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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



Friday, March 12, 2010:
San Ignacio police are
questioning several persons in
connection with a weekend
burglary at the Home of Running
W Brand Meats located at mile
63 on the Western Highway near
Central Farm, Cayo.
During the morning hours on
Tuesday, March 9, 2010, the
company's office manager,
Carla Requelme, 36, Belizean,
residing in Kontiki Area San
Ignacio Town, visited the police
station and reported that after
finishing the week's work on
Friday, March 5, 2010, she

secured the company's sales,
locked up the office and left the
workplace shortly after 5:00
p.m. Upon reporting for work
shortly after 6:00 a.m. on
Tuesday, March 9, 2010, she
found the upstairs office
burglarized and in a ransacked
Police visited the scene
where preliminary investigation
revealed that entry was gained
by cutting the burglar bar from
an upstairs window on the
western side of the building. An
aluminium "A" frame ladder,
found on the scene, is suspected
to have provided access to the


Home of Running W Brand Meats, Mile 63, Western
Highway, Central Farm, Cayo
stairs window, directed to a file/supplies
Among the scattered papers storage room where the

and office supplies, police were

Fatal Motorcycle Accident In Spanish Lookout

District, Wednesday, March
10, 2010:
A motorcycle accident in
Spanish Lookout resulted in the
almost instant death of a
Mechanic/Special Constable
residing in that Mennonite
San Ignacio police reports that
it was shortly after 9 o'clock on
the night of Wednesday, March,
10, 2010, when they responded
to a report of a fatal traffic

accident in Spanish Lookout.
A team of police officers
rushed to the scene where, about
30 feet from the side of the road,
they came upon the apparent
lifeless body of a male person,
laying face upwards, on the
ground in the grass inside a barb
wire fenced pasture.
The victim was found with a
large cut wound to the throat
almost severing the head. Police
also found a blue Meilum, 125
cc, Motorcycle, on the ground

the Victim's Mellum, 125
about 10 feet from the body.
The individual was identified
as John Weibe, 27, Belizean

cc, Motorcycle Un the Scene
Mechanic from the Green Hills
Area in Spanish Lookout.
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I Pae2-SA e: 2-82&6638 misanwpprgalcm SnaMrh1,21

An Approaching Category 5 Hurricane
Confronted with allegations of the presence of a death squad
operating inside its ranks, the general feeling is that the top
brass of the Belize Police Department is hardly doing anything
to dispel these serious allegations.
At the forefront of these allegations is the December 22, 2009
shooting death of Christopher Galvez. The call for answers
coming from the victim's aunt and father prompted the
commissioning of a three member investigative team from within
the Ministry of National Security.
The announcement of the formation of this team instantly
injected a ray of hope in the minds of many Belizeans as,
while the ministry is parent to the police department, it was
perceived at least as a shifting from the tradition of the Police
investigating the Police.
The three member team concluded its "investigation" and
called a press conference last Friday to present its finding
which was summarized in eight points.
Interestingly, it was revealed that the team was not tasked to
find out who killed Christopher Galvez, but rather to determine
if there were any breech of procedures in the handling of the
The bottom line is that a 23 year old businessman was shot
to death, who the hell cares if, in the process of handling the
investigation, someone allowed someone to remove a license
plate from a vehicle or that someone did not make a proper
entry in a police diary prior to releasing a detainee. All ofwhich,
in the eyes of the victim's family and the larger community, are
irrelevant. The family wanted to know who killed their loved
one. The public wanted to know if a citizen, paid for with their
tax dollars to preserve life and property, was the person who
actually pulled the trigger.
Adding insult to injury, the team informed that "There are
strong indications that various police officers have passed
information on the case to members of the Galvez family,
either on their own initiative or at the request of the family.
This breech may also suggest that information could have
also been passed to other persons."
Now, what on earth is wrong with passing information to the
relatives of the victim? What is all this secrecy about? The
police should have established official channels for all
information to be shared with relatives of the victim.
Secrecy and the lack of information lead to mounting
suspicion and speculation. It would have been more palpable
if the team's finding would have revealed that: Various police
officers were passing INACCURATE information on the
case to members of the Galvez family.
If there is nothing to hide why on earth would it be
considered irregular or a breach, for information to be passed
to the family?
These kinds of arrogant statements, blatantly paraded as
irregularity and breeches, specifically contribute to the casting
of dark shadows over the Police Department.
In an effort to get to the very bottom of these serious
allegations, the principal players from the Galvez family should
have been invited to form an integral part of the investigative
team especially since they are the ones who suffered the
greatest loss in this incident.
During that press conference a member of the Galvez family
should have been sitting at the head table satisfied with the
result of the investigation whichever way it went and by
extension allaying the concerns of the greater community as it
pertains to growing suspicion of the existence of killers within

the ranks of the Belize Police Department.
The investigation appears to have done absolutely nothing to
appease the nation's concern on a matter as serious as the one
at hand.
An email has been floating around over the past 10 days,
purportedly written by a youth coming out of the belly of the
underworld, so-to speak.
The first few paragraphs of the mail were somewhat taught
provoking until it reached the point where it ventured into
impugning the integrity of the nation's Governor General and
the Hon. Prime Minister thereby begging the question: What
on earth can it possibly profit the nation's two maximum
leaders to be condoning the wave of violence affecting the
citizens of the very nation they lead.
Belize's ambassador to Guatemala, H.E. Alfredo Martinez
just this week informed of investigations conducted by United
Nations Anti-Corruption agents stationed in Guatemala which
resulted in the sacking of that nation's Internal Affairs Minister
and two of his deputies coupled with the incarceration of two
police chiefs while, amidst these bold revelations, the
maximum leader of that neighboring republic has emerged with
his nose clean from any involvement or sanctioning of
It is in the best interest of national security to get to the very
bottom of all allegations of death squads operating within the
ranks of our small Police Department. The time has come for
the nation to move beyond the practice of commissioning the
police to investigate the police. A good starting point could
probably be to invite an independent group, as is the UN agency
stationed next door, to assist S T
us in nipping this one in theT A
bud. Newspaper
Allegations of death squad Newspaper
operating within the ranks "The Newspaper that cares and
opdares to bring out the truth"
of our Police Department 42AWestern Highway,
should under no circumstance Santa Elena, Cayo,
be treated as a storm brewing Belize, Central America
in a teacup but rather as Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788
an approaching category 5 starnewspaper(gmail.com
hurricane. Publisher: Alberto August

1 Acre Homesites
Bullet Tree Road

Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
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I Page 2 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperkgmail.com

Sunday, March 14, 2010 |

Sunday, March 14, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3

Results Of The 13th Running Of La Ruta Maya
PHOTO: Leslie Kearns at Belize Affordable Web Design

Team Zip Rider, Winn
Friday, March 12, 2010:
With a total of 67 teams
making it across the finish line
in the 13th running of La Ruta
Maya River Challenge, Team
Zip Rider was crowned
champions after recording a
mere 0.2 seconds lead across the
finish line over the defending
Champions, Belize Bank.
This year's La Ruta Maya
River Challenge was triggered
off in the presence of a large
gathering at 7:00 a.m. on Friday,
March 5, from San Ignacio and
so began the race down the
Macal River into the Belize Old
River with final destination at
the Belcan Bridge in Belize City,
four days later, on Monday,
March 8, 2010.
Although the race to the finish
line was narrow, 1) Zip Rider
(18:41:07) emerged as the
overall champions with an
accumulated advantage time of
1 minute 27 seconds ahead of the
defending Champion 2) Belize
Bank (18:42:34).
This year's Champion Zip
Rider was victorious over the
other 22 teams in the Male


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in San Ignacio Town.

lers of the 13th Annual La Ruta Maya River Challenge
Division. (19:04:15) ;
The other top nine finishers, all #5 NICH (19:30:07) ;
in the Male Division, were: #6 Belize Coast Guard
#3 Team Caribbean Pride Redemption (19:35:21);
CPBL (18:54:45); #7 Cool Step (19:37:40);
#4 Reagan International #8 Is it worth it (19:43:02);



#9 Jus Du It (20:05:21);
#10 Belize Coast Guard
Cutter (20:10:41) and
#11 Cobb's Arm Happy Cow
Cheese (20:24:00).
Of the 11 teams participating the
Mixed Division #12 overall No
Limit Soldiers (20:33:00) cap-
tured top honours while 2nd and
3rd place went to #13 Lost &
Found (20:34:54) and #26 Born
to Rule (21:55:18),
First place among the 17 teams
in the Pleasure Craft Division
was captured by #15 Print
Belize (20:43:49) and in 2nd
position was #16 Crime Fight-
ers (21:01:23) and the 3rd place
finishers in the Pleasure Craft
Division was #23 overall, Koop
Sheet Metal (21:44:47)
Of the 2 entrants in the
Master Division, first place went



