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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
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Publication Date: March 8, 2009
Copyright Date: 2008
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0"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



Cayo, Wednesday, March 4,
Mr. Greedy's Pizzeria on the
Western Highway in Santa Elena
Town was attacked in a second
Police reports that it was
shortly after 8:00 p.m. on
Wednesday, March 4, when
two male persons of dark
complexion entered the business
establishment. One of them was
armed with what appeared to be
a 9mm handgun and the other
was brandishing a machete.
Upon entering, the gunman
pointed the gun at owners/
brothers Chris and Jonathan
Cariddi who were both inside The young detainees: Jahnon r
the pizzeria along with their two waitresses and the cook. re
girlfriends, Chris's infant child, They were all monitoring the on

Another Massive UDP Victory

Trapp, 18 and
*sults of the municipal elections
n television.

At The Polls

Introducing your new UDP Town Council (2009-2012) for the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and
Santa Elena PHOTO-(L-R) Eduardo "Eddy" Cano, Moses Chuc, Desol Neal, Mayor John
Francis August Jr., Bernadette Fernandez, Earl Trapp and Vanessa Neal (PAGE 4)

Leonard Pandy, 20
When the gunman turned and
pointed the gun to the infant
child, the father, Chris jumped
in to protect his child and in the
process he was attacked by the
machete man who lashed him
with the machete at least two
times across the back and one
time in the head.
Chris eventually got the upper
hand on the machete man and
administered a beating on him.
By this time Jonathan became
free and he joined in the beating.
The two waitresses fled for
protection into an inner side
office and they exited the

'arta Elena

nBranch "Ui

Now Opean Nenw
; YL"43 04,6 88 2,4285

ZT~ Ili~i Z1

Page 2 STAR -Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, March 8, 2009

Elections and Improving the

standard of living for all Belizeans

Anyone who studies the political
trend in Belize could have
predicted a low voter turnout in
Wednesday's municipal elections.
Belizean voters are intelligent
people. They are keen observers
and in most cases, they are in
continuous pursuit for improved
conditions of living for themselves,
their families and for progress and
development within their
The People's United Party
(PUP) government of 2003-2008
demonstrated how a central
government can usurp this basic
human desire. That era clearly
demonstrated how a central
government can halt progress and
development by victimizing
opposition local governments
Voters can still recall that it was
none other than the then Prime
Minister, Said Musa who publicly
told the nation, in the wake of the
massive defeat suffered by his party
in the March 2006 municipal
elections that "the people have
spoken and they have spoken
loudly." Notwithstanding his
party's massive defeat at the
municipal polls, he pledged to work

with the new UDP Town Councils.
No sooner had Said Musa
pledged his support when he
began unleashing the worst form of
victimization and political narrow
mindedness the likes of which the
nation had never seen before.
The most notable vindictive
action of the last Said Musa
government was the disbursement
of September celebration funds to
unelected PUP standard bearers
across the nation while totally
ignoring all duly elected UDP
Mayors and Area Representatives.
In that repressive era, voters
recall that the Ministry of Works
began operating on instructions to
refrain from doing any works on
roads and streets within town
limits. The municipal streets were
deteriorating at a rapid pace while
Town Councils could hardly find
funds for basic expenditure much
less for costly street maintenance,
and so entire communities were
selfishly victimized.
Furthermore, in the San Ignacio/
Santa Elena scenario, monthly
subventions, payable to the
Council, were diverted directly into
the account of a private garbage

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a big anniversary so we can return.

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Lod, A nue Centre and Spa

collection company as payment
on a bloated and burdensome
With the lack of its monthly
subvention the San Ignacio/Santa
Elena Town Council was left to
fend for itself as it struggled each
week to raise the funds to pay its
In fact throughout the entire
country, UDP Mayors were faced
with the weekly challenge to find
salaries for Council employees.
By the time employees received
their paychecks on Fridays, the
cycle continue as early as the
following Monday morning, UDP
Mayors began scrambling to come
up with salaries for the next Friday.
Operating under these harsh
conditions therefore left very little,
if any time for the Mayors to
concentrate on project for
the development of their
While the current leader of the
People's United Party, John
Bricefio continues to find excuses
in a feeble attempt to justify the
trashing his party took at the
polls in Wednesday's municipal
elections, the harsh reality is that
the actions of his party, whilst in
government, is now coming back

