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Publication Date: June 27, 2010
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I"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



BELIZE CITY, Thursday, June 24, 2010:
San Ignacio's most recent accused
murderer was this Thursday evening
captured in Belize City.
The manhunt for accused murderer,
Dionicio "Life" Salazar, 25, ended at
around 3:00 pm today in Belize City when
city police stormed a house located a #68
McKenzie Lane off Central American
Boulevard in the Port Loyola Area where
Salazar was captured and taken into custody.
While Salazar was found alone inside the
house, the investigation continues with a
view for the possible laying of criminal
charges against the legal occupier of the
premises who is said to be a woman
working at the Ready Call Center in
Immediately upon receipt of the confirmed
capture of the accused, a team of policemen
from San Ignacio were dispatched to Belize

Suspected Burl

In Advance of I
SANTA ELENA TOWN, Cayo District,
Monday, June 21, 2010:
Four Santa Elena boys were today
arrested and charged in connection with the
reported burglary of the business place of a
hardworking Santa Elena woman.
The sun was just emerging in the eastern
skies when shortly after five o'clock on the
morning of Thursday, June 17, a team of

City with instructions to transport the
fugitive to San Ignacio where he will be
formally arrested and primarily charged for
the June 13, 2010 murder of Marion Alfredo
Rivera Archilla, 26 and the attempt murder
of Dean Daniel Dougall, 41.
Although there were widespread rumors
that Salazar had jumped the western border
into Guatemala or the northern border into
Mexico, police held steadfast to a constant
inflow of information that he was hiding out
someplace on the southside of Belize City.
The successful apprehension of this
accused murderer is credited to information
received by way of the police TIPS hotline.
The information was relayed to Police
Special Branch in Belize City where it was
processed with the intelligence based
operation executed by elements of Belize
City's Anti-Crime Unit of the Belize Police

glars Captured

Burglary Report
San Ignacio policemen, under the command
of Sergeant 718 Reymundo Reyes,
executed a search warrant for arms,
ammunition and drugs at the residence of
Shejeen Espat located on Mariana Gonzalez
Street in Santa Elena Town.
Present along with Shejeen Espat, 18, at
the time of the search, were Ian Villagram,
Plese Trn o age1

The accused murderer,
Dionicio Salazar, 25.
At around 10:am today, Friday, June 25,
2010, the accused murderer appeared before
Magistrate Ed P. Usher in San Ignacio's
Magistrate Court where the following three
charges were read to him: 1) Muder in
connection with the shooting death of
Marion Alfredo Rivera Archilla; 2)
Attempt Murder and 3) Use of deadly
means of harm in connection with
injuries caused to Dean Dougall.
No plea was taken as all three charges will
be heard on indictment in the Supreme Court.
As the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) continues,
Salazar was remanded to the central prison
in Hattieville and will be brought back to
court on Tuesday, August 10, 2010.

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Pae2-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprImi~o udy ue2,21

The Challenges Of Producing Competent And Qualified

Commissioners Of Police In Belize And Other Former

British Colonies In The Caribbean Region

By: Wellington C. Ramos

Belize like many other former
colonies of Great Britain in the
Caribbean region, is challenged
in the search for senior ranking
police officers to take on the task
as Commissioners of Police.
In Belize, this is due to a
lack of training, favoritism, a
difficient promotional system
and politics.
This could also be the case in
other Caribbean countries
because in the news many of
them are seeking to import
Commissioners of Police from
In the history of the Belize
Police Force most of the
officers who were promoted to
the rank of Commissioner of
Police came from the Special
Branch Unit due to their
familiarity with each other and
the relationship they developed
among themselves over the
years while providing political
intelligence, undermining fellow
police officers and providing
personal protection for politi-
In my time, one of the
functions of the Police Special
Branch was the gathering of
political information and
processing it into intelligence.
The Police Special Branch was
hardly ever engaged in routine
day to day police duties.
Many of these Special Branch
Officers, who subsequently
became Commissioners of
Police, lacked experience in
criminal investigation, traffic
duties, prison duties, immigra-
tion, prosecution, administra-
tion, weapons training and other
integral areas of policing. This
reality created a strained
relationship that exists between
Special Branch Officer and
Officers from the other branches.
In fact, many police officers,

even in these current times,
display a high degree of
resentment towards members of
the Special Branch and avoid
socializing with them.
The Belize Police Department
comprises several branches such
as; Criminal Investigation
Branch (C.I.B.), Criminal
Records Office, Operations,
Special Branch, Maintenance,
Prosecution, Staff and Services,
Patrol Branch, Anti-Drug
Unit,K-9 Unit, Domestic Vio-
lence Unit, Special Patrol Unit
and Community Policing Unit
among several others.
In years gone by, the police
were also responsible for traffic
and immigration matters until
these functions were placed
under civilian control. All these
branches play a vital role in
helping the department to meet
their goals and objectives.
Police Officers groomed for
the top seat should be given the
opportunity to work in most
of the other branches of the
departments so that they can
gain experience to guide the
department forward.
In most cases police officers
are transferred when they do
something wrong or if they
aggressively request a transfer.
To have a police officer in one
department for a prolonged
period of time is not in the best
interest of the department. A
good police officer is one who
has an overall working knowl-
edge of all branches within the
Department. I am a strong
believer, from my own experi-
ences, that a police officer in
Belize cannot become knowl-
edgeable in police duties unless
that individual is given the
opportunity to work outside of
Belize City.
Currently, the Belize Police
Department does not have a
structured promotional system.
I do not aware of the adminis-
tration of any formal examina-
tion for promotional purposes.
Most police officers are
promoted on the basis of
favoritism which is not
conducive to building moral
within the department.
When I was a police officer
back in the 1970's, every police
constable was eligible to take the
examination for promotion to

corporal after three years of
service. Once they passed the
examination and the finances
were available they were recom-
mended for promotion. Addi-
tionally, every new corporal was
required to attend a Non-Com-
missioned Officers' Course
where they are instructed in
areas like methods, skills and
strategies in policing.
Belize should devise a
uniformed system to promote
members of the Department
from the rank of corporal all
the way up to the Commissioner
of Police. This should include;
specialist training courses,
education, commendations, ex-
aminations and other accom-
Promotions of Non-Commis-
sioned Officers (NCO) is done
at the discretion of the
Commissioner of Police who
makes recommendations to the
Security Services Commission
for the promotion of Commis-
sioned Officers.
Members of the Security
Services Commission are in
most instances political appoint-
ees who hardly know anything
about police work and as such
they merely serve as rubber
stamp for promotional recom-
mendations forwarded to them
by the Commissioner of Police.
An experienced and qualified
police officer who is disliked or
seen as a threat to unqualified
officers of senior rank have very
slim chances for upward mobil-
ity. Many able and capable
officers of the Belize Police
Department have resigned in
anger and frustration due to this
sad reality.
In the last government, many
officers who were loyal to that
administration were rewarded
with accelerated promotions by
the police minister of that era.
In the weeks and months prior
to the last general elections
the promotional system was
shamefully abused. Many
Belizeans questioned the timing
and the criteria that was used in
those promotions.
There was a change of
government in February 2008
and therefore it might be
difficult for those rapidly
promoted senior officers to get
another promotion during the

life of the current administration
as some of them allowed
themselves to be openly used
against members of the current
administration when they were
in opposition.
I am not one who supports
political interference in the
career advancement of police
officers, military personnel or
members of the public service.
This will set a bad precedent in
our country that will bring about
severe consequences in the near
future. Police officers and
military personnel are trained to
bear arms and when they
become disgruntled they could
pose serious security risks to
their comrades and to the
Belize and other former
British colonies attained politi-
cal independence from Britain
many years ago. Yet, we have
failed in improving the
efficiency and effectiveness of
our internal governanance to
provide relevant training for
professionals within the ranks
to manage the Police Force and
other departments.
The more we continue to
engage in promoting unqualified
individuals based on their
political persuasion, favoritism,
family relationships and other
non-professional criterias, the
task to find qualified profession-
als for the post of Commission-
ers of Police in Belize and the
other former British colonies
will become increasingly diffi-
Let us therefore wait and
see when Belize will start to
implement a fair promotional
system for members of the
Belize Police Department,
Defense Force and the Public
Service which is long overdue.
In most instances a job
description is posted and the
qualifications for those positions
are clearly outlined. If an
individual does not meet these
requirement, that individual
should not even be granted
consideration much less an
For its part, the Police Union
has an obligation to its
membership and, based on
conversations I have had with
current and former members of
the Police Department, the
matter of legally structured
guidelines for promotion within
the ranks of the Department is
of major importance and should
therefore be afforded top priority.

