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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: April 4, 2010
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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



Monday, March 29, 2010:
A 22 year old Belizean farmer
from Bullet Tree Falls Village
is today out on bail after
appearing in San Ignacio's
Magistrate Court where he was
formally arraigned on five
charges in connection with a
fatal road traffic accident which
claimed the life of a mother of
two boys.
It was shortly after 7:30 pm on
Friday, March 26 when San
Ignacio Police responded to a
reported traffic accident between
miles 64 and 65 on the Western
Highway entering Esperanza

In This Week'sSTAR
Five defenseless Females
Robbed....................Page 2

Security Guard Charged
For Carnal Knowledge
............................ Page 10

Lottery Vendor Robbed
Again .................... age 14

Coleman Found Guilty In
Absencia.............. Page 18

Ford Escort was travelling in the
opposite direction, exiting
Esperanza Village and heading
Reports indicates that in the
process of overtaking the
Freight Liner, the Isuzu
pickup suddenly appeared in
the pathway of the oncoming
Ford Escort car resulting in a
head on collision between
both vehicles.
The hit reportedly
caused the car to
spin out of control,
slamming into the
driver's side of the

Leticia Marva Garcia, 46
SUNRISE: May 19, 1963
SUNSET: March 26, 2010
Village from Central Farm.
On the scene of the accident
police encountered a gold color
Ford Escort car, a grey Isuzu
pickup truck and a silver in color
Freight Liner towhead with a
lowbed trailer attached.
Preliminary investigation
revealed that the Isuzu pickup
was travelling behind the Freight
Liner as they were entering
Esperanza Village heading in a
westward direction while the

truck and eventually landing in
an overturned position on the
right side of the road when
traveling eastward.
Investigation revealed that the
Freight Liner, heading to Benque
Viejo Town, was driven by

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The Accused,
Rafael Caranza, 22, Facing
5 Traffic Related Charges


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I Pae2-SA e: 2-82&6638 mitresae~mi~o udy pi ,21



District, Tuesday, March 30,
Just as we were preparing to
go to press this Tuesday
morning, reports surfaced of a
bank robbery/ murder in the usu-
ally peaceful and quiet
Mennonite Community of
Spanish Lookout.
Sketchy reports reaching us
indicate that around 8:30 a.m.
this Thursday morning, a group
of five male persons, four of dark
complexion wearing masks and
the fifth unmasked assailant is
reported to be of Hispanic des
The armed assailants entered

Five Defenseless
Monday, March 29, 2010:
The search continues for two
robbers reported to have made a
clean sweep in the Friday, March
19, robbery at Vivian's Caf6 lo-
cated near Sacred Heart College
on Joseph Andrews Drive in San
Ignacio Town.
Proprietor of the establish-
ment, Piola Lorenzo, 46,
Belizean business woman of an
Eduardo Juan Street address in
Santa Elena Town, reported that
at about 10:50 pm on Friday,
March 19, she left her residence
in Santa Elena along with her 13
year old daughter and an adult
female person. She drove her
Toyota Hilux to Vivian's Caf6.
The child and the adult remained
inside the vehicle while she ex-
ited that vehicle, lifted the shut-
ter and entered the caf6.
The two female employees
were inside after having closed
for the day. The cashier handed

"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Visit us online at:
belizenews.com/ thestar
guidetobelize.info/ star

the Scotiabank Spanish Lookout
Branch where the manager,
Michael Mena, and a teller
where held up and forced into
the vault. In complying with the
robbers demand an undisclosed
amount of cash was handed over
to them.
Just as they were exiting the
bank, a customer who had
arrived in a brown Ford Ranger
was relieved of a bag containing
over $10,000 which the
customer had reportedly
intended to deposit.
Two other persons in a black
Geo Prism car where entering
the compound when they were
shot at by one of the robbers.

Females Robbed
over a transparent plastic bag
containing $552.50 from the
day's sale. Lozano reported that
she had barely taken possession
of the cash when a lone male
person of dark complexion,
armed with a small black gun,
stormed into the caf6 and order
her lay on the floor and not to
She reported that shortly there-
after a second, male person, this
one unarmed, entered the estab-
lishment and the one with the
gun turned his attention to the
employees demanding that they
hand over their jewelry and
money. He then proceeded be-
hind the counter, opened the
cash drawer and removed the
$140 it contained. He also took
possession of a cellular tel-
ephone, value unknown, from
one of the workers as well as an
additional $602.50 in cash from
Lozano along with her wedding
ring, valued at $1,500 and her
cellular telephone, valued at
$500. She additionally complied
with the assailant's instructions
of remove and hand over the pair
of gold earrings she was wear-
ing, valued at $200.
After raiding all females inside
the caf6, the assailants exited the
establishment and turned their
attention to the female child and
the female adult who were
seated inside the vehicle parked
in front of the caf6. They
reportedly made off with the pair
of gold earring that the child was
wearing; valued at $250 as well
as the $150 gold earring the
female adult was wearing along
and $125 from the female adult

The driver of the car identified
as Clifford "Guana" Swasey of
a Santa Elena Town address
reportedly sustained a gunshot
wound to the head while the
passenger emerged with a
gunshot wound to the shoulder.
They were subsequently
transported by BERT ambulance
to the Western Regional
Hospital in Belmopan where
Swasey is said to be in critical
Another customer rode into the
compound on a motorcycle and
upon hearing the gunshots he
reportedly jumped off the
motorcycle resulting in him
fracturing a leg, he too was
transported to the Western
Regional Hospital in Belmopan.
The unarmed bank KBH
psecritv mfard renortedlv exited

the bank and ventured to the side
of the road only to be confronted
by a bullet in the chest from a
16 gauge shotgun one of the
robbers carried. The security
guard was identified as Steven
Lopez a resident from the village
of Unitedville. He reportedly
died on the spot.
The Scotiabank Spanish
Lookout Branch is located next
door to the Spanish Lookout
police sub station. The lone
constable on duty, reportedly
intervened in the action by
firing several shots at the
departing white Suzuki Sidekick
in which the robbers departed the
scene. Information reaching us
indicates that this vehicle is on
rental from Matus Auto Rental
located on Benque Viejo Road,
Ran TonnrinA

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who was sitting inside the parked
vehicle. They then ran off and
disappeared into the darkness of
the night with the ill-gotten loot.
San Ignacio police is asking
anyone with information that
could assist in apprehending the
two bandits responsible for
preying upon these five
defenseless females, to kindly
inform the Commanding Officer
or the Sergeant in charge of the
Crime Investigation Branch at

the San Ignacio Police Station.
While reminding everyone that
it is a criminal offence to be
handling and dealing in stolen
goods, local crimes investigators
are enlisting assistance from
the business community and
the general public to be on
the lookout for these stolen
items. The police further
advise that all information will
be kept in the strictest of confi-

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3

ReadyCall Center
I 7I

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Ready Call Center is a unique type of business in Belize.
What do we do at RCC? We offer customer service through the
phone to customers located in the United States. These
customers ususally call because they need assistance on how
to properly setup their cellular service or they are
experienceing any inconvenience with it. Ready Call Center is
one of six call centers located around the world offering this
kind of service for a well-known cellular company called
TracFone that has 14 million customers within the Unites
States. With more than 800 employees, RCC has been
constantly growing since 2005, when its operations started
with about 60 employees in Belize City. The expansion of the
business during the last five years as well as the introduction
of new concepts, such as: career development based on
continuous performance evaluations, the usage of proper
English and the development of customer service skills
according to international standards by the daily interaction
with American customers have been huge challenges for our
company. If you come to RCC you will find a place full of
different Belizean cultures, races, ages and beliefs. Come and
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I ny rmyvryetvday *f- I han L a bt of ura mnf
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"Al.' lit p ,cg ws

hiCC -o ainn Ari a.oje
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S. .

* Full command of the English Language
* Basic Computer Skills (free training available)
* People Skills
* Flexibility to work different shifts
* Work Ethics
* Associates degree and previous work
experience are a plus

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* Salary Upgrades every six months based on
* Transportation available from Cayo for only
$5.00 round trip.
* Cafeteria service.
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* Overtime available,
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a.k racm.