"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788

to haunt him.
Generally the residents in any
community are seeking ways to
improve their living conditions and
so they realize that, this early after
a general election is hardly the time
to elect an opposition party at the
municipal level for, although the
PUP are no longer in central
government, they fear a repetition
to the 2006-2008 vindictive
Almost immediately after the
February 7, 2008 general election
victory of the United Democratic
Party, the people of San Ignacio/
Santa Elena experienced something
they had not seen in many, many
years and that was the sight of
Ministry of Works equipment and
workers engaged in the
rehabilitation of municipal streets.
The people are desirous of
seeing a continuation of this level
of cooperation that was missing in
previous years.
They don't want to go back to the
days when opposition Mayors
would have had to be out of their
minds to even think about
approaching their local Ministry of
Works with a request for assistance
in the maintenance of municipal
The next round of municipal
elections in March 2012 will be a
different experience as it comes
within less than a year of the 2013
general elections.
The outcome of the 2012
municipal elections will be a
preview of what is to come in 2013,
in like fashion as the March 2006
municipal election was a direct
reflection of the 7th February 2008
general election results.
The United Democratic Party
must therefore remain focused. It
must steer clear of even the
perception of corruption whilst
seeking to improve the standard of
living for all Belizeans.

E-ma: ceui---- caaree-c--Cll -BelIn 50 )82-203
^j^^^^WN^^ V^. ^h|jac reek.| c om I

STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3 1

ISunday, March 8, 2009 -

Preck Preck
TOWN, Cayo
Monday, March
2, 2009:
After engaging in
several minor
crime of violence
within the
community, an 18
year old Santa
Elena boy today
graduated into the
major leagues as he
is now facing a
more serious
attempt murder
A police press
release informs of
Clifford "P
the arrest of
Clifford "Preck Preck" Neal p(
Jr., 18, Belizean laborer of a tr
Mabel Pitts address in Santa w
Elena. The release informs that p(
it was shortly after 6 o'clock on R
the evening of Saturday, A
February 28, 2009 when they E]
were summoned to the San in
Ignacio Town Hospital where H
they came upon a male B

Facing Serious Charge
Police investigation revealed
that the victim was socializing
with some friends at the Pit Pan
Club, Savannah Area, San
Ignacio Town when an alter
cation erupted resulting in Neal
allegedly attacking Rodriguez
and in the process inflicting
several stab wound to
Rodriguez' body.
Clifford "Preck Preck" Neal Jr.
appeared in court on Monday,
March 3 and was remanded to
the central prison in Hattieville.
He is scheduled to return to court
on Thursday, April 9, 2009.

reck Preck" Neal Jr., 18,
person undergoing emergency
eatment of several stab
ounds to the body. The injured
person was identified as Amir
odriguez of a George Price
venue Address in Santa
lena. He was later transfered,
a critical condition, to the Karl
eusner Memorial Hospital in
elize City.



9th National Tourism Awards

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recognition it deserves.

2009 Categories
* Minister's Award
* Lifetime Achievement Award
* Corporate Organization of the Year
* Education Award of the Year
* Environmental Organization of the Year
* Receptive Service of the Year
* Hotel of the Year
4 Restaurant of the Year
* Small Hotel of the Year
* Tour Operator of the Year
* Tour Guide of the Year
* Frontline Person of the Year
* Cultural Award of the Year
* Small Vendor of the Year

We are asking tourism stakeholders and the general public to visit our website at
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Deadline for nomination is midnight March 15th, 2009. For further information or clarification
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Another Masive DP
BELIZE, Wednesday, March
4, 2009:
Municipal elections country-
wide were held today as voters,
in seven towns and two cities,
took to the polls to elect
local leaders to serve them for
the next three years.
There were a total of 67 seats
up for election seven in each
of the six towns and Belmopan
City and eleven in Belize City.
The voter turnout was not
surprisingly low as voters
trickled into the polling stations
across the country.
In comparison to previous
years, the results were
announced rather early as the
Elections and Boundaries
Commission experimented with
a new counting process whereby
the votes were counted at the
respective polling stations
instead of at a central station in
each municipality as was
previously done.
By as early as 10:30 p.m., the
results began coming in and by
2:00 am, the counting was over
across the country.
The United Democratic

