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Publication Date: December 6, 2009
Copyright Date: 2009
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r < IGeneral Contracting

"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"


Friday, December 4, 2009:
He stands accused of
deceiving people from
Ladyville, Belmopan and
San Ignacio Town.
He has been brought before
the court in Belize City,

Belmopan and this week in San
Ignacio. He has been identified
as Artemio Virgilio Acosta, 32,
Belizean, businessman. He told
the police that he resides on
Neal's Pen Road in Belize City.
He professes to be a T-shirt/

Governor General Visits

St. Andrew's Anglican School
SCHOOL, San Ignacio Town,
Cayo District, Wednesday,
December 2, 2009:
Bearing gifts of musical
instruments, the Governor
General of Belize, Sir. Colville
Young, this morning visited St.
Andrew's Anglican Primary
School in San Ignacio Town,
Students and staff gathered on
the school compound for the
Governor General's one hour
He arrived to a cheering crowd
at 10:30 a.m. signalling the
commencement of the short
and compact program which
including an opening prayer by
Vice Principal Alma Quiroz, the
playing of the national anthem
on keyboard by Karina Lemus, Addressing Students, the
a standard V student while the Governor General of Belize,

Sir. Colville Young

The Accused Con Artist, Artemio Virgilio Acosta, 32

Man Loses Arm In

$15 Debt Dispute

Thursday, December 3, 2009:
One man is today
recuperating from a severed left
arm resulting from a chopping
incident that occurred shortly
before midnight on Friday,
November 29, in the village of
Buena Vista, Cayo.
San Ignacio police reports that
acting upon information

received, they arrived in the
village during the first few
minutes of Saturday, November
28, where they received report
of a chopping incident. By the
time the police arrived the
victim, along with the chopped
off left hand was already
transported to the Western
Regional Hospital in Belmopan.
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Making Life A Little More

Pleasant For Senior Citizens
Life is an ever changing and dynamic cycle. It requires
constant evaluation geared towards making the inevitable
passage a pleasant experience for all.
It is in this light that we applaud the authorities for providing
that much needed social assistance to senior citizens by way a
monthly allowance through the Belize Social Security Board.
Regardless of the small financial assistance, the evidence of
its worthiness is manifested at the beginning of each month as
those benefiting from the program make the pilgrimage to
Social Security offices countrywide.
The anticipation to collect the allowance is further evident as
in the Santa Elena, San Ignacio and surrounding communities
scenario, these senior citizens brave the elements as they stand
in line on the Social Security compound in Santa Elena Town
for at least an hour before the office opens at 8:00 am.
Instituting the program is a good gesture. However, we
believe that the time has now come for the program to be
evaluated with a view towards making this life experience just
a bit more pleasant for senior citizens and in the process
making it more manageable for Social Security both in terms of
its material as well as its human resources.
The human brain is into rocket science. We are in that era
where humankind has ventured into outer space, exploring the
mass expanses of the universe and in the process placing man,
and other living organisms, on the moon.
The human brain has created laser guided missiles and
unmanned, remote controlled, bomb carrying aerial vehicles of
The human brain is rapidly closing the digital divide and has
ventured into the era of instant communication busting speed
limits on the information superhighway.
In a nutshell, the sky is hardly the limit for the capacity of the
human brain.
With all these advances in technology and the seemingly
unlimited capacity of the human brain, why is it we ask that, in
these modem times, senior citizens are required to make that
monthly pilgrimage to Social Security offices to access the
little social assistance.
The time has come to upgrade the system. The upgrade hardly
requires the mental capacity of a Rocket Scientist. In this
undertaking we offer the following suggestions.
1. Facilitate the opening of bank accounts for those senior
citizens who do not yet have one.
2. Dispatch one cheque to the various banks where these
accounts are held. This will certainly eliminate the need to make
hundreds of individual cheques and should ease the monthly
congestion at Social Security offices countrywide. It will
likewise eliminate the need for senior citizens to make one stop
at the Social Security office and another at the bank as in many
cases, because of mobility challenges and the distance from
Social Security offices, many of these citizens must pay bus
and taxi fares out of the already small allowance.
3. Safeguard social security funds by legislating harsh
penalties for anyone who, by deception, redeems Social
Security cheques assigned to deceased senior citizens.
Legislations already exists for the imposition of three times the
value for the evasion of custom duties why not the same, or
even harsher penalties, for those convicted of infringing on the
process of making this life experience more pleasant for senior

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The Belize Karate Federation, Reaching
Out To Those With Different Abilities

Wednesday, December 2,2009:
The Belize Karate Federation
(BKF) in conjunction with
the Community Agency for
Rehabilitation and Education
for People with Disabilities in
Belize (CARE) is launching the
"Karate for Disabled Youths"
Program in the Belize, Cayo and
Stann Creek Districts.
The objective of this program
is to:
1) To provide opportunities


"The Newspaper that cares
and dares to bring out the
truth "
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788

Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez

Visit us online at:

for individuals with disabilities
to develop independence,
confidence and fitness through
participation in the sport of
2) To support the vertical
integration of disabled athletes
into the Belize Karate Federation
on an equal basis.
3) To acknowledge the
UNESCO Charter of Physical
Education and Sports, which
refers to the right of access of
every human being to sports,
which is essential for full
development of physical,
intellectual and moral powers.
For information and registra-
tion please contact:
1) Sensei Herman Pastor Jr.
Cayo Shotokan Karate
Club Cell Phone # 678-1158
2) Sensei David Diego Cayo
Shotokan Karate Club-
Belmopan City- Cell Phone #
4) Sensei Frank McKenzie,
Belize City Center Dojo, Belize
City- Cell Phone # 602-1391
5) Yasmini Guerra, Rehabili-
tation Field Officer, Cayo
District, Community Agency for
Rehabilitation and Education for
People with Disabilities in
Belize (CARE) Cell Phone-



[Sunday, December 6, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(igmail.com Page 3 |

Early Friday Morning Fire At

Bishop Martin Primary School
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio large portion of the building was
District, Friday, December 4, Town when they observed black already taken over by flames.
2009: smoke coming from the Bishop The San Ignacio Fire
It was at around 2:40 am this Martin R.C. Primary School Department responded promptly
Friday morning when, a team of building. to the call for assistance.
policeman for the San Igancio The team rushed to the area The building measuring about
station were on vehicle patrol on where they discovered that a 80ft by 20ft with zinc structure

material was completely
destroyed. Total value of the
building and its contents is yet
to be determined as police
investigation continues.
In the meantime members of
the San Ignacio Fire Service
are conducting a forensic
examination in an effort to
determine the origin of the

Terms of Reference:

