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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: January 31, 2010
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Boutique Resort
Beliz e



"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"


Wednesday, January 27, 2010:
Over the past several weeks and
months laptop computers and jewelry
have become the primary objects of
choice in reported incidents of burglary
within San Ignacio, Santa Elena and
surrounding communities.
San Ignacio police this week are
claiming a major break through with the
apprehension of one person caught on
camera in the act of attempting to
dispose of a reported stolen laptop

computer at a pawn shop in Benque
Viejo Town.
It was shortly after 9:00 a.m. on
Thursday, January 21, 2010, when
Leopoldo Arguelles, 28, Belziean bar
manager, of #8 9th Street, San Ignacio
Town, visited the San Ignacio police
station and reported that sometime
between the hours of 6:00 p.m. on
Wednesday, January 20 and 8:00 a.m.
on Thursday, January 21, someone
entered his house through an unlocked

Benque Viejo Police Makes Another Drug Arrest
Wednesday, January 26, 2010:
Benque Viejo Police is this week
reporting yet another drug trafficking
arrest in that western municipality.
A team of alert police officers
patrolling the town on Monday,
January 25, reportedly observed a male
person acting suspiciously whilst
walking in town. He was detained and
when searched, was found in possession
of two plastic wrapped parcels
containing suspected marijuana.
The detainee was transported to the
police station where he was identified Jose Hermelindo "Chimis" Ich Ical,
as Jose Hermelindo "Chimis" Ich Ical, 47, Guatemalan farmer
47, Guatemalan farmer from the in his presence amounting to 927.2
neighboring Barrio El Caoba, Peten, grams. He was formally arrested and
Guatemala. The substance was weighed P T

Wayne Gabb Jr., 23, Belizean labourer
Learn More About Diabetes
The San Ignacio Branch of the Belize Diabetic
Association extends a cordial invitation to all
diabetics, supporters and interested persons to attend
an informative and educational session on diabetes.
The session, facilitated by the Cayo Health
Committee, will be held at Sacred Heart College, San
Ignacio Town on Saturday, February 6 commencing
at 2:00 p.m.
More information can be obtained by contacting the
San Ignacio Branch of the Association at telephone
#6652839 or by email at sidiabeticsagmail.com.

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Expecting To Get Something From Doing
Nothing, Except Begging, Is Not Something
That Should Be Propagated

This one might bring some
heat to bear, notwithstanding
we will proceed.
We fully support the idea of
caring and sharing with fellow
human beings especially in
times of need.
However, when we get that
feeling like someone is trying
to take us for a ride then it gets
somewhat upsetting.
Let's get straight to the point.
The seemingly unending and
now almost daily presence of
the people from the
Salvation Army at commercial
establishments and at vehicular
check points soliciting cash
is, in our view, becoming a
nuisance to the community.
The local branch of the
Salvation Army, it appears, has
now taken over the booth
abandoned by the police at Red
Creek. We were driving behind
a passenger bus just this week
when it stopped at the check
point, imagine our surprise
when, being of the impression
that it was a police operation,
we saw people from the
Salvation Army, kettle in hand,
exiting the bus. It obviously
took quite a while for these
people to approach each
passenger on the bus. In our
view, no fare paying passen-
ger should be subjected to this
kind of undue delay. The bus
driver should have never
subjected those passengers to
this treatment.
In fairness to the driver of the
bus, he might have likewise
been of the view that it was a
police operation and by the
time the Salvation Army
people invaded the bus, it was
too late to halt them.
With only one bridge
presently in operation as the
link between San Ignacio,
Santa Elena and beyond, the
motoring public, in addition to
the inconvenience of having to
burn expensive fuel while
going nowhere as they await
their turn to cross the bridge,
coupled with traffic wardens
checking for insurance,
registration and asking for
driver's permit; the kettle,

rammed in our faces, is now
becoming a regular feature.
We have always supported
the Salvation Army's Annual
Christmas Kettle Appeal.
However, of late it is becoming
anything but annual with the
accompanying catch phrase
"There is no season for
giving". The "Christmas"
kettle is now a permanent
fixture inside some of the
banks in town.
In our humble opinion, the
regular expectation to get
something from doing nothing
except begging, is not the
kind of example that we would
want to propagate.
Frankly, instead of going
out there begging for a hands
out, we would really like to see
the Salvation Army organizing
a little bake sale, a little
bar-b-q sale, a little fair, a
little anything which would
show that they are working for
something instead of just
expecting to get something
from doing nothing.
Yes, the local Rotary Club
does the same thing but with
far less frequency. The first
difference being however is that
from time to time we hear of
the Rotary Club making
meaningful contributions to the
police, to the center for senior
citizens and to other social
The Rotary Club was recently
collecting funds with the
expressed request to assist the
earthquake victims in Haiti

"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
42A Western Highway, Santa
Elena, Cayo, Belize,
Central America
Tel: 626-8822 & 626-3788
email: starewspaper@gmail.com
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Visit us online at:
belizenorth.com/ thestar.htm

while the Salvation Army was
out soliciting cash with no
expressed purpose other than
to get the money.
Ask yourself these two basic
a) Where does a person
in need go for assistance from
the Salvation Army in this
community? and

b) When was the last time
you heard of the Salvation
Army making any meaningful
contribution in this community?
The element that triggered
this writing is the presence of
persons with questionable
characters soliciting funds on
behalf of the Salvation

Benque Viejo Police Makes Another Drug Arrest

charged for drug trafficking.
The accused appeared before
Magistrate Anna Rachel
Montejo in Benque Viejo
magistrate's court on Tuesday,
January 26, where he pled guilty
to the charge.
He was ordered to forthwith
pay a fine of $1,005, including
,i 'r.

cost of court, in default of
payment, he would spend one
year in jail.
He was unable to come up
with the fine and was
consequently transported to the
central prison in Hattieville
until the fine is paid or until the
jail term expires, whichever
comes first.

The Two Parcels Of Marijuana

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In Support Of The Hon. Wilfred

By: Wellington C. Ramos

From the time I was a child
growing up in Belize it was
always the (NIP) National
Independence Party that was
fighting for Belizean nationalism
under the leadership of their
highly respectable leader the late
Philip S.W. Goldson.
For its part, the People's United
Party, under the leadership of
their leader George Cadle
Price, was accused by the
British Government of selling
out Belize to Guatemala lock,
stock and barrel
I remember attending several
"No Guatemala" demonstra-
tions organized by the NIP with
my mother the late Josephine
Sampson in Dangriga Town.
Over the years the National
Independence Party evolved
into the United Democratic
Party (UDP) but the party's
political philosophy remained
I remember most of the
families that attended those
demonstrations in Belize City
and the Elrington's were at the
heart of these demonstrations.
Recently, our current Foreign
Minister, Hon. Wilfred "Sedi"
Elrington who comes from that
family made a remark about
Belize's border resulting in some
members of the People's United
Party asking for him to step
down as Foreign Minister.
The argument is over his
use of the word "artificial"in
reference to Belize's Western
border with Guatemala.
I do not know in what context
he was using this word but the
fact of the matter is that all
borders under European
Colonization are man made
whereby rendering them
Prior to the Spanish and
British coming to Belize and
Guatemala, the Mayas owned all

that area known today as
Belize and Guatemala. The
Mayas roamed from one place
to another without worrying
about Immigration Officers and
Checkpoints. Even up to today,
the Mayas are still going in and
out of Belize and Guatemala to
visit their relatives in these two
countries with no respect for law
enforcement agencies on either
side of the border.
Some members of the
People's United Party are
saying that the Foreign
Minister's statement will
strengthen Guatemala's ar-
guments to justify their claim for
our territory. I tend to disagree.
Belize can argue that prior to the
Spanish landing in Central