Victory At The Pois
Party recorded yet another big
victory as it captured 64 of the
67 vacant seats.
All seats countrywide went to
the United Democratic Party
except for three in Orange Walk
This is the same amount of
seats that the UDP won in the
March 2006 election, the only
difference being that this time
around UDP Mayors were
elected in all nine municipalities
as opposed to one PUP Mayor
in the 2006 elections who was
elected in Punta Gorda.
In the San Ignacio/Santa Elena
elections, voters from three
constituencies namely Cayo
North, Cayo Central and Cayo
North East took to the polls.
From a total of 10, 109
registered voters on the list, only
5,475 or 54.15% cast their votes
on election day.
The following is a break down
of voter turnout and the results
of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena
election whereby all 7
UDP candidates were elected
to serve for the next three

Please be advised that as
of March 2, 2009, Mr.

Marcello Williams


longer affiliated with the
BTB and therefore not
allowed to offer any form
of training courses, use or
reproduce any of the
manuals copyrighted to
the BTB, on our behalf.

*I E

Central North North East TOTAL
AUGUST, John 1075 1105 526 2706
CANO, Eduardo 1246 1478 702 3426
CHUC, Moises 1264 1526 750 3540
FERNANDEZ, Bernadette 1302 1605 798 3705
NEAL, Desol 1290 1455 724 3469
NEAL, Jeanene 1312 1523 760 3595
TRAPP, Earl 1298 1581 785 3664
MENDOZA, Jose 443 393 225 1061
FLORES, Yola 571 487 281 1339
GUERRA, Marlene Torres 563 497 287 1347
LISBEY, Nasim 551 579 318 1448
MALDONADO, Gabriel 528 535 315 1378
MARR, Joe 649 521 301 1471
ZAIDEN, Luis 520 526 321 1367
AYALA, Luis 35 91 11 137
CRUZ, Alfonzo 356 626 330 1312

REGISTERED VOTERS 3930 4101 2078 10109
VOTER TURN OUT 2030 2311 1134 5475
CONSTITUENCY Central North North East_

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ItITIIH]or]scIpe & Tucky P17T slfl

(March 22 TO April 20)
There will be a lot of
preoccupation at the
work front as your
i ideas are likely to be
met with resistance.
Y Relationship with col-
leagues will need to be
sorted out. Make sure that the an-
ger or the irritation is not
misdirected at family or people
who are dependent on you. Take
care to incorporate a simple
spiritual regimen into your routine.
Lucky numbers : 9, 21, 43.

(April 21 to May 21)
This week brings your strengths
to the fore and you are
.) able to take on the
t challenges in a fair
new light. What is
Paramount at this
moment is to keep
your focus and go for the kill you
are aiming for professionally. There
could be some grim undercurrents
at work but there will be no
confrontation in the open. You will
need to take care of your health.
Lucky numbers : 6, 20, 52.




(May 22 to June 21)
You will be drawn to close a
; pending matter. It will
S become imperative to
: deal with it. There has
S been quite a bit of
- dillydallying with it
but you will have to take matters
in your own hands. You will be
brimming with new ideas but there
could be many roadblocks in their
implementation. There will be
many demands from your
family also. Patience at this time
will pay off brilliantly. Lucky
numbers : 5, 23, 36.

(June 22 to July 23)
This week has you on your toes
Sas there will be much
,* to be done socially
and professionally.
The latter part can be
handled with ease
but it is the former
that has you worrying.
Entertaining people with diverse
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task. Single people could run into
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commitment. Lucky numbers :
2, 28, 65
(July 24 to August 21)
You are able to take time off from
work and there is also
respite from the
I tumultuous feelings
that you have been ex-
S, periencing. You are fi-
nally able to sit back
and relax. This could possibly be
because of some old friend whose
company switches gears for you.
There will be focus on some
activities that involve community
welfare and this does a whole lot
of good for your internal being.
Lucky numbers : 1, 26, 78.