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> Thei Durt.iirOfTil u iitsiri ii ui d,'t.L ',L 11 .' Btl .it .iiJ OfD ol f iD i.1 r'.
> Under the direction of the Chairman of the BTB Board of Dici:l., s the Director of Tourism enables the Board to fulfill its governance function and facilitate the optimum interaction
b.i-.eni mini 'i' .n l .i n il ad he RB.ir1:
> The Director of Tourism. in consultation with the hinri.trv of Tourism. Civil Aviation and Culture acts as primary liaison with various governmental entities and community
irrarni., II on'
> The Director ofT,)urismni ki p% the Bardl ul llinltrmecdon theallir,,fl 'theBTBi and ill impiirlajn iiirs:
> The Director of Tourism under the direction of the Chair of the Board of Directors ensures effective and efficient board sub-committee structure;
Thr I)irclir of Tourism under lh dirNc1 ion orihcBoad oirl )rercto hr( .rclmiiduire.c al i, lwc ,.in.i.g emf rir icam ~iih proxmis.ni forii ,i.: (sion.
> li-'She leads the impl, rneril.,liio- of appropriate personnel training and development that ensures Q~iAifi-ed human resources necessary for the achievement of the orgsr,":,iior',
msion. goals and objia L .'s.
s Hu.'Sht e rf'.c si. pili. i % -,.,ki esp('f l ii. Tourism E kli u JjiJ Tidt'l it, popri elfipest.riiln ii. it, l i.aui.uj' i.ii lil.-lluek', .
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- Thc Direclot of Tourism In conjunction with the Director of finance orimullaltc bud.(tl. maintainsin an actcountlini. sicm thai ntci ill clhai. lcp alrnd irc rnaiional standards:
The Director of Toiuris in .ollaboralion nih Ithe Director of Finance oversees ihe *c oF funds to ensure steady progress toward goals. achievements of the miss onf the Board to
cnMure proper alkloatiln r% lilki1 pri. nl and luturc potentiIl.
SIh Dir Lor fl Tourism in conjunction t.iIh t1 i l flot:r i.riI'm3anic preparesanld ~ubmits re uljr ud riJnd L.ptrdilturc rt porLs ItI the boJrd,
> I tiLr tilu f ljuiism ir ir i ll-bU..ri.in 1ilh Ic I Dir. tIur of Finance establishes and maintains an efficient personnel records system;
The Director of Tourism peirotrm, o-ther dutine as d3iret cd t' Ihc 8TB B'ard of Drrectois

Applh.ints :..i the posi of Director of Tourism shall hold a Master's Dccree in Tourism Management, Economics, Business Administration, or related field. In lieu ofa Master's DNrcc.
applicants that pcsscIs the Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in areas relevant to Tourism and/or at least five)years demonstrated experience in management or tourism related work
experience will be considered. Applicants must exhibit qualities of leadership. public rel-ii,.. and the ability to cff ii elh manage a diverse organization, and must t .4hi0n a high
proficiency in spe:ik..ir ,id .%uiin ir rn-lsh rluenc in pani th in ai"l

S t, { hi rt ,t isirit r.il.' < e.tii lIi, .lli.i J ifa Ln t|i l'i h n

Applications with resume and two letters of recommendation should
be submitted no later than Monday, December 14th, 2009 to:

IPage 4 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperf(gmail.com Sunday, December 6, 2009 |

Safe Potable Wa
BY. Mike Hernandez Jr. J.P.,
Director Public Relations,
Social Investment Fund
District, Wednesday, Decem-
ber 2, 2009:
A project providing safe and
clean potable water to over 850
residents in 170 households in
the Southern Village of Trio,
Toledo District was today
officially inaugurated.
The project was implemented
by the Social Investment Fund,
a statutory body under the
auspices of the Ministry of
Economic Development.
The total cost of the project
was $388,000. Of this amount,
the European Union provided
$291,000, and the remaining
$97,000. in counterpart funding
was provided by the
Government of Belize.
The project is part of an Euros
732,916 (Bz $1.9 Million)
funded agreement between the
European Union and the
Government of Belize to con-
struct new water systems in the
villages of San Pablo, Trio,
Bladen and San Isidro in the
Toledo District as part of the
E.U.'s Banana Belt Clean
Water Project.
These villages are considered
poor communities along the

ter Supply Comes To Trio Village

? . i -



Hon. Eden Martinez,
Area Representative and Minister of Human Development and
Social Transformation, delivering the main address

banana belt that constantly
experience critical shortages of
safe drinking water.
This situation has continuously
posed health hazards in the
respective villages by water
borne illnesses due to
The project, therefore, aims to
provide universal access to safe
potable water for the four
communities and in the process
eliminating health hazards
posed by current water sources.
Upon completion of the four
water systems, over 2,035
persons in 420 households will
benefit from a supply of quality
potable water.

Hon. Eden Martinez, officially commissioning the new water
system in Trio Village, Toledo District

Pols: Clay, Biodegradable and Plastic; Organic Fertilizer
StI for a mel and a swbn, we are next tD
fuPlooy's JuAgle Lodge & River Beacs

uahkmlnbamelaurg 124-2101 Mm@blIIz- -.i....

The project scope in Trio
Village included the construction
of a ground level 20,000 gallon
water tank at the highest point
in the village, a pump house and
chlorinator and a network of
distribution pipes. A generator
was also provided to supply the
system with electricity.
Trio village is located 3 miles
off the Southern Highway in the
Toledo District.
Prior to the construction of the
new system, the villagers relied
on a nearby creek for their
water supply.

The new water system will
serve to improve the living and
health conditions of the
villagers, especially the children,
who previously were primarily
responsible for collecting the
water from the creek for their
individual household needs.
With the elimination of this
responsibility, these children
will now have more time to
study, recreate and become
engaged in other productive
The keynote speaker at the
official inauguration of the
project was the Hon. Gabriel
Martinez, Minister of labor,
Local Government and Rural
Other main speakers included
the Hon. Eden Martinez,
Minister of Human Develop-
ment and Social Transformation
and Area Representative for
Toledo East; Mr. Cosimo
Lamberti-Fossati, E.U.
Program Officer for Belize, who
is currently visiting the country;
Mr. Ian Mcmillan, Executive
Director of the Social Investment
Fund as well as representatives
of the National Authorising
Office (NAO), Officials from
he Trio Village Council and
Water Board among others.

Important Notice from the Management and Staff
of Social Security Board

Pensioners and Beneficiaries:

You are hereby reminded of the following:
Pensioner's Declaration Form (P6) for
Contributor) and Non-Contribulory pensions are due
in June and December yearly.

The form is available at any of the Social Security
Branch Offices and Sub Offices countrywide.

* Proof of education for Beneficiaries of Survivors and
Death Benefits are due yearly in the following months:
January and September for minors 16 years and
over attending Sixth Form & University;
September for minors 16 years and over
attending High School.

It is important that you comply with the above
responsibility to ensure that you receive your monthly
pension payments on time.

If you have any queries, feel free to call your nearest
Social Security Office.