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In San Ignacio, Mr Daniel Waight
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in Santa Elena, Mr. Eulogio Cano

Ready Call Center Bus
will be leaving from the San Ignacio
Town Board daily at 5:00 AM for
persons interested in an interview

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Ajmv lau tnat wavw

I Pae4-SA e: 2-82&6638 mitresae~mi~o udy pi ,21

Force Ripe Manoes Sexual Abuse Of Little Girls
BY: Florence Goldson falling, or the waves of the it happened to them, it will
WIN-Belize, Windows Article Caribbean Sea washing the inevitably happen to their
MONDAY, March 22, 2010: shores, it is also natural for a daughters. They believe they can
In a particular village in man, usually a relative, to do nothing about it.
Belize, it is a norm for adult engage in sexual acts with little When a health worker began
males to molest little girls. It's girls. educating the children and
not written on any wall, in any At the same time, girls are brought several cases to the
book or any slab of stone, it just taught not to question these attention of the Human Services

It would seem that in addition
to the sun shining, the rain

things, not to say anything, to
'ride along with the program.'
Mothers hold the view that since

Department, men in the village
attacked her and threatened her
life. Women in the community,

Social Security Belize City Branch

Office Robbed $1,500 Stolen

Belmopan, Friday, March 19,
The Social Security Board
(SSB) is now in a position to
publicly release more specific
information on the March 15th
robbery of the Belize City
Branch Office.
SSB confirms that two persons
with guns entered the premised
at Princess Margaret Drive in
Belize City and made away
with just over $1,500 in cash.
Contrary to what was

expressed in certain segments of
the media, at no time whatsoever
do we have substantial amounts
of cash at any Social Security
Office. Even on the busiest days,
as it was on the day of the
robbery, our transactions are
done primarily by cheques and
on-line banking. The value of
the cash on that day was
typically minimal, as very few
of our clients pay by cash.
Social Security Board is
moving towards on-line and
non-cash transactions, which is
much more convenient for the


The BTB Announces
Tour Guide Certificate Course

The Belize Tourism Board wishes to inform all
Interested Belizeans of the commencement of
enrollment for Tour Guide Training. The course, being
offered by the University of Belize, is designed to train
participants in both theoretical and practical
techniques of the profession. Classes will now include
basic swimming, snorkeling and boating skills.

Upon completion of the course, the Belize Tourism
Board will certify each successful participant, making
you eligible to apply for a tour guide license.


$ 600.00
University of Belize
10 Weeks
April 19th, 2010
June 25th, 2010
April 12th, 2010
Faculty of Arts and
Education, former
Teachers' College Campus.
(Ask for Mayra Pech)

customers, and safer for the staff
and the institution. This is why
we recently launched the Non-
contributory Pension payments
through the Atlantic Bank, it
ensures that our customers do
not have to line up on peak days
at the office. Instead, they can
go straight to the bank or
conduct business transactions
from their offices or homes.
SSB would like to assure
contributors that we have
continuously been engaged in
measures to increase security at
the offices, which included the
installation, last year, of the
security cameras that provided
critical evidence to the Police.
These safety measures continue.
We would like to refute
statements in the media that a
member of staff was threatened,
as this has no basis in fact. The
Board is thankful that no
employee was hurt during this
hold-up, as the safety of our
employees is of the highest
importance in these matters.
Counseling will be provided to
all employees requesting or
needing it.
The Social Security Board as a
customer centric organization
continues to keep the safety of
our customers and the fund as a
high priority.




1 Acre Homesites

Bullet Tree Road



including elders, told her that
what she met in the village
should be left in the village. She
was criticized for daring to speak
Some girls were able to assert
themselves after receiving the
necessary information about
'good touch, bad touch' but
for many, their cries for help
fall on deaf ears and they
remain victimized by men they
trust fathers, cousins, uncles,
neighbours, teachers, friends of
the family.
In this village, many of these
girls have become teenage
mothers, high school drop-outs,
victims of domestic violence,
and mothers of children who also
become victims of child sexual
molestation. The vicious cycle
whirls in this village.
It does not stand out from other
villages around this country. Any
survey done in communities of
Belize will reveal that an
alarming percentage ofBelizean
females have been molested in
some way as a child, whether it
was before they reached puberty
or before they reached 18.
Some men hold the twisted
notion that as long as the girl
weighs 90 pounds, she is ready
to be had. Others believe that
as fathers, they should be the
first to sample their daughters.
Even more men believe that
little girls want to be sexually
molested, assaulted or violated.
They claim that girls enjoy the
experience. Some men even
believe that having sex with a
virgin will cure them of diseases.
Some men use their culture to
justify the violation of girls.
The potential of our girls is
undermined when they are
forced into sexual activities
before they are mentally and
physically mature to make such
a choice.
Like force ripe mangoes, many
Belizean girls are introduced
to sex before they are mentally
prepared for it. They become
promiscuous, confusing sex with
love. They have low self-esteem
and often do not achieve their
life goals. They are deprived of
the opportunity to finish
school and they are blamed
by the society for their
circumstances. Many girls
suffer in silence.
The time is long passed for this
silence to be broken. The time
has come for girls' stories to be

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

76F^ -BmnfBWZ'lie-Ci el 2-42,Fm Z7-242
^^^i ~eek, ^finBP.O.Box Sg^ itSfy 0"'~~c~a^y~

Sunday, April 4, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5


Victor Galvez Stadium


3rd &1

, San Ignacio

4th 2010

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I Pae6-SA e: 2-82&6638 mitresae~mi~o udy pi ,21

Three Minors And One Adult Charged

For Ring's
Monday, March 22, 2010:
While an arrest is yet to made
in the March 5-9 burglary at
Running W Brand Meats result-
ing in the lost to the company of
over 25 thousand dollars, San
Ignacio police are reporting the
arrest of three male minors and
a male adult in the March 17 rob-
bery at Bing's Supermarket in
Santa Elena Town.
The investigation revealed that
the plan to 'jack" the shop be-


Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town
(Just Across From KO-OX HAN-NAH Restaurant)

We offer the same high quality

products served in our restaurant.

* Pork

*Feta Cheese
*Fresh Cream
*White Cheese
*Free Range Eggs etc.




gan during the daytime hours on
Sunday, March 14, as the gang
made regular visits to the super-
market, each time reportedly to
purchase a cigarette requiring
change just to check if the cash
drawer was "fat".
It was just before closing time
on Wednesday, March 17, when
word came back that the drawer
was "fat" and so the move was
executed resulting in the robbers
making off with over $700.
The three minors, one of

whom was reportedly the sawed
off shot gun man, along with the
adult male, identified as Ervin
Enfield Martinez, 20, Belizean
laborer of an Eve Street address
in Santa Elena Town, appeared
in San Ignacio's Magistrate
Court on Monday March 22,

where they pleaded not guilty to
the charge and were remanded
to the Central Prison in
Hattieville until Tuesday, April
27 when they should return to
While it is alleged that the rob-
bery was actually committed by
only two persons, the prosecu-
tion informed that the investiga-
tion revealed that the other two
co-defendants were actually in-
volved in the conspiracy and
were therefore jointly charged in
accordance with section 20 (2)
of the Criminal Code, Chapter
101 of the laws of Belize which,
under the heading of
"Abetment and Conspiracy"
states that "Every person who
abets a crime shall, if the crime
is actually committed in
pursuance or during the
continuance of the abetment,
shall be deemed guilty of the

Land For Sale
1 Acre Homesites
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property to buyers
and in America
and the world.