I Page 2 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkgmail. com

Sunday, June 27, 20

Sunday, June 27, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 3 1

Hon. Rene Montero Delivers Financial Assistance
To Students In The Cayo Central Constituency

June 21, 2010:
As the date for registration
into secondary schools across
the nation approaches, Cayo
Central's Area Representative
and Minister of Agriculture
Fisheries and Cooperative, Hon.
Rene Montero, today did
the rounds in Cayo Central
delivering government approved
subsidies to students in all
eleven primary schools within
the constituency.
The financial assistance was
proudly received by a total of
two hundred fifty seven primary
school leaving students moving
into high school in the Cayo
Students benefiting from
theassistance hail from the
following eleven primary
schools in Cayo Central: Santa
Elena Roman Catholic School
and Seventh Day Adventist in
Santa Elena, El Progresso

Hon. Rene Montero at Santa Elena Primary School, one of
eleven stops in Cayo Central
Primary School and St. Peter's Government School, La Gracia
Primary School in El Progresso Government School and St.
Village, San Antonio Roman Hilda's Anglican Primary
Catholic School and SanAntonio School in the village of
United Pentecostal School both Georgeville.
in the village of San Antonio, As he stopped at each of the
Cristo Rey Roman Catholic eleven primary Schools
School, Buena Vista Govern- Minister Montero took the
ment School, San Marcos opportunity to emphasis govern-

i 1nlnkn

ment's commitment to educating
the on of the children of Belize.
He encouraged students to stay
in school and to be the best they
can be because the future of our
nation depends on them.

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Telemedia Re-Opening In Benque

BEY Nicholas Ruiz,
Benque Viejo Town
Cayo District

WEDNESDAY, June 23,2010:
Thank you for affording me the
opportunity to outline an issue
that is very important to the
Benque Viejo Del Carmen
community. It regards the lack
of branch offices for the three
major utility companies, i.e.
until recently since Telemedia
will be reopening its branch
office on July 1, 2010.
This concern should be
viewed in the following context:

Of all the 9 municipalities
in Belize, Benque Viejo Del
Carmen is the ONLY one that
does not have a branch office
for any of the major utility
companies. This situation will
change however on Thursday,
July 1, when Belize Telemedia
Limited returns to Benque Viejo
with the inauguration of
their new branch office at #1
Church Street in the heart of our
We lost ALL three branch
offices (BTL, BEL, and BWSL)
from the period of 2001 2003,
under the previous government
Benque Viejo Del Carmen
has a population of 8,700
residents as documented by a
recent study by Dr. Carla
Barnett which also shows that
it has grown to the third fastest
since 2000, only behind the City
of Belmopan and San Pedro. In
fact, it showed 70% population
Benque Viejo Del Carmen,
a TOWN with a centenarian

history, does not have BEL
(electricity) nor BWSL (water)
offices, while villages like
Caye Caulker, Independence,
Ladyville all boast branch
offices for these utility
companies. This is not to mean
that Benquenos look at the
aforementioned villages with
jealousy or animosity; on the
contrary, we recognize that this
is our struggle as a town, and
that the fact that these villages
have their own branch offices
bolsters our claim to rightly have
our own branch offices.
Nonetheless, I recognize that
the core issue at heart is
profitability, on the side of the
utility companies, and customer
service, on the side of the
I genuinely believe that the
former should not eschew the
other, which I think is what has
happened in Benque Viejo.
I have sat down with ALL
the utility companies as well as
with the previous and present

le.ie L iemediaL1m Wednesday, June 23. 2010

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Telemedia is pleased to adviser customers that the Company is
opening a new customer service center in Benque Viejo del Carmen,
Cayo District. The Company is focused on maximizing customer
satisfaction and this new customer-friendly location, with its
professional staff, is aimed at providing quality service to residents
and visitors of the area.

I he Benque Viejo Customer Service Center, which is scheduled to
open on July 1st, is located at# 1 Church Street. The opening hours
will b 8:00 a,mr, Lo 12:00 pm, arid 1;00 p.m. to 5;00 p.TI. Monday lo

This new customer service center will join the other 15 locations
countrywide which provide a full range of service to customers ,
ranging from new service installations to bill payment.

Telemedia is committed to keeping customer service a priority.

Juan Chuc & Sons

Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town
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F__I I I I

I Page 4 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaperkgmail. com

Sunday, June 27, 20

Chairman of the Public Utilities
Commission. In fact, I have even
discussed this situation with
the Hon. Prime Minister. I
have shown, via surveys and
questionnaires, that there is
overwhelming dissatisfaction in
terms of customer service (or the
lack thereof) from these utility
However, I remain open, as I
have always been, to finding
solutions in an amicable and
creative way.
The telephone company
has listened and responded
positively to our call and for this
we thank them as Telemedia
re-opens its banch office in
Benque: to Telemedia and our
Prime Minister, who has been
instrumental in this struggle,
we, the humble people of
Benque Viejo remain greatly
I take this opportunity to
invite all the people of Benque
Viejo Del Carmen to come out
and show their appreciation to
Telemedia and all those who
were instrumental in this
positive development.

Sunday, June 27, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperkgmail.com Page 5



In accordance with Section 13 of the Registered Land Act Chapter 194;
Revised Edition 2000,1, PATRICIA ROBATEAU PEREZ, for Registrar
of Lands, hereby serve notice that within one month from the date hereof, I
intend to register the following parcels of land listed below for which
application for first registration have been received.

The attention of the general public is hereby drawn to this notice. Any person
whose rights and inlder lI iray be affected by the ilej'.Oeri g oflihte parcel,
must get in touch with me before expiry date of this notice between Mondays
to Friday at the Land Registry, Belmopan.


This parcel o'land is sitWiled in iiie Regination Se t.i1 i, ORANGE W4LK
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcels No. 2905.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Minister's Fiat Grant No. 229 of 1990
dated 6-1 August, 1990 in favor of ADI GUTIERREZ & MARCEL
GUTIERREZ as Ad ministrators of the Estate ofEdilberto Gutierrez.

This parcel of land is situated in the Reui station Section, MILLER'S BIGIT,
Block No. 4 and bei ng Parcels No. 965.

This pared of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 3720 of 2002
dated 31' December, 2002 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 43 of
2002 at Folios 629-634 in favour of ADrrAURBINA.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. DANGRIGA
NORTH, Block No. 31 and being ParcelsNo. 1459.

This parcel of land is the subject of aDeed of GitllNo. 1635 of02008 dated
29c' May, 2008 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 of 2008 at Folios
325-338 in favour of JOHN ANTHONY SABAL & KENT ANDREW

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, DANGRIGA
SOUTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcels No. 2936.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Gill No. 0132 of 2007 dated
16"' November, 2006 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 2 of 2007 at
Folios 683-700 in favour ofELTCIA HIRMINA HABET, SALVADOR

This parcel of land is situated in the Regi station Section, ORANGE WALK
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 4329.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Cnvm e% aiice No. 995 of 1989 dated
16" May, 1989 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 10 of 1989 at Folios
1447-1454 in favour of ERNESTO RAMON SALAZAR &

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, DANGRIGA
NORTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 1430.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Con vey ance No. 2717 of 2000
dated 4th July, 2000 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 41 of 2000 at
Folias 333-340 in favour of CARMELTTA LUT CARBONELL& LEA

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE WALK
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcels No. 1397.