[Sunday, December 6, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(agmail.com Page 5



Nurse Jane Avila and Nurse Elizabeth Blanco were honoured at this year's cerem

December 1st is celebrated as World
AIDS Day. In Belize, December 1st is
also designated as the National Day for
HIV testing. As part of the activities to
observe this day, a joint ceremony was
held between the Ministry of Educa-
tion and the Ministry of Health at the
Radisson Fort George Hotel, Belize
The highlight of this year's events
was an award ceremony to honor
two retiring psychiatric nurse
practitioners (PNPs) who have be
intricately involved in HIV testing and
counseling. Nurse Elizabeth Blanco
currently working at the Corozal
Community Hospital and Nurse Jane
Avila attached to the Punta Gorda
Community Hospital were honored for
their active involvement in providing
VCT services to their communities

since 2003 and because of their 30
years of service to the Ministry of
Health,Government of Belize.
The ceremony also served to launch
the 2010 HIV calendars and present the
winner of the poster competition, this
is a joint initiative undertaken between
the Ministry of
Education and the US Embassy.
Christopher Pulido, one of the
winners of the competition gave a short
The gathering was addressed by
officials actively involved in the
National Response being spearheaded
by Mrs. Kathy Esquivel, Chair of the
NationalAIDS Commission. Remarks
were also delivered by Ms. Kristine
Blokhus, Chair of the UN theme group
and by United States Ambassador to
Belize, His Excellency, Mr. Vinai

World Health Day Activities for the Northern Health
Nov. 26th, 2009 Workshop with the Psychiatric Consumers's Group
and Drug Rehabilitaion Group on HIV stigma and discrimination
Nov. 27th, 2009 workshop with support group on HIV and nutrition
Nov. 28th, 2009 Workshop with teachers and parents from trinidad
on HIV and STI's
Nov. 30th, 2009 Workshop with barbers and hair dressers on HIV &
Dec. 1st, 2009 World AIDS Day Health Fair at Queen Victoria Park
- General Distribution of health information
- Condom Demonstration and distribution.
Western Health Region, Ministry of Health/
Belmopan City Council Clean-up Campaign 2009

Purpose: To break the transmission
of Dengue in the communities of
Salvapan, San Martin, Maya Mopan
and Las Flores through a clean-up
campaign, thereby significantly
reducing the number of mosquito
breeding sites and Dengue in these
Objectives: To prevent the
transmission of Dengue through en-
vironmental activities.
Community Participation-
Environment Health Workers/Public
Health Inspectors have been
deployed in the designated areas
informing and educating residents
about the clean-up campaign. Each
household or family will assist in the
cleaning of their surroundings.
Collection of containers-Refuse
must be set out by the residents to
allow quick and easy flow for the

truck to pick up the garbage in the area.
Note. The clean-up campaign will be
carried out in three consecutive
1) 28th, November 2009 Las Flores.
2) 5th December, 2009 Salvapan &
3) 6' December, 2009 Maya Mopan
12th December, 2009 San Martin
All residents in these areas are
asked to actively participate in the
clean-up campaign to make it a

RECENT TRAINING Western Health Region
*Evaluation of Vital Sign Skills for Nurses Aide and Auxiliary
*Public Relations training for all staff
*Standards/Protocols-Maternal and Neonatal Tools for
Maternity Ward Nurses
*Public Service Regulation Procedures for all Nurses

A special address was
given by Hon. Patrick
Faber, Minister of Education
and the keynote address
was given by Hon. Pablo
Marin, Minister of Health.
Both ministers stressed
the importance of one
National Response and the
commitment this current
lony administration has in this
To launch the National Day for HIV
testing, Ministers Faber and Marin got
their HIV test done on site and so
did US Ambassador to Belize, Mr.
Forty one total tests were done on

site at the hotel and a further 106 tests
were done in Belize City at the NICH
Parking lot. Multiple sites were also
set up across the country and the
activities will continue in this regard
until mid-December.

Hon. Pablo Marin did his HIV test
on National Testing Day


The Ministry of Health, under the
direction of the Minister of Health, Hon.
Pablo Marin and in collaboration with
the Ministry of Education and the
National Sports Council, initiated a pilot
programme entitled FRIEND- "Focusing
Resources in Education and Nutrition
Development" to encourage and promote
Healthy Lifestyles in primary schools.
The programme is a skill based
approach to health and nutrition educa-
tion which will focus on the development
of knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed
to make and carry out positive health
decisions through nutrition education and
physical education.
FRIEND's target group is primary
school children. Nine Standard 4 classes
in Corozal Town are participating in the
pilot project. The programme was
launched six weeks ago and is proving to
be a success based on the participation
and reception by students, teachers and
Objectives of the programme include:
To improve knowledge, attitudes and
behaviour that are directly related to
health living. To lay a foundation for
lifelong health eating based on acquiring
skills and knowledge.
To improve nutritional status and
reduce the likelihood of children
developing chronic diseases such as
obesity, diabetes and hypertension.
To emphasize the importance of
physical activity and promote increased
physical activity in children which can
lead to lifelong practices.
To increase public awareness and
encourage health living practices.
Activities already executed include

Hon. Pablo Marin at the sports
meet for the FRIENDProgramme
assessment of the children participating,
establishing a healthy corner for
students in the classroom and sports meet.
The Teacher Wellness/Weight Loss
Challenge is another aspect of the
FRIEND Program which focuses on the
teachers developing good nutrition and
incorporating wellness into their
Atotal of 25 teachers from the nine town
schools in Corozal participating in this
During the second week of October all
of these teachers were weighed, BMI
taken, Diabetic check, blood pressure
check. They received nutrition counseling
sessions and they have gym and aerobic
classes being provided to them.
Wednesday Nov 18th marked one month
after their first assessment. They were
weighed and evaluated for a comparison
to their previous measurement.
The FRIEND pilot programme in the
Corozal District will conclude on
December 18 at the close of the first term
for the students.


The Ministry of Health, Government
of Belize will be receiving a grant from
the World Bank valued at US$501,744.00.
This short-term grant will be used to
strengthen the Government's ability to
detect and respond to potential H1N1
Influenza Epidemic. Grant funds will be
used to train health providers, establish
diagnostic laboratories at air and sea
ports, purchase and distribute protection
equipment such as masks and
gloves, maintain and expand a public
information campaign, and
strengthen the diagnostic capacity of
the National Public Health Medical
Laboratory Building.
The Ministry of Health, Govern-
ment of Belize is receiving the grant
based on its response to the H1N1
pandemic. Prior to the H1N1
pandemic, the Ministry of Health had

been collaborating closely with PAHO
and other stakeholders to produce its
influenza pandemic preparedness plan.
Furthermore, consideration was given to
the support given by the Government to
the Ministry of Health by providing
emergency funds to effect mitigating
measures against H1N1.
The Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo
Marin and Chief Executive Officer, Dr.
Peter Allen will be signing the
agreement with the World Bank shortly.
L IL .-s B .-Am

IPage 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(&gmail.com Sunday, December 6, 2009 |

ARIES: March 22 to April 20
This week sees you trying to balance the pull of two
contrasting forces. You will be keen on giving a release
to your creativity, as new ideas find their way at work.
The other pull is from spiritual pursuits. Blend in
sensitivity and practical wisdom in relationships to
maintain harmony. Lucky Numbers: 09, 34, 68.