Contact John on 678 2000
i ob(BdiJePropertvCenter.com

or stop by our office at:
30, Burs Avenue,
San lgnacio.
824 0550

Check out
our website at:


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Accused Adult
Ervin Enfield Martinez, 20

Sunday, April 4, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperLgmail.com Page 7




t b c
ITt a ihent
P tal I ic

Ic,.ltk Syetm~o 'ronfil,, ,ndl ncident
Rcport Plj cSy to nanm a f-a To tiT cid,
an ifllcial T.auniLl wa. held Io .i ndix si
srakiholcder ardu the generaL public ocu
the a.vailabililSy nfthcc documnctga.
The Launc.h was held at the.
Belize Institute of Maa geenta on Muicti
1. ~it10. Simlnltancumlvy, the revamped
Minigty, of Halth wnelsit was lurched
al thl h ;i rnonly. ThL iL.; -
wwwealth.J j.bz is a is a poatant tWo
Lhr'ouh whiLch Tntelmlas I' tlihe ]Xulic cian
be appraised ofthe work of the Ministiv'
of Health,

-acelth egsic i) on:e agi n has enbarkEd on B partners ip
SiriiutivB wieli thi United 51aL) rMililtry LmiKw. CrUl-.r inr
Imp roving titei Health of communilies t r-outi1 Med :a Team
VIts a.d -c T erIeY .
lIJ lj JhrB r1av. the Medial Ritedf-ifH< alrlftg
(M-CRETE) which comnprised i>f tih I:5 Air Force offered.
Iil'4a416 =uwWa kalohk serv1::: orn T. risy March 2"Ja ndWlj*eWtlje Mardi 3.' 2010
adacsiriin 1:1 .hie ,illase vi M.I Muriard Iler Ar: ac: tie ra .ue.ivewly. lie
Miedrem Tea mwassup pored Iy
tih p reseie c' Mldecica I and Pu Jlclek l eth Pr;cn-e I from t -
%-e rr t% lnA T*ikMI".R.')lrr To m n v.ti Al e drf:1 -ildt.
2 General Practiticrner' and 2 Pu'ic Health _ducators. Tie
#*-;:em Hea I th PReg n Tm .i srm!nptf: o:erf mr m dral o'rer.
denrtiil, ertital BstE. pryiYiali irls pr.ctiloiA. .iIJ
cnvim onrr.erta aisstant-vector :ortrol, rural -,elthn-ures, -Ikalth
pd. 7m lCTr and r(m murnu ih- t Ith wr--t- r,
The ME RET E Tea n comrn ed work in the village of
St. M rglart where thley e r:vide d the fol Iowi n~ e''ices to a Wl2Iger ti ~iJ, Irtncv
orta I of : u Ia v g l Pa rMr r. fertal L::rilrce an'. crenralI series
:l;ekup. Heaifl duc id ;a wva giYe to all perSni vWho ace iaeas: personal hykierLe, botacco, hvzerizraiC-i. duirg ajB rna lria, aui reiimnnr.Iul a:ita;i1an acir;
mental heeh ill ress.
The team wc rad in tde ornm .-ilty = F A.er.ia or. Marc- 3, 2010 whereer kices were
p-vrdlC. *o 1totgl of ? r Dersons. inhWtrr 1 lealh Rheslcn, Minisry of I 'alth preied i
grail1jde to thf, MvIFRFT T"TeaIm forr Its i-or ini-> 'Llla'.oratho' Ii Fprcfrlnig /ic f': tc the
people of Beize.
At this tune of the year there iC usually an mUcreae tn the numLer of gasiroenten-
lis cas u cunLnrwide. (CGalrouenteriLiz is defined as diarrhea wih r r without lever.
dehlydra-on or vomiting. Per~nls in tfie age rnoup lean than 5 years a r predonmilatly
Rccenlly thenr ter outubreak s f rolavirus (a virus thal causes diarrnhii- in NMexic
and (uatemala mostly affecting hildrenL hi s&diijea is gernrally Irnarimilte by found,
vwakr, hnlij mand IAhci swu.f#.s tIal lliV; 1-hI. c.tUMLaiitLi.J with f.'iral miatfi"il, aid
alu ipy iblw y v i.a i uIv tnnLv lahi.SiaivrnL vuch as thrcuLLh i'4.Oxind vi U~.ifl
Thi Mijiski vfH HCaIl wvL d likv lu i ad i tji ,. pub.lii; lv ubt ivib stril hwld
wnvihuig after- ismn the bathroom. and before h2aidl m preparing. or consiuniang tood
or vmieL, and to observe strict respiralocr hygiene, such as covering the mou di and
nose whtean coughing or sneezing. d hand and wamhi after coughing or neezing.
1'reqlenit hand washmin is porticnlarly important among cirelaker of sick
individu.is. it ILS lso advised to regularly cleaain uiface % irh hlorione. such ai kitchen
surf,~t. bathroom surface.- and any other smlrfaes. within Ihe household Ihat are
di nase. AN'Ir A1 ABIiS AMPAIN IN
Iha Pnbhlc.l I tleith afler tmett at thlA \Avraem Alid (1 ental lnath Magions. Miiltry of
Health is cunldu.tini its ani-rabitE vaiucnmiucin unmpaign frm
Feb~luly 24 to Mavrh 31", 2201.
I'h ani-rabies campaign uontinues to ta rgiet dtg and
cats who are 3 mLniitL anii older iLL the rural areas oflthe Bdliz
I atrmct.
Vrituatini luieVtln in Vill GViRlts. SvtwSalu:C'uuiinuniutyi
CentTr and alo hon ie tohoike vsiti is being conduled furou I
am Lo 4 pm.
nie lful. whig vilags' ; will I viailed Iluoughi JNj.u 31.
2010: Mnday 15-I oubilc Head Cahbagc.' 'uc day IH--Br-
iimlanPnitiu n3iaW,l edesdo7 L Leieitisoluibello]Bao. mu-
day i Ri-nn;tl IHlfm atflfilwtT lIankL i-i fi fiy I9A '..'. I t1t8Ill rmt .W-fta~ Adai y.)--
Firtmwn SibuniRjckilt Fridluy 2-2 d-Hallte, Tirteday 30-31.i GrnidRuck, La Dwenurain
and Malingany Heighfa.
Int li W stu Rviiui, M aluf 3,7. 00u4 aisl4416 atie llrbLV tb'AL diinatliaIIaiumtR~bi
in localities including tlh following: Yalbac, La Gracia, Santa TIeasi'ta Tamnbo, San 3MarcN .
Sclanal uena ita. Billy Whitc. San A~ntmnin, Cn1l Shdadc.,Tnuntaii TncRidgRc, nartan Crck.
Du.k Run, SPpanih Lwkou., SxultI Fruinlii, Bajquv, Araul. S w rL. Bull.- Tie, Cullu Cioch
nmBl Santi RosW.

Fhe Minmuiy u lalhlh in cillaburaliun wiLh [be Fan Amtrican I allh Utanimaion
hoted a lwo-day worLkhop on Diabcetas Quality oif Cau Projcc" n atthle latihitute for TillkB I
& W.Vtatrmal Iduarian &k'Iramnin C:mnfmtnwnre Room n Wcdn sadar ald 'I hurLd.a Mlarmh 10-
11. 20 N.
tL man1' i bj"tliv; of the workthp W 1 to
intrduc. th e C-lroic Care \ldald a a tool mt addrdca
the quality of care fr dinb-te in BPeize and Io d evlop
intirventiana hard un th. Chrnin (a're Modlc to
address ibues orf'qualitv of cre dntified iU hlOt1N
fa opiU isU iccilThe. Citi~uic
Topin discusral iIclulelud. ThQ CQnunic Care

Tflt iiiI0. df Liftiuoji ui] Didbmu Conuoal
L'Ie role of ducati o and self can mL diabetes
A 5iuMiLIi OfCliiUnIV DhiaS Clmt
Sir l ie br IJmprovnig Diatbet t'r
ConluiUmitlt onl Itericlventions foir imprlv'in

P4HOi HO tnaui;
Repwrenfdrw, Dr. BeIeref Barertf.
Vifmtufr of Hardt, na.. Parli
Ma,ii ami Db'eer ofHeaii
S1iiin-s Dr. M44*4 Pmay

1' h1
SMin i'~lrv ol'
ltHalth in its
cF tjnr o
c frforis Lto
provide a
comuprleh n-
tfjvc oervICW
of' its perfbr-
mran ccaRwll
.rt. FPabM M mTriA,
as evidence
uL ldas in lr-
Lmaion thar cai, be u1ed rt monitor and
ciahateout health systau has prisoduc
prli cy dx LnnurLiirTarinv it d il frrn L
poaramnle areas..
T"ics do(, mcntm scrv~ ae a pui(lc
to our health planners, programme
TTinatirTH and Ltllter >uuuia 1 lt;lor
partners as weC. strive to achiee better
health for all Delizeana. These include


Illl abra
Th. wauish up wa fuiliul da by iul tminuLiul and lcud tllIah sLi pAovidas,
[It rlate d ews. tie Minister of Heaolh, HoiL Pablo Main officially launched ti e 'Belize
NaTional C'nmm iwinn on Nmon-Cm mn unicah1c rDiscae.c' TI n( ITVET Cunfelerue. Rmuit. Bdlize City. The fuumaldiun Mf Lhe BC.NCD i iM keeping with dt
Minist'ry' cmmiimnen tpo the health and welln=ss nf Iihe people of lIliie.
Thn LoiC an04 fMuidtOL oef 1ht Collnlliujoii inlUotid; Adviis ttl; Mi uae of Hcalld on
No* i ;nmmlunieabAi l )iSam (NI.:1.W).polic.ieo ar I ln ilation
En urc that apprnipriatc policiCe and guidclinc are put in plaec for di- prcvcntion
0roi conuo] of XCD risk factors Mid tbit iiemanogaeiiit ofi NCDs.
Ad~voate for continuous ruviiun and implenimlaioun f legislaLion enbidying the
National PoLicv o NCDC.
Imoaur a rnulti-scctoral approach ta dr a dr nigi thc WNlk) cpildc ni.
Mtiiblhip v. I w BCNCD ,Yill ;uV1Lpiipi of 16 prie ,JVtLativ.; mitl ha.allh iheltWl
NGO& ~ad other key tPlklholdern.
The C',lnrr isMiiV will chai-: d ;l :Iby IJi,. Tj. Dirc i o iallt11h S' rvii:cs.

