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Publication Date: May 9, 2010
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Boutique Resort
Phone # 627-3682
Paslow Falls Road, Bullet Tree Village




"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"
N.2Sn yMy92 0Pc$.

May 07, 2010:
After many months on the down and
low, one of those apparent gang related
shootings broke the silence of the almost
midnight hour on Salazar Street in Santa
Elena on Sunday, May 02, 2010.
Investigations revealed that at
approximately 11:50 that Sunday night,
Maynor Galindo, 21 Belizean labourer of
a Perez Street address in Santa Elena Town
had just exited the enclosed Santa Elena
Football field and was driving his black
Toyota Corolla car with license plates
CY-C28544 on Salazar Street when he saw
a male person in dark clothing approaching
the vehicle. The person pulled out a gun

Police And The

Captain L. Cutkeh
Thursday, May 06, 2010:
An almost three hours stand-off between
the Police and the Army on Monday, May
03, 2010 at the police station in Benque
Viejo Town could have turned real ugly had
it not been for the intervention of a level
headed Army Captain.
The incident precipitating into Monday's
stand-off began at approximately 4:30 pm
on Sunday, May 02, 2010, when ajoint team
comprising soldiers of the Belize Defense


and fired a single shot at the vehicle
smashing a back glass. Galindo sped off
towards the Western Highway with the
gunman firing a barrage of bullets at the
moving car.
At the time of the incident, Galindo was
accompanied by Justin Gordon, 21
Belizean, unemployed and Mowava
Myvette, 18, both residing at #187
Western Highway, in that area known as
Hot Point.
It did not take long for Galindo to realize
that the two passengers were injured and
so he sped off to the San Ignacio
Community Hospital where Gordon was
treated for three gunshot wounds, one each
to the right hand and right foot and another

Army Stand-Off

vin Saves The Day
Force (BDF) and a policeman from the
Special Patrol Unit (SPU) of the Belize
Police Department, were patrolling along
the banks of the Mopan River near the
Mopan River Resort. The patrol came upon
two male persons carrying boxes on their
shoulders. Upon spotting the patrol, the
men reportedly dropped the cargo they
were carrying and ran off towards the
Guatemalan side of the border. The cargo
was retrieved and transported to the
Pleae Trn o Pge

- -~i-- sEH

The Accused, Henry Baptist, 30,
to the left side of the abdomen. Myvette was
treated for a single gunshot to the right side
of the hip.
The investigation led to the arrest of Henry
Baptist, 30, Belizean Laborer of a Mariana
Gonzalez Street address in Santa Elena Town.
He has been formally charged for three counts
of attempt murder, three counts of aggravated
assault and two counts of wounding for
injuries caused to Gordon and Myvette.
Police visited the scene where they found
twenty nine expended 9 mm castings.
Galindo's car was found with 14 bullet holes
mainly on the passenger side.
The accused, Henry Baptist is scheduled to
appear in court on Friday, May 07, 2000
where all seven charges will be read to him.


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Page 2 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, May 9, 2010

Offering An Opposing View

This is that section of the
newspaper where editors would
normally offer their views and
opinions on issues which, in one
way or the other, might have
some bearing on the way we
interact as a society. These
views and opinions likewise
provide readers with the unique
opportunity to get an idea about
some of the things that go
through our minds as we labor
to bring you the news while
simultaneously satisfying the
needs of those all important
persons, agencies, and business
establishments who use the
medium we provide to promote
their causes, products or busi-
This week we will venture to
offer an opposing view of the
end product resulting from
that unprecedented dangerous
incident between the Police and
the Army which dangerously
lingered for almost 3 hours on
the compound at the Benque
Viejo Police Station on Monday,
May 03, 2010.
We begin by acknowledging
that the Belize Police Depart-
ment is currently going through
a nightmare in terms of the
manner in which it is perceived
by the public.
The image of the Belize
Police Department is at an all
time low. We are in that
era where allegations of the
existence of death squads within
the ranks of the Department
appear to be real. We are in an
era where the police is suspected
of being involved in other major
crimes, where some in the
senior ranks are threatening and
pulling guns at each other, where
policemen are killing policemen,
where trigger happy policemen
are shooting and killing innocent
people, where policemen are
reportedly under senior
instructions to shoot to kill,
where policemen are said to the
be engaged in the sale of guns to
criminals, where policemen
are said to be involved in the
distribution of hard drugs.
We have had our run-ins with
the police. We know first-hand,
how vindictive they can be. One
would therefore hardly expect us
to come out swinging for the
police. This is one of those
unique instances where, in
expressing our opinion, it would
appear as if we are batting for

the police.
So here we go: The Belize
Police Department is, by law,
the nation's premier law
enforcement/criminal investiga-
tive agency. Whenever passports
go missing from the Immigration
Department, the police are called
in to conduct the investigation.
If a vehicle or goods go missing
from the Customs Department,
the police are called in to
investigate. If a public official is
accused of embezzlement, the
police are called in to conduct
the investigation. If a Commis-
sion of Inquiry unearths
criminal wrong doings and
recommends for the matter to be
passed on to the Director of
Public Prosecutions for criminal
proceedings, it's the police that
is called in to do the investiga-
tion. When a BDF soldier goes
absent without leave, it is the
police that are called in to affect
the initial arrest and subsequent
handing over to the military.
When a gun goes missing from
the Army, the police are called
in to investigate. When grenades
go missing from the British
Army, additional funding
is pumped into the police intel-
ligence unit to get them off
the streets and out of the hands
of criminals.
In times of peace (the absence
of war) like the times we are
currently living in, the Army is
called upon to assist the police,
with the police never giving up
its lead law enforcement role.
The situation changes however,
in times of war and subsequent
to the declaration of a state of
emergency this is that time when
the Army is called upon to take
the lead role.
That incident in Benque
should have never, ever
escalated anywhere near the
point it reached last Monday.
When those two men spotted the
Police/BDF patrol and
abandoned the cargo they were
carrying, someone automatically
assumed, rightfully or not,
without any investigation
whatsoever, that the merchan-
dise was un-custom goods. What
about the possibility of those
items being the proceeds of a
burglary somewhere in Belize
and those men were trying to get
them across the border into
Guatemala? The only agency
competent in Belize to make that

determination, after due
diligence/investigation is the
Belize Police Department.
Whenever a burglary or any
crime is committed in Belize the
victim's first action is to report
the matter to the police. No one
goes to the Customs to report a
crime. No one goes to the BDF
to report a crime simply because
that is not their role. Therefore,
in the event that those items
were stolen in Belize, the
only competent authority to
investigate and make that initial
determination is the Belize
Police Department. In this
case the police initial standard
operational procedure would
have been to send out an all
points bulletin advising of
the recovery of the items and
request for any reported incident
with possible connection to
the items found. It is only after
that first due diligence has
been completed that a more
accurate determination, devoid
of assumption, could be made.
Apart from automatically
assuming and labeling, as
un-custom, those items found
last Sunday night, someone also
took it upon themselves to
assume that if they were
handed over to the police, the
merchandise would have gone
missing while in police custody.
In this instance the BDF officer
was unimpeded in taking a
detailed inventory of the items
found. Oh how much different
it would have been if they were
obstructed from performing that
task. Frankly, it is this writer's
view that the taking of a detailed
inventory and handing those
items over to the police should
have been the end of the army's
involvement in this matter.
Assuming that the Police would
have stolen those items while in
their care is childish and petty.
Armed with a concise report of
the discovery and a detailed
inventory of the items, the
senior command of the BDF, if
it is serious about dealing with
instances of police making off

with found items, could have, a
few days or weeks after the
discovery, requested to be
informed of the final deposition
of all the items and if anything
was missing, a charge, on
the basis of fact, could have
been initiated against those
responsible for any discrepancy.
Traditionally, all out-of-order
discoveries on multi-agency
patrols are handled by the police.
If a gun is found on one of these
patrols, the police, with the only
national gun registry are charged
with the responsibility of
determining if that firearm is
registered. Unaccompanied
drugs encountered on patrols are
handed over to the police for
destruction. When a dead body
is found on patrol, the BDF
would never pick it up and
transport it to the morgue
where it belongs much less move
it to their observation post
and keep it there overnight
like they with the items found
on Sunday night. It is the police
that take the lead role in handling
these situations. When did
this protocol change? We
certainly did not get the memo.
It is likewise obvious that
someone might have failed in
delivering a copy of that memo
to Inspector Claudio Mai.
The hero in this frightening
episode is BDF Captain
Cutkelvin L. We salute you
Captain for stepping in and
promptly defusing that volatile
In spite of the fact that, in our
opinion, he rightfully stood
steadfast in defending the
cardinal role of the Department
he serves, Inspector Claudio
Orlando Mai emerged as the fall
guy. Notwithstanding, we
likewise salute you Inspector
Mai, for in times of peace, the
police must maintain its
constitutional role as the nation's
leading law enforcement agency.
Allowing the army to usurp that
sacred responsibility in times of
peace is a first step in fostering
a military state.

