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Publication Date: June 20, 2010
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Bar and griff
Now Open at
Mahogany Hall
Luxury Resort

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

L unck
*L L inner e

Phone: 627-36B2
Pastow Falls Road. Buflet True Vitlagte Cayo District

Available to our Luemt

Boutique KResort


"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"


SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, Archilla, also knows as "Sosa" Reports
Tuesday, June 15, 2010: and "Sponge Bob" was found that Dean
Two male persons from San with two gunshot wounds to Keisha B:
Ignacio Town were arrested, the back. There was nothing the sister anc
charged and remanded to jail medical team on duty could do friends v
while the manhunt continues for as he is believed to have died on Saturday
another one who pulled the the spot. They fi
trigger of the gun that fatally The other victim, Dean inside the
injured a Santa Elena man and Dougall, sustained three gunshot only stayed
seriously injured another, wounds, one to the left temple, which the
It was exactly 3:15 on the another to the left side of the Karaoke ]
morning of Sunday, June 13, neck and the other to the left side whom is
2010 when gunshots rang out in of the chest. The medical team
the center of San Ignacio Town headed by Dr. Rene Godoy
on Burs Avenue, leaving in its and Dr. Guillermo Rivas began
wake two male persons on the immediate emergency treatment
ground with several gunshot after which he was rushed by
wounds, ambulance to the Western
The victims were placed Regional Hospital in Belmopan.
inside a police vehicle that was The medical team in
nearby. They were rushed to the Belmopan which included Dr.
community hospital in San Rene Godoy, who travelled from
Ignacio Town where they were San Ignacio, worked for seven
identified as Marion Alfredo continuous hours performing
Rivera Archilla, 26, Belizean two surgeries. First to be
labourer of #7 Carillo Puerto removed was the bullet from the The
Avenue, Santa Elena and Dean head followed by the more Aredo
Daniel Dougall, (brother of the serious procedure of removing SUNRI
Publisher of this newspaper) the bullet from the neck. SUNS]
41, Belizean labourer of a Dean is currently recuperating wanted to
Mosquitoville address on the at the Belmopan hospital as he they cou
western outskirts of San Ignacio prepares to undergo a third group left
Town. surgery to remove the bullet the Faya\
Marion Alfredo Rivera lodged in the left shoulder, being in th



s reaching us indicate
and his common-wife,
ahadur, along with her
I a few other female
xere hanging out on
rst visited Perla's Bar
SPrincess Casino but
ed a few minutes after
ey went to the Sunset
Bar. The girls, one of
visiting from abroad

)eceased, Marion
Rivera Archilla, 26
SE: June 20, 1983
ET: June 13, 2010
Sgo someplace where
ld dance and so the
Sunset and headed to
Wata Night Club. After
ie club for a few hours,

The Accused Murderer,
Dionicio Salazar Jr. 28,
also known as "Life"
Dean reportedly stepped outside
to get some food and this was
when he reportedly first sensed
that something was not quite
right. After getting the food he
stepped back inside the club
where he reportedly told the
manager that he was sensing
some problems. The manager
reportedly promised to look into
the matter. He and the group
reportedly departed the club with
the intention to board the usual
taxi being one of the few who
would take anyone to that remote
area of town during dark hours.
Dean was leaning on a table
near the Belmoral Hotel with a
police vehicle parked in front of
him as the police were waiting
for the crowds to disperse after
Pa-e ur , .oP'a-


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-- -z7)- --- --- ---- ---- *

Pae2-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprImi~o udy ue2,21


the closing of nightclubs in the
area. Shortly thereafter Marlon
Rivera arrived and they struck
up a conversation while Dean
waited for the usual taxi cab.
The sense of uneasiness
returned as Dean again saw the
two suspicious male persons in
the town square across from
each other incorporating him
into a triangle form (one,
identified as Adrian Arzu, was
standing near Courts Store while
the other, identified as Trevor
Lamb, was standing in front of
Tai San Store as Dean stood
near the Belmoral Hotel across
from the taxi stand).
A domestic disturbance
between a taxi driver and two
women erupted in the area. The
Taxi man's car was seen
moving across the square
towards Courts Store with one
of the women, later identified as
his wife, hanging on the side of
the car as it dragged her along
on the street. The police
vehicle sped up towards the
location where the car was
pulling the lady. No sooner had
the police vehicle moved when
Dean felt something to the back
of his head, he slapped the
object away and when he spun
around, he came face to face
with Dionicio Salazar Jr. also
known as "Life". He was armed
with a handgun. The slap sent
Salazar backward and as Dean
made one step forward in an
effort to flee, Salazar opened fire
at close range hitting him with
the first three shots after which
he turned the gun on Marlon who
was likewise attempting to flee.
He fired several shots at Marlon
two of which caught him in the
back. Marlon fell to the ground
next to Dean. Realizing that
Dean and Marlon were injured,
Keisha began running towards
the police vehicle that was
dealing with the domestic
disturbance up the street. As she
ran towards the police, Salazar
ran behind her with the gun
clicking, fortunately for her by
that time the gun was empty.
He diverted from chasing
Keisha and threw the gun under
a white car that was parked in
front of Courts after which he
ran up Hudson Street in front of
the Blue Angeles Club and
disappeared into the darkness.
Adrian Arzu, who was standing

The Accused,
Adrian Arzu, 32
in front of Courts Store retrieved
the gun from under the car,
walked over to Tai San Store
where he linked up with Trevor
Lamb and they walked down
Wyatt Street in front of Eagles
Landing towards the river where,
at Lamb's repeated request, Arzu
eventually handed over the gun.
Arzu, accompanied by a female
then returned while Lamb
proceeded alone towards the
banks of Macal River where he
stashed the gun inside a garbage
The crime scene was
cordoned off for most of Sunday
morning and police retrieved
eight expended point three
eighty casings from the scene.
Immediately after the incident
police began rounding up
persons who were in the area.
Among the almost ten persons
detained were Adrian Arzu and
Trevor Lamb.
Whilst being questioned,
Lamb initially told the police that
he threw the gun in the water of
the Macal River, in fact, he even
took the police to the area where
he said he threw the gun but
several hours of diving was
fruitless. Lamb was returned to
the cell block and whilst
communicating with Arzu, who
was in another cell, he was
overheard saying that he took
the fools (police) for a dive. He
began expressing concerns

