a Professional League the
players must have a union to
represent their interest.
The Government of Belize
should put laws in place for the
smooth and effective operation of
the various sporting leagues and
There are currently two football
leagues operating in Belize that
seems to be fighting among
themselves for as long as any of
us can remember. The govern-
ment has been standing in the
middle as the referee afraid to
blow the whistle to end this
infighting game. While this
nonsense is taking place, the
quality of football in Belize has
been constantly deteriorating as

the beat goes on with no hope
of becoming competitive on the
world scene. Most former and
current Belizean football
players are tired of this
infighting. They want this
drama to end now.
If the Government of Belize
does not step in now, football
and many other sporting
disciplines in Belize will remain
mediocre for the unforeseeable
future. I am convinced that the
teams Belize selected over the
years did not include the best
Belizean players. It is no
secret that the method of
selection is based on favoritism.
About two years ago I went
to the Alliance Stadium in
Houston to watch the Belize
National Team play against
Mexico and I was frankly not
impressed by the level of play I
saw. When football was played
in the 1970's with teams such
as; Chitos Eleven, Berger
404, White Label, Charger,
Landivar, Police Invaders
Bellprint etc., the quality of
football was far superior to
what it is today. Furthermore,
Inter-district competitions in
those days attracted more
attention and excitement than
does the games in the current
professional league.
I now call on the new
Minister of Sports Hon John
Saldivar and former football
players in Belize and abroad, to
read this article and summon a
meeting with all football league
representatives to embark on a
new course to revive football in
It is imperative for the sport
to be revived to the point where
our country will become
competitive and be looked upon
by other countries in the world
as a nation to be reckoned with
when it comes to competing in
football tournaments.
I watched most of the games
in this current World Cup games
being played in Africa and
throughout these games I kept
wondering; what must Belize
do to take up its rightful place
in World Cup 2014?
I admire the determination
that the Spanish and Dutch
players bring to the current
World Cup. They must both be
commended for playing their
hearts out for their country.
Pretty soon this will all come
to an end with Spain taking the
title for the first time in the
history of their nation.


Citrus Growers 42nd Annual General Meeting
Members of the Citrus Growers Association are hereby notified that
the 42nd Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 24th
2010 at 9:30 a.m. at the CGA Compound at Mile 9 Stann Creek
Valley Road.
Note: The date of the AGM has been changed from July 17th to
July 24th, 2010 due to circumstances beyond our control
Review and Adopt Minutes of the 41st AGM held on
June 16th 2009 and Minutes of the Special General
Meeting held on September 26th 2009.
Receive and consider the Financial Audit of CGA for
year ending September 30th 2009.
Appoint an Auditor for fiscal year 2009-2010.
Elect directors to the Committee of Management in
place of those stepping down.
Consider Other Business of the CGA.

Please note Rule 6 of CGAHandbook on "Voting by Proxy atAGM"
which allows that a member of CGA, being entitled to a vote, may
cast his or her vote by proxy provided that (a) he or she is a full
registered member and entitled to a vote, (b) the proxy form is one
provided by CGA, (c) the proxy was duly signed in the presence of a
JP and is received by the Executive Secretary or CEO at least 24
hours before the meeting, (d) the member intending to vote by proxy
has provided credible proof to the CEO or Executive Secretary that
he or she is ill, absent from country or unable to act and (e) the proxy
must be duly stamped in accordance with Stamp Duties Act of

The usual Transportation will be provided for growers to attend the

ti il
l-h .an i-j, V i r al 2 I d .O. J ..n .l. I, . n T : I 1[., 3a5x, 30L '. F-P E l9 i
E-lll;: Uln:ilA =ja.'ir.:.:Fhlt<=-lu'::.' -'i H'l--( wh>ll.liua.. j.=

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Sunday, July 11, 2

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In accordance with Section 13 of the Registered Land Act Chapter
194, Revised Edition 2000, 1, PATRICIA ROBATEAU PER EZ,
for Registrar of Lands, hereby serve notice that within one month
from the date hereof, 1 intend to register the following parcels of
land hsted below for which application for first registration have been

The attention of the general public is hereby drawn to this notice.
Any person whose rights and interest may be affected by the
registering of these parcels must get in touch with me before expiry
date of this police between Mondays to Fridays at the Land Registry.


This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, FORT
GEORCE/PICKSTOCK, BlockNo. 45 and being Parcels No. 59.

This parcel of Land is the subject of a Vesting Assent No. 633 of
2008 dated 7"' March, 2008 andrecorded in Deeds Book Volume 64
of 2008 at Folios 373-378 in favour of SUN HAW CHOE.

This parcel of land is situated in the Rcgilstiation Section,
DANGRIGA NORTH, Block No, 31 and being Parcels No, 66,

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed ofConveyance No. 2249
of 2002 dated 16' July, 2002 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume
27 of 2002 at Folios 553-558 in favour of ETIILYXANTONIO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN
IGNACIO NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No. 1984.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No, 179 of 1988
dated 15t January, 1988 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 2 of
1988 at Folios 1049-1066 in favour ofJOHN FRANCIS AUGUST

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section. ALBERT/
M ESOP, Block No. 45 andbeing Parcels No. 228.