(August 22 to September 21)
There will be appreciation from
S superiors and coopera-
tion from your
colleagues at work.
However, there is
something more that
your heart craves for
and it is some kind of peace that
you are trying to find within
yourself. You could be a whole lot
introspective and could be
adopting newer ways of healing
yourself. There will be a strong
urge to get away from the humdrum
of life to hill stations or health
retreats. Lucky numbers : 5, 15,

(September 22 to October 23)
There will be remarkable
t developments in the
.. realm of spirituality.
i You find a few
answers that give you
l tremendous satisfac-
<) tion. On the more
worldly front, there will be pressure
on you. The route that will work
for you is of abiding faith in the
people around you that you will
be able to muster enough support.
Lucky numbers : 13, 80, 94.

(October 24 to November 21)
You are able to put aside the
mental mess and
f anguish and deal with
some of the issues
facing you. Your
run-in with monetary
issues continues, but it
is easier on you as there are
more funds flowing at your
disposal. If youhave started a new
venture recently, it will pay you
back quite well, but you will have
to establish a good management
system while maintaining good
business principles and work
ethics. Exercise caution while
driving. Lucky numbers : 33, 61,

(November 22 to December 21)
There is some long pending
issue that gets
Resolved and hence
you are in a better
frame of mind. Work
is not totally ignored
but you are more
engaged in doing something
constructive with the people you
love. There will be increased
interactions with close relatives.
Major focus could also be on the
work around your house repairs,
renovation, buying a new house etc.
Lucky numbers : 3, 19, 74.

(December 22 to January 20)
This is a phase during which you
are likely to be sucked
into work completely.
s You will get to work
I \ on a project that you
Share tremendously
passionate about.
There will be complete engagement
into this area of activity and you
might end up ignoring your loved
ones. However, the fervour of
achievement makes you plunge
headlong into this without any
qualms. Lucky numbers : 8, 27,

(January 21 to February 19)
The financial situation becomes
b. more comfortable for
S- you. This is one area
in which there will be
no longer any worries
f, \ for you. You will be
lending a shoulder to
many troubled people. It is good to
comfort but to take on someone
else's worries and let that anguish
manifest in your own life is not
good. There will be some pleasant
social interactions, the kind that
make your heart flutter a bit.
Lucky numbers : 30, 64, 95.

(February 20 to March 21)
There will be a strong attachment
With the elderly in the
y family. You are drawn
towards activities that
have scope to put
you in light as a
nice human being.
However, do not get carried too far
into the trip where all you actions
are simply done for looking good
in the public eye. Take caution not
to step into boundaries that other
people have drawn. Lucky
numbers :34, 76, 98.

Baron Bliss Day
To All. From: The

STAR Newspaper




STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 7 1

I Sunday, March 8, 2009 -


By: Wellington C. Ramos
On Wednesday, March 4th 2009
despite a low turn out throughout
the country of Belize, the United
Democratic Party (UDP) defeated
the People's United Party (PUP)
and all the other parties and
Independent candidates who
contested the nationwide
municipal elections in a landslide
by winning 64 out of 67 seats with
the PUP winning three seats in
Orange Walk Town. The UDP won
all seats in Corozal Town, Belize
City, San Ignacio Town, San Pedro
Town, Belmopan City, Benque
Viejo Town, Dangriga Town and
Punta Gorda Town. This time
around, they won all the Mayoral
seats including the Mayoral seat in
Punta Gorda Town which they lost
in the last municipal election. In
March of 2006, the United
Democratic Party (UDP) defeated
the People's United Party (PUP)
the then governing party in a
municipal election landslide by
capturing all the City Council and

Town Board seats throughout the
country. They also won all the
Mayoral seats except the Mayoral
seat in Punta Gorda Town. Almost
one year after they defeated the
People's United Party in this
election on February the 7th of
2008, they followed up by
defeating the PUP and several other
political parties in a General
Election landslide by winning
twenty-five seats out of a total of
The issues in those elections
were; corruption, mismanagement
of public funds, abuse of power and
running Belize as if it was the
personal estate of a few families,
friends and cronies. It was such a
bold and blatant act of abuse, that
even members of the People's
United Party became so disgusted
with their own party and voted
them out of power. Since the
United Democratic Party took over
the reigns of power in Belmopan,
they discovered that the previous
government abused power because