TAURUS: April 21 to May 21

It is a time for caution, especially in case of business
deals. You need to be clear in your communication. In
case things do not work out in your favour, do not get
desperate and give in. Also you will need to make sure
that you do not bend your principles to get things done.
Lucky Numbers : 6, 22, 81.

GEMINI: May 22 to June 21

You will will train your guns on few work related
targets. These will feature high on your mind and include
establishing connections with influential people. Take
logical routes in thinking about serious issues. Keep
emotions, and anxiety out at all costs. Lucky
Numbers: 05, 17, 94.

CANCER: June 22 to July 23
People around you will expect you to render help in every
way. You could feel as if you have to cope with too many
demands and difficult people. What sustains you in this
phase is warmth from loved ones. Take care to get
adequate rest or the stress will affect you. Lucky
Numbers: 02, 48, 53.

LEO: July 24 to August 21
You may find yourself hurting. Even if you find that
someone has been dishonest with you, do not respond
with extreme emotion, rather look at the situation as a
third person would and then work out a solution. Be
cautious about expenses and try to curtail all
unnecessary ones. Lucky Numbers: 01, 50, 75.

VIRGO: August 22 to September 21
You desire to make personal breakthroughs and this is a
good time. You find courage within you, to make some
radical moves. There could be some reliable personality
aiding you. However, there could also be sudden changes
in a way that you take on a completely new route to
achieve your ends. Nothing happens overnight though.
Lucky Numbers: 04, 23, 71.

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LIBRA: September 22 to October 23
It will be a favourable time for you, provided you use
your intelligence to alter your approach based on the
situation. Adjust to win is the mantra for the week. Good
company is what you will be seeking after a long spell of
solitude. Lucky Numbers: 07, 36, 79.

SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21
New and unusual events are likely to take place. Make
sure that you do not make promises in haste, especially if
it is about money or your emotional involvement. You may
be on the edge about a particular family situation.
Maintain a safe level of detachment. Towards mid week
you may feel that you have found the key to what will
work for you. Lucky Numbers: 14, 42, 88.

November 22 to December 21
You could be undertaking a responsibility in an altogether
new line of work. Although at this time you can get
adventurous with professional aspects, you should steer
clear of any emotional involvement in personal life, no
matter how enticing it appears. Lucky Numbers: 03, 20,

CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20
You are committed to leaving no stone unturned to make
your work life successful. People who are close to you
personally may behave erratically and this may leave you
quite confused. It will be best to give them space at the
moment. Also, romance may be a roller coaster ride. Lucky
Numbers: 25, 51, 98.

AQUARIUS: January 21 to February 19
Tread wisely with your money. Do not get into any deal
on an impulse. You may want to do a lot for your loved
ones, but you have to see the ground realities and your
existing commitments before making any promises. Health
may take a beating. Lucky Numbers: 11, 27, 84.

PISCES: February 20 to March 21
There will be little irritants lining the path to your goal.
Try to keep them from pulling you down. Your own
temperament may be detrimental to your interests as
pessimism threatens to overshadow all the hard work that
you have put in. You will have to keep yourself motivated.
Keep the company of people who brighten up your mood.
Lucky Numbers: 16, 67, 73.

[Sunday, December 6, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(igmail.com Page 7 |

Making A Di
Cayo District, Monday,
November 30, 2009:
San Ignacio resident Hart
Gillett Sr. today donated three
volleyballs and a volleyball net
to St. Vincent Pallotti RC School
in Unitedville, Cayo.
The humanitarian gesture
came about when three days
earlier Gillett was passing the
school and he saw the children
knocking a volley ball across a
make-shift net made of police
"Yellow Caution Tape". In an
instant he decided to make a
difference in the lives these
He arrived at the school at
around 3:30pm on Monday

fference In The Community
-' ..-

In the company of students, Hart Gillett (back center) along
with Principal Gilbert Cocom on his left

afternoon where he handed over
the donation to the school's
Principal, Mr. Gilbert Cocom.
In accepting the donation
Principal Cocom expressed

both surprise and appreciation
for the gift.
In commenting on the goodwill
gesture, Hart Gillett said "I
drove by the school on Friday

when I noticed a yellow caution
tape stretched between two posts
being used as a volleyball net.
It really touched my heart to see
this, so I decided that instead
of receiving for my birthday on
November 28, I should give. I
am sure this donation will
benefit the school in many ways
and it will provide better
incentives to keep students off
the street and out of trouble by
playing a healthy and safe
Principal Cocom said that the
donation was a blessing for all
the students and teachers. He is
very thankful for the kind
gesture. The students surrounded
both the principal and the donor
with joy and gratitude on their
young faces and went straight
off to play the game with their
new balls and net.

Notice is hereby be given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that TARCISIO
COC is applying for the renewal of his
for the year 2010 to operate COOL SPOT
BAR located in San Antonio Village in
the Cayo District.
Notice is hereby be given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that JORGE
GUERRA is applying for the renewal of
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
PICCADILLY BAR located #35
Churchill Street, Benque Viejo Town in
the Cayo District.
Notice is hereby be given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that ZI CHAO
LIANG is applying for the renewal of his
for the year 2010 to operate ALWIN'S
RESTAURANT located on the Western
Highway, Santa Elena Town n the Cayo
Notice is hereby be given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that MARIA
MENDEZ is applying for the renewal of
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
ROOF TOP located at #35 Wyatt Street,
Benque Viejo Town in the Cayo District.


22 inch LCD Television
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Limited Quantity

For every BZ$50.00 purchase you make using you
Belize Bank debit or credit cards you'll automatically be
entered to win 1 of 10 $500.00 cash prizes in the
SPEND and WIN Promotion.



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You might not have an actual
Diploma but you are an Engineer
1. At Christmas, it goes
without saying that you will be
the one to find the burnt-out
bulb in the string of lights.
2. In college you thought
Spring Break was a metal fatigue
3. The clerk at the electronics
store can't answer any of your
4. You have ever saved the
power cord from a broken
Waiting In
Here are the reasons I'd like to
thank the bank for having 6 teller
slots and only 2 open at any

5. You have used coat
hangers and duct tape for
something other than hanging
coats and taping ducts.
6. You see a good design and
still have to change it.
7. You spend hours repairing
your child's $3 broken toy.
8. Your laptop computer costs
more than your car.
9. You've already calculated
how much you make per second.
10. You've tried to repair a $5
The Bank
given time:
1. I can re-read all the text
messages on my cell phone.

2. I can be one of those
annoying cell phone users and
catch up on all my phone calls
to my mother-in-law, and Auntie
Anne and other persons that will
make me look important in the
3. I can catch a quick nap
rather than falling asleep on the
drive home.
4. I can finally apply my top
coat of nail polish with plenty
of drying time.
5. I can gaze at the other
species in front and behind me
in the line.