Sunday, May 9, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3

Mr. Peters Is Resting In Peace ,

District, Thursday, May 06,
Mr. Gilbert Alexander
Peters, 75, Belizean Retiree,
passed away quietly, during
the early morning hours on
Thursday, May 6,2010, at home
in the Trapiche Area of Santa
Elena, Cayo.

Mr. Peters is survived by his
wife, Mrs. Modesta Eusey
Peters; two sons: Dennis and
Densford Peters residing in
California and New York
respectively; one daughter:
Evelyn Peters residing in
Texas and one sister: Olga
Watson residing in Belize City.
He is also survived by several

Zach Laid To Rest
Orfelina Waight and host of
nieces, nephews and many
Zach was laid to rest inside
the Santa Rita Cemetery in
San Ignacio Town.
We extend our deepest
sympathies to the family and we
pray that his soul rests in eternal

grand children and great grand
children as well as a host of other
relatives and many friends.
Mr. Peters was born in Belize
City on May 21, 1934. He
migrated to the United States in
1970 where he resided and
worked in California and New
York. He retired in 2004 and
returned to Belize to live among
his wife's relatives in Trapiche
where he had built his retirement
home prior to relocating
permanently to the land of his
Funeral services will be held
on Saturday, May 08, 2010. The
body will be received at 2:00 pm
at the Baptist Church, corner
George Price Avenue and Felipe
Carillo Puerto Avenue, Santa
Elena, for funeral services at
3:00 pm. He will be laid to rest

Gilbert Alexander
Peters, 75
SUNRISE: May 21, 1934
SUNSET: May 06, 2010
at the Carmen Memorial
Cemetery in Santa Elena.
Mr. Peters was best known of
his orderly lifestyle and
immaculate mode of dressing,
may his soul rest in eternal

Zacharias "Zach"
Garcia, 70
SUNRISE: Nov. 05, 1939
SUNSET: April 30, 2010
District,Sunday, May 02,
Funeral service was held on
Sunday, May 02, 2010 at St.
Ignatius Church in Santa Elena,
Cayo for well known Santa
Elena resident Zacharias
"Zach" Garcia.
Zach passed away quietly at
his home in Santa Elena after a
short illness. He will be most
remembered for his delicious
hand- made ice-cream which
was enjoyed by many of us.
He is predeceased by his
parents Jose and Cristina
Garcia and brother Lorenzo
Garcia. He is survived by
his children Norma Garcia,
Valentine Garcia and Rosario
Garcia. Brothers: Jesus and
Sabino Garcia. Sister: Mrs.




1 Acre Homesites

Bullet Tree Road



Belize Showcased as a Destination
Wedding Hotspot in California

Weddings & Honeymoon was the name of the game this past weekend as Marketing Officers
Melecia Banks and Hyacinth Young represented Belize at the Wedding Salon in West
Hollywood, California on Monday, May 3rd.
The Wedding Salon is a bridal tradeshow that connects brides, planners and the press with
the best vendors in the industry. It features the must-have products and services from the
hottest wedding and honeymoon destination and Is designed for the sophisticated bride and
As an exhibitor of the show, the Belize Tourism Board was able to promote itself in the
Wedding Salon Directory, access the Wedding Salon Database, receive monthly lead lists for
one year and become a member of the Wedding Salon Brit-' "----'-, .--
Hundreds of soon-to-be wed couples made their way to the London West Hollywood
Bar Room to access over 35 exhibitors showcasing wedding services and destinations
with everything they would need for plan ning their weddin g and honeymoon.
While at the Wadding Salon, the BTB also heated innumerable couples seeking
information on the destination and honeymoon opportunities, locales and packages.
Additionally, the BTB had the opportunity to meet with a few wedding planners who
specialize in destination weddings and sought Belize as an ideal place for their clients.

BTB Presents the Nominees for the
10th Annual National Tourism Awards

la ~ w'i I /V The Belize Tourism Board publicly presented the Nominees for its 10th
BE NATIONAL annual National Tourism Awards at a press conference held at the
EI TOUR SM Radisson Fort George Hotel on Wednesday, May 5th 2010.
The Awards are aimed at recognizing service excellence within the
tourism industry and related sectors. There are a total of thirteen Awards recognizing various categories. These are:
"Hotel of the Year", "Tour Guide ofthe Year", "Receptive Service of the Year", "Small Hotel of he Year", "Restaurant of
the Year", "Small Vendor of the Year", "Tour Operator of the Year", "Frontline Person of the Year", "Cultural Award of
the Year" and "Environmental Organization of the Year". The newest addition this year is the "Destination of the Year".
Nominations are closed for both the "Minister's Award" and the "Ufetime Achievement Award".
During the months of March to April the public was invited to go online and nominate individuals, organizations,
associations and businesses in the respective categories. From those nominees only four semi-
finalists, in all but one category, emerged. The contenders once again will rely on the public's votes to r
make it down to the last two semi-finalists. These semi-finalists will be invited to attend the 10th
Annual National Tourism Awards set for June 10th, 200 where the winner will be announced and
honoredat a special Awards Ceremony.
The BTB invites everyone to log on to http//www.travebeize.or-awardsvte for a full listing of the
semi-finalists and to cast their votes. Voting ends at midnight on Thursday, May 13th, 2010.



Page 4 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, May 9, 2010

Neal Caught Red Handed Inside The School Cafe

District, Thursday, May 06,
A Santa Elena male teenager
was today formally arrested and
charged for burglary after he was
caught inside the Cafeteria at the
Santa Elena Roman Catholic
Primary School.
Acting upon information
received at around 3:30 am
on Tuesday, May 02, San
Ignacio Police rushed to
the school compound and
directly to the cafeteria building
where they detected movement
inside. Further investigation led
to the discovery of a damaged
front door with its locking
device, a padlock attached to a
hasp and staple, yanked from
the wooden door. Upon
entering the 20X30 feet building,
police came upon a male person
in front of an interior window

Police And

Xunantunich Observation Post
(XOP) where BDF Patrol
Commander, Sgt. G. Palacio
reported the incident by radio to
the Second Infantry Battalion
Headquarters at Camp Belizario
in Central Farm. The message
was received by the Battalion's
Operations Officer, Lt. Eric R.
Approximately 20 minutes
after receiving the report, Lt.
Neal personally briefed the
Battalion Commander, Lt. Col.
Steven Ortega of the incident.
Ortega reportedly instructed
Neal to travel to the XOP, take
an inventory of the items and
hand them over the Customs
Officials at the Western Border
The list of fifty vehicle parts,
valued at three thousand dollars
include: 4 strut mounds, 4 water
pumps, 1 carburetor, 1 mirror, 3
cans of wax, 7 pairs carburetor
nuts and bolts, 3 air filters, 4 fuel
filters, 13 master cylinder kits,
3 antennae, 4 halogen bulbs and
3 Epoxy Glue
At approximately 7:45 the
following morning Neal
accompanied by a BDF Sergeant
and a Private departed the
Battalion Headquarters, in a
BDF Isuzu DMax pickup truck
enroute to the XOP Neal and his
team arrived at around 8:30 am
where they met Sgt. Palacio who
directed them to the room where