I m


Sedi" Elrington
America, a Maya Civilization
existed in Belize with its
own unique monarchial system
of government separate from the
government that administrated
the country of Guatemala.
When the Spaniards arrived,
they slaughtered the native
Indians. They created political
upheaval and destroyed the
governmental structures of the
In his capacity as Belize's
Minister of Foreign Affairs, the
Hon. Wilfred Elrington'sjob is
to defend Belize's sovereignty
and territorial integrity. I have
known Mr. Elrington for over
thirty years. I also know several
members of his family and
therefore I can say without


hesitation that they are prepared
fight and to die if necessary
for their beloved country.
Therefore, for anybody to imply
or suggest that this Minister is
disloyal and cannot be trusted
in negotiating on our country's
behalf that is the furthest thing
from the truth.
Prime Minister Dean Barrow
has publicly stated that he will
neither fire nor seek the
resignation of his Foreign
Minister. He has my support on
that bold stance.
When George Price was
suspected of dealing secretly
with Guatemala to sell out
Belize to them, it was the
parents of some of these same
PUP's who were saying
"Contact Or No Contact Que
Viva George Price. George

3ank International Ltd,


The Belize Bank Limited & British Caribbean Bank International
Donates to the Haiti Earthquabe Relief Effort in Belize

January 22nd 2010
Today, the Belize Bank Limited and
B I British Caribbean Bank International
-' i Limited -subsidiaries of BCB Holdings
SLimited, made a donation to the Red
Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief effort at
the Belize Red Cross headquarters
Si on Gabourel Lane, in Belize City,
Marketing Manager, for the Belize
SBank Limited, Misty Michael, and
Manager for Product Development at
StBritish Caribbean Bank International,
Alina Gonzalez, presented the cheque
for $22,000 to Director General of the
Belize Red Cross, Lily Bowman. The donation was made to assist the Belize Red Cross with its
local fundraising efforts to help Haitians affected by the record 7.0 magnitude that hit the
nation on January 12th.

After the news of the devastating earthquake broke, the sister financial institutions immedi-
ately began exploring ways in which they could provide assistance. Employees of the Banks
were also eager to assist, and of today's donation more than $4000 came directly from the
pockets of staff countrywide.

Both the Belize Bank Limited and British Caribbean Bank International Limited are dedicated
to giving back to the communities which they serve, and in times such as these are more
than ready and willing to assist in whatever way they can to make a difference. Both
institutions hope that this donation will help to provide some of the much needed necessities
necessities for the people of Haiti affected by this disaster,

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,1I 1-11 ~

f s.. ltaei... fenwi.i.

-P 223-S734 ax 223- 6734

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'~ I i :

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Rll&G Agmt am ku throuoic* Belfir, tast Wkfor tbc Apnt *a


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Understanding The Dispute In Citrus
Citrus Growers Association Responds To Banks Holdings Limited

On the Wednesday, January
27, 2010 edition of the Channel
7 News Belizeans may have seen
and heard these two gentlemen
"weigh in on the citrus
They represent Banks
Holdings, a company out of
Barbados that owns 46.5% of
Citus Products ofBelize Limited
The Citrus Growers Associa-
tion (CGA) notes that Banks
Holdings has taken the interest
to comment on the problems
facing the Citrus Industry in
Belize. It is unfortunate,
however, that in doing so Banks
Holdings has chosen to do so
not in the interest of its partner,
the CGA and the CGA's
Investment Company Limited
that represent the interest of all
Citrus Growers who are its
members, but to support CPBL's
Chief Executive Officer, Dr.
Henry Canton.
From the CGA's perspective
it is apparent that Banks
Holdings does not fully
appreciate the gravity of the
situation facing all parties.
In an effort to bring the point
across in a real and practical way
the CGA on behalf of all its
members hereby poses the
following questions to these
gentlemen in an effort for Banks
Holdings to get a better
appreciation of the position
of all the Growers who are
members of the CGA and in
effect their business partners:

Sir Allan, as Chairman of
Banks Holdings Limited, what
would you do if Mr. Richard
Cozier as CEO of Banks
Holdings sued Banks Holdings
Would you instruct Banks
Holdings' attorney to not defend
Banks Holdings and have Mr.
Cozier's attorney proceed to
take action against Banks
Holdings and the rights of its
Would Mr. Cozier still be
gainfully employed as the CEO
of Banks Holdings?
We ask this because, Dr. Henry
Canton, the serving CEO of
CPBL has taken the following
court action against CPBL,
a) Claim No. 661 of 2009
The purpose of this legal

action was to place an injunction
against CPBL from calling the
shareholders meeting requested
by the CGA's Investment
Company Ltd. so that it could
remove and replace three of its
appointed directors namely Mr.
Michael Duncker, Dr. Henry
Canton and Mr. Frank
In this particular instance, may
we remind you Sir Allan, that
you and Mr. Cozier along with
the other two members of the
Banks Holdings representatives
on the CPBL Board (Bob
Ramchand & Dan Stoute) along
with Mr. Michael Duncker, Dr.
Henry Canton, and Mr. Frank
Redmond, acting as the Board of
CPBL, instructed CPBL's
attorney not to defend CPBL or
the rights of its shareholders but

to maintain a "watching brief".
b) Claim No. 860 of 2009

Does Banks Holdings have
contracts with its CEO's private
companies? If so, do these
companies provide the same
core services to Banks Holdings
that Banks Holdings subsidiar-
ies currently do on their own?
If so, does the scenario as
explained by Mr. Michael
Duncker on Channel 7 News
We ask this because Dr.
Henry Canton's private
company, Agricultural Develop-
ment & Services (ADS) has
contracts with CPBL to do the
a) Provide CPBL groves with
young citrus plants. (He closed

the nursery owned by CPBL
and outsourced this to ADS)
b) Provide maintenance
service for the CPBL vehicles
(which CPBL's garage provided
for many years)
c) Provide grove management
services (which CPBL grove
management services provided
for years).
Back to the scenario we
referred to in question #2, Mr.
Duncker explained and we
quote, "At the last board
meeting that we had, we had a
very good look at all the
contracts thatADS has with the
company. The company itself
manages certain groves and
ADS manages some and it
was found that the production
from the ADS managed groves
was better than the company
managed groves and also the
cost was less from the ADS
managed groves than the






pST 1a010


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Understanding The Dispute In Citrus

company managed groves. So
what was done that we switched
the groves around to try to bring
up the other groves to the ADS
Does this mean that as CEO
of CPBL, Dr. Canton is unable
to put the structure and people
in place to achieve the same level
of results as he does with ADS?
Does this mean that the
hard working and competent
professionals at CPBL who
manage groves are managing the
worst groves as compared to the
groves ADS is managing? Or,
does this mean that in his
private capacity outside his
contract as CEO of CPBL, Dr.
Henry Canton is somehow able
to provide better services to
Isn't this a terrible indictment
against Dr. Henry Canton?
Whatever the case may be
shouldn't a company with some
10,000 acres of groves have
as a core competency, grove
management expertise?