"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez

The Accused,
Trevor Lamb, 19
however about the following
day, Monday, being garbage day
and that the drum would be
emptied and that they would lose
"the thing" forever. This was
when the police got the first hint
of the gun being in a garbage
container somewhere.
Armed with this new
information, a few hours after
the unsuccessful dive, that same
Sunday evening, Lamb was
removed from the cell and was
further questioned. It did not take
much longer thereafter for Lamb
to lead police to the garbage
drum along the banks of the
Macal River where the empty
gun was seen among the
garbage. The gun was retrieved
and taken to the police station
where it was identified as a point
three eighty caliber Lorcin brand
pistol with its serial number filed
On Monday, June 14, Adrian
Arzu, 32, Belizean labourer of
#45 Bullet Tree Road, San
Ignacio Town and Trevor
Lamb, 19, of a 2nd Street
address also in San Ignacio
Town, were formally arrested
and jointly charged for (1)
Abetment to commit murder in
connection with the shooting
death of Marlon Rivera Archilla
and (2) Abetment to commit
attempt murder in connection
with gunshot injuries sustained
by Dean Dougall. Lamb was

additionally charged with
keeping an unlicensed firearm.
Arzu and Lamb appeared in
San Ignacio's Magistrate Court
on Tuesday, June 15 where all
charges were read to them
by Magistrate Anna Rachel
Montejo. No plea was taken and
they were both remanded to
central prison in Hattieville.
They are scheduled to return to
court on Tuesday, July 20, 2010.
The postmortem examination
conducted on Marlon's body by
Forensic Specialist, Dr. Mario
Estradabran, at the Karl
Heusner Memorial Hospital in
Belize City, on Monday, June 14,
revealed that he died from heart
failure due to gunshot wounds.
- -i

The Surviving Victim,
Dean Daniel Dougall, 41
Police reports that one of the
bullets was found lodged inside
Marlon's brain. This is the shot
believed to have caused his
almost instant death. The other
bullet was reportedly not found
in the body.
A large gathering of relatives
and friends attended the funeral
of Marlon Alfredo Rivera
Archilla on Wednesday, June 16.
The service was held at the place
where he lived on Carillo Puerto
Avenue in Santa Elena Town,
Cayo. He was laid to rest inside
the Carmen Memorial Cemetery
in Santa Elena, Cayo.
Please-urn- T..Pge15

11 0 1 1 I)1A1 ST am iA'

Large Macal River Homesites Close to Town
Huge Trees Birders Paradise

For Agricultural News


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7 S Join the largest Beliz

before May 30th and p
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Pae4-SAI e: 2-82& 2-78 -EalsanwpprImi~o udy ue2,21

Cowardly Matador Arrested For Fleeing Ring

By Fiona Govan in Madrid
Published: 12:56PM BST
15 June 2010
A Mexican matador was
arrested for breaching his
contract after losing his
nerve and running from the
Terrified Christian
Hernandez dropped his red cape
and ran from the charging bull
during an event at the Plaza
Mexico in Mexico City on
The 22-year-old vaulted over
the protective wall at the side of
the ring as the crowd hooted and
whistled in derision.
He was briefly persuaded back

organisers that he
had breached his
contract. He was
later released after
paying a fine.
The torero, who
was badly gored in
the leg during
a bullfight several
months ago, admit-
ted that he had lost
El Matador, Christian Hernandez his nerve and would
into the bullring by organisers now retire from bullfighting
but gave up before coming face altogether.
to face with half-ton beast and "There are some things you
skulked from the ring a second must be aware of about
time. yourself "he said. "Ididn 't have
He was arrested after the the ability, I didn't have the
bullfight following complaints by balls, this is not my thing."

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Engine wash
Auto detailing
SCarpet shampoo Phone: 664-0683
Window tinting Open: Monday to Sunday
Located left hand side before turning into the wooden
BRIDGE, Santa Elena Cayo, Belize, Central America
Now Offering FULL Ramp
Service And Tire Repairs

Local Naturalist Receives

International Training
June 15, 2010
Mr. Brion Young, a staff naturalist guide at The Lodge at Chaa
Creek in Cayo, has recently returned to Belize after completing
advanced training in the United States. The two-week course on
"Interpretation and Visitor Services" was conducted by the
United States Department of Interior's National Park Service and
was facilitated at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. The
course's theme centered on improvement of professional skills
and techniques that are required to provide high quality visitor
services and interpretative communications.

Mesa Verde National Park is internationally known for the
well-preserved cliff dwellings of the ancient Anasazi people of
North America. Archaeological records indicate that their
civilization flourished during approximately the same time
period as the ancient Maya of Belize. Mr. Young reported that he
was, "extremely impressed with the professionalism of the park
rangers," and that he, "learned a great deal about interpretive
communications and working with large tour groups."

Mr. Young is the eighth member of Chaa Creek's naturalist
guide staff that has completed this advanced course. Mike Green,
manager of the Chaa Creek Natural History Centre stated that,
"We have developed a very beneficial working relationship with
the U.S. National Park Service and for the past eight years
they have generously afforded us the opportunity to send one
of our naturalists through their training course." He further
stated that, "In order for Belize to compete within the world
tourism market, it is imperative that the tourism services that
are available in Belize meet and even exceed international

St. Hilda's Anglican In Georgeville
Village Gets New Computers
GEORGEVILLE VILLAGE, cal/information age.
Cayo District, Wednesday, "Education is an excellent
June 16th 2010. tool to fight crime and poverty ",
Two computers and two said Minister Montero. "When
printers were today presented to you are engaged in useful
St. Hilda's Anglican Primary activities, you will not have time
School by the Hon. Rene to think about getting into
Montero, Area Representative mischief", he told the students.
and Minister of Agriculture and Minister Montero advised the
Fisheries. students to remain focused, to
The computers complement a listen to their parents and their
set of three others that the school teachers and use their vibrant
already had. energy in a positive way.
In brief remarks during the Minister Montero also
handing over ceremony today reminded the teachers and
Minister Montero said that students that the three hundred
the Government's Mission and dollars subsidy for first and
Vision is to empower all students second formers is available and
to be able to access all relevant encouraged them to apply for it
information in this technologi- and to put it to good use.

Happy Father's Day!!!

From: All of us at the

STAR Newspaper



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Yarb6ert Broaster

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Mental Health Matters
Adoptation: Coping In The Face Of Change

BY: Rob Wheeler
Each day we are faced with
events that challenge our ability
to cope. Some of these events
may be small; perhaps you were
looking forward to a nice beer
with dinner and as you are
getting ready to sit down to your
meal, you find that you drank the
last one on the weekend and
forgot to stop at the store on the
way home from work. Other
events present a greater
challenge: your boss tells you
he needs to adjust your
schedule so that you work later
and now you have to figure out
who will watch the children
after school while you are
working. Still other events can
be catastrophic; these changes
may include the loss of a job, a
relationship, or the death of a
close relative.
What each of these events has
in common is that they put us in
a position of reacting to change.
Our ability to cope is determined
by our reaction to the situation.
According to the about.com