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Dollar lne For Drug Trafficking
Cayo, Thursday, March 11,
A resident of Belmopan was
arrested and charged for drug
trafficking as he was found
transporting a bag of marijuana E F re..
on board a commuter bus.
Benque Viejo Police reports : los
that it was around 5:30 a.m. on c4,f, ... _.
Thursday, March 11 when a
D&E public transport bus,
heading towards San Ignacio The Man The Weed
Town, was stopped at a police police observed a suspicious seat immediately behind the
check point just outside the male person seated in the mid passenger.
Village of San Jose Succotz, section of the bus. The individual acknowledged
between miles 72 and 73 on the A search of his person revealed ownership of the bag and when
Western Highway, nothing incriminating. However, it was searched, the bag was
Upon boarding the vehicle the police found a knapsack on the found to contain suspected

Top Guatemalan Officers Arrested
GUATEMALA CITY, out with the blessing of police
Guatemala (CNN) March 4, higher ups, the investigation
2010 2:57 a.m. EST- found.
Guatemala's national police In addition to heading the ring,
chief and the country's top Gonzalez, Bonilla and Carrillo
anti-narcotics official have been are accused of trying to cover up
arrested in connection with the the shooting incident.
drug trade, Attorney General The arrests shook the
Amilcar Velasquez announced. government of President Alvaro
Police ChiefBaltazar Gonzalez Mexican Drug Gangs Are Colom, as drug trafficking
and anti-drug czar Nelly Bonilla Said To Be Increasingly remains a key issue in his
were arrested Tuesday and Operating Through country.
charged in connection with a Guatemala "Guatemala is at the
shooting last year over some The three are accused of epicenter of the drug threat,"
stolen cocaine that left five heading a criminal network that according to a U.S. State
police officers dead, Velasquez infiltrated and corrupted the Department report on narcotics
said Wednesday. police force, dedicated to released this week. "Corruption
The arrests come just days robbery and drug trafficking. and intimidation of law
before U.S. Secretary of State The investigation stemmed enforcement continue to be
Hillary Clinton is to arrive for from the shootout between major challenges. Combined
talks with the Guatemalan police and drug traffickers last with multiple changes in
government talks that are year. The shootout was the senior positions... there was no
expected to include a discussion result of an attempt by police perceptible improvement to
of Guatemala's current anti-drug officers to rob 750 kilos of institutionally strengthen law
efforts, cocaine from the traffickers, enforcement or give law
A police officer, Fernando CICIG found. enforcement agencies the
Carrillo, also was arrested. Guatemala is at the epicenter Rs O T 1
The arrests were the result of of the drug threat. Results OfThe 13th R
an 11-month investigation by U.S. State Department report
the International Commission on narcotics to #19 Jon Canu (21:08:21)
Against Impunity, or CICIG by These kinds of robberies were with #30 Grumpy Old Men
its Spanish initials, commonplace and were carried (22:21:27) settling for second

The #21 overall finisher, St.
Francis Xavier School
(21:16:44), walked away with
first place honours from among
the 11 teams in the Intramural
Division while UB Jaguars
(21:50:42) took 2nd honours and
Natius Is Back (21:51:06)) sped
across the line in a close 3rd
In 22nd position overall, the
only female team to cross the
line, Peace Makers (21:18:40),

And The Bag
The bag and its owner were
transported to the Benque Viejo
Police Station where the
individual was identified as
Efren Ramirez, 18, Belizean
laborer of a Chile Street address
in Salvapan on the outskirts of
Belmopan City.
When weighed the substance
amounted to 1,360.7 grams.
The detainee was subsequently
arrested and charged for drug
He appeared in the Benque
Viejo Courtroom of Magistrate,
Anna Rachel Montejo where he
pleaded guilty to the charge. He
was ordered to pay a fine of
$1,000.00 plus $5 court cost by
October 29, 2010 in default 1
year imprisonment. The man
walked right out the court and
went about his happy way.

capacity to more effectively
address the grave narcotics
situation in Guatemala."
Journalist Alexia Rios
contributed to this report for

unning Of La Ruta Maya
naturally captured the first place
prize in that division
In 28th position overall and
finishing first in the Dory
Division was Can't Ketch Me
Down (22:13:05) while #40
overall, Santa Familia (24:07:45),
the only other team in the Dory
Division to cross the finish line
had to settle for 2nd place.
The organizers of this year's
event congratulate the winners
and applaud all the teams that
participated in this year's event
as well and the various sponsors
and supporters for making this
year's La Ruta Maya a growing

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Sunday, March 14, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5

Getting Ready For The National msn emoriam
In Loving Memory OfA
Municipal Development Project arrsMot
Grandmother, Sister, Aunt
BY: Mike Hernandez Jr. J.P, The workshop will cover and town planning and and Friend:
Director of Public Relations, topics such as: disaster management);
Social Investment Fund a) Principles of Good iii) Assistance with Central

BELMOPAN, Wednesday, 10
March, 2010:
A two-day workshop on good
governance and improving
public services delivery will be
held on 12 and 13 March, 2010
at the Radisson Fort George
Hotel in Belize City.
The workshop is being
held as part of the preparatory
phase of the Belize Municipal
Development Project (BMDP)
aimed at improving municipal
service delivery and mainte-
nance capacity across Belize.
The workshop will include the
participation of all Mayors along
with senior administrative staff
in the nine municipalities. It
will be conducted by local
consultant, Carmen Barrow. It
is aims to train participants in
methodologies and approaches
for achieving good public
sector delivery.

b) The role of the Municipal
Councils, within the context
of the new policy on local
c) The importance of Good
Local Government in managing
the affairs of the Council
d) Roles and Responsibilities
of the Town Councils in practis-
ing Good Governance at the lo-
cal level and
e) Strategies for developing a
good public sector service
delivery system among others.
The BMDP has four
main components including:
i) Investment infrastructure
(i.e. drainage, traffic manage-
ment, social infrastructure,
ii) Town Council Capacity
Building (i.e. improving
council accountability, citizen
participation, revenue strength-
ening, financial management,

Government framework for
municipal development, i.e.
improving the transfer formula,
land ownership information
system, and land use
framework, and Project
The project will be funded
by the Government of Belize
through a 30 million Belize
dollar loan from the
World Bank. It will be
implemented by the Social
Investment Fund of the
Ministry of Economic
For further information
please contact Mr. Mike
Hernandez Jr. J.P, Director of
Public Relations, Social
Investment Fund at Tel:
822-0239 or via email at
mike. h ernan dez(Asifbelize. org
Additional information on
the project can be found at
www. sifbelize. org

Who Departed This
Life 32 Sad Years Ago
On March 2, 1978
Although it has been 32
years since you are gone, for
those of us who continue to
love and miss you, it seems
like it was just yesterday.
We miss your cheerful smile
and comforting words.
We remember you with every
passing day.
We will NEVER forget you.
Sadly missed by your
children, brothers, sister,
other relatives and friends.


The Ministry of Works hereby informs the General Public, specifically motorists, that the Ministry of
Works will be conducting several Traffic Surveys in San Ignacio and Santa Elena Towns from the
15 20 March 2010, in connection with the proposed New Macal River Crossing Project.

Motorists are advised to expect a slower than usual commutes during this period. The public is also
asked to cooperate with traffic surveyors who will be responsible for collecting basic origin and
destination data, vital to ensuring proper traffic forecasting, which will lead to a better river crossing
project scheme.

In addition, the Ministry of Works requests that all motorists take due care and attention while
traversing this area during this period as surveyors will be on the roadside conducting interviews.

For additional information, please contact the office of the Project Execution Unit,
Ministry of Works in Belmopan at 822-0562.