Christian Neal, 19
which was opened by the to two upper hinges.
removal of the screws attached The intruder was taken into

The Army Stand-Off

The Abandoned Items

the items were stored.
The BDF team's first
challenge came when the SPU
Constable attached to the patrol
informed that the items are
not to be moved from the
XOP Ignoring the Constable's
remarks, Lt. Neal, with
assistance from the Sergeant
who accompanied him on
the trip from the Battalion
Headquarters, proceeded to
take an inventory of the items.
While this activity was taking
place, the SPU Constable
reportedly entered the room and
told them that the items were
not going anywhere until he was
ready to take them. It was at this
point that Neal informed the
SPU Constable that the military
had full jurisdiction over
anything found on patrol and
that for security purposes it was
not advisable for the items to
remain for any extended period
at the XOP as there is a real

possibility that the owners
might attack to recover their
Notwithstanding, the SPU
Constable insisted that the
items were not going anywhere.
It was at this point that Neal
contacted Ortega who insisted
for Neal to take possession of the
items and proceed to hand them
over to Custom Officials at the
Western Border Station. After
listening to Ortega's orders on
the radio, the SPU Constable
reportedly relaxed his stance
and proceeded to relay Ortega's


"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"

42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America

custody and police suspect that
he might have been taking a rest
before tackling the burglar bars
that were behind the dismantled
window. This interior section of
the building is said to house the
cafeteria's cooling appliances
where food supplies including
meats and drinks are stored.
The cafeteria has been
burglarized on numerous
occasions hence the installation
of burglar bars which, in this
instance, prevented the intruder
from gaining access to the food
supplies before the arrival of the
The intruder was transported to
the police station in San Ignacio
where he was identified as
Christian Neal, 19, Belizean
laborer of a Trapiche Area
address in Santa Elena. Neal
was formally arrested and
charged with one count of
burglary. He will be appearing
in San Ignacio's Magistrate court
on Friday, May 07, 2010.


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orders to his head station in
Benque Viejo Town.
With the SPU relaxing his
position, the items were loaded
into the BDF DMax and the team
departed the XOP at around 9:10
Upon arriving at the ferry,
prior to crossing, Neal reportedly
briefed the BDF Ferry Post
Patrol Corporal of the situation
as two policemen were
reportedly observed advancing
*lease -ur. --.Pge13

Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez

Visit us online at:
belizenews.com/ thestar
guidetobelize.info/ star

Sunday, May 9, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5

Robbers Lu
District, Thursday, May 06,
The hunt continues for three
masked men reported to have
robbed and wounded a Chinese
businessman as he was closing
his restaurant on Joseph
Andrews Boulevard in San
Ignacio Town.
At around 3:00 am on
Saturday, May 01, 2010, Ting
Zhao, 45, proprietor of Pin Mei
Restaurant visited the police
station in San Ignacio Town and
reported that at around 1:30 that
Saturday morning, he was in the
process of closing his restaurant
for the day.
Ting Zhao reportedly switched
off the lights and was closing the
main entrance door before
walking upstairs to retire for the
day. He was reportedly fumbling
to get the right key in the lock
when suddenly he felt a blow
from behind and when he turned
around he was confronted by
three masked men one of whom
had what appeared to be a 9 mm
pistol with which he was pistol

rking In The Shadow Of The Church

- -. .' "
++ +++++: -+ *^ ^ ^..... +
++ + + + +++ ; + + + + ++; ............ ......

Pin Mei Resiaurant _
Mei Resia .......

whipped in the head. He was re-
portedly relieved of one thou-
sand three hundred dollars in
cash being the proceeds of the
day's sale.
With the cash in hand, all
three masked men ran off and
disappeared into the darkness.

The businessman suspects that
the robbers might have been
monitoring his movements from
the shadows of the Iglesia
Evangelica Ministerios Vida
church located across the
boulevard from his restaurant
as the waited the opportune time

to attack.
As is customary, police is
asking anyone with information
that could assist in this
investigation to kindly contact
officers from the San Ignacio
Police Crimes Investigation








Page 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scouting Weekend In Cayo

BY: Abel Simpson
District Scout Commissioner
The Cayo Scout Association
under the leadership of Abel
Simpson Sr. (District Scout
Commissioner) and the District
Executive is hosting an Exciting
Weekend event for some
300 Scout and 30 Leaders at the
Macal River Park on the
weekend of May 8 & 9th under
the theme 'Cayo Mayan

The weekend will see scouts
and leaders from across the
country involved in activities
such as: Canoeing down the
Macal River, Visitation to the
various Mayan archeological
sites and Cave Exploration.
The opening ceremony will be
held on Saturday May 8th com-
mencing at 9:00 am. Mayor
John August will give the
welcome address and Hon.
Elvin Penner Minister of

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Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo District

For a

Resident General Manager

Must be 3 years or older

Possess a Bachelor's Degree Tourism/Business Management
Have years experience in Hotel Business Management
Be Honest Hardworkin a Team Player

Send two (2) letter of reference along with
a copy of your resume to:

P.O. Box 173
San Ignacio Town
Cayo District

Or e-mail: fivesisterglodge@hughes.net

Youth and Sports and Area
Represenative for Cayo north
will give the Main Address.
Following the official
opening all scouts will be
participation in some field
activity as previously listed.
The Sunday program will
start with a church parade

officiated by Rev. S.O. Pott
from the Nazarene Church and
will be followed by a Street
parade through the main streets
of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.
Scouts will be joined by two
local maraching bands of Sacred
Heart College and St. Ignatius
High School.

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(entre los kilometro 42 1/2 Y 45, Carretera
International entre Melchor De Mencos y Flores, Peten,
*Mas del 50% empastado con Brizanta.
*2 nacimietos de agua suficiente que baja por gravedad.
*340 reces entre ellos 5 toros Sementales.
"3 Caballos
*BAscula para pesar ganado.
*Luz electrica
*Casa rustica
*2 1/2 kilometros de asfalto de frente carretera
internacional entre Flores y Belize.
Pedir informaci6n al telefono: 55250209 en Santa Elena,
Peten, Guatemala.

Located between the villages of El Naranjo y El Zapote
(beween kilometers 42 1/2 Y 45, International Highway
between Melchor De Mencos y Flores, Peten,
*More than 50% pastureland with Brizanta.
*Gravity fed water supply flowing from 2 water springs
with abondant water source.
*340 heads of cattle among which are 5 breeding bulls.
*3 horses *Cattle weighing scale.
*Electricity supply *Farmhouse
*2 1/2 kilometros farm front on the international highway
between Flores and Belize.
For more information please call telephone # 55250209 in
Santa Elena, Peten, Guatemala.

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Service And Tire Repairs
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BRIDGE, Santa Elena Cayo, Belize, Central America


Sunday, May 9, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 7

The Importance Of Community Based Action

8 May 2010
Geneva (ICRC/IFRC) -
Violence, poverty, food
shortages, insufficient health
care, inadequate access to water
and sanitation and escalating
human vulnerability are among
the many challenges facing
people in cities and other densely
populated areas around the
globe. Yet the urban way of
life also presents enormous
opportunities and can serve as
an engine of social inclusion,
cultural expression, diversity and
economic growth.
For the first time, more than
50% of the world's population
is living in urban areas, a figure
that is forecast to rise to more
than 60% in 2030. Cities in the
developing world are expected
to account for 95% of urban
growth over the next two
The Red Cross and Red
Crescent is marking 8 May,
World Red Cross and Red
Crescent Day, by focusing
attention on both the challenges
and opportunities presented
by urbanization.
"The recent devastation in
Haiti reminds us of the impact
disasters can have on densely
populated urban areas, said
Tadateru Kono6, the president
of the International Federation of
Red Cross and Red Crescent
Societies (IFRC). "And our
commitment is to work with the
communities, local government
and other local partners to
improve health care and water
and sanitation services, to make
effective early warning and
early action systems and to
deliver earthquake-resistant
shelters that will help save lives
in future disasters."
"Many cities are directly af-
fected by armed conflicts and
other situations of violence,"
said Jakob Kellenberger, the
president of the International
Committee of the Red Cross
(ICRC). "Think ofMogadishu,
Baghdad or Kabul but also
Rio de Janeiro or Nairobi as
examples of situations that
cause severe human suffering.
Even in some cities not
experiencing war, violence
has reached unprecedented
proportions. I would not be
surprised if our humanitarian
work will in future increasingly
happen in cities affected by
various types of violence other

than armed conflict."
Around the world, National
Red Cross and Red Crescent
Societies are working with city
leaders and civil society to
address urban challenges by
aiming at their root causes. They
focus on promoting diversity,
opposing discrimination, and
joining in efforts to provide
decent social services and to
ensure that adequate protection,
preventive health-care, educa-
tion and disaster risk reduction
measures are taken. Red Cross