of many governmental loopholes
that existed at the time they were
in power. Since then the UDP
government have introduced
several legislations, some
constitutional reform measures
and safeguards to prevent some of
those incidents from occurring
The Belize UDP government
was so bankrupt at the time they
took office, that there was no
money left with the government to
carry out programs to benefit the
Belizean people and the country's
International Credit Rating was
low. Not only was it low but they
had borrowed from almost every
International Lending Institution in
the world and was having problems
paying their debts.
In Belize most Civil Servants
working for the Treasury
Department were being pressured
by the Minister of Finance to turn
in all their revenues as soon as they
were collected to pay their past
due bills. The new UDP
government had to move quickly
to re-negotiate all the outstanding
loans owed by the previous
government with several lending
agencies to free up some money
and improve Belize's financial
credibility in the international
community with most international
lenders. In the ten years that the

People's United Party was in
power, they did so much damage
to our country that no reasonable
and sane person can expect the
United Democratic Party (UDP) to
remedy all these problems in one
year. Our country is a long way
from getting out of our financial
mess. The problem in Belize is
similar to the one the Democrats
face here with the Republican Party
and George Bush.
There is a global financial
problem that we face today in
addition with the financial prob-
lems our government inherited
from the People's United Party.
Today most of the Industrialized
Nations of the world like; the
United States, Great Britain,
Germany and Japan all are
experiencing problems. These
countries are far richer than our
country Belize and they are
struggling with remedies to cope
with their financial crisis. The
countries that are better off in the
world lend money to the countries
that are developing and worst off.
With this crisis at their door steps,
they cannot leave their countries
problems to lend money and focus
on other countries problem. Belize
have a lot of potential and will
survive this economic crisis be-
cause our population is not that
PleseTun T PgeI

bo m aC Dan

I M MZbank

adivses the general public that our offices
countrywide will be closed on
March 7th and 9th, 2009.

For your everyday banking
transactions, visit any of our ATMs
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VISA Debit Card or credit cards.

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Karatecas Return Without Medals

But With The Vice Presidency

The National Team that and Leoi
participated in the XIV Central -75 kgs K
American Karate Championship Anne Li
returned Monday March 2nd. two by w
The Championship was held against
Managua on the 28th of Montoya.
February and the 1st of March she went
2009. Elena Riv
Athlete Frank Tu lost to to 0. She
Honduran Alberto Armijo in medal con
the kata category and both Frank the broi

Vasquez Charged

SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo had a previ
Monday, March 2, 2009: informed t
A 21 year old male resident of machete, h
Santa Elena, Cayo was today away. He s
remanded to the central prison in off Georg
Hattieville on a charge of maim. pursuit. W
San Ignacio police reports that across the 1
on Thursday, February 26, Carlos cau
2009, Edgar Mayorga, 18, attempt to
unemployed Belizean of a Peter machete. 1
August Street address in Santa hand to pr
Elena and a 16 year friend were received a
walking on George Price Avenue right ring fi
in Santa Elena when they were and his mi
approached by a male person the skin.
brandishing a machete. He was
In a statement to the police Hospital w
Mayorga informed that he knows classified a
the assailant as Carlos whom he to the detc

n Guild lost in the
ink advanced to round
vining her first fight
Honduran Heidy
In the second round,
up against Salvadoran
vera, and lost 8 points
Remained however in
tention, and fought for
nze against Costa

Rican, Zela Cedeno who did a
round-house kick in final 10
seconds of the overtime edging
Anne for the bronze.
During this Championship,
the Central American Karate
Federation (Confederacidn
Centroamericana de Karate Do
- CCONDEKA ) also held it's
election for it's board for the

period 2009-2013.
Salvadoran Oswalds Mata
was re-elected president and for
the first time in history, Belizean,
Herman Pastor was elected
vice-president! It is a great
achievement and honor for
Belize serve in this international
The next Central American
Championship will be held in
Belize (2010). This will be the
first time Belize will host a
championship of this magnitude.