Ministry of Works
9th March 2010

Page 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, March 14, 2010

Belize Needs A Long-Term Plan To Become

Competitive In International Sports

BY- Wellington C. Ramos

In a talk show last week on
one of Belize's most popular
radio station Love F.M., the
owner of the radio station Rene
Villanueva made a comment
that without a long term plan
Belize will never play a major
role in international sports when
competing among other nations
of the world.
This is a statement of fact and
the sooner Belize's Minister of
Sports accept this fact the better

it will be for Belize and for all
Belizeans involved in sports.
In a country like Belize the
Ministries of Sports, Youth and
Education should be under one
Minister because they are all
related to issues affecting our
children who are the people we
should prepare to become our
future athletes in amateur and
professional sports.
Before I attended Sacred Heart
School in Dangriga Town, I
was introduced to two sports,
football and cricket.
I grew up in the central part of
the town in an area called
Logan Field. We were not
children from rich families and
so we could not afford to buy the
equipment to play football and
Even though this huge field
was beside our house, we could
not play the sport without a
We had to kick "Dolly-Head"
or wrap up paper in plastic bags

and kick it all over the field.
To play cricket we would cut
up rubber from bicycle tubes and
wrapped it around white lime for
the ball and we made our bats
from wood or coconut husk.
We played these two sports
before school and after school
hours but our parents made sure
we did our chores and school
work first.
In the neighborhood where we
lived, there were no After School
Programs where we could
have access to equipment and
facilities to improve our skills
and knowledge in these two
sports and even to learn other
There was no Children League
for football and cricket where
we could compete among
ourselves and get our parents and
the community involved to help
us perfect our skills in these
Luckily, in Dangriga Town
every community had their own
football team and so we arranged
matches among ourselves from
time to time on Saturday or
Sunday mornings after church.
Sometimes we would bet against
each other for money or
When we started Sacred Heart
School the Principal of the
school hired a coach for the
football team by the name of
Roy "Pele" Ellis.
Our school had the largest
population of students in the
whole of Stann Creek District at
the time. The coach had more
than enough players to choose
from because the pool of play-
ers was large.
Our parents had to supply our
uniforms because the school had
no money.
We practised everyday from
2:00 p.m. to about 4:00 p.m.
The first organized Primary
School Competition that I can
remember was founded by Carl
"Kewi" Ramos, father of known
Punta Rock Star, Chico Ramos.
He use to go around collecting
money for the trophies. He made
sure that teams from the valley
were transported town and play.
He got referees for the games.
He wrote the news on the Black-
board and he made sure that
the football field was ready for
3:00 p.m. games on Thursdays.
I witnessed him doing this

all by himself.
I played football along with
Anthony "Garincha" Adderly
Roy "Brazilian" Velasquez,
Philip "Buck" Palacio and
several other players who later
became superstars in Belize's
National Football Competition.
I also played against Orin
Orio, Teen Age Cacho,
Chicken Cacho, Dean Lewis,
Wayne Olivera, Peru and
several other national stars when
I played for All Orange Walk,
Police Invaders and Chito's
We won several championships
until later on when Holy Ghost
School started to take over from
Sacred Heart School. The
foundation for my football career
was already set in my childhood
years. In every community in
Belize, we should have After
School Programs equipped
with all the various sporting
equipment and staff to teach our
children various type of sports.
Our schools should have
teachers who teach Physical
Education and are versed in the
rules of most sports to teach our
children the rules and how to
play the games.
In every community in the
country of Belize they have a
football team. Each community
should be encouraged to form
Sports Clubs. These clubs will
then be in a position to teach
the young children in their
communities how to play
football and other sports. A
competition could be arranged
for the children to compete
among themselves before they
start primary school. After
school programs will then add to
their development as youths
while there are on-going
competitions throughout the
country of Belize in various
sports in primary, elementary
and college. Professional
players could then be picked
from this talented pool of
individuals to attend Try Outs at
the National Sports Training
Center to be selected and
represent Belize on our national
teams. This would reduce the
favoritism that now exists when
selecting our best players to
represent our country. Without a
plan like this, Belize will be
competing in the international
arena for more years to come,
just for competing sake with no
hopes of winning the World Cup
or being seen as a force to reckon
with in the world of sports.

Mile 6
Cristo Rey Road,
Cayo District

Vacancy Notice

Manager/Front Desk Person
A vacancy exist at MYSTIC RIVER RESORT for a Manager/Front
Desk Person

. An Associates or First Degree
. At least 2 years previous experience
. A certificate in Managerial/Front Desk training
would be an asset
. Team player
. Ability to work with little or no supervision
. Availability to work flexible hours
. Good oral and writing skills in English
. Great personality
. Familiarity with Facebook/Twitter
. Good computer knowledge
. Possession of a valid drivers permit, an asset

. Resume
. Two recent letters of reference preferably from recent employers
or for recent graduates, from teachers.

Negotiable and commensurate with qualification and experience

Interested applicants can apply:
. By email at nadesge(i@sympatico. ca
. By personally visiting the Resort (please phone 678-6700 to
make an appointment first)

Deadline for the submission of applications is March 19, 2010.

f ~~ F S 0 R I^^^^^^^^^


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Por Alejandro Rios
El Marshaleck Stadium de
Benque Viejo del Carmen,
recibio la segunda semana
futbolera, del torneo del Ministro
Hon. Erwin Contreras, con una
triple jornada de accion pura, el
dia sabado 5 de marzo.
Arranco la accion entre
Deportivo Santa Cruz, que fue
goleado por unos veteranos, que
parecian rejuvenecidos con 8
goles a cero, las anotaciones
fueron de Nestor Segura al
minuto 22, 10 minutos
despues Guillermo Castellanos
aprovecho a una defenza que se
quedo clavada y los clareo con
el 2 x 0, para colmo Juan
Enrriquez anotaria en su mismo
arco al 35, con ese marcador se
fueron al descanso, pero Luis
"yogui" Aldana los mando en
busca de mas, cosa que hizieron
cuando al 59 y al 61 Ronald
Guerra Jr, les anotaba el cuarto
y quinto de la tarde, 5 minutos
despues Ramon Reyes no les
tuvo piedad y marco el sexto
tanto con un excelente gol al 66,
la faena la remato Ronald
Guerra jr. Con dos goles mas a
los minutos 70 y 75, poniendo
el marcador final de 8 goles a
cero, con esto Reggae Boyz esta
pitando fuerte tambien como
favorito, su couch Luis Aldana,
piensa que este afio si se
campionizan, el arbitro del
encuentro fue Geovany Pinelo.
Para las 7 de la noche Jaguars
FC todavia flamante campeon
del torneo anterior, aparecio
frente al cuadro de Pumas FC,
el encuentro fue marcado por el
dominio del campeon, poniendo
el marcador de 3 goles a 1, pero
la directiva del torneo decidio
por medio de una protesta,
quitarles los puntos, por violar
la regla 13 y 14, que ordena que
solo puedenjugar 3 jugadores de
afuera del area en cada equipo,
en caso contrario perderian los
puntos, cosa que sucedi6 en la
mesa del comit6 y por votacion
de todos los representantes de los
equipos, con esto Pumas FC se
adjudico los 3 puntos y tres goles
a favor.
Para el domingo 7, Benque
United derroto 2 goles a 1 al
cuadro de Arenal Jrs, las
anotaciones fueron por conducto
de Valentin Garcia al minuto 6,
poniendo a los de Benque United
arriba, pero 10 minutos despues,
Juan Carlos Gudiel les calmo

los animos con una pelota
rebotada, que aprovecho para
anidarla en las redes y poniendo
el empate a 1, pero para la parte
complementaria, recien iniciado
el partido, Johnny Moralez
anoto el gol de la victoria cuando
solo corria el minuto 2 de la
segunda parte, Arenal Jrs.
intento reaccionar pero Benque
United logro una merecida
victoria de 2 goles a 1, el arbitro
del encuentro fue Geovany
En el segundo partido del
domingo, Arenal FC no tuvo
piedad para el joven cuadro de
Falcons Jrs, a quienes golearon
por el abultado marcador de 9
goles a cero, las anotaciones
corrieron a cargo de Allan
Najarro al minuto 9, un minuto
despues Josue Sanchez ponia el
segundo, al 13 Allan Najarro de
nueva cuenta, Miguel Angel
Aguilar, colaboro con los dos
siguientes al 22 y al 37, antes de
terminarla primeramitad Josue
Sanchez de nuevo puso el 6 x
En la segunda parte no cambio
mucho el panorama para los Jrs.
pues al minuto 53 Allan Najarro
que ya conocia el camino,
anotaba el septimo y segundo en
su cuenta, el mismo Allan
Najarro se encargo de poner el
gol 8 y 9 del partido, poniendo
el marcador final de 9 goles a
cero sobre Falcons Jrs, esto
prende las luces de emergencia
para todos los de su grupo, ya
que Arenal FC se perfila como
favorito para este campeonato,
el arbitro fue Anwar Hegar.
En el tercer partido, la
adrenalina estuvo al por mayor,
Border Team aparecia como
favorito ante el Deportivo
Arenal, pero al final dividieron
los puntos, marcando el primer
empate del torneo, 2 tantos a 2,
por Border Team, anotaron
Auner Carriaz y Agustin
"Suko" Smith, por los de Arenal
anoto Saul Moran, el arbitro fue
Roland Kuylen.
El lunes dia feriado en nuestro
pais, fue celebrado con tres
encuentros mas, Falcons FC
quienjugo un gran encuentro, no
pudo contrarestar con el
tempranero gol de Ismar
Gonzalez desde el minuto 4 del
encuentro, poniendo el que seria
el marcador final de 1 gol por
cero para Riverside FC, a pesar
que Falcons ataco insesante,