Red Crescent volunteers are at
the heart of the Movement's en-
deavours to strengthen urban
The International Red Cross
and Red Crescent Movement is
reiterating its global call to
action launched on 8 May 2009:
Our world. Your move. This
effort reminds all of us that we
have a role to play to make the
world around us better. Each and
every one of us can make a
difference by engaging in
positive action in our communi-


ties. People around the world are
invited to share their stories of
change on www.ourworld-
For further information, please
Zach Abraham at the IFRC
on +41 79 308 9804 or
zach. abraham@ifrc. org
Florian Westphal at the ICRC
on +41 22 730 2282 or
compr. gva@icrc. org
In Belize, please contact:
Lily Bowman at the Belize
Red Cross on 227-3319/227-
3617 or bzercshq@btl.net


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c_(othersl er is the fuel th~ enabless ar nrmal human bein- ta da the impossible.
- Marion C Garretty quoted /7 A L title Spoonfu/l of Chicken Souap for the /Mother' S oul

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Happe Mo t hr's (Dl


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March 22- April 20
The coming week will take you
on a materialistic spin. Money
related matters keep you busy.
While drafting terms of a new
contract, do not ignore finer
details or rely incredulously on
goodwill. Some intelligent
investment made in the past
will yield gains. Meetings with
old friends are likely. Lucky
Numbers: 03, 44, 87.

April 21 to May 21
This is one week where you can
take it easy decimate all
worrisome thoughts, banish
stress and focus more on
rejuvenating yourself. Most
events are poised favourably at
work while inflow of money
looks good. Use this phase to
further your good relations with
people who matter. Lucky
Numbers: 05, 32, 76.

May 22 to June 21
Learn how to delegate tasks to
others and trust them, even
though they may take much
longer to execute the them.
Also, you will be looking at
alternative sources of income.
Remember, the key to success
in most endeavours is to
maintain an even temper. Lucky
Numbers: 16, 27, 64.

June 22 to July 23
You seek company of those
people who fuel your growth and
stimulate you intellectually.
There is a great desire in you to
convert promising ideas into
successes and look for motiva-
tion for growth and development
from someone you idolise.
Lucky Numbers: 09, 22, 85.

July 24 to August 21
Individuals born under this sign
of the zodiac are likely to be in a
positive frame of mind. It is a
good phase to harness your
creativity and apply it to your
work or hobby. You have put in
a lot of hard work in a few
projects and from the way it
seems, it might garner glory
and success for you. Lucky
Numbers: 10, 61, 78.

SAugust 22
to September 21
A very hectic phase. Work and
social activity will keep you
fairly occupied. However, there
could be old issues that come
back to haunt you. In case you
decide to take action, think
twice. Do not take decisions
simply because you are hurt or
feel victimised. Defer your
decision till you're calmer and
rationally-oriented. Lucky
Numbers: 07, 36, 62.

September 22 to
October 23
Varied activities are lined up for
you this week. On one hand, you
seek to fulfill your worldly
desires -increased assets,
monetary gains, adulation from
people, while on the other hand,
you seek to satisfy your spiritual
hunger. There is a greater
harmony in your relationships;
owe it to your peace of
mind.Lucky Numbers: 11, 77,
|i October 24 to
November 21
Sort out issues if you want to
balance your life. To solve
financial matters immediately,
all you require is tact, firmness

Your Horoscope & Lucky Numbers~l~ i I I

and a bit of humour. Your public
image as a result will climb up
several notches. It will also
work wonders for your personal
as well as professional relations.
Lucky Numbers: 06, 48, 72.

November 22 to
December 21
You have the much required
motivation as well as energy to
make any professional activity a
success. However, a word of
caution arrogance and being
judgmental about other people
could pull you down. Use
available resources instead of
chasing after new ones.Lucky
Numbers: 45, 68, 94.

December 22 to
January 20
You have to realistically define
your own expectations and once
this is done, you will be pleased
to see the fruit of your labour.
Professional success coupled
with contentment in relations is
in store. Halt the aimless chase
for that elusive 'something' to

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National Agriculture & Trade Show
BELMOPAN, Monday, May 3, The Mexican delegation actively
2010: participated in the show
For the second year in a row, from the "Mexican Pavillion" a
a large delegation from Mexico structured specifically constructed
participated in the National to facilitate open interaction with
Agriculture and Trade Show 2010. the general public.

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improve your efficiency at work.
Lucky Numbers: 12, 33, 49.

January 21 to
February 19
Those who are in the public eye,
there is applause and adulation.
People look up to you for
advice and support. You
may have to shoulder additional
responsibility and the amount
of work may grow manifold.
It does spell more hours
and physical exertion but
will be worthwhile. Lucky
Numbers: 24, 56, 89.

February 20 to
March 21
There could be a lot of public
interaction this week with
ceremonies at home or confer-
ences at work. There is a lot of
excitement as an engagement
or a new relationship is born.
Maintain cordial relations with
family even if you perceive that
their behaviour towards you is
unreasonable.Lucky Numbers:
42, 80, 95.

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Belize Es Campeon Centramericana De Bandas 2010

S (i

-~ w

3-r n-
J-:g- -^.. .J'--^ ;.
; "I

Por: Alex Rios:
Cayo, Martes, 04 Mayo, 2010:
El Campeonato Centroamericano
de bandas, se desarrolla cada
afio en la ciudad de Esquipulas
Guatemala, este afio el evento
reuni6 a lo mis granado de la
musica internacional, con un
total de 25 bandas provenientes
de la Republica de El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras y nuestro
pais de Belice.
Este afio Mount Carmel
Marching Band, se prometi6
realizar el mejor papel de la
historiay lo cumplieron, dejando
en claro que la practica hace al
maestro, ya que en el 2009 la
banda se habia adjudicado el
tercer lugar, pero esta temporada
la banda practico como nunca,
con desfallecientes practicas
bajo los rayos del sol con la
compaftia de los padres de
familia, que siempre los
La aventura inicio el diajueves
29 de abril cuando la banda
parti6 de Benque Viejo del
Carmen, con un solo prop6sito:
ser campeones del Campeonato
Centroamericano de bandas, los
mis de 60 musicos, llevaban las
ansias del orgullo y de la
inspiraci6n que los caracteriza,
cuando eran las 7pm el convoy
belicefio compuesto de 1 autobfis
de 60 personas, 2 microbuses y
vehiculos particulares, viajaron
a la cita con el destino, la ciudad
de Esquipulas, Guatemala.
Viernes 30 de abril la


.i ..... ......^^H HH

... .. ..