This parcel ofland is the subject of a Conveyance No. 926 of 1999
dated 1911 April, 1999 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 10 of
1999 at Folios 1329- 1334 in favour of SHAOYUN KUAN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
PLACENTIA NORTH, Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 700.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 1162 of 1990
dated 29' May, 1990 and recorded in Deeds Book V'luune 13 of
1990 at Folios 363-370 in favour of DONALD FRANK

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
PLACENTIA NORTH, Block No, 36 and being Parcel No, 699.
This parcel of land is the suhljct of a Deed of Conveyance No 635

of 1990 dated I18 1 January, 1990 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volume 7 of 1990 at Folios 1237-1240 in favour of DONALD

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. FORT
GEORGIUPICKSTOCIK Block No. 45 and being Parcels No. 1094.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Conveyance No. 418 of 1989
dated 28th February, 2002 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 5 of
1989 at Folios 619-626 in favour ofVINOD I)HO )JWAN

APPLICATION NO, I1.1RS-201006485
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
DANGRIGA SOU-TH, Block No. 31 and being Parcels No. 1324.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Vesting Assent No. 2382 of
1990 dated 29' November, 1990 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volume 25 of 1990 at Folios 1451-1456 in favour of ADRIANA

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
DANGRIGA NORTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcel No, 817.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Gift No. 400 of 1994
dated 31st January, 1994 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 5 of
1994 at Folios 963-970 in favour of YVETTE PRARILkM.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. FORT
GEORGE/PICKSTOCK, Block No. 45 andbeing Parcel No. 52.

Thi s parcel of land is the subject ofa Minister's Fiat Grant No. 84 of
2002 dated 10th February. 2002 m favor of VICTOR LSHER.

APPI ICATION NO. I.RS-201006i490
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
DANGRIGA SOUTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 1859.

This parcel of land is Lie subject of a Deed of Gill No. 3540 of
1990 dated 29' November, 1990 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volume 43 of 1999 at Folios 205-212 in favour of CAROL

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
DANGRIGA SOUTH, Block No 31 and being Parcels No, 1860.

This parcel oflandis the subject ofaDeed ofCorive,.yaice No. 2073
of 1997 dated 1 thAugust. 1997 and eco ded ir Deeds Book Vol-
ume 23 of 1997 at Folios 97-102 in favour of RITACASTILLO &

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
SAN IGNACIO NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No.

This parcel ofland is the subject of a Conveyance No, 2832 of 1998
dated 2" November, 1998 and iwcodecd in Deed Book Volume 33
of 1998 at Folios 808-815 in favour ofVINCENTE PINEDA.
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
PLACENTIA NORTH, Block No. 36 and being Parcels
Please Turn To.Pagie

Pae8-SAI e: 2682 2-78 -Eal tresaeIgalco udy uy1,21

The daughter of an Indian
Chief visits the doctor.
She tells the doctor "Big
Chief no fart."
The doctor gives her one pill
and tells her to give it to Big
The next day the girl returns
to the doctor and tells the
doctor, "Big Chief no fart."
The doctor gets worried. He
gives her two pills and tells her

Jake returns home to Belize
for vacation with his first world,
New York City, wife.
He is with his family in Santa
Familia when he woke up early
last Saturday morning ready
to shoot the first deer of the
He walks down to the kitchen
to get a cup of coffee, and to his
surprise he finds his wife,
Angelique, fully dressed in

to give the two of them to Big
The next day the girl returns
to the doctor and tells the
doctor, "Big Chief no fart."
Now the doctor gets really,
really worried. He gives her a
whole jar of pills and told her to
give him all the pills.
The next day the girl comes
back crying and says "Big fart
no Chief!"

Jake asks her: "What are you
up to?"
Angelique smiles: "I'm going
hunting with you!"
Jake had many reservations
about this, but nevertheless
decides to take her along just to
avoid a fuss in his family house.
They arrived at the hunting site
in the Mountain Pine Ridge and
Jake sets Angelique safely up

in a tree and tells her: "If you
see a deer, take careful aim at
it and I'll come running back
as soon as I hear the shot".
Jake walks away with a smile
on his face knowing that, being
from the Big Apple, Angelique
was at a loss in the forest.
Not even fifteen minutes has
gone by when Jake is startled as
he hears an array of gunshots.
Quickly, Jake starts running
back. As he gets closer to the tree
where he left Angelique, he hears
her screaming: "Get away from

One Sunday morning, Father
Andrew noticed little Alex
staring up at the large plaque that
hung on the wall in the church.
The plaque was covered with
names, and small flags were
mounted on either side of it.
The seven-year old was
staring at the plaque for some
time, so the priest walked up,
stood beside the boy, and said
quietly, "Good morning Alex."
"Good morning Father,"
replied Alex.

my deer!"
Confused, Jake races faster
towards his screaming wife and
again he hears her yell: "Get
away from my deer!" followed
by another volley of gunfire.
Now within sight of where he
had left her, Jake is surprised to
see a cowboy, with his hands
high in the air.
The cowboy, obviously
distraught, says: "Okay, lady,
okay!!!! You can have your
deer!!! Just let me get my
saddle off it!"

Still focused on the plaque
Alex asked, "Father Andrew,
what is this?"
"Well, son, it's a memorial
to all the young men and
women who died in the
service," responded the priest.
Both priest and child stood
together, staring at the large
Little Alex's voice was barely
audible when he asked, "Which
service Father, the 6:30 or the
8:30 one?"

BY: Marta Mendrikx (www.belizefilmfestival.com).