With Cutting Off Mayorga's Finger

ious misunderstanding. Mayorga
hat upon seeing Carlos with the
e attempted to escape by running
said that he dashed into an alley
e Price Avenue with Carlos in
hilst fleeing, he received a lash
back from the machete and when
ght up with him, Carlos made an
chap him in the head with the
The victim reportedly raised his
otect his face and in the process
chop wound to the right has. His
nger was completely chopped off
ddle finger was left hanging by

rushed to the San Ignacio Town
here the injury were medically
is maim. Police investigation led
mention of Carlos Vasquez, 21,

The Accused, Carlos Vasquez, 21
Belizean laborer of #32 George Price Avenue, Santa Elena. He was
positively identified by the victim and was consequently arrested and
formally charged the crime of maim. The accused appeared in before San
Ignacio's magistrate Kathlene Lewis on Monday, March 2 where, due to
the nature of the crime, no plea was entertained. The accused was
subsequently remanded to prison for an initial 9 days, until next
Thursday, March 12, 2009.

'A 4 N



IFl I rlTI L:1r-'- I I 1P At TI Irl

Tuesday, March 10th at 7:00 pm

showing at CINEMA 7

In the old Mall on West Street, San Ignacio
Admission: $2.00 Students: $1.00
This powerful documentary on the Palestinian-Israeli
issue details life under Israeli military rule, the role of the
United States, and the major obstacles that stand in the
way of a lasting and viable peace.

Why Settle For A Lot When

You Can Get An Acre
37.0m 38.5m 45.0m 45.0m 79.0m
1.01 acs '
1 2 3 4 12.2m
SEI 63.8m
S1.01 o1.08 d 1.01 acs
1.02 acs acs
acs 13.4m 6
16.0m 63 32.8 n 1.00 W Loacs
35.6m 23: +m o 3- 0 4 ,
r"OA8 43.2m
60.5m 15.6
9 8 7.a
1.05 as ,1.46 acs 7
r; 1.05oacs .( 1.13acs
71.5m 58.8m 108.0m

* Bullet Tree Road
* Open Air With Trees
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STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 9 1

ISunday, March 8, 2009 -

Different Stages
I had lunch with two of my
unmarried friends.
One is engaged, the other is a
mistress, and of course I have
been married for over 20 years.
We were chatting about our
relationships and decided to
amaze our partners by wearing a
black leather bra, very high heels
and a mask over our eyes. We
agreed to meet in a few days to
exchange notes. Here's how it all
My engaged friend: "The
other night when my boyfriend
came over he found me with a
black leather bra, very high
heels and a mask over our eyes.
He saw me and said, 'You are

The Third Suspect In The
Murder Of Security Guard
In A Relationship Josiah Thompson Charged
the woman of my dreams. I love N
you' and we made love all night

The mistress: Me too! The
other night I met my lover at his
office and I was wearing the
black leather bra, very high
heels and a mask over our eyes
and a raincoat pulled over.
When I opened the raincoat he
didn't say a word, but we had
wild sex all night.
Then I shared my story: When
my husband came home I was
wearing the black leather bra,
very high heels and a mask over
our eyes. As soon as he came in
the door and saw me he said,
'What's for dinner, Batman?"

ist a n


at the
Belize Bank L

The Accused Murderer, Arden Garoy, 25
Cayo, Wednesday, March 4,
Arden Garoy, 25, the accused
mastermind behind the January
5, 2009 shooting death of
Security Officer Josiah
Thompson, was today formally
ainy day? arrested and charged for the
following crime: Murder, Robbery,
Attempt Murder, Maim, Two
y counts of kept unlicensed Firearm
and 2 counts of kept unlicensed
ammunition and the Use of deadly
.im ited. means of harm.
The case was adjourned until
Thursday, April 16, 2009.



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BY: David Coombs,
Cayo Chess Coordinator

The Chess Column by David
Coombs, the Cayo district
coordinator for the Belize National
Youth Chess Foundation.
This week we will look at the
checkmate puzzle in the diagram.
When we learned about pawns I
wrote that there were two other
things to learn about pawns, one of
them will be illustrated by the


When a pawn reaches the
opposite end of the board it can be
promoted, this means that you can
change it for another piece, when
the pawn is moved it is promoted
as part of the same move. Usually
you change it for a queen but you
can choose a rook, bishop or
In the puzzle the solution is to
move the pawn from f7 to f8 and

promote to a
This attacks the
King on h7
(it puts the king
in check) and
there is no escape
for the King.
There is nothing
that can capture
the new Knight
and the King is
trapped by its own
pieces so it
is a 'checkmate'
the game is
This is the way

a b c d e 9

the game of

chess is won, when the king is
attacked or put in 'check' it must
be saved, if it cannot be saved
it is checkmate, the game is
finished, we do not actually

capture the king, it
never leave the board.
about the king next week.