As Chairman of Banks
Holdings, what would you do if
your CEO, Mr. Cozier, started a
private company that has as one
of its objects, to acquire, own
and operate a beer processing
plant? (Note to readers- Banks
Holdings manufactures beer).
Furthermore, what would be
your reaction if along with
starting this new company your
CEO would also have one of his
partners in that new venture in
the media speaking on behalf of
Banks Holdings and taking that
opportunity to promote this new
competing venture?
We ask this because Dr. Henry
Canton is a founder of a
new private company set up
purportedly to represent Citrus
Growers who choose to become
part of that venture. Objective
five of that company's articles of
association reads as follows,
"acquire own and operate
citrus processing plant".
Furthermore on at least two
occasions in the Belizean media
one Mr. Ernest Raymond was
present discussing CPBL related
issues seemingly on behalf of
CPBL. This is curious noting
that Mr. Raymond has no
official ties to CPBL but is a
co-founder along with Dr.
Canton and Mr. Michael

Duncker of this new private
entity established purportedly to
represent Growers. As a matter
of fact that new entity is
actually registered to Mr.
Raymond's address.
As Chairman, Sir Allen, would
you do like Mr. Duncker to join
the CEO in being a part of a
venture that has visions of
directly competing or owning the
company you represent?
Now let us remind you that
you, Mr. Cozier, Mr. Ramchand,
Mr. Stoute, Mr. Duncker, Mr.
Redmond and Dr. Canton,
acting as the Board of CPBL,
did decide for the farms owned
by CPBL to resign their
membership from the CGA
following Dr. Canton's sinister
plan to close down the CGA.
Furthermore, even when very
high ranking Government of
Belize officials, as part of a
mediation process recommended
that this action be reversed, you
and the gentlemen mentioned
directly above, did not reverse
the decision fully. Instead you
decided to have the subsidiaries
pay membership fees to CGA
but not rejoin. Is this to leave
the door open to have these
subsidiaries join the private
company established by Dr.
Canton, Mr. Michael Duncker
and Mr. Ernest Raymond to
represent growers?
As to the matter of fiduciary
responsibility, Sir Allan
with your learned corporate
experience, would you see the
following as an example of
fiduciary responsibility? What
would be your reaction be if your
CEO led Banks Holdings into a
situation like this (below)?
v Dr. Henry Canton, as the chief
proponent of the Investment
Agreement and a former
Director of the Belize Citrus
Growers Association Investment
Company Limited (ICL) (the
company owned by CGA that
owns the shares in CPBL), at
the time of the Investment
Agreement, concocted a transac-
tion that saw ICL sell off 46.5%
interest in CPBL and get only 4
million dollars in return while
owing some 12 million dollars
for purchasing CPBL?
Incidentally, Mr. Raymond
was the Chairman of the
Investment Company at that time
as well.
Mr Cozier you questioned what
was done by Mr Denzil Jenkins

and his group with the dividends
that were received by the
Well firstly, Mr. Jenkins is a
member of the Board of CGA
and the Chairman of the Board
of CGA's Investment Company
Ltd. Contrary to your insinua-
tion; none of these Boards is a
"Denzil Jenkins Group" or
anyone's group for that matter.
The members are qualified,
experienced and hard working
professionals who are looking
out for the best interest of the
Citrus Growers they represent
and the profitable sustained
development of CPBL to be
enjoyed by all shareholders.
In regards to how CGA used
the dividends received, note the
CGA does not question how
Banks Holdings uses its dividend
income. However, CGA refers
you to Mr. Frank Redmond who
was the Chairman of CGA and
who went to great lengths to
ensure that CGA only met the
minimum required obligations
on its loans and then paid out all
the remaining funds. You should
also know that most of this
money went right back to CPBL
as it produces the most fruit and
the monies were paid pro-rata on
fruit delivered to the factory. We
remind you that this is the
same Mr. Frank Redmond who
collaborates with Banks
Holdings' representatives on the
CPBL Board.
For the record, during the
seven month tenure of the
current CGA Board, no
dividends have been declared
by CPBL. Furthermore, Mr.
Jenkins' comment was that no
dividends were paid for the last
two financial years even though
the retained earnings position of
CPBL allows for dividends to be
He further stated that he
understood that the company
plans not to pay dividends
through 2013 as a deliberate
strategy to strangle CGA and its

Investment Company Limited.
It was questioned why CGA/
ICL refuses to increase the
Board to 10 directors giving Dr.
Canton a seat?
It is bad enough that even with
five out of the nine directors we
can't make a decision, why
would ICL want to have a
five-on-five scenario?
Furthermore, in the case of
Dr. Henry Canton and his
actions against CPBL and the
majority shareholder, he has
outlived his welcome as CEO of
CPBL! Why hasn't Banks
Holdings used one of its four
seats to ensure Dr. Canton has a
seat on the Board?
SirAllan andMr Cozier, what
does the following mean?
Clause of the Investment
Agreement 9(1) reads, "The
board of directors of the
Company shall consist of no
more than nine (9) persons of
which five (5) shall be
nominated by the Majority
Shareholder andfour (4) by the
Investor and each party shall
have the absolute right to
remove and replace any of
their respective directors at any
For the members of the CGA
and its Investment Company it
means that ICL has absolute
right to appoint and remove its
directors at any time. Why did
Banks Holdings continue to
obstruct ICL from changing its
directors? The CGA and the
Investment Company are
confident that the Court will rule
it its favour on regarding this

CGA's Position
Dr. Henry Canton was given
an opportunity to serve in the
best interest of the Growers. The
way he crafted and manipulated
the Investment Agreement has
resulted in the Growers losing
control of their company. He has
also demonstrated that his

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U m

2010 Belize Math Olympiad

Stimulating Enthusiasm and Critical Thinking Through Mathematical Creativity

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COOU I A 50ba Cky
Tuat. Feb. 16th CaMer
'th !r
3: 30 AM Seiko CKY
7 :P,:7c"

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.... .... .....;iiili; iilii

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Why We Built The Bomb;

Why We Dropped The Bomb

BY: Rudolph A. Bowman
Fort Collins, CO
The world changed irretriev-
ably on July 16, 1945, when, in
a New Mexico desert near
Alamogordo, the first atomic
bomb was tested.
On August 6, Little Boy, a
gun-type uranium bomb, was
dropped on Hiroshima, and
on August 9, Fat Man, an implo-
sion-type plutonium bomb, on
Nagasaki. Japan surrendered six

days later, and World War Two
ended, officially, on September
2, 1945. Germany had
previously surrendered.
To understand these dreadful
series of events, we need to pose
two important questions:
1) why did we, the USA, build
the bomb, and
2) more importantly, why did
we feel we had to drop the bomb.
I will give what I consider to
be the short answers, and then
proceed to develop each, more