Romeo Leon no dejo pasarnada,
y hay quien diga que de tal palo,
tal astilla, haciendo remenbranza
a su sr. Padre don Jorge Leon,
quien fuera uno de los mejores
guarmetas de Belice, el arbitro
fue Roland Kuylen.
En el otro partido Flamengo,
quien parecia que se adjudicaria
un gran partido, termino
callendo por 4 goles a 3, de los
botines de Benque Fire, el
encuentro fue muy parejo hasta
el minuto 33 que Lucky
Omoruyi ponia el 1 a cero, lo
acrecento Victor Miranda al 36,
de esa manera parecia que todo
estaba escrito en la primera
parte, pero para despues del
descanso, cuando solo corrian
los primeros 3 minutos de la
parte complementaria, Javier
Meda los pondria peocupados al
48 con el dos a uno, para colmo
Elder Perez anotaba un autogol,
decretandose el 3 por a 1, pero
mas tarde apareceria la imagen
de Jonathan de la Rosa al 56,
al 62 el experimentado Smart
Osarobo, recibio tarjeta roja lo
que debilito la defensa de
Flamengo y fue aprovechado por
Victor Castillo, que anoto el
definitivo de 4 goles a 3 dandole
una victoria sufrida pero justa,
al cuadro de don Rafa
Dominguez Benque Fire, el
arbitro fue Julio Ayala.
En el ultimo partido Juventus
FC aprovecho sus
oportunidades, y despacho a un
Green Machine que sin jugar
mal, no supo anotar las que tuvo
y perdio por 4 goles a 2.


24 Crenshaw Street, San Iacio, Cayo Tel:- 824-2730

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Rudy Puc abrio la cuenta al
31 y 39 respectivamente, al
minuto 41 Michael Arnold puso
el tres por cero, para la segunda
parte Claudio Toralla, anotaba
el de la esperanza, pero Michael
Arnold lo acrecentaba con el
cuarto de la tarde, 1 minuto
despues al 84 Melvin Contreras
anotaria un golazo para Green
Machine, solo que no le dio y
perdieron al son de 4 goles a 2
con un Juventus que mostro un
buen futbol, el arbitro del
partido fue Roland Kuylen.
Para esta semana juegan:
Sabado 13 de marzo a las
5:30pm, Pumas FC vs Benque
A las 7:00pm, Real Benquefio
vs Green Machine.
En San Jose Succotzjuega a la
5pm, La Jube vs Arzenal, para
el domingo 14 de marzo, 2:30pm
Juventus vs Flamengo, 4:15pm
Riverside vs Reggae Boyz.
En San Jose Succotz 3pm
D'Revolutions vs Corozalito y a
las 5:30pm River Plate vs West
Boyz, descansa La Tribu.
Durante esta jornada se
entregaron un total de 9 balones
para cada equipo del torneo,
tanto para los cuadros de San
Jose Succotz como para los del
Benque Viejo, esto cortesia del
Ministro Hon. Erwin
Contreras, en su representacion
el presidente del Comit6 de
Deportes de Benque Viejo sr
Luis Aldana, las presento a los
equipos del torneo, con el
mensaje del ministro, que
continuen con el deporte en el
area, fortaleciendo unajuventud
mas sana.

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Page 8 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 22- April 20
The coming week augurs a phase
where you get more evaluative
and focus on planning ahead.
You may be doing a veritable
stocktaking of your strategies
and professional endeavors.
Also, you may be looking at
utilizing your other skills to
enhance your productivity at
work. Short trips are also
indicated. Lucky Numbers: 12,
47, 62.

April 21 to May 21
You are quite likely to get more
philosophical and might turn into
an introvert. There is a deep
seated desire for some
fundamental changes in life. A
subsequent change in attitude
and thought is likely. Attaining
peace of mind is indicated, but
through discipline. Lucky
Numbers: 04, 22, 89.

May 22 to June 21
You are likely to overcome
some serious personality issues
and make rapid visible strides,

both personally and profession-
ally. You will be able have
a better perspective on
relationships and take proper
decisions related to work as well.
Respiratory problems might
affect you. Lucky Numbers: 07,
31, 58.

June 22 to July 23
You aim for increased earnings.
You might take up an extra job
or opt for freelance work. Be
cautious and steer clear from
options that promise quick gains.
Increasing expenditure will
only propel your desire to
supplement your income but
temptation must be avoided.
Lucky Numbers: 03, 72, 98.

.-.. LEO:
July 24 to August 21
The coming week sees the
genial side of you. Since you
seem to realize the individual
importance of people in your
life, you engage yourself in
helping them in whatever way is
feasible to you. There will be
new additions to your circle of
friends. You will also try to

harness your inbuilt charisma
to improve your image.
Lucky Numbers: 08, 33, 65.

August 22 to
September 21
Individuals born under this sign
of the zodiac are raring to go.
There could be new plans for
business, new employment
opportunities sought or possibly
a new hobby taken up. You feel
the need to explore opportuni-
ties and use your creativity on a
larger scale Lucky Numbers:
04, 33, 65.

September 22 to
October 23
There is a great deal of mental
stability restored. There could be
some anxious moments, but
more or less your days are filled
with ample work and spiritual
undertakings. You are likely to
reach out to more people to
include them in your support
group. Open up to the world
and it will soon prove to be
a friendlier place. Lucky
Numbers:14, 27, 52.
October 24 to
November 21
Apart from your regular routine,
the coming week will steer you
mysteriously towards higher
spiritual practices. Of course
there will be everyday affairs,
but you deal with them with a
greater self-assurance. Do not
get irritated when people come
to you for help.Lucky
Numbers: 10, 36, 84.

V^ November 22 to
December 21
When things are working fast
and smooth in your favor, it is

but natural to get a bit
complacent. Keep your eyes
open for details so that you do
not falter on account of minor
mistakes. It is vital that you keep
safe all important documents,
especially accounts related.
Lucky Numbers: 09, 45, 93.

V December 22 to
January 20
You are likely to be putting
pressure on your own resources
- mental as well as physical
and all this, to match your own
expectations. You will need
more monetary resources
to reach that level. Lot of
travelling within the city you live
in and short trips are likely
Lucky Numbers: 18, 76, 97.

January 21 to
February 19
The coming week sees the
extrovert in you coming to the
fore. There will be many social
do's that you attend, increasing
your circle of friends. Until now,
people have known you as a
successful and professional
individual. Now, they also
recognise you as a warm human
being. Lucky Numbers: 02, 30,

February 20 to
March 21
There is some monetary gain
indicated to begin with. With
this aspect secured, you achieve
harmony and success in other
spheres of relationships, family
and work. Old projects could
be completed and new ones
could be launched. Those
looking for change of job
could come across something
interesting. Lucky Numbers: 16,

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Sunday, March 14, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 9

It's Time For George & Candy To Give BECOL
A Rest

Dear STAR;
I read with much interest last
week's letter from George &
Candy Gonzalez on BECOL'S
public education campaign
regarding the Chalillo Dam
Break Emergency Procedure.
I believe that the time has
come for Candy and George to
give BECOL and the Chalillo
Dam a rest, at least for now.
BECOL's public meeting was
well publicized on the radio,
newspapers, television and even
with flyers stapled to light poles
around San Ignacio & Santa
Elena and yet the people did not
bother to show up.
I am told that there were
more officials in attendance than
members of the public, in fact
my understanding is that only
George, Candy and two other
members from their UBAD
group attended along with
maybe two other persons for a
total of about 6 or 7 persons.
In their letter to the editor last
week, George and Candy came

up with all kinds of excuses to
explain why the people stayed
away and all their excuses were
aimed at BECOL.
I wonder if George and Candy
have ever given any taught
that maybe the people have
had enough to them being at
BECOL'S throat and that the
people are satisfied with the
actions and explanations given
thus far by BECOL.
The people chose to stay away
from the Gonzalez' meeting and
instead turned up in large
numbers for the FLEX concert
that was held next door. Is this
not enough indication for George
& Candy to pick another fight,
find another rallying point and
give BECOL a rest?
We must thank George and
Candy for lighting the flame, it
has served its purpose. The fire
has now gone out and so there
no longer need for them to be
fanning the ashes
Antonio Linares,

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is NO LONGER working for ANY of the

He is therefore NOT authorized to conduct
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BISMILLAH STORES and is therefore
prohibited from using the name
BISMILLAH STORES in any way, shape or form

Your co-operation is appreciated.
Mr. & Mrs. Mahmood

Touched By An Angel
By: Maya Angelou

We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weanedfrom our timidity
In the flush of love's light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets usfree.