The tourist got off the ship last
Wednesday morning and she
entered the terminal inside the
tourist village..
The tourist shopped around and
she bought several little clay

6. I can clean out my sling bag
of all the unwanted garbage like
chewing gum wrappers and old
shopping receipts.
7. I can buy the frozen chicken
across the street before entering
the bank and it will be defrosted
in time to prepare lunch for the
children and I don't have to pour
hot water on it when I get home.
8. I can count along with the
two available tellers as they give
people their money.
9. I might just be present inside
the bank when a hold up takes

kitchenware for a Mayan vendor.
As she was re-boarding the boat
for the ride back to the ship a
policeman stopped her and ask
her if she had anything of value
to declare.
"Not really," replied the
tourist, "All I bought was some
She was instantly taken in for
a full body search.



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The Challenges Of The English Language

Three Young Belizean Labourers Facing Drug Charges

Cayo, Tuesday, December 1,
Acting upon information
received Benque Viejo Police, at
around 7:30 on the morning of
Tuesday, December 1, 2009,
visited the bus terminal located
on the main street in that
western municipality where
they detained three young men
on drug charges.
Police reports finding a
suspected marijuana cigarette on
the ground near the young men
and that further search lead to the
discovery of a black plastic bag
containing suspected marijuana
amounting to 100.9 grams.
Those arrested on drug
possession and drug trafficking



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Alex Wade, 21
charges were identified as Alex
Wade, 21, Belizean, labourer
who told the police that he

Ovidio Garcia, 20
resides in San Pedro Town;
Ovidio Garcia, 20, Belizean,
labourer of #24 St. Joseph Street,

Edwin Flores 19
Benque Viejo and Edwin Flores
19, Belizean, labourer of Burns
Street, Benque Viejo.



Belize City, Belize, December 02, 2009:
BWS objects to PUC Initial Decision on BWS FTRPApplication
The Public Utilities Commission issued its Initial Decision (2009 Full Tariff Review Proceeding) for Belize
Water Services Limited (BWS) on November 17, 2009. BWS had submitted its Full Five-Year Business
Plan (FFBP) report on October 1, 2009, for the period April 1, 2010 through to March 31, 2015 to the PUC
for their review.
BWS has submitted a formal objection to the PUC regarding the Initial Decision. There are a number
of reasons for this objection, including:
* The Initial Decision ignores BWS' proposal to reduce the monthly bills for some 7,000 or so
lower-consumption residential customers who use 750 gallons or less. The BWS proposed tariffs were
specifically designed to minimise the impact on lower income and lower consumption residential customers.
For the 5,000 households (11% of the customer base) who use 500 gallons or less of water monthly, their
bill would actually REDUCE by an average of 20%. Also, recognizing the cries from San Pedro where
the tariffs are higher than on the mainland, the percentage increase in San Pedro was kept much lower.
* The Initial Decision ignores the company's regulatory mandate to provide a fair return to the over 1,300
shareholders who invested their hard-earned funds.
* The proposed Rate Setting Methodology (RSM) does not seem appropriate for a water utility which has
constraints on cash generation and therefore on obtaining debt financing. The effect of such a methodology
on a cash-short water utility can be disastrous.
* The proposed Regulated Asset Value (RAV) embodied in the RSM reduces the overall asset value by
subtracting contributions to assets and misses the key fact that these contributions were necessary as BWS
was unable to fund them due to lack of cash. Furthermore, the RAV uses historical cost rather than market
value or replacement cost on assets. The proposed RAV therefore significantly understates the cost of
providing the services to customers.
. The proposed regulatory changes, which would impose mandatory annual reviews, will add additional
costs and overhead to both BWS and the PUC.
* The issues identified above, combined with various other elements of the Initial Decision, will create an
environment of uncertainty for BWS, which, especially with the need to obtain financing for major projects,
will have a negative effect when reviewed by lending institutions.
Overall, the Initial Decision seems to ignore a number of requirements, issues, influences, and economic
assumptions included in BWS' Business Plan submission as well as the company's requirement to ensure
"that the company can meet the investment needs of population growth, handle emergency/disaster
situations, provide fair return to shareholders and ensure the overall viability of BWS".
BWS feels that this Initial Decision can be improved for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Belize Water Services Ltd. Delivering water and more...
For more information regarding this or any other BWS Release, please contact
Mr. Haydon Brown at Tel: 222-4757 Ext. 234 or via e-mail at haydon.brown@bwsl.com.bz

ISunday, December 6, 2009

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I Page 10 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper~igmail.com Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Rotary Club Assist In Converting A Dream to Reality

BY- John Acott
VILLAGE, Cayo District:
"It is a dream come true," says
the Chairman of Bullet Tree
Falls Village, Manuel Balan, as
he proudly concluded the
official opening ceremony for
the new children' playground in
Bullet Tree Falls Village.
Yes, it was a dream come true
and through the efforts of
Rotarians in Belize and Canada
and the Emmanuel Foundation,
the children of Bullet Tree now
have the best playground in the
A second playground was
also installed in the nearby
village of Santa Familia. The
playgrounds are valued at BZ
Rotarian and Vice Chairman
of Bullet Tree Falls Village,
Andr6 Lopez and Rotarian
Stephen Lindop of the Rotary


(L to R): Stephen Lindop; Wendy Andrews; San Ignacio
Rotary President Dan Habet; Andr6 Lopez; Betty Serepnek
Club of Nisku-Leduc, Canada idea to fruition until Stephen met
had been working on the idea of Rotarians Wendy Andrews and
bringing playgrounds to Belize Betty Serepnek of the Rotary
for nearly two years prior to this Club of Edmonton Glenora,
inauguration. Canada. These two dynamic
They were unable to bring this ladies searched out and met Lyle

The Playground in Bullet Tree Falls Village, Cayo

day, December 3, 2009:
The Belize Trade and Invest-
ment Development Services
(BELTRAIDE) informs that as
part of its commitment to
develop and enhance the capac-
ity and competiveness of Small
& Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
in Belize, the Service, in
conjunction with Scotia Bank of
Belize, Belize Chamber of
Commerce & Industry (BCCI)
and sub-contractor ECONOLER
from Canada, is actively
participating as strategic partners
in an Energy Efficiency &
Renewable Energy Technical
Assistance program called
GREENPYME launched by the

Inter-American Investment
Corporation (IIC) in March
2009, targeting SMEs in Latin
American and Caribbean
countries that have high energy-
saving potential.
The objective of this program
is to provide SMEs with
know-how, tools and technical &
financial support for implement-
ing energy efficiency measures
and clean technologies based on
a Walk Through Energy Audit
(WTA) to be conducted by
consultants from ECONOLER.
In Belize, GREENPYME has
focused its attention to SMEs in
the tourism sector, particularly,
restaurants, hotel & resorts.
Initially a list of potential SMEs

was submitted to IIC by
BELTRAIDE, Scotia Bank &
BCCI from which IIC made a
short listing of 12 SMEs to
participate in the WTA, some of
these companies are: San Ignacio
Hotel & Resort, Robert's Grove,
Coco Plum Island Resort,
Caribbean Paper Company, and
KA'ANA Boutique. The
consultant Mr. Eaton Haughton
is in Belize doing the Walk
through Audits from November
22nd 2009 to December 9th
For further information, please
contact Jose Herrera, Director of
the SME Capacity Building &
Development Unit at 822-3737 or
via email, jose@belizeinvest. org.bz