Psychology Dictionary, the term
adaptation refers to "the ability
to adjust to new information
and experiences." It goes on to
say, "Through adaptation, we
are able to adopt new behaviors
that allow us to cope with
How important is that we
"adopt new behaviors?" I've
heard one definition of mental
illness as doing the same thing
over and over again and
expecting a different result. So,
if we react in a certain way and
it does not give us the outcome
we want, one way to learn a
better way to cope is to change
our behavior. An example of this
would be dealing with a
coworker who complains
incessantly about anything and
everything. This not only
annoys you but it also causes
undue anxiety in the workplace
and decreases your productivity.
For weeks or months you might
try to be a nice person and
engage in conversation with this
person and try to help them see

a more positive outlook. What
you find is that the complaining
continues or worse escalates.
The coworker isn't really 1
ooking for a solution; they just
want someone to listen to
them complain and you,
unintentionally, are reinforcing
their behavior. The answer? You
changeyour behavior. When the
coworker starts their usual rant,
turn away and say nothing. Do
not engage with the coworker.
Leave the workspace for a
moment. If the complaining
continues when you return,
again turn away and say
nothing. Eventually the behavior
will stop because it is not being
According to behavioral
experts, Katharine and Randall
Hansen of Quintessential
Careers (quintcareers.com),
among the most important skills
and personal values that
employers seek in hiring new
employees are adaptability and
flexibility. Employers want
people who can adjust rapidly to
a changing environment.
Coping strategies are not
something we are born with. We
gradually learn how to cope, first

from our caregivers when we are
small, then from our peers and
others as we venture out into the
world. Many of us find that we
have a difficult time adjusting to
changes that we are bound to
face in our lives. What this
means is that we have either
learned poor coping techniques,
or we just haven't accessed the
right strategy yet as we rummage
through our toolbox of behaviors
that might work.
So where do we get these
tools? As I said previously,
adaptation is a learned behavior.
No one is too old or set in their
ways to learn new coping skills.
One way to learn different ways
of dealing with stress and change
is by experimenting. If what you
are doing to cope is not
working, change what you are
doing and try something else. If
you continue to find yourself
stuck and continuing to have
difficulty with relationships and
everyday changes, whether they
be big or small, working with a
counselor may be the answer.
The experienced counselor is
adept at identifying patterns in
your behavior that may not seem
Pleaseur.n --'Pge.



Tourism Management Programs
The Belize Tourism Board is offering tuition scholarships to interested applicants for
Tourism Management Programs to commence August 2010 for the following degrees:

1.) Associate Degree In Tourism Management
Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of a High School Diploma and
have been accepted into the Tourism Management Program at ANY of the following institutions:

San Pedro Junior College Sacred heart Junior College
Ecumenical Junior College St. John's Junior College

2.) Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship (Two Yearj
Requirements: Applicants must be a female Belizean citizen who has a minimum of an Associate's Degree who
has been accepted into the Tourism Management Program at the University of Belize (UB) and wishes to pursue a
bachelor's degree in Tourism Management.

The Jean Shaw Tourism Scholarship has been established in memory of the late Jean Ursilla Shaw, a renowned
female tourism pioneer who played an integral part in the development of Belize's tourism industry in her lifetime.
The Fund was established by the BTB in collaboration with its private sector counterparts to support the
development of qualified Belizeans pursuing a career in tourism.

Application forms are available at the BTB Office on Regent Street or ONLINE at www.belizetourism.org.

Application Deadline: Friday, July 16, 2010

Pae6-SA e: 2-82& 2-78 -Ealsanwppr|mi~o udy ue2,21

Music Artist Ras Indio Seeking National

Support In the "Anti Violence Movement"

Thursday, June 17, 2010:
I am Ras Indio, Reggae
Belizean/International Music
Artist. I recently released my 4th
album entitled "JAH BLESS
US" which includes the #1 hit
"DEMA FRAUD". This song
was #1 on the KREM TV count-
down for four weeks in a row
courtesy of text requests from
the general public.
This latest CD has also been
distributed throughout parts of
the USA & Canada; Seattle, Los
Angeles, Northern California,
New York and Vancouver
British Colombia.
I've recently recorded a new
song entitled "SILENCE the
VIOLENCE", in regards to all
the crime that has been going on
within the last few months in our
I've already invested in the
studio time to record and master
this song and I have also begun
to promote it on LOVE FM,
More FM and KREM FM.
Positive Vibes Radio agreed to
make it their morning theme
song upon hearing how positive

the song is.
Music truly does make a
difference in people's lives. I see
it personally everyday and this
particular song is very powerful
and perfect for these rough
times. What we have noticed in
the recent months is that songs
on the radio alone don't stick
with the people. The youth are
so in tuned to television these
days that SONGS must have a
VIDEO in order for it to really
get recognized. As in the case
with my # 1 hit, Dem A Fraud, it
was on the radio for months but

when the video came out,
everyone began singing along,
word for word.
So our goal is to produce a
video to this song as soon as
possible and even have it used
as a commercial for Crime
Stoppers or any anti-violence
organizations. We are looking
to do whatever we can to
promote this message to our
Belizean people to help cease all
the senseless VIOLENCE.
We have already connected
with "Ads A Lot" who has
agreed to help us shoot this video
using their new equipment and
they have also agreed to help us
edit it. So we are now only

looking for some financial
support to help assist us with
this anti- violence theme song
"Silence The Violence", so we
can start spreading this message
to the youth.
In return, I Ras Indio will
promote your company as a
proud sponsor of this "Anti
Violence Movement".
We are seeking public
participation to make this all
manifest. Please join us in our
efforts to make our Belize a
better and safer place.
Looking forward to your
positive response. Please contact
David Obi (Ras Indio) at
telephone 664-0077 or by e-mail
at rasindio(gmaiL com You can
also visit the website at
www. rasindiobelize. com

Mental Health Matters

obvious to you. A counselor can
help you make the needed
adjustments to attitude or
behavior that can help you get
along better with life's struggles.
So who is it that thrives in the
face of adversity and change?
The strongest person? The most
intelligent? Not so. The one

who is most adaptable to change
tends to be the one who thrives.
Rob Wheeler is a Licensed
Mental Health Counselor from
Washington State who will soon
be opening a practice in Santa
Elena at the Santa Elena
Medical Clinic. He welcomes
your correspondence at
mentalhealthmatters(,vahoo. com.

r ~L~r-~8~mnnn~~

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Cayo Committee Of Los Angeles Donates

One Thousand Dollars To Cornerstone

It's never too late to share good
news and so this week we
highlight a contribution of one
thousand dollars from the Cayo
Committee of Los Angeles to
Cornerstone Foundation.
A cheque in the sum of five
hundred US dollars was recently
handed over to Cornerstone
Foundation's General Manager,
Mrs. Rita DeFour by Mrs.
Erica Velasquez and Mr. John
Broaster on behalf of the Cayo
Committee of Los Angeles.
General Manager Rita Defour
informed that the funds could
never have come at a more
opportune time and that it will
go directly into assisting with
the Foundation's daily feeding
program on which many needy
children and senior citizens
The Cayo Committee of Los
Angeles informed Cornerstone
was selected for the donation
because of the wonderful work
the Foundation continues to do
within the community it serves.
The Foundation is best known
for its active participation in
much needed humanitarian

drives within the twin towns of
San Ignacio and Santa Elena as
well as in surrounding villages.
Primary recipients of the
Foundation's assistance include
underprivileged children and the
Other recipients of assistance
from the Cayo Committee of Los
Angeles include Octavia Waight
Center for Senior Citizens,

Sacred Heart RC Primary School
in San Ignacio, St. Andrews
Anglican Primary School also in
San Ignacio and Santa Elena RC
Primary School.
The Cayo Committee of
Los Angeles is a non-profit
community organization en-
gaged in raising funds, since
1993, for humanitarian
organizations in the Cayo

Venus Photos

#6 Hudson Street, San Ignacio
Telephone: 824.2101
We have a wide
assortment of
Electronics, including
Play Station 2,
PSP and Wi.