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fully. Keep in mind these are my
views, and they do not represent
any official standing of the US
We built the bomb because
we thought Germany had the
potential to do so with its many
brilliant scientists, and would
have no qualms to use it on Great
Britain, and later, on the USA.
We dropped the bomb because
we felt this would save,
conservatively, tens of thousands
of American lives by not having
to invade and capture the island
of Japan.
Now to proceed on why we
built the bomb. For this, we
need to go back to the end of
WW1, and to the Treaty of
Versailles which imposed near
unbearable conditions upon the
German people, especially the
one that made them accept full
blame for the start ofWW1, and
for the loss of millions of lives.
These impositions created great
anger and resentment among the
German people, and made it easy

In Support Of The Hon.

Price All the Way". They even
lifted him up on their shoulders
and paraded him through the
principal streets of Belize City.
My advice is for Eamon
Courtney, John Briceno, Mark
Espat and these young PUP
newcomers go study Belize's
political history or speak with
older Belizeans who lived
during those days of Guatema-
lan contact with Belizeans.
It is nice to make fancy
speeches but those making these
speeches should ensure that their
speeches bear some semblance
of truth and substance because
we are listening and some of us
are recording them.
I am writing this article to
publicly inform that I stand
behind the Prime Minister's
decision to retain the Hon.
Wilfred Elrington as Belize's
Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Chief Diplomat.
The People's United Party
have suffered the worst defeat
in its political history in two of
the most recent elections, being
the 2008 general elections and
the 2009 municipal elections.
Now we see them mischie-
vously seeking attention.
I strongly urge the leadership
of the PUP to concentrate on
reuniting their badly fractured
party in the hope of offering at

for a charismatic and eloquent
Adolph Hitler to become
absolute leader (Fuehrer).
He had shown in his earlier
writings (My Struggle), his
views on the need for a pure
Germanic race which would
need more land for expansion,
and a great distrust for Jews and
Bolsheviks. So he rearmed,
rebuilt his economy, retook his
lost lands, gave pride back to the
German people, and took part of
Czechoslovakia. He proceeded
to take Poland in spite of an
agreement with Chamberlain,
and then found himself at war
with England and France on
September 1, 1939. In six
weeks he captured most of
Europe with England being the
only survivor.
A Couple important events
took place in Germany outside
of the build up of the war
machine in the 1930s. First of
all, Germany led the world in
Nobel Prize scientists in the first

Wilfred "Sed" Elrington
least some semblance of chal-
lenge in the next round of
national elections.
The PUP can discuss the
present and the future as much
as they want but they cannot run
from the harsh reality of the
dismal record they left in the
wake of those ten years of
the Said Musa/Ralph Fonseca
regime. This is a reality that
Belizeans will never soon forget.

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Government Is Serious About Poverty Alleviation

BELIZE CITY, Wednesday,
January 27, 2010:
The Ministry of Economic
Development, Commerce and
Industry, and Consumer
Protection, hosted a National
Consultation Workshop at the
Radisson Fort George in Belize
City on Tuesday, January 26, to
brief stakeholders on the
findings of the draft Country
Poverty Assessment Report
The Draft Report has been
prepared with financial
assistance from the Caribbean
Development Bank (CDB) and
the process was overseen by the
National Human Development
Advisory Committee (NHDAC)
which is a multi-sectoral body
mandated to provide informed
advice to the Government of
Belize and the general public on
socioeconomic policy develop-
ment, with special emphasis on
sustainable human development
and the elimination of poverty.
The Draft CPA report
assesses the current conditions
contributing to poverty, and
identifies policies, strategies,
action programmes and projects
that can reduce the extent and
severity of poverty in Belize.
Once the report is finalized, it
will be used by the Government
of Belize and development
organizations to enhance social
development and improve
overall quality of life for all
social groups.

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The process to prepare the
CPA Report has been highly
participatory and inclusive.
Halcrow Ltd., the consultants
who were hired to do the report,
worked closely with a National
Assessment Team that was

government, non-government,
civil society and the private
Both teams worked to carry
out the three main components
of the CPA. being:
(i) the Living Standards

three decades. They ushered in
Quantum Physics (Planck),
Relativity (Einstein), the Uncer-
tainty Principle (Heisenberg).
When they were refused Chilean
nitrate fertilizer in WW1, they
manufactured ammonia (Haber
Process); when they were
refused oil in WW2, they made
oil from coal (Fisher-Tropsch
Process). But most importantly,
two German scientists, Hahn and
Strassmann, discovered fission,
which led to the atomic bomb.
Lise Meitner, an Austrian-born
Jew working with them, related
to them the fact that they had
split the uranium atom by hitting
it with neutrons, which caused a
chain reaction. The implication
was that huge amounts of energy
could be got according to
Einstein's famous equation since
matter was lost which was then
converted into energy.
This fact, however, was not
lost upon other European
non-Germans, like Leo Szilard
and Niels Bohr, who took the
message to England and the US,
and finally to Roosevelt through
Einstein, who had migrated to
the USA, along with many other
Jewish scientists.
Thus started the Manhattan
Project in various sites across the
USA under General Leslie
Groves and Prof J. Robert
Oppenheimer in an attempt to
beat Germany to the bomb.
Ironically, this project hired
many of the same Europeans
fleeing German and Italian
tyranny (Bethe, Teller, Fermi).
Roosevelt gave permission to
increase funding on December 6,
1941, and Japan attacked Pearl
Harbor the following day. The
US spent $2 billion then,
employed tens of thousands, and
manufactured in about two to
three years both types of bomb,
uranium-235 in Oak Ridge, TN,
and plutonium-239 in Hanford,
WA. Their headquarters and
brain trust was in Los Alamos,
NM, not far from the Trinity site

where the first bomb was
Germany surrendered on May
8, 1945, and the US had only
Japan to worry about who was
fighting fiercely in the South
Pacific, and was not about to
Truman had taken over from
Roosevelt who had died of a
stroke in April.
At Potsdam in July, meeting
with Churchill and Stalin,
Truman sent an ultimatum
to Japan, "unconditional
surrender". Japan wanted to
protect Emperor Hirohito who
was a "god on earth" to them;
so they refused. And so, on that
fateful morning on August 6,
Paul Tibbets set out from Tinian
Island in the Enola Gay (B-29
plane) and dropped the bomb
that changed history forever.
Many reasons have been given
for the dropping of the bomb
besides saving ofAmerican lives
(and, ironically, Japanese
lives): revenge for the sneak
attack on Pearl Harbor, show
Russia we had a terrible weapon
(they already knew from spies),
display the effects of our $2B
gadget on a protected city (no
previous bombing) for full
impact, break Japan's will to
continue and to surrender to us
instead of the Russians.
Were there other voices against
the bomb in the US? Yes,
there were, even among some
scientists from Los Alamos, and
certain military and political men,
but they were overruled by a
thought that Truman could have
been impeached if more Ameri-
cans died, (400,000 had already
died) and we had a mechanism to
save them.
We must remember Japan fought
to the death, literally, in places like
Midway, Guadalcanal, Saipan,
and the last two bloodiest, Iwo
Jima, and Okinawa, where tens of
thousand ofAmericans died. They
not only remembered this, but
Pearl Harbor, where 1,177 soldiers
met an entombed watery death in

comp raised of members from Measurement Survey
Why We Built The Bomb;
Why We Dropped The Bomb