delegacion es recibida por el
comit6 organizador, aprovechan
para visitar la catedral de
Esquipulas y hacer compras,
paseos y el convivio con las
demis bandas, en el colegio
Para el dia sibado 1 de mayo
iniciaron con el tradicional
desfile con las 25 bandas
participantes, para que despu6s
del recorrido iniciara la gran
competencia. Pasaron 23 bandas
antes que la nuestra, pero cuando
Mount Carmel Marching Band,
toco escena se sabia que era una
banda ganadora, interpretaron en
su repertorio de 6 minutos que
le acreditan a cada banda,
Designer Music, Cumbia Poder,
Jamis Podre Olvidarte, Mu6vete
una punta que les encanto y Man
Eater, despu6s de interpretar
magistralmente su presentaci6n,
hubo que esperar minutos de
adrenalina pura, minutos de
nerviosismo entre todas las
bandas presentes, las banderas
de El Salvador, Guatemala, Hon-
duras y Belize hondeaban en
silencio, nerviosismo puro, hasta
que al fin se dio a los ganadores,
ING BAND se corono Campe6n
Centroamericano 2010.
Esto nos llena de orgullo no
solo a los Benquefios, sino
tambi6n a todos y cada uno de
los belicefios, que sabemos del
esfuerzo y de la dedicaci6n que
han depositado estosj6venes, en
el enaltecimiento de nuestro

Este titulo enorgullece a la
musica de nuestro pais, pero mis
que nada enaltece la disciplina
y la dedicaci6n de cadajoven de
Mount Carmel Marching Band,
de los maestros, del comit6 de

la banda, de los padres de
familia, que nunca
desfallecieron ante la constante
practica, ante retos y obsticulos,
si, despu6s de todas las practicas
y ensayos, se adjudicaron el
mejor merito a la dedicaci6n, el
mejor premio a sus sacrificios
personales, a la fisica que tenian
que poseer, a la mentalidad
ganadora con la que han
sobresalido, al fin pueden
respirar hondo y decir con
orgullo, "Somos Campeones de
Centro Amdrica" y decirlo es
ficil, pero ganarlo y demostrarlo
fue dificil, ayer fue el tercer
lugar, hoy 2010 Campeones!
La banda regreso de tierras
chapinas el dia domingo 2 de
mayo por la mariana, con el
trofeo que los adjudica como los
fnicos soberanos 2010 de las
bandas de musica en el istmo
Centroamericano. La banda
Mount Carmel regresara a una
demostraci6n completa en el
mes de Julio, a la ciudad de
Esquipulas, Guatemala.
Una felicitaci6n en nombre del
pueblo belicefio por ser un
orgullo para nuestro pais de


Belize Electric Company Ltd.
Chalillo Unit
2 /2 Miles Northern Highway
Belize City, Belize

We wi ( aUe I otJft'6m outjwwide

a tmowt eau iud and pacefiuUi

JGMotfUId aD.! _

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The Wife Of Murder

From: WinBelize
Monday, May 03, 2010
Bang! Bang! Bang! I was
having tea, it was late on a
Tuesday evening, I was waiting
for the evening news to start. I
yelled for the children to come
upstairs, they were out playing
in the yard. After the third blast,
there was silence; I could see
people running to the area where
the shots were coming from. I
stayed put, went to the verandah
as the police mobile rushed
through the neighborhood with
their sirens blasting. "Another
man's life gone; and nothing
will come out of it," was what I
said to myself. Moments later he
walked through the door, this
was the first time it happened.
He was sweating profusely,
vomiting, and shaking out of
control, his eyes were dark and
sunken, and he did not even look
like the man I had been in love
with for the past five years. He
did not have to tell me anything,
I already knew, his clothes had
large splatters of blood on it. He
started by telling me that he did
not want to go to jail again, I was
scared and I too started
trembling, this could change our
lives forever. He had been injail
many times before on other
misdemeanors but he had never
been charged for murder. How
would I survive with our kids? I
did not have a job and no other
way to bring an income into the
house to sustain myself and my
two children. Ahigh school drop
out with no work experience, no
family around, he was my world.
Should I turn him in? This
besieged me all night; I did
not know what to do. But
tomorrow would be a better day
for sure, he was my breadwin-
ner, his going to jail would be
suffering for me and my
children. I calmed myself down
after which I noticed that he had
been stabbed, so I called him to
the bathroom and cleaned his
wounds, I told him that he had
to be strong and to hold himself
together; he needed to go to bed
and relax. It was a night of
terror that seemed to last for
days, he was up cursing at
nothing, telling invisible people
to leave him alone. He was
running in the comer of the room
hiding, he told me to tell them
to go away. He was seeing the
person he had just shot in the

flesh. I was scared for him, the
spirits never bothered me, but he
was constantly fighting with
A week passed and no police
came to look for him, I even sent
a friend of mine to the station to
find out if he was wanted for
anything. He was not even a
suspect! I decided that I loved
him and that I would keep his
secret, so I was there for him
whenever he needed to be held
and be loved. That became the
first of many other murders. I
could be in the supermarket and
get a call from him telling me
that he needs me. I now know
when he has committed a
murder, I can tell from the look
on his face or I can hear it in his
voice. So many mothers are
crying because they have lost
their sons, the streets are
swelling with the blood of young
Black men; violence has become
a way of life for many. Killing
and dying is a part of life; I too
pray that my sons do not fall in
these streets; however, from
where I live we cannot reach for
the stars. I do not expect
lawyers and CEOs. I just want
them to live and grow-up!
Behind every good man, is a
good woman; behind every
notorious crime figure, well,
there is a woman like me. Every
day is a struggle, if I leave him,
I will never be at peace; I hold
this man's darkest secrets, I too
am scared for my life. My soul
is as dark as his, bright and
beautiful sunny days do not
exist anymore. All I see is
darkness, sadness and regrets
about a life that could have been
before I met him. My smile use
to bright up the room, my
missing teeth has now become a
constant reminder of years of
abuse and neglect. I cannot
speak, who is going to speak for
me? I do not have two and a half
children, a white picket fence
and the Belizean dream. I live
day-to-day, hand-to-mouth,
catch and kill. My children will
not receive a "quality
education"; they will receive
what I can afford. My children
go to school hungry at times,
when it rains, we get wet inside
our house! I hear on the news,
from our leaders that poverty and
crime are related. So then why
do I see the politicians and their
friends filling their pockets? Can
you blame us on the outside

looking in for wanting a piece of
the pie? Even the crumbs will be
appreciated. Until our
country looks after us, its poor
and the wealthy stop blaming us
and not accepting responsibility
for their role, the crime
situation will not improve. I
know that violence is not the
answer, but the reality is that we
too need to survive, just like you

Some weeks ago in the news
there was a story about someone
being shot in the middle of the
day, people were everywhere,
why is it that no witness came
up to say anything. We are all
poor people; our concerns
include how we will get our rent
paid and how we will eat.
People die among us every day;
it is a way of life. Give us a
reason to break our silence.

Another Highway Robbery

District, Monday, May 03,
In last weekend's edition of the
newspaper we warned of the
apparent resurgence of robberies
against pedestrians making
their way along that stretch of the
Western Highway between the
Hawksworth Bridge and the Felipe
Carillo Puerto double street in Santa
This week another such incident
reportedly occurred, this time, in
front of the Carillo Puerto Gas
Station on the Western Highwav

Santa Elena.
Calixto Guerra, 25, Belizean
bartender residing in the Santa Cruz
area of Santa Elena Town reported
that at around 3:30 am on Friday,
April 30, he was walking home and
upon reaching in front of the CP
Gas Station he was attacked and
robbed of his IPod valued at $225;
a red Samsung cellular telephone
valued at $450; and $150 in cash.
He was also relieved of the $75 pair
of black and white tennis shoe he
wore, all for a total value of $900.
An arrest is yet to be made in this
latest incident


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SisrAng in wha tie wwore niant-Ms
Caerm Capio ma Sid:tiig c ehalfoF
GOB Finarul Fcha'ary, lF- caph

The Miistryy of HEath received a
gratt trom the WFrld Bar~k alviei at
U3J50 ,744. ) f r an Avian a i Hu -
ri~n arffuenza Detecti n aid Re-
sponse Project The Miistry f
Heath will use the fuIrn to stre"tben
Bete's ability to detct and rtpcnd
to ~otential HiNI influbiza epideinic
and build the o overall illace a-
pa~cty f the health syter
Funds fraom Ls shirt-teni grant will
be used to stregtbeni the oMuntry's
aB4lity to deter AfHMI] by cmand-
Lyu and imrnFc~l existing iLnluenza
surveillance activities by o"viding
btairug to hBalt phofessioaals to
work at ports of elty, establish diag
ostic Is oratoies d i ir nd sea pbrh,
and acquire medical supplies for the
election of sampes froma probable