Also available, Games,
Cell Phone and iPod
We Fantastic Gift Sets,
Male & Female Watches,
jewelry as well as the
latest CD's and DVD's.

Cornerstone Foundation
extends sincere appreciation to
the Cayo Committee of Los
Angeles and assures that the
generous donation will go a long
ways in providing a daily
nourishing meal to those many
children and senior citizens who
depend on the Foundation's
outreach programs.

(L-R) Mrs. Erica Velasquez and Mr. John Broaster
from the Cayo Committee of Los Angeles along with
Cornerstone Foundation's G M, Mrs. Rita DeFour






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* International Center for
Responsible Tourism

Eloyi Quevas
(Mon kei River Retreat)

Museum ol Belize
BfI- Uy"

Benjamin Awe
(The Lodge at Chaa Creek)


1CfW ftflTUR f fDDID tlIS TiflR:

F facebook

I~UMVCS mil StD Mt[SSfti TO TIlfll M WIti
LIv f ~o rt ftfil n

A turwier

flWIlllf WtiO DID IOT w IIf

ZdPRr=rHM--kti -wncWW~im^^^^

fpub^lR m B f i


Sunday, June 20, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperkgmail.com Page 9

INNOVAll AT (In d cFOpR 2.v.ts
MEN- ob.. -

Jaua Reef Lode The Lodge at Big Falls

L The Three Kims of Belize tI Tutti Fruiti Gelateria
Mt.Wllm lPctu s MT.R- Noher Mr, knw T lMo M PICfflcll

Blue Water Gill
ibim (ME

r-kn~mmn~nr U

Mrs. Celi McCorkle L U TeLo
(San edro IHoliday Hotel)
PM P!D, # aTicrt fa asi
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Xanadu Resort
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, 751 7751






Pae1I TR-Tl-62-82&6638 milsanwpprIalcm udy ue2,21

March 22- April 20
You find yourself completely
willing to take on all challenges
that life has to offer you. There
is no more confusion regarding
your goals. Your focus and
precision at work will be
admired. Even in personal
relationships, you are committed
and give your best. Don't let
gossip affect you. Lucky
Numbers: 54, 72, 98.

April 21 to May 21
The coming week sees you
making all kinds of plans but
arriving at decisions will be quite
difficult. However, you will not
be able to escape mixed feelings.
Give yourself some time, rather
than giving in to impatience.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 33, 76.

May 22 to June 21
The good news is that there
could be significant monetary
gains. The tricky part is that it is
likely to happen only if you've
made smart investments in the
past. You will be concerned
with increasing your savings.
There will be quite a bit of
expenditure to meet. Lucky
Numbers: 05, 24, 87.

He Grew U
With nowhere else to go, a frail
old man went to live with his
son, daughter-in-law, and five-
year old grandson.
The old man's hands trembled,
his eyesight was blurred and his
step faltered
The family ate together at
the table. But the elderly
grandfather's shaky hands and
failing sight made eating

Commercial Building
On Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio. In Front
Of Venus Hotel
Call: 824-2101



June 22 to July 23
A busy week because you
discover a lot of home-related
work that needs to be addressed.
You could be buying, redecorat-
ing and maybe indulging in a few
luxuries for yourself. A blend of
romance and work-filled days
ensures a satisfactory time.
Lucky Numbers: 03, 27, 49.

itV LEO:
July 24 to August 21
A busy week lies ahead of you
with lots of development in
matters related to property and
land. You may be looking for
ways to make your money work
better for you. Those who have
retired recently may need to
run around to get their money
matters sorted out.Lucky
Numbers: 31, 50, 83.

J August 22
to September 21
This spells the start of a
good phase for you. There are
indications of success as well
as admiration received at work.
You could make handsome
gains through the deals you
strike within this month. There
is harmony on the domestic

p To Be A G
difficult. Peas rolled off his
spoon onto the floor. When he
grasped the glass, milk spilled on
the tablecloth.
The son and daughter-in-law
became irritated with the mess.
"We must do something about
my father," said the son. "I've
had enough of his spilled milk,
noisy eating, and food on the
So the husband and wife set a
small table in the comer. There,
Grandfather ate alone while
the rest of the family enjoyed
dinner around the large table.
Since Grandfather had broken
a dish or two, his food was
served in a wooden bowl.
When the family glanced
in Grandfather's direction,
sometimes he had a tear in his
eye as he sat alone.
Still, the only words the
couple had for him were sharp
scoldings when he dropped
a fork or spilled food.
The grandson watched it all in

I0Y I &I I I Nu I ,r

front. You find adequate time to
relax with your loved ones.
Lucky Numbers:25, 44, 96.

September 22 to
October 23
You are likely to get past the
phase where excessive thinking
and anxiety have troubled your
mind. You will arrive at an
understanding that there is
comfort to be found in doing
things that you love to do and
there is strength to be gained
from the support and love of
elders. Lucky Numbers: 09,
36, 73.
October 24 to
2 November 21
This could be a slightly tough
time for you as there is anxiety,
dilemma and disappointment in
life. Your inner strife could lead
to travel and help you seek
out and enrich your mind. No
matter how disappointed you
feel, don't engage in maligning
anyone. Lucky Numbers: 28,
41, 68.

November 22 to
December 21
Now here is a week where
you'll need to strike a fine
balance. You will receive
honour and appreciation by
people you work with. Also,

reat Leader
One evening before supper,
the father noticed his son
playing with wood scraps on
the floor.
He asked the child sweetly,
"What are you doing Son?"
Just as sweetly, the boy
responded, "Oh, I am making
a bowl each for you and Mama
to eat your food in when I grow
up." The child smiled and went
back to work.
The words so struck the parents
that they were speechless. Then
tears started to stream down their
cheeks. Though no word was
spoken, both knew what must be
That evening the husband took
Grandfather's hand and gently
led him back to the family
For the remainder of his days
Grandfather ate every meal with
the family. And for some reason,
Neither husband nor wife
seemed to care any longer when
a fork was dropped, milk spilled,
or the tablecloth soiled.

certain critical tasks will come
your way that need to be
handled well. You will have to
deal with such issues objectively.
Lucky Numbers:07, 65, 82.