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(ii) a series of Participatory
Poverty Assessments (PPAs).
(iii) an Institutional Analysis
The results of each component
were used to formulate the
Program of Action section of
the CPA that contains recom-
mendations for policy interven-
tions covering all aspects of
poverty reduction.
The workshop had
representation from a wide cross
section of government, non-gov-
ernment, donor community, and
civil society organizations.

the USS Arizona (over 2,400
died); they remembered the Death
March in the Philippines, and the
terrible treatment and gruesome
execution of American and
Filipino POWs. Previous to that
Japan had shown no mercy to
Chinese soldiers and civilians
before the war, and held over
100,000 Chinese women as sex
slaves. The point is that the view
in America in 1945 was greatly
anti-Japanese. As a matter of
fact over 80% of the American
populace agreed with the
dropping of the bomb right after
the war.
Time has tempered that
feeling somewhat. We now know
how terrible the bomb was, and
that it should never be used again.
We know that Japan was
defeated and more time could have
possibly led to surrender. Possi-
bly! Some wonder whether we
had to drop the second bomb.
Could we not have let them
preserve their emperor which we
ultimately did anyway? Did we
really have to take the Island of
Japan, and probably lead a proud
nation into mass suicide?
I guess the moral of the story is
that war should be avoided at all
costs. After all its entire objective
is to kill the other guys with no, or
minimum loss on your side. What
better way than the use of the
atomic bomb. When the Zulus
came after the British inAfrica, the
British had no qualms using their
machine guns against their spears.
No such thing as a just war
exists when one nation is militarily
superior. We fire-bombed over
60 cities in Japan, and killed more
than those in Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, but it was the
insidious nature of a one-bomb
attack that rocked the world, and
left us with a dubious legacy.
Hopefully, never again!

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March 22 to April 20
he coming week, there is excessive focus on material as-
pects. You will be preoccupied with increasing funds at
your disposal and looking at acquiring some gadget or as-
set. You will be under pressure to organize a function at
home. There could be hope for revitalizing an old project.
Lucky Numbers : 07, 44, 83.

April 21 to May 21
You are likely to be motivated by two strong reasons for
going full steam. One is the comfort and happiness from
loved ones and second is the strong desire to get make
things happen according to you. There could be some dab-
bling in the stock market. Lucky Numbers: 03, 41, 96.

May 22 to June 21
The coming week is more likely to be a challenge of sorts.
.4 You will desire quick completion of your projects but there
Swill be roadblocks waiting for you to lose you calm.
Consider all parameters in mind while committing to a
partnership. Keep away from anger at any cost. Lucky
Numbers: 02, 35, 61.
June 22 to July 23
This is one period that will require you to put your emo-
/ -- tions in the back seat and work like a real handler with
..-1 relationships. People could be really difficult around you
and it may not be easy to move through the days without
S getting affected. Lucky Numbers: 05, 27, 92.



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rt "

July 24 to August 21
There will be some unusual meetings this week. You will
find it exciting as new people bring new dimensions to
your social life. If you have had any new plans for
implementation, now is the time for implementing them.
There is a big possibility of renewing your bonds with
your roots and family. Lucky Numbers: 09, 14, 54.

August 22 to September 21
There could be a number of disturbances to your plans
but the outcome will depend on how you decide to deal
with situations. Don't get touchy about it. Instead, move
on. This will help transform seemingly disadvantageous
situations in your favour. Finances will improve and you
will widen your focus to diverse areas. Lucky
Numbers: 18, 31, 95.

September 22 to October 23
Actions and activities carried out this week will be spurred
by a need for change. There are increased chances for
romantic meetings and social interactions. Heightened
emotions could lead to some volatile situations. Try to deal
with matters as calmly as possible, but don't compromise
on your ideals. Lucky Numbers: 04, 28, 76.

SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21
You will feel the need for more funds. Even if you strive
now, money is likely to come in slowly. You will have to
put in hard work if you desire to make any gains at all.
Also, interpersonal relationships will be strained and there
could be some sharp exchange of words.Lucky
Numbers: 24, 70, 88.

November 22 to December 21
Your networking skills come into play this week. You need
to approach resourceful people in order to seek funding
for your projects. Avoid confrontation or breaking a law.
Health will need to be taken care of and alternative
medicine and healing techniques could help. Lucky
Numbers: 49, 68, 72.

December 22 to January 20
Money matters will preoccupy your attention. You could
be interested in multiplying your gains through trading in
stocks. Although, do not undermine the risks. Some changes
in personal life occur that set you thinking about serious
issues you have been ignoring until now. Lucky
Numbers: 22, 58, 90.

AQUARIUS: January 21 to February 19
An eventful phase for you where you take some rather
exciting decisions. You may also rework your plans about
the future and the people you wish to be associated with.
Differences arise in close working relationships too, but
the damage can be contained by focusing on the long term
goals. Lucky Numbers: 37, 86, 98.

PISCES: February 20 to March 21

You may have to try extra hard to pay attention to detail,
especially when it's related to finance. Write down all
MI. details systematically. Laxity or relying upon memory will
S 7 backfire. You may be tempted to handle some very
Difficult situations on your own but you will need people
to help you. Lucky Numbers: 08, 33, 78.


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0 m i ,

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Ministry of Natural Resources
and the Environment




It is heiebv dilel ed in accoirdmae will the provisions of 4scL'in i 4 of Lha Laws ol Belize Chapter 194, Revised Ediatin f0':' UiLal tlie tniLCL iues ofReii-4i 'Iiii
Seciion SANTA ELENA,(AYOs is varied and hereafer deicrihed as follows:-

Made this 26 ay of January, 2010.