WEDNESDAY, July 7, 2010:
A carnival like excitement is
growing across the country as
Opening Night Gala set for
Friday, July 16th at the Bliss
Centre draws near.
International celebrities like
Daryl "Chill" Mitchell and
Anthony Anderson are confirm-
ing their attendance and so are
the BelAms, with comedienne
Lauren Burgess leading the
bunch returning home to be a
part of this glamorous
being promoted by NICH and
its many partners in the tourism
The Festival will open with red
carpet events in Belize City at
the Bliss on Friday, July 16 and
in San Pedro Town at the Reef
Village Resort Paradise Theatre
on Saturday, July 17. Then in
San Ignacio at Ka'ana Boutique
Resort on Wednesday, July 21.
The real heart of this festival,
however, is its wide diversity of
films, industry workshops and
seminars. And the long
awaited list of selected films
will finally be announced this
week on the festival website

A sneak peak, however, reveals
that The Silent Army, a Dutch
film, has been selected to open
Belize's Festival this year.
Set in an imaginary African
country, The Silent Army brings
to the screen the reality of a
real-life social problem: the
plight of child soldiers.
The film tells the story of
eleven year-old Abu kidnapped
by rebels and forced to become
a child soldier and widowed
father Eduard Zuiderwijk, a
Western restaurant owner who
sets off to find and rescue his
son's Afrikan friend.
The Silent Army was selected
at the 2009 Cannes Film
festival under the category 'Une
Certain Regard' and received
a historically long standing
ovation. It was also the official
Dutch Submission to the 2010
Other films in the line up
include Fallen Gods (Cuba/
Mexico), Before the World Ends
(Brazil), Raajneeti (India) and "7
Adventures of Sinbad" filmed
completely on location in Belize
earlier this year.
For a complete list of films,
please keep checking the

Big Chief No Fart

A City Girl Goes Hunting

Dedicated To Those Who Died In Service

V A 1 T 1 OF B L I ZI '

CTC 2010 Monthly Cash



Ms. Janet Stevens, our winner for the month of June,
won $250.00 with coupon #0403

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December 2010.
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Sunday, July 11, 2

Sunday, July 11, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 9 1

Making A Difference For River Valley Farmers

Belize District, Friday, July 2,
As he continues on the
dedicated mission to positively
impact the lives of Belizean
farmers countrywide, Minister
of Agriculture and Fisheries,
Hon. Rene Montero, today
visited farmers in the Belize
River Valley Area.
Minister Montero was
accompanied by Minister of
State in the Ministry of Works/
Area Representative for the
River Valley Communities, Hon.
Edmond "Clear The Land"
The agricultural assistance
distributed to River Valley
farmers included six hundred
pounds yellow corn seeds, one
thousand each chaya cuttings,
cocoa yam seedlings, cassava
bits as well as five pounds
Squash seeds, seventy five Akee
plants and six bags of sweet
pepper each containing one
thousand seeds.
Minister Montero informed
that the undertaking is all a part


(L-R) Agriculture & Fisheries Minister,
Hon. Rene Montero making presentation to
former Assistant Superintendent Of Police now
farmer, Godfrey Smith

of the larger objective geared
toward the national food
security agenda of the
Government of Belize and the
Ministry of Agriculture and
Fisheries of which farmers in
the Belize River Valley play an
integral role.
"The project" said Minister
Montero "is to ensure that

smallfarmers are provided with
the technical and material
assistance to improve their
income and at the same time

with the Chinese philosophy of
"Eating what you produce and
selling the excess".
For further information please
contact Chief Executive Officer,
Ministry of Agriculture and
Fisheries, Mr. Gabino Canto at

24 Crenshaw Street,
San Ignacio, Cayo
Telephone: 824-2730

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Pae1I TR-Tl-62-82&6638 milsanwpprIalco udy uy1,21

March 22- April 20
Many a time you are lucky to
compare your gains and achieve-
ments with those of someone
you aspire to emulate. It could
lead to bitterness if you don't
go about this exercise construc-
tively. Instead of calling it
unfair, try to focus on how you
can make your efforts better
and more rewarding.Lucky
Numbers: 03, 18, 42.

April 21 to May 21
You take on more responsibili-
ties this week. Money will need
to be managed better. You
could also stand to gain through
a sudden but risky deal. Do your
homework well before quoting
your terms. Your dedication is
likely to win you rewards.
Lucky Numbers: 12, 33, 58.

May 22 to June 21
This could be a ground breaking
week in terms of personal issues.
Even though you could use
financial help, you realise that

home and family are your
essential support systems and
if you've done well on that
count, your output at work is
good to take care of the rest.
Lucky Numbers: 24, 65, 81.

June 22 to July 23
If you've been having a tough
time in a relationship, you
might be required to make
initial efforts to forge a bond.
You may opt for some groom-
ing activities and indulgent
purchases. It will do you a lot
of good to fulfill some wishes
of the elderly in your family.
Lucky Numbers: 05, 62, 96.

July 24 to August 21
You receive recognition and
praise for your work. Also,
outflow of money gets
contained, giving you a breather
from constantly managing
expenses. You could be
contemplating a small holiday.
It will be good to refrain from
getting into arguments. Lucky
Numbers:10, 55, 69.


We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America
and the world.


contact john oni678 -2000

or stop by our office at:
30, Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio.