This parcel ot'hnd i L the subjeti ofa Deed of Rectification No. 2354 of2002
dated 17thAugu st, 2002 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 28 of 2002 at
Folios 635-642 in favo ur ofIYAN LEIVk,

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No. 1261.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 1647 of 2007 dated
29s' May, 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 of 2007 at Folios
1011-1030 in fh vour of DANIEL FRANCISCO MIRALDA JR.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOITTH, BlockNo. 23 and being Parcels No. 1240.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Convey dance No. 1652 of 2007 dated
29llaMay. 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 t'2607 at Folios
1119-1138 in f[vour of MARK PETER LOPEZ.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No. 1259.

This parcel of land isthe subject of a Conveyance No. 1649 of 2007 dated
26ehMay, 2007 and recorded in Deeds Bxk 161oume 20 of2007 at Folios
1059-1078 in favour of JACOB MARTTNEZ.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN ITGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 1255.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 1656 of 2007 dated
29h' May, 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 of 2007 at Folios
1199-1218 in favour ofROBERTO CARLOS HERNANDEZ,

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No. 1247.

This parcel of land isthe suhjectof a Conveyance No. 1658 f 2007 dated
291 6May, 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 of 2007 at Folios
1239-1258 in favour of MARLA SARITA CHUN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOTTFH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No. 927.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of ConveyanceNo. 2510 of 2004
dated 2w Novernber, 2004 and recorded in Deeds Book VolLume 33 off2004
at Folios 1071 -1082 in favour of MARION SOPHITA ANDERSON.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PORT/
LOYOLAVTLLE, Bock No. 45 and beingParcelsNo. 1829.

This parcel of Land is the subject ofaDetd ot Gift No. 2682 of2003 dated
6'h October, 2003 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 35 of 2003 at
Folios 1283-1290 in favour oftFARRAH STEPHANIE WILLIAMS.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ST. MARTIN DE
PORRES WEST, Block No. 45 and being Parcels No. 448.

This parcel of land is the Subjeut of aMinister's Fit Grant No. 1095 of2(00(

Pae6-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprImi~o udy ue2,21

Accused Murderer Escapes While

Being Transported From Prison

Wednesday, June 23, 2010:
He has been implicated in no
less than three murders in the
Cayo District and today San
Ignacio Police reports the
escape of murder suspect Efrain
Santiago, 24.
Reports reaching us indicate
that a San Ignacio police mobile
was on a primary assignment to
Belize City to pick up supplies
and as an offshoot of that
assignment, the mobile made a
detour at the Hattieville Prison
to pick up a prisoner who has
been implicated in at least three
In the first case, it was over five
years ago, during the early
hours one Saturday morning, on
February 12, 2005, when
Belmopan police were called out

Efrain Santiago, 24,
Still At Large
to a crime scene in one of
the satellite communities in
Belmopan where they came
upon the brutally machete
slaughtered body of David
The motive for Aguilar's
murder was suspected to be

robbery and the two prime
suspects were said to be his
friends as earlier that day they
were seen by several witnesses
drinking with the deceased at a
bar in the community.
The investigation revealed that
while they were drinking,
Aguilar flashed what appeared to
be a small gun. After several
hours of drinking Aguilar
reportedly announced that he
was heading home. It is alleged
that the two suspects, later
identified as Efrain Santiago,
19 years of age at the time, and
Noe Alberto Cruz, 21 at the
time, followed him with the
intention to rob him of the gun.
It turned out however that after
the fatal attack the robbers
realized that Aguilar did not
have a gun. Notwithstanding

however, they proceeded to rob
him of his wrist watch and gold
chain. The badly injured Aguilar
was rushed to the Belmopan
hospital where he passed away
three days later on Tuesday,
February 15, 2005.
Three days after Aguilar's
death, on Friday, February 18,
Efrain Santiago and Noe Alberto
Cruz were formally arrested,
charged and presented in
Belmopan's magistrate court
where a joint murder charge was
read to them.
We were unable to ascertain
how Santiago got off this
murder charge. Bottom line is
that he was out of jail when his
name resurfaced, 30 months
later, in connection with
the Tuesday, August 21, 2007
brutal stabbing murder of
Vilma Copo, 23, at the time.
The victim was reportedly
inside her house, in the San
Martin community on the
outskirts of Belmopan City, with
her 3 year old son and 2 year old
daughter as her husband, Ivan
Copo, was out of the country
working in Missouri, USA.
Sometime during that Tuesday
night a male person arrived in a
vehicle and knocked on her door.
She reportedly opened the door,
which was confirmed by the lack
of visible forced entry. Upon
entering the house, the intruder
immediately proceeded to attack
Copo. The post mortem
examination conducted three
days later on August 24, 2007
revealed that Vilma Copo died
as a result of 29 stab wounds and
a slit throat.
The heart wrenching aspect of
this brutal murder was that it was
committed in the presence of her
two young children and that they
remained inside the house
with their dead mother for the
remainder of the night right
through until about 4:30 the
following evening when the
tragic discovery was made.
Again, our research could not
determine if Santiago was ever
arrested and charged in this case.
The bottom line remained
constant however, this man's
name resurfaced in a third
murder investigation, this time
in the western most municipal-
ity ofBenque Viejo Del Carmen.
Less than 16 months after the
brutal stabbing death of Vilma
Copo, it was a Monday morning
on December 8, 2008 when
Benque Viejo police were called


Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

The I'nblicr Uililiie~ Commission (PUC) hereby serves notice that in accordance with lh, Water Industry Actd
No. 1 of 2001, Sections 15 and 19, the Commission intends to modify the license granted by the PUC to the Blizc
Water Services Limited (Bh S) on March 22, 2001.
Initnded M1odilications to the Licensu:
The PLJC intends to modify Part IV (AutkorizedServices Areas) of the BWS License as follows:
1. By dlctinig the words "San Pedro Town including San Publo, San Pedrito, San Juan, Boca del Rio, Sal
Telhnu, Mosquito Coast and E_,cad.tile Areas" and substituting therefor the words "Ambergris Caye".
2 By adding the words "the Belize River Valley area extending beyond Burrell Boom and through to Rancho
Dolores Village, inclusive of Scotland llalfmoon, Flowers Bank, Bermudian L.inding. Isabella Bank,
Lemonal, Double Head Cabbage, Willows Bank, St. Paul's Bank, and Rancho Dolores".
3. By adding the words "Cotton Tree, St. Matthews and Franks Eddy Villages and along the Western Highway
from Mile 36 to Belmopan".
4. By deleting the words "The new satellite town in La Demucraeia".
Reasons for the Mndificatlions:
a. The Government of Belize, with BWS as Executing Agency, has entered into a loan agreement with the
Caribbean Development Bank to fund a full feasibility study for the expansion of water and sewerage
services on .mnbergris Caye. The feasibility study will be completed shortly and is expected to lead to a
project to finance the necessary expansion works, pending Ambergris Caye being included in RWS service
b. The Government of Belize has entered into a loan agreement with the Caribbean Development Bank to
provide potable water to villages and communities in the Belize River Valle.' WS has been selected as the
executing Agency. The agreement specifies thatl he systems and expansions constructed will be managed
and operated by 13 A One of the pre-conditions of the Loan Agreement is that this entire area being
included in BWS service areas.
c. The Government of Belize has entered into an agreement with BWS to provide potable water to the entire
area described in 3) above.
d. BWS docs not provide services to Mahogany Heights, being the "satellite town in La Democracia".
Affected parties may make representations or objections to the PIJC with respect to the intended modifications up
to Thursday, July 15, 2010. Representations or objections may be sent in writing to:
Public Utilities Commission
41 Gabourel Lane
P.O. Box 300
Belize City, Belize;
or by email to: infogi'u bzt
Issued by he PLC wt JCwe 17 20!U

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Sunday, June 27, 20

Sunday, June 27, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 7



dated 1 Ith December, 2006 in favor ofCHERYL SLUSHER.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, MILLER'S BIGHT,
Block No. 4 and being Parcels No. 497.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa M minister's Fiat Grant No. 485 of2001
dated 1stJuly, 2001 in favor ofGENEVIEVE L. LIZAMA& (ANNA M.
NISBET) (deceased).