The Mursty rf HeaIft wil also use
the fuLds to stre ti its ability to

rtspod to IA/liNW by expidfg iMs
piubic iontrrma~lon carnpag~ and up-
gradi ie n;taioal ptie hel~tth aid
medical laboratry.
Ac4codiJng to the Chief Executive CfX
fieer in the BMintry oHealtb Dr. Pe-
e ACllen, the Mi nisryf Heah -
OcJerrmanert f Bele iJ beig given
the grant based aort its p-rp e to t the
HLNI paidi~aic. Pnor o o the H-I
pandemic, the Ministry fc Healt had
beem colaormatinlg domsy wailb
PAHO and ether stalEhildber to pro-
duce its iRnluenza paktiid e prepar-ed-
ness plan Furthermbae, cionsikratio
was givan to Ehe Ezpport provided
through te Ministy of Health by
graning emergency fto bt ffet
mitigatng measures aainst HN11.
Sidnig a i be f of the W' 4 Bl k
was Ms. Canen Carpdo, Knowedge
Management Offiaer, Wcrid Bawk-
Limn America andC Caribbano Regioo
and Euf. on behalf of the O3ero-
tnet of Belee was nancial Secr e-
tary at theL Miistrty of irultarce, MW
JosepA Waigit
Financial Secretay Waht expressed
grtihaide on behalf ofrche Go r itnernant
and Peple of Belize ofa the opportu-
nity the great proiies and will work
accnrdrng to the cctilractual arrage-
metfs af the gant
The grant w'as sig*n 0 on MO aC ay
Apf.1 26, 2010. It is expected that Be-
]Lze wil] complete the exe cut c f the
Avian afnd eumtan Irflaierza Ddec-
ctim and R1esponre Project by June

The. Bli ian Republic of Veoemuda im callaborakiin
ah- the Micniy of Hedib Go raOanuta f B Ble adn
City 'cd Tt CmoiMi3 ftulracej BdElim h35 13aw
SCiwadra Magro a Inutmar lzarin saai |caiB
Smeared towarditowAng fie susry on ij try rw aiid
rstsr~tsfor B fizea a LBe 'aff* bhestraellte uela

World Tubercolosis Day
The Natjmal TitbertC*s Ioyanirr, 4riy of
Healift ornmqntraagiBd tri TWiWbrCais Day C
vaidmdy 2 4Parch vrhr f Ie hH -CN TNG

Thi. yea*1 anptt ind 1 ad an oftsdal cenrmyr
Uhch mwh hdd at the Crimpatr. a whtE Pdydr II
C it t In EBaku Cit r- AdviUles wB & d irn (he Fdu. het h i r .-deiirig Uk Osw
appearances and an ope day at major uic ilth care providers on w TB Day. Th
Minstr of Ho th lais caTmphis n t arh pacirtr c T rccas adJr p.Lihk hdi
priority. Witn te genial ppWi.abii TLbtdL.k6 cmie si be a re t. Ire it. Is
ey tirarf riatte fdom tie inEcted pcri to otaue tiwo eetirng, coigcir or umjwt
ta:lrg, tJerlcads I 5 an tportlltic Infection IInHWAIDS patents. Havwsevr, bEo-
|cIs is i.easy tcare if patn aitre to t Ireatment,
Th Mnrs.t af hIadth' rnn cb) xrt t to allviatR, nd In t krg wrn d riruiat sg-
feirg teo IN s dmme. T ri Wity d ker Ut. lii fts Iri I Cabr Ed in d Crr-
murrcation, Dia"n wU T~ae Trealment Cnrad: Tadr~n and usRellare an a ea es t
prevent aid Da3rd the cldeea
Wrid TB Dar raes awaeiess about the f bl EpCderic of latercutt (Tf) and eTftrtr
tp dirriman t r dwaS
The &a"rLmui eint 24 Nrch marks the d-ayr i 1i92 wlIe r RD bert Kch de d the
cauie oat ou.ldis, the TB badillu- The avm a Afret tiep tod.s agrqxingg arnd irg

ionu and Ihe go a crnpim t m iiled "100 D C s,
N Hl11" 100 loD ^es" had biri 121rlrlit to BDESnur-
Thethane f ap cities, towns [ tOd-b&6Co&s and Jec1=
vWorld JUi-irnlic La mn d eAh7-rang
U i*lh Day ilizr an cr atr jod Wrld Hal th D
W31D. is (Lthe w of7-11 April -LO)
rnim ian The pi allofihe lODn Ciir cE an piagnlas
lim pr ided AM appatnutity to fiu an to ope pBic SpIc bto bhEalli, iv e;rL-
[he miany hajkh dLCtrteg atal o ue- ipe y d atg off prLanis f eAts to
Le, eairnanrmLr, i saian, vialdtc cd raT-Liznd vacdts rd icperuin~m upLto
infiy, ao-cammikable di&Eas atd pei t holding to'm J hia flxetling, a d
lhar rik rfadcis include eLo Wzse, comramuiry eAn, i iruingnm ori attive
uwhdIi diet, pbcitia maci.-ity hzrm c cl sinety; puFirap*n i in LcaL planning
use of alacaol as will as h skis issci- ad- d o t, iritE in dlem- i: aC-
wed iAaLi disete auuieaks in citi t ud pans nd coausetig wrk-laue a=nd
twns. EdiM.:ch ba S-betthirtiakiws.
In oanmvMwiatioa of Werld Heli Dery Eto 194, Ib9 rA World Healib AESnUy
20 a. Lbe Miri ty ofHealdlh in alal called ky he a*ioftn of a "W rld Hl-lb
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rrAlt-eordl Helth Fair onl Apnl 7a. HIlthD eghas bel ccderalted noithe7th
2010. Opening certrnocis we Kdd at of April aimuly iEaich ar a tiaee is
Jred We~bys Pak, Alrbrt S te We. s deted for WCed IHali Diy thM high-
Bd'4z City ligFs a pont arga of conim for Ab
The Miistry ofHealt a d PAHO jeoie WoddHes-lih fraion.
h e Bdize City c r il m cul ung ani d Wo ddHhmlh Day Is wrllidud qpprtu-
rrati3ang w Epark The officWial puM y rvt ttop at on aty p klic health ilwu;
a the park E. lW o by tlhhehellt h fit r afit t he iiantcial ak i so nuity.
mwhr HIV Tlp ir. Bliod Prsr- .oeuN. .
otare G'luco Te~tnu and Body r~ -
EbBz wee offred fr-ee afisdt.
WV/cd fHial Day aculjd b snwnS as a.
Byzd"LI day oof anatmeni to u=rpvo-
raB hBelib frEcn catlipL eLrs of ihi
ppulJii al Mvulo ngi a i'de ripo at

A M11iJtal Aetb Team fricrtn Viacent and te
Gra~ln~ iVtll Badilze 1-23z Apor 2010 aOf t
farnflizatim vi t to Io at d ~xo:ss of ihe
bIWhal He2lih Pepram of Tih 1Mnisary Df