Johnson of the Emmanuel
Foundation who specialises in
dispatching playgrounds around
the world.
The BZ $40,000 cost of
actually getting the playgrounds
prepared and shipped to Belize
was paid for by Canadian
Rotarians, as was the thick layer
of sand spread around the
apparatus to prevent injuries to
the children.
As part of the agreement for
providing the playgrounds, the
village councils of Bullet Tree
Falls and Santa Familia agreed
to pay all of the in-country
expenses associated with
transporting the containers in
Belize, provide the labor to erect
the playgrounds, provide meals
for all the volunteers, provide
signage, and maintain the
Members of the Interact Club
of Nisku-Leduc, flew to Belize
at their own expense to help
install the apparatus.
In addition, besides the two
playgrounds in the container, the
Rotary Club of Nisku-Leduc
sent an electric solar system to
the village school of Los
Tambos, and a huge amount of
schools supplies for Eden
Primary School in Santa Elena.
In his remarks to the gathering
during the inauguration
ceremony, Chairman Balan
thanked all of the people who so
generously contributed to
make this dream come true and
promised that his village
committee would take good care
of the apparatus.
The thanks of the people of
Santa Familia are joined with
Bullet Tree's in saying "gracias"
to all of these wonderful people
who came together to make this

Art's Mobile Service

#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena, Cayo
Tel: 804 659
& 675-6179

Guaranteed Services
We AMS To Please

L7 F

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Sunday, December 6, 2009 1

ISunday, December 6, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(&gmail.com Page 11

New Playground In Santa Familia Village Ignacio.
A special thank you also goes
BY- Millard Tun out to Mr. Cecil Garbutt from
Vice Chairman the local Ministry of Works for
Santa Familia illage Council clearing and filling the site. Also
SANTA FAMILIAR VILLAGE, to Mr. Neil Blackburn, who
Cayo District: supported us in many ways. We
It give me real pleasure to also thank the Rural Community
report that Santa Familia Village Development Officer Mr.
now has a first of its kind Orlando Jimenez for his
playground for the use and technical support, and the
enjoyment by all our children. villagers, who cooked and
This dynamic venture brought volunteered to undertake the
renewed excitement to our manual labour culmination into
children as their little hearts making the project a reality.
scream with joy. A special thank you is also
This park was made possible "- extended to Mr. Lyle Johnson
through the grand effort of the oi Director of The Emmanuel
Rotary Club of Canada working Foundation of Canada,- the
in conjunction with the Rotary i Engineer who made it all
Club of San Ignacio. ..... happen. Mr. Johnson supported
"I used to see this type ofplay Residents of Santa Familia Village also came out to the project with his professional
ground on TV in those first provide labour for the project and for this we say advice and instructions as well
world cities abroad like United "Thank you so very much" as with his active engagement.
States of America. I never just a play ground". But there Penner, who provided We encourage our children to
dreamt that such play ground is the old but yet familiar financially for the installation of first of all take care of the
would ever be built at my proverb that says: "Allworkand the equipment and Mr. David equipment and secondly to
village Santa Familia. I'm very nojoy makes Jack a dull boy". Carillo, who spearheaded the make good use of it.
proud ofthisplay ground andI Our children have the right to project and motivated the young May God bless Belize, the
hope that my people will also play and have fun! people of Santa Familia, Mrs. Rotary movement and the kind
be. said Vice Chairman Millard The villagers of Santa Familia Joana Yulik and Paulette people of Canada we wish them
Tun would like to thank the Rabinette for their efforts a pleasant stay in Belize and a
Some might say, "So what, it's Minister of Sports, Mr. Elvin through the Rotary Club of San safe trip back home.


The Belize Airports Authority is securing funding for an Airport Development Project with the
primary aim of improving safety standards at the Municipal Airport facility in Belize City. The
Authority hereby invite suitably experienced and qualified civil engineering consultants with
businesses registered in Belize to submit bids for the provision of engineering services for this

Information relating to the scope of works and the terms and condition of the project will be
available at the offices of the Belize Airports Authority during normal working hours from
December 7 to December 18, 2009.

Interested parties are advised to contact: The General Manager
Belize Airports Authority
Municipal Airstrip
RO. Box 1572
Belize City, Belize

Telephone: 23-3784 or 223-4200.

IPage 12 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(&gmail.com Sunday, December 6, 2009 |

Belize Telemedia's Press Conference

The Chairman's
BYNestor Vasquez,
Board of Directors
Belize Telemedia Limited
BELIZE CITY, December 2,
Three months have passed since
the Government of Belize acquire
d ownership of Belize Telemedia Ltd
on Tuesday 25th August 2009. The
Board of Directors felt that it was
time to meet with the media and
through you to update the Belizean
public on the status of the company.
We know that there has been some
delay in sharing information with the
public, but this has been because
we have had to spend the time
reviewing the status of the company
and addressing the issues which we
have found. All of this is leading up
to the successful re-privatization of
BTL, which is the final objective of
this interim Board of Directors.
The status of the Company at
So what did we find when the new
board took control of the company on
the afternoon of August 25, 2009?
We found that in the three days
between Sunday August 23 and
Tuesday August 25, the previous
owners of BTL caused it to pay out
millions of dollars. For example:
Even though the company had
top local management, the company
insisted on paying one of its
own shareholders, Ecom Ltd.,
management fees. Ecom Ltd. cost
BTL $5.51 million per year in
management fees. On the 24th of
August 2009, the day before the
acquisition was concluded, Ecom
Ltd. ended its management contract
and charged BTL $6.8 million
dollars in termination fees, of which
$3 million was paid immediately.
The foreign lawyers for BTL,
Allen and Overy, also ended their
relationship with BTL. They were
paid $1.6 million between August
24th and 26th and they have not
accounted to BTL for any money
they received on the basis of an
engagement letter signed with them
on 19 August 2009. From April 1,
2008 until the acquisition, BTL paid
Allen and Overy $7.3 million. There
is no copy of their engagement letter
or contract on the Company's
Price Waterhouse Coopers UK
was paid a total of $1.3 million on
August 25th. They have offered to
return a portion of the money but have
not accounted for any work that they
claim to have done to justify keeping
roughly $500,000. To date we do not
know what they were contracted to
do. There is no copy of their engage-
ment letter on the Company's
On 24 August, the previous
directors wrote off approximately
$10 million worth of debt owed by
Great Belize productions Ltd.
(Channel 5) to BTL. This $10