This parcels of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IG NACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 2516.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa NMlinisler's Fiat Grant No. 645 of 1992
dated 11th January, 1993 in favor of AMALIA MANZANERO as
Administratrix of the estate of Benina Rodriguez (deceased).

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section DANGRIGA
SOUTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcels No. 1576.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Minister's Fiat Grant No. 963 of 2002
dated 28th December, 2002 in fa% or of STANLEY BUDNA.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. DANGRIGA
SOUTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 1999.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Minister's Fiat Grant No. 462 of 2008
dated 8th July, 2008 in favor of PEARL ANDERSON.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE \. AL K
TOWN, BlockNo. 4 and being Parcel No. 2466.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 3143 of 2001
dated 22nd October, 2001 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 39 of 2001
at Folios 1119-1126 in favour ofORLA NDO NATAREN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, DANGRIGA
NORTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcels No. 617.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 2089 of 2001 dated
29h June. 2001 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 28 of 2001 at Folios
9-22 in favour of VIRGINIA PAULINO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, QUEEN'S
SQUARE WVEST, Block No. 45 and bein g Parcels No. 1114.

This parcel ofland is 1he sutbjecl ofaMinisler's Fiat Giant No. 511 of2001
dated 61' August, 2001 in favor ofLEROY CLOTHER & ANTONETTE
CLOTHER (Jointly).

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No. 2599.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Gift No. 209 of 1982 dated
161h March, 1982 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 2 of 1982 at Folios
1045-1054 in favour of MARCONI MATUS.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ST. MARTIN DE
PORRES WEST, Block No. 45 and being Parcels No. 1316.

This parcel ofhtnd is the subject ofa Deed ofConve, ance No. 1691 of 2004

dated 22nd July, 2004 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 23 of 2004 at
Folios 227-238 in favour of TIN SHIN ZEE & FENG XIAO HONG

This parcel ofland is situated in the Rcgisr atioi Soci ion, ORANGE WALK
TOWN, BlockNo. 4 and being Parcel No. 153.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Deed ofConvex ance No. 1155 of 2005
dated 291h May, 2005 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 15 of 2005 at
Folios 1165-1174 in favour ofDAVID ISRAELCONSTANZA.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE WALK
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 1780.

This parcel ofland is thdie subject ofa Deed of Conveyance No. 1912 of 2001
dated 25th June, 2001 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 26 of 2001 at
Folios 125-130 in favour ofFRANCELIA CANTFN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 323.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed ofConveyance No. 1702 of 2001
dated 4th June, 2001 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 23 of 2001 at
Folios 791-796 in favor of HECTOR DAVID SILVA SR. & THERE SITA
This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 1814.

This parcel ofland is tlie subject of a minister's Fiat Grant No. 108 of 1991
dated 4thApril, 1991 in favor of EMILIO PEREZ

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. DANGRIGA
SOUTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 1817.

This parcel ofland is lthe subjectofa Minister's Fiat Grant No. 178 of2000
dated 19* March, 2000 in favor ofCONSUELOAGUILARas Executrix
of the estate of Ernest Martinez (deceased).

These parcels of land are situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE
WALK TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 2758 & 2759.

These parcels of land are the subject of a Deed of Gift No. 23 of 2007 dated
8th December, 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book Voluiiic 1 of 2008 at
Folios 351-358 in favor ofLENNY UMANA.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERTIMESOP,
BlockNo. 45 and being Parcel No. 678.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 3063 of
2007 dated 14th September, 2007 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volume 37 of 2007 at Folios 503-512 in favour of UMESH

This pnrcel ofland is siluated in the Rcgistralion Section, MILLER'S BIGHT,
BlockNo. 4 and being Parcel No. 260.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 696 of 2001
dated 20th January, 2002 in favor of CECIL ARNOLD.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. DANGRIGA
NORTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 186.

TwM n yOU for your generous donations in support of the Gift of Life Program.

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Comp (Corozal Free Zone)


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Bella Suites
Best Sanitation
Big Falls Lodge
Bishop OP Martin High School
Black Rock Expedition
Blue Tang Inn
Bowen & Bown Ltd.
Bravo Motors
BRC Printing
Captain Morgan's Retreat
riDbean Dep f~
Caribbean Tobacco Company Ltd.
Chary's CFZN( Jenuen Co)
Chon Saan Palace
Christopher Roe
Coral House Inn
Corozal Community College (students & teachers)
Corozal Town Council
Costa Maya Reef Resort Ltd.


Crazy Canucks
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Delille Academy
Development Finance Corportation
Dick's Service Cefter
Dr. Amin Hegar
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Dr. Oscar Rodas
E&W Store
Eden SDA PrimaryrSchool
Emilio Ahmad & Sons
Emilio Zabaneh
Esmeralda Jimenez,
Exoduslnt~hff ttiral
FantasticJ. J iib nal Company
FC Alumiffiidfil Garage J
Fort Street Tourism Village Ltd.
Frederick Francisco
Fruta Bomba Company Ltd.
Georgetown Technical High School
Grace Restaurant and Hotel
Grand Colony
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Heritage BankLtd.
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All Staff of the Social Security Board

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Corozal Branch
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Spedal Mention of Top Corporate Sponsored Teams:
Belize Water Services
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^ *i:i" "', ^

-Y -
~~ ,. .

, I'

Pae1I TR-Tl-62-82&6638 milsanwpprIalcm udy ue2,21

bYoiufl" Hoocp [& gIg]'~ Lucky 1N'iI I ii

March 22- April 20
You are likely to dedicate
yourself to some task that is
nearing completion. Keep an eye
on the smallest of details. There
are chances of travel and this
could be profitable. You will
spend time bonding with elders
of the family. Keen observation
could give you some exceptional
ideas at work. Lucky Numbers:
12, 44, 62.

April 21 to May 21
All your miseries take leave and
you are able to lead a fulfilling
life. Work progresses on an even
keel. You may have to look into
some money-related issues. Try
and organise paperwork that has
been lying unattended. Avoid
being critical about your work
environment. Lucky Numbers:
05, 31, 79.

jp.w GEMINI:
May 22 to June 21
The coming week sees you
focusing on long term goals,

mostly professionally. You will
have to remember that good
results will come only after you
put in hard work. There will be
fair inclination towards
partnerships personal and
professional. Be ready to take
some risks if you want to grow.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 27, 53.

June 22 to July 23
You strive to improve and
are willing to walk an extra
mile for it. You are likely to meet
people who could help you
gain a stronger foothold in
your profession. The only
impediment to your success
could be harsh judgment about
yourself. Lucky Numbers: 03,
49, 82.

-.. LEO:
July 24 to August 21
Much of the activity this week
revolves around finances. You
will need to consolidate your
gains, apportion funds for
necessary expenses and spruce
up your savings. There will be

some tough choices to be made
at work. Be clear about your
objectives before taking any
decisions. Lucky Numbers: 04,
72, 95.

SAugust 22
to September 21
You are more comfortable
financially. Also, some issue
related to property gets resolved
favourably. You will need to
watch out against a tendency to
get swayed emotionally and
commit to help in terms of
money. Do not risk it if you are
on the edge yourself. Lucky
Numbers: 24, 56, 78.

September 22 to
October 23
This week is all about your
family and their comfort. Even
though there are several things
calling for your attention, you
will be focusing on providing
them the best. You could be
called in to diffuse tension
between two individuals. Avoid
getting emotionally drawn into
other people's problems. Lucky
Numbers: 28, 65, 96.