Hont asparVe3
Minister of Natural Rescurc es and the
Environment. Minis er responsible for Lands

Registration Section Santa Elena, Cavo District Block 23

A 1 th nt piece or pr; el of land containing approximately 2,300 ntres irtailed car of rhe Macal River and inc hiding the Town cf sanin Elena, t'ay r [hi rit I and hounded 's fllMow

On the North byhe Belie e Riaer anrd Lands being now or formerly August Estate; on the East by Pilrimage'jileva and the Crio Rev Road. and on the o Suth by he IMacal River
(Eastern Branch. Belize Rii er and a portion ofrhe Cristo Rey Road and on the West by the Macal River (Eastem Branch ofthe Belize Riuver and beingmoreparticularly described
as foll o -

Connien in at a r acc ete pillar on theNonh side ofin_ o Re' Road, Ihe said concrete Pillar having UTMcoordinates value of I 3J1932 .44 metres Northings and 281 .323 metres
Eastings; there in a South Westerly direction across the Cristo Rey Road r ari approximate distance of 20.117 metres toa poirt along the iouth side ofthe said Road, thence in
a southwi stery 1irect(icn mlan the south side fthe Cristo Rey
Road for a approximate distance of 1200 melres to another PLAN SHOMwG PROPOSED VAP4IT1ON OF THE OF"
point; thence further south along the western boundary ofthe TE BSANTA ELE CA YO voRESS TRATK N SPPRON
tA 'D 0,'$ 7rtCT
CrisiloRe) oad foran approximate distanceof 1767 metres to a A D'
concretePillar whoseUTM cJord innes are 1 8>5'165.62 mere Scus- .'7 0 .
Nnirhi aind 2818P 665 niete Eat. dltcE.e wi n a I Id beauin of I
287 dewees 27 minutes 44 seconds for a distance of 158.550
metres to a concrete Pillar thence on a grids bearing of 299 .
degrees 06 minutes 06 seconds for 3 duiance of I '1. L8 metres
toa concrete PillarNo. 3 (Plia 2':l1) whose rcurdualeak we / aOrFannri y 4aguar Esa
189517Z510anetrt.-j i NVUtl 231.S" 91 kimtl LE ,eli Uin ce na
grid bearingf43 degrees 55 minutes 44 seconds for a distance
of 2".9.imeres jto a oncree Pillar near he Eastan Banit dlthe ,
MacalRivei. dlenc t. dt-iiiAtreaii alui Uie Easitein Bakl. fthe
Macal River for a distance of apl uxi\iiatcly 2326 retres to a
concrete Pilar at Han2ing Rock. on the Eastern Bank f the
Eastern Brich. Belize River, thence funherdov% trn ef alcnag '
the aid hba oulf die Eaer n i .it I Brelize Ri e L a d utame '/ "' "
of approximately 6 .39 metres to crtlier point being its .
( aillKicev wiit tlli Bcizch RiveR. rleice dowlu nstrem alo ng th e '
iouther bank of the Belize Ri'er for a distance of IW93.10 .O
metres to a concrete Pillar. thence on a f id bearing of 117
degrees 38 minutes 39 seconds along the boundary between
the former estates of Jo'-cqII August and Camlen Requena
(deceased) for a dItiance of 2978 00 metres to another poinli
thernce on a n.1d heirna ti ;7.2gree r miniite< 05 seconds
for a distance of 17(1 iK)lnehls o a concrete Pillar thence ona .
grid bearing of 24-9 lew ee 10 minutes 43 seconds for a
di;ance of 2 'i' 'metire In a concrete Pillar, thence o l agrid
hearing of 2 2de~retf 6 mine i 37 seconds fora ditanceof .
S18.933 metres to a concrete Pillar, thence on a grid bearing 250 PJy aTrrap Valley
degrees 35 minutes 27 seconds fora disLance of92259 metres '
to a wooden Peg; thence on a grid hearing 231 degrees 40 .
minutes41ecorindsfora diErtncicf 17T-'nwI9meclre a n wo en
peg; thence on a grid bearing 230 degrees 50 minutes 34
seconds for a distance of 1" ""' metres to another wooden
Peg thence on a end bearing 216 degrees 55 minutes 40
seconds for a distance of 122 575 metres to a concrete Pillar. -
thence n a grid bearing of 211 degrees 8 minutes 34 seconds
for a disLan e cf 401.119 metres to a concrete Pillar, thence on a
grid bearing of 209 degrees 31 minutes 35 seconds for a

bearing of201 degrees 14 minutes 46 seconds fora distantof
536 052 metres to a c Lncrete Pillar. thence on a rid bearing or
264 decrees '04 feet -I inches for a dls ane "of 251. 40,i melres lo
a concrete Pillar, thence on a grid bearing of218 degree 44
minutes 51 seconds fora diztlne uf46. 642 mieues. back to the
point ofcunmmenceert.

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SUnderstanding The dispute In Citrus

In the mind of a Politician
NASA was interviewing leave the other million for the
professionals to be sent to advancement of medical
Mars. Only one could go, and he research."
couldn't return to Earth. The last applicant was a poli-
The first applicant, an tician. When asked how much
engineer, was asked how much money he wanted, he whispered
he wanted to be paid for going. in the interviewer's ear, "Three
"A million dollars," he million dollars."
answered, "because I want to "Why so much more than the
donate it to M.L. I others?" the interviewer asked.
The next applicant, a doctor, The politician replied, "If
was asked the same question. He you give me $3 million, I'll
asked for two million dollars. "I give you $1 million, I'll keep
want to give a million to my $1 million, and we'll send the
family," he explained, "and engineer."
All that glitters is not 2old

After shopping for most of
the day, a couple returns to find
their car was stolen.
They go to the police station
and made a full report.
A detective drives them back
to the parking lot to see if any
evidence can be found at the
scene of the crime.
To their amazement, the car
has been returned.
There is an envelope on the
windshield with a note of
apology and two tickets to a
music concert.
The note reads, "I apologize
for taking your car, but my
wife was having a baby and I
had to hot-wire your ignition
to rush her to the hospital. We
apologize for the inconven-
ience. Here are two tickets to

attend tonight's Big Concert
at the Bliss Institue in support
of the earthquake victims in
With their faith in humanity
restored, the couple attend the
concert and return home late.
They find their house has been
burglarized. The place ransacked
from the attic to the basement.
All their cash, jewelry and
electronic equipment gone.
Then they find a note on the
dining room table.
And the note reads "Hello
again. Hope you enjoyed the
concert. At least you still have
your car. I have a new born kid
and I must now buy milk,
pampers and save for the kid's
healthcare and education,
don't I?"

Smooth Operator

Bumping into a woman on the
sidewalk, the Tom Cruise look-
alike apologized, "Pardon me!"
"That's quite all right," the
woman replied. "You look just

like my fourth husband."
"Wow!" he said. "How many
times haveyou been married? "
She winked at him and said,

&A/gtMd9 yoy 6tudio

Offering daily Yoga Classes

Meditation and Massage

All levels... Walk-ins welcome
3rd floor JNC Mall, San Ignacio Town


Start the new year with a renewed sense
of health and well-being
In body, mind and spirit.