The wmat ns S hi o ts a a amity ma-d
hblb pfDgpme a x met 7ib cawertrsw and Te
M M -relied AsafiaRiram The Miuni y ofHa il
facilated thed em hrol l a t te om~ue of tie
1.& n. wte t : Es ds wiAah Siviesl erd Lorawd prtriding an
i7.eaiynt P cr C"O m r L. r e rS g thI re of lb prof gi~rmn id
Ii-AW Im lat:k: e 'nea d ctmpr b how Lit Coul be lpied to St. Vun4 an d tre
SeekoIapie MPI h:lA ]",y.)ark l
js' ua.r X i-..mm a Qa ine. RrdLing fr Ia hew-.at, lkmcaol Co
qprasm Eitwrht fi atn cm sal l-O at guw d-
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hed1ih prxiatdme was deye lped lhb the B &iwe pIrolaie Libg the mLdd. 0
The wisrp "o P tifr c zv nies
ialle umnsbhd in Bdl n i T2hi e Geag~e Fci CeL-
tr far Pia rn ad DdopmentOrl n AprilJ i2022. 2010.
The wvkasho was gatizad by the LMiutilry of Heaelb
of B e in i ateabi Ii ufthIeP Ar=nmi E Heald
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WHO) DeiE3 atLAi diad 3uauJiiy uff0 from iflic
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The dbjelive was to inrae ate dier ideiardngae ofbs p artics to ~~preA rl car-
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The Centrd Medii Rgoen, If4rsry of health irkrnrs 1 tfaios persons who ap-
Odi bfr tr dir F=OO HANXLERS CVTI[FICATlO d ir tdfe Bdi* hI-t xfiat di r
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Health Regin, GCrner St 3oseph ard 9S TTromas Sareets, Belize Ot.
Food w anders idetrficadicri arci arE avable r all oTse perGnsr wrho ap-
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TIe M ristry d Mfaih takes 6-is olportriy to renird the general piLic ftat
all perSns interested in beacrring certified food hanader cxtact their Icea
Pldic M Oeal th Offie, Mristry f Health and fdlow flc giddnRes to got certified:
Hawe 2passprtsize FhOtDS,
Fill out an apFication to regste fr tiring
SPay a $20 fort
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After pa s d-ie eaminrabxn, certification is processed and an idcntibfiaican
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Page 12 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating Education Week 2010

Sunday, May 9 to Friday, May 14
SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010

Address opening Education Week 2010-Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education
(Radio & Television Broadcast)

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
Quality Schools Initiative-Ministry of Education Officials
(Open Your Eyes Morning Show, Channel 5)
Panelists. Mr Alan Genitty, Mr Nelson Longsworth, Jahmor Lopez, Mr Margarita Gomez

Education Week Radio Address-Mr Jaime Panti, BNTU National President

Literacy/Book Fair Day 1-Ministry of Education Literacy Unit
(Holy Redeemer Parish Hall)

Ecumenical Service and Rally-BNTU Branch Level (1:30pm)

Focus: Literacy -Ministry of Education Literacy Unit
(Belize Watch, LOVE TV to be confirmed)
Panelists. Hon. Minister ofEducation, Mrs. Rose Bradley, Mrs. Carol Babb, Mr Christopher Aird (other members of
Literacy Unit as appropriate)

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010
Update from Task Force on Alternative Student Discipline Approaches
(LOVE FM 7:30 am)
Panelists: Mrs. Dativa Martinez, Ms. Maria Zabaneh, Mrs, Darnelle Roaches, Dr Olda Hoare

Appointment of Task Force on the Reform of Secondary School Financing and Curriculum-Hon. Patrick Faber,
Minister of Education (2:00pm, Belize City ITVET)

Clean-up Campaign, Beautification-BNTU Branch Level (after school)

(Adele Ramos Show, KREM TV to be confirmed) 7:30 PM
Panelists: George Frazer (BNTU), Dr Ellajean Gillett, Ms. Brenda Armstrong, Mr Christopher Aird,
Mr David Leacock, Hon. Patrick Faber

Update on Subsidy to Needy High School Students and Efforts to increase access to secondary school in the Southern
Districts-Ministry of Education Officials
(KREM/WUB to be confirmed) 7:30 am
Panelists: Mr David Leacock, Mr Alan Genitty

Literacy/Book Fair Day 2-Ministry of Education Literacy Unit
(Holy Redeemer Parish Hall)

Launch ofDistributed/e-Learning pilot project at Salvation Army School-Hon. Patrick Faber, Rotary Clubs ofBelize &
Alberta Canada, Belize Natural Energy and Belize Telemedia Limited (2:00pm)

Visit to Retired Teachers/Citizens, Hospital, Children Home, KOLBE Foundation-BNTU Branch Level (after school)

THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010
Focus: Teacher Education, WAVE Radio Morning Show
Panelists: Mrs. Cecilia Ramirez Smith, Ms. Pat Bennet (BBTE Chair), Mr Jaime Panti (BNTU)

Outstanding Teachers Award Ceremony-Belize City (Belize City ITVET)
(7. 00 pm)

FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010
Teachers' Day
Sporting, Cultural and Other Activities at District/Branch Level

Sunday, May 9, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 13

towards the BDF vehicle with
a Police DMax pickup truck
reportedly blocking the ferry's
exit on the other side of the river
along with three policemen on
motorcycles standing near the
parked police vehicle.
One of the Police Constables
reportedly approached and
eventually convinced Neal
to make a first stop at the
Benque Viejo police station to
at least brief the Police
Officer Commanding the Sub
Formation, Inspector Claudio
Orlando Mai, of the situation.
On the journey to the Benque
Viejo police station, the BDF
DMax carrying the cargo, made
a detour for a brief stop at the
Succotz police station where 2
soldiers were dropped off. At
around 9:30 am the BDF
vehicle arrived at the police
station in Benque Viejo Town
where Neal proceeded to
Mai's upstairs office where he
reportedly encountered Mai in
conference with the Station
Sergeant and a Special Branch
Neal proceeded to brief Mai of
the situation after which Mai
reportedly advised him that the
BDF had no jurisdiction over the
found items and in the process
Mai reportedly told Neal that the
BDF was interfering with a
police investigation and that
they failed to inform the police
of the discovery thereby
resulting in a missed opportunity
for the police to secure the scene
where the items were discovered
for the possible gathering of
evidence to commence the
initial investigation.
Neal reportedly told Mai that
the items were found outside of
the Benque Viejo Town limits,
in an area where the Army has
full jurisdiction. Mai reportedly
advised Neal that Benque Viejo
Police's jurisdiction in not
merely confined to Benque Viejo
proper but that it encompasses
the surrounding villages of
Arenal, Succotz and Calla Creek
right up to the feeder road
leading into Clarissa Falls
Resort on the Western Highway.
Mai reportedly informed Neal
that in these operations the Army
operates in a supporting role
with the police as the leading law
enforcement agency and that it
is advisable for Army personnel
to acquaint themselves with their

Police And The Army Stand-Off

role in order to minimize the
possibility of them venturing
into doing the job of the police.
Realizing that the discussion
was going nowhere and that he
might have made an error in
judgment by making that stop
over at the Benque Viejo police
station, Neal, whilst still inside

Mai's office contacted Ortega by
telephone and briefed him on
this new development. At
Ortega's request, Neal handed
the telephone to Mai who
reiterated his position to Ortega
and advised him that the police
will proceed to relieve Neal of
the items. It was at this point of

the exchange that the Police
Officer Commanding the
SPU, ASP Ralph Moody,
accompanied by the SPU
Constable who was with the
patrol when the items were
found, stepped into Mai's office.
Simultaneously with Moody's
arrival there was an apparent
break in telephone communica-
tion between Mai and Ortega.
Telephone communication
was reestablished when Ortega
called Neal requesting to resume
the conversation with Mai.
Before handing the telephone to
Mai, Neal informed Ortega
about Moody's presence. Ortega
reportedly shifted his request and
asked to speak with Moody
instead but Moody reportedly
refused to speak with Ortega.
At Ortega's request, Neal
handed the telephone to Mai
and the conversation between
Ortega and Mai resumed
whereby Mai reportedly advised
P~lease urn To Pge 13

Ihe Police Station In Benque Viejo Town
Where The Action Took Place

Page 14 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, May 9, 2010

A True Southern Gal...

A woman goes into the local
newspaper office to see that
the obituary for her recently
deceased husband is written.
The obit editor informs her that
the fee for the obituary is a
dollar per word. She pauses,
reflects and then says, "Well,
then, just let it read, 'Billy Bob

Amused at the woman's thrift,
the editor says, "Sorry ma'am
there is a seven word minimum
on all obituaries."
A little flustered, she thinks
things over and replies, "In that
case, let it read,: 'Billy Bob
died Red truck for sale'.