October 24 to
0 November 21
The coming week proves to be a
test of perseverance. You might
have to arrive at a compromise
of sorts to fix an issue. Some
money-related emergencies
may need to be addressed.
Refrain from arguing with
loved ones over money. Lucky
Numbers: 07, 50, 61.
a \%
rq November 22 to
December 21
Brace yourself for a demanding
week. There will be pending
tasks at work and demand from
loved ones. Carry out your
duties and tend lovingly when
your heart dictates so but
don't stretch yourself too far.
Stress can take a toll on your
health Lucky Numbers: 22,

V December 22 to
January 20
You have to turn towards home
and homemaking. Some
expenses could be incurred on
repairs around the house.
Purchase of a costly gadget or
jewellery is also indicated. There

are chances of single and
eligible individuals tying the
knot. Lucky Numbers: 02, 33,

January 21 to
February 19
The coming week has an
important message for you and
it is about the value of friends
and supportive people in
your life. The love and
encouragement you receive
gives you an impetus to work
better. It's a two-way street and
you must keep working at it.
Lucky Numbers: 08, 14, 63.

fjf ) PISCES:
February 20 to
March 21
You are likely to be called in to
cope with different challenges
and may have to deal with
money matters. Work out a smart
solution so that you do not land
in a spot. It may also be the time
for some closures a goodbye
or a job change. You may seek
support of your spouse or a
mentor for guidance. Lucky
Numbers: 20, 32, 86.
.. ...Ro1 ..O .

24 Crenshaw Street,
San Ignacio, Cayo
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Monday: Draft Beer $2.50
Tuesday: Local Rum -$2.50
Wednesday: Margaritas -$6.95
Thursday: Pifia Colada -$6.95
Friday: Micheladas $3.50
Visit Us For
The Very Best
In Authentic Mexican
& Belizean Cuisine
Our rooms are
clean and spacious.
The veiw is even
more spectacular!
E-mail: Rolson(-btl.net
Web: Rolsons.com




The Board of Directors of BWS is pleased to announce dividends equivalent to 10
cents ($0.10) per share for the year 2009/2010. Dividend cheques will be
available for pickup commencing on Monday 26th July at BWS head office on
Central American Blvd. in Belize City during normal working hours. Each
shareholder is asked to please bring along a valid identification when picking up
their cheque. Cheques not picked up by Friday 13th August 2010 will be mailed
out to shareholders.

All shareholders are asked to inform us of any change of address especially those
who did not receive their AGM circular last year or dividend payment. Kindly fill
in the form below with your updated address and return the completed form to the
address below or send via fax to 222-4263.

If you would like your dividend to be deposited into your bank account, please
return the completed form no later than Monday 5th July, 2010.

For Shareholder information, contact:
Belize Water Services Limited,
P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard,
Belize City, Belize
Tel: 222-4757 ext: 233 or 241
Fax: 222-4263
Email: shareholderinfo@bwsl.com.bz
TITLE: (Mr., Mrs., Dr.) f W-


TEL. NO.: _______ EMAIL:- I
L-- ------------------------
.Please complete this section if you would like your dividend to be deposited into a local bank account. .

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Accused Murderer Escapes While

Being Transported From Prison

out to the scene of a murder on a
feeder road about a quarter of a
mile off George Price Boulevard
in Benque Viejo Town, where they
encountered the lifeless body of Felix
Enrique Martinez lying face down
on the side of the road with what
appeared to be a single gunshot
wound to the left side of the face.
Santiago remained at large for
over 11 months until Friday,
January 21, 2010 when he was
apprehended by Belmopan
police whilst socializing at a
friend's house in his home
community of San Martin on the
outskirts of Belmopan. He was
reportedly found in possession
of a large butcher knife.
The suspect was immediately
transported to the San Ignacio
police station where, on
Wednesday, January 27, 2010,
he was arrested and formally
charged for the December 8,
2008 murder of Felix Enrique
Martinez. He was remanded to
the central prison in Hattieville.
He was brought back to court

on Thursday, April 22, 2010
and was further remanded until
this Thursday, June 24. 2010. It
was whilst being transported
from the prison to attend court
that he allegedly escaped at
around 3:00 pm on Wednesday,
June 23, 2010.
Reports reaching us indicate
that the accused murderer was
the sole passenger inside the
back of the police mobile on its
way to San Ignacio Town.
Somewhere along the way
to San Ignacio, the accused
somehow managed to remove
the handcuffs he was wearing
and as the police vehicle slowed
down upon approaching the
speed bump located in the center
of Unitedville Village, he
jumped out of the back of
the vehicle and ran off. The
policeman driver reportedly
stopped the vehicle, jumped out
and began chasing after the
escapee. Whilst running behind
the fleeing prisoner, the police-
man tripped, fell to the ground
and emerged with a sprained

ankle. Up to press time this
Thursday night, Santiago
remains at large.
The somewhat lackluster
manner in which a prisoner of
Santiago's classification was
being transported to court is
somewhat intriguing especially
when compared for example
with the manner in which Garry
Seawell is now frequently
transported to court in San
Ignacio. While Seawell is facing
extradition proceedings on
charges of allegedly importing
drugs into the United States of
America and possession of arms
and ammunition, he is not
known to be accused of
murdering anyone, let alone

three brutal murders as is the
case with Efrain Santiago. An
entire police paramilitary
operation is mounted every time
Garry Seawell is brought to
court in San Ignacio. His hands
and feet are shacked with heavy
chains as heavily armed
policemen stand guard around
the police station and courtroom
from the time he arrives right up
until he leaves town. While we
are by no means suggesting a
relaxation of security measures
afforded Seawell, we would
hope that at the very least more
stringent security measures are
taken when handing prisoners
accused of committing capital


Tourism Management Programs
The Belize Tourism Board Is offering tuition scholarships to Interested applicants for
Tourism Management Programs to commence August 2010 for the following degrees:

1.) Associate Degree In Tourism Management
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of a High School Diploma and
have been accepted into the Tourism Management Program at ANY of the following institutions:

San Pedro Junior College
Ecumenical Junior College

Sacred heart Junior College
St. John's Junior College

2.) Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship (Two Yearj
Requirements: Applicants must be a female Belizean citizen who has a minimum of an Associate's Degree who
has been accepted into the Tourism Management Program at the University of Belize (UB) and wishes to pursue a
bachelor's degree in Tourism Management.

The Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship has been established in memory of the late Jean Ursilla Shaw, a renowned
female tourism pioneer who played an integral part in the development of Belize's tourism industry in her lifetime.
The Fund was established by the BTB in collaboration with its private sector counterparts to support the
development of qualified Belizeans pursuing a career in tourism.

Application forms are available at the BTB Office on Regent Street or ONUNE at www.belizetourlsm.org.

Application Deadline: Friday, July 16, 2010

Fo oeifraionplas cntct Ms. K- UshaYun-lo es Ip.g ficr
I_=Teephne_______Ext_29 -mal:___________eizeor 1

eau Us (It: 824-2959
Now Offering 6" Cement Blocks For Only $1.10 each

We are also offering
10% Discount on Steel!!!
Also providing top quality Dressed & Rough
Hardwood and Mahogany Lumber, Sand, Cement,
Steel, Plywood, Celotex, Roofing, Doors And A
Whole Lot More.
Efficien t Service and Low Prices Everyda y!