Hfelth fiir on the 19th Finiruu' 2010 at CoIoza] CCetratl Piak. Thi fsir had
parLicipatiitn fromn lte follo1wing deparlcnlis anil iniliutiions:
Health Huimanan Seviesi
-Rid C.oss 1NT)AC
Polk Agri maitne
-Yoult grup Womin grutm p
Roli~ion group Cancer Society
ocial Security E4ucation L)partment
-WiomenI Departlmmt nF.4
On 26th F:hrufly In augurat ion c rarion iei betwvtn PReli7ti'Mexico was held at
ChielumLal Qinland Roo Tr Bi-nalkonal aIIslth Week BIeiz ['t.dxo which vwa
celebrated fiomn 27thi Fbruary wt 5th March 2010 witith the Thene: CULDALOS,
QI nRRIX) ,S. VACT, KA r.OsV.-'Vami nation rwHTNI Van cint forall oacntial wwrkarF
waa hed from 18th 2th february 2010 group arc Healtfh Worker, Customs,
Irmmigrautimn. BrdiRrManagemina fl AA, Palio, BDPF and D'MO.

The lMinistry ofH kcIaihin co llcJboration with he MUnal.lIIedth ConsLLncre
Association hosleda workshop for paltiets .ndd hzcir families on Fobruav 17,
2011) at the II VH I in San Ignncio Ibrwn.Preisetations on social security
hbncfits, lndcrstainding mental illnc?. th r malc oftlic (Ominkxirman andthe Mental
IIaltkAssociation and the useof compliance medication was discussed. The
goal of the workshop was to increase patients' awarness on the reosotoes
ava.ilaleto the in Ii thefr comnminuity.


Tie Milnistry ofl'Halit has kig ried on
t a partnr hip framaw~wrk doen om t to
support the implcmenittion of the Ccjtral
American Reginal I JITVAIDS rrspioive wiLth
the LS Go'vernment. '1i& intuitive is port of
a Tv,.i;rmal ;I;t;.a.v kli A cn by tl I h ScvenL
CepnIrl Ameninc n alm rie\In Ihal iul J all nw
for ftindinlg coming hrou. h PEPFLR In
rupport ofraginnal ini tiva .C fr HTV/- F .T. Ilr.
Ihe signing f ttia frameiework aa k
) I'urthr at aren at tLII 5 yeaw ralegy (201 0-2 15) In ji in lly impilrrmeI regi on al goa
to reduce tranmmission of lly and to minunize thle negative impacts on the people of
the (Central American Region. TIle document was signed as part ofa COM[SCA
mrtlinu hdd ( i Marvh 3', 2'10 in Sa&m J, ,Cusla R;k and wii(hin ihw wvC;.kolwln. ixijh
CONCASIDA mluetiag held during iaant s~ale we'k.
Signing hla da uLimrnonl. were rul"praCi.liivl R V f tiC IVh initr vl' rHcalilh ol Ithc
seen Central Anm-icaan countries and thi US Ambassador to Costa Rica. II.E. Anne
Andrews. Signing m bhbal orLf Ihe Minialtv ofI Halth, Givirriiri ent w Bli/ W wasl
Dircclor o th1 Natioial H-TV/ATI Tigranmmn, Dr. Marvin Manr.ancro.


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March 22- April 20
The coming week is not just
about work and finances but also
about personal relationships. You
could have a wonderful time
with loved ones and even sort out
some old relationships that had
gone sour. The success of your
efforts depends on how well you
handle sensitive issues. Lucky
Numbers: 03, 18, 88.

April 21 to May 21
You are poised to make some
radical decisions especially at
work. To others it may seem that
you are making some really
doubtful choices but even as you
take on initial trouble, the move
may work in your favour. Travel
is likely and so are some legal
wrangles. Lucky Numbers: 07,
35, 67.

May 22 to June 21
Make sure that you keep your
health in good shape as you'll be
required to pay equal attention
to work as well as family.
Handle young people, especially
children with sensitivity. You
could seek out additional sources
of income or may start taking
your hobby more seriously.
Lucky Numbers: 09, 24, 48.

June 22 to July 23
The pressure at work builds up.
There are targets, expectations of
superiors and you have from
yourself that need to be met. You
could get tensed, which will
drain you out and spoil your
relationship with loved ones, as
you fail to make time for them.
Lucky Numbers: 05, 51, 73.

July '24 to August 21
This week, you are bubbling
with excitement and energy. You
draw up plans to be executed in
the near future. It could have you
exploring possibilities of higher
education and deeper research
into your areas of interest. Your
sincerity is likely to earn you a
favour with higher authorities.
Lucky Numbers: 04, 33, 96.

S August 22 to
September 21
The coming week
brings greater closeness and
camaraderie between loved
ones. Successful travel is also
indicated. It's a good week
for you as it engages you in
constructive work. The only
word of caution is not to lose
your head with all the joy or else
you might just make an
mistake somewhere.Lucky
Numbers: 14, 62, 95.

September 22 to
October 23
Matters related to finance and
interpersonal relationships come
to fore. You will have to work
out ways to resolve a legal
matter or negotiate terms of a
deal. This involves a lot of work.
Therefore, keep a balanced head
on your shoulders to tackle it all.
Be cautious while driving.
Lucky Numbers: 28, 64, 80.

15 October 24 to
November 21
Be ready to deal with lots of
challenges. To add to it, legal
matters and short distance travel.
This phase requires you to

handle the mess you are in with
dignity. Close family and
relatives will also try your
patience. Just find time to relax
your nerves and handle it all
well. Lucky Numbers: 22, 47,

SNovember 22 to
December 21
You keep your focus on
strengthening bonds with people.
You may even sit back and
reconsider interactions with
family members. There are
indications of romance or a
pleasant social interaction. Some
of you may even consider
marriage. Avoid an impulsive
decision. Lucky Numbers: 02,
40, 54.

December 22 to
January 20
Now that harmony has been
restored at home and your
extended family has been
given enough attention, you
channel all your resources
towards additional revenue
generating sources. Health will

need to be taken care of as
money matters may have a
negative effect on you. Lucky
Numbers: 08, 27, 84.

January 21 to
February 19
You will strive towards
becoming a more balanced
individual in the eyes of people
around you rather than coming
across as headstrong. This will
reflect in your decisions, as
you opt for the softer and 'less
stern' options. Celebrations at
home are indicated.Lucky
Numbers: 10, 42, 86.

February 20 to
March 21
You acquire a more stable and
a practical outlook. The reason
for the stability could be a new
person who brings about the
change within you. This
balanced approach and genial
interactions with family and at
work enhance harmony in your
surrounding. This week is going
to be pleasant. Lucky Numbers:
19, 45, 57.

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Public Notice

The Elections and Boundaries Commission, in accordance with Part II, Sections 6 and Part VI, Section 35 of the
Village Councils Act, Chapter 88 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, hereby release the official schedule for
Village/Community Council Elections 2010.

In all villages nomination opens at 9o00 a.m. and closes at 1000 a.m.

* Denotes Poll closes at 5:00 p.m.