Opening Remarks
million included the cost of
purchasing the shares in Great
Belize Productions, the cost of the
building on Coney Drive, and bills for
telephone services, salary payments,
Christmas party, bonus etc. The new
Board found that this write off had
not been implemented and has taken
a decision to reverse it. This is a
matter that will likely require
settlement in the courts. On August
24th, BTL also paid $86,000 in
advance to Great Belize Productions
[Channel 5] for unspecified
advertising services to be delivered.
Loan Situation
In July 2007, BTL took a loan of
US$22.5 million, from Belize Bank
(Turks & Caicos) at a rate of
interest of 12% to be repaid over 4
years (2 years interest and 2 years
interest and principal). These were
terms that the former directors must
and ought to have known BTL could
not meet.
The company has not made
profits at the rate required to repay a
loan under those terms. In fact, on
June 18, 2009, BTL sent a letter to
Belize Bank (Turks and Caicos), now
known as British Caribbean Bank,
formally asking to defer the first
principal payment in effect to
restructure the loan. There is no
record of a reply from the Bank to
this request
We have discovered that this
US$22.5 million was used by the
company to purchase its own shares.
The new board has been advised that
under the laws of Belize, this was
unlawful and void and this board will
not be a party to this kind of transac-
tion. The Bank is now also claiming
an additional 10% as legal fees in the
lawsuit which they have brought
against the company. This is a claim
based on a loan facility agreement of
which no copy has been found on the
company's premises.
The shares that were bought with
this loan were distributed to
shareholders and Mr Ashcroft's
affiliated companies received 94% of
these shares without paying BTL a
cent for them. This means that those
shares should not have received a
dividend because they were shares
purchased back by BTL.
In 2008, the year following the loan
of US$22.5 million, the company
paid out dividends of $70 million -
this, in a year when the company
made $37 million in profits. This $70
million was given to Belize Bank who
gave shareholders loan notes
indicating that they would receive
their payments sometime in the
future. The only rationale for this
transaction that the current directors
can see is that it was designed to
extract cash from Belize Telemedia
and at the same time benefit the Be-
lize Bank.
It is clear to us that the former
owners have been bleeding the
company for years on the assumption

that any losses would be made up
through the Accommodation
I should mention, at this point, that
the filing cabinets in the Dean
Boyce's office were cleaned out and
left practically empty. The identify-
ing labels remain in the cabinets, but
the contents are gone.
The relationship with Speednet
We also found, on taking over
control of the company, that there
were a series of agreements with
Speednet Ltd that are detrimental to
BTL and concessionary to Speednet.
BTL is prepared to compete, but
competition must be arms length and
transparent. The agreements are not
fair to BTL or to the Belizean people
for the following reasons:
First, the two companies were
owned substantially by the same own-
ers. In February 2004, an Ashcroft
controlled company owned 24% of
Speednet. By March 2006, two
Ashcroft controlled companies
owned over 50% of Speednet and by
January 2009, three Ashcroft control-
led companies owned 77% of
Furthermore, the rates set out in
these agreements placed BTL in the
position of providing services to
Speednet below the cost of such serv-
ices. In other words, BTL was made
to subsidize Speednet. For example:
Under a Tower Lease Agree-
ment, Speednet was being charged
$1,100 per month to put its antenna
on a million dollar tower which costs
$100,000 a year to maintain it.
Under an Agreement for termi-
nation of incoming international calls,
BTL and Speednet would share the
revenue in a 75/25 split, with
Speednet getting 75% of the revenue.
Critically, the Main Agreement pur-
ports to bypass the Public Utilities
Commission and take disputes to ar-
bitration in Miami under the London
Court of International Arbitration
Why would the directors put BTL
in this unfair position? Why would
directors of a company act to the
detriment of the company? Is it that
they were following the instructions
of the "Shadow Director" and were
not thinking for themselves? It is clear
to the new board that the Accommo-
dation Agreements were designed so
that any revenues that BTL gave
away to Speednet through these
agreements would be paid back to
BTL by the Belizean people under the
provision which required the
Government to make up any
shortfall in BTL's revenue below a
15% rate of return. The arrangement
was such that the single person
exercising control of both companies
could benefit at both ends.
We leave that to you to consider.
The fact is, the agreements were not
arms length arrangements and were
unfair to BTL.
The PUC has now declared these
agreements to be unlawful and
instructed that they be re-negotiated
before the end of this year. We are

prepared to move ahead with the
negotiations and have invited
Speednet to the table to commence
the negotiations. We are awaiting
their reply.
We are prepared to cooperate with
the Public Utilities Commission for
the benefit of BTL, the telecommu-
nications sector and the country.
The way ahead
What happens now? In addition to
taking measures taken to address the
problems we have found the Board
of Directors is moving ahead with
preparing the company for
re-privatization. Real competition
is here and BTL is fully capable of
competing and winning at fair
We have streamlined the internal
organization of the company for
better management. We have given
staff the opportunity to work the way
we know they can: to bring their
creativity to bear on the solutions to
the current challenges and the future
direction. BTL is a knowledge based
technology company and our human
resources are the key to the future.
We are putting the company on a
solid footing, financially and
We have cut significant waste -
legal fees, the Ecom contract, special
arrangements for related companies,
for example, no longer apply.
We are successfully regaining
market share which was lost through
unfair competition. The Make the
Switch campaign is a part of that
effort. We are also rolling out a range
of new and improved services for our
customers over the next several
months: pre-paid mobile internet
which was launched a few days ago
is an example of those new services.
We have almost completed the
installation and testing of a major
advancement to our GSM network.
This is a key project that was facing
some challenges in its completion.
This project is already delivering
improved and expanded coverage
and new services to our customers.
We have already achieved much
bigger DigiCell coverage with new
cell sites in the Pomona Valley,
Progresso, Big Falls, Bermudian
Landing, Ladyville and very shortly,
We are also completing the
implementation and testing of the
CDMA network that will provide
quality telecommunication services to
areas that are not served at
this time especially in rural
communities and marine areas. This
service will be rolled out early in the
new year.
We are establishing a strategic
direction for the company. BTL is
readying itself for the future when it
returns to private ownership. We
are committed to our target of
completing the re-privatization
process on a timely basis, although
we recognize that it would be better
to do it properly than to do it quickly.
Thank you for your attention, we
will now take questions.

[Sunday, December 6, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(igmail.com Page 13 |

Friday, December 4, 2009:
San Ignacio police reports the
arrest of Nigel Vernon, 21,
Belizean supervisor of Belize
Western Energy Limited's
butane outlet in Santa Elena.
At around 8:00 a,m., on
Tuesday, December 1, 2009,
Alex Linez, 25, operations
manager of the company
stationed at its depot in
Hattieville, visited the San
Ignacio police station where he
reported receiving a call from
Vernon informing him that he
took the cash from the days' sale
on November 28 and November
30 to his home where it
reportedly went missing.
Linez, informed however that
the sales for the 29th November
were deposited by Vernon as is
required by the company.
Police visited Vernon's Santa
Cruz, Santa Elena residence
where they reportedly found no
sign of forced entry into the
house. While the investigation
continues, it appears that neither

The Accused, Nigel Vernon, 21

the police nor BWEL'S
operations manager are
believing Vernon's account of
the money going missing from

his residence.
The investigation has
subsequently led to the arrest and
the formal laying of two counts

L A j


2010 FCCA Foundation

Children's Environmental Poster Competition

The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) invites all primary & secondary students of Belize to participate
in the 2010 FCCA Foundation Children's Environmental Poster Competition.
\ Each student must submit one poster and select a topic of their choice that promotes environmental awareness.
% Each poster must depict at least three (3) ways in which his/her country can make a difference in preserving the
environment and must be in English.
\ Each poster must accompany a summary description in English along with the title of the poster.
\ Words may be used to highlight the ideas illustrated. (Must be in EnglishJ
\ Poster size should be 22" X 28" on poster/bristol board.
The poster competition will be conducted in two categories: Junior Division and Senior Division.
Posters will be entered Into the FCCA Regional Competition.