Pae1I TR-Tl-62-82&6638 milsanwpprIalcm udy ue2,21

Elizabeth goes to her
boyfriend's parents' house for
This was Elizabeth's first time
meeting the family and she is
very nervous.
They all sit down and begin
eating a fine meal.
Elizabeth is beginning to feel
a little discomfort, thanks to her
nervousness and the nice beans

The gas pains are almost
making her eyes water. Left with
no other choice, she decides to
relieve herself a bit and lets out
a dainty little fart. It wasn't loud,
but everyone at the table heard
it. Before she even had a
chance to be embarrassed, her
boyfriend's father looked over at
the dog that was taking a nap at

Elizabeth's feet, and said in a
rather stem voice, "Lassie!"
Elizabeth thought, "this is
great!" and a big smile came
across her face.
A couple minutes later, she was
beginning to feel the pain again.
This time, she didn't even
hesitate. She lets out a much
louder and longer fart.
The father again looked at the
dog and yelled, "dammit
Once again Elizabeth smiled


Pursuant to Section 37(3) of the Registered I ,and Act, Chapter 194, Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, notice is hereby given of the loss of the following Land and
Lease Certificates:-
NAME Registration Section Block & Cerlificate Nos.
arcel N os.
LEE FONG TAM Belmopan 20/7086 11468/2004 dtd. 9/12/2004
BELSanNII AidresdRanchito 1/603 1321 2/2007 dtd 23;/10/27007
ANDREW R. GARNETT Belmopan 20/2403 LRS-200804101 did. 21/5/2008
LRS-200808529 dtd.
BRNEDEL OXLEY Coroza1 North II 28 5 LRS-2 529 .
I I .1/2008
ANACRUZ Ann Gabourel 4/1564 16748/,20(J dtd 19/1212006

GONZALO HERENANDEZ San Joaquin.'San Maximo 1/339 7254 200( dtd. 28,6,2006
FRFDCASEYR Esperumta Village 23/237 8394/2000/ dtd. 29/11/2000

RAMON R. BANOS Santa Eler/Cayo 23./1104/1 6298./1997 dtd. 9/1 2/1997
JOSE VASQUrF.z Young Gal~I4crac 19/114/1 1363/1986 did. 30/6/1986

YURT ROBERTS Sociey I-all 24/3050/1 2090/2004 did. 26/2-'2004

LEAH MILLER Young GalMicrae 19/340 8706/2007 dtd. 16 72007 l
PLEASURE ISLAND LIMTlED Long Caye 47/66 2671/1998 dtd. 7/5/1998
SON OTI[ & DEAN Societv Hall]] 24.322 663/1999 dtd. 4/2/1999
DEAN FULLLER Caribbean ShoresjBelize 16/529 4120/2002 dtd. 23/5/2002
ORELLANA & GUILLERMO Belmopan 20/3167 5375/1996 did. 15/11/1996
HILA1RE BENNETT Carbbean Shores/Beiz 480/1995 dtd. 30/1/1995
1 6.,6,K1 __ _
I .E FONG IAM HeInopan 20/2932 I.RS-200802518 dtd. 18/32(X)2008

VLMARCELA GILHARRY Xaibe Village 1/1801/1 1117.1989 dtd. 19/4/1989
LORETTA COLEMAN Queen Square West 45/119 LRS-2010 .'22 9 dtd. 261/2010

It is proposed to cancel the above Land/Lease Certificates after the expiration of1
twenty-one (21) days from the appearance ofthis notice. Any person in possession of
the above-mentioned certificates is required to return it to the Belize Land Registry,
Ministry ofNatural Resources & the Environment, Belmopan.


Elizabeth's Gas Attack

and thought, "yes!"
A few minutes later she had to
let out another one. This time she
didn't even think about it. She
lets it out and it sounds like the
whistle of a train. Again, the
father looked at the dog but this
time with disgust and yelled,
"dammit Lassie, wake up and
get away from her before she
sh**s on you!"

"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
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Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788
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Savannah Area, San Ignacio,
Cayo Tel: 804-2522
Bring you family and friends
to Hode's Place and let them
enjoy our fine dining, as well
as the Game Room, the Playground
and the Ice Cream Shop.
We have something for everyone.
Bring out the entire family
and enjoy a clean, friendly
and secure environment.

We Also Deliver Call
Us At: 804-2522



TEL: 824-2222

We Are The #1 Supplier
For The Rental Of ALL
The Chairs, Tables &
Tents You Need For
Any Ocassion.
We Are Offering The
BEST Prices In Town!
d 0 d 0i id

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Sunday, June 2

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I CntiuedFr


This parcel of land is the subject I ofa M ini-ter's Fiat Grani No. 66 of 1985
dated IstApril. 1985 in favor ofROSALINE PALACIO.

This parcels of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IG NACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 2241.

These parcels of land are the subject of a Conveyance No. 2162 of 2004
dated 7th September, 2004 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 28 of 2004
at Folios 1273-1282 in favour of BARRINGTON IM. TUCKER.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registra lion Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 409.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Indenture No. 914 of 1994 dated 3rd
May, 1994 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 11 of 1994 at Folios
725-730 in favour of MELHE I J. ZAIDEN & ESTELLA L. ZAIDEN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/ME SOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 646.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Deed of Coiveyance No. 1235 of 1976
dated 161 October, 1976 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 10 of 1976
at Folios 1083-1090 in favour ofBELIZE GLOBALTRAVEL SERVICES

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, SANTA ELENA/
CAYO, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 3345.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1545 of 1978
dated 9th November, 1978 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 14 of 1978
atFolios 109-120 in favour of BART TICKLER.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, DANGRIGA
SOUTH, Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 58.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's FiatGrantNo. 671 of 2006
dated 24thAugust. 2006 in favor of ERNEST HILL JR.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, BELIZE RURAL
NORTH I, Block No. 11 and being Parcel No. 392 & 393.

This parcel of land is the subjectt ofan Indenture dated 14th December, 1948
and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 37 of 1948 at Folios 386 in favour of

These parcdls of land arc sitt led in tihe Registralion Section, SANIGNACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 1332, 1334, 1436, 1438,
1439, 1440 & 2783.

These parcels of land are the subject of a Indenture No. 87 of 1993 dated
13th January, 1993 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 1 of 1993 at Folios
1077-1084 in favour of V ELA COLLINS.

Tiis parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE WALK
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 2524.

This parcel ofland is ihe subject ofa Deed ofCoinveyance No. 1682 of 1997
dated 9' July, 1997 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 18 of 1997 at
Folios 1322-1329 in favour of NORMAN E. JONES.


This parcel ofiand is situated in the Registration Sectlin. ALBERTN IESOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 1369.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Indenture No. 440 of 1995 dated
281h February, 1995 aiid recorded in Deeds Book Vol tmne 5 of 1995 at
Folios 1401-1406 in favour ofKOK SAN TANG & KENYA TANG

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ALBERT/MESOP,
BlockNo. 45 and being Parcel No. 1358.

This parcel ofland is the subjectofa Deed ofConveyance No. 645 of 1969
dated 13'd July, 1969 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 5 of 1969 at
Folios 425-432 in favour of YANG PING CHEN.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ESPERANZA
VILLAGE, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 96.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Gillft No. 2908 of 1999 dated
27' October, 1999 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 34 of 1999 at
Folios 341-348 in favour ofEMELDA ROSADO.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE \\AL K
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 2432.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1429 of
1998 dated 24th May, 1998 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 17 of
1998 at Fohlios 1167-1170 in favour of MA RISOL CARRASCO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, GUINE.A GRASS,
BlockNo. 4 and being Parcel No 288.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 3048
of 2006 dated and September, 2006 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volume 36 of 2006 at Folios 111-118 in favor of PETRONILA

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, QUEEN SQUARE
WEST, BlockNo. 45 and being Parel No. 249.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 3153 of 2003 dated
24th November, 2003 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 43 of 2003 at
Folios 373-384 in favour of HAZEL OSHON.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Reg i station Section, SAN JOAQU [N/
SAN MAXIMO, Block No. 1 and being Parcel No. 190.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 872 of 1995 dated
19* July, 1995 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 10 of 1995 at Folios
525-530 in favour of DENNIS GERGEN.

This parcel ofland is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE WALK
TOWN, BlockNo. 4 and being Parcel No. 141.

This parcel of land is the subject I ofa Minister's Fiat Grant No. 153 of 2001
dated 12th March, 2001 in favor of NOEL F. BLANCO & CELIA A.
BLANCO (.Jointl).