I, LIDI MARCELI FLORES, hereby give notice that I will
apply at the next sitting of the Magistrate's Court in San
Ignacio Town, for a certificate to be granted to me
under the Moneylenders Act, Chapter 260 authorizing
me to carry on business as a moneylender in the name
of LEIDY'S PAWN SHOP at #45 Benque Viejo Road,
San Ignacio Town, Cayo District.

Kah's Garage"
A Mile Iguana Creek Bridge
Spanish Lookout
Belize / Central America,
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Inspection Service
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Engine Wash

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Page 10 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mexican The Richest Man In The World

He doesn't bother with
private jets, he shuns flashy
offices, and for most of the
1990s he mades do with a
plastic watch.
While he does have a laptop,
he is adamant that he does not
use it, saying: "I'm a paper
man, not electronic."
Not the kind of attributes you
might expect from someone who
has now been named the richest
man in the world by Forbes
Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is
now worth US$53.5bn
(35.8bn). That puts him above
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet,
but unlike his US rivals, he
remains relatively unknown
outside of his native Latin
Family empire
There, he controls more than
200 companies. These range
from telecoms, where he first
made his fortune, to infrastruc-
ture, banking and retail.
In order to maintain his
influence over his expanding
empire, his sons and sons-in-law
have been put in charge of many
One of the most significant in
Mr Slim's empire is America
Movil, Latin America's largest
mobile phone company, which
operates in 11 countries and
serves more than 150 million

His telecoms interests also
extend to Telmex the company
he fought to take control of in
1990 when it was nationalised.
It now operates around 90% of
Mexico's telephone lines.
Mr Slim, whose heavy-set
figure belies his name, also owns
the Inbursa financial group and
the Grupo Carso industrial
conglomerate, whose interests
range from retail stores to
Meanwhile, the infrastructure
firm he owns, Ideal, is working
on a project to develop a
shopping centre, schools and a
hospital in Mexico City.
The baseball-mad engineering
graduate made enough money

from working in property early
in his career to invest in the stock
By the age of 26, he was worth
$40m, but it was during the Latin
American economic crisis of the
early 1980s that Mr Slim made a
name for himself as a man
who could make money in a
He was able to buy a number
of struggling companies at very
low prices before transforming
their fortunes.
Like Mr Buffett, Mr Slim has
done some canny deals in the
stock market not least, buying
shares in Apple when they were
$17 each. They are now worth
well over $200.
Philanthropy scepticism

The son of Lebanese
immigrants, Mr Slim is known
for his philanthropy though not
on the scale of Mr Gates or Mr
Most recently, he linked up
with former US President Bill
Clinton and Canadian mining
figure Frank Giustra to launch
an anti-poverty campaign in
Latin America, and in March
pledged $6bn for his three
charitable foundations.
In Mexico where, according to
World Bank data, about 50% of
people are living in poverty,
many feel that he has not
donated enough, especially
given how ubiquitous his
companies are in day-to-day life.
However his supporters say that
some of that criticism is unfair,
not least because of his relatively
recent elevation to the ranks of
the mega-rich. And Mr Slim, has
said he is not convinced that
philanthropy is the best way to
help people. "(Bill) Gates has
to study how he can (fight
poverty) in the same way that
Microsoft... succeeded in
business, because charity has
not solved theproblem, "he told
USA today.
"It's based on my conviction
that poverty is notfought with
donations, charity or even
public spending, but that you
fight it with health, education
and jobs."
Still working, the tycoon has
indicated he has no desire to
retire from business to
concentrate more on charitable
work, as Mr Gates has done. As
he said in a recent interview:
"Wealth is like an orchard. You
have to share the fruit, not the
Foreign expansion
If you have yet to hear of
Carlos Slim, that may be about
to change. In recent years the
tycoon has sought to expand
his businesses abroad, including
investments in 2008 in the New
York Times newspaper and in
the struggling bank Citigroup.
In the UK he has been linked
with investments in company
behind the Independent and
Independent on Sunday
Analysts suggest he is trying
to replicate his Latin American
success on a global scale. That
remains to be seen, but his rise
to the number one spot on the
world rich list shows that a
global economic downturn is
unlikely to slow his progress.

Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is now worth US$53.5bn


Sale of US Dollars by Authorized Dealers
The Central Bank of Belize advised the public that the prescribed selling rate for one United States (US)
dollar remains fixed at a maximum of BZ$2.0175, which includes the commission of the Authorized
For example, on the sale of one (1) US dollar, the following is payable
Basic rate BZ$2.00
Maximum Commission +BZ$0.0175
Selling Rate BZ$2.0175
While no additional commission may be charged on the US Dollar sale, the following are justified costs
that may be incurred on the sale transaction:
Stamp duty of 1.25% on the Belize dollar equivalent of foreign currency purchases that are
greater than BZ$100.00 in value
Swire/telegraphic transfer cost
Bank draft cost
Recovery of miscellaneous charges levied by foreign banks
Any person who has a complaint regarding the selling rate charged on US dollar sales may lodge a report to the
Central Bank of Belize at 223-6194 with the Manager, International Payments Unit.
The Central Bank of Belize further advised the public that only Authorized Dealers are permitted to engage in the
buying and selling of foreign currency. The following entities are Authorized Dealers:
Heritage Bank Limited Belize Bank Limited
Atlantic Bank Limited Post Master General
First Caribbean International (Barbados) Bank Accountant General
Scotiabank (Belize) Limited Belize Global travel services
Any unauthorized person or entity who engages in the buying or selling of foreign currency contravenes the
Exchange Control Regulations and is liable, upon summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars
($10,000.00) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months or to both such fine and imprisonment on
a first offence.

Sunday, March 14, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 11

Tuesday, March 9,2010, Press
Release #070:
Mexico and Central America,
including Belize, Agree to Take
Steps to Improve the Operational
Capacity of their Security Forces
They expressed their
repudiation of all manifestations
of violence against women,
especially trafficking in women
and sexual exploitation.
The fourth dialogue between
Mexico and the Central
American Integration System
(SICA) on Democratic Security
took place on March 8-9 in San
Salvador, El Salvador.
The meeting was convened by
Panama as President Pro
Tempore of SICA.
All member countries of the
organization participated in the
The Mexican delegation was
headed by the Foreign Ministry's
Undersecretary for Latin
America and the Caribbean,
Salvador Beltran del Rio, and
included members of the De-
fence and Public Safety
Ministries, the Navy, the
Attorney General's office and the
National Security Center
Undersecretary Beltran del Rio
said that one of the most ur-
gent demands of Mexican
society is an increase in the level
of public safety and the
elimination of impunity in our
country. He said that "As a
neighbor of the Central
American nations, it is

essential to ensure that our
region is strengthened and
becomes a permanent zone of
peace, stability and security, to
promote the development of our
The participating delegations
agreed to strengthen coordina-
tion in order to improve the
operational capacity of their
respective security forces, and
they accepted with pleasure
Mexico's offer to host the fifth
dialogue in 2011.
Some of the results of the
meeting were:
a) consultations on possibly
convening a conference of
donors to finance the
Security Strategy for Central
America and Mexico,
b) establishing an operational
working group on chemical
precursors and pseudoephedrine,
c) seeking close cooperation
between Mexico and the Central
American Small Arms and Light
Weapons Control Program
(CASAC) on the issue of
registering and controlling fire-
arms, and
d) exploring trilateral coopera-
tion programs between Canada,
Mexico and SICA.
The progress made in
connecting the SICA member
countries to the Mexico
Platform was stressed; this
allows for a more effective
coordination and exchange of
regional information in fighting
transnational organized crime.
The SICA-Mexico dialogue on
Democratic Security has been