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tYoiur Horoscope & Lucky Numbersl

Finances will be smooth this
week and the inflow of funds is
more than satisfying. But it
brings with it the responsibility

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Blocks For Only $1.10
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10% Discount on Steel!!!
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quality Dressed & Rough
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Mahogany Lumber, Sand,
Cement, Steel, Plywood,
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Low Prices Everyday!

August 22
to September 21
There's an obsessive thought that
pre-occupies your mind and
pushes you to work towards
earning more money. Financial
security prods you towards more
focused and dedicated efforts.
Be careful and avoid a burnout.
You might find a lot of comfort
in hobbies and creative pursuits.
Lucky Numbers: 27, 78, 95.

-"\ LIBRA:
September 22 to
October 23
The coming week is an
evaluative phase of sorts
where you analyse your interac-
tions with others. Doing this
could lead to positive outcomes,
provided you analyse the
situation with a right mix of
tactfulness and understanding.
You will make efforts to revamp
your public image.Lucky
Numbers: 26, 44, 82.

October 24 to
'0 November 21
This week you are pre-occupied
in dealing with financial issues.
These are important work
related matters that need to be
handled. You may not get to play
the key roles, but for now,
you are content. In an easy
yet persistent manner, you
accomplish your immediate
goals. Lucky Numbers: 36, 50,


of managing it well. You need
to double check where you
invest to avoid any losses.
Family may demand a fair share
of your time. Lucky Numbers:
21, 49, 86.

December 22 to
January 20
You try to realign your
priorities. With work life
flowing smoothly, you now
desire to pay more attention
to matters at home and to your
family members. You may find
it difficult to deal with things
initially but remind yourself
that patience is the only key
to to get you through. Lucky
Numbers: 31, 47, 92.

January 21 to
February 19
The week begins on a
promising note as many of
your financial worries end. This
by no means implies that you can
indulge yourself in luxury. You
will have to watch that streak of
impulsive behaviour as it could
lead to some undesirable
expenses. There are chances of
travel too. Lucky Numbers: 20,
56, 88.

February 20 to
March 21
You will have to organise and
plan your days if you do not
want your work and personal
relationships going haywire.
There will be lots of issues
revolving around money that
you'll need to handle and rework
plans of repaying a debt. Keep
away from arguments about
money. Lucky Numbers: 35,
64, 98.



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Sunday, July 11, 20

Sunday, July 11, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 11



Conined ro Pae.
No- 177 5-

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Deed of Conveyance No. 4004
or 2002 dail.d 28"1L Seplemher, 2000 and recorded in leeds Hook
VoluIni 57 of 2000 at Folios 899-904 in favour of hARTLEY

AIPP I TC'10\ N(O I,1S-2010116494
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
DA.NGRIGA NORTII, Blocl No. 31 andbcing Parcels No. 843.

This parcel o[f land is the S~uLbjicL ofa Minister^s Fiat Gran tNo. 687
of 1999 dated 22nd August, 1999 in favor of ERNEST

This parcel of laud is situald in Lhc Registration Section. SAN
IGNACIO SOUTH, BloclNo. 23 and being Parcels No. 1239.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Conveyance No. 1655 of 2007
dated 29 I May. 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 of
2007 al. 'oli.s 1179-1198 in iavouIr of M ARK I'DWARI)

This parcels of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN
IGNACIO SOUTH, BlockNo, 23 and being Parcel No, 1248.

This parcel o0f1and is lhAe sLIbjecl of a(Con vevance No. 1657 n '200 7
daled 29"1 May. 2007 and recorded in Deeds Rook Volume 20 ol'
2007 at Folios 1219-1238 in favour of ACNES GRCACE

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section
SA2N IGNACIO SOUTII, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No.
1258 .

This parcel of l and is the sub iecl of a Con vcyanec No. 1653 of 2007
dated 29"' May. 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 of
2007 at Folios 1 139-1158 in favour of ERROLT GILBERT

This parcel of land is situaltd in die Regi'.stralion Section. SAN
IGNACIO SOI.rH, lock No. 23 and being Parcel No. 1249.

This parcel ofland is the subject ofa Con cyancrieeNo. 0631 of2005
dated 17th March. 2005 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 9 of
2005 at Folios 1-20 in favour of PATRICK ME1(CKKl(K l,:R

A PPI ,[CATION NO. I .RS-201006577
These parcels of land are situated in the Registration Section,
D1ANGRUIA NOR'H, FBlnck No.31 ajndheing Parcel No. 1481 &

These parcels of land are the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No.
254 of 2002 dated 25th March, 2002 in favor of VERNA\

1PPIICAT.VION NO. 1,11Sn-2f110016578
This parcel of lad is situatlcd in the Registration Seetion. FORT
GEORGE/PICKSTOCK, Block No. 45 and bein_ Parcels No.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Ministers FhiaL(rant No. 24 of
1987 dated 7th April, 1987 in favor of DIANA BABB
as Adrinistralrix of the Estate of FIDENCTO BABB

APPlLIC:1TION NO. LRS-2010006582
These parcdls of land are situatcd in the Registration Section. FORT
CEORGE/PIC'KSTOCK, Block No.45 midbeingPurcelsNo. 1248,
1239. 1215. 12 -.1, 12-13, 1210. 1212. 1211 & 1160.