A little girl was talking to her
teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was
physically impossible for a
whale to swallow a human
because even though it was a
very large mammal its throat was
very small.
The little girl stated that
Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

Irritated, the teacher reiterated
that a whale could not swallow
a human; it was physically
The little girl said, "When I
get to heaven I will ask Jonah."
The teacher asked, "What if
Jonah went to hell?"
The little girl replied, "Then
you ask him."

Two students the Attorney General's office says were
caught in crossfire formed part of a spontaneous
memorial at Monterrey Tech

A military-led inquiry and
another by the attorney general
find the army not responsible in
recent cases of civilians being
killed amid the war on drug
cartels. But their credibility is
The Almanzas slowed down as
they drove their black pickup
past what they believed to be an
army checkpoint in violent
northeastern Mexico. They
rolled down their windows, they
say, so the soldiers could see
they were a family. But the
masked men in uniform instead
opened fire, and two Almanza
children, aged 9 and 5, were
Fifteen days earlier and just
100 miles away, two promising
university students were killed at
the gates of their school during

an army battle with drug traffick-
ers. The army initially identified
the pair as shooters but later
retracted the claim after the
victims' families came forward.
As the Mexican government's
war against drug cartels increas-
ingly claims the lives of
innocents, the handling of the
two cases is being closely
In the last week, the army has
sought to exonerate itself in
both. Three of the four victims
were found to have been killed
by drug traffickers and not sol-
diers, the army and the attorney
general's office said as they re-
leased the results of investiga-
tions conducted by these same
authorities. (The killer of the
fourth victim one of the uni-
versity students was not

Inquiries Questioned
Families of the victims decried
the results as whitewashes. The
situation casts a spotlight on
what human rights activists say
is one of the most troubling
aspects of the military's conduct
of the drug war: that the army is
allowed to investigate itself in
cases involving questionable
tactics. In both these cases, the
national government, under
international and domestic
pressure, has sought to inject
civilian authorities into the
investigative process. But issues
of credibility remain.
In the deaths of the Almanza
children, the gunmen at the
checkpoint were not soldiers at
all but drug traffickers fighting
each other to control the disputed
road from Nuevo Laredo to
Reynosa, according to Gen. Jose
Luis Chavez Garcia, head of the
military justice office. The traf-
fickers first opened fire on the
Almanzas, then engaged a
military patrol that approached,
Chavez said.
"Pure lies," Cynthia Salazar,
mother of the two children killed
at the checkpoint, said in an
interview after the report of the
army-led investigation was
She recalled holding her 5-year-
old, Bryan, in her lap on that
April 3 afternoon as the family
traveled to the beach from their
home in Nuevo Laredo, near the
border with Texas. It was Easter
weekend. The truck was packed

with seven children, aged 3
months to 11 years, and two men
and three women.
"We've gotten used to army
checkpoints," Salazar, 28, said.
"We know how they are and the
precautions to take."
After their vehicle moved
slowly, windows down, past
what Salazar described as four
truckloads of masked soldiers,
shots rang out. According to
Salazar, the soldiers opened fire
on her family, shooting out the
tires of their truck and continu-
ing to shoot and then toss
grenades at them even as they
begged for mercy and tried to
escape toward the roadside hills.
A bullet pierced Salazar's
stomach, she said, and the same
bullet killed Bryan. Nine-year-
old Martin was also killed, and
Salazar's husband, Martin
Almanza, was wounded.
Although the army led the
investigation of the incident, it
said civilian prosecutors were
also involved, and, in conclu-
sions released late last week,
disputed Salazar's version of
what happened.
Grenades used by the traffick-
ers hit the back of the Almanza
truck and killed the two children,
Chavez said. He acknowledged
that gunfire from the army had
strafed the front of the vehicle.
But he added that the military-
grade grenades were of a caliber
the army does not possess.
A major problem, say human
rights organizations, is that the
army's credibility suffers when
it is involved in investigating


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Sunday, May 9, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 15

Police And The Army Stand-Off

Ortega that ifNeal removes any
of the items from the police
station that charges will be filed
against both Neal and Ortega
for interfering in a police
investigation. Mai then returned
the telephone to Neal with
Ortega still on the line. Ortega
reportedly instructed Neal not
to allow the Police to take
possession of the goods and
that he should wait until
Customs Officials arrived at
the Benque Police Station after
which he should proceed to hand
over them over to the Customs
Neal was still on the telephone
speaking with Ortega when Mai
and Moody exited the office and
walked to the BDF DMax and
were in the process of removing
the goods when Neal arrived on
the scene. Neal reportedly
approached Mai requesting
that he adhere to Ortega's
instructions. He reportedly
positioned himself in front of
Mai thereby preventing him
from passing a first portion of
the items to an awaiting police
constable. Neal extended his
right hand to prevent the
exchange resulting in Mai
reportedly slapping his hand
away while threatening to arrest


Claudio Orlando Mai
him for obstructing the police.
Neal regained composure and
took hold of the item that was
passed to the police constable.
Moody reportedly intervened by
reiterating the threat to arrest
Neal for assaulting a Police
Officer. While Neal was still
hanging on to the item, Moody
reportedly pushed him in the
chest resulting in Neal loosing
grip of the merchandize.
It was at this point that tensions
reached the highest when two of
the BDF soldiers released the
safety catches from the rifles
they carried and positioned
themselves in combat readiness.
Having lost grip of the goods,
Neal stepped away from Moody
and likewise removed the safety
catch from the rifle he carried
and got into combat readiness
position. The police reportedly
responded in like fashion as they
surrounded the soldiers with
their guns reportedly drawn.
Realizing that they were
outnumbered, Neal reported
relaxed his rifle and requested
reinforcement from the nearby
Barrio El Juda BDF patrol
stationed less than 2 miles away.
He also requested additional
human assets from Battalion
Headquarters at Camp Belizario
some 14 miles away.
By 10:00 am the police had
already removed the found items
from the BDF DMax and stored
them inside the police station.
The BDF position was
strengthen at about 10:10 am
with the arrival of two Field
Intelligence Officers both of
whom walked into the police
station to gather information on
the chain of events. Five minutes
later the Army's position was
further reinforced with the
arrival of the El Juda patrol
under the command of 2nd Lt. E.
Moh. He was immediately
briefed of the situation and
deployed his troops to stand

guard outside the police
About five minutes after the
arrival of the El Juda patrol,
additional reinforcement arrived
from the Battalion Headquarters
under the command of Captain
L. Cutkelvin. After getting a
brief from Neal, the Captain
assured the soldiers that he
would take care of the situation.
He instructed Moh to withdraw
his troops and to return to his
post at El Juda, Moh complied
with the instruction and
withdrew his troops while Neal
and the troops that accompanied
Cutkelvin stood guard outside
the police station.
Captain Cutkelvin proceeded
to Mai's office followed shortly
thereafter by Customs Officer
Augustine Smith. They
remained in Mai's office for
over 30 minutes after which they
all exited without the goods. A
few minutes later Mr. Henry
Marsden, Senior Customs
Examiner arrived. He received
a full brief and proceeded to Mai
office and he likewise exited
without the goods.
Neal and his team were at the
police station for 2 hours and 40
minutes, until Captain Cutkelvin
gave the orders for them to stand


We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America
and the world.

down and return to their routine
duties. They departed at 12:10
It was not until the following
day, Tuesday, May 4, when all
the items were handed over to
Customs at the Western Border
After the incident hit the
airwaves on Monday evening's
news, Police Inspector Claudio
Mai and BDF Lt. Col. Steven
Ortega were summoned to
Belmopan where they were each
offered the opportunity to
present their version of the
sequence of events.
A follow up meeting was held
on Thursday, May 6 between
members of the high command
of the Police and the BDF. A
police press release coming
out of the second meeting
"concluded that the actions of
Insp. Mai precipitated the
dissatisfaction in the process"
and that "Insp. Mai is being
re-posted to San Ignacio".
We understand that the
"re-posting" is to take place
with immediate effect and that
Insp. Mai will be switching
places with Dinsdale Thompson
who moves from 2nd in command
of the San Ignacio police station
to take on the post as Officer
Commanding Benque Viejo
(Police) Sub-Formation.



~U. -


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