held since 2004. The document
underlying the dialogue is the
Security Strategy for Central
America and Mexico.
To date, this forum has met
four times: three times in San
Salvador, SICA headquarters,
and once in Mexico City.
The delegates also ratified
their commitment to promoting
gender equality within the
security forces and they thanked
the Council of Ministers for
Women in Central America
(COMCCA) for their offer to
collaborate on issues related to
gender equality.
In addition, they expressed
their repudiation of all forms
of violence against women,
especially trafficking and sexual
exploitation, which affect the
security of our region.
SICA Secretary General Juan
Daniel Aleman said that the
line between the domestic and
international security of our
countries was not a clear one
and that therefore we should
construct a regional security
policy based on shared values
and on the complementarity of

our national capacities.
Panamanian Vice Minister of
Foreign Affairs Meliton
Arrocha, as President Pro
Tempore of SICA, urged those
present to unite in making the
forum a success based on the
principles of solidarity and
In addition to Undersecretary
Beltran del Rio, the following
individuals headed their
countries' delegations: for Be-
lize, the CEO of the National
Security Ministry, Allen
Whylie; for Costa Rica, Vice
Minister of the Presidency, Jos6
Torres; for El Salvador, the Vice
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Integration and Economic
Promotion, Carlos Alfredo
Castafieda Magafia; for
Guatemala, the Vice Minister of
National Defense, Roberto
Campos; for Honduras, the
Undersecretary of State for
Foreign Affairs, MireyaAgiiero
de Corrales; for Nicaragua, Vice
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Manuel Coronel Kautz; for
Panama, the Vice Minister of
Public Safety, Alejandro
Gariz; and for the Dominican
Republic, the ambassador of the
Dominican Republic in El
Salvador, Roberto Victoria.

BTraELIZE OURMagazine inSM BOARelize

Travel AgeIn Magazine in Belize

TrawvlWriter for Travel Agent Magazine, Joe Pike, is currently in Belize
1raivslng both inland and island on a 4 day famliarirzation trip.

Travel Agent Magazine Is IM leading publication seeing travel
professionals and has been the established eaderin the travel trade for
almost a century. By keeping in touch wilh the agent needs, and
boasting a circulation of 49 715, Travel Agent has consistently evoved
and paved the way for readers and marketers alike. Publishing every
two weeks in print, supplemented with substantial daily and weekly
online delivery of news, supplier profiles, destination guides,
marketintsales programs, and educational material. Travel Agent
portfolio of print and online products provide agents the toots in ways
agents can use to sa l more travel. more effectively.
Joe first visited west of Belze, San Ignacio There te did sle
inspections, enjoy the Green Iguana Project arnd engage n a
Waterfall Cave Expedition. He then had hLe opportunity to visit tLI
ancient Maya City of Xunantunich where his journey entailed a
passage across the scenlc Mopan river via a hand-eranked ferry and
climbed the spectacular EI Castillo" which provided a breathtaking
view of the towns of San Ignacio. Bonquc and the Guateralan
countrysde. The final slop of his itinerary will take him to La Isla Bonita.
San Pedro where he will snorkel Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley, swim wilh
he nurse sharks and rays and encounter the large green mory eels and prrotfish before
leaving the coLunty.
"The travel agent community is an important distribution channel fow Belize," comments Ag.
Tourism Director, Shakira Oxley-Tsal The visit of Travel Agent magaz ne will serve to
further complimrnit our marketing efforts with the trade to grow the demand for Beize and its
service providers."
Participating private sector partners who assisted in making this trip a success Included San
ignacio Hotel & luxury Day Spa, Yute Erpeditions, lan Anderson's Caves Branch, Pcrtofino
Beach Resot, Azul Resort Island Ferry. SEA-duced by Belize, Viclora House and Tropic Air
The Belize Tourism Board currently launched its Bellza Specialst program tnat aims at
certifying 4,000 travel agents,

-7 f 11)fXA rtol inat^ft) 01- 4. At; Ikin PFCA InB~bYWA Uc^^11)t, dJAty^^^^^^^^^^^

Happy Birthdayg

Kaleb Jakim Ortega

Celebrating your 1st Birthday
On March 6, 2010
We oue ta ou a&uaup and pauug
that & zu ma* a&uaup 6e
&ea&t4 and twng.
From: Your Mom, Kimrberly Ortega;
Grandfather, Luis Ortega and
Grandmother, Susan Ortega
and the rest of the family.

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Senior Public Officers Training

At The San Ignacio Resort Hotel

BY: Mrs. Jacqueline E. Gillett This training is geared
Joseph specifically at Heads of
Ministry of the Public Service Department and individuals in
Tel: 822- 2204/2206 the Public Service, who are
The Ministry of the Public directly responsible for Human
Service, Governance Improve- Resource Management.
ment and Elections & Boundaries The objectives of this training
will next week be hosting a are to:
developmental training on i) Develop techniques to
Change Management. manage the various levels of
This forms part of its change and behaviours.
continuing efforts to enhance the ii) See change not as
performance and efficiency levels something to be feared and
of senior and middle managers in resisted, but as an essential
the public sector and is being element of the world to be
held in collaboration with accepted.
the Governance & Institutional iii) See change as an
Development Division (GIDD) of opportunity for self motivation
the Commonwealth Secretariat. and innovation.

Hablemos Claro
POR: Alejandro "Alex" Rios Affairs).
El pasado 8 de marzo, se Es en 1993 cuando el
conmemoro el Dia Mundial de gobierno de Belice asigna
la Mujer en todo el planeta, y especificamente, una
ahunque solo se reconoce ese dia responsabilidad a este portafolio
oficialmente, edificar un ministerial, con ello los
reconocimiento a las mujeres, no beneficios y derechos protegian
deberia tener ni fecha, ni afio. a las mujeres, especialmente el
En nuestro pais de Belice, bajo de las mujeres mas marginadas
la tutela de la Hon. Faith Babb, de las zonas rurales.
quien funjia como ministro de A lo largo de los afios
estado, en el Ministerio de aparecieron diferentes NGO'S
Recursos Humanos, fue que relacionadas con la mujer, el
nacio el departamento de Wor- gobierno de Belice, promovio
en's Affairs en el afio de 1986, los derechos de la mujer atraves
este espacio buscaba dignificar de la Convencion de las
la equidad y justicia en las Naciones Unidas, en la
mujeres de Belice, esto era para eliminacion de todas las
adoptar derechos que eran descriminaciones contra la
nesesarios en el ordenamiento de mujer.
las leyes protectoras de la mujer, En 1992 el gobierno adopto
la reforma legislativa de ese el acta contra la violencia
entonces,introdujoprogramasy domestica, hoy en dia el
servicios, que mejoraron la vida Departamento de la Mujer, esta
social y mejores condiciones bajo el Ministerio de Desarrollo
economicas para la mujer Humano, dirigido por el Hon.
belizefia. Eden Martinez.
Aunque existia la Union de Hoy por hoy, la mujer esta
Desarrollo de la mujer desde presente en la vida publica de
1979, lo que se buscaba era nuestro pais, cada dia vemos
establecer un mecanismo, que con orgullo a mas mujeres
contara con el soporte empresarias, doctoras, maestras,
gubernamental para las mujeres lideres en sus
iniciativas y esfuerzos, que comunidades, cada dia existen
integraran a la mujer al proceso mas grupos comunitarios
de desarrollo del pais. formados y dirijidos por
Enelafo de 1982,laComision mujeres, incluso mujeres
Nacional de la Mujer preparo agronomas, que trabajan
iniciativas para preparar arduamente de sol a sol,
programas a nivel nacional, pero enalteciendo el progreso agrario
fue hasta el afio de 1986 bajo del suelo belicefio.
la direccion del entonces Sin embargo falta mucho por
Primer Ministro Hon. Manuel hacer, todavia existe cierto
Esquivel, que nacio el rezago en el desarrollo de la
Departamento Relacionado a la mujer en el acontecer diario,
Mujer (Department of Women's cada dia a comparacion de otros

iv) Identify strategies for
helping change to be accepted
and implemented in the workplace
v) Apply hands on experience
by developing a change manage-
ment strategy.
The training will run from
March 15th to 17th, 2010, at
the San Ignacio Resort Hotel and
will be facilitated by Dr. Joan

paises, nos sentimos mas
aliviados en la violencia
domestica, y esto se debe a que
ahora, la mujer conoce mas
de sus derechos y
responsabilidades, ojala que
siempre, la mujer consiga el
beneplacito de el apoyo y la
solidez familiar, atras queda
el rezago y la marginidad,
hoy la mujer tiene las
mismas oportunidades para
desarrollarse, sin reservas o

Imhoff- Nwasike, Regional
Advisor for the Caribbean
Region of the Governance
and Institutional Development
Division, Commonwealth Secre-
Exposure for these prevailing
human resource development
interventions will assist public
sector managers in developing
skills to implement measures
to strengthen organizational
leadership and promote
innovation through the adoption
of modern management practices.

impedimentos, y el mundo
entero habre su horizonte a un
planeta mas plural y sin reservas
malinchistas, adelante mujeres
que ustedes fueron la cuna de
nuestras vidas, y han sido el
arquitecto de nuestra formacion,
adelante y sin reservas, siempre
para adelante nunca para
atras. Pero sera el tiempo... el
implacable tiempo, el que nos de
la razon o el beneficio de la duda,
solo el tiempo, usted que opina?