These parcels ofla nd are tile subject of a Conveyance No. 0939 of
2006 dated 28th ]'cbruary, 2006 and rix.orded in I)eeds I Volume 12 of 2006 at Folios 775-790 in favour of RELEK

This parcel or hnnd is sil.taled in Ihe Ie iisl.rali.ion Seclion. SAN
PEDRO, Block No. 7 and bTing ParcIls No. 4496.

This parcel of land is tie subjectof a ConveyanceNo.2399 of 1999
dated 20"IAugust- I 999 and recorded in D)ceds Book VolIme 28 of
1999 at Folios 841-854 in favour of DAML.N WILSON.

TI ii, paT'cLl 11 oflaTd is situated Ti tihe Re-islT':ltillil SctCiollH, SAN
IG.NAC(:) SOLt,'I L, B locuk No. 23 and being ParwdsNo. 212.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Deed of Conveyance No. 1R21
of 1989 dated 18L11 September, 1989 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volumen 19 of 1989 atL Folios 1381-1386 in favouLr of RAXMO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SANTA
EI.ENAC\Y()O, Hiock No. 23 anidbeini parcel No.3624.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed ofGiftNo. 832 of 1996
dated 20th March. 1996 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 8 of
1996 at Folios 1122-1129 in favour of CONCEPCION SANTOS

Tlis parcel of land is situated inll he Registrationl Sccthon, PORT/
LOYOLAVILLE, BlockNo. 45 and being Pa celNo. 1666.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister-s Fiat Grant No.
224 of 1998 dated 3rd March.i 1998 in favor of ETTIEI,

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section,
SAR'IE.M~.IA. I131ock No. 3 and being Pared No. 461.

This parcel of land is the subject oCa Con veyance No- 2987 of 1997
dated 12Lhi November. 1997 and recorded in Deeds Hook Volume
32 of 1997 at I'olios 1128-1135 in favor of EI: 10)1 A

APPl.ICAT .ION N). LRS-I201006N93
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. ORANGE
WVA 1 ,K 'TOV N, Blndc No. 4 and being Parcel No. 3975.

''hisi parcel ofland is the subject of'a Mini ster's Fiat(GranL No. 170
of 1997 dated 30thApril, 1997 in favor of DAVID E. CHI.

Page 12 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, July 11, 2010

Belizean Youth Ambassador Travel

To The United States Of America

.... 2. !

EMBASSY OF THE UNITED U.S. Embassy Belmopan and
STATES OF AMERICA, Georgetown University's Center
Belmopan, Tuesday, July 6, for Intercultural Education
2010: and Development (CIED) in
Belize Youth Business Trust, Washington, DC, is coordinating
in collaboration with the a Youth Ambassadors Program

Jealous Killer Stabbed Wife

In Heart At Glenrothes Flat

BBC NEWS: Page last
updated at 15:16 GMT,
Thursday, July 8, 2010 16:16
A man stabbed his estranged
wife to death because he
wrongly believed she was
pregnant with another man's
James McKenzie, 61, attacked
48-year-old Denise Grieve in
front of their teenage daughter
at her flat in Glenrothes, Fife, in
He pled guilty to the murder.
Sentence was deferred.
The High Court in Glasgow
heard how he told police that he
laid his wife out on a bed so that
he could stab her heart.
McKenzie also said he was
happy he was the last person his
wife saw.
The court was told that
McKenzie and his wife split up
in October last year after a
turbulent relationship.
Even although they were
living at separate addresses,
McKenzie believed they
remained "very much a couple".
He became jealous in
February when he learned Ms
Grieve was seeing Robert
Graham, who she had previously
He was of the belief that she

had become pregnant to Robert
Graham. The deceased was
not pregnant at the time of her
Soon after this, Mr Graham
decided to end the relationship,
and McKenzie moved back to
the family home in Ednam
But he snapped on the
morning of 15 March after Ms
Grieve said she did not want to
get back together with him.
Ms Grieve was sitting on the
stairs after having a bath when
her husband pinned her down
with his hand over her chest and
stabbed her with a knife.
Michael Stuart, prosecuting,
told the court how McKenzie's
19-year-old daughter Jordan
jumped on her father's back and
tried to grab the blade.
She then fled and dialled 999
before McKenzie drove off in
Ms Grieve's Honda car.
When police arrived, Ms
Grieve was lying on a bed with
the knife stuck in her chest.
The court heard how her
husband was spotted driving
erratically around Glenrothes
narrowly avoiding traffic and
He was pursued by police
who stopped him on a quiet farm

for young Belizeans.
This program is financed by
the U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Educational and
Cultural Affairs and adminis-
tered by CIED.

Slle IDeceased
Denise Grieve, 48

McKenzie instantly told the
officers: "I stabbed her I did
not want to but I had to."
Mr Stuart told the court: "He
was also of the belief that she
had become pregnant to Robert
Graham. The deceased was not
pregnant at the time of her
McKenzie also told officers
how he stabbed Ms Grieve and
had carried her upstairs onto a
He went on: "I looked down at
her chest and just pushed the
knife back in, then did it again.
I was trying to figure out where
the heart was."
He described how Ms Grieve
had been looking at him and was
initially still breathing.
McKenzie added in an
interview with police: "I know
it sounds sick, but I am
glad I was the last person she
He also told how he had also

Thirteen young Belizeans
have been chosen as Youth
Ambassadors. Accompanying
them is one Belizean Mentor.
The goal of the Youth Ambassa-
dors Program is to strengthen
leadership, entrepreneurship and
civic engagement skills among
young people. It involves a
three-week exchange, July 7 -
27, 2010, during which partici-
pants are expected to gain a
deeper understanding of culture,
society and education in the U.S.
Upon their return to Belize,
these young Belizeans will
undertake individual and group
projects aimed at promoting
positive activities with other
young people.
The program is designed
for young people from families
of limited resources who
have demonstrated leadership
characteristics and entrepreneur-
ship spirit in their high schools
and communities.