** Denoted Poll closes at 3:00 p.m. In all other villages poll closes at 1:00

APRIL 25 MAY 16 MAY 23 MAY 30 JUNE 6

Caluillti Coniiurnity Center SiitPcd.io* Cnimtimunity Ceater Sualneja* RC Sfoix,-l ChanLux* Cotuiituaity Cenlns LiberaiJ* CouiXntluIly Ceital
Ranchito* Community Center Cnsto Rey* RC School Concepcion* Comnninty Center Progresso* Community Center Caledoia* RC School
San Joaquirn Cotniminity Center San Ro aln Cont nity Center San Victor* RC School San Narciso* Comnumity Center
Carolina Health Post Santa Clara* RC School San Andres* Corrnunity Center Paraiso* Government School
Louisville" RC School Xaibe* Conrnmity Center Buena Vista* RC School
Patchakan' Community Center San Antonio Cominunity Center Copper Bank RC School
Chan Chen* School Consejo Church Estrella Budna's Residence
Yo Chen Comni nity Center


San Jose* Primary School Trial Farm* Primary School Carmelita* Communitv Center Guinea Grass* RC School San Lazaro* RC School
San Pablo" Commuiuty Cter Sa Estea C Center Sn Ese Ct Cent Chan Pine Ridge"* Govei meant School San Felip* School Yo Creek" Community Center
Doilas** Comrnmituy Center Palmar* Community Center Santa Martha Gvemenict School August Pine Ridge' Govt School Trinidad" School
Nuevo San Juan Prmary School San Antonio* Community Center Tower Hill Jim's Cool Pool Indian Church School Fire Bum Govt School
San Luis Prmary School San Caries (CC) Govt Schoo
San Roman Community Center
Santa Cruz Comnunity Carter


Caye Caulker* RC School Burrel Boom* Community Center Hatheville* Gioverrment School Ladyville* Communty Center
Bemidian Lading" Multi-Purpose Builadng Lt a eancacia*" Community Center Biscayne Government ScWool Maskall* Comtninty Center
Double Head Cabbage Community Center Freeton Sibnm Community Center Gardenia Community enter Crooked Tree** Community Center
Flowers Bank Conmiutuaty Center Gales Point Conmiun-ty Center May Pen Mount 'Ver~ i SDASchool Bomba Pentecostal Church
Isabella Bank Comnmmnity Center Gracie Rock Youth Cadl Center Mahogany Heights Anglican Primary School Boston Adventist Church
Rancho Dolores RC School St. George's Caye Pleasure Is. Resort Corozahto Communty Center
Scotland Half Moon Conmurity Center Lucky Strike Conmmuity Center
St. Pau's Bank RC School Rockstone Pond Community Center
WAllows Bank Comutiumty Center Santana Commumlty Center
Lcmonal Comrmnity Center St. Annr Community Center
8 Mls Conmmuty 8 Miles Diner
Sand Hill* Comtanuty Center
Lords Bank* Community Center

APRIL 25 MAY 16 MAY 23 MAY 30

Eperlmara* CcWntnmmity lCeter Roarina Cieek" Pfinary School Santa Familia* Ctnmiinmity Center Sniccotz* Cancha
Valley of Peace' Commtnity Center Camalote* Comrmity Center Bullet Tree* RC School Annemia* Commmuity Center
Unitedville*" Coimmunity Center Teakettle* Con~mulity Center Arenal* Health CenAer SL Margaret RC S-hool
El Progresso"* Coi Itmnity Center San Antonio* Cominaity Celter Calla Creek"* Conmunity Center San Marcos RC School
Blackman Eddy Community Center Cnsto Rey* Community Center Cotton Tree** Comunitv Center Selena Government School
Buena Vista New School Building Duck Run I Colnrtum ty Center St Matthews*" RC School Lo Tanibos Government School
_____ _Duck Run II Comnrmity Center Franks Eddy RC School Duck Run III Commitity Center
MAY 9 Blly White Colnnumaty Center More Tomorrow RC School
Ontario Coirninity Celter Yalbac RC School
ceorgeville** Community Center La Cracia Government C/C
Santa Teresita Comnmuity Center


Independence* Independence RC Prnmriy School Placencia* Community Center Alta Vista Conunmunity Center Pomona*4" Mulb-Purpos Building
Red BurInk* Cuiutnntly CeiIa Hopkins* Holy Faiiily S4lchol Hunin:lll rd Cuoniiunluity Cen i nter" Hope Ci1lek Couultinity Cei[in
San Juan (Cowpen"*) Comrmurnity Center Santa Cruz* Hernandez Bunlding Middlesex Middlesex KC School New Mullns River Commumty Center
Maya Mopan Mui-Pirpose Bmlding Seine Bight"* RC School Steadfast Conummity Center Sarawee Coinunmity Celtel
GCeoretown Cultural Building Maya Center Community Center Vlley Commurity Community Center
Red BanlkSn nRoman Connmunitv Center Silk Grass CommunSty Ceter C
Santa Rosa Cormunity Center Sittec River Methodist School

Page 10 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperigmail.com Sunday, April 4, 2010
The accused appeared before
Security Guard Charge For Carnal Knowledge San Ignacio s Magistrate Anna
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, the police station where the parts. The child further informed Rachel Montejo on Monday,
Monday, March 29, 2010: mother reported to police that that on at least two previous March 29, 2010, where a single
The life of a 33 year old shortly after 11:00 pm that night occasions the man had sexual carnal knowledge charge was
security guard/former policeman she returned home from work. intercourse with her. read to him. No plea was taken
was radically changed at around She told the police that she The mother and child were as the matter is slated for trial in
11:30 pm on Friday, March 26, knocked on the door and whilst escorted to the San Ignacio the Supreme Court. The accused
2010, when he was hauled into waiting for it to be opened, she Community Hospital where the was remanded to the Central
the San Ignacio police station reportedly peeped through a Medical Officer on duty certified Prison in Hattieville until
and later slapped with a carnal crack in the door and saw some no evidence of actual recent Tuesday, June 29, 2010.
knowledge charge allegedly suspicious movements. She said sexual intercourse. The exami- In an effort to protect the
committed against his 8 year old that when questioned, the child nation revealed however that the child's identity we are publish-
step daughter, allegedly told her that the hymen was not intact thereby ing neither the name nor the
The mother and child visited accused was fondling her private indicating prior sexual activity, photograph of the accused.


Big Falls* Community Center SanAntonio* Community Center San Pedro Colombia* Community Center Bella Vista* RC School
Boom Creek RC School San Jose** School Corazon Creek Conmunity Center Bladen (CC) Fabian Cayetano RC
Cattle Landing Community Center Barranco Community Center Dolores School Monkey River School
Elridgeville Community Center Conejo Creek School Otoxha Community Center Punta Negra Anglican School
Forest Home Community Center Crique Sarco School San Lucas School Trio Anglican School
Santa Ana Community Center Midway School Golden Stream Community Center Jacintoville Primary School
Aguacate Community Center Sunday Wood Community Center Indian Creek Community Center Laguna Community Center
Blue Creek Community Center Crique Jute Community Center Medina Bank Community Center San Felipe Community Center
Jordan School Jalacte Community Center San Miguel Community Center San Marcos Community Center
Mabil Ha School Naluum Ca School Silver Creek Community Center San Pablo Community Center
Mafredi Community Center Puebo Viejo Community Center Yemer Grove RC School
San Benito Poite Community Center San Vicente Community Center Toledo Christian Academy
Santa Teresa Community Center Santa Cruz Community Center
Santa Elena Community Center
________ _________ ______ __________


Super Store

Western Highway, Santa Elena Town, Cayo
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Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town, Cayo
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a' a NEWS

Belize Hosts Sports Author and Writer

Sport Jornalist and author Michael Sandrock is currently In Belze. Mr. Sandrock is the sports editor for the Colorado Daily Newspaper and a
freelance writer for the Daily Camera Newspaper and The Running Times magazine among others. As a serious, long time runner he is also AX C E
the founder of the"Shoes for Afica" project where runners donate new and used running shoes and clothes for underprivileged athletes in l
several countries worldwide.
Storm endsK
With a circulation of 116.426, the Running Times magazi n looks to inform, entertain and inspire serious runners with its insightful cc rant : .
The Daily Camera Is a daily newspaper published for the residents of Boulder CO. and holds a circulation of 29,151,
After his arrival to Belize City Mr. Sandrock's itinerary will whisk him off to the Cayo district where he will visit the archeological site of
Xunantunich and then stop by the Lodge at Chaa Creek for lunch and a tour of the B utterfly Farm and Natural History Center. The last stop on
his itinerary will take him to San Pedrofor an afternoon snorkeling tour
Apart from Ms destination piece, Mr. Sandrock Is coved ng a story about volunteers traveling to Bellze to donate running shoes to local athletes and facilitate a
run forth Specal Olympics through his Shoes forAfrica" project,