December 22 to
January 20
Hectic time in the coming week
but that is what you enjoy the
most. You may even travel for
work. However, don't let fears
drive you to opt for responsibili-
ties. Take it on only if you think
you'll enjoy it. Work out a sched-
ule and stick to it so that your
health does not suffer. Lucky
Numbers: 55, 62, 86.

January 21 to
February 19
There's a bit of tough work
ahead, so gear up. Just as you
thought that some problem was
about to come to a close, you find
some more complexities
hindering the solution. It may not
stop at that as you could have
some difficulty in interpersonal
relationships too. Lucky Num-
bers: 26, 77, 91.

February 20 to
March 21
There are tough times in life but
also times when you get
rewarded if you face your
problems courageously. You may
experience a very positive shift
within you as you get interested
in some form of higher knowl-
edge. Try not to fall prey to
daydreaming.Lucky Numbers:
32, 74, 95.
R.. ...'" '""

24 Crenshaw Street,
San Ignacio, Cayo
Telephone: 824-2730

Monday: Draft Beer $2.50
Tuesday: Local Rum -$2.50
Wednesday: Margaritas -$6.95
Thursday: Pifia Colada -$6.95
Friday: Micheladas $3.50
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Sunday, June 20, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 11

Simon Rides The Xatero's Horse

Simon was lost and walking in
the Chiquibul Forest Reserve for
about 2 weeks.
One hot day, he comes to the
camp of a Xatero. Tired and
weak, he crawls up to the camp
and collapses at the entrance.
The Xatero finds him and


Savannah Area, San Ignacio,
Cayo Tel: 804-2522

Bring Your Family and Friends
to Hode's Phce and lt them
enjoy our fine dining, as well
the Game Room, the Playground
and the Ice Cream Shop.
We have something for everyone
Bring out the entire Family and
enjoy a clan, friendly and
secure environment,
We Also deliver Call
Us At: 804-2522

nourishes him back to health.
Feeling better, Simon asks the
Xatero for directions to the
nearest village.
On his way out of the camp,
he sees this horse. He goes back
inside and asks the Xatero, "Can
I borrow your horse and I will
leave it at the village so you can
get it when you go there?"
"I will let you borrow the
horse but make sure you leave
it with Don Jose at Lola's
Cantina", said the Xatero. "I
must tell you some special
things about this horse",
continued the Xatero. "You have
to say 'Thank God' to make it
go and 'Amen' to make it
Not paying much attention,
Simon says, "Sure, ok."
So he gets on the horse and
says, "Thank God" and the
horse starts walking. Then he
says, "Thank God, Thank
God," and the horse starts
Feeling really brave, Simon
say, "Thank God, Thank God,
Thank God, Thank God,
Thank God" and the horse just


literally takes off. Finally he remembers and
Pretty soon he sees this cliff shouts "AMEN!!"
coming up and he's doing The horse stops about 4 inches
everything he can to make the from the edge of the cliff.
horse stop. "Whoa, stop, hold Simon leans back in the saddle
on!!!!" and says, "Thank God".
Little Larry Spills The Beans

Little Larry attended a horse
auction with his father.
Larry watched as his father
moved from horse to horse,
running his hands up and down
the horse's legs and rump, and
After a few minutes, Larry
asked, "Dad, why are you

doing that?"
His father replied, "Because
when I'm buying horses, Ihave
to make sure that they are
healthy and in good shape
before I buy."
Larry, looking worried, said,
"Dad, I think the mailman
wants to buy Mom."

Two Years ago, Alan Gobie launched a charity to assist underprivileged
BH4i7Pnna in need of mdrlical nsiitance. Ihe C:hrllngp ;nabi o :ammitte- was
formed In 2007 and with the help of local and International supporters, the first
Challenge Gobie Bike Ride was held on Sunday 20th January, 2008.
The 141-mile journey to BNE's Big Creek facility was only the start of a great
initiative. Ihe s.ecnd annual Bike Ride wan a little more daring and cohie
rode 250 miles (from Iguana Creek to Big Creek and back), almost 20 hours of
ride time! And he will do the same this year for the third annual Bike Ride on
June 26th and 27th, 2010.
Efforts so far have netted a little over BZ$140,000. To date, Ciallenge Gobie
hIs duiuled wine BZ$120,000 lo Belieurn who were in need of medical
assistance with special emphasis on patients suffering from ARF (Acute Renal
Failure). Challenge Goble also assisted in relief efforts after Tropical Storm
Arthur devastated Southern Belize leaving hundreds homeless.
If you wish lo be u ap sponsor of Cllenge Gobie, kindly wire or deposil rToney
to our account with details below. We thank you in advance for your kind
support. Without your donation and pledge, this project would not be possible,
at d I St at illars t O wlilaldmn DIiIadlrilniou l R l O IRO llars
Pnntto: ]PHoiWn.OaBart:k.A. Tiailank doNf- Umtal H5ECE"n P HBCa int PC
IEK, 5Wi. nat Tntrl 4 nallBWr ln ra rhiln 77 01 n-t'. 77I'P I ru n
4'b rr 1A ILa I .in. Fglind I mn^. Fr.od
NMV Yfr k. n Yet iflil 4 44 hii; Fipt l FC 1 7rN F37P ;IR'
TmM14 a, Wi t H I I i l ea. 4f'01 B a.pnt r(A& 4OWS 5
bhw. AMU- rem
FM LM-- 4R14 FOk lY V i
To SI7Vt i.:N NO3DBZBS a ift N2.: NMfCB2BS Tha Basb i a lUc ells, Ualm TheI Bark t ettc EMq D mi
Crid SmaibalnB(42Lo d SriAUbk ,BU)LW LM asatSg caurkINoi. Oprtinblfg mHco.untWh. EBral
Auoxlt hulMi 0001053527 T'fit cW. SiD i;g51411
To Nm of Bcrdciay! Na -rE BDcfllc:my: Narnmaf rlx N:nct Benzllary:
Crcdt Chl allmeelk_ calwe ble ChaoenaeG ot Chalal eCable
arnld nd rd and
EBnwriLaosk r asnt e L 5: Suniolarf tLur.Hino IsidiBao IckInt Nt nbtr: d Bci 5 VpnI LouwtlM Enh
3a 17 WiMO174 N6C174 3B T a 71
pianish LoLokaut Branckh Spaish Loaomirt Eand. Spaish Ldmtil Branch panlsh Loolout Bran:ih.