Junior Division Student School Senior Division Student School
V Place US $3,000 US $3,000 1" Place US $3,000 US $3,000
2" Place US $1,500 US $1,500 2" Place US $1,500 US $1,500
3" Place US $1,000 US $1,000 3" Place US $1,000 US $1,000
Schools countrywide are invited to participate; each school must submit ONLY two entries,
ONE FROM EACH AGE CATEGORY no later than Monday, January 1 1th 2010.
For more information please contact:

of theft against Vernon. The first
count is for the sum of
$1,099.36 being the sales for
November 28 and the second
count is for the sum of
$1, 130.05 being the sales for
November 30.
Again, in the absence of a
Magistrate in San Ignacio,
Vernon appeared before
Belmopan's Magistrate, Aretha
Ford, where he pleaded not
guilty to the charge and was
offered bail in the sum of $5,000
(2 sureties) to reappear on
February 3, 2010.


22 inch

LCD Television

ONLY $799

Limited Quantity



Page 14 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(&gmail.com Sunday, December 6, 2009

Minister of Work
k&V Hon. Anthony Martinez
along with
Chief Executive Officer,
Cadet Henderson
and Engineers from the
Ministry of Works
Hereby informs the general public
that, in an effort to increase public
safety on the highways, the Ministry
will soon embark on a nationwide
Highway Marking Project.

The Ministry apologizes for any
inconvenience caused during the
project execution stage of this
vital road safety project.

[Sunday, December 6, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(igmail.com Page 15


logo designer. In the Cayo
line-up of charges he stands
accused of obtaining property by
deception amidst report by the
principal of Bishop Martin RC
School, San Ignacio.
It is alleged that around 10:00
a.m. on September 23, 32009, he
visited the school offering his
services. He was contracted to
produce 1,000 uniform badges

for which he received $500
advance payment in the form of
two $250 Scotia Bank cheques.
When he walked out of the
compound with the cheques in
his position that was the last time
anyone from Bishop Martin RC
School saw him.
He also stands accused of
walking away with a $120
Atlantic Bank cheque from
Cornerstone Foundation being

deposit for the printing of shirts.
That cheque was reportedly
handed to him on September 9,
2009 and he was not heard from
He also reportedly walked
away with $75 from a Burns
Avenue businesswoman as
advance payment for producing
T-shirts for her fast food
establishment. Again, neither
Acosta, money nor merchandise

electing not to proceed with
criminal charges.
In the absence, this week, of a
Magistrate in San Ignacio,
the accused was transported
to Belmopan on Thursday
December 3, where he appeared
before Magistrate Aretha Ford.
He pleaded not guilty to the
charge and was offered bail in
the sum of $2,500 (1 surety) and
ordered to reappear in court on
February 3, 2009. The accused
remains in police custody as he

resurfaced. In this instance, the is being held on a commitment
businesswoman is reportedly -
St. Andrew's Anglican School Man Loses Arm in

$15 Debt Dispute

Governor General Presenting to the Principal and Students

National and School flags were
raised by elements of the
school's Police and Defence
Force Cadets.
The other item on the agenda
was the performance of a
special welcome prepared by
standard III students, other
presentations included the
singing of "Gud Mawning Miss
Lady" by infant 1 students and
a Garifuna dance by standard V

Now Offering 6"
Cement Blocks
For Only $1.00 each
Also providing top
quality Dressed & Rough
Hardwood and
Mahogany Lumber,
Sand, Cement, Steel,
Plywood, Celotex,
Roofing, Doors And A
Whole Lot More.
Efficient Service and
Low Prices Everyda y!


Jme A >ay&, A nam

The Governor General was
then invited to address the
students where he related the
story of the lady who went to the
market and bought a pig with
which she wanted to get home
before the sun went down.
The Governor then invited the
principal, Ms. Kathleen Staine
and a random selection of 6
students and presented them
with 6 silver plated flutes along
with an "ELEGANCE" brand
piano with 54 standard keys,
LCD display, 100GM standard
timbre, 100 popular rhythm, 10
demonstrative songs, 2 teaching
modes, 5 percussions and
In accepting the gift of musical
instruments, Principal Staine,
thanked the Governor General
for his generous donation. She
also took the opportunity to
extend a personal invitation to
the Governor General on the
occasion of the very first
musical performance by students
using the instruments he
The program ended with the
Governor General playing
keyboard for a song by standard
VI members of the school choir.
The Governor General
departed at exactly 11:30 am.

The police later visited the
hospital where they encountered
Andres Linares, 20, Belizean
laborer of Buena Vista Village
with his left hand chopped off
midway between the elbow and
the wrist.
Linares told the police that he
was drinking at the local bar
where he encountered Miguel
Angel Trejos, 21, Belizean
laborer of the same village who
reportedly owed him $15.
According to Linares, when he
requested payment a confronta-
tion erupted resulting in Trejos
pulling out a machete and
chopping off his hand.
During the morning hours on
Sunday, November 29, the
accused Miguel Angel Trejos
handed himself to the village
Chairman who transported him
to the nearest police station
located in the Mennonite
Community of Spanish Lookout
from where he was subsequently
transported to the San Ignacio
police station where he was
formally arrested and charged
for the crime of maim.
Contrary to the victim's
account of the incident, the
accused informed that he was
reportedly approached by the
victim, brandishing a machete,
at the local bar. He reportedly
walked away to a panades shop
in the village where the
victim reportedly followed him,

HVa(6er& roaster
* Vacuum
* Under wash
- Engine wash
* Auto detailing
- IWoinr

threatening to chop him with the
machete. He reportedly
disarmed the victim who
reportedly continued charging at
him. This was when he raised
the machete with the victim
simultaneously raising his hand,
the accused reportedly came
down with the chopping motion
and with the sharp machete he
chopped the victim's hand
completely off.
Miguel Angel Trejos appeared
in San Ignacio's Magistrate
Court where he pleaded not
guilty to the charge and was
offered bail in the sum of $5,000.
He was ordered to return to court
on January 26, 2010.

Inn 4%Out

Carpet shampoo Phone: 664-0683
* Window tinting Open: Monday to Sunday
Located left hand side before turning into the wooden
BRIDGE, Santa Elena Cayo, Belize, Central America


Page 16 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(&gmail.com Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yes PrePaid Customers
^L ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O^I- ^ A - -- ----- A - J^ _k^ _ ---- j


U 4
mm..* 0.0..*







Visit www.digicell.bz or call 0-800-DIGICEL for more information.
(Some Conditions apply O>Set up may vary according to phone model (usage Is billed per kilobyte used
()AII websites will be accessible on your handsel. Parental Supervision Is advised.
SA IB U 5 St .u.A. so S




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