The Belize Tourism Board announces winner for the "Clean Schools Competition"

Last year, as part of the BT's local public awareness campaign entitled "I am Belize'" "Clean Schools Competition" was launched The campaign is an Initiative of the BTB and has
the participation of representatives from STIA, BHA and other Interested private sector partners.
Last November a total of thirteen schools from across the country registered to compete in the "Clean Schools Con peitkion"
and the BTB visited all the participating schools for judging. The Judging criteria were: general cleanliness. Individual
classrooms, bathroom facilities, before and after pictures to show the progress of the school and general beautifcation
efforts among others.
Yesterday the BTB presented the Burrell Boom Methodist School with a plaque and a
cheque for $7,500 worth of school equipment and so recognizing them as the winners of
the "IAm Belia, Clean School Competitio".The school communists work paid off as tey i
all worked towards thea bttement of their buildings and compound in n effort to make it a n
nicer environment to leam in. The school's effort isan example to allabout how individuals
cometogethirasa groupand can make difference,
The "I Am Belzo" campaign seeks to sensillze and educate Belizeans on how their
individual actions impact the country's image.
Apart from he "Clean Schools Competlalln". the "I Am Belizl" Campaign also carried out ('rom rigl to kIf Mnis tr Herdii with
other activities such as the "I Am Belize" logo con petition and the "Singing of th National Ir. Of ProDut reveropment. Mrs .Lura Esqulei Framptlrn
IAnthe om opetlitlon". fPincpal Me. Thfm Otlver and Aiiudenu or
Minister Hr~ i wit~ Ahl urrcll Boon Mdrtdiht School.
School principal Mr. Tthmas Olivr

Belize showcased as a Wedding and Honeymoo Destination in Puero Rico

For the very first time Belize was able to say 'preent at the Caribbean Bridal Expo and Marketplace. From Saturday
March 27th to Sunday the 28th San Juan Puerto Rico was the place to be at as over 12,000 visitors and 450 wedding
professionals came together for this magnum event. Representing the Belize Tourism Board were Marketing Officers
Melecia Banks and Michelle Bowers.
With over ten years of experience the Caribbean Bridal Expo has managed to place itself as the greatest and most
influential bridal market in the Caribbean. The CBE seeks to connect an audience of serious buyers and sellers of
wedding planning and services The Bridal Expo's aim is to get under one roof, all the Information, tips, services and
advice couples, event planners and industry suppliers In the United States and the Caribbean Islands need to put
together that big day. With that in mind, thousands of soon- to -be wed couples made their way to the Puerto Rico
Convention Center to access over 450 exhibitors showcasing wedding services and destinations with everything they
would needforthir wedding, and honeymoon.
While at the Caribbean Bridal Expo the BTB hosted Innumerable couples seeking Information on the destination and -
honeymoon opportunities, locales and packages. In addition, the BTB had the opportunity to meet with a few wedding
planners who specialize in destination weddings and sought Belize as an ideal destination. Belize has the opportunity to
develop new markets as a versatile, year-rond destination that can cater to different expectations especially for those seeking a unique experience for that big day or that prefect,
romantic honeymoon.

Belize Showcased as a premier dive destination in New Jersey

Belize was highlighted in Secaucus. New Jersey this weekend, at one of North America's largest consumer, scuba diving, and travel exposition,
Beneaththe Sea 2010.
This year Be neath the Sea saw approximately 40 exhibitors from all corners of the world as well as 70 plus seminars and workshops by specialists
and experts. The show also saw diving demonstrations, exotic destination presentations, social events, an International Film Festival on Saturday
evening, product demonstrations, and workshops designed to entertain, Inform and incite all dive enthusiasts from the experienced diver to th
new diver and even the non diver.
The show opened with a special session for the Trade allowing for an intimate meeting with exhibitors before the Saturday and Sunday rush that
saw thousands of dive enthusiasts from New York, New Jersey and neighboring states clamoring to the Meadowlands Exposition Center for
information on the dive industry.
Research Indicates Bellte's marine attractions rank as the highest motivational factor fortravel to Belize. With the second largest barrier reef in the
world and three of thefour coral atoll in the Caribbean, this was an importantshow to showcase Beliza's niche dive market,
Beneath the Sea is a "not-for-profit" public service, membership organization dedicated to educating the public about the oceans of the world and the preservation of the marine
environment. It asoeaffords the public the opportunty to meetthe destinations and explore thetravel and tourim opportunitiesasthey considertheirvacaton options.
Representing the Belire Tourism Board ware Mr. NeilBradley, Board Memberand Mr. Alvaro Ramnilrez Hotel inspector.

Page 12 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, April 4, 2010


The Tell-Tale Clock

Anthony was invited out for a
night with the guys.
He told his wife that he
would be home by midnight. "I
promise!" he said before walking
out the door.
Well, the hours passed quickly
and the beers were tasting so
At a few minutes to 3 am, drunk
as a skunk, Anthony headed for
Just as he got inside the door,
the cuckoo clock in the hall started
up and cuckooed three times.
Quickly, he realized his wife
would probably wake up, so he
cuckooed another 9 times.
The Best Guard Dog
Sam and George owned a store
in San Ignacio.
The store has been burglarized
several times in recent months
and Sam decided to buy a guard
Shopping for one, Sam found
a man selling dogs at the market
last Saturday morning. The sign
boasted, The Best Guard Dogs
That Money Will Buy.
He approached the man and to
his disappointment, all the dogs
were Pot Lickers'
"Excuse me ", Sam said to the
man, "Your sign says you sell
guard dogs. Where are they?"
The man, an elderly Chinese,
replied, "Oh, but these are
highly trained guard dogs.
They all know karate."
"Yeah Right!. "exclaimed Sam.
"I'll show you", said the man.
He took one of the dogs out and
put it in front of a cement brick.
The dog stood absolutely still.
The man gave a command,
"Karate! Brick!"
In complete astonishment,
Sam saw the dog perform a
perfect karate chop, splitting the
brick in half. Totally amazed, he
bought the dog and took it to the
He showed the guard dog to
George, who thought he was
completely mad and told him to
return it immediately.
"But, he is a trained guard
dog." protested Sam
"Yeah, sure!" responded

Sam put the dog on the floor
and said, "He knows karate!!"
With a sneer George shouted,
"Karate! My Foot!"
George will be released from the
hospital in a few week's time.

He was really proud of
himself for having such a rapid
solution to escape a possible
The next morning his wife
asked, "What time you get in
"At the stroke of midnight,"
responded Anthony.
The wife didn't seem
disturbed at all and so Anthony
thought he had gotten away with
that one until the wife continued.
"We needed a new cuckoo
clock" said the wife.
When Anthony asked her why
she said, "Well, last night it
cuckooed 3 times, then said, 'Oh
crap,' it cuckooed 4 more times,
cleared its throat, cuckooed
another 3 times, giggled,
cuckooed twice and then


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Sunday, April 4, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 13


Hon. Erwin ontreras
El Comit e Divisioal
de Cayo Oeste

Les desea a todo residentes de
Benque Viejo del Carmen, San Jose Succotz,
Arenal y Calla Creek