Juan Chuc & Sons

Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town

Telephone: 824-2160

Visit us today for
all your Grocery, Hardware
and Electrical needs.

Juan Chuc & Sons

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#1 a c itICOII e ra

Pae1I TR-Tl-62-82&6638 milsanwpprIalcm udy ue2,21

New Resour
District, Wednesday, June 16,
Over 500 students in the
northern village of San Joaquin
and surrounding communities in
the Corozal District will benefit
from a new resource centre,
which will be officially
inaugurated on Thursday
morning, June 17th 2010.
The San Joaquin Resource
Centre is a community-based
project that was identified by the
San Joaquin Roman Catholic
School Parent Teachers Associa-
tion, the School Management
and the San Joaquin Women's
Group. The project is the first
of its kind and will provide
immediate internet access,
computer and literacy services to
primary school, high school and
sixth form students in San
Joaquin Village and surrounding
The centre is located at the
San Joaquin Primary School.
The project was implemented by
the Social Investment Fund and
financed by the Government of
Belize through a loan from the
Caribbean Development bank at

ce Center For San Joaquin

\_ "_ I I

(L-R) Daniel Cano, Executive Director SIF, Marcely Tzul,
Chairlady of San Joaquin, Franciso Magafia, Assistant
Local Manager, Mrs Ana Herstig, Chairlady Center

a total cost of $92,000. The
community of San Joaquin
contributed $20,000 towards the
The scope of the project
included the supply of 16 desk-
top computers and accessories,
one lap top, a printer, the
installation of burglar bars, elec-
trical works, AC units, compu-
ter tables, chairs, book shelves,
teachers desks and a wide assort-
ment of books and stationery.
The project is targeting poor

students who barely meet ends
while attending primary and high
school. It is also directed at
rural students who commute
daily to attend school in order
to improve their education
status as well as the economic
status of their families.
The village of San Joaquin is
located in the northern region of
the country and is 5 miles south
of Corozal Town. It is the home
of over 2,500 inhabitants mostly
of Mestizo descent. San Joaquin

Village got its name from its pa-
tron saint San Joaquin, in whose
honor a fair is held annually.
Although San Joaquin is five
miles away from Corozal Town
no internet systems existed in
the community prior to the
implementation of the project.
Students got up early in the
morning and travelled daily by
bus to attend high school in
Corozal Town or at the Escuela
Mexico, which is 8 miles from
the the community. Most the
time students had to return home
late at night, and in many occa-
sions, without doing their school
assignment due to the lack of
internet services.
During the official ceremony
addresses will be delivered by
Ms Marcely Tzul, Chairlady of
San Joaquin, Mr Franciso
Magafia, Assistant Local
Manager, Mrs Ana Herstig,
Chairlady of the San Joaquin
Resource Centre and Mr
Daniel Cano, Executive Director
of the Social Investment Fund.
For further information please
contact Mr Mike Hemandez Jr.
J.P., Director of Public Relations
of the Social Investment Fund at
Tel : 822-0239 or via email at
mike.hemandez(ksifbelize. org

Invitation for Bids (IFB)
Belize Land Management Program III
Loan Number: 2208/OC-BL
IFB title and Number: 003-2009/2010
1. The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, has received a loan from the
Inter- American Development Bank toward the cost of the Land Management Program III, and it intends to apply part of the
proceeds of this loan to payments under the Contract for Project Component # 3: Support for the Provision of Modern Land
Management Services.
2. The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, now invite sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the
Installation of both a Data and Telecommunications Network Infrastructure for its Cohune Walk Buildings. The delivery/construction
period is approximately 1 month.
3. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures specified in the Inter-American Development
Bank's Policiesfor the Procurement of Goods and Works financed by the Inter-American Development Bank, and is open to all bidders
from Eligible Source Countries as defined in the Bidding Documents.
4. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the Policy Coordination Unit in the Ministry of Natural Resources
and the Environment, pcpu. mnre(kgmail.corn or itmanager@imnrei.gov.bz and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address
given below from 08:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
5. Qualification requirements include: the experience of the firm in works of a similar nature and size; qualifications and experience of key
site management and technical personnel proposed, including a Networking Engineer with at least five (5) years of proven experience in
the design, construction and operation of gigabit networks or equivalent in experience, who will provide quality assurance and valida
tion of the designs, intermediate works and final work; major items of equipment proposed to carry out the Contract; total monetary
value of works performed; reports on the financial standing of the Bidder; evidence of adequacy of working capital and information
regarding any litigation. A margin of preference for national contractors/JVCAs shall be applied.
6. A complete set of Bidding Documents, may be obtained free of charge by interested bidders on the submission of a written request to
the address (1) below.
7. Bids must be delivered to the address (1) below at or before June 29th, 2010 at 4:00 PM. Electronic bidding shall not be permitted.
Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened physically, on July 1th, 2010 in the presence of the bidders' representatives who choose
to attend in person at address (2) below at 10:00 AM.
8. All bids shall be accompanied by a "Bid Security" and "Bid Validity Declaration".
9. The addresses referred to above are:

(1) Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, 1st Floor Plaza Building, Market Square, Belmopan City, Belize C.A. and
(2) Conference Room of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Cohune Walk, Belmopan City, Belize C.A.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010 |

Sunday, June 20, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(gmail.com Page 13

The Issue Of Crime And Unemployment Can
Determine The Future Of Governments
In Belize And The Caribbean Region

By: Wellington C. Ramos
I have always listened to many
world leaders speaking about what
they would like to accomplish for
the citizens of their respective
countries during their tenures in
I have very seldom heard any
world leader committing them-
selves to provide full time employ-
ment to all their citizens. Yet, if the
citizens of a country are
unemployed they will not be in the
position to provide for themselves
and their families which will leave
the burden on the government.
A caring government should
always make full employment its
top priority. Any government that
does not have this issue on the top
of its list is embarking on an
impossible journey.
Maybe, if the government of
Belize had this issue at the top of
its agenda when they first came into
office, crime would not be
escalating in Belize at the rate it is
I have looked at several studies
over the years and it is documented
that there is a direct relationship
between crime and employment.
When a government fails to provide

meaningful employment for its
citizens, a majority of the criminals
will use that reason as justification
to commit crimes.
Knowing my Belizean people,
most of them will say that when they
were growing up, they grew up
hard and did not have to commit
crimes. Well, we grew up in
different times and this new
generation is a lot different from the
people who grew up during our
time. A majority of these young
people are exposed to different
things that we were not exposed to
when we were growing up and the
things that they are currently
exposed to is what shape their
thoughts and influence their actions.