This parcel ofland is situated in the Regisiration Section, SANNARCISO,
BlockNo. I and being Parcel No. 67.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 617 of 1998
dated 16* June, 1998 in favor of LOIDA EK.

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- Sunday, June 27, 2010

ize Brn Ie ily om and enjoy

fnlic S rSm ur Nfadve Orhd House

Z' Endoy a drhik and rela onm
ensdu shPlooys deck after your villi

Open 7 dip a week
am iunlUi4pmi

Become a member of the Belize BoIanik Gardens
and get FREE entrance for a year! 4

Contact us for further detalls

www.bhlizebetanic.arg 824-3101 info@bhlihbeaunic..rg

We Specialize In:

Car Detailing
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Car Polishing

Our Home Services Include:


National Celibrotions Conmmslssl n in associltlic
with Atlantc Inlemrntlonal Bank invites All Belinean
Musicians to enter this year's Carnival Song
Comapetillon This Compeatkian will be helac iI
co"junction wtHh the 29ti Anniversary of Bettze's
Indevendance and the 212th Anniversary of TUe
SBtdeale SI Geirge's Caye.
Entries will be udtaed based on.

Audience Appeal > Tmui errrnpmetpe Mc velMl the audPnce respcri[s In yoL sauiv" vOrj
appArrance and rron nel1 yo'u rann&ci1 itr. inT ajde nce ann ineir epialions
Musical Arrangment n1..jret*itr.1siLp.ti.e .iistj ibri.*p evir.J .Pi.UAIMii-k.l.vpintll.a!Iuri
Vocal Quattty S V vfal erfrnrmancr,; iqr, cinrisT.rnni ria.filty wrd rtiur-rrsr% rC cf *. pnrtt-fnrirsataarE cr tc.nr and pitch
Lyril I Conten > Trhe IriFs .M ra 5.jng s ri deApressl ile c.-erdil tlemrne 1 MOle a cmrQ.eirtin
Suge Preentce > Tnis oriCoTipa..S?- p% f'rrrmrt's art. b.:".:1 mp .i .Tir.nl n r. f.(idal pli- s.ri-i
F.ie hi't'loir.ir,.g i. i,.aj Pftuin ih ne-~IP ilIur 1 ii-irr-rrerjrrfl.'iiariri r*..
anti -hurrJrit-trv ]r r-. !nhcnr- lherp.-rpnrrr.xinrn

carnival Snuhu FniQl 1 9aftayri &i ft bS
s151Plce $3flfil 'ai Ti..'pnt
2nd PLace 20yr' -arnn a Tr ,h.
3rd Place 3100i0 ar, a Trogr.i

CrhrIl SngnJpfponQI i t
1-A PI~ec- -$1)14 .i, I-rW
2na Pace 15wU

T Ie.. I .d-:.- r h 1. I...' d rl.J .NI '. li.t ... I -.w:. ... il. LI.- I,,i -.l I 1 *. il"
p153 Kang Iurr.g inE ca"nrI wiear an D ar*, gy'.m crni. -1 cano ann inE ftnequienc% I rnaipr In lra
Race Siaii.-';
Cmnival Road Mruch Song
1iNO m.di a aTrogutyq, i I.Di ,,
Irnr,. avrS~e cino w.nflrt i ef "rf.ia m'inL Art'I Pe.PnmerI, i nier ire .nDel Lon ATLANTIC.
Cctnre.IDrswiIrDr"au'rmcir Delcrr' ar ev2Iin tr.ia'-nEonenrdhipga.
Apili'"i An ie mir a 31 rteif. no'. I -l-: f'e meI, I,~ Touriin c'a manfl ricu, ,t -ftjrB Al I
Appr..ia-, rc,nl ;h I .i ,nL.. rL,. M. C.:su.T.Im r.. Ju.ly Bal. I10 :. Chair od hlarbioali
Comr:lDofls ComrnmfsMbn ou.u lGCuldrur or TrAEBillsCeerri21PO Box 3"51nB*eaInCiry
A l fi t;. i1 II .I Irtli.i '.". '.l r-. ir f- l .l] ;it Fi i's, ..r.I-ri 'i lh I I ".ii..di o.- =. .Ri" T h -
G ier -..' i J.'i..j -.'.rni|. 'ifl, I t ..1il rn i a J.. Lil' I 'lir. .il Dr Id-fi|.,ill P- .m n f, in'~n, i T *i ,. ./il..il 1 TI l i ,N'r. C:. [
kAQ 1!1% ri. i liLs.',j1Au, 1 14ti iin li Fiii)F 1 Lrz u' .i Ji-. I II',. i1 im Li inwi


National Celebrations Cornmission associanon
wilh Atlantic Inlqrnalmonal Bank invrtS All
Belizean Musiciane ro enter this year's Patriotic
Sang Cornptilian This Compulitian Will be timid
In coniunction wilh tho 29th Annlavrsary ol
Belia s independence arI ti ol thu BalrtleolSt Guorgu's Cays
Enlries i be ijudgtd basd on,.


kidlenc Appeal P This l *rTr.l.Ii.isr%'.p -rn sJl It.- ..u.'rie', resy.n.1% M yLJr %ijund Viur
1r .'l .Inrr. rad fn' w. w1 ll w.Iju r r.. cJt it lIw ,r .rI.Cr.l r .Ir.j ;trjir rfnlll iortl
cal Arrangerment H.) well ihe l-niiSaic oD.c p ha otweer.prepaed 3rld 3f wrilfter. ir, i ieifatfsr,
Voc.dl a'lly omraiL Erc-frjr3naric hy3; fnjrirn rjual.i3 anil rr 1 orjLarirlIms. i, .ni. anr d
krln..nrl.Er r- iafV ird[3r*.nE flid p.l.cn
Lyrical Content > Th. lyrA v r It?. Jfilg 'hiulEld e'pli'ei [l,* I.L erall hllerrit or IFt- -s~X L'ru j'..l'.r
This rIt liirlr, evprr!' ari'n Ir- .' and .1,vilinn tlrrir nr.' c ..nLry as N *,ll I % BRiiFzr %
l~S't1r* Thiipr rl idr;l. iv r ;lilJ.j ii .I'U!ted r try "*i .fl.
Stage PrNosence P This en.nrnpsrmes prr .rner s allbir n1 r mnormrnrif .andr f -ril exrs'anrs
while e pitonnir inr .i1 B Pcrf.:em,n, fe fy.inCojrijfl [.:. ir.CILPj. rJr3MTiEBD:;DC.iY.
,..:" r. rerjgr aph. ra3 n- r.~rnice r nir.2aIorm_.(igi:ce

PutrIWOlkc SIor Caleory (i1 a oideo
in iPlac6 SJO.u iaa .A 7,rcpr,y
2n.1 PI. re '. fl'ir, ,a.1 Trn.Piy.
3rJ PtMae tfilo ain a r rAp9'

P1IfAIc L"uog jInor Category C Ir A ywgel)
1 st Placa $ I r1 ;rv a Tp.ph)
rdMPliacp-S 5.nr'

.r..' .llri:r ; ..n1 .ir.djw.r r.e =Fm. li.i' i AP -l 1iup ...'ir.i u F. 't'i.'.P I, d.i.li r a r D .i. I' .pl. .n All
jgnR .Y -*nusl C%..I r.S P YARMniCe.' ; ,rr A liiLYs Al DC reqairLH I i pc.tr1m Ir *.li: R .'Jrjm 11 e i 3in otilnr .w
..,.,u,aia,,k .kAT-LAN T('
a il 111 Ic.' AI"1'I ra n'if i .l r'nr P.Ar.. r,:i.iii r |P R-P i ; rri'ii w r '.n. -.pi 4ir-r .it. Il .*r "i iir'. .ji,
;A:in tirr trrurn. -.1 :,irvi I p, rs rurI tl n Ltriinx [ July th i2010 ir C .' rC l liallarul
CelIbraEHnw Cornmisi'son Hloum ef Cultun oiTh.Bii CurnhriarPO Bo- j29imB4mrihr ity
oril I '.djiIunIiu KtJA 4.Jt .iLr. jtAar.ri. al.3 IIB ,* :.' Ii% l -.. a e irej L. ir r faic bTb .
Tf &I (,.i ...i" 1 Ii..,j i, 'Tiesiniin is Aill .- II. J ..I Ju.i 'l rrn ,' It p i |I-r i.-.. l, ri 1 ,I . .. 1- T T'|.[ .il r m'rM.lo rt.-. o .
.1 l lri iI r lSi It i rr a r. = "i. l..I i lr. n il c ii it 1i I ] n i. I i n ; Ptp i i' i' I n *