%na etz y eidc4 eeeracinc
de Seinwa Santa/

Page 14 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspapergmail.com Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boledo/Lottery Vendor Robbed Again cooperating with the police. He
was formally arrested and
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, in cash. The man grabbed the charged for conspiracy to
Monday, March 22, 2010: bag, ran a short distance away commit robbery.
We are, on a third occasion, re- and boarded a waiting blue/grey He appeared in San Ignacio
porting another robbery committed Ipickup truck with San Ignacio/ Magistrate Court on Monday,
against boledo/lottery vendor Santa Elena license plates March 22, 2010, where he
Godfrey Tillett, 65, father of the number C-01163. pleaded not guilty of the crime
Police Officer, 2nd in command of Rapid response on the part of and was remanded to prison un-
the Orange Walk (Police) District, San Ignacio Police resulted in the til Tuesday, April 27, 2010.
Inspector Selvin Tillett. spotting of the vehicle near the A few days later, the victim's
Police reports that shortly after ferry leading into the Mennonite black bag, containing personal
9:00 am on Sunday, March 21, community of Spanish Lookout. documents and the few pieces of
2010, Godfrey Tillett, of a New The Victim Before the police could approach tools he carries to repair the
Area address in Santa Elena Town, Godfrey Tillett, 65 the pickup truck, the passenger, motorcycle he rides, was found,
was standing in the yard of Cecil assailant reportedly pointed suspected to be the robber, by a farm worker, in a nearby
Myvett in Esperanza Village, Cayo, the gun at the victim and de- jumped out of the vehicle and orange orchard in Esperanza
attending to a customer when he manded that he hand over the escaped into nearby bushes. Village. Police strongly suspect
was reportedly approached by a bag he was carrying. The driver, identified as that the assailant might have
male person with a short gun in his Fearing for his life, the Joseph Gentle, 23, Belizean taken the cash and lottery books
hand. The assailant was reportedly victim handed over his black laborer residing in Esperanza out of the bag, hurled it over the
wearing matching brown shirt and bag reportedly containing 4 was detained and transported to fence into the orange orchard
pants. He reportedly had a black lottery books, valued at the San Ignacio Police station, before proceeding to the area
warm cap on his head and a pair of 880 dollars along with Sources close to the investiga- near the ferry where the driver
black sunglasses on his face. The approximately 300 dollars tion informed that Gentle is not was apprehended.

The Social Security Board (SSB) a Board incorporated under the Laws of Belize with its registered office at Bliss Parade, Belmopan, hereby
gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee between those hereinafter named and the same Mortgagee which mortgages
are recorded at the Land's Title Unit, Belmopan City and the said Mortgagees will at the expiration of two (2) months from the date of this
publication of this notice sell the properties described in the Schedule hereto.

All offers to purchase the said properties must be made in writing addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Social Security Board, P.O.
Box 18, Belmopan City.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land being Parcel No. 2800, Block No. 20 situate in Belmopan Registration Section Cayo District being
at No. 19 Altun Ha Street, Piccini Area Belmopan, Registration Section Belmopan, Parcel No. 2800, Block No. 20, being a bungalow house of
reinforced concrete, fenced, situate at No. 19 Altun Ha Street, Piccini Area, Belmopan and being the freehold property of Jacqueline Wagner.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land being Parcel No. 2813, Block No. 20 situate in Belmopan Registration Section, Cayo District being
at No. 15 Lubantun Street, Piccini Area Belmopan, Registration Section Belmopan, Parcel No. 2813, Block No. 20, being a bungalow house
of reinforced concrete, fenced, situate at No. 15 Lubantun Street, Piccini Area, Belmopan and being the freehold property of Melva Garbutt.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land comprising 8,000.00 sq. ft. and forming part of the property known as Otro Benque situate in
Orange Walk and numbered Lot No. 193 on a plan made by H.C. Fairweather, Chartered Land Surveyor and dated 2nd August, 1978 and
recorded in the Surveyor's Plan Book No. 7 at folio 143 a copy of which is attached hereto. Together with all buildings, erections and
developments standing and being thereon, the freehold property of Cynthia Singh.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land situate on the North Side of the Town of Stann Creek on Commerce Street and being the Lot No.
81 on the Official Plan of Stann Creek. Together with all buildings, erections and developments standing and being thereon, the freehold property
of Augustine Liu.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land being Lot No. 7(739.641 Square Meters) situate in New Site, Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District
and bounded as shown on Plan No.449 of 2000 and lodged at the Office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys, Belmopan being the freehold
property of Cynthia Ellis.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land being Lot No. 674 situate in the Luisiana Farm Extension Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk
District and bounded as shown on Plan No. 1968 at the Office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys, Belmopan. Together with all buildings,
erections and developments standing and being thereon, the leasehold property of Francis Sanchez.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land being Lot No. 8424 situate in the San Martin De Porres Area, Belize City, Belize District bounded
and described as shown in a Minister's Fiat Lease No. 1555 of 2000 and recorded at the Land Titles Unit in Belmopan. Together with all buildings,
erections and developments standing and being thereon, the leasehold property of Lucilla Bailey.

ALL THAT PIECE OR PARCEL of land being Lot No. 8282 situate in the St. Martin de Porres Area, Belize City, Belize District bounded
and described as shown in a Minister's Fiat Lease No. 274 of 1996 dated September 17, 1996 and recorded at the Land Titles Unit in Belmopan.
Together with all buildings, erections and developments standing and being thereon, (being an incomplete concrete structure and lot situate at the
corner Cumberbatch Street and Mckay Boulevard, St. Martin de Porres, Belize City the leasehold property of Rosemarie Flowers.

Sunday, April 4, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 15

El Alcalde

Ruiz y El

la municipalidad de Benque Viejo de

Extende sus mejores deseos

para una agradable



bendicida celebracion

de Semana Santa 2010.


i. '--'


a t4L


m~ ad
deie aj'dd&vsmen
(we Vwpej dee &wuen




Page 16 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cock Fighting In 'he Municipal 'air
Dear Editor, but maybe you already know
I heard that they will be more.
having a cock fight at the Easter Thanks a lot,
Fair. Author's Name Withheld as we
Unfortunately I don't have very were not sure if she wanted her
much more information, but name published
maybe you can research a bit ED NOTE:
more, if you are interested. Yes we heard the announced
The organizing committee "Cock Fight" on the radio ad
obviously have permission from for the fair.
to do it. We sought guidence on this
I cannot understand how
they could give permission to C
something so awful.
I am not sure how to proceed R E TA LS
from here, but I think it is very
inhumane and it sends out a TEL: 824-2222
wrong message to the people
who do dog fights (which is even We Are The #1 Supplier
more horrible). For The Rental Of ALL
All in all I think it gives a very The Chairs, Tables &
Tents Vou Need For
bad impression for the town Any Ocassion.
Any Ocassion.
itself to allow this. We Are Offering The
Most of all I am concerned BEST Prices In Town!
about the roosters getting
themselves killed so people can -W-l
have '"fun is just wrong. S i
Please, can you write
something on this topic? I don't
have enough background i a aco w.
information to make a statement,

matter from the police and advertisement on the radio.
Inspector Dinsdale Thompson, He said that the act is illegal
the officer 2nd in Command of and that he will accordingly
San Ignacio Police, confirmed advise the Mayor and the
having likwise heard the Fair's Organizing Committee.
Rob Is Coming To Town And Hopefully

To The Pages
Dear Editor;
My name is Robert Wheeler.
I am a psychotherapist and
educator who will be moving to
your lovely Cayo in May.
I wonder if your paper would
be interested in an occasional
articles involving psychology,
parenting, substance abuse, etc.
Perhaps a regular column with
I look forward to hearing

whether this idea interests you.
Best regards,
Rob Wheeler
Welcome to Cayo. Sounds
like you are coming with some
positive contributions.
We certainly look forward to
accommodating your column.

The Belize Bank Limited hereby informs the general public that its branches countrywide will be
closing at 1pm on Thursday, April 11t, 2010. Branches countrywide will also be closed for
business from Friday, April 2ndthrough Monday April 5th, 2010.

We will reopen for business on
Tuesday, April 6"h, 2010 at 8 am.

For everyday banking transactions, please use our ATMs
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The Belize Bank Limited takes this opportunity
wish its customers and all Belizeans a

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Products to Grow With
P.O. Box 566, Belize City, Belize C.A., 7 1/2 Mies Western highway
Phone: (501) 223-5410, 223-5392, 223-5384
Fax:. (501) 222-5548, 223-0653
EmaiI prosserfertilizer@gmaiCcom -prosser@6tC.net
Belize City Orange Walk Corozal Town
71 North Front St. 3 George St. 7th Ave. South End
223-5599 322-2915 422-3584
Belmopan Santa Elena Town Big Creek
4181 Forest Drive Western Highway Big Creek Rd.
822-2460 824-2460 523-2375

Relocation Notice

The Management of Prosser Fertilizer informs the General Public that with
effect from Thursday, April 1, 2010 our outlet will be relocated from West Street
in San Ignacio Town to Rod Allen's Hardware Building on the Western
Highway in Santa Elena Town, Cayo.
We look forward to continue providing you with the same high
quality of oods and Services from our new location.
le afe is a porfuni to wisl
Affour many fait4 u(Cwstomers k oFrienafd
A fap&y ani& afe Zaster /o~hy.