As parents and guardians we have
control of some things but we lack
control over many other things.
The common cry in Belize is that
this young generation is lazy and
they do not want to do anything but
beg, sell drugs and steal. There
might be some truth to this but time
and things have changed in our
country as in all the other countries
in the Caribbean and the rest of the
It is not the responsibility of
the private sector to provide full
employment to the citizens of a
country. That burden lies on the
national government by means of
long term strategic planning in the
form of providing incentives to
private businesses to invest their
funds in the economy where they
can make profits for themselves and
expand their businesses.
A person with investment capital
will not spend that money until
they have evaluated a government's
incentive package. If they come to
the conclusion that there is nothing
there for them, they will just sit on
the side and hold on to their money
until the government comes out
with a favorable package.
Most businesses are attracted to
tax incentives, inducements and
business loans. In Belize there were
several of these incentives given,
over the years, to political cronies
who were not legitimate business

people. The tax payers money went
to waste resulting in a bankrupt
Development Finance Corporation.
Some of these individuals still owe
Belizean tax payers substantial sums
of money and they are not being
pursued for the outstanding debts.
That same money could have been
given to a legitimate business owner
who would have provided jobs to
many citizens. Giving businesses
reasonable tax incentives for hiring
people is a wise thing to do. It
goes without saying that any such
incentive should be carefully
measured and monitored as it
deprives government of revenue.
The government of Belize came
out with a comprehensive and
impressive plan, dubbed "Restore
Belize", to combat crime and it
was impressive. If this is backed
up by a similar plan to deal with
unemployment, land reform and
land acquisition, it signals a sure
re-election victory for the current
administration. Belizeans are tired
of seeing foreigners come into their
country and are facilitated with
residential house lots and large
tracks of land while Belizeans must
wait for years and never hear
back anything from the Lands
Department. Furthermore, when
they go to Belmopan there is no
record that they ever applied for
any lot or land while watching the
Please-Tur.n --.age

Belize showcased as Premier Wedding
and Honeymnen Destination in Miami

The BTB showcased Belize as a hot
destinaion for weddings and honeymoons
at the Wedding Salon tradeshow in Miami
this pastweekend
The Wedding Salon event featured a variety
of Companies where one can find anything
from catering, beauty services, florits,
gowns, venues, wedding planning, wedding
travel, honeymoon destinations and much
more. Attending the show were bides,
wedding planners and press.
The BTB has recognized the steady growth
in the weddings and honeymoon market in
Belize and the potential to grow the interest
for the destination. The weddings and
honeymoon market is a 15 billion dollar
industry and brides and families are always
looking for special locations to mark that
memorable occasio n.
Brides had an opportunity to gather their Belize information and win a trip to Belize.
Additionally, the BTB launched its revised wedding and honeymoon page that has
mighty and important consumer information for those getting married in Belize.
The new and improved weddings page will provide helpful facts and advise to this
target market and will have the participation of the private sector who will be
offering special packages.
The Wedding Salon organized several consumer events in the U.S. The BTB has
participated in the California and Miami consumer show locations.
Representing the Belize Tourism Board were Marketing Officers Lorena Martlnez
and GaleOzaeta.

t1 DUAl--


Sport Diver Magazine In Belize

Freelance photojournalist Jad Davenport is
scheduled to visit Belize on an assignment for both
Sport Diver and Islands Magazine,
Sport Diver Magazine Is the official magazine of the
PADI (Professional Association of Diving
Instructors) Diving Society and wilh a circulation of
346,618 it is the highest-circulation Scuba Diving
magazine covering diving destinations, equipment,
training, and more.
Islands Magazine (circ. 204,989) showcases
islands around the world with interesting articles
and beautiful photography, focusing on warm
weather locations it includes tourist information,
destination profiles, island activities, and lifestyle
features with an emphasis on apturing the
essence of the culture, location and its population.
Davenporfs visit to Belize will take him to San
Pedro Ambergris Caye and Cayo Espanto for some
world class diving and then to the Toledo District for
some jungle adventures His itinerary was
developed by the Belize Tourism Board in
collaboration with its Private Sector partners; Cayo sM
Espanto, Cotton Tree Lodge, Ecologic Divers, Off
the Wall Dive Center & Resort, Portofino Resort and
While visiting the south of Belize Davenport will visit
Lubaantun Archaeological Site and Port Honduras
Marine Reserve as wel as take a taurofthe Cacao Trail and Blue Creek Cave.



Pae1I TR-Tl-62-82&6638 milsanwpprIalcm udy ue2,21

The Warrior Chief Expands Into Film Making

Stann Creek District, Thurs-
day, June 17, 2010:
Belize Liberator Productions
(BLP) announces the release of
trailers from two independent
films that will be featured at the
upcoming International Belize
Film Festival in mid July.

The trailers are from the full
length movie, "Chino's Story"
and the short "Amina the Pow-
"Chino's Story" is a documen-
tary that follows Francis
"Chino" Eiley, one of three men
who were wrongfully convicted
of a murder and sentenced to

serve life imprisonment in 2002.
Chino was freed in late 2009
when the Privy Council quashed
the convictions of all three men.
Chino began writing poetry in
prison and published a book of
poems earlier this year. The
documentary traces Chino's
evolution and highlights his

Ministry Of Health Provides Dengue Update

Wednesday, June 16, 2010:
The rainy season is approach-
ing and it is that time when
Belize expects an increase in
the number of dengue cases
throughout the country.
There is concern as to a repeat
of the outbreak of dengue
as what occurred last year,
however, once preventive
measures are in place and are
effective the threat will be
Since January of this year
there has been a total of 28
dengue cases confirmed by
laboratory for the country.
However, throughout the
country a total of 240 persons
consulted and were classified as
suspect cases, a significant
decrease compared to last year
when for the same period

(January to June) 1,457
suspected cases were recorded.
This year, of these suspect cases
60% correspond to Belize
District. The Cayo district
accounts for 25% of the
suspected (clinical) cases this
year. The other districts have
just reported sporadic cases,
ranging from two cases in
Corozal to twenty cases in the
Toledo district. In the month of
April Belize district experienced
an increase of suspect dengue
cases but the weekly number has
tapered off. Of all the suspected
clinical cases that attend the pub-
lic health facilities 70% get
tested. It must also be noted that
of the samples tested 16.5% are
reported as positive for dengue.
The signs and symptoms of
classical dengue are general and
can easily be confused with other

viral processes.
Of much importance is the
occurrence of dengue
hemorrhagic fever that has
occurred. Having suffered
from dengue makes a person
susceptible to experiencing the
hemorrhagic type of dengue.
The public is being requested
to make every effort to reduce
the breeding sites around the
homes. It must be emphasized
that the reproduction of the
mosquito responsible for the
transmission of dengue is
supported by small pools of
water around the houses. These
include flower pots, tires, cans
and other containers that hold
water. The mosquitoes would
lay their eggs on these sites and
thereby contribute to the multi-
plication of the aedes aegypti
mosquito, which is the mosquito

poems put to music. The movie
"Amina the Powerful" is a
short movie that addresses men's
sexist attitudes towards women.
It features first time actors from
Southern Belize.
BLP invites all media outlets
to the Bliss Institute on
Thursday 17th June 2010 at 2:00
pm to view and receive copies
of trailers of these two new
releases. The filmmakers,
Michael L. Flores and Clifford
"Ras Pin" Augustine, will
be available at that time to
answer questions and provide
interviews. Contact: Michael
L. Flores at telephone #665-8784
or by email at: liberator(@btl.net

that transmits dengue. Not all
mosquitoes transmit the dengue
fever. The destruction of these
containers will directly reduce
the mosquito population and
therefore minimizing the risk of
being bitten by an infected
Persons with fever, headache,
retroorbital pain, pain of the
joints, are advised to seek
medical attention at their near-
est health center. For additional
details please contact: Dr. Ethan
Gough Epidemiologist, Ministry
of Health Tels: 501-822-2363 or