We Specialize In:
Car Detailing
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Car Polishing
Our Home Services Include:
Tile Cleaning & Polishing
Sofa Cleaning
We are located off Joseph Andrews Drive,
near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town.
Call us at 824-2076 or 670-2329 E-mail: cleanmasterbz()yahoo.com

Products to Grow With

Relocation Notice

The Management of Prosser Fertilizer
informs the General Public that with
effect from Thursday, April 1, 2010 our
outlet will be relocated from West Street
in San Ignacio Town to Rod Allen's
Hardware Building on the Western
Highway in Santa Elena Town, Cayo.

We look forward to continue
providing you with the same
high quality of Goods and
Services from our new location.

Sunday, March 14, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperkgmail.com Page 13

Following The Doctor's Advice

Mr Jose Garcia walked into Joe's
Cool Club on the Western Highway
in Santa Elena. He strolled straight
up to the bar and said to the
bartender "Let me have a quart
of Less, please."
"Sorry buddy," said the
bartender looking slightly puzzled,

"In all the year that I have been
bartending, I have never come
across that one yet. Tell me, is it a
rum, a gin or a whiskey?"
"I have no idea," replied Garcia.
"I went to see my doctor last
week and he told me that I should
drink Less."

Jose Garcia The Ambulance Chaser

After spending several hours
inside Joe's Cool Club, Mr. Jose
Garcia staggered out of the bar just
as the ambulance was racing past,
siren wailing and lights flashing.
Immediately, the obviously drunk
Jose Garcia rush out of the club and
starts chasing the ambulance. He
speeds down the Western Highway,

running as fast as he could until he
eventually collapsed near the Social
Security Branch Office, gasping for
In a last act of desperation he
shouts after the ambulance, "If
that's the way you want it, you
can keep your bloody ice

The Man From Above
When the new patient was settled doctor said. "So perhaps, you
comfortably on the couch, the should start at the very
physiatrist began his therapy beginning."
session, "Since this is your "Of course." replied the patient.
first visit I must begin by finding "In the beginning, I created the
out what your problem is," the Heavens and the Earth..."
A Final Confession

On her deathbed Ms. Alice
called her husband, James and
instructed him to look under their
bed and open the wooden box he
James was puzzled by the 3 eggs
and $7,000 in cash he found in the
box, so he asked his wife what the
eggs were for.
"Oh those", she replied, "every

time we had unsatisfactory
marital relations, I put an egg
in the box".
Not bad, thought James to
himself, after 35 years of marriage,
then he asked, "But what about
the $7,000?"
"Oh that", replied Ms. Alice,
"every time I got to a dozen I
sold them."

The floor of the Jacob Javits Convention
Centre was the venue fo" tne show ard attracted more tnan 7.000 trade
professionals and 28.000 attendees during the two and a half days. The seventh
annual New York Times Travel Show: presented byAnerican Express, is a passport
lo discovery, a dynamic, interact ve experience where everyone passionate about
travel could explore premier des:inations. properties, products and services.
Febhruary 961h was a trade-only Shn offepriig trave agents an opportunity to meet
with travel executives. February 27th and February 28th were both open to the
public and had a steady low of passionate indivicuals wanting to learn more about
Belize. The show also brought together hundreds of destinations, resorts, outfitters
and gear manufacturers from around the globe to showcase the best in adventure
Irdael, I is a USS115 billion dollar a year indust-y and gruwi'ig.
Request fo rinformation from the Belize toll free number has d emonstrated that New
York, California and Florida are the top three states in the United States that
continue to show interest in Belize as a tourism destination. Noteworthyto mention
that New York Is also the third largest ard the most populated city In the United


BTB Conlucts Educational Presentations
to Delta Agents in Atlanta, Georgia

Representatives from the Belize Tourism
Board had the opportunity to conduct an
educational Belize presentation to over 300
Delta Reservations Agent on March 2nd,
20101 at Delta Reservations office in Atlanta,
The full day educational presentations
highlighted Belize's reef, rainforest,
archaeology and culture. The main objective
is to provide education and awareness of the
Belizean Product to those engaged in the sale
of Iravel related products. This is provided to
the agents Ihrough destination and niche
market seminars, destination specialist
programs, and organization web-sites.

Delta Airlines is the world's largest airline.
From its hub in Atlanta, Cincinatti, Oetroei
Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Paul. New York-JFK, Salt Lake City, Amsterdam and
Tokyo-Narlta, Della, its Northwest subsidiary anLd Delta Connection carries offer
service to 368 destinations in 66 countries and serve more than 170 million
passengers each year.
Delta's marketing alliances allow customers to earn and redeem either Skymiles or
WorldPerks on more than16,000 daily flights offered by SkyTeam and other
partners. Including the SkyTeam and worldwide codeshare partners, Delta offers
flights to 567 worldwide destinationsin 112 countries.
Noteworthy is Georgia is rated as the tenth highest state where U.S. visitors to
Belzeoniginate. ,,


The Belizean Adventure
Showcased in the Big Apple

Belize had the distinct pleasure of being a
part cf the New York adventure this past
weekend at New York Times Show at the
Jacob J, Javitlls Convention Center in
downtown Manhattan, February 26th
through February 26th, 2010. Repoesenling
the Belize Tourism Board were Gale Ozeata
and Karina Cunil. Private sector
repretintative inrlucned RBelie Towrism
Industry Association anc the Belize Hotel


We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America
and the world.

RE5 "R

Contact John on 678 2000

or stop by our office at: LISTING IS FREE!
30, Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio. Check out
824 0550 our website at:


,0 k




dated 1911h IFehru Liry 2002 and recorded in Ieeds kIook iVlume 39
of 2001 at Folio 919-924 in favour of PETER HANCOCK.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PORT/
LOYOLAVILLE, Block No. 45 and Iicin, PIrcl N1.1. 1987.

This parcel ofland is the subjlcl ol a Ministcr's lial Granil No. 802
of 2004 dJIletd 121h Janiuary. 2005 in lhvour of LLOYD WAITE.

This parcel of laud is situllicd iln the RegistrLaion Section, ST.
MARTIN DE PORRES WEST, Block No. 45 and being Parcel No,

This parcel of land i the subject of a Deed of Convoyance No. 2173
of 2008 dated 23rd Jun; 2008 and recorded in Dccds Book VIluilnm
26 of 2008 at Idolios 157-166 in favour olCSIAl)lD)IN M USTAI.'A.


NO. LRS-201001806

This parcel of land is silualed in the Registration
Section. D)ANCHRICA NORlll, IBlock No. 31 and being Parcel No.

T]'his parcel of land is the suhjcl of a Iced of Conve-yancc No. 780
of 1985 dlaifd 271h Augusl 1985 and rci.rdedd iu D lds Book
Volunme 8 of 1915 at 1;olios 1125-1138 in favour of L]INDSAY

This parcel of land is situated in the Iegif station Section, ORAN(E,;
WA41K TOWN, Ilaock No. 4 and being Parcel No. 18310.

'IIis parcel of Iland is thle sMlject of a. 1e)ed of Conveyance No. 980
ol 1976 dated 1 11h August 1976 and recorded in Deeds IBook
Volume 8 of 1976 at Folios 1063-1082 in favour of LEOPOLDO
11RT I NO, l' ,i5) HIRI'11'.IO, (;RACIAIN0 RITS.'NO &

APPI'.[CATIO)N NO. I.RS-201002130
This parcel of land is silualed in the registration Scclion. ORAN(CE
'ALK TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 1632.