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Santa Elena, Cayo,
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Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
considered killing both of his
children and Mr Graham.
The court heard that Ms
Grieve suffered a total of 10 stab
wounds, two of which had
penetrated her heart.
McKenzie made a failed
attempt to take his own life in
HMP Edinburgh last month.
Judge Lord Turnbull
adjourned the case until next
month when McKenzie will
learn the punishment part of his
life sentence.

63 A 39

Sunday, July 11, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 13 |

Benque Police Regional Football Champions

The Champions Belmopan (David). OC. Benque Viejo
(Police) Formation, Insp. Dinsdale Thompson (#50)

BY: PC #149 J. McKoy
Cayo District, Monday, July 5,
As one of the ways of easing
the daily stress that the Police
On Saturday July 3rd, 2010
between the hours of 11:00am
and 5:00pm Police Officers from
the Western Region which
includes Belmopan, San Ignacio
and Benque Viejo Police
Sub-Formation held a triangular

football meet at the Benque
Viejo Marshalleck Stadium.
In the end Benque Viejo Police
Sub- Formation (David) won
over the two Goliaths.
Belmopan Police won second
prize and San Ignacio Police
Third Prize trophy.
The most discipline team
trophy went to San Ignacio while
the Most Valuable Player went
to PC # 963 Otto Manzanero
of the Benque Viejo Police

There was music, food, drinks
and although the spirit was
competitive the officers showed
their comradely during and


Savannah Area,
San Ignacio,
Cayo -
Tel: 804-2522
Bring your family & friends
to Hode's Place
and let them
enjoy our fine dining,
as well as the Game Room,
the Playground and
the Ice-Cream Shop.
We have something for
Bring out the entire family
and enjoy a clean,
friendly and secure
We Also deliver Call
Us At: 804-2522

after the game. The Benque
Viejo Police Youth Cadet Corp.
was also present supporting the
event. A total of about 250
persons attended the triangular
football meet.

Venus Photos

& Records
#6 Hudson Street,
San Ignacio Town
Telephone: 824-2101

We have a wide
assortment of
Electronics, including
Play station 2,
PSP and Wii.

We have fantastic gift sets
male & female watches
jewelry as well as the
latest CD'S &DVD's.
Also available, Games,
Cell Phone and iPod


' -. '


NatiwaI Cekb'tllos, Couiminssioii in association
wO11 Atlantic Iniarmatim.g all BankInvitn AJIBllixemla~
Music~iansto enter thisi.year's CarnhivalSong
Comnpetifilm. This Competitio will be hold In
ciijIunction willithe 29th Annkemusry of SBlit"
nddopandonce and Ith 212th Aknflivevl of tho
Battleof St. George's Cars.
En~ifes will be judged based on:
Audience Appsull This e opssshow wel

ftliIlCal A~rminerenevt 3

LyricalConlent 'A
Stage Presence i

Yell lhe udienc~ e mporndsIo your swdyowf

A..rrr( N It n j .:1i.J I.j .%PEI je u r r1~rakI mi( INi uiil i.-~ h~rm~~~r
Vocal perfomrrnmie teas cansiBment quality and characladsitc of voice, anca
pefauner a aware of tone aM pkc.
This encompasses pedfumwr's abire, lbody movmenxiit and facial e~fiessions
-Ahile per'ornmrig on stage. Perforniem ateenxr~aged to rMcude dramasbzaioanE
a~bd cioreagrapy 1oenhance theirpenecrnanioe.

cammhva-SMO gsafior ICmaegary fhcd
I st PI30e S3"j B&l a&1-rijpjiy
2nd Place 52OG andaT"
3rd Plece $1000i a'-Pd aTrophy

Camrri-iwzI Scrig .Junior Cmegary 117& yn!Inger)
Is W 1 OfOanOaTmpy~
2nd PkwAc $ 60

Played wqdrin~g dmtM ~iw ~n lr I~In by artygidcrran band and tOw frequarq of rm4Aon Dmlocal
Carnival Rued March Siong
C-AV *L .J 3fflq-6.10. :rr Pi 'N-F-0- 0 9"d ht. UW *WIVWW ATLANTIC
A.hL~ainsra~tn ibe ib~,n in~L The Bliss CentrIfie.Belize TotimiIrs Board, mid Hot~use ufatur. All
A44 "i erm andS" ~Lyice aloold be "66W eby July 22(4 20(10 la Chair of National
C*IW4Ims CommR4iuhr, Iiouaao(f >911mrit, or TM 5II.s Cfmilgral FQ, Bay 37i In UaeCity.
A ue nA M~~ ~Ltimma. boklet an hc-,b~ ~nred at HvD131w Ceniet. I ktu aF Culture, and DM.The
General Son~g Cume:4o' willbe held 'i Jily 25th or, tie MonrimodlPark awWrt"is r ree~! T*fwl NvI '
Trclm~d bymei-FRmaI w1A~Ji a ~lw~ ~~ on~s2Rz lsAl


National Celebrations CoTmmission in .zsociation
with Atlantic international Bank invites All
Belizean hkimkclana to enter this ayears Patiriotic
$*no Com~petition. This Conipatition wlil be hold
In conjuincti w ith the ft ,Ar~in!ivrsary of
SelizeOs Indepenidence and the 212~th Anniversary
,31 th Battle of St.Georvrgu ay',
Entries will be JudWe based on:

MuskaI Arratngmuwnit > H.-. .'i, 2 Ee music pi-e has 5tjar prerarej iar~di Anter1 f-3-prasirLiuiion.