New information on pieces,
the rook moves left or right,
forward and back, any number
of squares without jumping.
The queen can move like a
bishop or a rook and is the most
powerful piece on the board.
Now you know about all pieces
apart from the king and two
special moves.


DUTY STATION: Belize City Branch Office
SUPERVISOR: Branch Manager

* Bachelors Degree in Nursing with at least two years of professional experience

* In-depth knowledge of the functions of SSB and of organizations service delivery infrastructure and themarket segments we serve.
* In-depth knowledge of case management and continuum of care concepts and principles as they relate to chronic cases
* Management competencies: Communication, Planning and Administration, Teamwork, Strategic Action, Strategy Execution, Monitoring and Evaluation
Techniques, Global awareness, Self management, Effective Interpersonal skills, Ability to follow directions
* Must be proficient in Computer Skills (MS Office, Excel, Word and Access or similar database program).
* General Management Skills, particularly leadership, coaching, organizing, controlling and decision making; time management and good written and verbal
communication skills.
* Use of information to design individual patient care plans
* Proficient in English and Spanish

Applicant must be:
* Self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook, and clear focus on high quality of care
*A natural forward planner who critically assesses own performance
* Mature, credible, and comfortable in dealing with senior executives
* Reliable, tolerant, and determined
* Excellent communicator, able to see things from the other person's point of view
* Keen for new experiences, responsibility and accountability
* Able to work with others in team based environment

* Assessing, planning, coordinating, organizing, implementing and evaluating specific diseases in order to facilitate the utilization of resources for patients to
achieve high quality, cost effective outcomes.
* Evaluating and facilitating the appropriate utilization of facilities, services and levels of care to develop individualized plans of care based on patient needs
and organizational protocols.
* Working with multidisciplinary staff, and participating in Quality Improvement processes related to the management of an assigned population.
SFunction as an expert in standards of care to assure quality services
SAssist in the development and training of Primary Care Protocols/Manuals"
SAssist in conducting Clinical Audits, Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Facility evaluations-
SIdentify training needs of PCPs within the NHI program
SConduct regular meetings with PCPs to discuss improving provision of NHI services and report urgent concerns to QAM
SProvide training on NHI to staff at branch office
Interested Applicants can send an application letter and updated curriculum vitae to aneal@socialsecurity.org.bz, or to:

Interviewees will be asked for:
originals of academic accreditations,
letters of recommendation, and other
documents which may strengthen
his/her application.

Manager Human Resource Management Services
Social Security Board
Bliss Parade
P. O. Box 18
City of Belmopan
Cayo District


Medical Care Coordinator
Belize District
Social Security Board

Sunday, March 8, 20091


Sunday, March 8, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 11

building through a back door.
Jonathan's girlfriend, Miriam,
reportedly sought refuge under
a nearby table in an attempt to
protect Chris's and herself while
the child's mother, Sylvia,
assisted in warding off the
The brawl continued for
several minutes during which
one of attackers reportedly tried
to escape with Jonathan's $3,000
laptop from off a nearby desk.
This was when Jonathan
reportedly took hold of a pint
bottle and hit him across the
head with it causing the attacker
to drop the computer.
The brothers continued
administering beatings to the
attackers first inside the
restaurant and the beating
continue outside as the
attackers attempted to flee the

The immitation firearm retrieved from the scene of the crime

beating while the beating was
going on the police arrived and
before being appraised of the
situation began to hit Chris and
the cook with their batons. It
was not until Jonathan informed


the police that they were being
robbed the police turned their
attention to the two robbers.
They were detained and
transported to the police station.
Shortly after the police left