The Issue Of Crime And Unemployment Can
Determine The Future Of Governments

In Belize And The

foreigners living in their new homes
and forcefully taking lands to do
their farming. There is enough land
in Belize to give every Belizean
citizen living in Belize, the United
States and abroad a lot and a farm
land so that they can own a part of
their country and be proud citizens
so what is causing this big delay.
The Ministers of Trade, Industry,
Labour, Agriculture, Commerce
and Foreign Investment must now
get together and formulate a
comprehensive package to tackle
unemployment in Belize. I have not
seen any statistics on Belize's
unemployment rate but my guess is
that it is over 25%. The recently
published report on poverty
was alarming especially since
unemployment produces a major
impact on most or the citizens'
social and economic conditions.
If the government of Belize can
get a commitment to establish about
three large industrial factories in
each district and offer lots and
farm lands to a majority of the
unemployed residents of Belize City
to build a home and do farming
elsewhere, the country of Belize
would become a more prosperous

Caribbean Region
nation. Belize City is too old and is
suffering from serious urban decay
and decline. I use to live in Belize
City many years ago and it is a
different city today. To live in a
city just to say you live in a city
where you feel unsafe and insecure
is not worth it. The ordinary
person is always looking for a
peaceful, quiet and enjoyable
environment the call home.
I still believe that our country
can be a better place than what it is
today but for that to happen, we
need to get the Belizeans who are;
nationalistic, committed, qualified
and possess the ability to lead the
nation's future developmental plan
to make it happen. A large portion
of Belize's valuable human resource
resides in the United States and the
sooner this asset is tapped into, the
faster the national developmental
challenge will be resolved. Before
the United States of America
became the world power it is
today, the founding fathers sat
down and planned it's pathway to
world dominance. Who among us
is going to be a part of that cadre
of Belizeans to take on the task
of charting Belize's pathway to


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Sunday, June 20, 2010 |

Sunday, June 20, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 15

Government Clarifies Tenure Of

The Chief Justice Of Belize

Wednesday Junel6, 2010:
The Government of Belize
utterly rejects the assertion,
contained in a resolution passed
by members of the Belize Bar
Association, that the tenure of
the Chief Justice has been treated
in an "unseemly manner" by
the Government of Belize.
Section 98(2) of the Country's
Constitution does allow the
Chief Justice to continue in
office for so long after attaining
the age of retirement as may
be necessary to enable him to


The home and graveyard
services were conducted by
Pastor Eliseo Salazar from the
community Nazarene Church. In
case you might have grasped the
similarity between the surnames
of the man who fatally injured
Marlon and the officiating
pastor, that's because Dionicio
Salazar Jr. is the paternal nephew
of the officiating pastor.
Dionicio Salazar Jr., also
known as "Life" is facing a
second murder charge.
In the first instance, it was
during the evening hours on June
28, 2004 when Rodney August,
the eldest son of Alberto
August, STAR Publisher, was
sitting on the banks of the Macal
River in San Ignacio along with
a female friend when this same
man sneaked up from behind
with a machete and chopped
Rodney in the back, cutting him
almost in half. The incident drew
immediate public attention
from the other side of the river
resulting in Salazar fleeing the
scene but not before threatening
the girl with the machete.
He was arrested later that same

deliver judgments and do
any other thing in relation
to proceedings that were
commenced before him before
he attained retirement age. That
provision is, the Government
of Belize makes clear, being
honoured in the case of the
current Chief Justice.
There have been three
meetings, since February of
this year, between the
Prime Minister and the Chief
Justice to discuss the retirement
As a consequence there is

day and charged with murder.
The case came up for hearing
before Justice Adolph Lucas in
the October 2006 session of the
Supreme Court in Belize City
where, after about two weeks
of hearing, a jury of twelve
unanimously found him guilty
as charged. On December 8
(Rodney's 24th birthday) 2006,
after listening to mitigation
pleas, Justice Lucas proceed
to sentence him to life
The defense attorney, Hubert
Elrington, appealed the
conviction of the grounds that
in her statement, the eye witness
did not make a proper
connection between the accused
who she referred to as "Life"
and the defendant, Dionicio
Salazar, as she did not say if they
were one and the same person.
A retrial was ordered and it
came up in the January 2008
session of the Supreme Court
before Justice Herbert Lord
again with Hubert Elrington as
the defense attorney. Ajury was
empanelled and the retrial began,
during this time however, the
eyewitness was incarcerated in

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agreement that after he reaches
his retirement age on August 5th,
2010, the Chief Justice will
continue in office until 30th
September, 2010. This is
precisely for him to completely
finalize matters as envisaged by
section 98(2) of the Constitution.

There is, then, no constitutional
impasse that the Executive
knows of. And the current
administration of Belize will
continue to follow the law in the
matter of appointments to, and
exits from, the office of the Chief
Justice and all other Justices.

Santa Elena, Peten, Guatemala.
While efforts were made to
have her attend the trial, the
prosecuting attorney Cecil
Ramirez was successful, in a
trial within a trial, to have her
statement from the 2006 hearing,
admitted into evidence during
the retrial.
After the prosecution and
the defense made their final
submissions, Justice Lord
proceeded to dismiss the jury
and HE returned a not guilty
verdict against the accused
freeing him of the charge and
releasing him back into society.
The prosecuting attorney
immediately gave notice for an
appeal. The appeal was in
process and police were looking
for Salazar to serve him with
the new warrant.
Emerging alive from last
Sunday morning's vicious attack
is nothing short of a miracle
manifested through Dean and for
this we thank that Almighty
Being above.
Our deep, deepest sympathies
go out to Marlon's family at the
senseless lost of a love one. A

healthy young man cut down in
the very prime of his life just
one week short of his 27th
birthday on June 20, a grand day
for which he actively preparing
to share with family and friends
in his usual fun loving way.
We pray for the eternal resting
of the soul of Marlon Alfredo
Rivera Archilla as we refrain
from commenting on the justice
system in the land of our birth.

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