FoUm reinfomaio Cntctth9Ntina CS era*cnsC om isio6a T. :22-1111270I V 27. 5
orvs itorwbst thtp w wIepe brelb tosSon P e 9brcerfinbcc~yhocn



The Belize National Building Society, a society duly
formed and registered under the Laws of Belize with
registered office situate at #40 Will & Sharper Street,
Belize City, hereby gives notice of its intention to
exercise its Power of Sale as mortgage under Deeds of
Mortgage or Charge between those hereinafter named and
the said society which mortgages are recorded at the
General Registry or the Lands Registry in Belmopan, and
the said Belize National building Society will at the
expiration of two months from the date of the
publication of this notice, sell the properties described
in the schedule hereto.

All offers to purchase the said properties must be made
in writing to and full particulars and conditions of sale
may be obtained from the Belize National Building


One incomplete concrete bungalow dwelling house
situated on land being lots numbers 250 & 251 located
in Fresh Pond Development, Boom Pine Ridge Area
on the Boom/Hattieville Road, Belize District, being
the property of John Meggs.

Tile Cleaning & Polishing
Sofa Cleaning
We are located off Joseph Andrews Drive,
near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town.
Call us at 824-2076 or 670-2329 E-mail:


Sunday, June 27, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperfgmail.com Page 15

Suspected Burglars Captured

In Advance of Burglary Report

19 and Lionel Peters, 22, all
Belizean laborers residing in Santa
Elena Town.
Although neither arms, ammunition
nor drugs was found inside the
house, police came upon a sizable
quantity of new clothing, colognes,
fashion jewelry and three bottles of
soft drinks under a bed occupied by
Peters. When questioned about the
origin of the found items, all three
persons denied ownership leading
police to suspect that something
was not quite right.
All three boys were detained and
transported, along with the suspi-
cious merchandise, to the San
Ignacio police station where they
were held pending investigation.
At about 7:45 that same Thursday
morning, Adriana Smith, 34,
Belizean businesswoman of a
Hillview Area address in Santa
Elena visited the police station
where she reported that her small
business place, Fashions and
Illusions, located at the corner of
Carillo Puerto Avenue and Carmen
Street in Santa Elena Town, was
burglarized. Smith reported that the
missing items included clothing,
fashion jewelry, a portable DVD
player, Victoria Secret products and
colognes all for an estimated value
of almost seven thousand dollars.

She was subsequently shown the
recovered items which she imme-
diately identified as being some to
the items stolen from her place of
business. Based on the value of the
itemized list of stolen goods pre-
sented by Smith, this first batch of
recovered items was estimated at
one thousand two hundred dollars.
As the case began to unfold, one
of the accused told investigators
that the items were found inside an
abandoned house on Salazar Street
and that a fourth person, identified
as Dalton Sabala, 18, was in
possession of additional items.
Police rushed to the Carillo Puerto
Avenue address of Dalton Sabala
where they found a white Pro Club
shirt similar to the ones found
earlier at Espat's residence. Sabala
was instantly detained and
transported to the police station.
As the investigation continued to
unfold, one of the accused led
investigators to the abandoned
house on Salazar Street where,
hidden in the ceiling, police found
a green plastic bag containing
cosmetics, perfumes and clothing.
The second set of found property
was brought to the police station
where they were positively identi-
fied by the owner and valued at
almost two thousand nine hundred
dollars thus placing the total value

Ian Villagram, 19
of the recovered items at four
thousand one hundred dollars
being almost three thousand dollars
short of the total seven thousand
dollars estimated value of the
missing merchandise.
The investigation led to the arrest
and formal charging of Shejeen
Espat, Ian Villagram and Lionel
Peters for the crime of burglary

Dalton Sabala, 18
while Dalton Sabala was charged
for handling stolen goods.
All four accused appeared before
Magistrate Anna Rachel Montejo,
on Monday, June 21, where they
pleaded not guilty as charged. They
were each offered bail in the sum
of five thousand dollars and ordered
to return to court on Friday, July
30, 2010.

Belize present at FCCA Platinum Conference
in Curacao

The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association
(FCCA) is conducting its' 2010 Platinum
Associate Membership Advisory Council
Conference (PAMAC} in Curaeao and Belize
was present.
____ ___ The PAMAC Conference is a great opportunity
for cruise executives from the Caribbean,
Florida and Latin America to gather and analyze
trends and discuss current issues. The event
provides destination partners with the
opportunity to consolidate relationships and to
develop successful bilateral partnerships with
every sector.
The Belize delegation amended the PAMAC Conference to discuss issues of
legislation, ports, salecy. secuunty tourism development and other cruise industry
related issues as well. This opportunity also served for Belize to meet with cruise
executives and destinanons as it accepted and announced that it will be hosting
the PAMAC Conferenceof2011.
The FCCAis a non -profit trade organization comrrposed of 15 member cruise lines
operating more than 100 vessels in Caribbean, Floridian and Latin American
waters. The FGCA strives to build cooperative relationships with its partner
lestnations and to develop productive bilateral partnerships with every sector by
developing an understanding of :he growing cruise industry and its operating
practices. The FCCA works along with governments, ports and all private and
public sector representatives to maximize cruise passenger, cruise line and cruise
line employee spending, ac well as enhancing the destination experience and the
amountof cruise passengers returning asstay-overvisitors.
Represenring Belize and the BTB in Curagao were: the Minister of Tourism, Civil
v.*iation & Culture Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., from [he Board of Direclors, Mr.
Stanley Longsworth Jr., Mr- Lloyd Enriquez. Registrar of Hotels and Marketing
Officer Michelle Bo*ers,


The BTB provides Customer Relations
Training to Front Une Personnel

Monday June2 1l marked i re firs I day of the Customer Relaltios Train ing that the
BTB Is provldinq lo I aniline peison 'Ial for Customs, Immigration and porters. As a
result, 15 officers from the Customs and Immigration departments are engaging in
phase one of a two-part Customer Relations Course being facilitated by BTB
trainer Mrs. Luz Hunter. The training will allow these trainees o learn and obtain iNe
necessaIy skills in customer relations
This week marks the first of a two-part series of training being carried out to
frontline personnel ar the Philip Goldson InternationalAirport. A similar training as5
initially carried ol Iasi year worth officers at the Nortie border. After its success,
5ubsequent Iraining5 were planned for the PGIAand the Weslern Bordef
The traerning iilI provide Ironilithne personnel with the necessary tools which in turn
will allow theam to provide a pleasant and positive first impression to visitors arind will
prepare them to deal with various scenarios where their ability to provide a top-
notch service is sometimes tested. This is yet another step towards recognizing the
importance of providing an excellent service r nmarily in that initial contact between
visitor and country.
The Belize Tourism Board is cognizant of the importance of first impressions of
visitors to the destination and recognizes the need to equip personnel who are lhe
first point of contact with the opportunity to enhance their skills at customer
relations" comments Director or Producl Development, Laura Framplon
The Customer Relations Tra;n;ng will cover important areas such as Customer
Service Essentials, Attitude and Professionalism, Effective Coimmunication,
Handling Complaints and Team Work. Upon completion of the 32 hour-two part
series, the officers will be awarded a Customer Relations certification from the


Lionel Peters, 22

Shejeen Espat, 18

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Sunday, June 2

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