0 a S


large and if we stick together as one
big family we can feed, cloth and
provide all the needs of our fellow
Belizean brothers and sisters who
are in need. With this problem that
we are facing, now more than ever
we need a government that
demonstrate that they care about all
of the Belizean people and not just
Now that the United Democratic
Party have won the municipal
elections they can continue with
their development programs to
reconstruct Belize's villages, towns
and cities. They are now in control
of the central and municipal
governments. The people of Belize
probably felt that this government
was just handed to them about one
year ago and that is not sufficient

time for them to remedy all the
damages done by the People's
United Party (PUP) in the last ten
years. However, the members of the
United Democratic Party (UDP)
should try and analyze why many
Belizeans did not come out and
vote. If they fail to deliver in the
next four years while they are in
control of the two governments, the
Belizean people could get angry
and vote them out of power in the
next General Election which will
be held in the year 20013.
As was mentioned earlier in all
my previous articles, third parties
and independent candidates have
failed again to make a significant
dent in the political system in
Belize. Belizeans know that a third
party and an independent candidate

cannot do anything for them
because Belize like most countries
in the British Commonwealth
have a centralized system of
government, in which the party that
controls the Central Government
controls and distribute the wealth.
These third parties need to do some
nationwide grassroots organizing,
in order to gain the people's
support to join their political
parties and have a chance to win
future elections. For the next three
years, the people of Belize can now
forget about elections and
begin to focus on nationwide
developmental projects to build our
country Belize so that our people's
lives can improve.

54 Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio, Cayo
PHONE: 824-2572 or 824-3494
FAX: 824-3240

c24 5.7
Sail [n P .- Il


"Fronm Constructinon fStart TFo Filnish"

24 Hour Tow Service
From Any Location
In Belize
We are Located In
San Ignacio Town on
the Benque Viejo Road
at the San Ignacio Town
Texaco Service Station.
For 24 hours Service
Call us at: 625-5012

Chris collapsed and was rushed
to the nearby La Loma Luz
Hospital. He received a large cut
wound to the back of the head
which required four stitches and
several cuts, bites and bruises to
other parts of the body. He was
kept overnight for observation
and release the following day.
Jonathan received minor
bruises Sylvia was bitten several
times and the while Miriam was
and the baby emerged unhurt.
The detainees had since been
identified as Jahnon Trapp, 18,
unemployed Belizean from
Esperanza Village and Leonard
Pandy, 20, also a Belizean
unemployed for nearby Red
Creek community.
Police are in possession of the
machete and when the "gun"
was retrieved from the scene, it
was found to be a toy but one
bearing a very close resemblance
to a real gun. This one was
fitted with functioning real laser
devise which was fitted just
below the nuzzle of the gun.



#31 Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town, Cayo
Tel: 824-2160

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I Fom age7

Page 12 STAR -Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear Voters Of San Ignacio & Santa Elena;

You came to the polls on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 and voted in free and fair elections. We
salute you for exercising your right.

A very special Thank You is extended, especially to all those persons who voted for us. Thank
you for placing your vote of confidence in us.

We also extend a heartfelt thank you to the many campaigners who, over the weeks leading up
to election day, walked the streets as they went about spreading our team's message and asking
for your support. We also thank them for bringing out the voters on election day.
A special thank you is likewise extended to our three Area Representatives: Hon. Rene Montero,
Cayo Central; Hon. Elvin Penner, Cayo North East and Hon. Salvador Fernandez, Cayo North,
for the tremendous support they gave us throughout the election.

The political campaign is over and the real work must now begin. We pledge to work hard for
the entire community in delivering the goods and services to EVERY single resident of San
Ignacio and Santa Elena.

During the campaign we presented you with a manifesto outlining some of the projects we
intend to undertake during this term in office. This manifesto will form the blue print as we
chart the way to continue the progress and development for the mutual benefit of all residents of
our twin towns.

Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, has made a firm commitment to support the Council. We
will therefore work very closely with Central Government and our Area Representatives to
bring meaningful benefits for all the good people of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

As we enter this new term in office, we are ever mindful that in three short years we might be
coming back asking for your support. As with this campaign just past, we plan to come to you
with a record of major achievements in fulfillment of our manifesto pledge to you.

Once again, Thank you for your support and may God Bless us all.

From: Mayor John Francis August Jr., And Your Six New Town Councillors!!!

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