This parcel of land i the subject of a Deed of Conveynnce No. 2146
of 1998 dated 31st July. 1998 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume
25 of 1993 at Folios 1342-1349 in favour of SEFERINA E.

This parcel of land are situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE
WAl.K TOWN, Illock No. 4 and being Parcel No. 3604.

This parcel of land i the subject of a Ministor's Fiat Grant No. 1063
of 1998 dated 4th \overnmer, 1998 in favnour of All,.1INA T.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. ORANGE
WX1LK, TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 1789.

This parcel ofland is the subject of Ei Ministers Fiat (irani No. 167
of 1989 datled 10lh Ocloher, 1989 in Favor of MOISES CAL.

API'.LI;ATION .(). LIS-2111)012140
This parcel o[f land is situalted in the Rcgisll-alion Section.
PROGRESSO, Block No. 1 and being Parcl No. 796.

jThis parcel of land is the subject of a Minister;s l;iat (irant No. 104
of 1989 daled 21st .une.. 1989 in favour of 1)1'.TA COWO.

This parcel of land is situated in the lRegistration Section,
SARTENEJA, Block No. 3 and being Parcel No. 1309.

This parcel of land is The nsbicct of a Miniister's Fiat Grant No, 345
of 2005 dated 3 1st May. 2005 in favour of RKAL COCOM.

These parcels of land are situated in the Registration Section,
DIAN(RI(GA SOII'UT1. Lock No. 31 and being Parcels No. 955 &

These parcels of land are tile subject of a Deed of Conveyance No.
98 of 2000 dated 30th Decembcr. 1999 and recorded in Deeds Book
Volume 2 of 2000 Al Folios 665-672 in '0avour l'GILBERT MARIN

This parcel of land are situated in thi Registration Section. BURDON
CANAL. Block No. 45 and being Par'1l No. 146.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Minister's Fiat Grant No. 88 of
2000 dated 19th March, 2000 in ftavour of LEOPOLDO SILVA.

This parcel ol' land is situated in ithe Regisraltion Scc lion.
ORANGE WALK TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 3954.

This parcel of land is the suhibcl of a Minisker's Fiat Grlanl No. 671
of 2004 dated 30t1i July, 2004 in f~xor of ANGELICA LESLIE.

This parcel oF land is silualed in the Registration Sdction, SAN
L(~RACIOC NIORI'II, Ildock No. 23 and hinig Iarcecl No. 2-442.

This parcel orClland is the subject olfa Minister's lial (Irani No. 7:16
of 2008 dated 3rd November. 2008 in favor ol SERGIO CITUC.

A'PIJCATIO(N NOi. IRS-2111)02230
This parcel ofland is situated in the R~e.istration Section; SAN J,)SI,'
SAN PAILO., lock No. 1 and being Parcel No. 602.

This parcel of land is the siiliject of a. Minister's 1tiat (ira.nt XN. 354
of 1996 daled 171h September, 1996 in favor of RODRIGO

A1I'IICAT1(ON NO. I.RS-20f1002242
This parcel of land is situated in the Regislration Section.
PI.ACKNTIA NORTI]H, Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 4.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No, 605
of 1997 dated 20th 'ehruLary. 1997 and recorded in )Deeds Hook
Volume 7 of 1997 at Folios 587-602 in favour of THOMAS

This parcel of land is situated In the Registration Section.
MIIL.LERS BIGIIU, I, lock No. 4 and being Parcel No. 453.

This parcel of 'lnd is the sinhject of a Milister' 1;iat (Irant \o. 669
of 1998 dated 23rd June, 1998 in favor ofADILIA ALL RA~DO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Regisiration Section. ORANGE
WiLK TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcl No. 2514.

This parcel of land is the subject of an Indenture No. 0672 of
2005 daltd 21sl March. 2005 and recorded in Deeds lBook
Volunim 9 of 2005 il Folios 779-788 in fI'vour of EARL

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 15

Thursday, March 11, 2010:
While a dark cloud lingers
over the head of the Belize
Police Department amid
allegations of the presence of
killers within its ranks, there are
other less serious suspected
infractions which do no good

company's empty metal safe, on
a shelf, with its door sawed off
at the hinges, was pointed out to
The complainant informed
that the safe contained three
transparent plastic bags with
cash and cheques from sales for
Thursday, March 4 and Friday
March 5, 2010, amounting to
BZ$18,012.45 in cash and
BZ$7,035.13 in cheques all for
total of BZ$25,047.58, the
property of Running W Brand
Police suspect that after
rummaging through the upstairs
office, the burglar(s) descended
into the downstairs sales point
area by way of an interior stairs
and proceeded to ransack the
area and in the process
emptying the cash register.
While there are several pieces
of expensive computer and other
office equipment, in open view,
inside the building, the only
reported missing items were the
cash and cheques.
At the scene, inside the upstairs

for the ailing image of the
A group of policemen are
expressing dismay at an incident
that unfolded today inside a
municipal court whereby charges
were dismissed against two
persons accused of trafficking
in drugs.

The black Nike warm

office, on one of the desks,
police recovered a black Nike
warm cap converted into a mask
along with a hacksaw bracket
fitted with a blade. Police believe
that the hacksaw was used to cut
the burglar bar and the door off
the safe.
As the investigation continues,
police is asking anyone with
information to contact the San
Ignacio Crimes Investigation
Branch at telephone 824-2022.
Investigators reiterate that all
information received will be held
in the strictest of confidence.

The hacksaw bracket complete with blade

* q

Now Offering FULL Ramp
Service And Tire Repairs
(rbert broamer Inn & Out
Vacuum o

" Under wash
* Engine wash
* Auto detailing
" Waxing
* Carpet shampoo
* Window tinting

Phone: 664-0683
Open: Monday to Sunday

Located left hand side before turning into the wooden
BRIDGE, Santa Elena Cayo, Belize, Central America

The accused persons enlisted
the services of a highly qualified
and competent attorney who
has been appearing on their
behalf and today, after several
adjournments, both accused
persons walked free of the
charge not because of the efforts
of their skilled attorney but for
want of prosecution when,
after several adjournments, the
arresting constable, despite
being repeatedly summoned
to appear in courts, has
consistently failed to obey the
summons although he is
stationed at the very same
police formation where the trial
was held all along.
There is also the case of the
individual who is awaiting trial
on trafficking charges when he
was found transporting a large
quantity of drugs. He was also

I~n ~i; n~ ;n~ ~in 0 aT
Dark Clouds With Silver Linings

Fatal Motorcycle Accident In Spanish Lookout

An inspection of the area
revealed a long skid mark
measuring almost 50 feet on the
right side of the gravel road.
Police suspect the victim was
travelling alone at a high speed
on the motorcycle and when he
was unable to take a steep curb
in the road, he applied the brakes
thereby producing the long
skid mark which eventually led
to him losing control of the
motorcycle landing into a single

strand of barbed wire which
almost severed his head.
The victim was transported to
the San Ignacio Community
Hospital where he was officially
pronounced dead.
The body was placed inside the
morgue as it awaits the legally
required post mortem examina-
The deceased was well known
in Spanish Lookout where he
served as a volunteer Special
Constable for several years.

Hode's Place
Savannah Area, San Ignacio Town, Cayo Tel: 804-2522
Bring Your Family and Friends to
Hode's Place and let them enjoy our
Game Room, Playground and Ice Cream
Shop. We have something for everyone.
Bring out the entire family and enjoy a
clean, friendly and secure environment.
We Also beliver
Call Us At: 804-2522


Pots: Clay, BModegradabe and Plastic; Organic Ferzer
SI ..Sfr a meal and aa swim, we are ext tl
Lipmooy's JIungie Lodge & River eacec
home -kSwe Sa! ra


charged with possession of
ammunition. If convicted on the
drug trafficking charge, the ac-
cused gets off by paying a fine
as the crime does not carry a
custodial sentence. However,
convictions on ammunition
charges carry a mandatory
custodial sentence. There are
disturbing allegations that some
policemen are working behind
the scenes to have the
ammunition charge disappear.
Like most things in life, if left
unchecked, these less serious
irregularities could balloon into
more serious criminal behavior
on the part of those who are
sworn to uphold the Constitution
and the Law.
The silver lining behind these
two dark clouds is that the
Commanders of these two
formations are known to have
little tolerance for irregular
behavior. It is expected therefore
that these matters will be
thoroughly investigated.

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\~xX~[iiz Ii
W. Z'I

it' 8C~ .8~ IIIl I

in Ol Rete
Oreem o

SI 'f .

' I 'I A1

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