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allegiance is to himself and his
apologists. For too long, the best
interests of Growers have not
been properly represented.
The position that the Growers
find themselves in is in large part
due to following the leadership
and vision of the likes of
Dr. Henry Canton, Michael
Duncker, Frank Redmond and
Ernest Raymond.
Banks Holdings must realize
that its partner in this venture is
not Dr. Henry Canton it is the
CGA, its Investment Company
Limited and citrus growers who
they represent. Dr. Canton is not
the only talented individual in
Belize qualified and capable of
leading CPBL. In fact he is not
the most talented or qualified.
There are many talented
individuals in Belize who would
put their talents to good use and
demonstrate the sort of ethical
behaviour that would not create
a scenario embroiled in conflicts
of interest. These individuals
would discharge their functions
in the best way possible for the
company and its shareholders
instead of seeking to divide an
industry and in essence hold
hostage the members of the
CGA, the majority shareholders
of CPBL.
Furthermore, Banks Holdings
needs to honour Clause 9(1) of
the Investment Agreement and
respect the absolute right of
CGA Investment Company
Limited to remove and appoint
its five directors on the CPBL
Board at any time.
As Banks Holdings largest
investment outside Barbados, we
advise to not put your fate in the
hands of any one man.
In this case, take a step back,
reflect on this situation and learn
from what has turned out to be a

grave mistake on the part of the
members of the CGA who
followed the vision of Dr. Henry
The members of the CGA are
fed up with the actions of Dr.
Henry Canton, Mr. Michael
Duncker and Mr. Frank
Redmond, and call on them one
last time to respect the rights
of the members of the CGA
and in so doing remove
themselves from the CPBL
Banks Holdings by your vote
on August 12, 2009, in essence
created this turmoil, and with
your recent actions at the
December 4, 2010 CPBL Board
meeting in Miami, you continue
to display a blatant disregard for
the rights of the members of the
CGA, who are the majority
shareholders of the CPBL.
The members of the CGA and
their forefathers toiled very hard
and developed a vibrant citrus
industry and a CGA that
achieved the acquisition of the
processors in Belize.
After nearly 100 hundred years
of work the members will not sit
idly by and watch Dr. Canton
and Banks Holdings destroy this
achievement and take absolute
control of CPBL.
Citrus is how they feed their
families, educate their children
and live their lives. What they
are seeing now is their life work
being controlled by a foreign
entity, their national juice
Caribbean Pride has now,
locally, become a product of
"Pinehill" and wonder what
next will be taken over by
Pinehill of Barbados?
We urge Banks Holdings to
look at the big picture and start
working with CGA and the
Investment Company Limited.

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Social Investment
BY- H... .: Jr. J.P,
S,'.l, :Ia of Public Relations,
.VL I;.',Investment Fund
January 26, 2010:
The Social Investment Fund
(SIF) and its consultants respon-
sible for the execution of the
social assessment of the Belize
Municipal Development Project

Fund Hosting World Bank Workshops
(BMDP), in collaboration with assessment consultancy of the
the Ministry of Economic BMDP. It aims to provide
Development, Commerce, stakeholders with feedback and
Industry and Consumer Protec-
tion, is hosting a series of
half-day workshops in seven
municipalities countrywide.
The series of workshop is the
second round of consultations
in connection with the social

offering the opportunity to
propose necessary adjustments
to the documents prepared
during the research phase of the
social assessment consultancy.

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Front Row: (L-R) Mayor John August, Deputy Mayor
Bernadette Fernandez and Councilor Eduardo Cano


Febraurv 13th

Blue Angels Night Club

Hudson Street, San Ignacio Town, Cayo
(Now under new management)

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Ministry Of Health
BELMOPAN CITY, Thursday, Execu
January 28, 2010: Ministr
The Ministry of Health in Allen
collaboration with the Ministry which
of Education, the National encour
Sports Council, the Police and in sup
Transport Departments held a Prograi
WALKATON for principals, The pi
teachers, students and guardians approach
of all schools participating in educati
the FRIEND PROGRAM the dev
(Focusing Resosurces in skills a
Education and Nutrition make
Development). health
The walkaton began at 6:30 on nutrition
Thursday morning in Corozal educati
Town. FRI
Minister of Health, Hon. primary
Pablo Marin and the Chief Standai

Social Investment

All suggestions will be
incorporated in a final document
of the consultancy, which will be
presented at a national workshop
along with the disclosure of
two frameworks prepared under
the BMDP. These include:
a) Land acquisition and
Resettlement Policy Framework
and b) Environmental and Social
Management Framework
The series of workshops began
in Belmopan, on Wednesday
January 27, at the George
Price Centre for Peace and
On Thursday, January 28, the
workshop moved to San Ignacio
Town where approximately 15
persons participate in the session
at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.
From San Ignacio it moves to
Benque Viejo Town where the
session will be held during the
afternoon hours.
The participants in San Ignacio
Town included Mayor John
August, Deputy Mayor
Bernadette Fernandez and
Councilors Desol Neal, and
Eduardo Cano.





- Promoting Healthy Living
ve Officer in the Town are participating in the
of Health, Dr. Peter pilot project.
anticipated in the event Objectives of the programme
as held to promote and include are:
ge physical activity a) To improve knowledge,
ort of the FRIEND attitudes and behaviour that are
me. directly related to healthy living.
grammee is a skill based To lay a foundation for lifelong
Sto health and nutrition health eating based on acquiring
n which will focus on skills and knowledge.
lopment of knowledge, b) To improve nutritional
id attitudes needed to status and reduce the likelihood
id carry out positive of children developing chronic
decisions through diseases such as obesity,
education and physical diabetes and hypertension.
n. c) To emphasize the
ND's target group is importance of physical activity
school students. Nine and promote increased physical
1 4 classes in Corozal activity in children which can

Fund Hosting World Bank Workshop
Other participants included
Rev. John Tzib from the
Nazarene Church, Luis Pulido
from the Octavia Waight Center
for Senior Citizens, along with
a representative from the Belize
Bank, Tour Guide Association
and other private citizens *
including Martin Galvez Sr.,
Juan Polanco, Cecilia Flowers, ,
Marcel Bedran and Eulogio
Cano among others.
From Benque Viejo Town the (L-R) From the Private
workshop moves north, first to Martin
Orange Walk Town and later to World Bank's Board of Directors
Corozal Town. The team then endorsed a new Interim Strategy
heads deep south to Punta Gorda Note for Belize, which outlines
Town. the Bank's assistance over the
The nationwide series of next two years (March 2009 to
workshops ends on Thursday, June 2011), and supports the
February 4 with the final stop in country's strategy to spur
Dangriga Town. economic growth and reduce
The sessions are conducted by poverty.
Evan Dakers, consultant for the The program will provide
Belize Municipal Development analytical and advisory services
Prpject Social Assessment. to assist the Government in the
The series of workshops is in design and implementation of
preparation for the World Bank current policy initiatives. It will
financed BMDP, which will be also provide modest investment
implemented, later this year, by lending.
the Social Investment Fund. As part of the BMDP project,
On March 17th 2009, The the World Bank will make

From the Private Sector:Marcel Bedran and Cecilia Flowers

PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactorv.com

available up to 30 million
Belize dollars, geared towards
improving service delivery in the
targeted municipalities on the
following three key pillars of the
Government's development
a) Reduce vulnerabilities and
support sustainable livelihoods;
b) Strengthen governance and
accountability; and
c) Address critical infrastruc-
ture needs to support economic
The World Bank last prepared
a Country Assistance Strategy

lead to lifelong practices and
d) To increase public
awareness and encourage health
living practices.
The program emphasises that
regular physical activity can
add many health benefits
such as strengthening the
heart, improving blood flow,
improving mood, boost energy
levels, reducing stress and the
risk of chronic diseases such as
diabetes, high blood pressure
and heart disease.
The walkaton took off fromthe
Social Security Office in Corozal
Town and ended at the Corozal
Civic Centre.
The Ministry of Health takes
this opportunity to thank all
those who participated and or
contributed to making the event
a success.