This inctildes expressing love and devIoin for or* s :jxrnir, as we j .s PBI:cf- -
histoiry T nil pirarr rnF c rmupenw~ni uaio .~no
Stage Pmesnce P'TW Wei MOn~Sss erloi~$ at*ire. body 1Mven tI and raiBIexpresskor
and c-horecgraphvtoi enh&as icaieir performrceZ

Peliflotic song Senihor Category (is & oide) Patirioft Song Junior Carteaciry I(7A younger)
lI F1Pigre -3,iM aia aTe-rd npr
3rd Place: $1000 nd a Trophy 2nd Piece- S6W

~Compos~ers HM d 5in9WMM rsE e eniuraged IGpalier1Iwr h PwolorrB Lo eer aorI nIi-plUm 411
gri-* of vsii4I 'Ilte arA"O and comp wil s l WroquiJreJ ppirn A lm1~ ~ w ral[W M 1h jti assolrGlabNimuM
Wilioial a~c.ATLANTIC
Ajr'A.1i* 'Orri- A-1-1L. CL.]Ly'.. ;r,...,r.; fi-itrovi r jur I 2nd. 2010 i.Chair ~ Jal Wallon
Caiabr;EioriisrCen-isliciv usa&C f ~LAiu ci Thia Bliss LrtM iiP0 BSm125inlillizu Ca).

I I LL- rh s ar Jh rh .j rnaii 1 ,,, -I 1.1TlCk%: L~rIev A

Fo mreinfraion ontcttheNaionl eleraion omisinatTl:2390!20582225
nr viAit uhEmirwn,au1 p nt httnlwm w ii iztmuuuE3JIE(UrE.)inn&mr.EII P. iu a..i

Pae1I TR-Tl-62-82&6638 milsanwpprIalco udy uy1,21

What Is Care
Submitted by Florence
Goldson, WIN Belize
Monday, July 5, 2010:
Flatter me, and I may not
believe you. Criticize me, and I
may not like you. Ignore me,
and I may not forgive you.
Encourage me, and I will not
forget you. Love me and I may
be forced to love you.-
William Arthur Ward

We have many highlights in
our lives and usually these
highlights are experience with
others: those we love, those we
cannot agree with, those we are
indifferent to and those we don't
know at all.
Do we lie to ourselves when
we say we need no one? Did
you ever stop and think that
sometimes we are the ones
people need the most?
So who gives care and
support anyway? What type of
support do we need?
Everyone can give care and
support: families, friends,
churches, communities and
support groups. Care and

And Support
support comes in four forms:
Emotional, Spiritual, Physical
and Financial. We may not need
all four at the same time, but all
of us at some point will need one
of the four.
Emotional support is that
support when we need another
to listen to us, understand us
without judgment, hug us, lend
their shoulder to cry on and bear
with nus

flug he fiy oi nd nj
the Gdm*a.
Ste our N.Uva Orddd Flow.
EaxW v drink md ruin an
diaPaaoyI dw-&aftwryour vAM
O~pua7 shyl a week

If we are weak or sick whether
from illness or age or sadness
we maybe need that physical
Financial support is probably
one of the most difficult to
receive. Do I need to say more?
Spiritual support even though
percerived as the most difficult
support to ask and received, is
actually the easiest and the most
important to seek and acquire.
We need not seek another with
niritiiil innort we can seek

P 1




Iwww.belizebotenicuorg 824-3101 ink @boIixsbeftnic. rgI

God. It is quite difficult to
recognize the Holy Spirit in
oneself, but once found the
outcome can be quite remark-
able. I can expound further, but
this is just to get you to think...
In this time and age so much
is happening. Along with all the
great and new advances life on
earth seems to have taken on, we
look around we see a lot of pain,
sadness, hurting all around as
well. Some of us choose to
ignore it, some of us are living it
and experiencing it and some of
us are acting on what we see.
What are you doing?
Do you offer care and support
to others? Do you need care and
support? Most of the shadows of
life are caused by our standing
in our own sunshine-R. W
Emerson. Care and support
someone today.

Commercial Building
On Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio. In Front
Of Venus Hotel
Call: 824-2101


Tourism Management Programs
The Belize Tourism Board Is offering tuition scholarships to interested applicants for
Tourism Management Programs to commence August 2010 for the following degrees:

1.) Associate Degree in Tourism Management
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of a High School Diploma and
have been accepted into the Tourism Management Program at ANY of the following institutions:

San Pedro Junior College
Ecumenical Junior College

Sacred heart Junior College
St. John's Junior College

2.) Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship (Two Yearl
Requirements: Applicants must be a female Belizean citizen who has a minimum of an Associate's Degree who
has been accepted into the Tourism Management Program at the University of Belize (UB) and wishes to pursue a
bachelor's degree in Tourism Management.

The Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship has been established in memory of the late Jean Ursilla Shaw, a renowned
female tourism pioneer who played an integral part in the development of Belize's tourism industry in her lifetime.
The Fund was established by the BTB in collaboration with its private sector counterparts to support the
development of qualified Belizeans pursuing a career in tourism.

Application forms are available at the BTB Office on Regent Street or ONLINE at www.belizetourism.org.

Become a member of the Belize Botanic Gardens
and get FREE entrance for a year!
Contact us for further details

Application Deadline: Friday, July 16, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 15 |

French Court Sentenced Former Strongman Of Panama

General Namuel Antonio Noriega To 7 Year In Prison

The former Panamanian dictator
is convicted of laundering drug-traf-
ficking profits. He is also ordered to
pay $2.88 million in French duty and
$1.26 million in damages to Panama.
By Kim Willsher, Special to the
Los Angeles Times, July 8, 2010
Reporting from Paris -
A Paris court on Wednesday
convicted former Panamanian
dictator Manuel Noriega of launder-
ing the profits from drug trafficking
and ordered him to be imprisoned for
seven years.
The three-judge panel also ordered
him to pay $2.88 million in French
import duties from his frozen bank
accounts and $1.26 million to the
Panamanian government in damages.
The 76-year-old former general,
who argued to be sent back to
Panama, looked shocked as the
verdict was translated into Spanish.
He was led from the court by
Noriega's lawyers and family
members said they would consider
an appeal. "I don't know what we're
going to do. We are going to talk to
our father now," said his youngest
daughter, Thays.
At his trial eight days ago,

Noriega, who suffered a
stroke four years ago and
is reportedly partially
paralyzed, had looked
composed and smiled at his
three daughters from the
dock. But he appeared nerv-
ous Wednesday, licking his
lips and nodding grimly at
his legal team.
The former general was
extradited to France in April
after spending 20 years in
U.S. custody, much of it in
prison on a drug trafficking
Wednesday's retrial ver-
dict replaces an earlier
French court decision.
In 1999, Noriega was
convicted in absentia of
stashing millions of dollars
from a Colombian cocaine
cartel in French bank
accounts and luxury
Parisian properties in the
1980s. He was handed a
10-year jail sentence and a
$14.1-million fine.
Noriega, who waged a
long battle from his
Miami prison cell to
fight extradition to France,

Gen. Manuel Antonio
Noriega, 76
denied the money came
from drugs, saying it was part
of his brother's inheritance,
his wife's personal fortune and
payments from the CIA.
In the Paris retrial, his defense
team had argued that the former
dictator had the right to be
treated as a prisoner of war and
should be sent back to Panama
under the Geneva Convention,
though he could face prison there
in connection with charges of
human rights abuses.
Noriega's lawyers complained
that he was being held in squalid
conditions in a small cell

without running water, which
they said did not befit his status
as a prisoner of war and former
head of state.
They also decried the trial as
part of a U.S. conspiracy to keep
Noriega behind bars.
"This sentence is curious,"
said defense attorney Olivier
Metzner. "The court is asking a
man who has already served 20
years in prison to go back to
Once backed by the CIA as a
countervailing force to leftist
influence in Latin America,
Noriega fell out with the U.S.
government in the late 1980s
when it was reported he had
become involved in drug
trafficking and was collaborat-
ing with Cuba.
In 1989, President George
H.W. Bush sent American
troops to Panama to capture the
general, who sought refuge in the
Vatican Embassy.
During a 10-day standoff, U.S.
troops surrounded the building
and blasted it with heavy metal
music. Noriega eventually
surrendered. Willsher is a
special correspondent.


Pursuant to Section 37(3) of the Registered Land Act, Chapter 194, Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000,
notice is hereby given of the loss of the following Land and Lease Certificates:-

NAME Registration Section Block & C N.
NAME P Certificate Nos.
Parcel Nos.

SHAM ENTERPRISES LIMITED Placentia North 36/2334 6079/2006 dt. 29/5/2006

SHAM ENTERPRISES LIMITED Placertia North 36/2335 6081 ,2006 dt. 29/5/2006

DEAN FULLER & DIANA FULLER (Joinly* Caribbean ShoresBelize 16/2901 1129/2001 dt. 6,2/2001

D1EAN 1FULLLER & DLANA FULLER (Jointly) Caribbean Shores/IBelize 16/2904 3817/1997 dt 29/7/1997

DEAN FILLER & DIANA FULLER (Joinily) Caribbean ShoresBelize 16/2902 1132/2001 dt. 6,2/2001

FWARI ROBAI-EAU Consejo Road 1/1136 6207/2003 dt, 20/8/2003

CHIN, LO Al-CHEN Society Hall 24/2178 3001/1995 dt. 286.11995

It is proposed to cancel the above Land/Lease Certificates after the expiration of twenty-one (21) days from the
appearance of this notice. Any person in possession of the above-mentioned certificates is required to return it to
the Belize Land Registry, Ministry of Natural Resources & the Environment, Belmopan.


Page16 STR -Tel- 62-882 &626378 mailstanewpapr~gailcom undy, uly11,201




5choo i clI



Winner of the






I Page 16 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkgmail. com

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