Page 18 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coleman Convicted I
Monday, March 29, 2010:
He was arrested and charged
for the November 3, 2007 bur-
glary of a church in San Ignacio.
He was accused of making off
with a musical keyboard and a
sound mixer. A few days later he
walked out of court, on bail,
never again to return to face the
It was shortly after 8:00 am,
almost 29 months ago, on the
morning of Saturday November Ryan Coleman, 25
3, 2007 when Lionel Fuentes, Ignacio visited the police station
Pastor of Life Ministries Church and reported that his church was
on Joseph Andrews Drive in San broken into and that a grey,

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Inn & Out

Open: Monday to Sunday

Located left hand side before turning into the wooden
BRIDGE, Santa Elena Cayo, Belize, Central America



The Belize Bank Limited hereby informs the general
public that effective April 1, 2010 the
Belize Bank Airport Branch will no longer be
open for business on Sundays.

Our hours of operation
Monday to Saturday are:
8:30am to 1pm, and 2pm to 4pm.

For everyday banking transactions,
please use our ATM machines available
24hrs a day, 7 days a week, your
Belize Bank VISA Debit Card or credit cards,
or visit us online at www.belizebank.com.

The Belize Bank Limited apologizes
for any inconvenience caused.

n Absentia
Yamaha brand, electronic key-
board, valued at $2,000 along
with a 16 channel, grey and
black, PV brand, sound mixer,
valued at $1,800 were missing.
Police visited the scene and
observed that entry was gained
by the removal of four wooden
louvers from a one of the win-
dows on the side of the build-
ing. One of the louvers was
found leaning against the wall
just below the window while the
remaining 3 were found around
the comer of the building, also
leaning against the wall.
The louvers were found with
clear finger print impressions
and they were brought to the
police station for further exami-
nation by the Scenes of Crime
Technician. The prints were
lifted and were found with char-
acteristics similar to those on file
belonging to one Ryan Coleman.
Investigators obtained a
search warrant and proceeded to
Coleman's residence at #17
Minerva Lane in San Ignacio
Town where they found the
Yamaha keyboard and the PV
brand sound mixer. The recov-
ery of the items led to the arrest
of Ryan Coleman 23 at the


time, now 25 years of age on a
single burglary charge. He
pleaded not guilty to the charge.
He was offered and met bail and
has since failed to show up in
Despite his absence, the trial
proceeded in absentia. The pros-
ecution closed its case before
Magistrate Anna Rachel
Montejo on Monday, March 29,
Magistrate Montejo ruled that
the accused was guilty as
charged. She ordered the pay-
ment of $1,000 court fine. In
default of making the payment
by April 30, the convicted bur-
glar would spend one year injail.
The keyboard and the sound
mixer have since been returned
to the church.

Notice is hereby given that, in
accordance with the Intoxicating
Liquor License Ordinace, Chapter
150 of the Laws of Belize, Revised
Edition 2000, MIGUEL
PADILLA is applying for a
LICENCE for the year 2010 to
LOUNGE located in the Cahal
Pech Area of San Ignacio Town,
Cayo District.


eCau u at.: 824-2959
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Happy Easter Holiday!!!

g 20 R
-Plu Lage Prin Are AtBac

Sunday, April 4, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 19


Hector Jeovanni Pech, 29,
Belizean driver of a Benque
Viejo Town address.
The driver of the Isuzu
pickup truck was identified as
Rafael Caranza, 22, Belizean
farmer of a Bullet Tree Falls
Village address. He was
reportedly traveling in the
company of two passengers.
The Ford Escort car was
driven by Victor Moreno, 50,
Belizean, Air Traffic Control
Officer working at the
Phillip Goldson International
Airport with the Civil Aviation
Department of the Government
of Belize. Moreno, residing with
his family in the village of
Unitedville, was driving in the
company of his common-law-
wife of 20 years, Leticia Marva
Garcia, 46, Belizean domestic,
seated in the front passenger seat
and the couple's 12 year old son
seated in the back seat of the car.
Within minutes of the
accident, two ambulances from
the Spanish Lookout Branch of
the Belize Emergency Rescue
Team (BERT) arrived on the

scene. Leticia is reported to have
died almost on impact from
severe head and body injuries
while Victor Moreno and his son
were placed in one ambulance
and rushed to the Western
Regional Hospital in Belmopan
where Moreno was treated and
released while the son, suffering
from a broken right leg, was
transported to the Karl Heusner
Memorial Hospital where he is
slated to undergo surgery.
Rafael Caranza was placed
inside the other ambulance and
also transported to the Western
Regional Hospital where he was
treated and released into the
hands of the police.
The body of the Leticia Marva
Garcia was removed from the
scene and transported to the
morgue at the San Ignacio
Community Hospital where it
was officially pronounced dead.
While, they await the results
of a urine sample from Rafael
Caranza, San Ignacio Police
nonetheless proceeded to lay
five charges against him as
follows: i) Manslaughter by
negligence, ii) Causing death by

careless conduct, iii) Drove
motor vehicle without due care
and attention and iv) Negligent
grievous harm upon Victor
Moreno and v) Negligent
grievous harm upon Moreno's
12 year old son.
Caranza appeared before San
Ignacio's Magistrate, Anna
Rachel Montejo, on Monday,
March 29, 2010, where the
charges were read to him. No
plea was taken as the matter will
be heard on indictment at the
Supreme Court level.
The accused was offered and
met bail, just at the close of the
business day, in the sum of
$8,000 plus 1 surety of the same
amount. He was released on the
condition that he surrenders all
travel documents to the Clerk of
Court until the date of the
Preliminary Inquiry (PI). He will
be returning to court on Tuesday,
June 29, 2010 when the PI is
slated to commence.
While there is no report of in-
juries caused to the other two
persons reportedly traveling with
Caranza, the driver of the Freight
Liner is said to have emerged
somewhat shaken but with no
apparent injuries.
The body of Leticia Marva
Garcia was transported to the
Karl Heusner Memorial
Hospital on Monday, March 29
for the legally required post
mortem examination.
Reports reaching us indicate
that Leticia's brother Balbino,
who lives next door, worked
most of the day on repairing the
car and when he was finished,
Victor drove into San Ignacio
Town to update the insurance
and at the same time the family
did some grocery shopping.
They were returning home when
tragedy struck.
Leticia Marva Garcia is prede-
ceased by father Balbino Garcia
and one brother Reynaldo
Garcia. She is survived by her
mother, Gloria Perez; brother,

Balbino Garcia Jr.; Sisters,
Martha Lemus, Brinette
Garcia and Odette Robateau.
She is also survived by Victor
Moreno, her common-law-
husband of 20 years as well as
two sons Joshua and Dishon
She will be laid to rest on
Wednesday, March 31, in
Unitedville, the place where she
was born, grew up and lived all
her life. The funeral service will
be held at 3:00 pm at the
Pentecostal Church in
Unitedville Village. May her
soul rest in eternal peace.
At the request of the brother,
Balbino Garcia Jr., the Moreno
and Garcia families express
heartfelt appreciation to the
Unitedville community for their
expression of sympathy espe-
cially to Area Representative,
Hon. Ramon Witz and Village
Chairman, Michael Juan for all
the support provided during
these difficult times.

:: ;;::::::; : : : -
24 Crenshow Street,
San Ignacio, Cayo
Telephone: 824-2730

Monday: Draft Beer $2.50
Tuesday: Local Rum -$2.50
Wednesday: Margaritas -$6.95
Thursday: Pifia Colada -$6.95
Friday: Micheladas $3.50
Visit Us For
The Very Best
In Authentic Mexican
& Belizean Cuisine
Our rooms are
clean and spacious.
The veiw is even
more spectacular!
E-mail: Rolson(@btl.net
Web: Rolsons.com

Victor Moreno's Overturned Ford Escort Car



Belize Water Services Ltd. takes

this opportunity to advise the

general public that our offices

countrywide will close at 1:00pm

on Holy Thursday, April 1st 2010

and resume normal working

hours on TuesdayApril 6th 2010.

\If a

lJysofEr DcaybevbitigiuponyoWa

I Pae2 TR -Tl-6682 2-78 -Ealtresae~mi~o udy pi ,21










I Page 20 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(@gmail.com

Sunday, April 4, 2010


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