SSector:Juan Polanco and
Galvez Sr.

(CAS) for Belize in 2000. In the
wake of the February 2008
elections, Prime Minister Dean
Barrow, specifically requested
that the World Bank re-engage
with the country as part of its
efforts to mobilize low-cost
multilateral financing and avoid
costly commercial borrowing.
Further information on
the project can be obtained
by contacting the Project
Consultant Mr. Evan Dakers,
at telephone 622-4365 or Mike
Hernandez Jr. J.P., Director,
Public Relations, Social Invest-
ment Fund, Tel: 822-0239/0508;
Fax 822-0279 or via email at
mike.hemandez@sifbelize. org

13grll 100% MORI tE]:

m ln"mayMkb d

It's High Time For New Leadership

In The National Garifuna

By: Wellington C. Ramos

I grew up beside Logan Field
on the north side of Dangriga
In those days there were two
vibrant Garifuna Associations
working on behalf of our people
namely; the CAC and the CDS.
Their home base were located
about two blocks away from my
These two associations used
their buildings as gathering
places for the Garinagu people
to assemble and seek assistance
for the problems confronting

Hurricane Hattie destroyed
these two buildings and Mr. Bill
Flores opened up a grocery store
downstairs of CDS. While, Mr.
Matthew Miguel did likewise
downstairs of the CAC building.
Mr. Flores remained at
that location until he departed
for the United States of
Mr. Matthew Miguel remained
at his site until he passed away.
Many years later, the National
Garifuna Council (NGC)
acquired title to the CDS
property and built a small
headquarters on the land and
named it the Pablo Lambey
In 2005 I lived in Dangriga for
six months and I observed that
this building was dormant and
remained closed everyday like
a ghost house with nothing
happening inside.
One day when I was passing
the building, I was informed that
a group of Garifuna women
were inside the building making
sandwiches to take on a PUP trip

to the Cayo District.
This was during the time when
the People's United Party and the
United Democratic Party were
gearing up for the March 2006
Municipal Elections.
I was very angry to discover
that, as a proud Garifuna, the
association that was supposed to
represent us was actually
engaged in partisan political
activities on behalf of one
political party for the benefit
and self interest of a few
individuals in the association.
When I brought this to the
attention of my relatives and
friends in Dangriga, they told
me that the National Garifuna
Council was infested with many
supporters of the People's
United Party.
They said the infestation was
so bad that it was hard to tell the
differences between PUP and
the National Garifuna Council
Our Garifuna elders have
always warned us about using
our associations to engage in
partisan politics, for fear of the
negative backlash it would bring
to our people and the divisions
it would create in our families.
It is my understanding that this
situation remains the same up to
this day.
On November 25, 2009, a
letter to the Editor, titled "Stop
Using The National Garifuna",
was published in the Amandala.
The letter was written by a
highly respectable Garifuna
Political Acivist and Politician
by the name of Luke Palacio
voicing his concerns over the
activities of the National
Garifuna Council.
I have known Mr. Luke
Palacio from childhood and he
is a person who will speak out
against all forms of injustice he
There are many Garinagu
people who are afraid of the
National Garifuna Council
because whenever the Council is
criticized they go after the
individuals who criticizes them.
Yet it is only through
constructive criticisms that we
can better our associations to
serve our people.
I agree with the idea of having
a National Garifuna Council but
I am in complete disagreement
with the strategies and methods

door and made off with his
black Gateway laptop computer
bearing serial number
N1976K1000952 along with
accessories valued at $2, 500
Belize dollars.
Police visited the scene and
reportedly observed no sign of
forced entry.
In the process of the
investigation, police received
information of an individual
entering a pawn shop in Benque
Viejo town at about 1:30 p.m.
also on Thursday, January 21,
attempting to pawn the laptop
computer and accessories.
Police visited the pawn shop
where they were facilitated with
a copy of the video on CD.
The individual was instantly
identified as Wayne Gabb.
Gabb was detained by the
officers on the night shift on
Monday, January 25 and on
Tuesday morning he was given
a front row seat to view the CD
after which he took the police to
the High Speed Internet Shop on
Far West Street in San Ignacio
Town where the computer was

While police were unable to
come up with any evidence
implicating the accused in the
actual burglary of Arguelles'
house, armed with the video
evidence, they proceeded to
formally arrest and charge him
for the crime of handling stolen
The accused, Wayne Gabb Jr.,
23, Belizean labourer of a 6th
Street Address in San Ignacio
Town, appeared in court on
Wednesday, January 27 and
when the charge was read to him
by Magistrate Anna Rachael
Montejo he instantly plead
guilty to the charge. However,
the he expressed disagreement
with the facts of the case
as presented by the prosecution.
Magistrate Montejo conse-
quently entered a not guilty
plea and offered the accused bail
in the sum of $5,000. The case
was adjourned until Monday,
April 19, 2010.
The accused was unable to
meet bail and was subsequently
transported to the Hattieville
Prison where he is awaiting
either bail or the April 19 date
for reappearance in court.

used by most of the individuals
running this association over
the years as they have not
accomplished anything of major
significance for the Garifuna
I think the National Garifuna
Council would do better as an
Advocacy association with
on-going proactively funded
programs to provide for the
social, political, cultural and
economic development of our
people and especially our
disadvantaged and displaced
When we look at the current
living conditions of the Garinagu
it is worst than when most of us
were growing up in our
respective communities in the
Stann Creek and Toledo
Districts. In those days we had
our own family lot, house,
farm land and other visible
means of subsistence.
In those days the Garinagu
were respected and looked up to
for their self-reliance and
Today in Belize there is a
major difference between then
and now. If we allow these
conditions to go on under the
stewardship of this current
National Garifuna Council,
future generations will lose
respect for us and question our
sense of existence and purpose
during our time on earth.
The Association is not bad, it is
the people who are running it.
They need to step aside and do
something else because they are
currently not doing much to take
our people and culture back to
the glory days of self-sufficiency
and independence.
Leadership is about having
visions and accomplishing your
dreams to benefit your people
and your culture.
The longer we wait and do
nothing, the more our people and
youth will suffer and continue to
hope and live with false
promises and dreams.
Our ancestors must be turning
in their graves to see us wasting
all of their accomplishments.
We need many more Garinagu
like Mr. Luke Palacio to see the
urgency of this issue and join the
call for an immediate meeting of
the National Garifuna Council
to address these issues now,
before it is too late.

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~Page 16 STAR Tel:- 626-3788 & 626-8822 Email:starnewspaperciigmail.com Sunday, January 31, 2010





ilifii ~I




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I Page 16 STAR Tel:- 626-3788 & 626-8822

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I i

771 J; I

Wl lipm

ill-1,7177t, MRl"

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